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  1. Simply looking outmatched tonight. His game is not working against this team right now.
  2. He might not belong in the NHL right this minute. He’s outmatched tonight.
  3. Olofsson is invisible and Jack isn’t moving his feet enough.
  4. I'm continually amazed at the work all of these people have done to keep adding generations to the fanbase. It is no small task at all to keep the 50 something original fans interested AND new groups of pre teens every 3 years. 19 freaking 77. And here we are on the cusp of 2020 discussing the next movie on a hockey forum. Yeah, they've been butchering this, haven't they? I enjoy them all. Some are better than others, but lets face it, these are popcorn flicks. Serial novels on a big screen. I can't wait to turn my brain off and have fun with it again.
  5. Sobotka seems to be playing a role the same was Vaclav Varada played a role. Or Yuri Khemlev. And it seems to be working. Nonetheless, I certainly wouldn't complain if an upgrade were to fall in our laps. In the meantime, I'm pretty damned pleased that they've found a way to make him useful on this roster.
  6. Ra’Kru and Pookie Pookie in the Sabrespace lexicon. I can only hope that this gets pushed, someone gets irrationally upset, and minor drama/entertainment ensues. Again.
  7. It must have been removed, because I don't see it. And you are 100% correct IMO. Ruff was a bottom 6, bottom 2 player, depending on whether he played forward or D.
  8. Slane Irish Whiskey. A big glass. Been one of those days.
  9. The system doesn't allow it. It seems like even the Libertarians have given up this time.
  10. Is there a gif or video out there of what happened?
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