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  1. Lol. you can't call him a creep, just an alleged creep!
  2. You can do whatever you want with it.
  3. I have it from a number of hockey guys I know that Evander Kane is like the worst person ever. I know guys who he played with who tell me he once asked Joe Thornton to borrow a million bucks. And, pretty much everything else about him is true. He is a scumbag, who could very well have committed just about anything.
  4. I my world, optimism isn't something the organization is entitled to year after year. As a fan, all I can do is turn it off and at most remain a casual Sabres fan if I don't enjoy it. If this stays the way it looks like it will be, I'll probably watch at the beginning and if it becomes a waste of time........well I'll find something else to spend time on. Bottom LINE.
  5. Wow I try to be an optimist, but this team looks just awful. I find what has transpired during this so important period to be truly depressing. Is there any reasonable plan ?
  6. Goalie better be part of the Eichel trade now
  7. As was said before, the vets need to be on the ice and producing. Just being a resume guy, " played 13 years in the NHL, 36 years of age, 3 time all star", now in street clothes is not enough.
  8. I read on this site that people didn't give a ***** what we got. The NHL people don't value players the way this board does.
  9. Is Zach Ertz part of the deal? SMH
  10. Borgen overrated by this board Risto underrated by this board NHL people Risto> Borgen by a mile my Unbiased opinion
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