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  1. It's so easy for us to "forget" about all of our own mistakes and bad calls. Good on Pronman!
  2. I was reading how some group (or person) developed a new expected goals model that includes pre-shot motion somehow, another variable included to get a little more detail. The Sabres were comfortably last in quality offense generated according to this model, just like they routinely sit at the bottom in almost every even strength offensive thing you could count, measure, or watch. This also lines up with the eye tests of any Sabre fan here - I don't think anyone thinks we're good at consistently generating offense from worthwhile locations in the offensive zone, and our goal totals suffer as a result. I love all the stuff I hear about Ralph, but for this to work, he's got to be able to see that this is happening, see why it's happening, and know what to do to fix it. Because while talent is a huge part of the equation, I believe that tactics can be installed right now to get a meaningful amount more out of what we already have. I'm not confident they will be, and won't believe it until I see it happening. IDK what those tactics are, but Ralph had better!
  3. I love it, but I don't own any jerseys and the only two I plan on purchasing over the next decade or two are an Eichel road royal jersey, and a Dahlin home one.
  4. That Panthers kicker has quite the leg on him.
  5. Murphy with redemption Also I know it's preseason, but how did Singletary not catch the football more in college? He seems really good at it. Also, given Hauschka's performance after the injury last season, I don't like seeing him miss these kicks in preseason.
  6. Trent Murphy, Quinton Spain having bad games.
  7. Nice work Bills. Let's get the first team outta there now eh
  8. The Canucks were correct to bring back the skate, and they were uber correct to take the word "Vancouver" off the front of their jerseys. That was one of the worst jersey mishaps in this league, which flew under the radar.
  9. I trusted Callaway, who's been saying this for a while, because he got the winter classic jersey right a couple years ago
  10. I mean, I loved it back when the original "leak" happened. And while I'm happy they announced royal blues, we kinda knew they were going back to them for a couple years now. These are just beautiful jerseys, that's all there is to it.
  11. Bob McKenzie is retiring after this season. Not sure how that'll affect his tweeting of stuff about to break.
  12. Absolutely beautiful. And the meetup folks get to see the Blackhawks' red.
  13. I wonder if they saw that every time anything gets posted about jerseys, fans riot in the comment sections, and figured that if they just unveiled the white/gold thing tomorrow and didn't say anything about royal blue, people would be more miserable than happy. Now everyone will be delirious, at least on social media
  14. This really was some weird timing for that announcement.
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