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  1. Def. A season in Sweden playing would be better than kicking his heels in the press box.
  2. Dahlin ranked 21st (or tied 18th) in points last season among ALL defencemen despite playing around 20 games fewer than most. As a teenager. He'll be just fine.
  3. Is it authentic jerseys only or are the "fan" replica ones? Don't know if I can justify new royals AND this one.
  4. Should've went full on fisherman dude. Instead of a coupla shades darker.
  5. That would be some twist to have that as the primary logo on this.
  6. Lost me at: Buffalo would need to be prepared to part ways with potentially rising talent that includes any or all of Dahlin, Reinhart, and Mittelstad
  7. Work keeps dumping extra stuff on my lap usually from my line manager. So spoke to big boss, who agreed. #iknowthisisntjustacomplaintbutilikeresolutions
  8. Interesting, if old, article https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/nhl-lockout-why-do-billionaires-keep-buying-teams-that-lose-money
  9. Cool. I forgot we've only just drafted him. For some reason I assumed he was much older.
  10. Where does all this leave Portillo? I thought he was doing really well? Still not ready for AHL?
  11. I am a big fan of this genre. To the extent that I like to dabble in music production under the name CHIP LIGHTING. This is one from a few years ago with some extra added vocals from a session singer. In other news did you hear gunships cover of Eleanor Rigby? Cracking
  12. Could Ruotsalainen's (at that time) projected development be reason to pass on Rossi? Both are small centres who appear to drive the play. If we assume R2 has this year split with Ilves and Roch and Quinn goes back to juniors then maybe the arrive on the scene together.
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