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  1. All the more sweeter when they do figure it out. I'll be here.
  2. I've lived outside of Buffalo for 30 years. I didn't start rooting for another team because of it and I never will. Any real Sabres Fan would never root for the Chowdaheads so I think you may be the delusional one.
  3. I just don't like fans of other teams coming in here and acting like Sabres fans. It's obvious you switched teams years ago. I'll never quit on this team like you did.
  4. To mr X on my post. Go watch your favorite team and kick rocks. U don't deserve that moniker. Marchandforever. Go wash his balls. Go wash marchands balls you hack. I will disagree with everything you say from now on. ***** the chowdaheads!
  5. I'd really love to know why Benson has gotten so many ticky tack penalties this year? Seriously, so many soft calls on him!
  6. I didn't figure they'd win but the refs were terrible tonight.
  7. Don't matter but ***** them Benny has gotten alot of bad calls this year. Alot!
  8. I thought these guys were hockey players? That was some soft ass *****!
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