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  1. It was 1975 for me and I was 10. Played minor hockey and wore #11. Loved the french connection and everything sabres. My younger brother was an isles fan. I liked Led Zeppelin , he liked AC/DC. You get the picture. Been hooked ever since. This last oh decade has been real hard to carry on with the love. The years keep slipping by and nothing seems to change. But I’m always hopefull.
  2. Cool. I’ve been wanting to check that show out but am caught up in Animal Kingdom right now. Love the Headstones.
  3. April 5/94. I wore the flannel in the early 80s. Highschool. Cobain / Seattle stole that look from me lol. Theres an area of Nanaimo called Harewood that at one time was considered the wrong side of the tracks. They call the flannel a Harewood dinner jacket. Now back to your regular programming.
  4. Its not surprising Bettman , Daley and the NHL braintrust came up with this daft lottery that makes little to no sense in its function or its fairness. Well done gentlemen, well done. That wasn’t a typo.
  5. I’ve heard of some revolting incidents of hazing from a friend who played in the junior ranks of hockey and is now a police officer. I won’t get into it in detail but its sexual in nature which is prolly the most dehumanizing way to haze a younger, naive and vulnerable person. I’m not sure if this destructive form of bullying and abuse is still happening but I doubt its gone completely. Repulsive is a good word for the shite I’ve heard about.
  6. First wave second wave its all a blur. But I doubt we see hockey.
  7. Finishing the season or starting the 24 team playoffs is a pipedream. Nothing is starting up till 2021. That second wave is already rolling through. Gary Bettman can go pound sand. Maybe the Pegulas foresee a no go scenario with the startup and pulled the rug on employees for that eventuality. They weren’t in it anyways.
  8. Now we sit back and watch Terry and Kim rebuild a hockey team.😳
  9. Yeah this crossed my mind as well. Hockey heaven indeed.
  10. I kind of feel like we just got passed by a whole bunch of veteran drivers and we’ve handed the wheel to a sixteen year old who just got his licence.
  11. Are TP/KP still trying to raise money for a shiny new football stadium ? Was that nixed ? sounds like they’re bleeding money with whats happened in the last 24hours. Would they cut costs in one sport to helpget what they want in another?
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