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  1. Yeah I know one more shot in the dark, just whistling in the wind and and hoping the mods wake up and realize the potential of the site. I mean listen to what a great writer is saying and not the ones who have kept away many who could contribute. I mean come on dude, he's correct, try and post something during the season that runs contrary to analytics and see what happens. Try and say that the Sabres are making a good move or playing well or anything basically positive and just watch the pack come after you. Embrace civility!
  2. Any site where you can tell another poster to Phuck off as I've seen happen on here -amongst many other uncivil things(in the presence of a mod), and for no apparent reason other than they were disagreed with isn't worth the time. You try that stuff on 2BD and your in deep doo doo, here it's tolerated and even supported.
  3. Kim said its a results business and that's what I want to see. I could care less about what is said, too much emphasis by some on that aspect. Verbal IQ ....jeez give me a break.🤨 Let's see what happens, that is what we should be after not words and flowery language. Some of the good GMs in this league barely made it out of HS.
  4. Has anyone heard rumors about a National Shelter in Place coming over the weekend?
  5. Agreed. I hope a lot of intelligent people are wrong, but I fear that this is not the case. This must be dealt with harshly right now.
  6. 350 million people, if 70% get it thats 250 M. If 85% of the cases are mild that still leaves 35 M. If the death rate is 1% that is 350, 000 Dead. Lots of bodies, especially when you consider the normal flu kills 20-50,000. Even if only 30% get it still over 100,000. If the death rate is 3.4% like WHO says that's over a million. I hope everything tends to be hyperbole by the media. I'm no so sure that this isn't pretty damn serious.
  7. Can't quantify the second and third level effects of physical play. People who've played know what it's like to get knocked around by a guy like that. Risto was a beast last night when is was imperative against a team with the likes of Wilson and Ovie. People who want him gone or don't value him, be careful what you wish for. Personally, he reminds me of Ivan Drago. LOL
  8. Reinhart's shootout attempt was terrible. Holtby all over it.
  9. Yeah your 9 Milliion dollar scorer doesn't shoot through 7 turns?
  10. Well that was enjoyable. Nice having someone in goal with a Save% >.894.
  11. https://scoutingtherefs.com/2019/06/26650/nhl-rule-changes-for-2019-20-season/ they changed the rule
  12. Probably afraid we'd end up with a minor penalty or how you need some good fortune in regards to officiating
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