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  1. I agree. The later rounds in particular would be great to hit on a few more. When they hit, it's like a bonus.
  2. I missed the 3rd. He was noticeable early but couldn't score.
  3. I think he'll do a good job and teach those boys how to win.
  4. Nadeau taking draws on the #1 pp unit in the CHL is a nice sight
  5. Nadeau' team is playing the Oil King in the Memorial Cup on NHL-N currently. 1-1 after 1.
  6. Bring Patty Kane home! I wouldn't pay much for him though since they are the ones in need of a favor it would seem.
  7. Day drinking at the country club with Fitzy?
  8. Meh. Doesn't really excite me tbh
  9. If they're "smart" but yeah, all their best players are out or retiring and they let Cassidy go too. Feels like a tank to me, jus sayin.
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