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  1. For me I've been disappointed in Vesey, he should be a 20 goal scorer. He seems emotionless, almost sulky to me. Does he fancy himself a top 6 forward on this team? I'm thinking Mitts, Tage and Sheary at some point if it doesn't improve.
  2. That's all pretty fair I'd say. I'm a bit higher on Casey than you, but you're correct I hadn't thought about wing....interesting
  3. I very much like the player and thought he was strong at times last year. I raised an eyebrow when he didn't make the lineup coming out of camp. Matter of fact, I thought it was crazy, but after watching him so far, not sure he's helped himself.
  4. Interesting, watching yesterday I didn't see that, I saw a shell of the player we saw at times in the second half last year. He mishandled the puck a few times and screwed up the cycle on a couple occasions. Maybe I'm missing something.
  5. If you can't read this and see the problem with your thinking I don't know what to tell you. Ignoring that which you do not know isn't the answer either.
  6. The dude is a horse! Unfortunately, he is the whipping boy of some on here. Way underrated as a real world player by the numbers crowd.
  7. Yeah the world is full of 20 year olds who've already played a season in the NHL, scoring 12 goals, were picked number 8 in the draft, starred at the WJC, have tremendous hands and skills. But, yeah you're right, why be patient, because in you opinion he sucks! Take a hike you sound ignorant.
  8. Good call! A very underrated aspect of coaching/managing an NHL team. Hopefully it doesn't take Ralph 30-40 games and seeing Vlad with a goal and 3 assists to realize he doesn't belong.
  9. My guesses based on what I've seen, heard.
  10. At least the bad ones do! Oh wait, forget it.
  11. That makes it easy No Okposo, No Sobotka IMO. Watched last night for the first time, and I came away with those 2 have NO upside. They are what they are. Now does Ralph agree?
  12. I can't believe some love this move- he sucks. Watch the fourth lines of the playoff teams. When Erod is a fourth line center the Sabres will have something.
  13. Should Buffalo pursue any RFA's? No we're good! We should look under every rock and at every FA who could help this team, because we're not good!
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