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  1. Yes, I DVR everything. Once in a while it backfires as I look at something on my iPad or iPhone and catch a score by accident of a game I recorded but that’s my fault. I can’t stand commercials. I can also fast forward thru down times in a game, like replay review and showing replays from a dozen different angles.
  2. How about Krueger for Jack Adams, Carter (EF) Hutton for Vezina, Dahlin for Norris and Olofsson for Calder? Side comment: with all the hockey people in history to honor, they had to use Calder for both the NHL Rookie of the Year and AHL Championship?
  3. That’s awesome. I wonder what the panda was really doing.
  4. Yes, if the additions to the defense have the expected improvements, there could be less shots on goal, and specifically less point blank shots, which would mask the goaltending deficiencies.
  5. Great. Thanks for setting it up.
  6. So, the league is full then? Get this, I’ve been in a Yahoo league for 4 years (someone, I don’t remember sent me an invite) and we had our draft this morning. It was at 8 AM PST. I’m not a morning person but got up around 7 to get something to eat, etc and we drafted with no issues. Afterwards, I went to the league page and the Yahoo algorithm that evaluates drafts ( for whatever that’s worth) posted that I had the best draft. A little while later, I decided to go check out the drafted teams and the league did not show. Having experienced Yahoo screwups over the years, I contacted them and they said the commissioner deleted the league. WTF! I don’t know the commissioner and with the league deleted I can’t look to see who it may have been that invited me. Good practice draft for my other leagues, I guess. LOL!
  7. Training camp starts in about a month and despite some chatter, no recent roster changes. Is the goaltending good enough? I’m not sure. While the GA averages over 3.00 for both Hutton and Ullmark are poor, they can be a result of poor defensive play. Save percentage can be a somewhat better predictor of goaltenders’ play but if the poor defense is leading to breakaways and point blank shots, it may not all fall on the goalies. However, looking at those Save Percentages of .908 for Hutton and .905 for Ullmark, they place them at 34 and 40 respectively in the league for 2018/19. Did the Sabres add enough scoring in the offseason? I don’t think so. Vesey and Johansson should help but I don’t expect that much of an impact. I think they need one more proven 20 goal scorer to help balance out the production. So, in my opinion, if the Sabres go into the season with this current roster, I don’t see much improvement in the team’s win-loss record.
  8. It also seems they’re going to let the new goaltending coach see what he can do vs upgrading the talent.
  9. Dom to Pat Sajak: “Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel”
  10. Reminds me a little of Afinegenov.
  11. Anytime you can get anything in trade for Pu is a plus, unless you’re a fertilizer salesman. 💩
  12. Especially when you have no 2nd round pick.
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