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  1. So you've felt this lifeblood coursing through your veins, and you still get all nerdy about it?? 😝
  2. Cozens is a Yukon boy. He ain't skeered of no hockey fights.
  3. I hope I'm not being too much of a jerk here, i was just picking up on that same moral thing, and felt compelled to offer my own resistance. I share the same appreciation and admiration to SDS, as creating and maintaining this board is something I have neither the determination nor skill to do.
  4. Haha, what? I'm not trying to speak ill of you at all. But your train of thought through this topic has not been compelling, and you aren't going to fix that by digging deeper into arXiv. We have ridden many technological waves in throughout history, and this one is the most massive one yet - but not one of these surges of advancement has changed human nature an ounce (at least since we started farming). That you see a rapid march toward a "progress" (in this case, the end of fighting in the NHL) does not mean that we suddenly discovered and changed something about ourselves (we wi
  5. Thanks. I'm no PA though. Seriously, I'll be first in line when that book comes out.
  6. If it ends up being NYR, I want Shestyorkin and Zibanejad. I want Fox too, even if that means we are adding something (I have absolutely no idea what the value of either of these packages would be)
  7. It's funny the way metanarratives evolve - these views have lost a lot of their shine now that they no longer possess the edginess inherent to countercultural thinking. They stand rather nakedly, with not much to offer beneath the layer of smugness that cakes them I didn't watch the game, but I heard a lot of callers, hosts, former hockey players, and current hockey players buzzing with energy afterwards because of Dylan Cozens. Being honest, I thought they had won the game when I started listening. Actually, it was so jarring that I was wondering why one close win against a bad team coul
  8. Going back to the fake NYR rumors from last year, they are absolutely going to talk this into existence if the seeds aren't already sown. No doubt in my mind
  9. I think Jack is far more guilty of dumb effort than of no effort. That guy will come screaming in to chase after defenders passing the puck between themselves, in a move that will cause a meaningful turnover maybe once every ten years. This will have him way too deep in the zone and behind the play when the defenders simply fire it up the ice past him, and he has to sprint back. Then he's at half a tank already, with a whole shift left to go. The missed stick lift wasn't a lack of effort - he didn't know where to look, because he's never known how to cover people in the d-zone. If
  10. Idk guys, the last playoff appearance from this franchise came just a couple months before I discovered this site for the first time. It is more likely that I am a curse.
  11. Given what I've briefly seen about the data that xGF% is scraped & compiled from, it would be theoretically possible to incorporate this in the stat. Each shot is catologed with the type, skater who took it, and geographic coordinates, among other things. You could scan every game to find all shots Crosby has taken within a reasonable diameter of that location (5 feet?), use HIS shooting percentage historically from that region (weighted average of some sort) in your team's xGA calculation from the game when he takes a shot there, and do that for each player that takes a shot against you,
  12. We gave Tage a three year deal? WTF? I assume Ralph played a role in this?
  13. Eichel, Miller, prospect, pick for Zegras, Drysdale, Gibson Hall, Montour for ammo at the deadline Give Danault money Dump Eakin, and while I love Kyle, this kind of play sticking around the lineup, let alone leading the team in ES ice time, is emblematic of a portion of our issues Pick one or two of Rieder, Lazar, Zemgus to keep around See if anyone wants Jokiharju Throw money at David Savard Get another NHL center through mid-level trade or UFA (I'll use Haula as an example, no idea if he's still good) Sign a competent 4C, a Bellemare/Laughton type Ammo of some sort for goo
  14. The state of dudacek is always an incredibly insightful and meaningful barometer. For much of the last 6 years, Jack Eichel was more central to my sports fanhood than the Buffalo Sabres franchise. It felt like if he ever left, I'd follow him with as much interest as I would my own team. I thought I'd die before coming around to this line of thinking. I still think Jack Eichel is far more a victim than a perpetrator of the ***** we slog through today. Had he been drafted by the Boston Bruins, with a stable and accomplished leadership core and management, he'd be a staple face of the
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