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  2. My daughter is a fanatic like me, she says he spends to much time on the ice, needs to shorten his shifts a bit.
  3. Wtf did Larsson not destroy Karlsson in the neutral zone there?
  4. Yeah something is definitely off in his game.
  5. Jack did a lot of cute-sie ***** on that power play.
  6. Much better movement and action on those last 2 PP's
  7. Oh, I see now. May the magnetic fields, and Maxwells Equations, be with you.
  8. I didn't want to be the one to carry this torch as I think it's a little ridiculous. Unfortunately, what I kept running into were analytics fanbois who acted as if he is a God. I didn't predict his play would continue to suffer and legions of Sabrespacers would jump on the bandwagon. The kid is special. I think Ralph is doing him right with his usage even though the stat geeks ride the coach pretty hard for limiting Dahlin's ice time. He's got a lot to learn. Ralph is allowing him to do so whilst maximizing his effectiveness, I think...
  9. Their puck is a reminiscent of a blaster bolt fired into a the magnetically sealed door of a garbage smasher in the detention center.
  10. Great showing by Casey this game and several recent ones
  11. Let at least two go on that shift before calling the last.
  12. Vesey wants to score a goal so bad. I appreciate the effort.
  13. Big time hold on Vesey there. Still made the play. Love it.
  14. Try to wrap my head around that. The rubber pick is an insulator so what does “magnetically sealed” really mean here. ?
  15. Sobotka killing plays on defence like he did last year on offence.
  16. Yeah. You can’t mistake Skinner’s voice. That wasn’t him.
  17. Every one of these Sharks shots looks like was fired against a magnetically sealed door.
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