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  2. Good for me too. However, I think it's agent "leak" to pressure the Leaves.
  3. Or not. Casey Pierson of the B-52s is sick so the concert is canceled 😞
  4. Mitchy not playing for the Leaves? I'll allow it.
  5. If you're the carolina owner and you're unhappy with your road jerseys, you should probably come up with something better than their new replacement.
  6. Mitch Morse back in practice without the red no-contact jersey Jeremy White from WGR is apparently expecting quadruplets
  7. There were some signings recently but I haven't seen anyone mention them. Probably not significant enough....Nichushkin signed as FA w/ Avs and RFA's Dal Colle and Ho Sang signed.
  8. Today
  9. If the Big 3 are split up; I'd expect almost no possibility that Okposo is anywhere other than 4th line. The 4th line with Rodrigues on it wasn't as effective at either end of the rink as it was with Kyle as the RW. I'd expect in a "4 lines that can (kind of, almost) score (with no other outsiders help brought in); we'd see Olofsson - Eichel - Vesey Skinner - Johansson - Rodrigues Sheary - Mittelstadt - Reinhart Girgensons - Larsson - Okposo And I still would expect that, in that scenario that there are no other top 6 forwards brought in, they'd be better off in trying to balance the scoring by giving the 2 C (either E-Rod or MaJo) both Skinner and Reinhart with Mitts getting Sheary or MaJo and either Thompson or E-Rod. REALLY expect Mitts' effectiveness will be more of a function of opponents than line mates. (Though obviously would like him to have the best he could get after lines 1,2, & 4 are assembled.)
  10. 2nd day of chemo, then off for 2 weeks.. Got a buzz cut just in case...
  11. I'm assuming the van also pulled a trailer for all their crap lol that's like giving birth to a Cub Scout Den
  12. A family down the road from me growing up had 13 kids. Every single one of them was voted prom king/queen their respective year. Interesting crew. Anyway... I clearly remember their giant 90s turquoise/violet splash decaled GMC Safari van, packed to the gills with kids.
  13. Figure you gotta put each kid in a car seat and booster seat of some kind until they're like 6 or 7. So a minivan wont even cut it because you'd have to climb into the 3rd row constantly. He's going to have to buy a full size 12 passenger Express van or something so he can get to both rows through one sliding door.
  14. I used to say if I ever decided to have kids, I'd want twins to just get it out of the way with one 9 month span of hell. Well, after like 75% of my friends who've had kids have had twins... I take it back. Yeah, I have to assume there's something in the water. aka fertility treatments. But I know plenty of people who never did treatments/visits and still popped out twins... Quadruplets... jesus christ. I knew a couple back home who had triplets, then got pregnant with quints. Just... my god, I can't imagine being a living clown car. That's got to be hard.
  15. Interesting thread, well done @dudacek I went with Olofsson for sure, no wonder. Lets see if im right !
  16. Using Dudacek's mock lineup, we'd probably end up with fans rioting because: Eichel - $10 million cap hit for 50 points with those bums Skinner - $9 million cap hit for 20 goals and 30 points and that's only if Johansson is better than advertised I could go on, but you get the idea. On the bright side it should make Reinhart somewhat easier to re-sign, although that 3rd line might actually have more overall talent than all the rest of the lines. No line with both Girgensons and Larsson could ever be considered a scoring line. I don't care if the 3rd guy is Gretzky or Lemieux. I like Rodriguez but he's certainly not good enough to make a scoring line from that trio.
  17. JB can say all he wants. RK will construct the lines as he sees fit. As a coach should. Suggestions or opinions are much different than demands.
  18. If he does that, we'll probably end up with zero scoring lines. You can only dilute the talent so much before everything suffers.
  19. So Botterill has made repeated references to wanting scoring on all four lines. Should we be taking that more seriously? What if Ralph comes out with something unexpected like putting one of the big three on each line? Vesey Eichel Sheary Skinner Johansson Okposo Olofsson Mittelstadt Reinhart Girgensons Larsson Rodrigues
  20. I heard that on my way in to work today. Holy smokes. No one just has quadruplets. Everyone you know also has quadruplets, because you recruit then into your family whether they like it or not lol
  21. WOW, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. The support system better be big otherwise those first few years will be nothing short of a calamity. Twins are a killer much less 4, most likely modern medicine gone awry would be my guess.
  22. Interesting. I see he’s also got his first vote in the poll. I’m curious with all the flak he got around here last year where Tage will end up in the poll.
  23. It's so easy for us to "forget" about all of our own mistakes and bad calls. Good on Pronman!
  24. Another reason or example of why I tend to ignore Pronman's views on defenders. Dahlin was an impact player in year 1. Also Pronman has a size fetish that you will notice if you read him enough. Hence his Jokiharju comment as well. Also, I would bet pronman his job that Dahlin barring injury will be an impact player this season. Not sure if he means next year as in this upcoming season or next year as in 2021. Either way, Dahlin already is an impact player. Pronman ranked a bunch of young players higher than Dahlin recently so I am not surprised this is his take.
  25. RaKru is gonna come outta the alleys of Elm Street and wreck some of the lazy bums on this roster in such a way, that even belichik would do a double take, make no mistake, the massacre that was the buffalo sabres will be perished into the depths of oblivion and we will rejoice.
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