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  1. USA has outshot Germany 25-4 in the first. Very dominant, moving the puck well. German goalie is playing well.
  2. Kulich credited with an assist on Czechia’s 2nd goal. He may have scored, as he and Gut were jamming away at the puck in the crease.
  3. She is only interim chair, until November. It may be difficult to implement much change in that timeframe. Hopefully she has some great leadership skills and gets the gig full time.
  4. Kulich is playing RW on the top line for Czechia. He plays the right point on PP1. He generated one nice chance on a rush and had a few decent shot attempts.
  5. Yes, Ilya Lyubushkin is too hard to type out for me.
  6. Yeah, trying to use Sharks’ colours with the Seals’ logo. Gotta go with one of the Seals’ jerseys. This is the one I like best.
  7. I think camp and pre-season games will determine Power’s partner. Joker would have to focus on defense first if paired with Power but he could freewheel on the third pairing. He has a better all around game than Boosh but may not mesh well with Power. Boosh may not be the guy to get 20+ minutes so Joker may slide in with Power. This is a tough decision. When this team is ready to contend, Joker should be a solid third pairing guy.
  8. Performing like that on a U25 team at age 19 is impressive.
  9. I didn’t know anything about that symbol. I sent that emoji last week meaning OK, I think it was well received.
  10. I wonder if another option would be a loan to an SHL or Liiga team? Stronger competition than Czechia, still in Europe and with some English exposure with imports.
  11. I don’t know where the best spot for him to play is. There are pros and cons to all of the scenarios. The Sabres and the Kulich family will determine what is best. The Q players are mostly French but they have a number of players from the Maritime provinces, Ontario guys not drafted in the OHL, a few Americans and Europeans in the league. Kulich’s rights belong to Cape Breton, there are not many French speaking people in that community.
  12. Kulich had many similar goals with the Czechia U18 team. Quinn and Peterka may get some PP time this year too. With more overall talent, no JAGS, DG will have about 9 different forwards he can try out for some PP units.
  13. Nine players that were on the December roster have not returned, including Owen Power.
  14. Good thing his banner will be in the rafters to remind us how to spell it.
  15. 2024 draft players at U18’s https://apple.news/AmSIlSvPgR96kKqroLPrz-Q
  16. Comrie may surprise a lot of people, in a good way. I am an optimist in this case, I don’t see any other option now, short of a trade. If he gives the Sabres average goaltending, that would be a success, considering his level of experience. I see Levi as the future #1 but it will be a while before he is ready. One more NCAA season and one in the AHL? Putting my optimist hat on again, he is the same age as Spencer Knight who is already an NHL backup and may take over for Bob soon. No one is saying Knight isn’t ready and he only played 11 games in the AHL. The pessimist devil on my shoulder says to watch for a Carter Hart scenario with Levi.
  17. Yeah, I think Savoie has a higher offensive ceiling. Kasper seems more NHL ready but tops out at middle six C. Did you watch Savoie live at all this past season?
  18. Agree. From my viewings he has good hockey sense, good hands and is willing to take punishment in front of the net. He worked both PP and PK, wore a letter and was on Team Canada’s radar. A very good year for him. His skating is OK for the Q but he needs to take it up a notch for the next level. Shawinigan traded him to Gatineau this off season.
  19. He is eligible for the HlinkaGretzky U18 but he is playing in the U20 next week instead.
  20. https://apple.news/AVSUCt4DwQk6vT7OuSzOIIQ This story lists 5 possible landing spots for Kadri. One of them is the Wild, who could use a 1C/2C, but the cap prevents them from doing so. Could the Sabres get asset(s) from the Wild for next to nothing so they get their man?
  21. Kulich’s Prospect tourney and main training camp will give the organization a better idea of where he is on the development scale. This is a confident kid who thinks he can play with the big boys now. I doubt it, but if he is gung ho to compete and develop over here, put him in the AHL where he can become a rink/gym rat and work on his English with the Czech mafia. If he goes to the Q I may have to go watch some of his games in Rouyn or Gatineau.
  22. Let Peca take him under his wing and get him to become a 200’ dynamo that can win some draws.
  23. I am sure KA remembers how good that team was and he would know many of those players. He knows the importance of leadership, character and chemistry and he is careful in assembling this team with skill and those other traits I listed.
  24. Under Armour just seems like a perfect fit for hockey. I don’t want to minimize other sports but UA doesn’t seem to sound right with track, basketball, soccer etc.. Smart marketers could do well with this alliance.
  25. KA inherited Skinner’s deal and so far it hasn’t hampered his plan. He is not a $9M player but if he plays like he can it is not a brutal contract. So far, KA has been avoiding the big contracts, saving cap room for the internal growth of his players. I hope he keeps some powder dry for making a deal (UFA or trade) for a piece that will help take the next step when this team is in the playoffs. My mind always flashes back to Butch Goring for the Islanders at the deadline. He was the perfect fit on that team to complement the stars they had and help them win 4 Cups in a row.
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