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  1. Counterpoint: In a Eichel played through injury. Got new injury. I think that shows his desire to play for the team. He then Read on buzzfeed or some ***** that he could be back quickly with a roboneck but Sabres were concerned that the long term had not been studied in NHL players. Pouty Jack unhappy sabres won't risk it. No doubt he would love to be a Bruin or Cap but I don't doubt the commitment to the sabres. No news here and I would be pissed if he was all smiles and giggles after this season.
  2. Not sure the relevance here, but he was awesome in my fantasy team when he was with Blackburn!
  3. Yeah I see that for them. I'd love to see Tkachuk with Cozens and possibly (in a year or 2) Matej Pekar. They could be hard to play against. (Maybe even the relentlessness of JJP when he's ready). Tkachuk Lindholm(or Monahan) and Gaudreau for Jack and Sam??
  4. Tkachuk plus monahan/Lindholm and what for Eichel. I would be interested in seeing something starting here.
  5. One word to complete the sentence please.....
  6. When did fans get what they want though? I don't think any if us on here wanted Eakin or Irwin. Ranger owner is, IMHO, someone who needs to make the big statement. For that reason alone I think a move to NYC is on the cards.
  7. What do you mean by poison pill? Would love to see Tkachuk here too.
  8. They've probably signed it to be new head of hockey ops.
  9. If we're talking D - k'andre Miller must surely be an ask?
  10. Rangers for Eichel makes no sense. They will not pony up what would be a fair trade without handicapping their team, which is not great. Eichel would end up on a buffalo-like NYR team imo.
  11. Blah blah season didn't go the way we expected... blah blah... injury.. blah blah.... Covid.... blah blah... can't wait to come back healthy next year for playoff push.... blah blah...
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