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  2. realistic non-Stastny 2C options for next year: Sobotka Mittelstadt Rodrigues Turris? Bonino? Brassard? Haula? Wennberg? What else is conceivable in the real world? I can't pretend I've seen a lot of Stastny recently, so I don't have a huge amount of details and could be mistaken about what he is, but his deal is golden for the situation we have (completely out of our hair after 2 seasons, which is enough time to find a long term option or develop Mitts into one) and he's got all the fancy stats that would tickle you pink unlike pretty much every other player on that list. He just seems to be a tier or seven above every other realistic option that pops into my head. Oh ***** I didn't know about this *****
  3. Aho is the perfect candidate for an offer sheet...ownership that doesn't want to spend. Either they match and break their internal budget and have to shed more quality support pieces or they don't and you get Aho. Win, win.
  4. The fact he was being sent down to play in the AHL playoffs makes him a prospect to me.
  5. Well, maybe “insane” isn't exactly the right word ...
  6. That’s not what I meant .. haha
  7. He’s the perfect stop gap 2C. Two years and his contract is up. The question is does he waive his M-NTC to come here?
  8. Lottery protected first. I'd give it up. I wouldn't expect them to be bottom 10 if Botterill performs the "roster surgery" he said he had to. Say, adding Stastny and a UFA winger to the mix. If it does get deferred and we aren't out of the lottery that season, when Jack and Sam are FIRMLY in their prime, and we also have Skinner, a third year Dahlin and Mittelstadt, potentially a rookie Cozens and say Stastny and whoever the UFA is, we are in trouble anyways.
  9. Is Stastny worth *daydreaming* about? He'd be a nice add, but I need convincing.
  10. I 100% disagree with everything in the first paragraph. The player has 3 years of elc where we very much could afford them and then if needed can trade them for assets. This team lacks talent and the idea we can't afford talent is insane to me. Further, idk where this narrative about Cozens is coming from. There's this sudden perception that he's some safe pick who will probably be a what? 2nd line winger? He's got first line potential. Is he safe because his floor is high? Safe is starting to sound like he's just ok and that's what we need. It's a bad narrative that should end. Cozens is a good pick and we should be happy he fell to us. He isn't some complimentary player.
  11. Back and forth on a message board? The horror!!! 👻
  12. Hoss my man you have me daydreaming Paul Stastny
  13. Today
  14. Not to mention that not even the Soviet Politburo does five-year plans anymore.
  15. Make the poll! That’s perfect offseason board material.
  16. All this back-and-forth… Thats why you take opinion out of it. And you go by the standard at which has been set. Not opinion. well I think this and I think that and this is what I feel and that’s what I feel. Take opinion out of it. Go by what the NHL has set fourth as what constitutes a rookie. Even if some fans disagree. Too bad IMO. maybe I’ll make this poll idea I said in a prior message if no one else does it.
  17. Great as long as it doesn't involve our 1st rounder next year, I expect us to be a bottom 10 team again and I want a shot at lafreniere.
  18. The one thing I've learned about sports is that this means very little
  19. That isn't the only way forward. There supposedly are guys like Statsny on the market. His 2 remaining years would fill the Sabres need for a 2C until Mittelstadt is ready for that role. That would also allow Cozens to start on wing next season if they wanted to ease him into the NHL.
  20. When it comes to centers that is the only way forward, unless you can get Maklkin at a reasonable price. But that still won't help us much and we would still be a lottery team. We need one more year sadly.
  21. And you're never going to come up with a definition that fully catches them all. Pretty sure even the Bruins didn't consider Thomas a prospect before the lockout when they gave him his 1st shot when he was 28. Finally got his 1st extended NHL action at 32.
  22. Cozens is NOT going to be here this year. JBots believes in letting guys develop in junior / the minors
  23. New (to me) miter saw, table saw, jig saw, air compressor with 3 guns and a slew of other tools! Yep, I'm happy! Oh and some patio furniture too! Yay
  24. Borgen - 4 Olofsson - 6 Guhle - 23 + 6 non-Sabres Nylander - 19 Lemieux - 0 + 72 non-Sabres Which should account for the rest of the 909.
  25. It's not just NHL games though. It's NHL games *and* waiver eligibility that I'm looking at. And he has less than 82 games and waiver eligibility, so he's covered by my definition.
  26. That’s why you use 23 and under, waiver exempt and played part of the prior season in the the AHL or other lesser leagues. That should cover most situations including outliers like Campbell, Ullmark or Thompson. Nylander also has received 3 call ups and has yet to stick.
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