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  1. Make the poll! That’s perfect offseason board material.
  2. It was protected in that they had the decision to defer. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I think normal lottery protection isn’t deferrable like that.
  3. In an ideal world it would be $6.5m x 3 years. With that contract and the money coming off the books, there won’t be an issue with re-signing our guys. Worst case I over-pay and throw $8.5m x 2. He fills out center spine this and next season. Again, we have a ton of space next season. That contract would allow us to add another wing as well. So not $19.5 no matter what, but close to it. I expect him to be 65 point player this season and in the 50s next. What he brings to the room is worth the difference.
  4. I would give Pavs $19.5m. Doesn’t matter to me how it’s broken up. He’s shown little signs of slowing down and he’s the exact type of player Buffalo needs. There’s nobody else I would prefer in FA.
  5. Hockey outlet on Niagara Falls boulevard in Wheatfield used to do it as well. Not sure how close you are to that though.
  6. Man I’ve been wrong an awful lot lately.
  7. It’s absolutely a serious question. Do most people know who she is? Also a serious question. Looking to gauge my apparent ignorance.
  8. Olofsson plays his off-wing. Why is it so often reported that he’s a LW?
  9. Who is Hailey Wickenheiser and why is she a lock?
  10. If Casey smokes weed and chews tobacco the only thing that would make him is a hockey player.
  11. In baseball where you’re playing on that particular day decides your tax level. I would assume hockey is similar. But I don’t believe bonus payouts are applied like this.
  12. I’d put a large sum that the Sabres did. Ask anyone who played youth hockey late 90s/early 2000s, they’ll tell you the Sabres jerseys were among the most popular all over the country. Granted, that’s goatheadless, but whatever.
  13. If the general population voted Subban the most overrated, I might be inclined to agree with you. I would even say that I agree with you that there may be nefarious reasons behind talking heads calling out his character. But I have a terribly hard time believing that NHL players consider him overrated because he’s black. Also, like I said originally, the NHL is by far the second most diverse sport in NA. Just because most of them are white doesn’t mean it isn’t diverse. The biggest issue the NHL has for getting black and brown players is primarily based in socioeconomic factors, not racism. I hate how quickly people are to jump to racism. I would be interested to read what Jordan Samuel-Thomas has to say on the subject. He’s written a lot about race for the athletic. I’m sure he has something in the area. No he was right on the money
  14. Just read and article and watched the video. It’s absolutely disgusting, but I didn’t see anyone attack the umpire.
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