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  1. It would be nice if JBott could find one or two guys that could hit the friggin net. I mean come on. That is the object of the game.
  2. In other news Kucherov got absolutely layed out by Schenn tonight and is injured. A little karma for his lowbridge blindside hit that put Sobotka out. Lifes a bitch then you are one Kucherov you dummy.
  3. They put in the effort but unfortunately effort isn’t everything. Lacking talent, NHL caliber players, finish, chemistry, will, grit , experience etc . This team needs a miracle.
  4. Hockey I.Q. Is one of the most redonculous terms connected to this game.
  5. They’re playing down to us. Looks like pond hockey on their side. Us on the other hand are doing everything we can just to stay in this game.
  6. Yeah thats why I added that this team was hot garbage.
  7. If he had someone else he trusted to play 25-26 minutes he could sit him or play him lower in the D pairings but he’s just as addicted to Ristos ability to eat minutes as every other ‘ coach ‘ who’s had him so... This team is hot garbage.
  8. I’m starting to lose my belief that Ralph has any ability to actually coach . By coach I also mean the ability to change ones mindset and adapt your thinking based on a different set of circumstances. In his defence he really has shite to work with but he keeps trying the same thing. Maybe he truly is out of options ?anyways there’s next to no chance we win this game and for the first time in many years I may sit this one out for my own sanity. Who knows ? I may opt for the hot poker in my good eye and watch.
  9. I’ve been reading the articles where they’re saying “ we know we’re a good team “. I’ll be bought in 100% when I hear them be 100% honest with themselves and each other about how craptastic they actually are. I read where Ralph said he put Jimmy Vesey up with Jack and Skinner on what is essentially the fourth line so as to spread the scoring around and have a defensive aspect to each line. Spread what scoring around Ralph ? I s’pose I’ll buy in again when guys like Vesey and ERod just aren’t good enough to crack this lineup.
  10. Old Babs has a mug like a catchers mitt. I’ve always referred to him as old leatherface mostly because I hated him when he coached in Detroit for no particular reason other than they seemed to win a lot. Sour grapes I suppose but he’ll write his own ticket and be back coaching before long despite possibly having the game pass him by.
  11. What he said isn’t wrong. It is demoralizing to constantly lose. It also sucks to be a fan of a team that just can’t get it right. But He was a part of the team and he talks like he was separate from it. You don’t want guys like him in your room. That being said The damage being done to Buffalo and to the Sabres through all this losing is horrendous. A once proud franchise wallowing in ineptitude.
  12. Sabres didn’t even skate hard after the Wild on that empty netter. Just friggin lovely. These guys are more than o.k. With losing.
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