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  1. Looking for something negative out of something quite neutral? I don’t see the issue. But I heard the distain for Hamilton the troll. The end.
  2. Weird. I click on it on my phone .... and it’s a big white box. Don’t see anything. so it goes from black text with a dark blue background, to a solid white box. I can’t win 😂
  3. I love how Sam gives nothing to Hamilton the troll. Good for him.
  4. Try to not say anything about Reinhart.... I see you ... yawn 😂
  5. And you will never ever change their minds. For there are none as blind as those who will not see. You know the usual suspects.
  6. You really think it’s an overwhelming majority? Hmmm. I wonder if a simple poll would flesh this out better. Do you want Granato as the Sabres HC for the 21-22 season? Yes, he’s earned it. He has enough experience. No, I want someone better and more experienced in the NHL as a HC.
  7. NHL top 5 teams, impact of man-games lost (by cumulative minutes of players lost, CMIP) 1 NSH 2 STL 3 BOS 4 PIT 5 ANA
  8. Try as they might ... I still see another loss 😕 Pens ... 4 Sabres ... 2 Olofsson, Cozens, or Bryson with a goal
  9. I mentioned this a few days ago. I guess nothing can be done 😕 the person posting the Twitter stuff has no choice in how it’s represented here. As I said a few days ago, it’s tough to read. I think Liger mentioned it was a Twitter thing. Not sure though
  10. I wouldn’t doubt if a lot of fans in every market feel the same way about their team when it comes to national coverage guys.
  11. I’ll bet some team in the league takes a chance on Hall for AT LEAST 6mil/per. And I bet it’s for more than one year.
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