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  1. Unfortunately the Braves’ management had no foresight. They had traded away C Elmore Smith to allow Bob McAdoo to play center. Then, after acquiring Malone, an ABA All Star in his rookie year, they couldn’t promise him the playing time he wanted so they dealt him for two future 1st round picks that they later traded away.
  2. Different paths change the outcome, but the franchise just reached it’s 50th year without ever making it to the conference championship. Recently, details were posted of what really happened. Canisius College’s basketball team had #1 priority on dates at the Aud and weren’t going to give it up. I don’t know that a different owner would’ve made any difference. Perhaps one that was rolling in dough could’ve provided Canisius with some financial incentive but we’ll never know.
  3. Geez, what is Washington doing beating Philly? I’m out. Overthought it. Decided to keep Baltimore for another week, now there are no other weeks for me. Out in my other survivor league also as I picked Indy over Jacksonville. The 2 teams projected to be the worst both win their openers at home against playoff contenders. Go figure.
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know that Yahoo is really screwing up in other fantasy areas so I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens for Fantasy Football, even though it’s their bell cow. I play a few other fantasy sports and DFS and in the last week or so they’ve gone off the rails. Players’ season history is being wiped out and they’re not totaling the scores correctly.
  5. gilbert11

    So #8

    Everything was difficult, different and complicated this year, but once they decided on these plans to have the 24 teams with 7 not participating, the 7 should’ve been the only teams in the lottery. The league would’ve really had egg all over their faces if Pittsburgh or Edmonton had won the lottery. Even for it to be as it was, with all the play-in teams, it should’ve been weighted for the lower seeds, not giving them all an equal chance.
  6. And so Pittsburgh, Edmonton and Nashville all get a shot at the first pick.
  7. Never mind. Why do I trust Yahoo for sports? They have them all backwards. Bozos.
  8. And the East’s 6th seeded Rangers are now down 2-0 in their series. Wait a minute. How did they come up with these seeds? Rangers were 37-28-5 and are #6. The Canes were 38-25-5 and they’re 11th? Anyway you look at it, the Canes won one more game and lost 3 less games. So, Carolina had 81 pts to the Rangers 79 and they’re in the same division. Can somebody ‘splain?
  9. You’d think he’d do everything he could to impress the Sabres to get promoted. If he hasn’t been a physical player, would he really add that after getting a shot?
  10. I like the whole concept. Now, they need to follow what the San Jose Sharks do, where, with the ice as a screen, have a video of an octopus moving through the water and catching its prey.
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