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  1. Weave

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    Having Casey as the only good 2nd line center option was a huge risk. I don't think this kid is a legit 2C for another season. At least.
  2. Weave

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    If trump could read he would approve of your agenda.
  3. Weave

    The other sports thread

    LOL the only one's reacting with softness are Bona fans. You must wear coats indoors with skin so thin.
  4. Weave

    The other sports thread

    LOL All the Bona is butt hurt.
  5. Weave

    The other sports thread

    In defense, Bona fans trolling UB with a "we want UB" chant while playing Canisius will do that. Acting like you've been there before could have started with the team and school that's actually been there before.
  6. If only we had drafted a franchise center to counter that.....
  7. I saw the 1st period. Someone give me the condensed version. Whatinthehell happened?
  8. It is from Ron Francis' point of view. He had a HOF career. As a center.
  9. I dunno, man. there were Ron Francis projections for Sam. That's pretty lofty.
  10. Inky, I never knew you were interested.... I'm flattered, but spoken for.
  11. One more time this season where I clutch my pearls hoping Radko Gudas doesn't hurt any of our stars.
  12. Out in public? Like while shopping? It looks incredibly douchey to me. But I am sure there are circumstances that justify it that I'm not considering.
  13. I think the failure of Sam as a center is enough to be disappointed at some level. We counted on him from the get go to be a fixture at pivot even after we drafted Jack. But a top line RW is not at all out of line for a #2 pick. I think anyone here that said they weren't expecting an all star consideration level player out of that pick isn't being honest with themselves though. The hype was pretty tremendous. He's good. Better than he sometimes gets credit for. But certainly hasn't lived up to that hype. It's interesting that there is so much patience for Sam. Most times a player doesn't live up to the hype they are run out of town. The patience (or maybe acceptance) is good in this case. the team is better for his presence.
  14. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-12-05/total-market-pain-is-worst-since-1972-as-investor-anxiety-mounts Bad fiscal policy triggers inflation, which triggers an increase in interest rates across the globe, which triggers historically bad market projections. Go figure.