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  1. It’s complicated. I never really looked for a sportsball organization to support. I played a little sportsball as a youth to pad my resume. This sportsball team happened to cross my path. I guess things come full circle sometimes.
  2. It had to be a bear. Have you ever seen a green wolf?
  3. Won’t be there this Sunday. Family stuff. Next Sunday is in play though. Very familiar with Abandon. Its another favorite.
  4. I tend to gravitate towards breweries based on crowd, rather than the beers themselves, although quality of the beer does determine the frequency of my return. I go for the smaller, quieter places. The more out of the way, the better. The two I hit most often lately are Silver Lake Brewing and Dublin Corners Brewing. Dublin Corners is in the middle of nowhere. We usually go on Sunday afternoons. I can usually count the number of patrons on the fingers on one hand on Sundays, and that's a pretty big motivator for me. Especially now with COVID solidly in place. If any of you ever find your way down to Chautauqua Lake, Big Inlet Brewing just outside of Mayville is making some damned nice beers.
  5. You are not alone. I'm partial to Belgian styles as well.
  6. We all knew Stosh and he told all of us the same thing. Now I’m Stosh.
  7. First post a weird mix of PR. Then threats and weird PR. Let's not air any dirty laundry! Trying to control the conversation, and implied threat. PR, threat, management speak As a fan who says this? Who even thinks this? Stupid message boards fans not as gullible as I thought. Dick measuring contest. Nice. More stupid message board fans not as gullible as I thought The team base? That's gotta a term said in a business office. That's corporate speak right there, Mmm, hmm And the weird change in font. Now we're copying and pasting.
  8. What, it's weird that you aren't more impressionable? This ***** right there is downright weird. The whole ***** thing is weird.
  9. I don't ever remember not being a fan. I remember being told to go to bed during 1st period intermissions and being angry about it. I remember using a crystal radio I made from a Heath kit to listen to Sabres games and Leafs games. I remember Peter Puck at 1st period intermission on HNIC, the Grapevine in the second. Growing up we watched hockey every night it was televised. Favorite all time Sabre is tough. Mike Ramsey was my favorite through the 80's and into the 90's. He was just plain steady and did whatever needed to be done. Someone needed to defend Gretz? Ramsey gets the call. Someone needed to neutralize Neely? Again, Ramsey. Someone needed to get in a scrum? Ramsey will be there. Someone needed to cover up Housley's mess in the corner? Yup, Ramsey. LaFontaine and Mogilny came close to what Ramsey did to me. LaFontaine seemed too good to be true. So genuinely talented, so genuinely intense, so genuinely nice and well spoken. And that battle with Lemieux for the scoring title? Mogilny.... growing up in the middle of the Cold War, Mogilny's story, and then his on ice performance was just too cool to not fall in love with. All that talent and a giant middle finger to the USSR? Gimme some. Most exciting moment? May Day for me. Broke 10 seasons of 1st round playoff losses. Came against the hated Bruins. Brad May was still thought of as our power scoring forward. And that playoff series was INTENSE. I about lost my mind when he scored. Most frustrating... The Tank. And it's not even close. Darkest time of my fanhood knowing the team made the decision to lose on purpose for multiple seasons. I'm still bitter. I got nuthin regarding how to improve the current team. I think we may be still halfway through a bad period. We just don't have enough marketable talent to make meaningful moves without opening another hole. We're still suffering from the decision to wipe an entire NHL roster off the team. Note to Theana, this is a happy kind of thread. You want to prove you really are a super fan and not a bot or troll, lay your soul out in here. Let's see how deep the fandom goes.
  10. Wow. I thought he was done with HC gigs. I hope he does well.
  11. Wasn't that pretty much GMTM's stated draft philosophy in mid to late rounds?
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