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  2. https://theathletic.com/1457313/2019/12/13/news-of-zach-bogosians-trade-request-shocks-a-surging-sabres-team/
  3. I think this would be a great target to put on Jack's line 15. TYLER TOFFOLI, RW, 28 2019-20 cap hit: $4,600,000 A fun buy-low pick. Toffoli’s goal-scoring has cratered in recent seasons, but he’s languished on some terrible L.A. teams. Might he return to 30-goal prowess on a team with an elite playmaking center?
  4. Scary thing is Buffalo could have had Boeser and could have signed Miller. Obviously that is a huge what if. Thanks for the info, didn't know they were doing so well.
  5. Victor is the 8th highest scoring LW in the NHL this year, Sam is the 7th highest scoring RW.
  6. Reinhart has almost as many goals as he has assists on both the season (12-15) and the past few games (3-4). How is that showing he's a "passenger" or a "jag"? (Both terms you use to describe him.) This "jag" is on pace for 67 over the entire season with his cold stretch included and on a pace for ending the year with 97 should he be able to sustain what he's done the past 5. Realistically, he'll wind up in the high 70's which is top line, not a jag.
  7. Yep the top 6 forward is the 11th guy. They may not be the 4th line this season but for this team to contend they should be. No. My guess is Lazar would be nearly as good for 700k.
  8. It wouldn't matter either way. Sobotka's contract will be done by the time we found out the final results in April.
  9. 1. Overpaid in cap hit 2. Overpaid in assets to get him 3. Underperforms 4. Too long term on contract to go with the overpayment Murray loved guys like this that fit some or all of those categories. Luckily, we can hopefully finally get rid of Bogosian. All that's left is Okposo, but at least he's filling a need for this team, albeit at a very inflated price. None of those applies to Olofsson, a fortunate 7th round pick.
  10. Vancouver: Pettersson, Boeser, Miller. Sabres and Bruins trios have more points, but this one is the most balanced.
  11. I tend to agree. The one wildcard is chemistry. You could replace Girgs but will the line still function as well? We saw what happened when KO was out for a bit, not as good without him. Would losing Gus have a similar effect?
  12. I don't see Girgs as quite as physical, but he does seem to be more disruptive to puck movement for other teams trying to maneuver in the Buffalo zone. It's kind of like each player has skills that complement the other two.
  13. Which is more valuable to a win: keeping the other team's top line off the scoresheet (which oftentimes means multiple goals NOT scored and always means at least 1 on average) or getting a goal in 3 out of 4 games (what you'd get in the unrealistic scenario all 3 members of your checking line are 20 goal scorers)?
  14. Skinner is a great edge guy but not a burner and Reinhart often is a passenger on Jack’s line picking up points (secondary assists) by just being there. He isn’t driving offense as we need him to. I think he rightly defers to Jack, but with Skinner he’ll have to drive offense.
  15. I don’t think Vesey views himself as equal to Girgs. I would guess that Vesey IS gonna ask and get “middle six” money in his next contract. If not by Sabres, then someone. If he was put long term on a line with Larsson and Okposo, especially after he signed a new contract, he would want to be traded.
  16. Nothing wrong with the depth scoring that trading a surplus defenceman wouldn’t fix. Nothing wrong with the first line at all - only line in the league with 3 guys in the top 40 of goal scorers, and one of only two lines in the league with three guys in the top 40 in scoring. (the other one isn’t the Bergeron line, and it might surprise you)
  17. There's a greater likelihood he (or Asplund) will replace Okposo on that line when Kyle suffers what is very realistically (unfortunately) his next concussion this season or next. Kyle works great with those 2 and has accepted his role on that line. Doesn't change the fact that with his past history, he is very susceptible to another concussion, and his power forward style of play increases the odds of him ending up in those heavy collisions that can cause them. And, give Larsson and Girgensons each 2 year deals in the low $2's. They both should be back next year and have a job until somebody takes it from each.
  18. What does this even mean? Should we also say that Victor Olofsson is Tim Murray's tenure in a nutshell?
  19. Thanks for the ideas folks, all good ones 🙂
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