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  1. Larsson isn't some kind of superstar, he was a fourth liner on a ***** team. He didn't break the bank in FA either.
  2. Good move for Hall too. Gets a year to put up numbers playing with Jack and more money available next year if Buffalo doesn't workout
  3. Dahlin taking a big step this year would be huge too!
  4. You're not arrogant and you believe that NHL experts know better than Sabre analytical fans.
  5. Josh Allen didn't have the numbers either...that is all.
  6. Brendan Dillon. Lefty, brings size, toughness, playoff experience and veteran presence. Plus his analytcs are pretty decent.
  7. Look not really looking for an argument, it is debatable at the very least as is whether he is the number 2 center on one of the best teams. Tampa has alot of C/W types and Stamkos is listed as a C and takes as many faceoffs as Point and Cirelli. Not a Cirelli expert, nor looking to argue, but the guy has never scored more than 21 goals at any level, including midgets and juniors, and only did it one time. I Like my second line Cs to more productive .
  8. I don't get all the love on here for Cirelli and him being the second line center savior. He'd be fine as a 3, but I'm not planning on him being much more.
  9. Yeah I know one more shot in the dark, just whistling in the wind and and hoping the mods wake up and realize the potential of the site. I mean listen to what a great writer is saying and not the ones who have kept away many who could contribute. I mean come on dude, he's correct, try and post something during the season that runs contrary to analytics and see what happens. Try and say that the Sabres are making a good move or playing well or anything basically positive and just watch the pack come after you. Embrace civility!
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