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  1. Ok I admit, I didn’t even watch the clip. got me there ... but my overall sentiment stays the same regarding Vesey. I guess I’m just used to people posting videos of EX-Sabres scoring or making a comment about an ex-sabre scoring and then lamenting how we should’ve hung onto that player. 😂 I remember people posting videos of Gerbe, Campbell, Ennis etc ... and lamenting how we should have hung onto them all. 😆
  2. Meh ... it will be one of his 10 goals of the year. Good for Jimmy. Moving on ...
  3. I wonder if and when we’ll get a true answer as to why he’s not playing. It can’t be visa issues. Maybe he was around someone who had COVID so he quarantines for a week or so out of caution to his fellow league players.
  4. I’m equally interested to know what’s ttbomk 😂
  5. That truly sucks for them. I hope it doesn’t make its way to decimate the Sabres. Yikes.
  6. Preseason games to help the players and coaches get into “game shape” for the regular season > No preseason games and therefore the regular season games looking like they haven’t played or practiced very much and look rusty for the first week or two of games. I’ll be worried/concerned if the Sabres (or any team for that matter) still look rusty after 8-10 games. Then I can take any definitive criticism by any fan seriously. Until then, I just view most of the game by game discontent as white noise.
  7. Flyers played much much better. And Elliott was great! Sabres didn’t have an answer to break it open. They didn’t suck tonight. The results do obviously.
  8. Ok, I’ll say it ... Boy, I hope KO is gonna be ok. Does anyone know the exact injury?
  9. Yes. If you had elevated unrealistic high expectations of a rookie… then he’s probably not doing well for you. if you had realistic basic expectations of a rookie ... he’s fine. He doesn’t look out of place. He’s not making terrible mistakes all over the ice. And he’s showing flashes of talent several times a game.
  10. Haha did they? I just saw a player pick it off the ice with their stick.
  11. When in doubt, wait to hear it from a secondary or third credible (key word) source before believing or wondering about if it’s true. Just a thought.
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