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  1. Schooling the Canucks right now. What a shift.
  2. bunomatic

    NHL Rookie of the Year Race - Team Sweden

    Out west its all Elias. People out of their minds on talk radio with some of the pundits even mentioning him in the same sentence as the great one. Gasp. He's fun to watch but I don't buy it. He'll prolly win it but I go with the younger guy playing the tougher position and of course I'm biased so its Rasmus.
  3. bunomatic

    Forward Taylor Leier Traded to Sabres

    A second rounder for a fourth rounder. Neither has developed to the point where they're considered N.H.L. forwards. Kind of a head scratcher imo. Who knows ?
  4. whoa. I think we posted that at the same time dude
  5. Do you feel lucky punk ? Well do ya ?