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  1. Boo 'jackets Yay Sabres Re:VPN I have been using surfshark for ages with no issues. Can always find discount codes online too.
  2. One thing I'd like to see before the season begins is Cozens on a line with Tuch.
  3. I think the insane part is thinking KA would trade Kyle tbh.
  4. Unintentionally, but I like it also so I'm not changing it haha.
  5. The flyers are absolutely forked this year. Couturier out until 2nd half of season (maybe) Ellis not looking like he's playing AND they Risto.
  6. Good listen, lots of sabre focus on this episode (one of the hosts is a fan).
  7. That'll do it. Surfshark does have buffalo if that helps. I've had no problems with sites rejecting it either.
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