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  2. Not a validation of tanking for a few elite players.
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  4. Sad day for us all, more or less. I feel for you, believe me. Since you obviously watch more amerks games than most of us, can you define what happened (?) zero heart from certain players have been mentioned, if i agree or not does not really matter obviously since i was only speaking of one player mostly and it sucks that he didnt prove you wrong Maybe sending players to a "dead" team isnt the wisest, i guess that has to be broken down to details, many details to be able to come to some sort of certainty.
  5. Type of players JBot has been going for. If by some miracle the Sabres make the playoffs next year they will be bounced early as well as the small fast thing they have been trying to create doesn't get it done when the going gets tougher. Somebody has to remind JBot we do not have Sid.
  6. So our next GM is Ron Francis? All 4 wild cards go figure. This should push the nhl to move on changing the format that the Leaf fans will be clamoring for.
  7. Not sure why JBOT has a Jacques itch for Martin. Another retread. Tells me JBOT is running scared for his job and doesn't really know what to look for in a coach except experience. I'd rather have Taylor, Keefe, Groulx, etc. than another retread. I do think, however, a retread would be a valuable assistant.
  8. This is bad, and you should feel bad It's Episode 5 and its' not even close
  9. anyone else watch american gods? this week’s episode was likely the best they’ve had, in my opinion. mad sweeney is one of the best “side” characters i’ve ever seen on tv.
  10. Point of fact: from the time that Botterill said that and the last two games of the season (games 62-80), the Sabres went 2-15-2. Maybe the club quit on the GM because the GM had already quit on them.
  11. A goalie who couldn’t make any big stops. A coach who couldn’t make any adjustments. They should have won this series, but the Amerks had way more flaws than people probably realized, despite the 99 points. A team who got by on talent alone all year. Didn’t play complete games.. ever. Took periods and shifts off regularly. Came up small in every big game - Losses in Charlotte, losses to Syracuse fighting for the division, being swept.
  12. I've been trying/applying to all 3 for a year now. Cheers to me joining ya
  13. I guess we’re left with Cincinnati in the ECHL who won their 1st round series, and start the 2nd round Thursday vs Toledo.
  14. Heck, didn't even have a bracket due to sabbatical and did better than that. ;)
  15. Good thing Botterill didn't do anything to fix the 2nd line when the team was WAAAAAY overperforming backin late November / early December. 'cause clearly sneaking into the playoffs would've been a disaster. ####!!!! They sign Martin, I might not renew.
  16. Well, they could call a major without a match, but you can't call a match without a major. Since they ejected him I was going straight to that and it had to be the criteria they were using as they did eject him. It's plausible. I'm part of an ice hockey referee group and this call was debated from a lot of angles. All in all, the general consensus is that there's no way you get to major penalty, let alone a match. They debated the optics of the bleeding and the potential ensuing escalation as well. The benches would each get a talking to after the penalty call was made and everyone would understand their view. If the Sharks persisted to seek out "justice" the officials would definitely start calling things tight in which case San Jose spend a lot of time short handed. If the game gets close and the escalation occurs then you usually just utter the phrase "The next time I'm sending one of you." In fact, I think I heard that mentioned on a broadcast recently. It's a common thing to say. In a tight game no one wants to be the guy who gives the opponent the power play. If you take both then they know it's a wash so it doesn't deter. ------------------------------- The Canes showed some serious fight. The Caps were just not "on" enough. And.. Justin Williams. Seriously.
  17. Taylor? Martin? meh. Amerks fans always blamed the Sabres for not giving the team enough talent in the playoffs. What's the excuse this year?
  18. My plan is to wind up in Wilmington NC eventually.
  19. study it well before making the move...if you do it right it could be blissfull...if not you could be making 200k a year and barely able to pay your bills and be stuck in traffic half your life.
  20. YES!!!!!!! 0-8! Nobody, even flipping coins, is as bad as me! I wallow in my own wrongness...
  21. i may someday find my way to california. maybe arizona.
  22. beautiful country down there........i somehow ended up in wackadoo california
  23. all four wild card teams beat the division winners *raises hand*
  24. Wow....2 of the past 20 I think I read
  25. Two notes: Ovechkin was all class at the end. Very respectful and I dig it. The entire Carolina organization is tight with one another. I dig that, too.
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