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  1. The GM failed at his job, so the coach paid for it. Something that would apply to Donnie Meatballs if he were fired.
  2. "The race may not go to the swift, nor the battle to the strong -- but that is the way you should bet." I don't expect it, but I will root for it.
  3. I would prefer a deeper defence so that his minutes could drop below 24.
  4. This is 3 years running where they have significantly improved their results in the second half. Whoever is coaching next year needs to get this team playing consistently from day 1. Meanwhile, GMKA must work with the coach over the summer to find the right combination of players, player types, and player experience to keep lulls in play brief.
  5. Much as I am enjoying this, these two facts temper my enthusiasm.
  6. Conclusions: 1. UPL has emerged as the #1 goalkeeper in the organisation. 2. Things could really improve with the proper changes to the roster 3. Running the team back 100% was a blunder. Experienced GMs would not have made this mistake. 4. Preseason was not used enough to get the team to gel. Experienced coaches would not have made this mistake.
  7. Cheap shots and attempts to injure will end when it becomes disadvantageous for players to perform those acts. Until then, intimidation via attempted beheading will be a part of the game. Management and the players must account for this in their own ways.
  8. For some reason, in my head, I hear Sir Alec Guinness saying this like, "use the force, Luke."
  9. I ran into him shopping. 5' 10" or even a hair less seemed more likely. Memory fades...
  10. It is rough out there. Friends and former co-workers have been pounding the pavement for months in Atlanta, Dallas, and other growing southern cities and have not found work yet. In their specialities, they are better than I am at them, so I am worried about myself if my time comes in Rust Belt Buffalo.
  11. We have potentially 4 players who could use retention.ll
  12. Raw size is not everything. Mike Peca played big even though he was well under 6' tall. Whom do we have coming up that plays big?
  13. Until they can consistently win, isn't that what we expect the coach to say?
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