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  1. Not enough BDE tonight. Need some of that 🍆🍆🍆 that we had out west. Time to show ‘em the jam.
  2. It was pretty funny listening to Ray get mad at DD for not letting him say his Hutts stat.
  3. Always exciting to find out you aren’t live
  4. This is the only period I’ll be watching tonight so I’m looking for a lot of early action. 3-1 Sabres Player of the Game: Mitts (1g,1a) (insert “he’s heating up” gif) more importantly 2-0 Nationals Player of the Game: Adam Eaton (1-4, 2B, RBI, R)
  5. And what a goal it was... That was mostly poor English. I thought it might have been the first, I knew how he scored it.
  6. He does, he scored the first D goal I believe off a one-T jumping in the rush.
  7. A key to the lake house and one hour a week on Sam’s boat.
  8. My understanding is his house is currently listed. A news station reported his house (not as Tyler Seguin’s house but the house itself) was destroyed. People knew it was Seguin’s and reached out. He responded on top of the news article.
  9. Everyone knows the question mark goes induce the quotation marks.
  10. We’ll see. Right now I’m considering driving up just to be in the area for the games. They have big parties right outside the stadium that I’ve gone to before some playoff games and it was a lot of fun so might do that. Weather doesn’t look great for the weekend though.
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