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  1. Congrats on being a real man. This post has more "courage" against the grain of nonsensical shrieking and struggle sessions than any BLM post, take, stance will ever have.
  2. Lmfao. Every power structure in this country is solemnly siding with these brave, heroic players, who cannot fathom why a good man trying to give his kids lolipops or some BS was shot in the back. Every major print and news media platform, sans one (1) tv station that is widely ridiculed by the rest in its own right, every single social media and internet service, owned by the most powerful entities in human history, who happily squash milquetoast opposition from this meaningful public square discussion, every single academic in every single university, along with every major corporation donating sums of money larger than most countries' GDPs to this "cause," while every single local official at every level of government in these locations tacitly endorses and allows and embraces the ensuing violence, while police stand down as your grandpa is beaten with 2x4s while defending his livelihood as it goes up in flames. What ***** planet are you people on. Imagine a man whose history includes pulling guns in confrontations, having a loaded weapon stashed in his car discovered upon finally being corralled after violently interacting with police in previous iterations of his legal troubles, who had an outstanding warrant for sexual assault, which the cops were made aware of upon arriving on call because he was violating a restraining order against a woman. Imagine this man aggressively resisting arrest, fighting through being tased, escalating past all reasonable warnings given by cops, escaping their embrace, and aggressively sauntering over to that side of the car, at gunpoint this entire time, ignoring all of these orders nonstop, chance after chance. He gets into the car, starts to turn, and was found to be going for his knife - but had it been the previously stashed loaded weapon, and had cops waited a millisecond longer, bullets would be spraying in every direction on a crowded street with kids in the car right next to them. Cops know this, and have to react accordingly, after they've exhausted all other options. Imagine the sheer lack of comprehension you must have to have in your brain to not understand what all of these actions will lead to in the face of the situation you are inexplicably escalating beyond the bounds any sane man would dare approach? Imagine not simply complying in this situation? Nobody who sits and makes these asinine judgments from their cozy lives would ever come within a ***** light year of acting this way in this situation. Either this man is genuinely missing his prefrontal cortex, or he understands that rather than going to prison where he will be treated how people who sexually assault get treated in prison, he has a chance at being given millions upon millions of dollars along with forever-hero status by supposedly nonexistent real world and cultural power structures. Just like George Floyd's abandoned family. Saint George, the man who had enough fentanyl in his system to kill a horse without the cocktail of meth, weed, and alcohol he was also on, who overdosed while in the restraint correctly taught and sanctioned by the MPD, though the links on their website to the studies that justify its use were scrubbed by the power arms, along with the footage and knowledge of his aggressive resistance being deleted from texts by the power arm in the AG position. These are your heroes. They didn't do nothin. Why do these pig cops who work peacefully within these communities for decades then just suddenly decide to snap and shoot brown people one day, even though it will literally ruin their lives and the lives of their families forever because of these cultural and political forces??? That is some dedicated raycissssssm!!!! Truly. I want a cop taking those shots every single time. This was accurate risk assessment in split second temporal spans that most "community watch group" advocates would spend simply shitting their pants and crying, while their surroundings crumble into ruins and their ancestors turn away in disgust. Meanwhile, we get to deal with the result of this garbage setting race relations back decades, here in the real world. Such that every time some absolutely revolting demon of a person decides to violently resist arrest and put everyone around them in danger, we get our towns burned down. So brave though, Lebron, tweeting about how whitey needs to teach their kids how to not hunt blacks on the street for fun! If only this guy knew how to move past page 2 of the books he is intensely reading in his social media photos, or how to read a ***** bar graph. Good lord almighty. 9 unarmed blacks shot by cops last year, all justified except one, and the cop is in prison for murder in that case. On the order of dozens of millions of police/civilian interactions each year, this corresponds to one second out of your next few years of life. Systemic. assert: racism National-level multivariate regression with like 5 controls out of infinite real world variables, ie, beyond useless: excellent, a 4% outcome discrepancy (that subsequent studies can make vanish by choosing one more control, but we don't talk about that) therefore science shows: systemic oppression and systemic raycizm stack of anecdotes: wildly distorted, flagrantly false, deliberately misleading, ready to go (With a dash of Ben ***** Crump witness ***** fraud) profit (and i mean serious, serious profit for all parties involved. life changing) Wew! Read the room sweetie. You did a racism, you did a colonialism. Check yourself, check your privilege. I can't wait for the rotting corpses of Minneapolis, Seattle, Kenosha etc. to be shown as examples of "white flight" ten years down the line by smarmy retards pretending that their overproduced useless degrees mean something. When businesses won't reopen because insurance companies watched all local officials let them burn last time. You guys are the biggest, most pathetic and traitorous frauds Earth has ever seen. Proper controls on any statistical analysis make all of your precious gaps, without which your worldview could not exist, vanish, in a way that would make Richard Dawkins proud, and then you're left with nothing but the obscene and despicable primal behaviors of a tiny fraction of people you will stop the earth to defend for reasons no sane person would ever understand. Your studies are junk, your concepts are junk, and your overwhelming narcissism and superiority complexes when discussing these topics are beyond tiresome, and your self-flagellation to attain social status points is an embarrassment. Should I hit submit on this post? There's no going back. If I hit it I'm probably not coming back to this forum, or to the internet. Because off the internet is where you can find millions of sane people, who have also compiled years of pent up astonishment, disbelief, and rage that such a historically illiterate and incompetent country, people, movement can exist at this level of power and influence. I sat down tonight to take my mind off of things and relax, and instead was greeted with midwit takes I grew past as a teenager, from self-absorbed athletes pretending they're novel and interesting ideas, and not endlessly tiresome and statistically illiterate tropes. I have seen the ledge that takes people overboard with less to lose than I have, and I am done. I guess I will hit submit.
