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  1. You had a hell of a year. Good luck in the championship.
  2. Absolutely love it. Learned the game at 21 when I was stationed in Germany, played until I was 50, watch it every weekend. It's my favorite sport, love it more than hockey and football. You watch it?
  3. Very happy to see this. The McBeane pairing has been nothing short of spectacular.
  4. I believe part of the reason Hall signed here was to play with Jack and the only way it doesn't happen is if one of them are injured.
  5. I've never understood the appeal of wrestling. I'm also sure most people don't share my love for rugby, so, to their own... I am also rewatching Vikings. Excellent show. Highly recommend it.
  6. Is this regarding the apparent aversion to drafting players from the CHL outside the first round (top eight in our case)?
  7. I'd be willing to part with Kelce for an upgrade at RB. At 4-5 I'm still in this.
  8. I may be alone, but I wouldn't trade Sam for Kane straight up
  9. Ain't this the truth. I have three grown sons that live within five minutes from my house. We spend most weekends together. Golfing, fishing, taking the boat out, brunch, cookouts.... I couldn't be happier. But, I sure do miss when they were little.
  10. Yes, fox News does all of that for the right. And cnn is just as bad for the left.
  11. I hope you're right about cnn being more anti-trump than democrat leaning. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks after Biden wins.
  12. Thank you for correcting me re: New York Post/New York Times. My bad. I'm sure everything you wrote is probably true. Again, I used that article merely as an example of how obscenely political our major news outlets have become. Foxnews=republican/cnn=democrat.
  13. I agree, it is time for a new president. Slightly off topic... I was very surprised to see the new York times publish stories about possible corruption between Joe/Hunter and China/Ukraine. I had always considered the the NYT to be a far left paper, never considered they would even look into such a story. I'm also surprised to hear that Twitter and Facebook were/is blocking any post related to those stories on their platforms. Less surprising is the amount of attention given to the stories on media outlets. If you go to foxnews.com its all over their front page. If you go to cnn.com th
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