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  1. The last person to know that a player is finished is the player himself.
  2. They did have Senator Blutarski's graduating class towards the end before the credits.
  3. Hold your horses on Quinn. He needs to get into game shape yet.
  4. This was maybe the best game for the Samuelsson-Power defence pair.
  5. In that case, Okposo should never be on the ice with Krebs again.
  6. Is it just me, or has Krebs been good with face-offs tonight?
  7. When I saw that advertisement for "Sabres gear," the thought that popped into my mind was, "reverse?"
  8. The Sabres record from most shots against in 1 game was at the Bruins. 72, I believe.
  9. Yeah, but 1 July 2007 is a date that will live in Sabres infamy alongside 19 June 1999. No matter how bad, 7 December 2023 will pale be comparison.
  10. Dare I hope that his presence could indicate that Krebs is headed to Rochester once enough forwards are healthy? Don't wake me up. I like this dream.
  11. They love Larsson over there. At the very least, that 2nd has to be a 1st and you need to offer something better than Rosen and maybe Jokiharu as well.
  12. I feel funny about putting too much blame on HCDG because he has yet to be given a full line-up that could not be plausibly be claimed to be in development mode. Teams that go deep in the playoffs tend to have a lot of veterans, even if the kids on ELCs are leading the scoring.
  13. They are certainly not good enough this year. But enough of them are far too young for anyone to draw any conclusions. People here look like they would have given up on Chris Pronger, Zdeno Chara, Tage Thompson, and Alex Tuch, to name 4, because they were done developing at 22.
  14. The metro population increased from 2000-10 and 2010-20 based on an influx of immigrants and their children. Upstate IT people are trying to turn us into the "silicon ice box."
  15. I see what you see. I think that they often just don't know what they are doing in their own end. You look down, blink, and then look up and it's 2-0 with shots being 7-1. It gets better later, but by then it's too late.
  16. Like I said: to make an actual dent in this year's results, GMKA needs to let go of one or more of his prized prospects for lesser talent with grit and more experience. This is a waste of time.
  17. This is a horrible look for the franchise because now they may be in a Catch-22: it might be the best hockey move to move on from GMKA and/or HCDG, but it would be another black eye fof the team's perception. Just peachy keen. For those who have watched the games more closely than I have, please feel free to correct me in the next bit of you disagree and have a better theory. Far too often, the Sabres start the game seemingly completely disorganised --almost as of they had forgotten the basics of their system. They are routinely missing assignments, not giving the defence an outlet, in too deep in the offencive zone, and all those other details they forget to pay attention to. (I am sure that the opposition often has something to do with that.) As the game wears on, they figure out what the heck they are supposed to do while the opposition plays a bit more passively. (Aside: this is the perfect argument against people like me who thought that going offence first last season and learning defence this season would work out.) IMHO, the system HCDG has installed will work once the guys have figured out all of its nuances because when they execute it from the start of a game, they look very good. But that looks like the readiness from the opening whistle will not happen before the All Star Break.
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