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  1. Congrats on being a real man. This post has more "courage" against the grain of nonsensical shrieking and struggle sessions than any BLM post, take, stance will ever have.
  2. Lmfao. Every power structure in this country is solemnly siding with these brave, heroic players, who cannot fathom why a good man trying to give his kids lolipops or some BS was shot in the back. Every major print and news media platform, sans one (1) tv station that is widely ridiculed by the rest in its own right, every single social media and internet service, owned by the most powerful entities in human history, who happily squash milquetoast opposition from this meaningful public square discussion, every single academic in every single university, along with every major corporation do
  3. Me too! I don't know ***** but I spend a lot of time on covid twitter lol
  4. I'm vibin with your takes this summer wookie
  5. The initial Hong Kong case the article refers to is quite dubious, from my understanding. His second "case" had zero symptoms and a very small viral load. It wasn't cultured, and if they used a PCR test (I'd bet money they did), the test cannot tell a live fragment of corona DNA from a dead one. And we know that dead fragments stay in your blood stream months after you get the disease. If they're scouring that closely, they should find plenty of "second cases" like this, and even real ones in outlier situations - you can catch any "once a lifetime" disease more than once if you're under enough
  6. I would be quite excited to add him.
  7. Feels like its taking a long time to get the full trade
  8. TFW we pretend that non-immunoligical legislation has any impact on that number
  9. Nature doesnt exist, humanity as we knew it for millenia has been properly scrubbed clean in a few short years and any acknowledgment of brutal truths this attempts to hide (poorly) will ruin your life, and the new zeitgeist of western elites, who became revolted when the proles gradually came around to their used-to-be-unique worldview, is what we will shoehorn everywhere now. The flimsiness of this grasp upon any serious inspection is exactly why we must scold and punish so severely, as it cannot stand on its own merit Er, I mean, shut up bigot
  10. It also took me many years, but I was a middle schooler so
  11. 99.3% has to be well within noise, and not considered unlucky. Bad Sabres teams hover around 96% sustainably haha. That would correspond to his plus-minus improving by ~3, which would at best give him 3 more points, but probably less when you consider some of that PDO improvement might come in goaltending
  12. That's the way I see it. Okposo's playing speed on a skill line would hamper the line, which is why everyone hated him in 2017. His foot speed is just fine for his current role which is why everyone likes him now
  13. The day he signed that was one of the happier days I've had as a sabre fan
  14. But if we acquire Monahan, I'd like another defensive player coming in from another organization, and would put Larry/Zemgus at the top of the priority list too, higher than they were already
  15. "while i believe in gaudreau and people exagerrate how "poorly" gio performed i have no faith in monahan being anything but a one-dimensional goal scorer." This one is from weeks ago, so it wasn't fueled by in-game emotion ^^ the core of Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Brodie, Bennett, Lindholm, Backlund, Giordano, Andersson, and Mangiapane is very honestly top-end. And with players like Kylington, Valimaki, Rittich and Dube developing into core pieces, we've got a bright future.Monahan's sort of that guy hurting our chances by being overplayed. He's a complimentary piece but by treating him as core
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