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  2. The dream is to get so rich that I have a personal assistant who's only job is that.
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  4. I guess I missed it. So, are they going with just Okposo and Girgenson as Alernate Captains this season, without a named captain?
  5. It may be a good thing that Sabres have cap space and this is an example of how a team may have loose a player. Leafs juggled, but I am betting some team won't be able to without putting someone on waivers... https://www.nhl.com/news/toronto-signs-college-goalie-bishop-as-backup-against-senators/c-326902998?tid=277548856
  6. People who crap on people for commenting on a message board has to be up there too. God forbid UPL gives up a goal next game or you guys will mutiny. Give it some time before completely writing off a young goalie.
  7. Man, Pitt with the close win, against Geno Smith. The Watt family ballwashing continued all night (at least TJ deserved it)
  8. And he started off this year badly. It's a cause for concern.
  9. Ppl who crap on others for starting threads they don't like is one of the worst things on this board. If you don't like a thread don't post in it. Upl hasn't been good at a level about juniors. It's very thread worthy. Devon Levi wasn't just added to the Reinhart deal for poops and giggles. Levi and Portillo currently should be viewed as better prospects unless upl turns around a bad ahl showing going back to last year.
  10. Just have that sax cued for when I score, or am announced in any way.
  11. Ah yes, much better with full orchestra.
  12. Sergei Prokofiev, March from "The Love for Three Oranges", Opus 33, the fortissimo pickups to bar 35 to the end (about 1:15-1:35 in a normal performance). It has a vibe like the Imperial March from "The Empire Strikes Back" but more dissonant and less tonal.
  13. ...but only if that's the video they show on the video board!
  14. True but not fully,we use Fentanyl for pain control also. EMS carries it on some rigs, it's also prescribed as a long acting patch that gets changed every 72 hours in certain populations. I'm seeing a lot more people smoking or injecting this stuff and causing issues, but at the end of the day it is an opiate and causes similar issues to other opiates.
  15. Best Rush song with John Rutsey on drums?
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