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  1. Plenty of his peers will not have his processing speed issues, which are generally killer for prospects, even though those peers haven't "made it" as far along the curve as Tage has, if you can call Botts' handling of him as him making it And so I'd take plenty of them over Tage even if they haven't made the chel yet
  2. We only know Tage to be a bad NHLer. We don't know that about those peers
  3. Whether it's Dudley or someone else, I think we'd all just be relieved to have a talent evaluator with credible evidence of NHL results. That isn't to say that the Sabres can't build something good without this, or such that it exists but we don't know about it, but I think an optically pleasant offseason of front-office additions would do wonders for the board's optimism when the pucks are flying again, and certainly wouldn't harm the Sabres' prospects for next year
  4. Tage will be 23 before he skates in his next pro hockey game. How does this make us feel
  5. A Lance error! I don't blame him because of how little impact MDC has had
  6. "all possible centers that meet the criteria" means I'm describing the floor and everything above the floor
  7. Something that stuck with me from the Dudley story in the Buffalo News: "I think (Dudley's) one of the great talent evaluators of our era," said Brian Burke, former NHL general manager. "I’ve drafted some really good players, but I usually have to see a player two, three or four times before I’m convinced. Rick Dudley can watch a kid for one period. ... I remember watching a summer camp with him in Toronto. It was (New York Islanders defenseman) Michael Dal Colle's draft year. We watched two periods and I said, 'Who do you like? He circled five names out of the 35 or 40 kids on the ice. All five were first rounders a year later and this was before the central scouting list for that draft year came out." https://buffalonews.com/news/rick-dudleys-hybrid-scouting-model-in-carolina-could-be-option-for-sabres/article_8023a4cb-b40b-53ec-b835-ccf13cb0cd3a.html
  8. I will include all possible centers that meet this criteria for me, no particular order: Elias Pettersson, Brayden Point, Nathan MacKinnon, Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid, Patrice Bergeron, Leon Draisaitl, Anthony Cirelli, Ryan O'Reilly, Sean Couturier, Steven Stamkos, Mark Scheifele, Nazem Kadri (yes, he's good), Max Domi, Dylan Larkin, Anze Kopitar & Toews (though I wouldn't actually pursue them cuz contracts/age), Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Bo Horvat, Tomas Hertl, maybe Couture (has he fallen off?), Tyler Seguin, John Tavares, Claude Giroux, Nick Backstrom, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Mika Zibanejad, William Karlsson, Mathew Barzal, Sebastian Aho, PL Dubois, Nico Hischier, Elias Lindholm, Sean Monahan, Brayden Schenn, Robert Thomas, Aleksander Barkov RNH would be the threshold, anything above him really. Obviously 96% of those guys are untouchable, which is why this is a difficult thing to do. I'd say one, mayyyyyyyybe two of those skaters have greater than a 2% chance of moving this summer and if they do we need to be the ones to get them It's also possible that the braintrust uncovers a young player that flourishes in a new role, and avoids having to give up the eighth pick. Maybe Adam Gaudette or someone like that. That type of move would go into the other category for now though.
  9. If this happens, I will have more trust in the Sabres' front office than I have had at any point since 2010. There is a fair bit of evidence that Dudley is a tremendous evaluator of hockey talent at all levels.
  10. The ROR trade absolutely should have been made. He is a Selke and Conn Smythe caliber player, and we gave up a bunch of mediocrity for him. There is a whole lot of garbage in the list of things given away, no genuinely good NHLers aside from a year of McNabb, and no guarantee that we would have taken those prospects anyway. Especially considering Cernak was taken by an organization that we didn't trade the pick to?
