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Who wins Lord Stanley's Cup in 2021?

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Tradings all done. Now who do you think wins it all?

I really don't know and also really don't care! I know it won't be the Sabres.

I mostly started this thread to get you guys to stop bitching and moaning about anything and everything to do with the Sabres.

P. S. extra credit is what do the Bills do with pick 30? That will give us another few seconds of not bitching and moaning about the Sabres.

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Tampa feels too obvious, even more so if Kuch gets healthy.
I don’t know that I fully believe in them but I do like what Carolina has going on. Vegas feels like they’re bound to break through eventually. I would not mind seeing Colorado do it - they’ve got a ton of fun talent on that team.

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The NHL playoffs usually are determined by goaltending, defense and balance.  My prediction is a Finals of Tampa Bay (Vasielevsky) and Colorado (Grubauer) with Tampa winning again.

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Does the west play the south after and the north play the east? I haven't looked up what happens after the divisions. If it's that, Toronto could make it to the final sadly as the East division will beat itself up big time and the winner (my guess Washington) could be in rough shape. otherwise they trounce Toronto, assuming T dot gets past Winnipeg. 

Likely Tampa, but my long shot is Carolina. They could pull the upset and win it all. 

I hope they bubble the playoffs again cause if they don't, it has the potential to be a disaster. This pandemic is far from over. 

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