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  1. I can understand why people might hate those jerseys, especially if you are a hockey traditionalist (not saying you are). Changing your teams colors, I get it. The jersey designs, themselves with no logo are kinda schlocky. But that buffalo is one of the coolest designs in all of sports. To say it barely looks like a buffalo(bison) is baffling to me. Its the most real looking bison on any Buffalo jersey ever.
  2. It actually reminded me of the Drury 7.7 goal. Every time I watch that, I’m surprised by how much he lets it breath. It’s pretty awesome.
  3. I’ve had enough of these 100+ heat indices. I replaced the rear pads and rotors on my truck today. Because of the 100 degree temp and me still not wanting to push it, a job that should have taken about an hour took over 5 1/2 hours. Lots of breaks and sitting. Lots of water, too,… lots. Summer sucks. I’m ready for fall.
  4. Yes. Standards have changed in the future.😂
  5. All I know is that when George was 24, his 17 yo wife was giving birth to their daughter.
  6. THC. Both medically and recreationally. Today, it started out medical. Ate a gummy. First time my stomach has growled since February. It turned recreational. First time I’ve felt somewhat normal in a long time. It was a good day.
  7. Totally fine witth it. 😂
  8. Do you think that all 30 are telling the truth? If not, what percentage?
  9. Well, then. He must have done it then. SMH. I honestly don’t know what the right outcome should be. Is he guilty?… then never play again. Is all this BS and he innocent?… then no games. The point is, we don’t know. I just find it curious how people’s standard of proof varies depending on the situation or person. One story and he’s an easy target. It’s an easy story to copy and even easier to embellish.
  10. I didn’t know you were a Battlestar Gilactica fan.
  11. Thats a really dumb statement.
  12. So, allegations are all it takes now for someone to be guilty. k Funny how it’s convenient when it’s convenient.
  13. Oh, wait,… I just remembered I don’t care. 😂 Gotta stop reading this board with coffee and just go kayaking. Call me when we’re in the playoffs.
  14. As @dudacek pointed out to me (that I think I finally understood this very morning), the cap situation would be no different. By doing what he did, it frees up a roster spot for an actual player.
  15. This has to stop. It would have been a failure with or without Ruff. Also, Lindy’s results, post Sabres, weren’t much different than when he was here. In fact, they were the very results that convinced people that we needed to go scorched earth and do a GD stupid ***** Tank. I say it was a mercy done to him by letting hime go.
  16. I genuinely don’t care if that person dies. It’s their choice. We were coming back from the MoMA yesterday and I was just hoping for one of these guys to go up and over the barrier on the West Side Highway. Am I a bad person?
  17. North Tonawanda. Yes, there is a difference. No, there isn't. EDIT: And I'm pretty sure he is not head of jersey design, but a part of the design team. EDIT:EDIT: I stand corrected. Just checked. He is the head guy.
  18. Had a rough week and a top 10 worst day this week. Today, I'm finding new and wonderful music all over the internet. F'N Awesome!
  19. Was it that high? You have to assume that those 3 first round picks are going to be late, and, most likely, none of them were going to turn into a Tkachuk. Weager’s replaceable. I think Florida gat better.
  20. I honestly have no idea. Just being silly, thus the smiley face. 7th was where one of the tweet posts had them. Nope. Our (or at least mine) point was that we weren’t sure how excited we should be (my thought was not at all) about our prospect pool being ranked high, as it has been ranked high in the past,… and we still sucked this year. I keep being told “it’s different this time”. (I’ve been told that before, as well.) I have no problem with the rankings as I really don’t care. I have too much to do other than pay a lick of attention to hundreds of kids playing around the globe, and like I said, I’m just not sure how much it matters. That’s fine. I guess I’ll just have to take youse guyses wordses for it. And I truly hope you are right. I remain cautiously optimistic.
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