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  1. Yeah, the only way I would get mad is if I hate the summer moves in net and they fail as predicted. If it was a real attempt at an upgrade met by approval from fans and doesn't work out, I'll be bummed but won't necessarily be mad at Adams
  2. (And even though he thinks I'm dirt, I still like PA and I'm only going at him to try and bring about the end)
  3. It's not because of this convo, I haven't really had my head in the game since covid hit, and I cause stuff like this too often compared to the amount of actual sports talk I give. But I am a hopeless addict to poasting and so I need nfreeman or SDS to do the work for me
  4. It wasn't the "diversity" of the neighborhood that tormented us/was the problem And this DID happen to us, it isn't something I saw on twitter. The point was, SDS did what everyone everywhere does all the time, on every television station and at every podium, and blanket-slandered the exact places where I've made every meaningful connection in my life, while the worst experiences of my life came at the expense of the people who say those things. And since I have priorities oriented alongside my own sphere of influence, in the proper direction, I felt like defending my community and myself. Doing so is only bizarre if your priorities are inverted and your devotion lies more with reddit-brain world-saving ideologies than your roots I agree that twitter isn't real life, and what SDS reads on facebook isn't either. That's why I brought up twitter spaces in the first place, as a counterexample, it was a rebuttal that pointed to a very real phenomenon where you can find thousands of instances of what he is talking about, cast in the opposite direction, with much grislier and sobering content in much larger quantities. And this suspected real-world slant (as opposed to the fabricated, culturally-absorbed one) can be corroborated by a lot of different surveys and studies if you care enough to look Dude's just driving me nuts. I make one shitpost 10 months ago, and the only times he's directly or tangentially interacted with me since involve performative disgust (which is tinged with meek desperation and falls flat given the timescale and original comment, which nobody else remembers) and insinuations that SDS should permanently delete my account. I'm not sure what actually upset him, whether it was a.) the content of the post itself (i blasphemed against our civic religion, even if it was just tongue-in-cheek) or b.) the realization that, as the first REAL countercultural thought to ever roll through his head gets processed, he is not a proud dissident, but just another regime bootlicker If it reads like I'm trying to get banned from Sabrespace, that's because I've come to the conclusion that both the forum and myself are better off without me here, and for whatever reason SDS won't read the PM I sent him. I don't have much left to offer here and you guys don't need me doing this in the Bills thread
  5. Yeah it's not going to look exactly the same, and there is a lot of stuff I won't hold against Adams from these last two years. But he really does have a sort of blank slate this summer. The patience and philosophy of the last two offseasons has to be different given the trajectory of the franchise (which I am confident will be the case) and the execution of this vision needs to be spot on (I am worried about this part because I don't have a real body of evidence that tells me Kevyn can do it)
  6. I don't think Kevyn is all bad, but he COULD leverage the offseason to propel this team to crazy heights. Will he?
  7. I wasn't trying to lecture you, just trying to provide context to my comments on Beane. I think the dude laser-focuses on the worst aspects of the team and is incredibly resourceful at making sure it doesn't happen again, I hope some of that rubs off on Kevyn Kevyn has entered 2 seasons with bottom 10 rosters and had 2 bottom 10 finishes, with problematic goaltending derailing both seasons, while we screamed that that would obviously happen back in July both times. He "fixed coaching" by waiting a very long time to fire a bad coach, and promoting from within mid-season, these are not offseason moves geared at attacking his team's weakness so they don't flail around in the fall
  8. What was the Bills' biggest need after the 2017 season? Clearing 100 mil in dead cap. They did that, got their franchise QB in the meantime, and were immediately in shape to build an elite team. What was the Bills' biggest need after the 2018 season? Well, they had one of the worst offensive lines in history, and Spain/Morse/Feliciano/Nsekhe made it average so that Josh didn't get himself killed in 2019. Some well-placed receiver additions got the team right back to the playoffs. What was the Bills' biggest need after the 2019 season? Offense, finishing drives, and a #1WR. Enter Diggs and the best offensive season in Bills history. What was the Bills' biggest need after the 2020 season? Continuity, shoring up the run defense. They didn't really add anyone to do this, but became the #1 defense statistically while maintaining an offense capable of scoring 12 TDs in 16 playoff drives What was the Bills' biggest need after the 2021 season? They needed one more stop against Patrick Mahomes on 3rd down, one more KC punt to win that game. So he got The Closer. We still have all our draft picks, he will make sure CB is at least adequately filled and I know this entirely because of his track record of attacking weaknesses I am waiting for Kevyn to show me for the first time that he can identify and attack his team's weaknesses, the circumstances of his 2 offseasons have kind of prevented him from really shaping the team himself (Krueger first, then needing to blow it up), it's his first real shot to mold a promising pile of clay into a beautiful vase, I hope he can do it
  9. If Kevyn was Brandon Beane, his offseason moves would leave no doubt that he is going all-in on fixing these three things, their three biggest weaknesses. Let's see what you've learned Kevyn
  10. A pretty uncharacteristic night for a few guys. The effort was there, so I can't complain. They just weren't quite dialed in with each other, and Anderson was far worse than usual in the shootout. The Mitts line was very good, he had a magnet in his stick on the forecheck and Asplund easily had his best game since October, and is trending positively. Dahlin had the worst night I've seen from him in weeks, but he was still good. Fatigue-induced giveaways were really the only issue. I think the team missed Samuelsson, especially against a bruising team like WPG And I'm not sure how Winnipeg's defense has been all year, but they were very disciplined in their gaps and active in passing lanes. The Sabres were forcing too much through the middle sometimes. Other times, they got the cycle going (not just on the boards, but through the acorn's hat part of the offensive zone) to confuse the Jets and got some good chances from that. A well played & coached game by both teams I'm ready for Friday night.
  11. Maybe all the D were still trapped at the other end of the ice, goalie figuring the clock would run so he tried to get it up there?
  12. Getting lead skates now. Gotta power through Mitts has been a menace on the forecheck. And asplund looks like ehlers
  13. Tage has been first year Tage in the defensive zone tonight Yeah that was something
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