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  1. Just curious, what issues were you having with NHL center ice? I've found the best way to stream it is on Roku.
  2. More like the Kenmore of Nashville but not the point. You called the region purposely ignorant, which DOES include Nashville, based on your personal prejudice towards a geographic location.
  3. ^^^^ that was a reply to you in the president hopeful thread Eleven, so yes I did tell you.
  4. I fixed the bolded. You know I live outside Nashville, I've told you personally at least twice.
  5. And, you started it when you labled my part of the country"willfully ignorant" You're right, I'm out.
  6. I know you mean patriot in a derogatory way, but I take pride in spending most of my adult life serving my country. I guess you think you took a more noble path transitioning from ambulance chaser to child molester.
  7. Shots fired? I did not quote you or mention your name. I'm not a fan of generalizations and assumptions, especially regarding something as serious as racism. Given what has currently come out it's intellectually dishonest to imply that Oliver was treated unfairly because of his skin color. Many people believe that lawyers lack morals. There have been scandals about clergy abusing kids. Would it be accurate to assume you're an immoral child rapist based on your previous and future profession? This is the 3rd or 4th time you've recently taken a personal shot at me, unprovoked. If I was going to take a personal shot at you I'd tell you your recent posts in another thread came across as a bit racist. I'd then tell you that your assertion that a large portion of our population, including the decent sized city of Nashville, was "willfully ignorant" based solely on their geographic location, was a very ignorant and prejudicial thing of you to say. I'd say that ignorance is ruled out because of your extended higher education which means you're just prejudiced. Than I'd point out that it's a small step to get from prejudiced to racist, but I didn't do that. Look, I get it. You lost what should have been a high paying job if you were any good at it and your stressed. If you need a distraction while trying to transition during your later years of life I'm willing to help. I'm financially well off, bored and willing to go back and forth with you, but we should probably move it to PM.
  8. According to local news he was driving 80 in a 45, weaving through traffic pulling a trailer, had an open beer and failed a field sobriety test. But yeah, it MUST be racism.
  9. The above average production offsets the point you're trying to make.
  10. Where also matters though. I could driving Cuba to Hinsdale all day long, but wouldn't think about it driving in N/Tonawanda.
  11. I agree completely. I think if we also get decent improvement from Joki, Kahun gets comfortable, and Skinner bounces back, it's enough to make them a playoff team regardless of what's done at 2C.
  12. The man was drinking a beer while driving and another driver called 911 when they saw it. But yeah, it must be because of his skin color. I don't know who's dumber, Oliver or the idiots claiming racism. Not to mention the hypocrisy of these claims coming from people who railed against the NBA in general, and LeBron in particular for doing what every sports league across the globe will do before starting up.
  13. I wonder if this pandemic will actually help President Trump get re-elected.
  14. I think the seven Canadian teams combined bring in about 1/3 of the NHLs revenue sharing income?
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