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  1. Russell Wilson even completes his incompletions
  2. Leave it to Crossman to show me a special teams blunder I've never seen before 😆 Fitzpatrick is so annoying tbh My heart sunk a little when I saw they were starting him over Chosen Rosen Love him of course but *****
  3. Welp, hopefully the bye week rust is knocked off. Thank god we were playing the Dolphins this week.
  4. Absolutely disgusting, and these clowns should be booed off the field. Be. Better.
  5. Let's run the football and stop with cute plays our guys don't look comfortable executing in a game situation
  6. I wonder why we never use Singletary until late in games. I wonder why we didn't run the ball more than 3 times that quarter. (not counting Allen) This is stupid
  7. We've been lining up in the neutral zone for weeks and finally got called on it
  8. IMO we should be running more than we are. And not with our QB
  9. Ford is an unbelievably bad tackle, and is solid at guard. What are we doing?
  10. McCabe deserves his letter. So is Scandella-Joki the top pair? haha they were so good
  11. That ump was nuts. Home plate was 3 feet wide tonight.
  12. Another two game win streak following a loss for @darksabre
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