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  1. If the Sabres were the #1 seed and we lost here half the board would be saying we lost to a mediocre team and we should be embarrassed. Most years the 8th place team is mediocre. Just like the winner of the NFC East is usually mediocre or the winner of the AFC South this season. Just because you make the playoffs doesn’t mean you’re a good team, it just means you’ve given yourself a shot.
  2. Home team gets last change so will have their favorable matchups.
  3. It used to mean a whole lot more as well before it was watered down like it is now.
  4. Got hit by a worse hurricane when I lived in the mountains of NC than I just did by Ian. Still without power at my place, but no issue going out for dinner yesterday.
  5. The argument about DD being terrible for radio is hilarious considering everyone loved RJ who was AWFUL for radio for the last decade and a half of his career.
  6. My last shot in Charleston for a hurricane. Bring it on, Mother Gaia!
  7. Without having watched the game I would assume it means the puck was actually loose with 27 seconds left when the play was erroneously blown dead.
  8. We are far from decimated and honestly as long as Allen doesnt go down and Davis&Diggs and Poyer&Hyde don't all go down at the same time we should be favored in every game. We have the best depth in the NFL and we've had the best defense in the league all while missing, at very least, our best player on defense.
  9. I think they use it as an extended timeout more times than not.
  10. What was said about monarchy can be said about religions. Monarchies and religion both exist to suppress by and large. The only difference is one claims you’ll be rewarded for your subservience and the other doesn’t pretend to beat around the bush.
  11. You’re drawing from the same vein when talking about scriptures.
  12. If Troy Terry can stick up for Trevor Zegras, every single player on the Sabres should be willing and able to defend their teammates. Simple as that.
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