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  2. Not exactly the same circumstances but agree we need to be steadfast. Eichel is hurt and there are questions about him. I never thought we could trade him for those fabulous deals scripted in this thread unless he was deemed recovered. A trade isn’t happening soon unless we take less, or eat salary, or agree to provisions to cover risk.
  3. I disagree. It looks like the agents press release was coordinated move to let interested teams know 1) Eichel still wants out and the Sabres still want him out, 2) Yes Jack needs surgery but if he gets it sooner rather than later he will be there to start the season, 3) it provided some health details publicly to reassure interested teams that this is not a Ryan Callahan or Cody Hodgson type situation. I don't think the agents are releasing specifics around Eichel's health without approval from Eichel to do so, and they may have also cleared it with the Sabres.
  4. Teams interested: you do realize that next July, if he doesn't want to play for you, you don't get him, right? This should be a threat to them, not us.
  5. What if Jack doesn’t register a point in 10 games? What will the offers look like then?
  6. I think we need to remember what happend with Duchene and Sakic. That dragged on for more than a year as well, but in the end Sakic got what he wanted. Look at what Duchene got. Girard - Top 4 D for the avs Shane bowers - Was an A level prospect back then ( still needs to make the team I think) 1st round pick - Bo byram was selected Kamenev - still in KHL 2nd round and 3rd round pick Edit: they also got goalie Andrew hammond as a throw in. This is what Duchene got, and some of us think Eichel will get less than this ? Eichel is a sure 1C in the NHL , you ask for a boatload back because even in this trade there are some busts.
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  8. I think there is so much evidence against his character that we don’t need any more details, the jury is out on this guy. He was literally thrown off the Winnipeg team by their players, track suit and all. He had off ice incidents in Buffalo. Now big problems in San Jose.
  9. Based on what has been reported over the last few months it isn’t going to happen, but I was hoping for a downtown domed stadium. Instead, it appears to be an open air stadium in OP(based on speculated costs). I just hope they don’t overdo the number of $$$$ suites and club seats, that after the fact, they realize they can’t sell them at initial pricing levels.
  10. I'm guessing the Pegulas didn't exactly ask for what was reported. Hell they could of asked for 85% funding to start but the media obviously loves to blow things up like that. After reading it, here’s my guess. Pegulas are asking for something between 1.1 and 1.5 billion for the new stadium. The Pegulas are pledging around 400 mil in their money to renovating the KBC. If you put the stadium cost at 2 billion, and add the loan from the NFL the state pays about 75%. They are likely trying to hedge further privately funded KBC renovations with County/State assistance on the new stadium. The original price tag on the stadium’s projection was around the funding request hence the news saying they want 100% funding. They unlikely gave any serious threat about moving the team but sensationalism is far better for clicks.
  11. PSE fires back... https://buffalonews.com/news/state-and-regional/as-talks-simmer-for-a-new-bills-stadium-some-of-the-basics-already-are-in/article_bf9f835a-f30a-11eb-b386-2375ef441e55.html
  12. I doubt the NFL would really want to move Buffalo over teams like Jacksonville. Primarily due to the appearance of a moving a team that sells out with a season ticket waiting list versus a stadium that has to cover multiple sections in their stadium. I don't doubt Buffalo is one of the smaller markets, but we are also one of the more rabid fanbases and its extremely unlikely Bills fans would follow them elsewhere. Effectively, while Austin might make more immediate money; Buffalo is far better in terms of publicity and helping secure a Canadian audience. I doubt Jerry Jones would want a 3rd team in Texas and since he'd be the primary proponent for a move I can't see it happening. Oddly I think the NFL likes Buffalo to a certain degree; we help bring in viewership and revenue from Toronto while also being an easy target for the whole idea of "see we don't only care about money" which protects the NFL some from potential tax troubles.
  13. Yeah, that’s really looking like the plan to me. He has 2 prospects/players with good 2 C potential. He’s loaded up on wings the last 2 drafts, and has a high potential defense with Dahlin, Power, and Jokiharju making 3 of a top 4 and Bryson, Samuellson, and Johnson competing for spots. We have 3 potential NHL goalies, though 2 of them seem like still a ways off, and one that still should have a year or two. I think the plan is to get that 1C next year in the draft. What makes this interesting to me, is the Eichel trade if we’re assuming that. It wouldn’t surprise me for Kevyn Adams to target W, RHD, or G prospects in an Eichel deal. Adding a high end wing prospect along with a decent RHD would do a lot for our future if we can get a 1C next draft.
  14. Just something of a reality check: How many major markets don't already have a team and either have an NFL level stadium or can afford to build one? I really can't think of one. Austin? Is the team just going to play in the UT stadium (unlikely)? Why would Jones or Lanier allow a 3rd team in the state when the result would be shrinking their market share? Would an NFL team succeed in a town where UT is everything?
  15. If you think that then you couldn't possibly be more wrong. The Packers are one of the 5 or so most popular teams in the entire league.
  16. Wait... are you confirming lgr4gm is the almighty?
  17. For what reasoning? Have continued talks with teams until you find the right deal. If Eichel plays it will drastically improve the offers imo. You absolutely can't say that we have this under control then trade him for peanuts, they've passed that stage again imo when GMKA stated that "They control this process", so it will either be Jack sits out and is put on LTIR or we trade him for 4 assets or he plays for us and we maximize his trade value. There is no other scenario that I can think of other than Jack retiring which I believe we'd get all the cap hit back and still his rights for 5 years I think?
  18. Thanks. It’s all good. Some are expected to bite their tongue. And some don’t have to. and sometimes it’s not worth it to not bite the tongue 😂 Yea, like you said. it’s late
  19. And the Lord looked down upon what He had created and, putting one withered hand on His furrowed brow, brought His other hand down with fury and fire, smoting humanity into an ashen heap. Smote it, LGR. Smote it!
  20. I'll shock Zamboni by defending him. I don't like the tone of your responses. Maybe there's a joke I'm missing or some kind of history. It's late.
  21. And all them Mormons in Utah got kicked out of Palmyra, NY. And then some "genius" let Jim McMahon QB for their football team. Not sure how this all relates to the Great Salt Lake being at historically low water levels nor what it has to do w/ etouffee and fried gator being some seriously good Cajun eating, but there has to be something in there that at least somebody didn't know. 😉
  22. Billionaires are taking over the world. It's human nature for some people to want to rule the majority, i.e. the middle class.
  23. The league would love to move the Packers. They can't. They are the only community owned team & the league has since put rules in place to guarantee THAT "mistake" doesn't happen again. Those other teams are all in bigger US markets. (Not positive greater Cincy is bigger than greater Buffalo if the NP is included, but the NP is never included in those rankings.
  24. You want your hockey team back? Well, it sounds like you may be able to see them in Austin, TX soon.
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