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  1. I can't believe some love this move- he sucks. Watch the fourth lines of the playoff teams. When Erod is a fourth line center the Sabres will have something.
  2. Should Buffalo pursue any RFA's? No we're good! We should look under every rock and at every FA who could help this team, because we're not good!
  3. This is a hard to tell hire for me. His strengths have been showcased by many on here so I won't go into them. I am on record as saying I thought they needed an ass-kicker during the season. Sheldon Keefe was my preferred hire because he is a tough, intense dude who will not allow losing easily. His teams win championships and he will win in the NHL some day. This was a team that was good for 2 months and then slid and slid and slid. They never recovered and showed no resiliency or adaptability. If the playoffs show us anything it is you need these 2 traits in spades. Sounds like Ralph K. has a different approach and I will be curious to watch and cheer for his success. A couple points I haven't seen mentioned- he is 59 years old. He has a lot of experience, but not winning in the NHL over 82 games. Other than winning in Austria back in the 90s, I see a lot of coaching lesser talented teams to 6th and 8th place finishes. Makes me wonder if this is a culture changer in the short term and nothing more than that. He has his chance to succeed on the ultimate level now. Good luck Ralphie
  4. Good post! He wasn't my first choice, but I like his reputation for being a progressive thinker. Beats the dead beat retreads.
  5. It is all just speculation from everyone right now isn't it?
  6. Not great with the names( there was a guy Sig Fircasi?), I listen to Sirius NHL radio talking about it. And, I've heard some of their guys speculating like everyone else that the Sabres will be on Keefe after his playoffs. They make some good arguments like he doesn't want to wait any longer. Others have also mentioned Ralph Krueger as having a relationship going back to Winnipeg with Botteril. My worry is we don't even attempt to go after him, he becomes a Leafs asst for a year, takes over as HC and the Leafs get over the hump with Babcock gone. Meanwhile, the Sabres hire a retread and continue to be what they are and make no progress. Missing out on the next great NHL coach.
  7. Could be 100% correct. However, I've heard others with a different take on this.
  8. I respect the approach you have taken to this.
  9. I think some of you are just coming upon this story for the first time. Many of us, especially in the hockey world, knew about it and have come to grips with it. It occured a long time ago and the guy has done what you hope of someone with his past. That is don't become another drag on society, we have enough of them. He got his ***** together over a decade ago and some people are able to move on. Many in the hockey world who are just concerned with his ability to coach will have no problem hiring him. Others not so much, they will always be skeptical. I mean look around at media, politicians lawyers etc. in our current climate. Some will never forgive and will in fact use it against him forever. Not my way, you don't throw away people in the garbage who've had serious issues. I for one side on the side of if he is a different better person and has attempted redemption and made signifanct progress- I'm good, I'm behind you . Provided of course they are trying to do right.
  10. I remember being at the Fred Page Cup in Brockville when SK was coaching Pembroke. David Frost showed up, he is a big nasty looking guy and I believe he was banned at the time (no one was asking him to leave though). There was a buzz around the rink that it was him and he wanted back into Sheldon's life. Sheldon wanted nothing to do with him. They didn't speak and haven't in many years. He broke away from the cult, and it was a cult. I just remember him being there with his wife, who was pregnant at the time, and being extremely happy at the end. It says in one of the articles that Frost doesn't know his wife, doesn't know his kids. So in his day to day he could still deliver with him there.
  11. https://torontosun.com/2012/12/03/ex-frost-disciple-keefe-looks-to-shed-baggage/wcm/c0f7b235-b400-4be6-b056-84c7aa14b8f9
  12. I had to delete it https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/marlies-sheldon-keefe-shown-willingness-adapt-off-ice/
  13. There are defineatly some who want to kick him to the curb for sure. BTW, where are all the ones who were ripping it on the coach thread?
  14. He recruited my son to play for him in Pembroke about 10 years ago. My son's college coach who he had already committed to said no way he's going to go play for Sheldon Keefe. We talked about the stuff in the articles and the decision was made-No! Over the next couple years I watched a great coach in action. One who was loved by his players and had nothing but positives to say about him. I watched him get married and become a father. He was a tough coach, but a gentleman and someone who was a feel good redemption story.
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