  11. I see two realistic paths of change this summer. Both assume we can get either better play from Hutton, or a closer-to-average backup, bringing our goaltending to near average and hopefully not playing a major role in the season (unless in a surprisingly good way, but I'm picturing more like the goaltending the Canes got the last 2 years) Path one has a 2C trade with the excitement level of the first ROR trade. It likely sends pick 8 out, and more. It fills the biggest hole in our roster, and leaves a diminished asset pool that limits what we can do elsewhere. There won't be enough assets available post-trade to do anything more than grab a Vesey or two. But nailing those depth picks becomes less important, because Skinner - Eichel - Cozens/someone Olofsson - electric 2C - Reinhart Johansson - Kahun - kid/Vesey-type addition Lazar/GIrgensons - Larsson/UFA/Asplund - Okposo Dahlin - Miller McCabe/vet addition - Risto kid - Jokiharju Ullmark hopefully backup upgrade The cap available for the vet additions to fill in the bottom 6 and a defensive spot likely mean that 3-4 forwards are fairly weak, and that our defense isn't as good as it was last year, but the ability for 2C to play the role properly gives this roster a real shot, and gives Cozens, Mitts, Tage a chance to really be sheltered or protected by their role, and still give upside for Kahun and Olofsson in particular. The ceiling for this roster is fighting for home ice in the playoffs, which means anything is possible beyond that. It's going to be tough to find that trade. Path two involves finding a 2C, but one that won't break out the champagne for a celebration. Think Stepan, Henrique as a best case scenario, Strome or a Faksa level player as a worst case scenario. This likely keeps 8th overall in the organization this year, which isn't nothing. It also leaves other assets available to go after real depth. This is in theory easier than finding the 2C trade, though the path feels dangerous because of our abysmal track record of finding above-replacement-value depth forwards. Assuming they can do it though, you're looking at a roster like Skinner - Eichel - Cozens Olofsson - Stepan - Reinhart Johansson - Kahun - solid 3rd liner (Copp?) Zemgus - Larry - Kyle, or the equivalent of a GOOD fourth line, one that can go + 8 in tough minutes like Larry/Zemgus did if they price themselves out. Kids, Lazar as depth Dahlin - Miller Cole - Risto good vet - Jokiharju McCabe/Kids goalies In this case, we have more cap and assets to put something together for forward depth and can maintain a balanced defense group with real depth as well. In the first case, an injury to the forwards means there is nothing behind them, and we are stuck watching something like we saw in 15-16's best forward production. Not horrid, but nowhere near good enough to be the focal point of the roster, which the move is intended for. Similarly, their defense is weak in depth and doesn't have a proper distribution of roles. Injuries could ravage this team and make them indistinguishable from the 15-17 Sabres. If things go fairly well on that front, I see that team being able to go +14 on line 1 +10 on line 2 ~even on line 3 -4 on line 4 For a goal differential in line with a 3 seed in an average division, ~10th in the league. In the latter scenario, injuries become less of a problem unless they hit one specific player. we sacrifice line two performance to upgrade the contributions of the ones below it, and I can see something like +14 +1 +1 +2 potentially giving similar results. On the back end, Ian Cole gives you the ugly-but-necessary Scandella role that nobody is really good at on our current roster, someone else to give Joki the stability that Scandy did, and also likely helping the PK. On special teams, PP1 is likely the same while PP2 suffers compared to the first scenario. There are trade offs for each scenario, and the harder one depends on whether or not finding genuinely good depth, a rarity in Buffalo, is actually easier than making a hard trade for a 2C. It might not be. But I could feasibly be happy with a milquetoast 2C if genuine forward depth is brought in, and we can build a bottom six like Mojo - Kahun - Copp Faksa - Larsson - Okposo Reaves or something, giving appropriate insulation/more time in development for the kids, ensuring they ONLY make the team if it's plainly obvious theyre ready
  12. What the Patriots did was annoying, and against rules, but the footage they got is available to anyone inclined to purchase All-22, if I remember correctly. I'm good with the punishment. Cam's body was obliterated by the NFL. He was so fun to watch, but there's a reason he has lost his last 8 starts. He's not good anymore
  13. Just dress up the deal. Losing guys like Tage or a defensive prospect is not going to materially harm us going forward. Make it sting a little, anything to get the piece that will make all the difference to our immediate future and ripple forward in time to pull us out of this rut
  14. That being said, I like that offersheet idea too. Scared Tampa would match and find a way to make salaries work, and move other players or Cirelli to other teams after getting pissed off at us
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