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  1. All caught up. Gutsy performance, but well deserved win.
  2. Is the Eakin, Girgs and Okposo line our best line then?
  3. Noooooo. (Actually not too fussed, but thought Anderson was excellent on Thursday).
  4. Tonight's matinee sees the wiley coyotes visit the KBC for the first time this season. After a disastrous outing will we see (lol) Hutton make a return? I was personally hoping to see Liam Kirk as the first EIHL drafted player in the NHL but alas he has been demoted to the minors. Also the glorious return of statgeeks fave Johan Larsson. Mittelstadt and Jokiharju miss out. R2 and Butcher set to replace. Betting? Coyotes Odds+100 Sabres Odds-120 Over/Under5.5 Nhl.com preview https://www.nhl.com/news/what-to-expect-buffalo-sabres-party-in-the-plaza-home-opener/c-326688288 Mulching Wildly. Go Sabres. Another performance like the opener please.
  5. If this is our identity this year, I like it! They seem to be working hard for each other.
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