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  1. And I’ll bet we don’t get shafted. Buffalo Beauts and the management of it, was one of if not the best in the NWHL. It didn’t go unnoticed. And Buffalo is perfectly placed geographically for a league in the northeast. Not to mention ticket sales/merch sales were strong compared to the other teams.
  2. The whole league knows what he can bring to a team. He’s getting 7.5 - 8.5 per. And he’s getting max or near max term..... from some team. Don’t fall victim to the “out of sight, out of mind” mind set. He’s a hell of a player and every GM knows it. With the cap going up and up over the next 7 years, his cap percentage will look better and better every year. Unless his production falls off a cliff of course.
  3. I think he blames himself for not being proactive throughout the season in acquiring much needed help. But he also blames Housley for his system, his lack of in game adjustments, and not having the team more ready when the puck dropped. Our biggest need today (roster wise) is the same hole that was created on July 1st 2018. 2nd line center. JB better address it this summer. And if Skinner walks, that’s the next big hole. I’m hopeful most of the other issues will get better or resolve itself with a new coach, staff and system.
  4. I hope things turn out good for you NB :highfive:
  5. Stay classy Boston. Stay classy... https://www.foxnews.com/sports/4-arrested-in-connection-with-assault-after-playoff-game
  6. And if the coaching, system and in game adjustments are better than Housley’s genius... most, if not all our D will look better overall this season. Not judging the first month or two, but overall over the course of an entire season. One can hope that’s the case.
  7. I want no part of Vanek. Mr. Molasses can play somewhere else and slow down his line.
  8. Players who play all 82 games plus a couple preseason, is a rarity. The majority of players miss 1-5 games a season due to small injuries/dings. I’ll be glad if Jack doesn’t have long term injuries. If he plays 78-80 games ... great!
  9. Maybe some fans downplay the importance of 3rd and 4th lines. I’m not one of them. They are so so vital.
  10. Not the best rendition.... See if Thornton or Kane can get a goal. Both have been quiet.
  11. Thank god. Saw that movie. Change the channel and never click back.
  12. No PP slapping, no construction gloves, and no “just go out and like um kumpete!” garbage. I like it.
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