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  1. Probably better than whoever Botts would've selected :-D
  2. Yeah, he mentioned on the locked on sabres podcast that he would be writing a "what if" article about trades. The preface being that the sabres are not looking trade.
  3. Me not do reading goodly! ๐Ÿ˜†
  4. In the UK we have a phrase that seems apt here. "Support the team, not the regime".
  5. Apologies if mentioned in other thread. Looks like December for Sabres action in NHL. Last date for SC 2 Oct. Draft 6 October.
  6. @IKnowPhysics If we're talking the beer equivalent of "turn off the brain" Arnie movie my list would be. Yes (in order of preference) Drygate Bearface Lager Sainsbury's "Czech" (supermarket own brand, brewed by staropramen) West Brewing St. Mungo Michelob Ultra Red Stripe Corona (really cheap right now for some reason ๐Ÿค”) No Tennants Budwieser Miller GD Heineken Becks Stella Artois Makes me sound picky, but if its nice day with feet in the paddling pool and the bbq on I'll most likely drink most haha.
  7. Introducing "Leon" Another cracking Pale Ale from The Williams Brothers easily my favourite brewers. This is a nice summery one. Cascade and Citra hops with lime and elderflower. Subtle, not punch in the face.
  8. I learned to make bagels today. That was nice.
  9. What would you be expecting as Dudley's role (as opposed to title)? Would he fit into the new scouting structure? Maybe "player evaluation". (I know little of his previous role and expertise, so this is a general query about where people could see him fit).
  10. A hundred percent this. Two other teams I have followed most of my life have been in a similar positions to the sabres and it has always struck me a very strange when the suggestions of "give them more money" get bandied about. The management need to prove they are capable of investing it in proper talent at all levels. Adams gets a fresh start from me and will be judged, rightly, on the moves he makes and the results on the ice.
  11. One of the kids I teach has family there so visits regularly and tells me good things.
  12. New doggo soon. Need to wait until he's 8 weeks til we pick him up (12 days from now). None of my sneak Sabres names have been accepted by Mrs and Jnr ๐Ÿ˜žDylan and Jeff(!) Were actually in contention for a while.
  13. Vegas possibly out of contention as potential hub city. Could be all in Canada (of it still goes ahead). https://985thesportshub.com/2020/06/30/report-vegas-no-longer-a-frontrunner-as-nhl-hub-city/
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