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  1. The first post mine shows was about 4 weeks after my real first post, which was a discussion with NS, who was the first to welcome me. I was 16 years old and boy do those read like it lol cringe My not-actual-first-post was about a snow day I had, in the complaint Thursday thread, saying how I had nothing to complain about
  2. I watched the first 4 episodes. Haven't had the faintest urge to keep watching past that point
  3. Even though I bash Jason as much as anyone, I don't think this is true. The ROR return was so bad because Jason's decision that he had to trade ROR, with Terry's deadline, painted us into a corner. He would never have so little leverage in a Dahlin trade
  4. I read Gretzky's book of hockey tales recently. He mentioned that he skated around pretending to be Perreault on his backyard rink, but only for a little bit - it was clear to him that he would never skate like Gilbert, that he would be a completely different player.
  5. I think this -encourages the type of camp competition Botterill has long been after -wouldn't harm the team in a big way if the worst case scenario happened and all struggled -is in line with GA's point about being unable to build the perfect roster with only established NHLers
  6. The only reason I bring up Olofsson was to illustrate an example of the kind of situation I picture nfreeman feeling comfortable writi Casey in for - when on-ice evidence has compiled to a degree where damn near everybody is confident the player will be a real asset to the team right now. Given how our flame outs with Casey have harmed both Casey and the Sabres, it will absolutely take this evidence in real games for people to be comfortable with designing the roster by handing Casey a spot.
  7. That he was in on Trocheck gives me hope that he knows what he needs.
  8. They're probably looking for that feeling Olofsson gave us - "yeah, that guy is going to make the team, and he's going to be pretty good."
  9. You can, however, expect better at center than Eichs-rookie-questionmark-Lazar.
  10. Fleshing out more why I'd consider a Dahlin trade but not an Eichel trade, Jack already is, today, good enough at hockey, at one of the two or three most important and hardest to acquire positions, that we could win the cup as a team without upgrading that position. Further, he's an established veteran - his trade value is locked down, and it is more than likely to be a comparable player, or two lesser players, and so on. Dahlin still fits a bit of the Lindros mold. He had a mystical air around him, people spoke in hushed tones about Lidstrom comparables, best defenseman his age in a generation. People are aware of development curves for D, and see the teenage D scoring stats. This is the type of thing that creates potential for Lindros-like returns, usually from a specific type of franchise, in a place a team like San Jose is today. You can still ask the moon for Dahlin, and you'd be able to get back whatever type of asset you like from those specific teams. All while Dahlin has not passed the level of nice second pairing defenseman yet, in a position of team strength. It'd be smart to exploit that atmosphere around Dahlin to see what you could garner. It probably wouldn't be smart to move Jack for Barzal, Nelson, and Pelech or something, because everyone knows what he is. And they'd want that, don't get me wrong. But we are either making a lateral move, or downgrading something good enough for cups for a limited increase in value elsewhere, versus moving someone with the value to greatly impact roster holes, and NOT cutting out an established elite player at the game's most important position
  11. Dude our first is about fifteen tiers of importance below Eichel and Dahlin. I'd call Cozens more untouchable than our first? obviously you wait for the lottery before doing anything, but presuming we aren't drafting first, we should absolutely be dangling it for any help we can get. As enticing the idea of another grab bag of Mitts, Nylander, and Cozens is....why is it enticing lol speaking of, holy cow, aren't we now at the point in Mitts development that we traded Nylander at? Man time flies
  12. If Gretzky wasn't untouchable then no player in history is untouchable. That's a boring question Its not about clinging to Eichel for those of us that are opposed, it's that when we make a list of problems with this team, a Eichel ain't on it, and we'd rather fix the actual problems we've been pointing and screeching at for 3+ years straight now than add "find a 1C" to the list like it's the good old days of 2011-2015. The sentiment of "we haven't done anything WITH the talent", which usually shows up in the offseason, is exactly what a couple of us went to war against when everyone else wanted us to think that Jason nailed the ROR trade. It'd be an interesting question if you ignored the many gaping holes around him staring us in the face for the 40 minutes of ice time he's not out there, and/or in goal, or if they didn't exist and we were still bad, but they're there and directly contributing to our horrific experiences over the last forever Plus, moving the question to Eichel fundamentally makes it impossible to be a Lindros situation, Eichel's established NHL time is different asset-wise from the question marks that were/are prospect Lindros and young Dahlin
  13. Wait, you aren't interested in a fourth straight year of "we're in games" and "we hope to play meaningful games down the stretch" meaning hoping to be within ten points in February, and assertions that it's all a growth process being used to describe the fact that we suck because we don't have enough NHL capable players, ignoring the fact that many of those players simply won't ever get there?
  14. I learned that I was only 45 minutes away from Joe Exotic lol
  15. In Oklahoma I once went longer than two weeks doing this
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