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  1. Nope. I have to use it for work. It's a pain. However it is nothing compared to the nightmare that is discord.
  2. It's almost like Ralph is trying to get fired at this point
  3. 100% this. What happened the year before for Tampa. . . . .
  4. I like Kyle. But ffs he's not playing well and Casey is earning his minutes this year. RK is an absolute joke with fictitious "earn your minutes" shtick.
  5. Is this a riddle? Like "if a tree falls in the woods".😆
  6. I can't not undisaggree with certain assertions that may not have maybe been made there. Perhaps.
  7. Fair enough. I was focusing on the younger (sub 21 guys) we have.
  8. 2 options as I see it. 1) fire Kreugar yesterday and bring in someone with a good track record on a trial til end if season and see if they can change anything with this group. Then look at extension after that. 2) Blow it up from space. Maximise the return on current assets and plan to build around dahlin and cozens.
  9. I know some of you don't like Chad's number crunching approach to hockey analysis, but the latest episode of xBuffalo pretty accurately sums up Kreuger. https://www.spreaker.com/episode/43680658
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