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  1. Guy at the bar seemed pretty sure
  2. No. The Pens said they saw what happened to the Flyers so they came out ready to play. They also watched the Sabres almost pull the game out at the end and then mostly outplay them the next game winning easily.
  3. I dont know. The Pegulas got a pretty good scolding from the league. I think they'll stay out of things a while.
  4. Bruins NEED the wins coming up. It would be great to watch a playoff type series with them through the end of the year. I know the games aren't all together like that but 6 games is alot remaining. It could get interesting if these kids are for real. A split would be good IMO
  5. 2-2-1 .922 save % 30.8 saves per game last 5 for Toker
  6. That would do it for me too.
  7. There's some meat on that bone Dandy Don in the post game
  8. Just put Caggiula in between Reider and Sheahan and I think they could make some noise.
  9. Tokarski came up big again today. He is gaining confidence with every game.
  10. ***** you national media !!!!!! Your precious Penguins got dominated by the kids from Buffalo!!! Yeah, BUFFALO!!!
  11. Lets GO PP. Don't go half ass these guys want to score SH.
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