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  1. Watching the full postgame show for the first time since...2012?
  2. @PASabreFan, did you have tickets to this previously, or did you purchase them when you saw the Aud setup?
  3. At some point Skinner's gonna get hot again too, and Mojo will get back to producing.
  4. Excellent. First, Victor was a PP specialist. Not harmful, but completely invisible, at even strength. It reflected in his line's performance at even strength, as they lagged behind their opponents in goal scoring for the first month or so. Then he started to figure it out a bit - you saw the well-timed hip pivots that let him shield the puck in a way that, instead of giving in to the boards and losing it, any force would propel him in the direction of the puck, and he would push off of his opponents that way, knowing he can't overpower them. He started to get close to some goals, but nothing clicked. Now, he's making plays like that. He's a no-BS top 6 NHLer right now, almost at a point per game, and is getting better every night. It's been a long time since we've drafted a player and grown them into something like this. Sam quietly doing his thing. I'm pretty sure we had all 21 possible combinations of defense pairings out there tonight, it was pretty wild, and seamless too. They were literally all excellent, with Risto leading the pack. The game had a different feel early than it did late - it felt like no matter what Nashville was going to win, until it slowly felt like no matter what we are going to win. I credit the initial shift in our direction to Larsson, Kyle, and Zemgus. EXCELLENT shifts in the first and second set up goals on the following ones. Eichel is ridiculous and we are very lucky to be watching this. I pray to the hockey gods that we can stay healthy. We deserve to have some fun
  5. Nice job by Kyle and Larry to get that offensive zone faceoff. Appreciate the refs today - they're letting them play and not calling ticky tack stuff that they could/sometimes do, and the teams know right where that line is tonight. It's made for a clean, fluid, fun game
  6. I was so momentarily distressed that he missed that first open net
  7. Okay when the opponent refused to touch it after their high stick in our zone, and we did, the face off was in our zone. No Sabre should have touched that puck, we would have gotten an offensive zone faceoff.
  8. And he's doing it against goalies that don't look like it's the first time they've ever experienced ice before, too :)
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