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  1. Just watched the NHL Top 50 Bizarre Moments in history. Sabres-related moments were: #50- Sabres VS Phoenix- shot puck ends up tangled in back of Mike Smith’s jersey. When he backs into net, Sabres given goal and win game. 29- fan goes on ice by Sabres bench and Rob Ray pummels him 6- bat flying over rink hit and killed by Jim Lorentz with his stick (can’t get more bizarre than that) #1 in case you were wondering was 1979 game between Boston & Rangers in MSG. Phil Esposito has breakaway at end of game but was stopped. He smashes stick on ice and skates off into the tunnel. Afterwards, Boston’s Peter McNabb goes into stands to fight with fans and other Bruins follow him.
  2. Do you watch Project Blue Book? The last episode I watched had Dr Hynek and his wife at the set of Close Encounters.
  3. I just watched the NHL Top40 All-Time Goalie Countdown on NHL Network. Hasek was #2 behind Brodeur. Barasso was #34 and all the highlights they showed were in a Penguins uni. No Ryan Miller?
  4. Jimmy Page as Rhythm Guitarist? Surely you jest. In my book he’s alone as the top Lead Guitarist..
  5. I’ve been watching Avenue5 on HBO. I think it’s hilarious. They even had a funny Buffalo reference in a recent episode. A woman was called to the White House. They show her getting into a cab. The female cabbie says “Have you been to Buffalo before? It’s changed a lot since they moved the White House here.”
  6. Let’s see, Bills prior ownership went back and brought the ancient Marv Levy back as GM and that didn’t work. This Sabres ownership went back in history and brought LaFontaine in as President and that didn’t work. They brought back Ted Nolan and that didn’t work. Pegs hires McDermott and Beane from a successful Carolina franchise and that worked out well. They then tried this with the Sabres hiring from the successful Pittsburgh Penguins and that didn’t work. I think this franchise is just jinxed. No Goal! The great Scotty Bowman took every other franchise he was coach/GM of to the Stanley Cup Finals, including the then expansion St Louis Blues, but couldn’t accomplish that with this franchise.
  7. “Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.”
  8. A white Raiders outfit like his dad occasionally wore. I think because of his position as owner, he just DGAF.
  9. Is the Vegas goal-scorer related to Derek Roy or Patrick Roy? A hint , I guess, would be is it pronounced Roy or Wah. I’m unable to watch the game.
  10. That is a horrible picture. On top of the reddish-blond hair and his red face, he wears a peach colored sweatshirt?
  11. Interesting that Reinhart continues to take the faceoffs instead of Jack for their line. Has there been any explanation for this?
  12. You probably are too young to remember Gil Perrault. He scored goals like that frequently. Many times he started behind his own net and weaved through the whole opposing team. Guy LaFleur was similar.
  13. How about number 11 with the nameplate of GOATS (Greatest of All-Time Sabre)?
  14. Yeah, he’s currently third on the team in plus/minus at +12, behind only Montour (15) and Eichel (14)
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