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  1. I can’t believe he’s only 24. Seems like he’s been around forever now.
  2. Is this serious or facetious? Because there’s only one top 6 player on that line...
  3. I would trade Montour for that in a heartbeat. I’m not convinced he’ll get a better contract than Risto not that he’s a better player than Risto. Probably would trade either though.
  4. Anyone who wants Sam below $8m should have been clamoring for an extension when the rest of us were. Anything less than 8x8 will be fortunate.
  5. I feel stupider for having read this thread
  6. Peak? PEAK?! Jack Eichel has not reached his peak. The whole WORLD will feel it when Jack Eichel peaks.
  7. They had three games in three days and wanted to use him for a spot start (sounds like he got two of them). Returning to CIN so he can get more consistent reps.
  8. What I find amusing is there’s plenty of posters who were fine with signing Skinner to a $9m but refuse to pay Sam more than $6m. Sam is by far the more complete player.
  9. There used to be a whole thread of boobs, so it’s definitely been done
  10. How can he be bad in front of the net while also being by far our best player at deflections and tip-ins?
  11. If you’re getting off that sounds like something you should keep to yourself
  12. Who needs the old boobs thread when you’ve got a game thread against the knights.
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