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  1. Eichs Risto for Zegras, Rakell (whatever makes this work, pieces can be added) Re-sign Samson "I want to be a Sabre centre for life" Reinhart and Linus "Vezina" Ullmark Sign Danault & Coleman Sign a GOOD backup Sign Savard Trade Olofsson, maybe a Dman for solid defenseman (idk who, pretend NYI wants more goals and gives up Mayfield or something) Skinner - Reinhart - Rakell Zegras - Danault - Cozens -> They all play center/shift to center/move around when injuries happen etc. Asplund - Mitts - Coleman Girgensons - Ruotsalainen - Okposo/Thompson Dahli
  2. Shut up and dribble catch! In all seriousness, the number of adults in society whose decisions on receiving the poke aren't swayed by WR3 and WR4 of the Buffalo Bills is large enough that I wouldn't worry about it affecting society-scale immunological trends It's JOSHY we have to worry about >:)
  3. Haven't really read the thread, but I thought Kevyn was pretty convincing on the medical stuff. Sounds like Eichs is being a bit unreasonable, if Kevyn wasn't lying about doctor consensus and the rehab window that is still in place.
  4. I agree, I normally assign 0 value to press conferences and anything said within them. But I honestly think the Sabres' image r.e. medical stuff can be rehabilitated if properly handled, and I think if he butchers this our stock around the league for players and coaching/FO hires can be tangibly affected
  5. IMO this is the most important interview/press conference we've had in a long time
  6. To me, this carries the same ugly tone as so many of your posts on so many Sabres-related topics. Little birdies talk to me too every now and then, some here, and have never said anything remotely close to this. A lot of ugliness to this situation all around. Ducks intrigue me more than most.
  7. Crypto is definitely still in its infancy haha. It could crash and burn, but if they iron out the kinks it would be foolish for all sorts of industries to not adopt it in all sorts of ways, and if you picked the right ones before this potential singularity, your grandkids are retired
  8. It is incredibly easy to imagine us starting out slow next year, and looking back with disgust and disbelief at the idea that we needed to keep Granato for going 7-11-3 (plus whatever our record in the last 7 games is) in Spring 2021, how could we ever have thought this was okay? Don may be the right guy, but it's a riskier hire than at least some of the available names.
  9. Reinhart and Reesto have been noticeably bad to me tonight, though Risto had some good passes on that power play
  10. Grateful for you pointing this out. Drives me up a wall
  11. My friend, if negligible R^2 is all the justification you need to believe something, I could change the way you see a lot of things in this world with just an array of R^2 values
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