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  2. Which is what I’ve been saying all season to all the accountable yahoos. Everyone was screaming from the rafters, “there is no accountability” , “Granato doesn’t hold anyone accountable”. I asked what that looked like and everyone gave a bunch of platitudes without actually addressing the issue. The players are the problem. Granato wasn’t the solution but the answers have to come from within. These guys need someone who demonstrates personal accountability. I don’t think it’s anyone currently on the roster.
  3. Yes. If Adams was going to tell them anything, it should have been that they were partly responsible and they need to learn from this and get more serious about practice and pre game preparation.
  4. Zay Jones was a super productive college WR. He’s developed into a very nice WR3. 🤯
  5. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-s-top-150-prospects-in-the-2024-nfl-draft-class He sounds pretty good. #17 by this guy’s ranking. Thomas is a big, explosive wideout with incredible production, including an FBS-best 17 touchdown catches this past season. He lines up outside and in the slot. He easily defeats press coverage with his quickness. He is very sudden in his release and can find another gear once the ball is up in the air. He is very loose and fluid as a route runner. He has snap at the top of the route and doesn't waste steps. He has a very large catch radius because of his frame, leaping ability and ball skills. After the catch, he has some wiggle to make defenders miss and also boasts home run speed. Overall, Thomas is a big-play machine and has the upside to develop into a No. 1 receiver for his drafting team.
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  7. just watched the Avs - Peg highlights. Well executed white out, but they wore road team colors. Mitts with a dirty goal. I honestly cannot see our team not being embarrassed in a game like this one. These games are at a level our boys have not seen yet, even our veteran players.
  8. Canucks were a disorganized, low-morale team with a handful of high-end pieces who went from 83 points to 109. They did it by: adding a good puck-moving defenceman for their 2nd-line centre replacing their player-friendly coach with an old-school structure guy turning over the bottom half of their roster for harder-to-play-against types I mean their success has lot to do with their best guys having career years, but the Sabres have those kind of players too. Make it happen.
  9. Avs dominated almost the entire game what were you watching lol they lost cause Georgiev couldn’t stop a beach ball
  10. The online fancy stats people saddle Brian Thomas Jr. with several "red flags" -- something about how alarmingly low his "yards per route run" were. Apparently, this metric, YPRR, is a strong predictor of success in the NFL. And, physical beast though he is, Thomas's isn't good. I think I heard Joe DiBiase on WGR talking about Thomas -- something about "does he evolve into a DK Metcalf comparable" -- who apparently also had similar concerns with his fancy stats while also having physical freak measurables -- "or does he flop like several other physical freak prospects whose advanced stats were not good coming out of college?"
  11. They have a lot in common with Toronto effectively.
  12. Because they're from NYC, and NYC is trash. Greatest city in the world my @ss😝 But for real, it's because NY in all sports has the ability to get any player, because money, the city life,etc. They're always a destination and the fans are insufferable
  13. Samuels is a slot receiver and McConkey is not. And I don't mean, he sorta isn't, I mean flat out McConkey was not used much at all in the slot. At Georgia there simply is never a reason too. James Cook took those snaps, Bowers takes those snaps, other less talented WR take those snaps (Lovett). Ladd was primarily used on the outside, I think I saw something like 76% of his routes were outside routes. That all said, I would trade up for Brian Thomas Jr. because while McConkey has great speed and hands, I think Thomas has very good speed and hands but also has that extra height and weight. You are trading McConkey's YAC and excellent route running for Thomas Jr size/speed combo. Indianapolis would be a great trade up target.
  14. The comments to me about the new coach are kind of revealing. To me, it seems that they are actually being the opposite of accountable by blaming Donnie indirectly by talking about needing accountability and needing to be pushed harder by the coach. This, in essence, is blaming it on the coach and not actually holding yourself accountable.
  15. Why do so many people on here dislike the Rangers?
  16. Sullivan seems like a bit more of a “players coach” kind of guy. That worked for the Pens because they had leadership in the player group with strong internal accountability, so Sullivan didn’t need to be a hardass. I think the Sabres need a coach who will be a hardass.
  17. I can get a compass (ouch), protractor and and abacus in mine. What about you? Like he should have never left Buffalo? Because he absolutely needed to be sent down. His stint in Buffalo went about as poorly as it could have.
  18. McConkey is exactly what they don’t need. Same skill set as Shakir and Samuels. I wouldn’t hate if they drafted him, just not in the 1st round as they already have rostered players who do the exact same thing.
  19. On the day Granato’s firing was announced, I went against the grain at the time and called this year’s failure as KA’s failure. Complicit was the term I used. KA absolutely failed to recognize and address the glaring weakness in roster and leadership. As you state here, this is maybe a borderline playoff roster, even with the right coach. Nevertheless, Donnie had hit his ceiling and it was time to move on. I suspect he’ll be a good head coach in the future if he gets the chance to serve as an assistant under a successful coach. Naive seems an apt description, and one that is readily shed with exposure.
  20. Man, y'all got the Wegmans family and just overall a lot more legacy money than Greater Buffalo. 😜
  21. You weren't making $1.44M right before you retired? 🤣
  22. To Granato's credit, he was able to take the over the roster from Krueger and install a looser system that allowed our young players to play more freely. It's inarguable that players such as Dahlin and Tage benefited under that less restrictive system. There are different stages in developing a player and building a roster. In the learning process you have to master A, B, C before getting to X, Y, Z. There came a point that the roster under Granato couldn't make the next leap. This team was stuck in a rut and spinning its wheels. It's now time for a change. Granato believed in his learning process. We're beyond that now. We are now in the production stage.
  23. I would be pretty surprised if Coleman doesn’t go until the 4th and will be absolutely pumped if we got him there. I like what McConkey can do but not sure if he’s the type of wr we Need. I think we need more of a Thomas/Mitchell kind of guy.
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