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  2. The Buffalo Sabres aspirations are clearly not in the same universe as other NHL organizations, as these coaching changes prove. Most teams strive and will do whatever it takes to win and try to make the playoffs. The Sabres can’t even function properly on a day to day basis. Huge gap.
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  4. Two points out of a playoff spot but Montreal has two games in hand. You know, the other team that just changed coaches. Do better indeed!
  5. I can't believe Krueger is not gone. Hopefully he will be by Sunday night. This team is gone on him.
  6. Fire ALL the assistant coaches while we’re at it. I’m still amazed Steve Smith is employed both Eichel and Hall being scoreless is a coaching problem
  7. This is absolut insanity. HOW CAN THIS IDIOT STILL BE COACH ... LIKE WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! hate is a strong word, but frankly i HATE RALPH. K! ***** YOU RALPH, ***** YOU
  8. Agreed. I actually like some of what I see in Bryson. He needs more development and should be brought along slowly, but I see potential there and parts of his game are already better than Montour's imo. I personally would have snagged Tinordi before the Bruins did but am indifferent to Guhle.
  9. Well, the Flames just fired Ward for way less transgressions. Hopefully today.
  10. they're 11-11-2 and just won 7-3, but they have a higher standard DO BETTER
  11. Calling all Nurses and Doctors to Trauma bay Sabresland... code 99, code 99... Bring crash cart. Also security code Blue... we need a certain coach escorted out of the building. We need xray on standbye... for Sabrespacers we need oxygen... so send respiratory.
  12. I don’t mind Miller. As long as he doesn’t overprice himself... He’s rarely talked about. That’s a good thing. He goes out and does his job quietly most nights. He has a heavy accurate (on net) shot. I’d hang on to Miller. For me, Montour can go. Borgen is ready willing and able.
  13. I don't want the Pegulas to sell the team. They are great owners because they 1) have deep pockets; 2) badly want the team to be successful; and 3) are committed to Buffalo. I DO want the Pegulas to put quality management in place, then get out of the way and let those folks do their jobs. Adams has seemingly done a decent job in adding some talent to the roster (Hall, Staal) without giving up much, got guys like Reinhart re-signed to team-friendly deals, etc. He didn't handle the goaltending situation very well and the roster seems to lack grit/glue guys. Until recently, I was wiling
  14. Calgary with a coaching change.
  15. Meanwhile Calgary just fired their coach.
  16. I just think he’s sick of playing RK’s “system”.
  17. Pass on Guhle. He is 25. See what Bryson and Borgen can do. We still have Johnson and Samuelson in development. Trade Montour and Miller at the deadline and use the picks to draft more defense. Fill gaps with some older grizzled vets on good short contracts to help the kids.
  18. Physicality and playing a tough, tenacious game is what the playoffs (still!) are all about. Our team would seem incapable of winning a playoff round for the reasons you cite, assuming we were gifted a berth in the first place! It's the only way this group of losers will find themselves in the playoffs! Ironically, this team reminds me a LOT of the old Rochester core team that was broken up to start the re-build! We've gone in a circle only to end up where we were the day we traded Paul Gaustad for a first, and this whole mess started!
  19. No. They want experience, leadership and sound decision making, with a realistic plan in place.
  20. Dudley wants some control. He is not going to be a figurehead.
  21. Maybe. But we are already past the point of "having to do something" with nothing happening! Eichel, Reinhart, and to a slightly lesser extent Hall were total no-shows tonight. Jack is officially not trying. He isn't close to trying. I'm beginning to think he asked for a trade last off-season and was told "keep this under wraps while we work on it" and he's losing patience now.
  22. It is already past the point where the organization needed to do something to save face. It's gone from bad to horrible to hilarious to embarrassing. Jack has totally stopped playing. TOTALLY!
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