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  1. This is Pegula level fan knowledge, innit, PA?
  2. Hey Scotty, were REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES that impeached Clinton attempting a coup and deprive voters of the right to self govern? If not, where is the difference?
  3. He's admitted in interviews what that song was about. It wasn't about a calendar year. And you don't get a third guess if you get it wrong.
  4. I think the biggest problem with this line of logic is, it didn't have to end with "hold my beer" and a Trump vote.
  5. 79-80 Schoenfeld was 3rd in Norris voting In 80-81 Buffalo had 3 in the top 20 in voting, but none in the top 10. 83-84 Housley 5th in balloting and Ramsey 10th 88-89 Housley is 9th 89-90 Housley 5th 06-07 Campbell 9th 07-08 Campbell 8th According to Hockeyreference.com
  6. He’s a convicted felon in possession of firearms illegally. A comvicted felon that thinks he’s going to try to keep criminals out of America.
  7. I've posted real data regarding crime rates of these immigrants in this very thread. Feel free to look back for it. US citizens have a higher crime rate and violent crime rate than these immigrants.
  8. And Scottysabres is either ignoring, or woefully ingnorant of the recent history of the Southern Strategy and the defection of the racist element of the Democrats to the Republican side when the Democrats took up the Civil Rights Movement as an official party platform. I suppose he's not any more interested in the intellectual honesty of that huge change than he is interested in the intellectual honesty of the claims of violent criminals coming over the border.
  9. I remember it as well. And it was discussed here. I know Risto is labeled as relatively uncoachable, but I think he's only one of several young players with that particular affliction.
  10. This is an interesting point that deserves consideration. And this is a valid comparison that I seem to recall has been made before, but I don't remember who made it previously.
  11. Weave

    2019 NHL Draft

    Inkman, clean up in page 8.
  12. No small amount of irony that the guy leading the effort to stem the tide of supposed violent criminals was a convicted felon himself.
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