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  1. I just checked in to see the Bills comments today and am still avoiding all Sabres related things until this fiasco is resolved. It has, imo, moved into the realm of ridiculous and definitely detrimental. Cozens wants to lead though. Cool. Called it.
  2. I just checked in to see this Bills stuff and I think you Bills fans are too hard on your team. Early in the year D is always ahead of O and in this game, the Pitt D was very very good. If they had an O to match that D they would be a superbowl contender but they do not. One of the best, if not the best front 7's in the league though. Bills will be fine. Relax.
  3. Remember when we were good? Remember when we had a team filled with pride that stood up for each other? Remember when we could take it and dish it out just as well? Remember when we used to win as the norm and losing hurt? Remember when it wasn't about just making the playoffs but it was about can we win it all? Remember????? We deserve better than this. Do not accept this s-show as the norm. Give me something to believe in again or fold it up and call it a day. Enough is enough. Remember? and not saying I'm looking for saturday fight nights, but the pride, the TEAM, the standing up for each other, the grit and fortitude. We have fallen so far we've forgotten what it used to be like. I'm going to back off now and spend the rest of the summer watching good old hockey memories from youtube. The Jack trade arguments and all the what will be and who and what if and etc etc has just grown pointless. See ya later. and as an aside - remember when the Bruins actually had a guy named Shoebottom.
  4. You should change your user name to Mr. Optimist because this is the absolute definition of that. Honestly, I hope you are right. At this point I'm the pessimist though and am going to need to see it to believe it. I haven't given up fully, but I think pulling back and caring less is probably good for my own state of mind. For the moment, that's the plan.
  5. so apply the football formula to hockey via community. that's the plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYhWpD91TJE
  6. says the guy with a chicken on his head.............. You know what, you're sort of right. It's more like a teenage tantrum than a 3 year old though. I have lots of actual thoughts rushing in from all directions combined with my frustration and angst even if they do get jumbled up now and again. Look, maybe you are used to losing like they are. Maybe they've broken you and you don't even realize it. You said it'll be "fun" next year and you can believe that if you want to, but I just might have had my fill. Like the old expression goes, "I'm getting too old for this s##t". It's gotten to a breaking point for me. Will I break? I don't know. Maybe. I probably need to step back and put some distance between me and the Sabres. Time to stop wishing and hoping and just wait for results and/or ignore them. If I was younger I'd find a new team. At my age, I don't know. I just know it isn't fun any more and if I lived in Buffalo there is not a chance I'd pay to see them and I certainly won't go to Vancouver or Seattle for a road game at this point. My frustration runneth over. Later. Or not. Don't know. Still deciding, but I will probably get there faster than their forever rebuild.
  7. I will be more than shocked if Eichel ever wears blue and gold again.
  8. yes he is, but his style would fit, he needs a reboot, and I'm talking cheap .
  9. Not a bidding war and you'd have to take it case by case but overpaying a few true leaders for a 2-3 year span sure. I have said before I'd have tried to get Marcus in a Minnesota Eichel deal and then lure Nick to play with him. Local connections. It fits the community model and the identity talked about by Adams but it would be a real thing. Folignos wouldn't rack up huge point totals here but that core leadership is priceless.
  10. I'm not venting at YOU. I'm venting at the Sabres. If I'm quoting you it's for the idea as it relates to the team. It's never personal. Well, except for Liger 🙂
  11. Bruins are going to need a 2C now. Now's the time to get Jake DeBrusk off them for next to nothing so they have the cap space to make that move.
  12. I did want a flush you are right. (and Eichel is still here so a plunger is needed before the stink rises) but there's no proper reset to go with it. We needed to start with 2 goalies. That's your cornerstone. Adams went all in on Ullmark (with his ceiling) but there was no back up plan and no second goalie. Kraken got themselves too many goalies and a really good one as their cornerstone. They get it. Bruins already had a very promising Swayman ready but they stole Ullmark. They get it. We needed to add veteran leaders to teach the kids. We added a bunch of journeymen and fringe bodies. Who wears the C this year? Kyle? You can't just flush, wait for the kids and leave it alone, you need a foundation to build around. The way it sits now we're just going to teach the next group to lose same as before. and the Eichel situation has been blown by Adams. It's going to be worse than ROR. Just watch. Sure blame me not them. When they do something good I will be there to praise it. So get them on that will ya?
  13. It is starting to appear that fully vaccinated people can still carry the virus for a while and infect unvaccinated people. Hence the return of masks. I'd be inclined to say whatever, let the anti vax crowd catch it, their free choice, but the hospitals can't handle it and we need the beds for other illnesses.
  14. Still irrelevant. and I'm allowed to hate this team as much as I want to right now. You can chill all you want to, I hate what this franchise has turned into. and don't bother telling me I should leave, I'm already mulling it over.
  15. Taylor Hall not going to be happy 🙂 Just wondering, could this be a new way to circumvent the cap? He's going to play in the Czech Republic. Could he sign with the Bruins at the deadline for the playoffs or is there rules to prevent that?
  16. respects yes, but he's not afraid of them. Won't change his game one iota but after a hit it is more likely we see Reeves Wilson than Wilson Panarin.
  17. Still irrelevant. If we had a stocked cupboard of our own we wouldn't need many bodies for down there either.
  18. Jack. (and it can sail off into the sunset)
  19. I've been thinking this for years. They don't do enough "team" off ice activities and events. I know they do some charity stuff and some individuals more than others (all teams do) but online I run into tons of stuff from the Bruins and teams like that and almost nothing similar from the Sabres. It's the right idea. Nobody much is going to care though until this team has an identity and enthusiasm on the ice that is infectious though.
  20. With you 100%. It's going to be UPL and one of them though I'd bet on it. It's WRONG, but that's what it's going to be. Unless he's absolutely horrible and clearly not ready in preseason it'll be UPL, that's their masterplan now. If it's Anderson and Dell, well then we are just teaching the next bunch to lose like we did with the last bunch. We needed to surround these kids with solid veterans who work hard and Adams gave that rhetoric, but his veterans were just unemployed cast offs. I guess the hope is they are all hard working Curtis Lazar types, but really, it's just garbage.
  21. Honestly not our worst signing. Can play a little better than Dalton Smith at least. A little.
  22. I played hockey with Dave Andreychuk once. (he was really good.)
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