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  1. Props to Lehner on his recovery. He's been good when he needed to be. This Islander team looks great. As to the Sabres. Not much to say as far as their mettle. Not sure they have what it takes to get through one of these playoff series even had they snuck in. So much is lacking. JBots has his work cutout.
  2. As much as I hate the Bruins I hate the Leafs more so go Boston ! That will consume most of my playoff attention in the first round. My wife thinks because the Sabres crapped the bed once again that I have no interest in the playoffs. Muhahahaha muahahahaha
  3. This thing they call the playoffs seems to relieve many good coaches of their duties in short order. Methinks there will be a few more candidates in the coming weeks.
  4. Yeah same same for me with the chromecast off my phone. Bastages, I paid for that damn service.
  5. Sabres playing hot potato at the end there
  6. Have we had an actual scoring chance ?
  7. Does house pull the goalie at the 3 minute mark ?
  8. Anyone think Phil raises his voice between periods ? Looks like a mannequin on the bench.
  9. We know what we got in players Ray. Don't have to watch this shite to figure that out.
  10. I agree we do have some talent. But the results speak for themselves. I can't explain it away. I don't think a new coach would make the ineptitude disappear. Maybe initially but this team is fundamentally flawed.
  11. Sure. I can agree with that but the fact remains this team is just not that good. And neither is the coaching staff. How many wins since the streak ? They gave effort all year with no results. Except the games they came out flat or stunk up the 2nd period. There they just flat out sucked. They're bad. A laughingstock really. Edmonton East.
  12. If they've given up it was after the 10 game streak. How many wins do they have since then ? They're just not that good. And neither is the staff.
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