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  1. Peter Puck was on LetsGoSabres. I thonk he was a mod.
  2. I don’t remember woody there. Holy crap I’m drunk. Took me 3 times to get that right. That’s the place.
  3. Even the Costco sized packages are single serving packages.
  4. Ok maybe that was my first post then. I know Chimp and Korab were on that other site. I was glad to see them here. Pretty sure the team descending into suckitude chased them off.
  5. I don't think my first post was in 2010. I think I joined here shortly after we lost Drury and Briere. But I don't remember the exact timing. I used to be active on another Sabres site that went belly up shortly after the Briere Drury fiasco.
  6. The link is broke. Funny how time changes things. You and I were the biggest smokers on this site, trading recipes, ideas, and set ups. My smoker is up for sale right now. Haven't used it in 2 seasons. Completely changed my diet cuz I'm too old and sedentary to survive with the diet I used to have. I miss ribs and pulled pork but I needed to change. The meatballs we made earlier? No more pasta for me. We'll finish them in marinara and eat with a big side of beans and greens. Jambalaya made with brown rice, and easy on the rice and sausage, Sirloin tips with a big salad. I do what I can to doll up a healthier menu.
  7. Game Discussion Thread Nov. 3 2010. Miller out. Enroth called up. Boston after the Miller-Lucic incident (I think). I miss Korab Rules, Dwight, and The Chimp.
  8. Get them sumbitches covered in cracked pepper and on the smoker for pastrami.
  9. Weave


    Would be so much more appropriate.....
  10. I miss the boxes of Troyer Farms chips with two bags in them.
  11. Boy, you aren't kidding. It's hitting me harder as this thing progresses. I'm not happy with my current situation but damn am I glad I have it right now.
  12. We cooked for the week this morning. A big pot of jambalaya, A tray of meatballs, sirloin tips in gravy, and we'll do takeout Wednesday and Friday. And now..... we drink. Milagro reposado with a squeeze of lime juice. Rocks.
  13. It made the little French girls prissy and the Irish girls tenacious. ❤️
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