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  1. No work today. Heading up to Vermont for the weekend with family. Hope it’s snow and not rain tomorrow, although, I don’t really care either way. I use my Duluth Trading Co rain gear to snowboard in. If I bought the same stuff in a ski shop, it would have been double the price. The only thing I don’t get is a powder skirt, but, it’s the east. How often am I going to need that?! Just getting out of Jersey will be worth it. 😂
  2. Greenway crushed Hagel with a big hit in the last minute, as well. I do agree that it looked like a pretty sloppy game between two okay teams. Although, it did have a playoff vibe last night, which I liked. Thomson’s goal was great, but it pissed me off at the same time. He plays his own game and refuses to use his linemates at all. It’s no wonder that people think Skinner floats. Why should he try if he knows he’s never getting a pass.
  3. Then I have no explanation. I can't think of a single reason for any of the activity with the threads yesterday and today. If there was an explanation, maybe people wouldn't be dumping on the mods. Nobody was offended. nobody was arguing. It was weird. Just sayin.
  4. Doesn't mean that every once in a while you don't get off on a little power trip, does it? And let's face it, every once in a while, Chz just gets weird. I honestly don't know what TF she is trying to say, sometime. Especially when she drunk dials the board at 1 am.
  5. I will admit that at no point in that game, until they scored in overtime, did I think the Sabres were going to win that game. Is it fantastic Friday yet?
  6. Those third period scoring stats were kinda hilarious. Of course we've outscore the other team in the third. Cuz we're usually down by 3.
  7. Cuz they don't care as long as they are making money. Why would they spend more money making your life easier if you give them your money anyway.
  8. It's kinda how they've looked for a while. I really hope that the Sabres have been holding back, cuz if they had one guy who could turn on another gear, we beat them in the third.
  9. I said in the GDT that I didn't think the officiating changed the outcome of the game, but there is no way to say for sure. Who cares, anyway, we shouldn't have to watch that garbage.
  10. This is just the groundhog seeing it's shadow. We'll know it's truly spring once we get that call from Bruce in Depew shouting on the Whiner Line.
  11. I would bet that that percentage is pretty consistent across every generation.
  12. How much were the refs fined for that turd they smeared all over the ice?
  13. Is there somewhere we can go to find a list of pre-approved thoughts? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
  14. What the hell does that even mean?
  15. I wish the Sabres had “their game.” They tried to play Florida’s game on Tuesday. Didn’t do too bad a job of it either. Penalties made it impossible for them pull it off, though. I’m sure they’ll try to play Tampa’s game tonight. It won’t work. Tampa is old. Skate skate skate. Don’t fight Tanner Jeannot. They’re not going to get the calls again tonight. Just deal with it and keep playing. Just ***** win!
  16. Year 12 of the expected 20 year playoff drought.
  17. On another note, I absolutely love everything Red Bull does, I mean,... other than the actual beverage.
  18. That was amazing. I would have loved to see the real footage through the entire lap, instead of the enhanced. It's most likely not good enough for primetime, though. Drones have changed how the cover extreme snowboarding and it's incredible.
  19. Wow. Catching up on some reading today. The salient points: R word bad Can’t say got your bell rung, because,… reasons. and
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