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  3. Baker isn't all that reliable in my mind. His breakdowns and stuff are informative and good but every Sabres prospect to him is the next coming. Holtz could end up good but Baker being high on him doesn't mean much, I know he (among others) was exceptionally high on Mittelstadt too pre draft Hope in this case his admiration for Holtz isn't an indication he'll be the pick.
  4. Best trade ever clap clap clap clap clap
  5. I think the Sabres should help Guerin with the Wild’s Quest to bring in Minnesota Players and offer Mittelstadt for Joel Eriksson Ek
  6. You are missing out. Last night's game was awesome. Don't let the Sabres kill your love of hockey. They've done that to enough of their own players.
  7. I would be very Ok with this, but I would need a young player back, especially if they are helping to clear the deck for AP
  8. I'm just saying he was a very good player and adding him into the mix we'd have been better than we were. I'd be happy if we found the next Perry in this year's draft. I'd be even happier if we added the next Pavelski in the 7th round. 🙂
  9. Yep I remember the back to backs & that would make sense this year for sure. But thats different than playing 2 games in 1 day & makes more sense too imo. I'm almost surprised you seem to be in favor of it because it sounds to me like such an obvious bad idea that the players wouldn't accept. Sure it has some advantages on a scheduling basis, but why stop there, lets have triple headers? Then we could really pack the games in! But seriously, i didn't think players liked back to backs all that much to begin with. So asking them to have them now on the same day doesnt sound likely. You'd also have to change the regulations for the game, as you couldnt expect them to play 2 60 minute games. You'd have to do what they do in baseball & shorten them, and once again i think thats a nonstarter as I can't see the league wanting to change the length of the games. Idk if you've ever played hockey before, but its not like baseball where you only physically exert yourself in spurts. In hockey you're exhausted & i just cant imagine having to play twice in a day. It'd also take longer to recover, where you'd need days off after. Days off that could just be used to play instead, making the whole idea useless. Final note, these are semi interesting things to talk about as fans, but respectfully thats all it really is i think. I'd give it less than 1% chance of happening. Unless the NHL went full on crazy & said lets play 3 on 3 hockey this year.
  10. Well before we brought in Staal, those 'most people' believed he would retire too & that didn't happen. Not that I don't think its possible. At his age & stage in his career, he may not feel great about the challenges of joining us. We'd probably have to pay him the higher of that $2-3m range & make it a 2 year deal but he does have some connections to Buffalo. Staal an obvious one, but Pommers would put in a good word. We have a few Finns on our team too that would probably make a pitch & we have our secret weapon, Ralph Kruegers TED talks lol. But if Rivet is that close to know I'd be inclined to believe him. I think we'd prefer to find someone younger, but players like Koivu who could be had on the cheaper end of the spectrum are guys I think we'd be looking to target for our bottom 6. Appreciate your insight
  11. That depends. There used to be a lot of back-to-back home-and-home, 4 games in 5 nights, 5 games in 7 nights, etc. It has a few advantages. The second game of all these double-headers will likely be more bitter and hotly contested by the team that loses the first one. Fans should find those games a lot more fun. Also, there would be fewer of those games where your team is tired while the opposition is rested. IMHO, players should be OK with it because it should lead to less travel: for instance, all the games in Florida can be done in one trip rather than two. Coaches should like the idea of better practise schedules and, generally, better-rested players. Less experienced coaches can learn how to make adjustments between games when playing the same team, like you do in the playoffs; more experienced coaches should like the advantage they would have. Overall, there would be less variation in exposure of the teams, players, coaches, scouts, etc. to COVID-19 because you would travel less, be exposed to foreign environments fewer times, etc.
  12. I would kick the tires, but according to Craig Rivet it's not happening. Most people said it was Minny or retire for Mikko; he's spent his entire career there. Rivet's also pretty tight with his brother Saku.
