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  1. Joker is a solid 4/5. On a good contract. I wouldn’t want him moved. Unless the return is Hellebuyck.
  2. And another outdated dinosaur gets a kick at coaching. Good to see C-Bus won’t be an issue next season. Along with the Philly and Torts. 😂
  3. God, I’m looking forward to Kane retiring about as much as Marchand.
  4. No he wasn’t… Did someone somewhere say he was great?
  5. I couldn’t care less how tall or short a player is… I just want him to be effective as an NHL player. And be a benefit to the team on and off the ice. I don’t care if it’s Nathan Gerbe or Zdeno Chara.
  6. Oh yea, the creation of a GDT on a message board directly affects the ability of the Amerks to win. Just like saying “it looks like the goalie is gonna get a shutout” with less than 5 mins left in the game affects the chances of said goalie to achieve the shutout. 😂 GO AMERKS!!!
  7. Yep. I know I did. Along with 99% of Sabres fans 😏
  8. For those that drink. Take a shot every time they show or mention Sabres when talking about Montour, Eichel, Reinhart, McNabb, or Carrier. 😂 My guess is by the 2nd period, you’ll be wasted 🥴
  9. I like … 4 preseason 70 regular season Playoffs: Best of 3 first round Best of 5 second round Best of 7 third round and finals It makes each game in the regular season that much more important. And the playoffs to move along faster and have even more on the line in the first two rounds. I know I know … it’ll never happen. Revenue revenue. Unless the tickets become more expensive to compensate. Just another wacky idea among all the other fantasy wacky ideas kicked around daily 😂
  10. Yes. Agree. I was referring to passing only. At least that’s how I see it.
  11. Here’s an unpopular take … I think starting at the age of 70, everyone who drives should take a driving test every 2 or 3 years to make sure they are still competent. Free of charge to the seniors of course. I could flesh out more details but that’s the general take.
  12. I said the same thing about Krebs. Got no blowback. Saw no blowback. His passing prowess reminds me of Reinharts.
  13. That transaction is on the list Dec. 15 2022 👍🏼
  14. Reinhart is the straw that stirs the drink on any line he plays on. He’s pretty consistent, and is a terrific passer. Not to mention stays healthy. I’d take him back on the Sabres in a heartbeat. I hope he wins the cup this season.
  15. Depends what streaming service you are talking about. I personally, I still pay for spectrum Internet, and spectrum tv service. But I bought Roku devices and attached them to my tv’s. So everything is streaming through that. I have a spectrum app on the Roku device and that’s how I get my TV stations including MSG. So yes in theory I cut the cord and got rid of the spectrum cable box. Just not the TV service or Internet.
  16. Amerks looked tired. Hersey looked motivated. Wake up next game!
  17. Bingo. clean up the penalties … ya filthy animals
  18. Stop giving Hersey PP’s. It’s gonna burn ya eventually.
  19. Those definitely were not my words by the way… I copied and pasted that from nhl.com 😂😂😂
  20. C’mon Subban keep that wall up again!
  21. I personally don’t know those trophies. I’m dead serious. I know the Stanley Cup. The Super Bowl trophy (Lombardi?) And yea, the Wimbledon plate one. (Don’t know the name) The MLB trophy (don’t remember the name). The NBA trophy (don’t know the name). Does NASCAR have a trophy? I don’t think I’m unique in not knowing the names of all the trophies of all the major or lower league sports stateside let alone sports trophies around the world.
  22. The Stanley Cup... Is the most famous trophy in the sporting world Was first presented in 1893 Is the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes Logged more than 400,000 miles in travel during the past five seasons Has raised more than $4 million for charity the past three seasons Each winning player and team management member gets to take the Cup home for a day to share with family and friends Was crafted in Sheffield, England Was purchased for 10 guineas ($48.67 at the time) in 1892 Weighs 35 pounds and stands just under three feet in height Is the only trophy in all of sport that is passed along from player to player the summer their team wins it. Some of the situations that the Stanley Cup has experienced include: Being a guest of George Bush's and Bill Clinton's at the White House Appearing as guest on Late Show with David Letterman Being invited to opening day at Yankee Stadium Being a guest at the Kremlin in Moscow Being invited to opening ceremonies at Luzhniki Stadium in Russia Being used as a baptismal font Made an historic visit to an Aboriginal Metis Settlement Is the only trophy in professional sports that has the names of winning players, coaches, management and club staff engraved on the silver chalice Has been won a record 24 times by the Montreal Canadiens and a record 11 times by Henri Richard of Montreal In the summer of 1997, the Stanley Cup traveled to Russia for the first time in its history. It was accompanied by Russian members of the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings, including Slava Fetisov, Slava Kozlov and Igor Larionov In the spring of 1999, the Stanley Cup was among a list of Hollywood celebrities invited to take part in the 5K Celebrity Run Walk in Los Angeles for Women's Cancer Research Travels approximately 250 days per year Has appeared on talk shows, including Late Show with David Letterman, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Meet the Press with Tim Russert, Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Late Night with Conan O'Brien It takes 13 years to fill the ring of the Stanley Cup with names of winners Once a bottom ring is full, another one of the same size is removed from the top of the base and retired at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto Names misspelled on the Stanley Cup -- Adam Deadmarsh was spelled Deadmarch -- but later was changed; the only misspelled name to be corrected Some other misspells on the Cup that never have been corrected: Jacques Plante's name has been misspelled five times, (incl. "Jocko," "Jack" and "Plant"); Bob Gainey was spelled "Gainy" when he was a player for Montreal in the 70s; Ted Kennedy was spelled "Kennedyy" in the 40s; New York Islanders was spelled "Ilanders" in 1980/81; the Toronto Maple Leafs was spelled "Leaes" in 1962/63; the Boston Bruins was spelled "Bqstqn" in 1972 Name scratched out - "Basil Pocklington," father of former Edmonton Oilers owner, Peter, put his dad's name on the Stanley Cup in 1983/84; today, on the Cup, one can see a series of "Xs" over his name There is only one Stanley Cup -- authenticated by the seal of the Hockey Hall of Fame in the bottom of the Cup; this seal can be seen when winning players lift the Cup over their heads There is a second version of the Stanley Cup that remains in the Hall of Fame, which never travels, and is used for display purposes only at the Hall when the Stanley Cup is traveling; this Cup is perfect and has no misspells Places that the Stanley Cup has visited: Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Japan, Switzerland, the Bahamas Other interesting towns/cities that the Cup has visited: Fishing Lake, AB -- a Native reservation of the Metis Nation four hours from Edmonton; Anchorage, Alaska with Scott Gomez; Wawa, Ontario with Chris Simon The Stanley Cup has climbed Mt. Elbert in Colorado - 14,433 feet As a player, Henri Richard has won the most Stanley Cups with 11 Overall, no one's name appears on the Stanley Cup more than Jean Beliveau. He has 17: 10 as a player and 7 as management In addition to the players' names and teams' names that have won the Stanley Cup, there are two other phrases on the upper bowl of the Stanley Cup. One side says: "Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup" and the other side says: "From Stanley Of Preston". To have one's name engraved on the Stanley Cup certain requirements must be met. A player must have at least 41 games played with the club or one game played in the Stanley Cup Finals. However, in 1994 a stipulation was added to allow a team to petition the Commissioner for permission to have players' names put on the Cup if extenuating circumstances prevented them from being available to play.
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