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  1. In the awesome category.... Does anyone know their way around a 3D printer? https://www.instructables.com/id/Rocket-Planter/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email
  2. Sekera took a major hit to the knee with the puck. Ouch!
  3. Everyone here knows his bias and blind dislike for Sam. Anything and everything he pontificates about Sam is completely disregarded. Sam and Skinner on the lightning would be damn good!
  4. Yea I let the Perry hate flow. Sorry if he’s your friend or something.
  5. Scum bag Perry In other news water is wet and the sky is blue
  6. Good point. speaking of point ... Braydon with two goals tonight says hi 😂
  7. Besides Tampa and Dallas ... Realistically, factually ... Vegas, Chicago, Colorado, Arizona, Calgary, Vancouver, St. Louis, Philly, Montreal, Columbus, Washington, NY, Boston, and Carolina competed for the cup this year. But with your mindset, if you only mean Sabres need to be as good as Dallas and Tampa, then yea, well, so do 28 other teams! Sabres aren’t unique in the fact they need to get better to compete (win) for the cup. It will be a stark difference in results next season IF the Sabres ONLY upgrade in net before Dec. and get a better 2C than Eric freakin Staal. 🤢 Is your definition of “competing for a cup” in an individual year ONLY if they get to the cup finals? Nothing else is considered “competing for the cup”? For me, if you make the playoffs, you are technically, realistically competing for the cup.
  8. Yea, I don’t ever want Lazar sniffing the top 6. UNLESS there are so many injuries that you are forced to do it. I’d rather see him effective on the bottom 6, than neutered on the top 6. I hope he can get more than 25 points this season. No matter what line he ends up being on.
  9. I don’t think Sabres are a “long way off” from playoff contention. And once you get in, anything can happen and usually an upset or two happen every year. My definition of “long way off” is more than 3 years away.
  10. “Would move him“ is different than “hearing offers from teams” Good GM’s hear offers all the time whether a player is “available” or not. As others have mentioned he would be a nice add. But as far as him actually being available ... I’ll believe it when I see it.
  11. Nice game by Tampa tonight. Keeping most dangerous shots to the outside. Matching Dallas physically.
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