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  1. Every year it seems about this time I get a saying stuck in my head (other than "Muriel you b**** I'm finally going to kill you!!!!!"). Learning to lose. It's a perennial realization that despite all this young talent, the losing culture somehow continues to replicate itself. You don't learn anything from last night as a player. Just that, the next time you're in this situation you know what's going to happen. Not enough experience around you, coaching that's either clueless to the importance of winning or just clueless... Washrinserepeat. The only use of analytics I'd endorse is finding out what refs let what go at what time in games in what situations. Like going down I-95, they can't call them all.
  2. I always think of the killdeer when I see KO skate. His one shoulder is usually cocked a little as if he is feigning an injured wing to draw predators away from his nest of precious eggs. I can't be the only one. Also I love that even LGR is like, "Dude..."
  3. If we're being all metaphysical and random... Didja ever look at the other team when they pan down the bench during the anthems. They have dudes who are really good at hockey. They're just dudes. We have such dudes. What's stopping us? If you have the answer, just give me a call.
  4. Not a'tall sure who he is, but he has a solid A hockey name. Good enough for me. He even sounds tough. Those two K sounds are nice.
  5. It would do wonders for probably half the fan base if KA can show he can walk and chew gum at the same time.
  6. The Islander series was the final handwriting on the wall. Something was off.
  7. You got T'd up! You don't remember their record after St. Patty's Day!?
  8. When he leaves? Does he want to? What if the Devils make a huge playoff run? Given my suspicion that Lindy wasn't really fired in 2013 but saw the writing on the wall, I think he'd have to be convinced that the Sabres are all about winning. Why is that sea change going to occur? Just to get Lindy back? I don't see it happen. I'd be happy if it did, not because I was wrong but bc it would necessarily mean a new tack for our beloved franchise.
  9. SCTV skit: The food is good, but the service is a little slow.
  10. Luke sits in a corner and eats his oatmeal through a straw.
  11. This is an odd take to me. You're making almost a personal attack on some fans (if I'm understanding which fans you are talking about) . It's not hard to understand what's going on here. Most fans think the dream of a lifetime is at hand, but they see signs it might not be the year after all. It's neuroticism mostly. It's not about enjoying a win anymore. That's Bills 2019ish. See also 2006-2007 Sabres.
  12. In a dark period for me as a fan, I am thankful for those of you who are keeping my candle flickering (and for Thorny, who keeps my "candle" "flickering"). On nights like last night, I can glimpse the future. The vision fades quickly though.
  13. I go back to kid Ovechkin in his Sabres jacket. What coulda been. And 99 was a Sabres fan. As an aside I always thought McDavid wanted to be here for the same reason but never saw confirmation except for rumblings on draft day re: his seeming disappointment.
  14. I saw Erik Rasmussen in Casey for sure. Sure was. Good on the crew who produced it. Sabres hockey... When it's good, it's good.
  15. Just for S&G's, the 05-06 Sabres sat 8-9 on 11/12 and had already been routed three times by the Senators.
  16. See the title from last night. It can be debated whether 11's follow on is in the same vein. Scholars will study this well into the future.
  17. I see what you did, 11. Two in a row... Might work.
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