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  1. You and your Dad should have taken those guyz on a long ride if ya know what I’m sayin.
  2. When you consider the Habs have what, I think 17 goals at 5 on 5.😳
  3. Gutted out a good win. Its about time. Aside from his goal really not impressed with Stall. Noticed what look like lazy clearing attempts that turn into giveaways. Maybe he is at the end of a long shift. Seems to happen often. Dahlin looks good down low creating chaos. Someone threw it out there that maybe he should play forward. Not sure about that but he looks comfortable in the offensive end.
  4. Liking Dahlins game so far. Maybe one of his better efforts.
  5. If we ever get back to the playoffs we absolutely need grit. Look at the last four teams standing this last season. All were more than capable of playing a heavy in your face game.
  6. Ralph is out of touch. Throwing the rook out on the shootout when we absolutely needed the win was odd as well.
  7. Did something just go down between the jets and bluejackets ?
  8. I still don’t see any players with that win at all cost attitude. We’ve had that before when we were successful and now not so much. You need 2 or 3 of those types in your lineup. Guys who live and breath winning. Hate losing. Not the take my toys and go home types which I believe we may have. Its the culture. They bring guys in and they tip toe into the room to try and fit in. They need to bring a couple guys in to topple the existing power structure within that room. Egos may get bruised but it has to happen. Ralph can take his lavender scented candles and ***** off.
  9. Its time for results Ralphy boy. You’ve got 2 points. And according to you thats from playing the ‘right’ way. I’d hate to see results from playing the ‘wrong’ way. 😉
  10. 2 points. Its early sure but we always seem to find ourselves at the bottom of the league. We had better feast on a depleted Caps team.
  11. Sorry to hear this terrible news. Condolences to Linus and family.
  12. So what they’re saying is no hookers and blow ? What a buzzkill.
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