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  1. Weave has it right. Half your age plus seven. Not creepy.
  2. I'd like to try him there again and see if it could work. Maybe twenty games with Skinner and Johansson.
  3. The dogs excitedly greeting you when you walk through the door.
  4. I like the long term vision. I think he gets two more years after this one before he's on the hot seat.
  5. Why am I quoting this? IT'S. *****. AWESOME!🤣
  6. Wilson does not play in a dome, never has. He's also one of the best QBs in the league, a certain first ballot hall of fame future inductee. I pray Josh turns into Wilson.
  7. Perhaps. But, because of my own hyped expectations, and disappointment, with a previous USA WJC (gold medal winning) captain, I will tamper my expectations with this USA WJC captain.
  8. Damn. That's quite the reality check. You suck. 😭
  9. Was McCabe the captain of a gold medal winning team?
  10. If you've been paying attention at all over the last few years you know I'm not a republican, not a huge fan of Trump, and think both sides are hypocrites and equally suck balls. Yes, a large percentage of his post's are some form of "the orange man is evil!!!!" Yes, it does entertain me. You care, why?
  11. This is complete nonsense. What political opinion have I offered in this thread that the drunk Irishman, or you for that matter, disagreed with me on? What political opinion have I offered in here that I have been challenged on by anyone at all? Think about it. Take your time.....
  12. You're wasting your time. Ignorant people who won't see past their own hypocracy can't be reasoned with.
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