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  1. That’s exactly the point of his two year contract. Any more than a (better than Tokarski) filler, and it’s a bonus.
  2. Some Knee jerk reactions to the 3rd preseason exhibition game are entertaining tonight 😂
  3. I know. I guess I was just making an overall statement about preseason games in general with teams in the league. Never mind… Carry on 😂
  4. I bet other “hockey isn’t THAT important” markets aren’t even offering preseason coverage. Is Arizona doing first to last game coverage? How about Dallas? Florida? Carolina? they may be. But I wouldn’t be surprised if those markets aren’t offering TV or steaming of every single preseason game. Maybe not even terrestrial radio for all games either. 🤔 With that said … c’mon Sabres do better with preseason games!
  5. Very true. Contempt hasn’t sampled them all. That’s obvious. But it’s also ok to not like DD at all. I wonder if there are any other teams broadcast crews not physically going to every away game. How does one find this out? 🤔
  6. Naturally he would’ve bloomed. And potentially even blossomed.
  7. I’m not really taking anything a player does in the preseason games seriously. Good or bad. They are playing against incomplete teams. As an incomplete team. Not to mention “game shape” is different in September than say November. For me it’s just exhibition or glorified scrimmage against another club.
  8. I hope it’s not the same doctor that wanted a different Eichel surgery
  9. Try $4.00 i did those too with my uncle. Standing room was $4.00 good stuff
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