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  1. Is there another fanbase in the NHL where this would be a topic? Poorly worded. Among non-winning franchises of course. Even some of the successful ones... What's crazier, having the discussion now or the very idea of 20 years of anyone?
  2. The Jetsons. What a scam. Where are the video calls? Huh?
  3. To hear it told, Don and Kev will be three years into a new 20 year contract.
  4. A little spare for me. The comparison to Rick is apt in general, but I can think of only big moment where he sounded like that. Are you ready... His second year on TV and I think he was trying to let the picture speak for itself. I remember the pause as awkward or even worrisome. It won't live on in the pantheon.
  5. I wish him nothing but the best of luck in this worthy endeavor.
  6. If true? It's Rick. It's all apocryphal.
  7. Seriously, go talk about prospects. I'll be in the GDT. If anybody needs directions, PM me.
  8. Fair. I'm not stopping anyone from talking about prospects.
  9. Also... "Play well in this league" is an incomplete grade without playoff context. IMHO.
  10. That's exactly how you evaluate players. You care about evaluating individual players bc the NHL left Buffalo in 2012. Again, how sad.
  11. This would require everyone in this thread to independently study hundreds of prospects. It ain't happening. Any ranking of prospects here is fundamentally dishonest.
  12. Exactly. You haven't drafted better until you're... better. The bar is set deliberately low by the franchise and those vested in "being right" about young players.
  13. You nailed it. That approach must be left behind. It didn't work. But let's continue to endorse an approach that not only didn't work, it continues not to work (fingers crossed for fall 2022) and is unlikely to ever work. But, YAY!, KA and TG for two decades! You have to use all of your tools when constructing a team. Spending a little future capital to try and put this team into the playoffs would be capital well spent. It's a signal to the kids. If it works they grow leaps and bounds (except Casey, some recent draftee and a first rounder). How long until these kids lose their love of the game in a hopeless place where only the future is worshipped? See also: goaltending STILL not addressed.
  14. IMMSMC we did love draft day 2015. It's one of the best days we've had.
  15. This is where our dinghies diverged. Your definition of success seemed to be your EXPECTATION that the Sabres would be in the hunt until the end of the regular season. The franchise, after some signs of progress, is already successful. Then you brought up the Cup. It was a Jim Mora moment for me. To boil it down I'd make a future sacrificing move in a heartbeat to increase the chances of making the playoffs this year. You wouldn't.
  16. If you keep going to the same pizza place and keep getting the same undercooked tasteless slice but enjoy talking to the owner about the 16 year old in the back who is going to be great at this when he's out of college, yes, you are gullible.
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