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  1. It took the kid to show some real emotion. I’m not sure about the rest of these jackalopes but the kid is gonna be alright.
  2. I think there was a realistic expectation of Ralph moving upstairs. Emphasis on past tense. The longer that the team looks completely ineffective, the less likely an upstairs move is viable.
  3. The timeframe for turning this around likely precludes keeping him. If he truly has reached apathy now, what state will he have achieved in 2 more seasons while mgt continues to mold the team? Downright hostility?
  4. I seem to recall hearing the PSE has the restaurant half of the brewhouse and Labatt USA operates the brewery half. Regardless, I doubt Southern Tier needs additional brewery space to run 716. Frankly, I don't know why Southern Tier would be interested in that location. It's a bit outside of what they normally do.
  5. Good to see you again. I miss alot of the old crowd that left during the last decade. And I have similar feelings regarding Jack.
  6. Run 2 coaches out of town. Well on their way to running a 3rd out of town. I'm not convinced anymore that any of those coaches had the wrong system for the players they had. How may systems are there really in the NHL? How many breakout schemes? O zone setups? Neutral zone tactics? I'm calling bull ***** on it's a system problem anymore. There is a stink in the locker room. Well there is a high bar. Actually, I think there can be some debate there. Jack's rookie year had some pretty healthy talent too.
  7. If there are hockey gods that need to be appeased, shedding the ill gotten tank gains might be the appeasement needed.
  8. If RK has lost the room thats 3 coaches in a row that have lost the room. The chances that this core leads the team anywhere with any coach at the helm if they have turned on 3 coaches is pretty damned concerning. Huge red flags regarding the core in that room IMO.
  9. That thread became a club. The conversation move, and likely died, there. I could care less about stats, really. Detracts from actually enjoying the game as a fan in my experience. The simple enjoy of watching a rush unfold, a two on one get played by the D man, the subtle wasting of time that is running out along the boards. Those are much more important to me than corsi, shots from danger zones, or whatever those groups of X's and letters are supposed to represent. They certainly don't represent the flow and ebb on the ice. That's all I got.
  10. I understood. My reply is what I think it would take to provide a team that Jack would want to stick with. One good offseason can do it. I'm not sure this team management is the right one to pull it off though.
  11. IMO the path forward HAS to include a bonafide 2C, 1B goalie, and it includes moving Skinner out. I'm pretty well convinced Skinner is not on the same page as the rest of the team. I also think there is room in the path forward for Taylor Hall. I don't think it needs to be any more than that. Although 2C and 1B goalie is a pretty substantial get.
  12. Now THAT would be an interview I would listen to.
  13. Weave


    Google is your friend. There are studies on asymptomatic influenza spread. Short story, it happens.
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