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  1. I'd trade for him in a heartbeat for the right price. I mean 2 years ago MVP, last year hurt, now stuck in a crappy situation. We should be so lucky as to get him. I don't buy the baloney about he's a LW, he's a top THREE FORWARD, a first liner. You can never have enough of these guys.
  2. 1. Eichel 2. Skinner 3. Reinhart 4. Johansson 5. Olofsson 6. Vesey 7. Mitts 8. Sheary 9. Girgensons 10. Larson 11. Asplund 12. Erod
  3. "Maybe also some of the people on this board will realize that Babcock wasn't the biggest problem. Little tip, Matthews is one of the problems too. Look at Eichel and how he carries the Sabres. Matthews should be doing the same." Love this!
  4. Hopefully its not Eichel, Sam and Risto you go over here......Bennett, Gaudreau and that number 1 next year get your Sabres jersey!😀
  5. My wife teaches middle school and she tells me there are ZERO boys who play hockey (ten years ago 4-5 or more every year.) The kicker is she has NINE girls who play travel hockey.
  6. Wow just wow, somebody actually put that out with a straight face. SMH
  7. He's got lotsa reasons to be here tonight.
  8. I would roll with this. Ideally Olofsson doesn't have to be on the first line, but it's all we have.
  9. That arena bites! one of the most depressing places to play in.
  10. He should be out as long as Dahlin is PLUS 2 games
  11. Nah! Care to elaborate? Are you implying they aren't going to the playoffs? Because I think you'd be wrong. The situations aren't even comparable.
  12. You need different looks or people adjust you out of commission. The Sabres have shown one model that was successful, do they have anything else? One of the answers to try and work more low to high, and high to low, not stand around hoping Jack can find VO for a onetimer. They actually could be using an option of Sam R handling the puck down low, and leaving Jack on the weakside alone. This would give them another good look IMO, Sam can find Skinner in the slot I believe. Finding Jack for a weakside quick shot from Dahlin is a good idea as well. Wouldn't hurt to have a look like that with VO on the bench and a hoss in front screening (Josh Anderson is my dream).
  13. I especially like the first one, Josh Anderson is a big, fast rugged dude. Sign me up. The Miller, TT, Sheary one isn't bad either. The other one requires some contemplation. Good Job, now make them happen.
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