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  1. Turns out I would have lost this week anyways to a strong performance from Circle The Wagons but I benched Mahomes, for Cam Newton. I can't even live with myself, I need some space right now!
  2. The deal to be had could completely change the fortunes of the franchise but im with you on that. I think I'd be out.
  3. I don't think so. They have the pieces available to turn the club into a playoff team its just a matter of can they get it done. Couple trades, some chemistry and boom.
  4. Noooooooooooooo...just kidding. Yeah right!
  5. First words out of my mouth were, "I hate that dude but I'll root for him on the Sabres" good trade
  6. I'm betting TT makes the team and scores 10-15 goals sliding up and down the lineup as he heats and cools before finally breaking the 20+ goal mark easily the following season. Mitts plays 2 more in the AHL before being traded and making an nhl roster somewhere and playing several years to middling results.
  7. Backs are always in demand in this league. Gone before you know it in the draft and slim pickins on the waiver wire Dictated my whole draft this year
  8. Will they even play this year? Will they finish the season if they do play? Will star players miss games? So many unknowns this year!!
  9. I'm avoiding all social media and fan sites and workin the phones
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