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  1. You failed to grasp the context. And you literally just said you know I'm not a numbers guy. You're just trying to be an *****. I'm done with you. ***** off.
  2. Who's better? Why? Metrics? Screw your metrics. Reread the related posts and try to grasp the concept.
  3. You misunderstand. I don't say they have bad metrics. I've NEVER posted a single metric. I'm not a metrics guy.
  4. Their record, despite the piss poor metrics and unbalanced scoring, emphasizes what a great job Phil is doing.
  5. And he's currently our best defensemen on one of the best teams in the league, currently. Your metrics mean *****.
  6. Byw, tage didn't just score a goal, he finally played a solid game. I TRUST PHIL!!!
  7. Maybe it is puck luck, I don't care. It's fun. For the first time in maybe a decade I'm excited about this team and I'm enjoying it. 23 pages in and it may be the first win the metrics Nazis haven't pooped on yet!
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