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  1. Torpedo Forecheck

    Mr. Eichel, is he captain material?

    Good post! To think I thought the Bills site was bad. Hockey fans are even less informed. Jack is not a problem.
  2. Torpedo Forecheck

    Playoffs! Do you think we make it?

    We are building and appear to be a bit short this season based on what I've seen. We need growth from the younger guys with room for improvement still (Dahlin, Jack, Risto, Middle, Tage, Linus etc.). The Sabres are just not deep enough right now, especially on defense. Hope I'm wrong and all those guys step up down the stretch.
  3. Great win! Showing improvement in our defensive structure (not perfect)- but better
  4. Nice period! Our defensive structure is much better tonight.
  5. Sharks smell the blood, show us a PPG
  6. We are incredibly fortunate to have a talent like Jack