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  1. So now the question is, do we see Ministry and Helmet on Oct 8 at Riverworks?
  2. Foo Fighters in Syracuse last night. What a ride! Worked half a day, so I was up at 3:45am to go to work. Left work at noon. Picked up my son and some beers and headed to Syracuse. Rained like hell the whole way. Gates were scheduled to open at 5:30. At 5 the rain stopped and people started lining up to get in. The gates didn’t actually open until after 6. Smoothest entry into a concert I’ve ever had, and this was with Covid requirements. They had a ton of staff and had their ***** together. Opening act (they were absolutely terrible) was over an hour late coming on stage, and when they took the stage they announced that things were delayed because the Foo Fighters jet in NYC was held do to weather. FF was just in the air when the opening act came on. 😳 Opening band played 6-7 very forgettable songs and left the stage. At 9:50 a police escorted limo van pulled up to the back of the stage. Literally 2 minutes later the band ran out on stage. No time to change, tune up, or anything. They got out of the limo and rushed on stage. Dave Grohl said, “we almost didn’t ***** make it. But we made it. Sorry for being late.” And the band proceeded to blow the doors off the place. They played to exactly midnight. High energy the entire time. What a ***** show they put on. Easily the tightest band I’ve ever seen live. Holy ***** were they good. Took forever to get out of the lot after the show. Got home at 3am. 45 minutes away from a 24hr day for this old man. I’m shot. The man crush continues…..
  3. Is the Bruins Rene Rancourt not making a gigantic show of it?
  4. I understand it completely. It is an attempt to put conversation about the virus on the plane of conversation about a condition that is ridiculed as the result of poor choices. It is a minimization tactic, not a logical one.
  5. This is where I am at as well. Except I expect him to make costly mistakes. I think Hagg and Butcher will be bitched about early and often.
  6. I think he'll be underwhelming. Not Mezaros bad, but not noteworthy in any real good way either. I can't recall Lindy making bad choices about defensemen. Just the opposite is how I remember.
  7. Agreed. It's flagrant enough at this point for multiple time offs. Same people every time. I know I am tired of this stupid game.
  8. Wonder if his used office furniture business is still open?
  9. I was in a very good situation currently. I don't particularly like what I am doing, but they treat me very well to do it. I have nothing to complain about. No need to turn a corner. But the opportunity I accepted has all of the positives of my current position, PLUS it is something I really enjoy, AND I don't have to commute 1hr and 20 minutes to do it.
  10. Was negotiating for the past 10 days with 2 employers. Just accepted a job offer. It is work that I have absolutely loved doing in the past, with a really neat technology that is up and coming, the work will be challenging in all kinds of good ways, work from home to a good extent, very generous paid time off policy, fantastic pay check, very competitive benefits, and I'll be working relatively autonomously. I start Oct. 4. My boss is not going to be happy tomorrow.
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