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  1. Gotta say it's been interesting watching the differences in the game from years past. At its core the game remains the same but the way its played along with the skating ability and skill of the players has evolved exponentially. Fun little time capsule this week.
  2. Vanek Roy Afinigenov...the most exciting line in the NHL
  3. Stevens was a real *****, I forgot some things over the years apparently
  4. I'm curious what people think about Rasmus Dahlin and his development?
  5. Haven't watched much this year much for several reasons but purchased NHL.tv last week to finish out the season and I just have a feeling that they will make the playoffs this year. If not, atleast I got to see them whoop the queefs! Also, f the queefs!
  6. He will come in handy if they make the playoffs
  7. It was awesome having him in the booth with Razor and RJ. He's funny and knowledgable I'd like to hear more from him!
  8. That would be good. Give more teams a shot! I'm good for a trophy, I'll chip in whatever.
  9. Good luck this weekend @WildCard, you have the team to beat. Thank You @Derricofor once again getting the league up and running for another year. This is a good competitive league, the waiver wire is one of the most competitive of any league I'm in and it makes it fun. IN for next year.
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