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  1. Shut this thread down until it’s verified… Please just a thought
  2. Awesome! She always has been, and always will be a beautiful trophy. Congrats Avs!!!
  3. Good god the Giraffe crap is tired. Yawn. TNT is ….
  4. What do you know so far? THAT is the latest. And enough, until the family wants to say more.
  5. Congrats! now this will open up a whole New World for you… sell sell sell!!!!!!! 😂
  6. The details of her health… Are none of your business, plain and simple no matter how your feelings are in the matter. Feelings. The fact that she’s even in the hospital and we know that… Is more than enough. Let alone, the additional information of the ICU. Let alone the additional information that she’s improving. feelings, shouldn’t take precedence over personal health privacy no matter who the person on this planet is.
  7. Are we making a distinction between media and reporters? if you’re using those two terms interchangeably …. We will just have to agree to disagree. I really truly have seen reporters be repugnant and disrespectful to privacy and ethical matters. Oh well. Again, I am glad so far, the reporters have respect and like the Pegula‘s by and large now.
  8. Yea I find that odd too. As odd as the Boston firing.
  9. It’s the ethical thing to do… As long as the reporters like you. If the reporters do not like you… Then sadly, screw the ethics of it. I am glad as to date… the reporters like her/like her husband/like her family.
  10. in the ballpark of … One year 4.5 mil OR Two year 8 mil total I really would have to think twice about going a lot higher than that.
  11. Following the rich history, giving the C to a player is ….. well, you know 😂
  12. Meh … give it to a young very talented kid… I mean c’mon, what could go wrong?
  13. Then he can come here as a UFA and the Sabres can throw 7 mil per for 3 years at him. Hell, KA can even throw in free UBER or Taxi rides around WNY during those three years. Avoid any issues.
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