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  2. Sam was still 2 years from UFA at that point and has said he was open to signing - as far as I’ve heard it was only this most recent offseason where sighing wasn’t an option for Reinhart, because the Eichel matter was settled. Taylor Hall signed on Oct 11, 2020. Sam Reinhart notched his extension on Oct 25, 2020. By the time Reinhart had signed his deal the plan had been changed for a long time and Eichel was staying. Reinhart could have been signed LT.
  3. Here is how I'd rank the prospects right now from 1-33. To me the biggest surprises are Novikov, Biro, Cederqvist, Murray and of course Levi. Biggest disappointments R2, Rosen, Poltapov and Kisakov. I thought all 4 would take a big step forward, but I haven't seen it yet. I have Levi lower then others not because I don't love what he has done this season, but because I consider how long it takes until some gets to the NHL as well as their upside and everyone I rated ahead of him are NHL regulars now or will be soon. Goaltenders and their develop is especially hard to predict. Still Levi has been arguably with Power the best two players in the NCAA. 1 Power - 24 pts in 22 NCAA Games and completely dominating the competition. 2 Quinn - Dominate in the AHL (35 pts in 24 games). Looked solid in NHL debut. 3 Cozens - Cozens is improving in the NHL, not sure where his pts ceiling is yet. 50, 60 or 70? 4 Krebs - Solid AHL numbers and has shown flashes in the NHL. Still needs work before ready. 5 JJP - 26 pts in 27 AHL games. Made NHL debut, but still work to be done on his two way game. 6 Samuelsson - Put up good O numbers in the AHL (16 pts in 20 games). Came up and played solidly. No surprise. Will O game develop in the NHL only question. Should be an NHL regular now. (I'm really tempted to move Matt ahead of JJP and Krebs). 7 UPL- Shaky start to the season in the A, but then got on a roll and continue solid play in 9 NHL games. Now injured. 8 Levi - Absolutely dominating the NCAA in net. 9 Shutouts. 1.31 gaa and .955 save %. Cal Petersen never looked this good. AHL next year? 9 Johnson - Solid all around D play in 3rd NCAA season. AHL likely next year, but could also compete for an NHL job next year. Think a better McCabe. 10 R2 - 18 NHL games didn't go as hoped, not sure if he's not good enough or bad linemates. Jury is still out. Should get another shot after the deadline. 11 Portillo - Michigan NCAA anchor in net. Solid play with a 2.31 and .921. Probably needs another year in college before turning pro. 12 Rosen - 4 pts in 27 SHL games and since returned to Jrs, 6 pts in 5 SWE Jr games 13 Poltapov - 0 pts in 17 KHL games and since returned to Jrs, 9 pts in 7 MHL games 14 Kisakov - 0 pts in 4 KHL games and since returned to Jrs, 31 pts in 32 MHL games w 15 goals. 15 Bryson - Now an NHL regular, but it looks like he may lose out to the LHD coming like Samuelsson, Johnson and Power 16 Murray - 6 pts in 18 NHL games. Phyiscal presence who can contribute up the lineup. Should be a depth NHL piece going forward. 17 Laaksonen - Excellent O creator from the blueline, D game still needs work, but improving. I can him making an NHL debut sooner then later. 18 Novikov - 18 year old D don't often hold their own in the KHL. Novikov has, but has since been sent down after the World Jrs. 19 Nadeau - Leading scorer w 45 pts in 30 games for the Shawingan in the Q. 20 Bloom - Scoring slowed after a big start, but solid at 15g 29pts in 31 OHL games 21 Fitzgerald - Finally made his NHL debut and played solidly. Should get another shot given our need for RHD and stay at home defensemen. 22 Weissbach - 23 year doing ok in rookie pro season with 13 points in 24 games in a middle six role 23 Biro - Huge improvement for this 23 year old. 21 points in 26 games as a middle six playmaker. Would like to see him get a callup soon. 24 Kozak - 34 pts in 35 games in the tough WHL. Big step forward in D+1 season 25 Cederqvist - 16 pts in 27 SHL games. I can now see him getting a shot at the AHL next season 26 Costantini Former Jr Sabres, playing well for UND with 10 pts in 16 games as an NCAA rookie2 27 Konecny - Czech World Jr team member doing Ok in senior Czech league with 7 pts in 28 games 28 Lyckasen - Swedish RHD getting regular PT in mid level SWE1 league. 12 pts in 32 games. 29 Rousek - Injury has kept this physical scorer from helping the Amerks this season 30 Von Barnekow - Dominate in Swe Jr (27 pts in 19 games) but zero pts in the SHL or Swe1 leagues 31 Huglen - Getting pretty regular PT for Minn Gophers with 4 pts in 20 games 32 Sardarian - 12 pts in 22 USHL games 33 Marjala - only 14 pts in 30 Q games, down from 27 in 30 last year
  4. Could this be gaining momentum??
  5. I'm Obviously not a healthy person but i want to throw whoever created that into the sun.
  6. Are you talking about the Summer of 2019? Botterill was still the GM. Adams took over as GM on June 16, 2020 the same Summer that Reinhart’s Two Year Bridge Contract expired. Jack asked for a trade and Sam didn’t want to stick around either.
  7. Make it a Beyond Burger and you're good.
  8. The trade talk in this thread has been seriously upgraded recently. Good read the last few pages.
  9. I’ve wondered about that, too. But in talking to a couple orthopedic friends (both of them knee, not spine specialists), they are pretty convinced that Dr. Cappuccino would never have given his OK even if the Pegulas did and they cited favoring more stability vs. more flexibility as the reason because of the violent nature of collisions in hockey and the unprecedented nature of the ADR procedure in hockey players. Let’s hope Eichel comes back to being the elite player he was and makes future decisions easier for everyone involved should another hockey player face the same injury and treatment options.
  10. This is the first of two meetings between the Sabres and Stars this season. • Last meeting: Buffalo defeated Dallas 4-1 in Dallas on Jan. 16, 2020. • Next meeting: Sunday, Feb. 27 in Dallas. • The Sabres are 3-7-0 in their last 10 games against the Stars; 6-4-0 at home. • This is the 127th game all-time between Buffalo and Dallas; Buffalo has a 58-51-17 series record. • The Sabres are 34-17-11 at home against the Stars all-time. • Buffalo has won its last two games against Dallas and a win tonight would give the team its first three-game winning streak against the Stars since Oct. 13, 2003 to March 10, 2010 (5-0-0). • The Sabres are also seeking consecutive home wins against the Stars for the first time since they won seven straight at home from March 5, 1999 to Feb. 10, 2012.
  11. Say what you want about colors, but the goathead is a nice crest. Agree that they should have done it in royal and gold.
  12. Watched the Stars get smoked by Montreal and chase Oettinger. Sabres turn tonight!!
  13. Seeing the guys wearing the black/white/red now and again next season will be a real treat for me! I love those colors and wish we would return to them. Ironically, we switched to the black/white/red at the end of an era like we are stuck in now! The more things change, the more they stay the same. 🤣
  14. Today
  15. Do you just not say your safe word loud enough?
  16. Looks like i Will be scarfing down a hamburger when I pick up this crap
  17. Anything KFC gets that reaction from me.
  18. When your wife wants to try the new Plant based KFC chicken tonight
  19. What in the hell are you doing? LOL
  20. Ironically, he didn't get along with Mike Foligno either. Foligno was a freelancer and wouldn't buy into Bowman's system.
  21. Power has 1 point in the last 5 games he needs to get those points up to win the hobey
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