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  1. I honestly didn’t look that closely until just now.
  2. Would look good with or without.
  3. I’m pretty fortunate to live in an area with a pretty sizable migrant worker population. I don’t need to settle for Taco Bell or the others when I want Mexican fast food. I’ve got real taqueria choices to pick from. Just as fast and way better.
  4. Companies didn’t say it. Our President said it as rationale for the tax plan and the re-patriation of overseas profits. Pinocchio in chief
  5. From Scott Lincicome of the Cato Institute: Trump has now spent 18 mos injecting (or threatening to inject) new taxes, almost at random, into the global economy, with zero significant pushback from congress, the courts, or the WTO. Of COURSE that's gonna make investors think twice abt dropping billions into new projects. In response to the news that the US Economic Policy Uncertainty Index is at a 34 yr high. Companies are not pumping cash into capital investments as promised when those tax cuts were passed. My employer announced on Thursday that they are projecting 4-6 quarters of stagnant or shrinking sales projections. I don’t know about you all, but I’m tired of all this winning we are receiving.
  6. My section at the Metallica show sat. F that. It’s Metallica. I’m standing and if you’re behind me you’re going to have to stand too.
  7. Sitting in a VA bar eating lunch around noon and it was Buffalo Ottawa playoff game.
  8. Man, I can’t make this and I’m not happy about it. En route to VA for a business trip and won’t be back in town in time for the show. And my dog is on his last legs and may not make it until I get home. Really not happy to leave my wife with that.
  9. So glad that camera wasn’t in selfie mode.
  10. Yup. That wasn’t speculation like some of the other awesome guesses (D4rk contracts, my Roy/Ott call). That was insider mofo info.
  11. Wat? Was my favorite Oiler from that era.
  12. Bust is a really negative adjective indicating a failure to meet expectations. 3rd picks are expected to not make the NHL. They arent busts, no matter how much you want to contort the definition.
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