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  2. Sorry, My entire post was based on him for refusing to play because he had demanded a trade. If he’s playing, why are we forced to trade him to the team of his choice? If he is demanding a trade, why can’t we say “sure, just as soon as you open up your NMC”?
  3. Even though I might do it to protect the kids, I can’t see Sam coming back on a one-year contract. The only way he gets that is arbitration and the Sabres will move him before that happens.
  4. I just don’t know if I can take another off-season where fans are clamoring to get rid of our good players. It’s just so ***** stupid! Yes let’s get rid of Jack and Sam, the only two guys who score on this team, for a ***** defensemen and som picks?!? Good teams win by keeping their good players and getting more. JFC! I may have to tap out until preseason.
  5. This whole “make him sit out” concept is not real. It keeps getting repeated on here. It. Is. Not. Happening. Period. It’d be an absolute disaster for this franchise. Also you can’t suspend a player for refusing to accept a deal when they have a NMC.
  6. I absolutely agree that if he truly wants out, he should be auctioned off to the highest bidder and gone by the draft. I also have thought for a while now that Adams wants to move him. The only impediment I see to a trade is the injury. A Sam (1st line) Casey (scoring line) Danault (tough minutes) would be a strong spine assuming the recent Casey is real. *** Adams says screw you. You’re suspended. You can sit without your paycheque and we will use your cap space to fill our needs. Accept a trade to Calgary, or rot. Four years is a long time for a 25-year-old hockey player. Calg
  7. JJ brings it home for the Avalanche lol. Seriously it's not fair the Avalanche have two of the best throwback jerseys ever in the Nordiques and Rockies.
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  9. It still gives him a lot more control than he has now. He absolutely CAN and probably would block a trade to places like Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Minnesota, etc. Teams that have been mentioned. The situation could develop as this: season goes poorly, Eichel makes it clear he wants out and the rumors/discussions start. Sabres negotiate with teams and get four/five serious suitors. Three of them are, say, Calgary, Columbus and Arizona. Eichel makes it clear through other channels that he will not accept a deal to those teams. The other teams involved in the discussions look around and
  10. Not if he only signs a 1 year contract. If Jake McCabe is resigned, he would be a better choice.
  11. If all these guys leave just don't put the C on anyone. I feel like teams should be willing to go without a C more often until someone really leads the group. Make someone earn it.
  12. I think it's basically from Virginia south.
  13. Curt


    Eastern NY either apparently.
  14. Reinhart's season reminds me of Ennis and Girgensons in the 14-15 season. Agree - sell high when you can.
  15. The auto industry thought Covid would kill sales so they cut back on their orders. That rippled through the industry and production lines were shut down. It turns out they were wrong and it resulted in a pinch in the supply worldwide. It absolutely was a result of Covid.
  16. The Atlantic/Southern states. I don't think WNY was affected by supply.
  17. I think vaccines are awesome. I roll up my sleeve yearly for the flu vaccine and I did for Covid for sure. As for masks, nobody really enjoys them but to me it’s no big deal. You see I work in the public and people are disgusting. So I like that they’re being worn. Where I live, Kelowna BC, masks are still mandated but it will end one day. Until then, I wear mine and do it knowing they probably don’t offer much protection but they offer some. And if it can keep them vulnerable people I’m happy to do it. But here’s some food for thought. The flu vaccine is based on what happens in Aust
  18. It was DEFINITELY calculated by Jack and his agent. Anybody else here make $10,000,000 a year and get paid to not work or talk to your boss for months? Anybody else here make more money than your boss? Anybody else here go to work with a designation pinned on your chest defining you as the leader? How was he goaded? What questions came up that surprised him? The press conference was planned in advance. He knew the schedule of events and what questions were coming. He knows what his contract says. Press conferences are part of the job. Dealing with the media is
  19. I'm still in country. Just not one of the places that speak English, or use fahrenheit.
  20. Danualt would be my immediate target. Hell I wouldn't mind him regardless depending on the price seeing as he's a solid 2C.
  21. Eichs Risto for Zegras, Rakell (whatever makes this work, pieces can be added) Re-sign Samson "I want to be a Sabre centre for life" Reinhart and Linus "Vezina" Ullmark Sign Danault & Coleman Sign a GOOD backup Sign Savard Trade Olofsson, maybe a Dman for solid defenseman (idk who, pretend NYI wants more goals and gives up Mayfield or something) Skinner - Reinhart - Rakell Zegras - Danault - Cozens -> They all play center/shift to center/move around when injuries happen etc. Asplund - Mitts - Coleman Girgensons - Ruotsalainen - Okposo/Thompson Dahli
  22. Do you want to go to your first dance with someone who also hasn’t been to one and share that experience? Or, do you want to bring someone who has been to 5 dances already with 3 other people, just because they’ve been to some and you haven’t? (I agree with the bolded).
  23. Again, I’ve spoken to players about guys on the Sabres and the impression I was given is that he’s not that great a teammate. As for him staying, he’d only do it if he had to. And he’s only gonna sign for one year and then bolt in free agency. He’d have to play well for sure to keep his stock high, but he wouldn’t last past trade deadline. I was really happy with his game this year but it’s easy to pad stats when you get the most ice or a lot of ice and games mean nothing. I say cash him and is 25 goals in while his stock his at an all time high.
  24. Yup. He's a possible. Czikis might be interesting as well. Not sure he's leaving NY but he's definitely a character guy. Point is there are a LOT of free agents this year. Any number of ways to rearrange the line up and add solid leadership.
  25. Shut up and dribble catch! In all seriousness, the number of adults in society whose decisions on receiving the poke aren't swayed by WR3 and WR4 of the Buffalo Bills is large enough that I wouldn't worry about it affecting society-scale immunological trends It's JOSHY we have to worry about >:)
  26. The odd thing to me is that according to Adams, the 2nd opinion that Eichel got concurred with the team doctors, so why the disconnect. At it's most innocent, it's Eichel just really pissed after the crappiest season ever, or he's laying down his position now that leads to him asking to be traded.
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