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  1. You should never argue with a crazy mi mi mi mind. You oughta know by now.
  2. Just when I thought I was out (of the MW thingie), you guys pull me back in.
  3. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/sabres/listen-granato-had-plenty-to-be-aggravated-with-following-tuesdays-loss-in-florida
  4. Boy the way Population played McCormick made the hit parade Fans like us, we had it made Those were the days! And you knew where Van was then Sens were Sens and men were men Mister we could use a man like Mike Weber again Didn't need no prospect slate Pat Kaleta threw his weight Gee, our old RJ sounded great Those were the days!
  5. Over under on Duffer Leap Day leap over the Lightning and into a playoff spot references? Parlay... He works 329 into it. Like a Pominville hattie against the Lightning back in the day.
  6. I just found out that Lowest Point in Sabres history thread wasn't locked, it was scrubbed from the site. There was a lot of good historical info and context in it. My Gaslit at 3 a.m. thread also went away. I actually messaged chz and said I wasn't going to get upset about the gaslit thread bc I have mellowed with age. But now I AM getting ticked off. There's a weird trend at play.
  7. They want to win, they feel they can, they see a way they can, I'm happy for that and proud of them for that.
  8. It's getting ridiculous. Let them die on their own if they're so terrible.
  9. No. Isn't anybody else chuckling over Don's theatrics? Why now? Why oh why?
  10. Go on... Dumb fans do. It's amazing. It's the same refrain after every loss. I guess the league has to stop the unstoppable force that is the Buffalo Sabres somehow. That's your opinion. More arrogant pricks, period. Someone to tell Cozens to stop eat Fruity Pebbles straight out of the box.
  11. Hope the players don't think like this. There were plenty of more important games in October and November.
  12. This reminds me of the time they raised the roof on the Aud in time for opening night 1971. My oldest and I went down during the noon hour to watch the workers open their lunch pails. We bonded that summer as he was preparing to go to mortuary school in the fall.
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