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  1. LOL it couldn't possibly be because they viewed Gilmour as he surprisingly effective utility 7D that he was while up here, and also noticed that post-surgery Bogosian is an abject nightmare on skates, could it? Nah, those people are too DUMB
  2. Hate to pile on but Bogo's skating is a problem and those two shifts were cornucopias of errors
  3. Ovie has his second hat trick in two games. 8 goals in his last three games. Dude is 34
  4. Nashville has been careless exiting their zone. We are getting closer to capitalizing from it
  5. I wish the sabres looked like this once or twice a period like most teams rather than once or twice a season.
  6. Bogo just got unlucky there, but with 20 seconds left in the first he made the worst play I've seen a Sabre make all season
  7. Woah Zemgus. That rush was so unlike you If Frolik was on his forehand there...
  8. Yeah, Reddit hasn't disappeared, it just relocated. Nashville is porous right now. Hope we keep taking advantage, like we did with that sick play.
  9. I haven't watched as much as I like but he seems to have d zone chops that made me question what could have gone so badly in New York and I'm not super interested in a winger's xGA and stuff through a few dozen games
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