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  1. Weave

    Ride Sharing

    I haven’t traveled since covid so I haven’t used ride share services since covid. Going to Minneapolis at the end of August. We’ll see if the ride share experience is different.
  2. I’ve heard rumblings that sounded very Drury-esque. He puts alot of pressure even on the rooks. That is what concerns me about the way our kids are being handled. Not afraid to make mistakes sounds good and all, but the guys driven to win big have a different mindset. Hold high standards and demand change when they aren’t met.
  3. Agreed. Just pointing out the odds. 2/3 of those picks are in the 50/50 odds and later range.
  4. Assuming normal odds hold, its more like 4 players and a handfull of tweeners.
  5. See, I think a Risto needs a proper development curve more than a Mule. Risto’s weaknesses beg for a proper development. He would have benefited more from it than a Mule, because he doesn’t have the inherent instincts that Mule seems to have.
  6. Weave


    My wife and I have diverged on weather. I’ve hit the point where December through March is enough for me to tolerate and accept days like today and almost force myself to find comfort in them. I’ll sit outside, damn it, because I remember what it’s like to sit inside while there is snow on the ground. My wife, however, is not amused and does not tolerate hot weather well. She’s in the air conditioning. I’m in the shade making the most of it.
  7. Yup. You have to trust your evaluation, and if your evaluation says its not a fluke you lock him down before his value goes higher.
  8. Weave


    Walleye in the freezer. Its ***** hot on the lake now. It’s margarita and a breeze time.
  9. Weave


    A margarita makes it better.
  10. Jack hated losing…. I’ll see myself out now.
  11. It really comes down to risk tolerance. And there is a price for waiting. If you play it safe and wait to see if the performance repeats it will surely cost you more. If you make a projection and your experts believe that projection is the most likely scenario you get that contract done sooner, and likely at a better value. Waiting until mid way through the season gives TT more leverage. If you trust your evaluation you have to ride with it.
  12. Vacation starts in about 45 minutes. A week at the lake…..
  13. Honestly, I hardly ever am consciously aware of movie musical scores. In that regards it met my expectations.
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