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  1. Thanks. It’s all good. Some are expected to bite their tongue. And some don’t have to. and sometimes it’s not worth it to not bite the tongue 😂 Yea, like you said. it’s late
  2. So, is Buffalo the absolute “smallest market” in the league? No other team is smaller?
  3. I don’t think the NFL hates the Bills. If a franchise is making good money, And it is… The NFL loves you 😂
  4. Yea I would agree with this take. Talent wasn’t there in many cases.
  5. Yea in a way he is part of the team … in a loose sense
  6. If I could speak my mind without being suspended or banned I would. Equal to you and many others. But I don’t and won’t. Moving on …
  7. I kinda do. More or less. NY errrr I think I’ll stop there. My views about this topic are definitely not group think hive minded. I hope the Bills and Sabres are here for many years to come. Leave it at that.
  8. Hey, unlike someone else who may have had an agenda, I wanted to just have a running record in one place to refer back to from time to time to see all the good and bad moves he’s made. Many seem to enjoy looking at the running list. I know I do. It has NOTHING to do with him being inexperienced. I would have started the exact same thread no matter who the GM is.
  9. he’s so damn good he was signed twice in one day! Fixed. Thanks.
  10. I’d prefer Power get another year in college. More upside to that approach IMO.
  11. Max length of 8 years. I’d live with 7. I’d bank on him getting better and developing in a positive direction. 6 - 6.75 per. The first 2-3 years would be an overpayment more or less. But the remaining years would be fair for both sides. Keyword fair. Assuming of course he develops well.
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