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  1. Although I understand why ... In 2018, I wanted JB to take a risk and sign Reinhart to a full 8 years. I think he would have jumped at the chance to sign for 6 mil. per for 8 years. After this season, (unless he absolutely sucks), there’s no way he agrees to under 7.5 mil. Even on a short term deal. His contract last year and this year is a very very good deal. No way the next one will be.
  2. Between practices and 3 games, I think the Sabres brass got a good look at what R2 is and needs. As others have said, no surprises. They may look at Cozens and Joker for another two games before sending them down.
  3. Did he play in 3 of the 4 games so far?
  4. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/video/olofssons-second-of-the-game/t-277443696/c-69047703 several highlights here ^
  5. When the highlights are posted somewhere, I hope someone throws it on here 👍
  6. I just keep telling myself ... it’s only preseason. Don’t take too much good or bad from these games. No definitive knee jerk reactions or decisions. Still ... it was a nice game to see them battle and win it. Especially vs. the Leafs
  7. Unless he tanks and tanks HARD, I think VO is a lock to make the team. Tonight was a statement game for him. Good for him. Reinhart being Reinhart with his passes. love it
  8. VO! very nice 👏 Sick pass by Eichel. Had some urgency to it
  9. Not a full house 65% Leafs fans it’s preseason take your pick lol
  10. Aren’t these guys TSN employees? I don’t expect anything less than heavy bias toward the Leafs.
  11. It’s just you. It’s Adrenalin mixed with excitement in the home barn. He’s no longer “slow average”. He’s average skating speed now. As he was last season too. At least that’s how I see it 🤷‍♂️
  12. You still read Harrington? Like ... um .. . Why? I stopped cold turkey about 10 years ago, he’s just not a good writer or “sports journalist”. There are better reading choices to waste my time with than that bloated sack of protoplasm.
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