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  1. We may be closer to a playoff contender than people realize IMO. Adding another decent goalie just as a starter for next year would be of enormous help. The young guys can take enormous steps before next season.
  2. VO Reinhart and Skinner have been frustrating today. Jeez if VO high cycles and up again I'll scream. Sam get interested. Skinner shoot.
  3. I think its because he had no credibility as much an anything. When things go bad for Scotty Bowman, they don't keep dropping and dropping. He makes changes and they get out of the rut. Krueger had a track record that showed he had no such ability and the players didn't see anything but the same old crap and they didn't believe. Ralph Cougar bad coach or da worse coach?
  4. Very, very poor coach. I question how successful he would be at any level, given his pig-headed stubborness even when wrong. I'm glad I don't have to listen to players spout BS they undoubtedly gleaned from him. Patience (instead of presssure) always being one of the answers...you beat structure with structure (in other words outstructure people)....move the puck until you get the right shot.. don't force it..... These pearls of wisdom led to a team that applied little to no pressure, played for one shot from the perimeter and then retreated back to the NZ like they were under assault fro
  5. It would be dumb to ignore what he's done and has going on, he must be under consideration. Having said that, let's see what happens the rest of the way. Nothing has to be decided today by anyone running the club. Getting the hire right is nothing short of epic for the franchise right now.
  6. Ralph screwed the pooch , worst NHL coach ever, we were always much better than the way he coached them down. ***** you Ralph!!!
  7. We're starting to build up some serious depth when a player the quality of Riley Sheahan can't get in the lineup..........Oh wait....Eakin has pictures I forgot
  8. I think this is a very fair analysis of KA. The part that seems to be pissing people off as I skim this thread is trading Lazar for Bjork. To me, these are just a couple of JAGs, the real deal is a second for Hall. One is 26 the other 24, perhaps the 26 year old is a little more useful and made the Bruins feel better. I also feel like keeping Hall did nothing (he had to be moved once out of the lineup and was leaving). I have no idea if we had better offers, I don't think we were getting a one -no way, no how. Both Lazar and Hall have been out of the lineup over the last severa
  9. Krueger was that bad, all DG had to do was take the shackles off the team. He deserves credit for that.
  10. Saw the conclusion, I must be good luck, pretty ballsy comeback from 2 goals twice. Nice effort by Skins. Hell we even support each other now when it gets physical. Linus is a franchise guy, sign em up.
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