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  1. Reinhart was phenomenal tonight. Has he stated a case for being up on the first line? Would be interesting to see VO-JE-SR as our top line.
  2. At the risk of being overly controversial..... Could Cozens centre a line that included Mitts as a winger? Or would they get torn up?
  3. Wife's out for the night, jnr goes to bed shortly. The rest of the night is mine!!! Slàinte mhath.
  4. Weird. The fanatics jerseys are listed at $155. But price changes to $195 on the listing.
  5. On risto paired with Dahlin. I think this is an abomination! If we are supposed to be playing with fast puck movers, leading to controlled breakouts. How does Risto help? There was a great point made about pairings in one of the podcasts that I'm going paraphrase.... If the forecheckers bear down on Dahlin (which they will coz he's awesome) why pair him with someone who treats the puck as a live grenade? Don't you want a Jokiharju, Montour type? Hopefully Ristolainen can prove us all wrong. But I am skeptical that he can.
  6. Looks like it's on the NHL.tv app. Showing up on my phone here just now.
  7. I would laugh if it wasn't accurate.....,
  8. I hear people saying such and such number isn't a good number etc. Or certain nos should be reserved for Fwds or D. Anyhoo, what's your favoured number? Me its Def 26. Two main reasons... Dahlin was a highlight of my first season watching sabres hockey and Matt Beca of the Glasgow Clan who seems to score at each match I get to go to!
  9. I'm hesitant wish ill on the Leafs when we consider that we will be paying Dahlin in a couple of seasons. 9, 53 + 26 will be making a huge chunk of our cap too, no? (And Sam).,
  10. Minor complaint. Did my first fantasy NHL draft tonight. Gm made it 15secs a pick. Holy ***** that was tense.
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