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  1. Minus, ya know, one of the greatest histories in the NHL to fall back on.
  2. #freejame


    I agree with all of this, particularly the second to last paragraph. That is basically what has been going on here. Like I said, it’s just frustrating. I’m asymptomatic and I don’t mind working from home in the slightest, but I have a pretty serious history of pneumonia and that’s always a concern in the back of my mind. I’m confident all will be well and want to make sure I don’t give it to anyone vulnerable.
  3. #freejame


    Neo called the government of NY to make sure he followed the proper guidelines and would not be taking extra risks. He is being considerate of those around him and taking precautions. He can correct me if I’m wrong, but he isn’t going out maskless to bars or out to eat 6 times in three days. I have another friend who ran into them while at the bar on Saturday night, now she’s being tested as well. Who knows how many they infected. Did people get a little too complacent down here after being open since May first? Maybe. But I think everyone can understand the desire to return to normalcy. Yes, that is why people are visiting. Yes, I understand it sucks you can’t do things where you are. But people traveling from hot spots to open places are the problem. There’s a way to travel that’s respectful, considerate, and limits the spread. That has not been the case down here. It’s frustrating because of the way certain states have been portrayed in the media, and while I try not to look, the comment sections of various websites. I’m fairly certain that Fauci said we had handled it great as recently as six or so weeks ago. I’m frustrated. There isn’t much else to say. I haven’t taken this as seriously as many on here, but I have followed my local and state guidelines and have been respectful and courtesy to those around me. I’m hoping to stay asymptomatic. I will quarantine either way. But *****, I know you can understand my frustration.
  4. #freejame


    A friends roommate invited her friends down from NY. One of them brought it down and now not only is her whole household infected, my group of friends are also infected from a kayak trip we had taken while we were in town. I was never within more than six feet of the NYers and even then it was very limited and outdoors. I will continue to believe it’s clowns from infected states bringing the virus to South Carolina until I am proven otherwise. All anecdotal evidence points to this being the case. It’s crazy how everything was fine until all the out-of-towners started showing up. Just wish I had re-upped on the Devil’s Lettuce before testing positive...here’s to having a reserve of wine and Jameson.
  5. One person made a joke. Nobody here is doubting you.
  6. #freejame


    We’ve been open here in SC since May 1 I believe. Everything is honky-dory during the week at stores and restaurants/bars. Then, come the weekend, flocks of folks from highly infected northern states come down to enjoy our privilege. This has been going on since Memorial Day weekend. I’ve never seen things so busy over the weekends. Anecdotal but the majority of folks I’ve been speaking to are from out of state trying to have a good time. I’m not surprised to see us having more cases, and I’m excited to spread it back throughout the country when we’re locked down but NY isn’t because “they followed the rules.” At the end of the day, it’s just the fault of the dumb southerns anyway.
  7. The good ol’ third down arm punt. I would like to see more of this from the Bills.
  8. Saw one on the Angel fish as well. About a month ago I spent a few hours watching videos on invasive pythons in the Everglades. Interesting stuff.
  9. Leon Bridges is an absolute treasure. Certainly not what I was expecting when you said local act and it does not surprise me it was at full capacity. He’s an amazing vocalist.
  10. #freejame


    You hit the nail on the head with this. Nothing about out healthcare marketplace is pro-buyer and it ought to be.
  11. If Covid has taught me one thing it’s that I don’t need the Sabres. If Larsson gets $3.1 I’ll stop being a fan.
  12. I’m inclined to agree, but for this exercise I have been taking prime to mean highest point of their career and right now Campbell’s high is higher than Dahlin’s.
  13. Tough one for me but I picked Campbell. Hopefully someday it was be Dahlin, but right now Soupy gets the nod. He’s a better defenseman than either and solid offensively.
  14. Thanks. Have they gone into whether it was for career or life opportunity reasons? That latter interests me.
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