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  2. I think Eleven mentioned Biron as Linus’ comparable first. Seems about right. Puppa works for this as well. Or Sauve for the older set.
  3. 2 top 6 players is a pretty big acquisition. You don’t seem many teams adding two top 6 guys in one season. If that were to happen it would push a couple of players off the roster. Erod, Sheary, Okoso, Vesey, Girgensons, Larsson, take your pick. That would def make the team look very different. Would that and a respectable goalie make this a playoff team? I think so. But adding 2 top 6 players is a pretty big deal. Especially considering you most likely would have to give up real players to get them unless you are buying rentals. And that’s where the calculus gets interesting. Give up a real player to get another real player and now you are talking marginal improvement with bottom guys maybe still on the roster. Does that get us playoffs? I’m not as certain.
  4. Exactly. Right now today that’s exactly what he looks like. It would be nice to see him take another step and be a dominate #1. He doesn’t need to be elite at all. If he can get to “best year Miller had” status ... that’s enough. And I’m not derailing the thread to talk about Miller.
  5. Nice goal by Reinhart last night, eh? Where was he on the ice for that goal? At this point I don’t know who on this board takes your analysis of Sam Reinhart seriously. Other topics, sure, ok. I think at this point we all go ...
  6. What? How many goalies play 60 games per year? 5? Less? Ullmark has played alright. He looks like a guy you could give 35-45 starts as part of a tandem.
  7. Bottalogic: Defenseman with less offensive upside than most goalies > Leading goalscorer in the OHL carrying his team to a playoff spot their roster suggests they have no business even being close to.
  8. Ullmark is an upgraded Robin Lehner and he's already a "true #1" in the sense that he can probably play 60 games a year for any team in this league. I don't think he's going to be "elite", but he's good enough.
  9. This is not what Marty Biron’s career looked like. Biron is older than Miller and he started something like 240 games for Buffalo before Miller ever became the starter. Biron didn’t come up as Miller’s backup. Miller came up as Biron’s backup.
  10. I know you're not happy with his last 25 games or so, but if Skinner's 51 goals in 122 games isn't useful, then Lazar isn't useful
  11. They drafted 1st, 7th, 31st and 32nd in the past two drafts should have more than one bonafide forward prospect out of that group.
  12. This should put into perspective just how awful and incompetent Botts has been: The Islanders will have announced plans for a new arena, had the plan approved after having to go through red tape mandated by a disgusting and corrupt system, started construction and will open it (Fall 2021) before Botts can put together a team who can even compete for a playoff spot (much less earn one).
  13. With Ullmark likely being out for a while, I wanted to reflect on who he reminds you of as a potential goalie of the future. Personally, I don't think he is going to be a number 1 goalie in the NHL, I think he will be a quality backup that can give you 25-30 games a year and play well enough to give your team a chance to win if the starter goes down for any length of time. Looking at similarity scores for Ullmark on the Hockey Reference site, his top similarity scores are 2 ex-Sabre goalies: Marty Biron and Darren Puppa. As soon as I saw Biron, that is who I thought of with him. Biron came on as a young player and played really well for about 15 games in his first year when Miller was hurt and the Sabres were going on their runs...Ullmark came up early and played really well also, even though the Sabres were tanking and he didn't get a lot of W's, he was a respectable 8-10-2 in his first season. That being said, with both players, that might have been the high-water mark for their careers. They both kind of drifted and never really established themselves as legit #1 goalies in the NHL, but quality backups. I think that is what Ullmark is ultimately destined for. He lets in too many bad goals at bad times to be a number 1. What are your thoughts on who Ullmark reminds you of and if he can becomes a #1?
  14. Today
  15. Also what is his ratio of useless forwards to useful forwards?
  16. This has been "the plan" since the Tank season.
  17. I'd expect the Senate to vote to block calling witnesses either today or tomorrow. I have lost all respect for the Senate. It's a bunch of yes men licking the presidents ass.
  18. I never looked that good in school pics.
  19. Poor Linus. Get better soon. Poor team. Poor franchise. The pain & suffering continues and it's a shame. . . go Sabres no matter what
  20. Lazar. I'm not even sure I would include Skinner in your list.
  21. Our pipeline is empty of forwards. I will repeat it until someone realizes it is true. There are 4 forwards in the top 10 from that article. 3 of them are no better than 3rd line guys. 1 of them we didn't draft but found in Sweden. The only top 6 help in the prospect pool is Cozens. We're *****.
  22. I am so close to being here. Like, one more dumb move away close.
  23. Has Botterill added to the NHL team, any other useful forward that was not already in the system when he arrived? This means Olofsson does not count. The only 1 I can name is skinner. Vesey, Frolic, Sheary, Pouliot etc... are all completely useless as far as I am concerned and have not upgraded the roster. So has he brought in any other forward that has a real impact on the game besides Skinner?
  24. He went to push off and ended up falling with is right knee awkwardly bent. The shot they showed from above was very painful just to look at. He immediately rolled over onto his hands and knees (while play continued) and couldn't get up. After a Sen fanned on what would have been an easy goal, the officials blew the play dead. He was writhing in pain.
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