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  1. I can tell you with good authority ... AdPro is freaking terrible and take longer than competing companies. But they throw a ton of money at advertising and get big accounts because of it. And suckers keep using them. I constantly get clients who have had bad experiences with AdPro and come to me for not only a better experience but sometimes a better product and better prices.
  2. In the Buffalo area most are usually anywhere from 1 to 6 degrees of separation from knowing “the big names” in and around Buffalo. You don’t have to trust me on this if you don’t want to ... but I thank the hockey gods Hamister never got his claws on the Sabres or any major sports team in the area. He was/is bad bad bad news.
  3. And before the trade deadline OR on April 4th he will be gone. I think the vast majority of fans know this, realize this, understand this to be true. Wishful thinking of waiving is nice and all ... but it’s just that ... wishful thinking.
  4. Thanks! For some reason I thought they had UPL down in Cincinnati temporarily while he rehabs… And the thought was to bring him to Rochester for a good chunk of the season. I guess I got my signals crossed on the plans for him
  5. Any idea why this is? Does it have anything to do with the Amerks currently playing terrible and they don’t want to have his confidence affected long term if he stays with them for the rest of the season? Hmmmm
  6. Now this idea ... I like. But that’s one expensive DJ. Plus he may injure his hands hitting play, pause, or that difficult to accomplish function, the switch tracks button.
  7. Yep. And $25-35 is even better. 😂 I’m only speaking for me here... I’ve never been one to need a new video game the day it comes out. The week it comes out. The month in comes out. Same with consoles. As an example, I got the PS4 last year for Christmas. It first came out just before Christmas in 2013. I’ll get the new SW game (because of the positive reviews here and elsewhere). Probably in May.
  8. Cool. I’ll have to pick up a copy in a three months when the used games are cheap cheap lol. I almost never buy games brand new. I can’t bring myself to pay $50-$60 for a game 😂.
  9. Ok. Sure. But isn’t is pretty clear he won’t be waived? I think it is. His actually money owed him is less and less with each game played. I think a team will grab him just before the trade deadline for depth going into the playoffs. That’s my prediction.
  10. https://www.scmp.com/sport/other-sport/article/3046392/kailer-yamamoto-and-spirit-taro-tsujimoto-lives-national-hockey cool story about Yamamoto with a little mention about Tsujimoto
  11. It will be interesting to watch ... I’m of the mindset Ovi will fall short of Gretzky.
  12. Good thing logic can prevail and you can’t blame a team game on one player most nights. Tonight is one of those nights. It was a collection of all players in the last 20, and RK being out coached especially in the last 20. The first two periods I thought they were playing rather well. Mostly.
  13. Sorry but it wasn’t ... poor Eichel trying to make plays but no one moves so he can’t and therefore has to hang onto it for an extended period of time. Share the blame? Sure I can buy that. But Eichel at times (like tonight) hangs onto that puck way too long. I’ve noticed it more and more the past 2-3 weeks. He definitely takes some of the blame in my book. Move the puck Jack.
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