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  1. He's also consistently rated higher than Jack by the non-Buffalo sources that I see.
  2. Weave


    How does Vapotherm help?
  3. No doubt in my mind that large corporations will muscle their way into the first round of vaccinations. And the military will be among the first as well. NFL surely fits the mold of the sort of organization that will muscle their way in.
  4. I’m not advocating walking away from Casey. Things still may work out and like you said, he probably had little market value anyway. It’s the, he’s young and these other players took this long to develop, optimism that GA in particular keeps referring to that I am responding to: Ok, Olofsson took as long or longer to develop. I don’t see the comparison. Ologsson showed consistent development in a men’s league before coming here. We all have hopes for Routsahoweveryouspellhisname because he is doing eye openings things in a mens league. What had Mitts shown in men’s leagues to da
  5. Back in the day it was usually said that power forwards take longer to develop than skill forwards. They have to grow in to their bodies and develop man strength to really fit into their game. Thompson has a power forward body. It makes sense that he needed more time to cook, to develop his body. Casey may have needed physical development too, but his game isn’t predicated on using power. His longer development curve should be concerning. And is for most. He’s on the verge of busting. Given how little development he’s shown through the last we’ve seen him play, optimism should be
  6. So my son has decided that he is going to lease a truck. He's asked me to help him negotiate a good lease. I'm a pretty good negotiator. A part of my career was spent in sales, which helps alot. But I've never leased a vehicle. Doing alot of research on it. Learning alot. Interested to hear what some of the folks here have to say about negotiating a lease.
  7. Strangest Thanksgiving yet. When we thought we were relocating to CT we bought my mother an iPhone so we could Facetime with her. Came in handy today. At least we got to see each other that way. Been a quiet Thanksgiving here. We still did the full spread, but obviously it wasn't the same. Lots of clean up for what it was. I'm thankful that my direct family got through 2020 relatively unscathed so far, but I'm ready for it to be over.
  8. It used to be on a side bar on the Aud Club main page. I did not notice that. That works well enough.
  9. Not skin related but I greatly dislike that I have to go to the front page for access to the clubs I am in. Otherwise, it all looks good and seems to work well.
  10. Mitts definitely had his share of chances at center. I don't know how you could see otherwise. The idea that this teams' front office has ruined centers by playing them at wing just doesn't have any real evidence behind it.
  11. Other than Sam, what future centers started at wing and never went back?
  12. Weave


    Positive test of an employee today. Starting to hit closer to home for me now.
  13. Weave


    Holy crap! My county blew up today. Positive tests in the last 24 hrs exceed the entire month of April.
  14. Weave


    Not a doctor. Didn't stay in a Holiday Inn last night. My expectation is that it is indirectly, not directly, related to weather. Cold weather breeds close proximity and recycled indoor air, and that is the meaningful change that is contributing to the resurgence.
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