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  1. Not convinced this is the right move. He had some plays that clearly showed what he'll look like when he's NHL ready, but overall I think he struggled a bit and could use more time in Rochester. As always, give him training camp and preseason to see if he's made the leap
  2. "Played in the Stanley cup finals " He was also scratched in the Stanley cup finals no? I've now seen a lot of these guys play and I am sticking with my gut on kotka, who I have watched plenty of. I am not interested in adding him at all
  3. I have zero interest in Kotkaniemi. None. Need center prospect to be better
  4. That's really funny. What did you say to me, you little sh*t?
  5. Bro. I literally heard this same jack eichel story years ago. The huh? Huh? Huh? Thing. Either Jack likes to pull this with fans or it's an updated copypasta lol
  6. I like the idea of georgiev in general but that trade is so bad
  7. Reaves used to play decent hockey along with his "enforcer" stuff not too long ago. not sure if he still does what was his cap hit?
  8. He melted down at 1pm on draft day and said we weren't going to do anything all summer, because we hadn't done anything yet. Within a few hours Risto and Reinhart were gone
  9. If we do the exact same things with Pysyk/Butcher that we did wth Risto/McCabe, they'd break analytics records in terms of negative outcomes
  10. "Fortify" come on chad. i get that they could be surprisingly ok as depth pieces. they are not "fortifying" our blue line, which is a tremendous weak point now
  11. Players understand that you can't just trade Jack for whatever ***** is being offered. They can be patient, and it won't derail the legitimacy of the regime. Only continued losing can do that. They know Jack will end up being traded and they'll love playing with the results of the trade. Colorado keeping a malcontent into the season in Duchene didn't exactly hurt their young kids...
  12. A team like Vegas can pretend to be indifferent, and pretend they have leverage. The longer the summer goes, the longer they spend staring at that center spine and watching playoff footage from last year, as Kevyn sets his sights on training camp with a shrug...
  13. Saying all the right things on Eichel, which confirms for me that he's handling this trade right
  15. They will be. The only reason they're not is because they saw what Terry and Jason did in the ROR deal, and they think they're backing Kevyn into the corner. When the time comes, they'll pay up the prospect. Kevyn is handling this as well as he can right now. Do we really think that Foley is okay with the fact that they'll be, once again, one playoff injury away from having 3 fourth line centers?
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