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  1. I could be wrong but we’re well beyond those type of returns. It will be substantially less than KAs ask.
  2. Eichel seems intent on screwing the Sabres on his way out of town. In any case his agents ill timed msg to the media has most likely damaged the bounty KA expected to get in return. Its also damaged the reputation of the petulant star in the eyes of GMs throughout the league. His reputation is growing. The Sabres look bad, Eichel/agent look bad and we will never get fair value for the asset we hold. Its a lose/lose situation that further cements the inept reputation of this org. And is perhaps the worst outcome for the inexperienced GM to this point. Can the ‘deal’ be salvaged ?
  3. He’ll likely change his mind on getting the surgery once he’s traded. We get less assets in a trade because of the uncertainty of the outcome of surgery and Jacks new team keeps their best assets to play with Jack. Happy Jack.
  4. Next season will be hard to stomach as it is but to add that drama hanging over this team ? We need to move on.
  5. The injury sure but the attitude is concerning. I’m thinking Jack held his breath a lot as a kid. And likely got what he wanted every single time.
  6. I don’t blame you in the least. I sometimes question my own sanity following this shitshow. Do whats best for you and maybe one day they might actually resemble a well run org. But I agree, the owners are clueless. Come back and say hi. We’ll still be here bitchin and moanin.
  7. We know the reasons. Jack was likely the least of them. Ownership.
  8. Aye aye on the Pegulas. There is something seriously wrong with those people. Stay the f%#€ out of the way.
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