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  1. That was fun. Here's my take.
  2. From the daily telegraph. "Krueger was initially brought in by former owner Katharina Liebherr and, although he continued acting as a conduit between the executive board and the Chinese Gao family after they became majority owners in 2017, his influence on key decisions was limited." Perhaps why he left?
  3. Spittin' Chiclets Episode 176 At 48min 40s in an interesting segment on Kreuger from Ryan Whitney. Echoing much of what has been discussed here. Bisonette playing the role of the sceptic.
  4. Do we have many UK hockey followers here? We (Clan) just out our head coach Pete Russell (teamGB coach). This sucks.
  5. Weird. I have the notifications on for alerting me to the streams, but I can't watch em cos there's a blackout in the UK. But using Newpipe (legit open source YouTube viewer) I can watch them. Edit: looks like only select matches are kept online. Bummer.
  6. I think the games are on YouTube on the IIHF channel.
  7. This is where I am too. We can't put everyone with Eichel!!!
  8. Mynhldraft has an "interesting" take....
  9. Re: analytics. Don't want to rain on anyone's parade. But in Kruger's time at Southampton they have been trending downwards. Resulting in a 5th from bottom finish this season. I'm not sure how much influence he had as a chairman. And if he did, it didn't end well.
  10. Is Ferland a UFA this year? We could do a lot worse than sign him up.
  11. Eek. Ominous start for GB.
  12. Bowns was unbelievable.
  13. The world's are on so my day is set.... 3 games today, then SC playoffs. Tomorrow more games then my skating lessons 🙂 then SC playoffs. Weekend done.
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