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  1. Yeah, I’d definitely talk to Seattle. They’d have more flexibility in building their team. You’d think they’d jump at a deal for Eichel to start their team with instead of relying on a bunch of fading veterans and unproven youngsters.
  2. I’ll never forget the experience listening to a San Francisco Giants radio broadcast by a Phil Stone, who had previously only done TV broadcasting. His call was something like this: “Here’s the pitch. Centerfielder’s under it. Inning over.”
  3. And Granato was the coach at the start, Reinhardt was playing center the whole year, Dahlin was allowed to play free, etc.
  4. Islanders had already clinched a playoff spot and are only playing for seeding. You’d think they’d want to avoid Washington as they were 2-6 vs them. Also 3-5 vs Pens. 5-2 vs Boston with one remaining. To those who saw the game, did Isles take the Sabres lightly these last 2 games?
  5. Is he related to actress Renee Zellweger?
  6. A long solid career. Very good for a 5th round pick.
  7. Yep, other than losses, one thing this Sabres team leads the league in is fewest penalty minutes. ”But, doesn’t that just mean they’re disciplined?”
  8. I’m not watching the game. So, it sounds like the Sabres ARE NOT dominating despite the advantage on shots right now?
  9. Oh, really? I hadn’t heard that. I thought it was part of the “end up with the worst goalie so we don’t win”.
  10. Smith is having a good season but, at his age, maybe on a 1 year contract.
  11. Since there’s not a definite #1 player in the upcoming draft, I’ll take every win.
  12. My condolences. I had a tuxedo cat that acted like a dog. He unfortunately developed cancer around an eye and the vet said he was probably in a lot of pain. Still it was tough.
  13. I’ll never forget when the Sabres put 18 year old Marty Biron in. An opposing player fired a shot, which hit the back of the net, and then Marty’s glove hand came up. He was definitely not ready but it didn’t ruin him.
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