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  1. We've been pre-emptively treating a huge ash tree in our front yard for Emerald Ash Borers for about 15 years to try to stave off an infestation. For those that don't know, Google it up. Invasive species that is wiping out ash trees across the US. It is assumed that no ash tree will survive ultimately. Anyway, this tree is about 4' across and 75-80' tall. It shades the entire front of our house, including our big, comfortable porch. I've been spending about $200/yr on chemicals to fight these little bastards off so we can keep our beautiful shade tree. Well, it looks like the end ju
  2. My expectation is that half of the exit interview entailed KA trying to get Jack to deliver a positive message in his presser. Jacks exit interview ran late. That he didn’t deliver a positive message is a pretty solid indication to me that he intended to lay a match on the bridge. Obviously a great deal of speculation and reading between lines here.
  3. I would not rant about accepting that offer but my ideal offer includes a vet 2C at least.
  4. I wonder what the Canada roster looks like. The USA roster looks weaker than any I can recall from the past.
  5. Weave


    Reported in an article published by Axios today: 99.7% of hospitalized coronavirus patients are unvaccinated, the Cleveland Clinic said this week — more real-world evidence that the vaccines prevent the type of serious infections that were killing over 3,000 Americans per day just a few months ago.
  6. Interesting comparison. I can see that as well.
  7. I'm leaning towards Eichel has some infectious intangible that is holding things back to some degree. Is it a certainty that moving him improves things? Hell no. But I also think it isn't a certainty that moving him makes things worse. I've got more interest in what/how this is all going down than I have had in the last several seasons of actual hockey. 100% agreed. I think Jack may be unwittingly doing us a favor.
  8. He just fired a guy I heard he helped recruit. He won't let emotion make his decision. He's never been about emotion. Just work.
  9. That part about "playing for something bigger than yourself" is interesting. Whether it was or not, it feels directed at Jack. I wouldn't be surprised if Risto might have been a target. Skinner HAD to be a target there as well. I'm not sure we lose Sam this offseason, but I am fairly sure Jack and Risto are gone. And Skinner would be if a sucker could be found.
  10. I think Jack's move is definitely not genius, but it will be effective. They knew the message from the team was going to be "we will move forward with the guys who want to be here". It was an inevitable message considering ROR and then Risto over the last couple of season endings. Jacks response to this message was simply, "I don't want to be here" and then stares at KA. Go ahead. I dare you. He's very publicly forcing KAs hand. I think it works. And I think he knew that KA was leaning trade anyway, this just makes it all the more likely. It was an insurance policy. We should
  11. Yup. Cold, hard highest bidder.
  12. I think Taro got the biggest part of the problem identified correctly. The chase to land Eichel required the team to jettison nearly every quality NHL player on the team. Since that fateful decision this team has not had a full roster of quality NHL players. In fact, for portions of that time we may not have had 2 lines worth of quality NHL players. As a consequence of this the team has had to rely on a few quality players, a few kids elevated to roles they weren’t ready for, and more than a few NHL/AHL tweeners. Its a combination that resulted in kids with too much pressure to develo
  13. Thanks to all of you that are commenting as the presser went along. I just hit refresh and I get a good sense for the content and tone. You guys rock!
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