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  1. Sam's play on the ice doesn't do it for you. Seems to be doing quite well playing center. I haven't been able to watch so have little more than the stats to go by so you may be seeing things I do not. In his current role, does he not look like a leader to you? If not, why?
  2. Anyone think the Jets would give up Perfetti for Hall and Risto (50% retained on both)?
  3. Flagg's return to SabreSpace is what sparks the Sabres turnaround. They WILL make the playoffs.
  4. Hank


    With greatest respect to my fellow soldiers, you overestimate their logistic abilities.
  5. According to daily faceoff skinner is on the top line with Jack. Casey replaces skinner on the 4th line.
  6. You had a hell of a year. Good luck in the championship.
  7. Absolutely love it. Learned the game at 21 when I was stationed in Germany, played until I was 50, watch it every weekend. It's my favorite sport, love it more than hockey and football. You watch it?
  8. Very happy to see this. The McBeane pairing has been nothing short of spectacular.
  9. I believe part of the reason Hall signed here was to play with Jack and the only way it doesn't happen is if one of them are injured.
  10. I've never understood the appeal of wrestling. I'm also sure most people don't share my love for rugby, so, to their own... I am also rewatching Vikings. Excellent show. Highly recommend it.
  11. Is this regarding the apparent aversion to drafting players from the CHL outside the first round (top eight in our case)?
  12. I'd be willing to part with Kelce for an upgrade at RB. At 4-5 I'm still in this.
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