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  1. Just because people won’t buy one doesn’t mean they don’t like they though. I won’t be getting one but I like it. Can’t buy that and a goathead in the same year.
  2. All summer the Toronto media as been ***** talking Marner thinking it’s going to lower his cost or some BS when four months ago they were all saying how he’s better than Matthews. It’s incredibly transparent and pretty gross.
  3. Buffalo would be better served keeping him if that’s the case
  4. It seems like they’re giving the fans exactly what they would want, minus the V sweater. The lack of smiles is pretty weird though.
  5. Legend has it Rip only found out shells were a thing five years ago
  6. I’m fairly certain the switch to road whites was the NHLs so I don’t see it happening any time soon.
  7. Com’mon! This is the Swedish Stamkos we’re talking about here. He grew five inches post-draft. It’s only appropriate his fan base grow five fold in the same time.
  8. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GOATHEAD THIS SEASON!?! I’ve never wanted a Sabres jersey as bad as I do a black Reinhart.
  9. I’ve been out of football for years now and trying to get back into it. Is Clowney all that he was hyped up to be in college and what would a deal for him look like?
  10. I agree with everything here. The list of players I would move him in a deal for is very small and headlines by Matthew Tkachuk. VO is likely rated substantially higher by Sabres fans than the rest of the league.
  11. I play in CCM four rolls and I love them. Haven’t talked to anyone who wears them and doesn’t. They’ve held up perfectly fine over three years of weekly+ play and I don’t foresee me needing new gloves anytime soon.
  12. I would have voted VO last round at number two. I think he’s going to live in the 22-30 goal range the next six to seven years. Probably max out around 55 points a year or so, but he’s going to be our best the best sniper we’ve had in a long time.
  13. So the other three get rolled and one gets added?
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