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  1. Oof. Phil Kessel in buffalo? Probably not. https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2020/09/arizona-rejects-latest-trade-offer-from.html?m=1#more
  2. Do do I or I need to get a new nameplate and number for my 50th jersey!! Plus Vic's a quality goalscorer. The real pain the arse contract this offseason is still the boat anchor that is Kyke Okposo's. In an era where we're talking reduced cap him taking up ~15% is maddening. (I also don't feel any anger/frustration towards Kyle fwiw. Fair play to him and his agent).
  3. It would be a pegula move to sign a $5m player that you only need to pay $1M
  4. You've got to think sabres are on his mntc though. Eh?
  5. Here's hoping he can swing Hutton for a cheaper, better alternative!
  6. This is the deciding factor for me. If casey comes back and is a step behind harder working peers then I think its game over for him and perhaps a move will give him the kick up the arse he needs.
  7. steveoath

    So #8

    Def. Would that give us more offer sheet potential too?
  8. Okposo, mittelstadt, montours rights? Any of those would be great. Not realistic I understand.
  9. Olofsson (x2) and Ullmark to head play in Sweden for a bit before returning. Good thing? Or accident waiting to happen? https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/sabres-linus-ullmark-olofsson-brothers-reportedly-could-be-loaned-to-swedish-team/article_768cda70-ec97-11ea-80ac-938d92f9bd35.html
  10. Skinner-Eichel-????? Olofsson-Domi-Reinhart I'm 100% on board with that. Provided questionmarks is good!
  11. Personally I'm rooting for the Avs. Maybe because I have a SC bet on them!
  12. TSN talking 8mil per Yr for 7 for Pietrangelo. Thats a no from me.
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