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  1. Nothing matters until we start developing better.
  2. The Hughes moment was great. Happy for them.
  3. One thing to remember about meatballs is they go stale pretty quick...
  4. Now we're talking. Don't tempt me with a good time.
  5. I’m not sure about that. Tell me you can’t hear the below post-game: ”yeah *sniff* ya know *sniff* Matty came out really strong for it being his first game *sniff* ya know *sniff* but *sniff* yeah *sniff* I was really impressed with it being his first game and all *sniff* ya know?”
  6. He looks too much like a guy I played with at school that just didn’t have the heart. Don’t want him anymore!
  7. I take it back, now you’re the problem
  8. I got my Canadian jump wing from a battalion of your engineers back in 2012, I’m sure I’ll fit right in.
  9. It’s pretty remarkable that the bigotry isn’t directed towards the French-Canadians considering the hockey world. He’s either québécois or he just blew his cover.
  10. Thank god you took that bait. Buddy, I’ve got over 600 days in Afghanistan. Lets hear what I’m missing out on here. Go to the search bar and type in Memorial Day and you can see all the people we lost. Go read through my postings about my bum shoulder needing surgery from the service, or my arthritic wrist, or my back that goes out from a cough. Don’t tell me about war and service and not understanding when you have no idea of what I've done for my country. You’re daft and missed the point of your service (if you even served) if you hold those opinions. I don’t know what else to tell you. People like you are the problem, not people like me. See you’re all about that dollar whereas when I get off of work I go volunteer for ten hours a week, happily, to continue to develop my perspectives and give back. Keep telling me what I need to do and keep telling yourself young people are the problem, your ignorance has brought me great amusement.
  11. You had me going thinking there was a third. Let’s not forget Geoff.
  12. pretty sure it was speculating that Power would hold out in the NCAA instead of go to the Sabres but was then removed.
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