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  1. He didn't get alot of help and several of the goals were on the power play so it wasn't all on him I'm just saying he had some chances to make the big save but they ended up in the net tonight. I expect he'll go back to work and the rest of the team needs to pick it up too. They were a step behind all night and left guys open in the O zone way too much.
  2. I'm waiting for them to unleash some F bombs during the commercials since the mic is left on the whole time.
  3. UPL will need to work on his lateral quickness if he ever wants to see NHL ice again. He didn't get much help but he didn't help himself either. IMO First game so take it with a grain of salt. Utica appears to have a very deep team with a few high end prospects as well.
  4. Bryan Flynn sighting Quinn with a beauty 1-0
  5. Still kicking around the AHL:Matt Moulson F Cleveland Monsters
  6. I bought it. Since Covid the misses and I don't get out as much as we used to so I get my entertainment in house. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to consume all the hockey I've purchased this season.
  7. https://thechargingbuffalo.net/prospect-stats/ Prospect stats
  8. The crowd seems to be genuinely entertained by what they're seeing and cheering along.
  9. Checking in. Wow first play Markstrom what a save on Draisatl! I like Nurse
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