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  1. Dahlin is struggling bad That rookie goaltender faced a ton of rubber but not enough There's very little to be excited about on the offensive end
  2. Ralph gonna Ralph I guess. The kids haven't earned it yet so Sheahen gets the nod. He was hard on the puck a couple times maybe he helps create a chance or two?
  3. Sincerely hope Skinner gets it figured out. He hasn't played with linemates that can set him up in the shooting areas for a while now. It would be nice to see him with Eichel and Hall if RK will stop playing mind games and start to cultivate his talent again.
  4. I thought Cozens showed good hustle and energy a few times in the offensive end. His strong play on the puck directly led to the goal by Reider. He didn't look as comfortable in the defensive end however.
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