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  1. And that should be the way to get the attention of the owners and management. How about, for that first game, nobody shows? They make this big deal about fans returning and the arena is still empty. The Sports shows will report this and it should be embarrassing to the owners. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, they’ll just say people were being health conscious.
  2. Can they petition to be included in the expansion draft with Seattle? Vegas has maintained a very good team with what they started with in the expansion draft, trades and free agency. This franchise needs to start over from scratch.
  3. The power play on that 74-75 team was really good. Perrault, Robert, Martin, Korab and Stanfield.
  4. Good data to show Skinner just hasn’t performed. Still, I don’t know what putting him on the 4th line accomplishes.
  5. Just realized tonight was the first of 4 games in 4 days. Oy vay!! And with Eichel & Ullmark now both injured? Could really get ugly now. Wait, now I see tomorrow’s game is postponed.
  6. I guess I was thinking of the NFL, without guaranteed contracts, where players become free agebts if they clear waivers.
  7. Now that he cleared waivers, his huge contract is no longer in play. Has struggled so far but scored 26 goals last season.
  8. Maybe Staal can pull a Vonte Davis (Bills) and retire in between periods.
  9. We thought we were getting that kind of captain with O’Reilly but even he got infected by the suck.
  10. Be careful what you wish for. They could end up somewhere like Portland.
  11. Was related to your comment about the tank.
  12. The Fire Sale at the 2014 trade deadline resulted in the following draft picks and how they were used: 2014 Two 1sts- own- Reinhardt (already heavily discussed) Islanders- Isles took advantage of condition of, if Top 10 pick, push to 2015 2015 Three 1sts- own- Eichel Islanders- traded to Ottawa for G Robin Lehner St Louis- traded to Winnipeg as part of deal for Evander Kane 2016 One 1st- own- Alex Nylander: showed signs of development last season with Chicago after being traded for D Henri Jokiharju. They also received a bu
  13. Yeah, I’m all for continuity, especially when the winning history was there, but, after 14.5 seasons, it sounded like the players started tuning him out. Hindsight is 2020, with no playoff appearances since he was fired.
  14. Trying for the Ryan O’Reilly way out of town?
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