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  1. I don’t want Scandella moved. He fits well in RaKru’s system.
  2. Here we go again. Penciling in guys who haven’t proven anything. Tom Webster has it right. Those are the kinds of players teams like Boston hang on to.
  3. Larsson is getting all the love, but Girgensons is playing equally well IMO. They both need to be here a few more years.
  4. It’s good to see that he is playing to his potential through this stretch. My main concern with Jack was, you knew this was in him, but he’d only put it on display in flashes. This team has seen that kind of player before. They don’t lead you to the promised land. What he’s doing now takes a real commitment to the effort, and Jack is showing that in spades. Early in this thread I said he has the skill set to be elite but what was holding him back is between his ears. I don’t know if RaKru is a Jack whisperer, or if Jack just decided he wanted to be the difference maker. But he’s been elite since early November. He’ll own this city if he maintains it.
  5. You’ve forgotten. It’s this way every year when the games matter.
  6. I had season tix, first row oranges, one section over from that chimney.
  7. That moment when he realizes he’s in the wrong thread.
  8. Sam with a weak stick wave when Josi went by.
  9. I know all y'all are crawling out of the Bogo bunker and celebrating this, but I'm disappointed.
  10. Whoa, they got signs hung? And this deserves mention. Good 'un.
  11. The Bruins playoff game I referenced earlier was full of fights in the stands. It was a crazy scene. Watched a Bruin fan kick a guy in the head who was at the game with his 8-10yr old son. There was a bit of brawl in one of the walkways between groups of fans. It was nuts.
  12. I addressed this idea upthread, but it bears repeating. We don’t need a stopgap at 2C. A stopgap assumes we have the next 2C in the waiting. And we don’t know that we do. We need a 2C for the foreseeable future. If we happen to develop one a couple years down the road we have depth (good) or we have trade assets (also good). But we should not be assuming we have a 2C for later until we actually have evidence of that players existence. Performance in junior hockey is not evidence.
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