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  1. Zamboni

    Role Models

    I look up to any player who’s taller than I am. Otherwise I don’t look up (admire/consider a role model) people who play a freakin game for a living.
  2. I’m going to predict Grigs never eclipses 35 pts per season in the NHL.
  3. For those of us who’d rather read the names here instead of clicking links ... Karl Alzner Stephan Kampfer Mike Green Roman Polak Sven Baertschi Travis Hamonic And the list keeps growing ....
  4. Of course you would surprise surprise You’d give up Reinhart for Zadorov ... because like um ... he can like throw the body and stuff. 😂
  5. I view Ruff like I view Vanek, Pominville, Miller, Regier, and any other guy we had on the team for Several years and is now with another team ... not interested in attempting to recapture what once was... Yawn, moving on.
  6. It’s a moon? i thought it was a sun the whole time! I kid I kid 😂 I think it’s a horrific logo 🤷‍♂️
  7. Chiavettas potato chips are quite good. Find em at Tops or Wegmans.
  8. Let’s see if he lasts more than 3 years with THAT organization. 😂
  9. My father loves Yellowstone. It seems interesting. You feel it’s worth binge watching? Quality show?
  10. I think Sam could play very well as a 2C with the right wingers. But at this point I would prefer he stay on the wing. 1st or 2nd line.
  11. Dudley or not to Dudley ... that is the question lol
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