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  1. Many GM’s do this every year. Sometimes several times a year. Some of you need to look at the waiver wire once a week to see the barren wasteland it is most of the time. Gilmore is nice depth. But certainly nothing to get all twisted in knots about. Geesh.
  2. Yea, well ... get in line because he also never answered my question either.
  3. That’s a good question. Another good question is, Since he’s been the GM of the Sabres, can anyone list which GM (since May of 2017) have a better “hit rate” and “miss rate”. Without doing the digging, I would take a crazy wild guess, and guess he’s pretty average. He’s not terrible. He’s not amazing. Anyone want to take that task on?
  4. You certainly aren’t describing me 😂 anyway ... I would be behind trading Olofsson and ERod if it meant an upgrade. Even slightly. But I think a little more fuel to that fire is what’s needed to grab someone of worth.
  5. after it’s discovered +/- doesn’t give an accurate picture. At all.
  6. Good grief. You can point to every GM on every team in every year, that didn’t “hit” on all draft picks. It’s nothing new or worth pointing out like it’s a sign of anything unique. Yawn.
  7. And I’m certainly not saying fans have to like it. Hell, it’s obvious some don’t... but, what’s the phrase??? Awe too bad so sad? Yea that’s it.
  8. Hahaha ... no the actual answer is Eichel, Dahlin, Skinner, and Reinhart. So since teams rarely trade away their core players (in their (or about to be in their) prime), those four players are in fact untradable or to put it a different way. Won’t be traded, (unless for a big overpayment) So your comment about no one should be untradable holds no water in reality.
  9. Ok. With that kind of thinking ... who is our core? Every team has a core. Teams build around core players. (Pro tip: The answer is not “Sabres don’t have a core”)
  10. Exactly.... Plus triumph keeps pushing that illogical trade but doesn’t know how to contract the Calgary lineup and make a case as to why Calgary would love to do that trade. So in reality land ... Calgary would never do that trade. But I’d love to hear Triumph make a good college try as to why he thinks it’s logical and beneficial for Calgary.
  11. And again ... And why would Calgary be licking their chops to jump all over this trade exactly? construct Calgary’s lineup with Rinehart and Risto. Then tell me how it’s better with Rinehart and Risto, And Gaudreau and Jankowski gone? I’ll wait crickets ...
  12. Meh. I’m not at the point 6 weeks into the season, to make a definitive decision that he’s not a good coach. I’ll leave that to others who want to knee jerk in that direction. And if you or others like it or not, RK is staying the head coach for at least the entire season. Perhaps even longer... buckle up... lol.
  13. Agree x 1000 And no, I wouldn’t want him on my team either ...
  14. Out of that list ... I think two maybe three will be back. Sign one or two year deals.
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