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  1. That’s how he keeps his youth.
  2. I don’t like Brady whatsoever but I don’t see how this is even a question anymore
  3. Tyreek Hill is and any team willing to employee him.
  4. So this is the game everyone's been talking about? Lets go Buffalo
  5. I’ll take your word and stand corrected. Chance rant, more or less unrelated to your post. Mostly brought on from my earlier post. Sometimes all it takes is a reply to get the rant cogs turning.
  6. Murray was fine and we would been in the playoffs by now if he were still at the helm. Terry and Kim didn't like him so they canned him at the expense of the organization. Ralph Wilson hated Lou Saban and kept him around to win two AFL championships.
  7. We have a head coach who isn't a hockey coach who should have surrounded himself with the top hockey assistants Terry's money could buy and did not. We have an inexperienced GM who should have surrounded himself with the top hockey minds Terry's money could buy and did not. We have a team that is a conglomeration of 3 GMs over six years with no cohesion, no moxie, no will, no identity, no culture, and no idea what it takes to win. I'm tired of the platitudes from Ralph. I don't care if every game is a hard fought game if we lose them all. His quote last night was a spit in the face. This franc
  8. Biggest game in Buffalo since last week. Too bad it's still 14 hours away, not sure I'll have a liver by then still.
  9. This is what I keep wondering. There has been so much unwarranted optimism around here. We're still the exact same team.
  10. Optimistic: Hall and Eichel; Dahlin Pessimistic: We still aren’t very good Prediction: 25th
  11. Last I checked (and I could be wrong), Kane has never beaten his child’s private parts with a switch until they bled. Adrian Peterson is a piece of ***** scumbag child abuser. At worst Kane is a degenerate gambler who has allowed himself to take on six dependents who are almost certainly Jack Johnsoning him.
  12. I snipped some out but I couldnt disagree more with what I’m thinking is a McD-Diggs/Skinner-Ralph comparison. Diggs was poorly utilized and unhappy in Minnesota and came to Buffalo. He has said on a number of time everyone from Allen to Daboll to McDermott allows him to play his game and trusts him to make smart decisions. Skinner was in a very similar situation in Carolina when he was traded here and said many of the same things. Now we have Ralph and we have the current iteration of Skinner. McDermott is a person of the people and the way that his players speak of him is nothing like that o
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