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  1. Thats how the Japanese say wheel of cheeze.
  2. Why do I not feel bad for Perry?😝
  3. Just watched Adam Sandler in Hustle on netflix. Thought it was great. Sandler imo is a far better actor in a serious role. This ones chalk full of current and former NBA stars and is produced by LeBron James.
  4. Tampa wins this one because this Avs team needs to lose one before they can win it next year. Thats how it works this year.🥴
  5. Helping other teams with their cap crunch so we can get to the floor is moronic. Helping other teams get better while we tread water. Not my cup of tea.
  6. That wasn’t a fight. He suckered him.
  7. The Indian fella and his partner have been doing play by play for their community in and around Vancouver for a few years now. Its really helped that community adopt hockey and in this case the Canucks. More of this should happen within other cultures as well imo.
  8. I’d like them to mop the floor with that ugly oilers jersey😂
  9. I voted paint dry. Need I say more? Sorry to the avid fan. I understand your love for the sport. Its just not for me.
  10. Its too bad Kane can’t seem to help himself with his douchebaggery because he had a pretty good playoffs so far in the scoring dept. It must be a pathology at this point. He has a long list of transgressions throughout his hockey career and his personal life for that matter.
  11. I agree that there is now an element of Euro football in hockey and its not a good element. Perhaps it has always been there and I missed it but it seems pretty prominent this year. The acting is mostly over the top. If there is the slightest doubt the official should call both players.
  12. McDavid did the wtf wave. He wants out. Lol
  13. Love the way Kane Kassian etc just can’t help themselves from taking stupid penalties. Hope they get swept. Those that said the avalanche would tighten up defensively were spot on.
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