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  1. Tbh I'd like to see us keep it and use it to take a gamble on a boom or bust type of guy. Personal preference would be Miroshnichenko. Give him all the time he needs to recover and you could have a really good player on your hands.
  2. That Noah Warren profile makes him someone I would be taking a serious look at! Thanks @PerreaultForever
  3. Agree with that. They also seemed very ill disciplined. Too many stupid penalties.
  4. Nooooooooo GB give up a 2 goal lead. Tied at 3-3. If this stays we get demoted to 1A. Also Canada concede on PP. 3-1 Denmark. Edit: Graves pulls one back for Canada. This'll be a good finish.
  5. Canada 2-1 down in the 2nd. Eek. Comtois with a match penalty. Could be seeing more of Cozens in the game. Edit: and Canada kill the 5 min pen.
  6. Yay, Asplund with another. The easiest he will ever score! He's having a good tournament.
  7. Lol, ref just scored for Norway. You can't do that. No goal.
  8. Asplund gets a scrappy goal to become the tournaments top scorer so far. Way to go. Tre Kronor looking good.
  9. Boo Rocket, Yay Amerks. Will be competing along to this one. Gut tells me there's only going to be 1 goal separating the teams. My prediction: Laval 2, Amerks 3. In OT.
  10. Fixed flooding dishwasher and I reset the flood switch on my dishwasher. Didn't even know that was thing until 20 minutes ago. Internet is awesome. https://www.markrobertshaw.com/2017/02/09/how-to-reset-the-anti-flood-device-on-your-electrolux-dishwasher/
  11. Just listened to expected buffalo podcast. Interesting conversation on trying to bring Pierre-Luc Dubois to buffalo.
  12. Not sure the apostrophe is the bugbear here. More the pluralisation on Game vs Pluralisation of the number 7.
  13. Boo comets, Yay Amerks. Bit far to travel for me lol. So I'll be listening in on the radio.
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