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  1. My son’s U18 team motto this season is “fit in or f*** off”
  2. McDavid’s frustration level must be close to Eichel’s. If they fail again in the first round, his calm demeanour may start to change. His media stuff is pretty vanilla but he is probably wishing he was on a real contender in a low tax, non winter setting.
  3. I expect him to be on the third pairing and on the PK. He may get passed by Samuelsson very soon.
  4. I think he can be a 4-5 Dman with the possibility of running PP2.
  5. He flies under the radar. His season was split between the AHL and Columbus last year.
  6. Leon Draisaitl will probably end up as all time top German but JJP has a shot at top Sabre for sure.
  7. MVP of two IIHF tournaments plus MVP in the last league he played in. I am really interested in how he performs in the NCAA.
  8. Drake Caggiula played some exhibition hockey in Australia to help promote the game. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/growing-hockey-globally-with-the-help-of-a-storied-rivalry
  9. Brisson also has other doctors and such to consult with on the injury front. He is well known amongst the GMs and his opinion would carry more weight than Fish.
  10. Save the C for March and pin it on Power. He was 1st overall, gonna be a superstar, right?
  11. I’m sure someone has thought of this but it may need a media push of some sort to get all teams thinking about it. The NHL would seriously consider closing this workaround if it happened and the acquiring team went deep into the playoffs. Can we call it being Kucheroved?
  12. Jack needs to hire Allan Walsh as his agent and go all double sabres through his back on Twitter. One named Terry and the other Kim. Then there won’t be any doubt about his feelings.
  13. If the drama ended today and they got a top six player, a ready to go prospect, a goalie plus a future piece I think our anticipation of camp would be heightened. Not because of the possibility of having a solid team but the glimmer of hope that the youth movement will grow into a team that we can embrace.
  14. I am not a wing person either. I’ve had maybe 20 in my lifetime. I’ve never had any from Buffalo so… I don’t like ribs much either, I think it’s because like wings there is more bone than meat.
  15. Rocket Richard coached 2 games for the Quebec Nordiques inaugural WHA season. My father in law, who lived in Quebec at the time said that the Rocket couldn’t believe those players didn’t have his “passion” for the game.
  16. The more teams that are in the mix the more options for KA. I want Zegras but would settle for McTavish+. Zegras is ready for prime time.
  17. I like the move. He could make the team this year but he will be way better in 13 months from now and actually make an impact. He will come from a winning program that may win it all. He has a good chance at winning gold at the WJHC. He may also win some individual hardware along the way. His confidence will be high and the Sabres should be on the upswing and in need of the boost.
  18. I cannot believe that there is not another goalie picked up via trade (Jack) or waivers that is better than Dell.
  19. I think Skinner gets back to 20. Comtois and Zegras get there too.LOL
  20. Ontario is getting what they are calling the fourth wave and it is mainly Delta. Over 70% of the population have both shots so we will see how that stands up. We have a mixture of Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer and Moderna quite often in blends which could change the stats.
  21. I wanted this resolved around the draft or the UFA period so we wouldn’t have to get to camp with or without Jack. Both sides will put their spin on it and throw the other under the bus. I hope there is still some trade discussions and someone steps up soon.
  22. 1969 Boss 429 Mustang. I’ve had two Mustangs but not that one.
  23. Throw in their third string goalie, who could be our starter. Zary is a C and I thought Coronato was a winger. Zary had 7 points in 9 AHL games after 24 in 15 WHL games.
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