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  1. You failed to grasp the context. And you literally just said you know I'm not a numbers guy. You're just trying to be an *****. I'm done with you. ***** off.
  2. Who's better? Why? Metrics? Screw your metrics. Reread the related posts and try to grasp the concept.
  3. You misunderstand. I don't say they have bad metrics. I've NEVER posted a single metric. I'm not a metrics guy.
  4. Yet he is. Again, his metrics don't mean *****.
  5. Their record, despite the piss poor metrics and unbalanced scoring, emphasizes what a great job Phil is doing.
  6. And he's currently our best defensemen on one of the best teams in the league, currently. Your metrics mean *****.
  7. Byw, tage didn't just score a goal, he finally played a solid game. I TRUST PHIL!!!
  8. Maybe it is puck luck, I don't care. It's fun. For the first time in maybe a decade I'm excited about this team and I'm enjoying it. 23 pages in and it may be the first win the metrics Nazis haven't pooped on yet!
  9. But, but, but....the metrics! THE METRICS!!!
  10. That was a great first shift by the checking line.