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  1. Taylor Hall takes no responsibility for his lack of game while a Buffalo Sabre. Too funny. Thats ok Taylor says coach Cassidy, we’ve got your back. Ok everyone come on in here. Group hug for Taylor. You get to play with good players now. apparently playing with Eichel doesn’t constitute playing with good players.
  2. Love Nick Folignos game and leadership abilities but we only ever get those guys when they’re way past it. As in washed up.
  3. Missed this one out on the kayak but loved me some highlights when I got back in. Its great to see the youngsters get their feet wet and contribute. Are the Flyers this bad or what ?
  4. I’d rather none of the actual coaching that Krugeur did stick with these guys. Hopefully they take what Granato has thrown at them and suck it up like sponges. That being said KA and whomever else is brought on board need to do their due diligence and hire from that pool. Maybe when all is said and done Granato wins the job on merit. Maybe he doesn’t but this team needs to start making sound decisions.
  5. Honestly I’d be overjoyed at this point as well and I’m sure his team mates are happy for him. Some may be envious. Good luck mr. montour.
  6. A first and the little fella becomes a 3rd. Do we devalue players that much or Kevin Adams something something...
  7. Agreed. Other teams seem to get it done on the fly whereas we make a career of it.
  8. If they don’t know the return they know as much as us. This need to be first with no tangible information is silly.
  9. If you aren’t using a league that every other team is using to draft prospects from then you are handcuffing your org. And putting yourself at a disadvantage.
  10. I try not to listen to crap. honestly I had never heard of DMX until today. Apparently he was pretty good. Rip.
  11. This 3rd has been painful. Is Samson playing injured or is it the trade deadline jitters ? that Casey goal in tight in the 2nd was a thing of beauty.
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