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  1. I think you are confusing "won't" with "immediate" because Adams has started that process. We can argue he needs to speed it up or add other stuff but I don't think it is about not doing it. Adams brought in Comrie because his GSAE was great last year and for the first few games this year he was still good. Then Muel got hurt and things went to hell. We can say Adams didnt support the defense enough. Idk a fan who wouldn't argue we needed another NHL defender. What I am saying is Adams is making changes, you don't trade Reinhart for Levi if it isn't part of getting a goaltender. You don't sign Comrie if you aren't trying to make sure you don't have to rely on UPL, they clearly aren't sold on him as an NHL tender and guess what? The Comrie injury is really allowing that evaluation to move forward. Adams is moving slow in some regards for sure. I think he does view this as another build/evaluation/development year which sucks. That said, we have seen that Adams will move and make changes once he decides on something. He decided Eichel needed to be shipped out and once he got the price he roughly wanted, done. He knew he wanted Jack Quinn over Marco Rossi, done. He knew he wanted JJP and bam traded up. He tried to trade up for Kulich and got lucky he slid. He wanted more physicality on the backend and Boosh. He knew Samuelsson was a key piece and bam 7yr deal. He knew Tage was going to good again, 7 yr deal. When Adams decides, he moves. He tried to add Murray before Comrie, we don't know who else in the goalie market he tried for. Right now he can't move and that is on him, it is his fault for not giving us more depth. Now he probably has to wait until the trade deadline or over pay to add something. He knew that Sheahan and Bjork weren't what we needed so added Jost (who looks okay so far). Adams is cautious but the suggestion from you and others is that Adams is refusing to make moves, he isn't. Agree with his moves or not, but he seems calculated as opposed to panicky. I wish his plan was faster but he at least has a plan. He is adding specific types of players and when he can't add that player he waits. Adams didn't do enough to fix the defense. Idk if he could have done more but he should have. I think Goaltending will be fine once Comrie is back. I guess we shall see.
  2. It's like the concept of Ristolainen.
  3. I'm really excited for Devon Levi, Buffalo Sabres starting goaltender 2023.
  4. The acting job on the "high stick" was world cup quality.
  5. Nope This is the Avs 10 win, .926sv% starter.
  6. I just want to watch Quinn pass the puck. He just snaps it around with authority.
  7. Quinn can do something Krebs can't, fake a shot that's threatening. What a play from Cozens to Quinn to JJ
  8. Sure there is. Krebs - Asplund - Hinostroza Boom easy
  9. Mitts is bad though. Sure he's in position but what I'm saying is it don't think that's impacting the play enough in a positive way. Somebody say Seth Jarvis?!?!?
  10. Id like to see Mitt and Olofsson shipped out for something useful like defense or another bottom 6 player who doesn't get caved in by his feeble play whenever he's on the ice.
  11. That's what many did with Risto. It was always "oh this year he will do it, he's still young"
  12. To each their own. I disagree wholeheartedly with your interpretation. I think you are confusing results with what he is saying and I don't think some magical anything is coming. Tage shouldn't either.
  13. Id have to see the heat map of the defensive zone for Mitts and Cozens. Really get a feel for where shots are coming from. I wonder as well if Cozens is more effective at getting the puck out limiting the number of shots where as Mitts sees more because as you say he tends to be in the middle of the ice.
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