  3. Me too! I don't know ***** but I spend a lot of time on covid twitter lol
  4. I'm vibin with your takes this summer wookie
  5. The initial Hong Kong case the article refers to is quite dubious, from my understanding. His second "case" had zero symptoms and a very small viral load. It wasn't cultured, and if they used a PCR test (I'd bet money they did), the test cannot tell a live fragment of corona DNA from a dead one. And we know that dead fragments stay in your blood stream months after you get the disease. If they're scouring that closely, they should find plenty of "second cases" like this, and even real ones in outlier situations - you can catch any "once a lifetime" disease more than once if you're under enough immune stress, like that second person in the article was reportedly under If these two cases plus the hong kong one are what we have after half a year of this and millions of first cases, I can't see why we wouldn't be fine until mutation, given the effective multi-layered immune responses observed in those who get the virus, and the tendency for those T cells to remain in bloodstreams for years. Feel free to slap me around if I'm misunderstanding things, woody
  6. I would be quite excited to add him.
  7. Feels like its taking a long time to get the full trade
  8. TFW we pretend that non-immunoligical legislation has any impact on that number
  9. Nature doesnt exist, humanity as we knew it for millenia has been properly scrubbed clean in a few short years and any acknowledgment of brutal truths this attempts to hide (poorly) will ruin your life, and the new zeitgeist of western elites, who became revolted when the proles gradually came around to their used-to-be-unique worldview, is what we will shoehorn everywhere now. The flimsiness of this grasp upon any serious inspection is exactly why we must scold and punish so severely, as it cannot stand on its own merit Er, I mean, shut up bigot
  10. It also took me many years, but I was a middle schooler so
  11. 99.3% has to be well within noise, and not considered unlucky. Bad Sabres teams hover around 96% sustainably haha. That would correspond to his plus-minus improving by ~3, which would at best give him 3 more points, but probably less when you consider some of that PDO improvement might come in goaltending
  12. That's the way I see it. Okposo's playing speed on a skill line would hamper the line, which is why everyone hated him in 2017. His foot speed is just fine for his current role which is why everyone likes him now
  13. The day he signed that was one of the happier days I've had as a sabre fan
  14. But if we acquire Monahan, I'd like another defensive player coming in from another organization, and would put Larry/Zemgus at the top of the priority list too, higher than they were already
  15. "while i believe in gaudreau and people exagerrate how "poorly" gio performed i have no faith in monahan being anything but a one-dimensional goal scorer." This one is from weeks ago, so it wasn't fueled by in-game emotion ^^ the core of Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Brodie, Bennett, Lindholm, Backlund, Giordano, Andersson, and Mangiapane is very honestly top-end. And with players like Kylington, Valimaki, Rittich and Dube developing into core pieces, we've got a bright future.Monahan's sort of that guy hurting our chances by being overplayed. He's a complimentary piece but by treating him as core we've tanked our chances I've posted several quotes from off-days before the Dallas series even started. I haven't watched any Flames games this year, and a general tenor from a fanbase that has watched him years is valuable. I'm just trying to provide that tenor, and it's not pretty That being said, you're right that in the proper role he'd likely be just what we need.
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