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  1. Damn you Doohickie lol you’ve just extended the life of this Sheahan thread by at least 8 pages by including the wifes sorry mug.
  2. Another hit in the crease for Rasmus where he drove the player into his own netminder then he Rasdahls the perpetrator. Gonna put out another goaltender Ras. Overall an enjoyable game but then the officials got involved. Still having trouble seeing the mules transgression ? They called it hooking but...
  3. Shows you how quickly KAs plan gets pushed aside when Terry involves himself.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I like Star Wars but when its discussed here endlessly its like Marsha Marsha Marsha.😂Carry on.
  5. A lot to like despite the loss. Loved Dahlins hit on Tatar. Power plays like a seasoned vet with so much patience under pressure. Anderson made some incredible saves and baled them out numerous times. I like Josts jam but pretty sure this guy will never be much of a goal scorer. The lack of offence in the first pretty much sunk them but they looked good in the second and third. On Jerseys side Ruff has these guys playing an exciting brand of hockey. My first game seeing the Devils and I’m impressed.
  6. It is a good place to gain confidence. Which is king for a developing player. Not sure analytics covers that.
  7. Ten shots in 17 games. The kid is invisible and regularly gets muscled off the puck. But he has great vision ? I’ve got great vision but it doesn’t get me a seat at the table because I’m bad at every other skillset, much like him. He needs a full season in the AHL. Maybe a look see near seasons end. Confidence goes a long way.
  8. You called it LGR its Nice to see him get rewarded for his play.
  9. Great game. Looked like the boys toyed with the blues for the most part. UPL played a great game. Quinn finally broke through. The Cozens line is a thing of beauty. Krebb ? Well, he looked like a boy among men at times. I’m hoping he gets it soon. Nice win goat heads. !
  10. That was fun.! Great effort early and that streak is rear view mirror.
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