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  1. If you click the share link, on the YouTube video, and copy that link… you can paste it in here and it will embed like the others you see posters doing.
  2. I see your cannibal corpse. And raise you …
  3. I’m starting to believe that Eichel was the root cause of any division. Way More than rumors of ROR or Reinhart or almost any other name people want to make up and run with. I also think Evander Kane fueled the fire in that regard when he was here.
  4. Joker > Butcher all day long Butcher would be easier to replace, by a country mile. Or is it a New York min? Or is it a Ryan Miller shutout? whatever is easier and faster
  5. I appreciate the optimism… I really do. I usually lean towards the optimistic side myself. but this team hasn’t been truly tested yet… And with the level of talent this team has… I really feel that they are going to get steamrolled often this season. Unless some roster changes are made. I’m going to ride the wave and be happy when they win. But I have no delusions of grandeur with what the team is and what it will accomplish… In my opinion of course.
  6. Leafs cap/goaltending issues … That’s delicious.
  7. Nice letter. It will be interesting to look back at that letter from time to time. Nice job KO.
  8. Well, dammit let’s go optimistic again. Why not. Swords … 3 Desert dogs … 2 Eakin, Cozens or Miller with a goal
  9. Boy doesn’t that sound familiar … Talking about Mitts… a poster from 8/20 … “Still think he's only worth a 4th round pick. You find a GM that'll give you more, you jump on it. He's garbage. Watching him play against professional players in both the NHL and AHL has cemented my opinion. He simply doesn't have what it takes to be a professional hockey player.” 😂
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