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  1. I’m having a hard time listening to ol rubbermouth on the leafs broadcast. The ex goaltender. His name escapes me but he was never any good so it could be that.
  2. Apparently the Black Keys are in the Westboro baptist churches crosshairs because both Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney are divorced. Heathens.
  3. Just finished season 2. Enjoyed it. The actor that played Manson was great. Wayne Williams freaked me out. BTK is twisted.
  4. Hopefully he reads sabrespace and laughs his butt off at all the dweebish types that post here. He's young, he'll grow into it. And he's ours.
  5. The Sabres finally figured out how to light a fire under Nylanders asss. Lets wait and see if it motivates him.
  6. After watching the highlights I've seen and listening to the likes of Button praising this kid I'm getting a little excited.
  7. Risto doesn't remember a thing. John Scott remembers the smell of Ristos ballz. I think Risto won that one.
  8. I thought the idea was to improve the roster.
  9. New Black Keys drops today.
  10. yeah and he's at least partially developed which a 2nd at this point has a long ways to go.
  11. Gloria, Gloria. Great game. Glad for ROR and quite a few others on that team. Its a good story. A Conn Smythe and a Stanley Cup. GET OUTTA TOWN !
  12. Yeah for sure. I guess for me its just following up an inexperienced coach with another. I've read some good things about Ralph so I'm excited to see this play out.
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