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  1. Gaudreau - Eichs - Skinner Sheary - Asplund - Johansson I don't want Vesey anywhere near this team.
  2. He is the master @New Scotland (NS)
  3. Don't know if it's my phone but on the imgflip link and the image above aren't showing.
  4. Another sent to me by my flyers supporting mate.
  5. After tonight, is be happy sticking Asplund up there and going for it. Send 37 and something else to ottowa for the other tkachuk while we're at it!!!!
  6. Interesting question from the athletic. Pondered over on today's Locked On sabres podcast. What would you trade for Johnny Gaudreau?
  7. My sources indicate we're on a 94 point pace.
  8. My friend (!) Sent me this he found on twitter.
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