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  1. Calling the female owner of the team the queen mother of all bad things you can call a female may be a contributing factor. He may have branded himself a personality you don't want in a professional organization. Allegedly.
  2. Hos point was, TM acquired 7 more picks to use as capital, so using picks in each trade isn't as felonious as we made it out to be. It IS interesting that a guy who likes to build through the draft is so willing to package picks and consistently have less than the full slate of picks.
  3. Spelling aside, this is very premature. Trending as hoped, but premature.
  4. Right now we don’t have one or two new players on the roster, let alone 3 or 4.
  5. 17 goals last season. I didn’t see him play last season but if there is still gas in the tank he might be a good fit on Casey’s wing.
  6. Weave

    2019 NHL Draft

    Whole different level of skill and awareness to overcome that. A flaw at late 1st round talent level is much more of a flaw than a flaw at generational talent level.
  7. I dunno. Trades are entertaining. It’s an entertainment business.
  8. Lower ceiling, lower risk. He seems well equipped for almost any role. Casey is more top 6 or bust. Not exactly, but you get the idea. The guy saying bad words about the owner.
  9. One thing I do agree with regarding this post, It was low risk. Both of the picks so far are low risk. Given the history of draft failure, and the very real questions regarding other players around the pick, I don’t see how you can berate a low risk pick. We all have said he absolutely has to make hay in this draft. He knows it too. We have high end talent in the organization. We lack organizational depth. It makes perfect sense to me that Jbott would rank prospects with a heavy eye towards likelihood of getting an actual NHL player out of the pick. 31 isn’t exactly ripe with high end players that make high end NHLers. Getting a more likely sure thing is a good play. Ive said before that Jbott is a risk averse GM. This is what we are going to see. Players that are more likely to make the team, but without the upside. Given our depth, it might be the right medicine. TM himself said as much. He drafts for athletisim and ceiling, not liklihood of making the roster. He is the anti JB, high risk, high reward.
  10. They don't have a 2nd round pick, innit? That 31 pick was basically their 2nd round pick.
  11. Wasn't that pretty much GMTM's draft style? Go for athleticism and upside and hope one is a home run?
  12. Well, this pretty much sums it up. I don't see how you can praise JBotts for his previous draft results and evalautions and then wholeheartedly dismiss a pick as dumb, lazy, insert negative descriptor here. These guys are experienced pros that do this everyday for a living. And they have a helluva lot more information than a hobbyist, no matter how serious the hobby, could ever want to have. Let's see how this one pans out before dismissing it.
  13. A better skating Sean Couturier?
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