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  1. National shows, of course, but compared to some other local sports shows I’ve heard, the Instigators was high art.
  2. I also think it's more likely to draw a DPI call if they go after the ball. 35-0 and there is so much room for improvement. That doen't suck.
  3. Oh, brother. He's not injured.
  4. I didn't pay him anything.
  5. I'm also thinking of two plays, one on the sideline and one in the endzone, where the recivers were waiting for the ball to land perfectly in their breadbasket, while they wtched the defender jumping in front of them trying to make a play. It was the same ball he threw for Digg's and the same ball that Ben threw to his receivers last week against us. His day could have also been better if the others made some plays for him.
  6. Still missing the point. You are putting it all on Josh. Our receivers need to go to the ball, and not wait for it to come to them. If they did that on even half of the incompletions, we wouldn't be talking about Josh's bad day.
  7. I wonder if anyone even remembers the 40 yard throw to Sanders. That was awful.
  8. It’s not great, but he made the throws he had to, and the plays he makes with his feet are actually plays that count. I’d sure hate to see what the game would have looked like with someone else behind that O line. Are his receivers blameless? I think some of those throws were catchable. Other than Diggs, when is the last time you saw a one of our receivers take a ball away from a defender?
  9. There were plays that his receivers didn’t make for him. Watch Diggs go up for a ball. Watch Pittsburgh’s receivers fight for those balls last week. Too many times I see our receivers with their arms at their sides and their hands out, waiting for the ball to drop perfectly in their hands like a loaf of bread, while the defender is jumping in front of them trying to make a play. And the two TD throws were amazing.
  10. If Josh Allen ever had the series that Maholmes just had, the suicide prevention line in Buffalo would crash. People saying he had a bad game today are broken.
  11. He looks fine. Diggs is the only one of our receivers who fights for the ball. All the others wait for it to come to them. It almost bit us a couple of times. That’s on the receivers, not Josh. Moss with some tough runs today.
  12. A long week finally ending. Over 2K views of our video in under a week, to decent reviews. Hockey on tonight. Maiden voyage of the new kayak tomorrow. F'N Fantastic.
  13. San Jose. They always beat San Jose for some reason. I just signed up. Even for the entire year, the Disney plus bundle is less than $20 more what NHLTV was. Totally worth it. With the Sabres being this bad, it's more important than ever to be able to watch other teams play.
  14. I really hope that in the next draft, with the picks they got, that they can find a, Reinhart type player.
  15. It's also when they started televising the nation anthem at sporting events (With a few exceptions, SB,...)
  16. I think that's the point. You're going to have to keep waiting, cuz he gone.
  17. Vegas has the best presentation for Vegas. If I went to Vegas and saw a game, I’d want that presentation. Every game in another city, no way. I’d want to kill myself. But then again, I actually like hockey. I disagree with AA. The product on the ice is all that matters.
  18. I'm sure there are. From what I've been told on this site, there is not only a McDavid, and a MacKinnon in this draft, but a Crosby as well.
  19. This policy with the Bills and Sabres will affect me zero percent. The NFL will never see another dollar of mine and it looks like the Sabres won’t see any of my money for years.
  20. I think they just want to protect Beasley from getting sick on our way to the Super Bowl.
  21. Boy, I'll say. They played a team that was 12-4 last year. And it was a one score game where we looked rusty. I'm hopeful that, like the Arizona game last year, they will learn from this and learn to not lose. My only concern is our recievers and has been for quite some time. They never win the battle for balls they have to fight for. Unless Joh delivers it perfectly, they never make the catch.
  22. I really hope that you are some kid in your mom’s basement. If not, then you coming in here to troll Bills fans is embarrassing.
  23. We may have been able to overcome a blocked punt for 6. We may have been able to overcome a lot of dropped passes. We may have been able to overcome some questionable coaching decisions. We may have been able to overcome some,... “tough” calls against us. We weren’t going to overcome all of it. And it was still a one score game. They gotta be better. I think they will be. Hey, the regular season starts next week!
  24. I’ve said the same thing.😂 I’d love to think we could open for some prog/metal band, but I could definitely see Matt playing his guitar at the top of a rock wall with a 20ft scarf blowing in the wind as we open up for Yanni at The Acropolis. Pretty sure the money would be better.
  25. Our latest. It’s based on the first two movements of the Gabriel Fauré Requiem.
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