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  1. Considering how our offence is playing overall, the only truly valuable extra additions the Sabres could have made this off-season are a solid LHD so that Bryson would not be in the top 2 pairs when Samuelsson went down and another goalkeeper.
  2. I wonder what the adjusted +/- would look like. For instance, Alexander Mogilny had his best scoring season in Buffalo. But in Vancouver and New Jersey, he became a reliable back-checker although he was scoring progressively less.
  3. I can't trade the equivalent of 3 firsts unless I am getting a fully healthy Larry Robinson in his prime. Chychrun is good, but he is oft-injured and not as good as I would want at that price.
  4. LHD to push Bryson out of our top 6 D is all I think is realistic.
  5. I thought so too. The Rangers series proved it.
  6. The time to hire Ruff was instead of Housley or Krueger. It's too late now. People forget how much Hasek covered for Ruff's inexperience when he started. Granato is learning on the job too, which is frustrating.
  7. On goalkeepers: IMHO, it looks like his experience from Carolina biases him. He clearly does not value goalkeepers the way I do and it looks like moat of us do. As for not getting some well-considered veteran forwards, he clearly looked at how many youngsters he felt belong on the team and decided he wanted them playing rather than bring in someone new. It is on defence where I think he goofed this past season. He really over-estimated Bryson. He needed the analogue to Lyubushkin on the left side.
  8. Hinostroza's problem is that he has no chemistry with Mittlestadt and Olofsson.
  9. Great. WGR and the NJD radio station are blocked online and MSG is blocked online. I need this thread to keep up.
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