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  2. I've been finding old games on YouTube et al. Here are some less-celebrated games that you might want to watch. 1. Buffalo 14 - Dallas 3: 18 November 1984 2. Buffalo 27 - Miami 24: 10 September 1989 3. Buffalo 47 - Houston 41: 24 September 1989 4. Buffalo 30 - Cleveland 34: 6 January 1990 5. Buffalo 108 - Washington 102: 18 April 1975 6. Buffalo 124 - Philadelphia 123 (OT): 18 April 1976 7. Buffalo Sabres First Trip to the Playoffs: 1 April 1973
  3. I'll try to fix the link. Nice two man show from a dock overlooking Lake Gaston on a beautiful blue skied afternoon in NC. You're right about smoking, grilling and basically eating wtf we want..our choices in our younger days definitely catch up...let that be a lesson to you young SS whippersnappers.
  4. I liked Paul, until I didn’t. He went from really insightful hockey insider type stuff, to whiny, I’m going to ask loaded questions that can only be answered the way I want them to be answered in order to have sound bites that match the narrative I’ve already written my piece about. Alway enjoyed him as a guest, though, on SatBD.
  5. Some of the dislike for Hamilton comes from his favourites. I can't think of a good reason why he thought that Larsson and Girgensons were more expendable than Sobotka. He's had baffling stuff like this throughout his career. I should mention that he was far better than Duff as play-by-play man and would be pleased to see him get the radio gig if Duff does TV (or vice-versa).
  6. Hey @New Scotland (NS) did you or do you know a Don Coates? This just occurred to me — SabreSpace was just a rebranding of The Sabres Report message board that launched circa 2002. Here's a list of posters with a copyright date of 2003 that I cropped off. But it's what you get if you look at the forum from late 2002. I used Wayback Machine to find this.
  7. November 2010, he's an MD who is on at least his second hospital and you think he was in junior high? It's @Wyldnwoody44 , not wyldndoogie.
  8. I've been laid off too. However, my last 13 years before retirement were with the federal government. Say what you will about the government bureaucracy, but in times of trouble, they take care of their employees. I was based in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. They put us up at the Hilton (government rate, of course) for 3 months. What other employer would do that? I thank the federal government, and EVERY taxpayer for keeping my wife and I from potential financial ruin. Plus, I found my government job the most challenging and rewarding of my career. If you have kids, please encourage them to consider a government job. I know it's not a sexy job, but the work is rewarding, the "company" will never go bankrupt, and you'll have a good pension where you can sit on your ass and post on SabreSpace all day 😄.
  9. The whonow? Why does it seem like Woody is a more recent arrival and would have been in junior high in 2010? Woody must have changed his handle over the years, or didn't post much in those days.
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  11. I don’t remember woody there. Holy crap I’m drunk. Took me 3 times to get that right. That’s the place.
  12. Woody joined around the same time--was he there, too? I never was part of it. Did it have a potato chip thread?
  13. This is from the first Buffalo/Ottawa playoff game that Connolly tied with like 8 seconds left and then Drury won a few seconds into OT...not sure if this is actually my first post as I joined 2 months prior, but that is the furthest back it goes... OMG!!!!! What an unbelievable game!!!! The look on the Ottawa players faces was priceless!!! What a choke job by #24 on the Senators and what a shot by Drury!!! Sabres Win 7-6 15 secnds into OT!!!!!!!!! This might have been the best game I've ever seen.....
  14. I just Waybacked it, and that forum on LetsGoSabres.com had 1,600-some posters. A lot more than I remember.
  15. This was just before the 2018 lottery
  16. Even the Costco sized packages are single serving packages.
  17. Eating cashews and drinking champagne. Weird, right. (I heard champagne was low carb and I don't want anyone to tell me differently). I can honestly say that there is only one serving size for cashews. "How much you got?"
  18. Too cool ... I quoted PA! Favorite Sabres Moment of 2012 in Archive Posted September 2, 2012 · Report reply Home run clever!
  19. The first post mine shows was about 4 weeks after my real first post, which was a discussion with NS, who was the first to welcome me. I was 16 years old and boy do those read like it lol cringe My not-actual-first-post was about a snow day I had, in the complaint Thursday thread, saying how I had nothing to complain about
  20. Ok maybe that was my first post then. I know Chimp and Korab were on that other site. I was glad to see them here. Pretty sure the team descending into suckitude chased them off.
  21. You joined in November 2010 but it was just after some other site collapsed. We had a lot of new members all at once, some of whom have stayed and some of whom have not.
  22. I don't think my first post was in 2010. I think I joined here shortly after we lost Drury and Briere. But I don't remember the exact timing. I used to be active on another Sabres site that went belly up shortly after the Briere Drury fiasco.
  23. There's something off about this whole thing. It's only showing one post for me for the entirety of 2007, which is not correct at all. It would appear my first post is lost to the crash.
  24. I am farting around my wife and kids while announcing health check :). Woody I feel you more than most and a lot of people around me in the healthcare field feel done. As you said finding your balance, pacing yourself, checking in with close friends who know you and can set you straight not just blow smoke up your ass so that you can go back out there and be of service again is what important. All my best... NB
  25. Not my first, but close: Posted February 25, 2006 I remember that game clearly. Espisito was there and Gretz hadn't scored in a few games, nor did he in first and second period but Richie Dunn lost the puck and Wanye went in on Edwards--not Sauve mind you!--and scored. I think they stopped the game for awhile. I friend of mine wrote a poem about that the next day. We were in 8th grade Ya, that was an exciting time to be a Sabres fan! But its even better now!
  26. The link is broke. Funny how time changes things. You and I were the biggest smokers on this site, trading recipes, ideas, and set ups. My smoker is up for sale right now. Haven't used it in 2 seasons. Completely changed my diet cuz I'm too old and sedentary to survive with the diet I used to have. I miss ribs and pulled pork but I needed to change. The meatballs we made earlier? No more pasta for me. We'll finish them in marinara and eat with a big side of beans and greens. Jambalaya made with brown rice, and easy on the rice and sausage, Sirloin tips with a big salad. I do what I can to doll up a healthier menu.
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