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  1. You think it's symbolic? You think in any way he's still the captain of the Buffalo Sabres?
  2. So is this the contract y'all envisioned when he was drafted? I would have guessed at least double-digit millions a year, to go along with his double-digit Norris Trophies already won.
  3. Dahlin? Assert? People have talked about his physical growth. His mental growth will have to far surpass his body's in order to assert anything other than he deserves to be served a drink as a minor.
  4. I'd rather be a cat than a chicken.
  5. For the timid: https://mydesignjournal.com/2020/03/where-should-you-get-your-pierre-jeanneret-furniture/
  6. https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwiBpsrH0JDzAhWpbG8EHYjuBOMYABAWGgJqZg&ae=2&sig=AOD64_2qMdyt0GV4G2XvrmHpThsxybJITQ&q&nis=1&adurl&ved=2ahUKEwjTqsDH0JDzAhUgmWoFHRjCB38Q0Qx6BAgEEAE
  7. We get the answer I posed a while back. Chicago it is.
  8. It's inarguably the favorite season of most people. But why? There are so many things. First off I don't go by meteorological fall. Fall did not start on Sept. 1. And it doesn't last until just before Christmas. Fall is now until Halloween, basically. It's amazing that this short period of time can hold so much sway over us, moreso than the full three months of other seasons. I just had my first sip of Mayer Brothers cider. I've had a sweatshirt on at night. Hockey is around the bend. So many. Go.
  9. Enough with Jack! On to the more beloved jak. It was made exclusively for what department store?
  10. Over/under on number of podcasts before Petey goes all "*****" and "*****"? How can a take be true or false?
  11. Slander? I hate you in the morning. My God your breath is bad. Are you putting PB on a bagel and drinking chocolate milk. What a mistake this was.
  12. I kind of like this message. Fit into the team culture, the way they play etc. But players' personalities can certainly not "fit in." Look no farther than one Dom Hasek. If you look at one of the best Sabres teams ever and one of the best Bills teams ever, there was clearly a Lincolnesque "Team of Rivals" tension that stirred up creative tension and ultimately production. The Bickering Bills and whatever we'd want to call the '97 Sabres eventually ended up in near-glory, and it wasn't because everyone held hands and sang Shout!/Celebrate-Celebrate-The-Tradition.
  13. I was going to type a snarky, "Mr. Ligerchev, tear down this wall!" But I've found the last few posts very interesting. Alas, they are really not on topic (unless the speculation is that Jack isn't a good leader, which I don't it is). Not to beat a dead horse, but having a mega-Eichel trade thread that turns into a mega-Eichel thread is not good. Lots of posters won't come into this thread, because of how useless it has been. So maybe the useful info on Jack's character could be split into a new thread.
  14. Did NS give us John? It's one of the greatest things we've ever had.
  15. A good trait for a GM, no? I mean, most come off as third-rate used car salesmen.
  16. I wish I could ask an 8-year-old from 1997 how to type a butt.
  17. He's texting now? And can send smiles? Hoo boy!
  18. It's not 1 in 32. Unless you think the Sabres have the same chance of winning a Cup as the Lightning do. It's more like 1 in 16, and it's not that hard to be one of the 16. If you're a really good hockey team, you can win a playoff round and then you're at 1 in 8. Instead of making it sound like a Powerball win, say you just have to build a really good hockey team, stay healthy and have some luck. Odds aren't holding the franchise from its dream, Terry Pegula is. I tortured myself for several minutes of this clown show to get to the word I knew was coming. "Apparently." As in, cast doubt on the integrity of the league by suggesting there might not have been a memo Darcy acknowledged receiving. Weak.
  19. "Embedded journalism, the practice of placing journalists within and under the control of one side's military during an armed conflict. Embedded reporters and photographers are attached to a specific military unit and permitted to accompany troops into combat zones." It's interesting how politicians and corporations freely co-opt perfectly good, meaningful words for their own scummy purposes. Hey, fans, you're getting a real look inside the Sabres organization! It's real, and everything. Someone's embedded, or something.
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