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  1. Still not liking the idea of Terry or Kim being overly involved in the teambuilding process. They are the owners I get that but I’m not sure how many fanboys have built cup winners in the past. Let the gm and the scouts do that.
  2. I’ll accept nothing less. Put up or shut up. Tall order for a first time GM but this is what ownership wanted so...lets git er done.
  3. Gitty up. Hopefully GMAdams gets a liking for improving the roster Hoss.
  4. Adams has Kimmy to bounce ideas off of. Perhaps he’s much like her and the old man. They feel they’re above seeking help. They’ve bumbled their way through ownership of this franchise to this point, why go outside their circle now ?
  5. Lightening counter with 2 quick ones. Make it look easy really.
  6. One could argue that the final four all play a heavy style. I likey.
  7. I know how others view the ineptitude of this franchise , the reason for the sad sackism 😳can be explained dozens of different ways. And has been. For me it all comes down to ownership. And ***** runs downhill. And most of the decisions ownership makes continue to be questionable. The list is long. Many of the people they hire are in way over their heads. Rarely do the successful franchises make these same fundamental mistakes. Whats worse is they never seem to learn from said mistakes and somehow pass the buck when its time for accountability. And then they do it again. Its maddening. Anyways rant over.
  8. He’s got Ryan Millers 👀 s
  9. Vegas is playing the same schedule no ? Both teams got screwed. Apparently the Canucks asked the league to move it to sat. Night but Gary knows best.
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