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  1. Yep. Two years ago this was said by a poster… “And UPL is hardly the number 1 priority. He’s never going to amount to anything” That was said when he was 22. A goalie. At 22. Is playing a sport on the professional level for a living. Getting paid to play a game. And he’s “never going to amount to anything”. Yikes …
  2. Nice win. Very surprised at the outcome. Good job DG. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk was solid
  3. Won’t be as bad as last game. But I just can’t see a win tonight. Hope I’m wrong. Rags … 5 Sabres … 3 JJ, Mitts, or Dahlin with a goal
  4. It’s personal. In other words, private. Until Greenway decides to share. IF he decides to share.
  5. Unless there is a prolonged losing streak… DG and KA aren’t going anywhere. And I personally don’t want a coach here because they used to play for the Sabres. And I don’t want a player here because they’re from the area. Those are both lame reasons to hire/acquire someone IMO.
  6. It was asked a couple weeks ago after a loss. So, why not ask again?
  7. That he absolutely loves the losses and the high GAA. And the injuries. Yea, he loves the revolving door of injuries. I mean what GM wouldn’t be ecstatic about those things.
  8. I know a few of you will rejoice on Samuelsson being out for the game. Ugh 😔
  9. You’ll have to forgive his schtick. He drinks early. And drunk posts often. 😂 We all know it won’t be 7-1. Maybe 4-2 though. Hmmm … then let’s go with EJ instead of Joker.
  10. F’in bum. Doesn’t deserve it. Certainly didn’t earn it. Nice Christmas paycheck
  11. On March 17, 2021, Granato became the interim head coach of the Buffalo Sabres. Today is Nov. 25th 2023. DG has been head coach for 2 years and 8 months. Or 1 month of the 20-21 season in 2021. A full season in 21-22. A full season in 22-23. And 2 months so far in 23-24. So yea, much less than 3 or 4 seasons.
  12. On November 17, 2005, what forward had the last three goal game of his NHL career in the Sabres 8–5 win over the capitals? On November 20, 2006, how many goals did the Sabres score in the second period of their 7–2 win over the lightning? Name the two goaltenders who played for the Sabres in 1993–1994 season? On November 24, 1974, what defenseman scored the first goal of his NHL career in the Sabres 6–4 win over the Canadiens?
  13. Those were smartphone directions 👍🏼
  14. Back to clenched fists, yelling at clouds, DG/KA sucks and fire everybody. Devils … 4 Sabres … 2 Benson, JJ, or Joker with a goal It would be a terrific boost to win this one!
  15. @Marvin Practice it here … 1. Go to YouTube video. 2. Copy web address of video. 3. Paste the web address in the body of your post on Sabrespace in the thread you want the video. 4. Click Submit. It should post for you. If you don’t understand one of the four steps. Then ask questions 👍🏼
  16. Nice win guys. Feisty. Effective. They got better as the game went on. Nice going DG.
  17. Ok so, the bags are usually stored in a cabinet right under the coffee pot. My wife and I have bought hot tea many many times. Same price as coffee 👍🏼
  18. I still hold a grudge over hot tea not being on the menu at the concession stands, and yet if you ask for it, they can magically find tea bags and make you one. Iceholes.
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