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  1. I’m not looking it up but I bet this could be his first fight.
  2. I barely was able to watch tonight and they did this. My superstitious a** is now going to not watch so they can keep winning. I can’t win.
  3. And the opponent knows you’re going to do it.
  4. Levi lost in OT tonight, 4 GA on 28 shots. Meh.
  5. I love the draft and all of the lists and projections around it. I just can’t bring myself to look at that stuff yet. This is as negative as I have felt about this team in almost 50 years of fandom but I still have some hope of a .500 season.
  6. Frustrating to watch, another loss. It makes it worse watching the Leafs broadcast where the Sabres bouncing goal is lucky while Tavares’ goal off of his shin pads was his bread and butter play. There are other examples but that one really p***ed me off. Nobody was hitting the Leafs, they are soft yet outhitting the Sabres. Tage threw a few hits early in the game and Dahlin had a Forsberg hit or two but many chances were passed up to finish a check. I try and find a positive thing or two but it’s tough tonight. Mule will help a lot but they will still have Bryson and Fitzy as 6-7. This should help as a pitch to Ryan Johnson. He is not the saviour but he could help. In the meantime get an experienced Dman from somewhere.
  7. I watched Bjork closely in the Ottawa game. He is not an NHLer, he just doesn’t process the game fast enough. Give Jost a shot.
  8. I liked this guy since his draft year. Weak showing so far this season but there is not much cost to this reclamation project.
  9. Looking at the US Power Outage map there are only 3300 customers out in all of New York State. That is a minor thing as far as storms go. Good luck and stay safe everyone.
  10. I hear Matt Murray is starting for the Leafs, light him up boys. It’s time to get off the schneid and show everyone that this is a different team. Get back on track and stay in the hunt. Quinn finally breaks out tonight. 5-3 Sabres.
  11. I would add putting out feelers. Just listening may mean that everyone else is aware of a player being available, adding competition and creating a bidding war. Having target players who are “unavailable” but may be pried loose with the right offer is being on top of things.
  12. 41 save shutout, great showing by Levi.
  13. That is pretty good for the KHL. Young guys usually don’t get great ice time.
  14. Savoie up to 12th in WHL scoring. 25 pts in 16 games. He has played 4-6 games less than most guys above him due to being at NHL camp for an extended period.
  15. Bloom gets 1G and 1A and +2 in his first game with North Bay. He is playing LW, he had played some C in Saginaw.
  16. We are no longer STH for the Battalion but I will definitely check out a few games.
  17. I was at this one. Many Sens fans expected to lose, they are down on their team. They didn’t realize how bad the Sabres have been. Sabres PP needs to change, quicker passing, move players around, shoot and crash the net. Do something! JJP was a bright spot, just could not finish. I was right behind the Sabres bench and was saddened by watching Dahlin break his stick like Jack used to. Coulda, shoulda, woulda but Skinner scoring early may have changed the outcome. They have been chasing other teams almost every game. They need a spark.
  18. I’ll be in Ottawa tonight, bought these tickets a while ago. I didn’t imagine they would be going through such a rough patch, again. Second night of a back to back, travel, 6 game losing streak. Well, I will try to remain positive that they will surprise me tonight. Tkachuk and the Sens must be chomping at the bit to get these guys tonight. Turn this ship around now, people aren’t even waiting for the lifeboats to be lowered, they are jumping. Let’s go Buffalo!
  19. It seems the LHD/RHD lines have been blurred due to necessity this year. Dahlin, Power, Mule and Bryson have played on their off side. Johnson would provide depth and perhaps he can play his off side as well. He can probably become one of the 6 and maybe be top 4 if he reaches his ceiling. I still want to see him sign with the Sabres. Portillo and Levi could be the combo of the future. More teams are relying on tandems vs a full time #1. Portillo hopefully sees an opportunity in Buffalo and will sign. They aren’t gone until they are.
  20. Lindgren has dropped off quite a bit offensively. My take on it is that he is on a new team that has a 20 year old Dman who is their go to guy for PP and ice time. Brent Sutter’s team is going for it all this year and there is no need for Lindgren to take on extra responsibility on a good team. They are probably having him work on his defensive game and the Sabres may have encouraged this as well. He will be on a winning team and his role should become more important as he gets comfortable and the coaching staff trusts him more. I hope they win the WHL and get to the Memorial Cup, a great experience for a young player.
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