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  2. I certainly understand the skepticism toward the Pegulas hiring talents. Their history of churning over the staff doesn't promote confidence in their ability to make good hires. But if they deserve criticism for the past hires what doesn't make sense is to criticize them for not quickly making a hire before scanning the full range of candidates that might be available to them not only now but in the near future. Right now we don't know what the position will entail that will make a candidate such as Dudley suitable or not. And what we don't know is who the new GM wants to hire and what responsibilities will be assigned to the new hire. As far as I am concerned not quickly making a decision on an important hire (if there is to be one) is a sign of prudence. And that is not something to complain about.
  3. Welcome back off the wagon. Thought we lost you for... the last 20 minutes. Just kidding. Can't get away from the CR at family events. It's a staple for us.
  4. I’m surprised it took this long in the thread for Gretzky. He was amazing. Not a big guy, not a great shot, just a great player. Gretzky Ovechkin LaFleur- full rink rushes as exciting as Perreault. Pavelski Logan Couture
  5. Thanks and makes sense, just didn't understand the one year after retiring thing, as Adams retired so long ago, but you are referring to lack of experience in a FO role.
  6. Understatement of the week. Might be in the running for the entire off-season. (Sabres off-season that is, not the NHL's on-again off-again off-season.)
  7. Just missing the top 10 at 19 is very, very solid. What did the article do, list the top ten and then 40ish near-misses? Or are some near misses ranked ahead of others?
  8. Saying that the Sabres picked a guy with very little FO experience, similar to what TB would've gotten back about 1 year after Yzerman hung up his skates. Would that younger Yzerman have had the same results that the 1 who learned from 1 of the absolute best had? Perhaps. But that's highly debatable & TB was smart enough to not try to find out. They waited until he was ready. Is Adams ready? We have to hope so. Dudley being around would've improved the likelihood he is.
  9. This is all valid and reasonable, but also clearly, firmly on the "giving Terry and Kim the benefit of the doubt" side. Which is fine - but I'm not surprised to see so many wary of their hiring prowess. Are you surprised by that? Right.
  10. This is probably the key point. I agree with @Taro T that Dudley, specifically, was quite intriguing, but most importantly for me I'd like to see them as least bring in a capable outside voice or two to aid in the decision making process. Time is not of the essence in this regard, however.
  11. I'll drink pretty much all of them, and I'll add: Utica Club Keystone Ice Beast Ice MGD
  12. The coming of Adams will be like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche..
  13. I don't disagree with this, but wouldn't you feel better about next year if we had Dudley as director of hockey operations, Kreuger bumped up to GM or director of player development and Lindy as coach (who, if he failed, could easily be dumped and replaced by Kreuger on an interim basis). To me, it is a no brainer but of course it would have cost the Pegulas more money and Duds and Lindy aren't as lean as they used to be.... NJ will be better than us I think, although not by a lot.
  14. Now that the Sabres season is officially over, I'm drinking a lot less. One benefit of a losing team.
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  16. Was it Engblom? Or was Langway the one with the weird birthplace from that pair.
  17. This interests the heck out of me because Drysdale’s game sits at the mid-point of Dahlin and Jokiharju and you love both of those guys and you also love skaters and he is a thing of beauty in that area.
  18. Yeah, he mentioned on the locked on sabres podcast that he would be writing a "what if" article about trades. The preface being that the sabres are not looking trade.
  19. I tend to gravitate towards breweries based on crowd, rather than the beers themselves, although quality of the beer does determine the frequency of my return. I go for the smaller, quieter places. The more out of the way, the better. The two I hit most often lately are Silver Lake Brewing and Dublin Corners Brewing. Dublin Corners is in the middle of nowhere. We usually go on Sunday afternoons. I can usually count the number of patrons on the fingers on one hand on Sundays, and that's a pretty big motivator for me. Especially now with COVID solidly in place. If any of you ever find your way down to Chautauqua Lake, Big Inlet Brewing just outside of Mayville is making some damned nice beers.
  20. You are not alone. I'm partial to Belgian styles as well.
  21. I don't get days off anymore. Ain't life grand? I work Graveyard. It's already a small shift. And then one ***** has a 4th of July party. His son calls-in a few days later with Covid-19 symptoms, and now everyone who was at the party has been pulled out of work(rightly). So what does that mean? Yup, I have to cover for 4 people. They just so happen to be the only 4 people that can give me a ***** day off. So here's hoping that no one is sick and if they are sick, I hope they recover fully and quickly. But I'm really ***** pissed off. I do favors for people on other shifts so that they can have vacation time and I don't even get a regular weekend. We're averaging 40 call-in's per day in our department. It's an absolute mad scramble every day and it's only going to get worse. Oh well, life sucks, get a ***** helmet. Side note: is brandishing a sidearm an effective way to remind someone to put their ***** mask back on?(kidding, I'm not allowed to bring a gun to work)
  22. It’s possible Duds considered them and even wanted to be hire by the organization, but after listening to what his role would be and how much power he would have, he said thanks but no thanks. This would be a reasonable scenario. But, this is the Sabres, where GM interviews don’t even occur. So, it’s entirely possible they never even picked up the phone.
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