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  2. Bob McKenzie rankings are out (apologies if this is elsewhere, couldn't see it). https://www.tsn.ca/juraj-slafkovsky-shane-wright-bob-mckenzie-nhl-draft-ranking-1.1818585 It's interesting.
  3. Jessica Pegula's match won't happen today. Most reports on Twitter say the match has been canceled without further explanation. Ugh. A 30-second look seems to reveal that (1) Jessica's was the last match of the day on her assigned court and (2) another match is also being canceled for the day. So this is presumably because the matches before them went long, and they ran out of time/daylight.
  4. Adams said they are heavy in talks to help out a cap-strapped team. Not sure if I heard this part correctly, but I thought he said for assets, plural.
  5. Yeah, I think those concerned Adams isn’t going to actively try to address the goaltending need to give that one a listen. He politely hinted they don’t think they can can depend on Anderson or UPL to carry load next year, and flat out said they are in conversations about all the goalies on the market.
  6. I did not recognise you immediately, so welcome back to the board!
  7. For now it’s the only time a team wearing Sabres Jerseys can destroy a team in Boston Jerseys
  8. Twitter awash with rumours of the worst outcome imaginable.
  9. Today
  10. I know it won’t, but if the draft were to fall just as McKenzie’s list does, I would like the Sabres to do the following: 9) Kasper, Savoie, or Nazar 16) Miroshnichenko or Ohgren 28) Mesar, Beck, or Luneau 41) Goyette, Trikozov, Lutz, Lorenz, Warren, or Lamoreux
  11. I followed her progress at the French Open. She was doing fantastic until the quarterfinals where she ran into the current unstoppable force that is Iga Swiatek, who dropped just one set the entire tournament.
  12. Should probably cut Boston because I can't think of any prospects they have.
  13. Would the Pens even have enough prospects to field a team? Their teams the past few years have been sad.
  14. Am curious to see how they'd run a 5 team tourney. Short round robin games w/ the top 4 out of that slotted into a pair of semifinals would seem most likely IMHO.
  15. I have Kasper going to Detroit in my mock draft. Fits a need and Stevie Y likes his Euros.
  16. If you are going to post something like this without any source at all, it's pretty flimsy and basically can be disregarded as bs/fake news/rumor mongering.
  17. So, is this not confirmed? Please let that be the case.
  18. Should be a simple and enforceable forum rule....This, or ANYTHING that is posted as news should not be allowed to be posted without a link or a source included.
  19. That did not age well. (Or maybe it does.) Condolences to the Pegula family & the entire Sabres, Bills, & Bandits families. That's a huge loss for all. Mrs. Pegula, please RIP. Hoping the struck through above was horribly premature.
  20. I have seen absolutely nothing confirming this and hope that it is not true or a stupid joke.
  21. Are you guys freaking serious keeping this open? This is someone's mother and wife show some class have a source before you Post garbage like this
  22. Adams made a great observation on WGR about how the Sabres at 9, 16, 28 and 41 have a toe in just about every tier of the draft. He said this allows them a ton of flexibility in terms of moving up or down. The conversations have already been had to set up the parameters for multiple potential moves, depending on how the draft unfolds. He also said his team regards this draft as deep, in that he thinks it stretches far enough that they will get good players with all 4 of their early picks.
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