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  1. Just think about all of the fun TBL moves we can do with LTIR once we’re good though!
  2. So does the director of scouting have hiring and firing privileges over the scouting department? Same question for director of analytics.
  3. I had no idea a deviated septum had such a long recovery time /s
  4. What kind of topsy-turvy world are we living in where the two of you are agreeing with each other?
  5. It depends on if you’re smoking joints and blunts. My understanding is if all things are equal in terms of worse for you it goes blunts, cigarettes, joints.
  6. 43.2% of the military are classified as weekly binge drinkers and of those, 70% are classified as heavy drinkers. Having fallen in the latter category for a significant amount of time, I’m comfortable saying this person knows very little about alcoholism. The lifestyle and stress of the military is probably much closer to a professional athlete than whatever the majority of people here do. I am very comfortable making the claims I have made today about drug and alcohol use among NHL players. Especially when you consider that anyone with half a brain knows that cannabis and cocaine ar
  7. In the three years I played hockey at college 100% of the team had done drugs in the last 30 days, which is how the surveys are measured. Didn’t matter how much roster turnover we had. I asked my little brother how many on his high school team do drugs and he said at least 75%. Having talked to guys having played in the NAHL and lower level juniors, those numbers would hold accurate there as well. Drugs are ingrained in sport culture. And yes, I am including pot. I would guess 10-15% of players above the high school level have done cocaine in the last 30 days as well. I would also imagine very
  8. I would bet dollars to donuts that 75% of non-married NHL players are getting after it with great regularity. Just like I would bet dollars to donuts on MLB and NFL and NBA players doing the same. Young people do drugs and imbibe. Even more so when you have the disposable income that they do.
  9. I hope it’s Colorado but my gut says Tampa repeats in a pretty dominate fashion
  10. We have only won one game against a playoff team and that was back in January. I am withholding all judgement on Granato and our increased level of play until we actual beat someone.
  11. Minus Ovi who will be a FA in name only, it’s going to be Landeskog and he will probably come in at 50-60m over 7 years. If he’s available and willing to sign you sign him. Every other FA I agree with.
  12. Where have you been the last decade? We have been the punchline for years.
  13. I thought today was a pretty ugly day on the board. The shitshow that would take place if Eichel is traded would probably cause half the posters to be banned and the board to implode on itself.
  14. But he has the right to veto trades to 29 other organizations so he more or less does have that right.
  15. I just want to say that I predicted this entire season down to Hall and our position in the standings last April. Only difference is I had term and JBot making the signing.
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