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  2. So my son has decided that he is going to lease a truck. He's asked me to help him negotiate a good lease. I'm a pretty good negotiator. A part of my career was spent in sales, which helps alot. But I've never leased a vehicle. Doing alot of research on it. Learning alot. Interested to hear what some of the folks here have to say about negotiating a lease.
  3. Strangest Thanksgiving yet. When we thought we were relocating to CT we bought my mother an iPhone so we could Facetime with her. Came in handy today. At least we got to see each other that way. Been a quiet Thanksgiving here. We still did the full spread, but obviously it wasn't the same. Lots of clean up for what it was. I'm thankful that my direct family got through 2020 relatively unscathed so far, but I'm ready for it to be over.
  4. I too would like to see this top 6, but I think Hall will be stapled to Jack unless they really struggle. I think they want it to work and for Hall to be happy and sign an extension. I agree with all of this, but I think both of these 2 are really fast, not just one of them.
  5. Sharpen your mind. Sharpen your flats and naturals.
  6. This is sad, because upstate NY has the perfect mix of populations to experiment with various compromises on movement and protection. Too bad.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Can’t believe Sabres missed Mark Stone by 5 picks in 2010! Man, he would have been dynamite if he went to Buffalo.
  9. I dunno brah. It's Thanksgiving and I've been drinking since 10am. You tell me.
  10. So, Tampa Bay resigned Sergachev for 3 years at a $4.8M AAV.
  11. As anyone with eyes could see, for the 7th round, the Buffalo Sabres did no worse, and no better than the vast vast majority of teams. So they didn’t “under perform” or "over perform" compared to almost every team. Who’s had NHL time? So i took a 10 year sample. From 2007 - 2016. In my opinion it’s too soon to judge anyone drafted in the 6th round in 2017 or more recently to determine if a team drafted well in the 6th. If you disagree, then post the more recent years if you want. I added the Buffalo picks (if there are any) just to see the names. And yes, i am well aware that this round i
  12. Also Rocky Balboa is a damn good movie. Highly recommend to anyone that hasn't seen it.
  13. Tommy freaking Gunn is last by a mile, poll reflects that accurately. I know it's not the "best" movie but Drago to me is his most iconic, best opponent. The training contrast is excellent and Rocky to me is at his physical best in that movie - he looks it, and he drops Drago even though he's doping. There are lots of iconic lines in the movie but this may be my favourite exchange:
  14. Looking at some of the names that you listed Krueger has a pool of players to assemble two good PP units. If Jack and Hall are on the ice at the end of a shift and a penalty is called the second unit can start on the PP allowing the members of the first PP unit to catch their breath and refresh themselves before jumping back on the ice to finish the PP. With shooters like Jack, Hall, Oloffson, Skinner and Reinhart etc. there is enough quantity to staff two potent PP units. We have the shooters. What we need is better net presence to obstruct the goalies and be in position to deflect more shots
  15. If you are also insinuating that I am outdated I with pride concur. Long live the horse and buggy. 🤡
  16. Just highlight the words and use the B in the editor. bbcode is outdated.
  17. Don't believe Skinner has ever played the right side, but expect he could as he often sets up to the goalie's left looking for that rebound. Plus with his figure/power skating background, he can definitely open up his stance & still be effective. Playing his off-wing shouldn't negatively affect him but no need to swap him to the off-side when he should fit in well w/ Staal & Reinhart. Looking forward to that Snake Line. Sss.
  18. Ya, we are seeing the lines pretty much exactly the same way. Also, I know VO has played on the right and I don't think Skinner has.
  19. Happy belated B-day. 🍺 PS - w/ friends like that, who needs enemas? 😉
  20. Mine is fine. Battery life is suspect, but bought a new battery a couple months ago. Just have to get around to performing the "surgery" and should be good to go. Can't believe you of all people moved to the darkside.
  21. It's absolutely possible that Eichel & Hall won't gel, but they get at least 10 games to find chemistry because any chemistry at all makes that line deadly regardless of the 3rd piece. Have said this multiple times, but the keys to this are optimizing the overall points from the forwards & maximizing your best player goes a long way towards that. Giving Eichel Hall should optimize him as he's sound in his own end and excellent in transition & offensively. Teams can't cheat towards Jack nor Tyler because the other can kill them on his own. While both Eichel & Hall can fin
  22. That's the real question. Ralph failed in that department last season in how he handled Skinner. Not completely his fault do to our lack of center, however Reinhart can be a driver of offense and he refused to create a Skinner Reinhart line to see if he could get Skinner going. Also an aside about Thompson vs Mitts Thompson NHL 107gms 10g 11a 21 pts = .2 pts/gp AHL 70gms 21g 20a 41 pts = .59 pts/gp Mittetstadt NHL 114 gms 17g 22a 39 pts = .34 pts/gp AHL 36 gms 9a 16a 25 pts = .69 pts/gp
  23. There are just so many variables with this forward group. We have two legitimate drivers who can play with anyone: Hall and Eichel We have two well-rounded top-six forwards who can support elite players and elevate middle-six players in Staal and Reinhart We have two 30-goal finishers, both of whom need defensive support, one of whom thrives in chaos (Skinner), the other in structure (Olofsson). We have two 3rd-liners who aren't top six offensively or defensively, but who are trustworthy and high-effort, with moderate skill in Eakin and Okposo. We have two defens
  24. I guess it comes down to the prism you want to view the numbers through. Bold sounds pretty good, but another way of looking at it is, he's failed to exceed 27 points in 3 of the last 4 years (12, 27, 41, 15) averaging 24 points over that span. Prorating for the lockout and leaving out his 30 game rookie year like I believe you did in the analysis, he averaged 38 points over the 4 years previous. So it's more like a tale of two halves, with a significant tail-off in the most recent 4 years save that one outlier. It's not a great trend, that's not to say he can't buck it, but it mus
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