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  1. I'm still bought in. I have no logical reason why.
  2. Wow. Who would've predicted that? I'm pleasantly surprised!
  3. Ha! I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. Oops...😏
  4. 42-40-0 = 82 points. 40-26-16=92 points. This"deluca .500" narrative is retarded and needs to go away.
  5. Georgia beats LSU in the SEC championship and we'll have three SEC teams in the college football championship.
  6. But you're not morally opposed to assassinating the man's character without regard to context or circumstance based on rumour and speculation?
  7. Can you imagine the hostile work environment that follows after your wife is banging your boss? To me Hasek gets a pass for anything he did in Buffalo after that.
  8. Cancun in September, Barbados in March.
  9. Wasn't there a rumour about Nolan banging Hasek's wife? Or am I misremembering? If so, you can't blame Hasek for wanting him out.
  10. Over five minutes more than anyone else at even strength. The other five were pretty balanced within a couple minutes of each other.
  11. Risto with over 26 minutes tonight.
  12. So, what you're pointing out is that TRpm has little if any value? What else could we possibly take from a stat that shows Kassian at the top and Eichel at the bottom?
  13. Tonight's game is on ESPN+
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