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  1. Hopefully he reads sabrespace and laughs his butt off at all the dweebish types that post here. He's young, he'll grow into it. And he's ours.
  2. The Sabres finally figured out how to light a fire under Nylanders asss. Lets wait and see if it motivates him.
  3. After watching the highlights I've seen and listening to the likes of Button praising this kid I'm getting a little excited.
  4. Risto doesn't remember a thing. John Scott remembers the smell of Ristos ballz. I think Risto won that one.
  5. I thought the idea was to improve the roster.
  6. New Black Keys drops today.
  7. yeah and he's at least partially developed which a 2nd at this point has a long ways to go.
  8. Gloria, Gloria. Great game. Glad for ROR and quite a few others on that team. Its a good story. A Conn Smythe and a Stanley Cup. GET OUTTA TOWN !
  9. Yeah for sure. I guess for me its just following up an inexperienced coach with another. I've read some good things about Ralph so I'm excited to see this play out.
  10. And thats why I said I'll reserve judgement because its so darned easy when I do have hindsight. I was hoping we'd get someone with a little more experience this time with getting their teams into the playoffs. They've made their choice so we'll just have to wait and see. We're all powerless to change anything about what they've done so far and like you say there have been positives like Harbour center and the 3 stars they've collected for being dreadful. The rest, face meet rake.
  11. I'll reserve judgement but pretty well everything the Pegulas have done since they took over ( on the hockey side ) has hit them square in the face like a garden rake so there's that. We'll see.
  12. Props to Lehner on his recovery. He's been good when he needed to be. This Islander team looks great. As to the Sabres. Not much to say as far as their mettle. Not sure they have what it takes to get through one of these playoff series even had they snuck in. So much is lacking. JBots has his work cutout.
  13. As much as I hate the Bruins I hate the Leafs more so go Boston ! That will consume most of my playoff attention in the first round. My wife thinks because the Sabres crapped the bed once again that I have no interest in the playoffs. Muhahahaha muahahahaha
  14. This thing they call the playoffs seems to relieve many good coaches of their duties in short order. Methinks there will be a few more candidates in the coming weeks.
  15. Yeah same same for me with the chromecast off my phone. Bastages, I paid for that damn service.
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