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    "I'll tell you this,no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."-Morrison

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  1. Anyone into a rather disturbing, dark movie experience ? Just watched a movie on netflix called ‘ The Platform ‘ . Check it out
  2. bunomatic


    Things that make you go mmmm.
  3. Just watched season 2 of Kingdom on netflix. Korean zombie series with subtitles. Much like season 1 I enjoyed it. Each season is only 6 episodes ( very bingeable )so if you like foreign zombie flicks with subtitles then do I have a show for you.lol
  4. bunomatic


    http://Caltech.edu interesting read. Hopefully it works. First time inserting link. David Ho is the virologist.
  5. bunomatic


    Ah. You thought we wouldn’t pick up on that.
  6. bunomatic


    Saw a picture today of the inside of a store in Denmark and what they do to stop hoarding. The rack of hand sanitizer was priced-buy one at $4.95 and get the second bottle for $95.00
  7. Ha me too. 2nd one in my life at 55 years young. So far I look like a greasy pervert ( according to my wife ).
  8. bunomatic


    My wife works in a seniors home. Place is on full lockdown. No visitors including family. She’s tested for temperature before she goes in and if anything unusual sent home. They lost 11 residents last year in a two week span from the regular flu. Imagine being in a business where your customers drop dead on a regular basis. At approximately 5-6 grand a month thats not chump change. But with the aging population and the amount of seniors moving out here for the decent weather they are dying to get in so they fill the spots. I can’t imagine if this virus swept through a place like this. Seattles care home is a good example.
  9. Another small guy. Jbot likes em small.
  10. I’m open to anything that makes us better at this point. So damn tired of losing.
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