  13. Last week Guerin of the Wild said they wouldn't be bringing back Koivu. Wonder what some of you think about him being brought in as our "defensive 3C". He's older than Staal, 37 years old, but would be a replacement for Larsson, could probably be had for $2-3m per. He's better at faceoffs & at blocking shots than Larsson & could put up 40 points with the right linemates and add more veteran leadership to this team. Adding Koivu wouldn't be my 1st choice, but he'd come relatively cheap & with Staal & Eichel we'd have 3 solid C's for our spine.
  14. Yep, thats the way I took it too. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I think we would see more player injuries or the quality of the game would go down. But I think the whole idea is an exercise in futility, as i can't imagine the NHLPA ever agreeing to such an idea. I think its dead on arrival if its even true in the 1st place.
  15. Probably the first time in 30 years I won't watch a second of the Cup Hockey has fallen off the cliff for me....
  16. It would be nice if we could leverage them into adding an asset (the fact they don't have to retain is what makes it attractive to Vegas), but the fact Fleury is 2 years isn't a bad thing from an expansion perspective. If Vegas doesn't pick him, he could still give us two years of good goaltending.
  17. It’s possible. Given the fact that both Kris Baker and John Vogl both have mentioned Holtz there maybe some fire to go along with the smoke. Baker is extremely high on him and given that Devine is still a scout with the team, that could be Baker’s Source. Nightingale Analytics Abilities are still the great unknown. He has been in the Front Office for Four GMs, and the First Three demonstrated little to none proper use of analytics. Although I think the blame is 95% on the GMs rather then Nightingale. Although Scouching has as much experience drafting players as Adams does. 😂
  18. Vegas would have to add an asset or retain some salary. Huttons contract is only one year while MAF is for 2 years.
  19. Vancouver sportsradio had goalie expert Kevin Woodley on talking about how Marc-Andre Fleury's career was resurrected by Mike Bales fixing some sloppy technique that had slipped into his game. He also said Fleury has not lost his athleticism, but those same technique holes have slipped in again. He said getting Fleury in the hands of the right coach could result in a great payoff. Fleury for Hutton straight across gives the Knights a much-needed $4.2 million cap saving and the Sabres a $3.7 increase in actual dollars out. It also significantly improves our goaltending and gives us a tempting target to expose in the Seattle expansion. Can we find another move that will improve our goaltending that much for less than $4 million? Food for thought.
  20. Brawndo addresses this a bit below, but I have read material that suggests some NHL teams consider the stuff that is in the public realm as unsophisticated, and that there is a mistrust of how things like shot attempts and high danger chances are tracked, similar to how we used to be skeptical of the Boston Garden shot clock. I don't think its a mistake to wonder about the quality of data coming out from the lower levels of the game. Or are they looking through a different analytics lens than Scouching does?
  21. If we had Perry, for 10 years, (your timeline) and made playoff appearances, are you telling me we would have still drafted Reinhart, Eichel, Dahlin, Ristolsinen, Zadorov, Grigorenko, Girgensons, Mitts, and Cozens? 😂 Perry would not have magically made the Sabres a often appearing playoff team. At all. so yea, I disagree. It’s ok. It’s ok to disagree.
  22. https://www.nhl.com/wild/video/johansson-joins-familiar-mn-faces/t-277437412/c-5416884
  23. Maybe he just vanished into thin air! Maybe he never even existed!
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  25. Curt

    Fixing the PK

    I agree with you. FO% could use some improvement, at least situationally. I don’t put a ton of value in it, but I do want to be able to put a good face off guy out there in key situations, especially defensively. I think there are a lot of reasons the PK was bad. There were times that goaltending (Hutton) was really bad, and I do think that it showed more on the PK because that’s where you often face the toughest shots. They often played passively and let the other team dictate the PP. The FO% didn’t help them I’m sure, I just think it’s a small part of a large puzzle. When you are last by a large margin, it’s not just one thing.
  26. Most of the data is complied by watching film and there are computer programs that analyze it. So I imagine the data would be complied the same across the leagues by NHL Teams. There would be variance in the number of camera angle, but the data Should be universal. The answer to the second question it probably demonstrates they are not very heavy into analytics based on that pick.
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