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  1. Was there as a 12-year old when Sabres franchise began. All-time favorite- Perreault- he was so exciting to watch Most exciting moments- 1st Sabres game, making Stanley Cup Finals in franchise’s 5th season, watching French Connection Most frustrating- two Stanley Cup Final losses, losing in Conference Finals after winning President’s trophy Improve current team- add toughness, extensive winning/playoff experience, top goaltender
  2. I’m surprised it took this long in the thread for Gretzky. He was amazing. Not a big guy, not a great shot, just a great player. Gretzky Ovechkin LaFleur- full rink rushes as exciting as Perreault. Pavelski Logan Couture
  3. Just watched NHL Network’s Countdown show which showed their list of the top 25 lines of All-Time. I was pleasantly surprised to see the French Connection line as # 2. That’s really saying something with the history of the NHL. Those of us that got to see them play were truly blessed. #1 was Howe, Abel, Lindsay. Notable was Gretzky, Kurri Tikanen #7. You’d think the AllTime leading scorer and one of the best goal scorers of his time would be higher.
  4. You didn’t catch my sarcasm font.
  5. At least the Sabres only dropped one spot. The poor RedWings dropped 3 spots to 4.
  6. I was just going to mention that a deal with Eichel would have some similarities to when Boston traded Thornton. Their return was mediocre. 20-goal/40 point scorer Marco Sturm, young defenseman Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau. That was it. Sturm continued his production for a few years, Stuart arguably didn’t live up to his potential, and Primeau was Primeau. Meanwhile, Thornton has played 14+ seasons with the Sharks, with production not declining til his 40s.
  7. When do we start thinking the team might be better off dealing him for 3 good players? Of course, even though Botteril is gone, we could end up with the return from O’Reilly deal. Jack is a very good player. I wouldn’t yet call him great. One very good player, a few good players (Reinhardt, Dahlin, Oloffson) and a bunch of mediocre players isn’t going to get it done.
  8. The weed that they’re smoking? “Dude, maybe Eichel’s the problem!” ”Yuh, he, he.”
  9. I also was told about TBD and TSW by a friend and then saw the Sabres related links.
  10. Yes, it must’ve been Florida. There were 100s. They seemed to cover more than half the ice, more than hats for a hat trick. Another funny moment was with a team up by a goal and an empty net, a player is all alone skating towards the net with the puck. The announcer says “This should clinch it” just before the player loses his edge and goes flying to the ice and the puck goes wide. An opposing player trailing the play, grabs the puck and heads up ice and his team scores to tie the game before the end of regulation.
  11. Same thing with the Orange Man. You’d think karma would have him get it, but not only has he tested negative, it was the most negative the doctor had ever seen.
  12. The lower gravity on Mars would make the games interesting.
  13. They showed one where a Penguin took a shot from the point, it deflected off Crosby in front, went off the glass behind the net, hit the back of the goalie and into the net. They didn’t say whether the shooter called it. There was another where a player showed his soccer skills by heading the puck into the net. It was not allowed.
  14. Yes, I agree, but they didn’t show that part. With obvious bias, that whole episode should’ve been #1. I was disappointed with their #1. Other more Bizarre moments would be like 2 players having their skates stuck to each other. That doesn’t make a Top 50? Only dedicating 60 minutes to a top 50 didn’t leave much time for each of their moments. There was one that must’ve been involving a player with ‘rat’ in their name, which I didn’t catch, as after a goal the fans littered the ice with rats, including one live one. Other type of moments that made their list were own goals, including one where, on a delayed penalty and pulled goalie, a player fired the puck back to the point and it went all the way down the ice into their own goal.
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