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  1. Nothing to do with the Buffalo connection. Just looking at the UFA list and potential signings that could bring a edge to the game, and he fits the bill.
  2. I wonder if Jordan Greenway is available. Wild need space, he's having a down year (shooting % is about half of his career%). Brings size, and scoring would replace KO or Zemgus should either leave. Also wonder about Miles Wood as a UFA.... I'd like to see if SJ, Adams and Meier could reach an agreement. Would you trade this year's 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks if Timo signed an extension below his qualifying offer? I would be tempted.
  3. Coming from euro land and soccer games I hate ties. It encourages teams to play for the draw from the start and makes games about not losing, instead of winning.
  4. Mine too, I'm not upgrading I think its great. But could be in the minority on that one
  5. Is anyone else slightly upset that this didn't happen with Eichel and cassidy in Boston? That could've been an entertaining soap opera.
  6. Apparently Craig Button mentions Sabres could be a good spot for Karlsson on a TSN piece today. I can't get the video to play though....
  7. Not seen last nights game, so will get a few beers in and have a wee night to myself later.
  8. I like Jost. Looks like he has the right work ethic to mesh with this group. Applause to whoever decided to pick him up. Is he a UFA this summer?
  9. And it was one of those ironic nicknames because he was so tall according to Jeff Marek.
  10. I think Cozens will take the same deal as tage. This will set the standard for contracts in the organisation. And help us to create a br**ns type dynasty.
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