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  1. I think he is more upset by the Wild trading him than about ending up in Buffalo. Minny is as close to his hometown as he can get. I thought there was mention of him not wanting to go as a rental the previous few years. His past experience as a rental to the Rangers did not work out well.
  2. Well, one can hope Tage takes the next step. He is 2 years younger than Tuch. His NCAA numbers and recent AHL numbers are similar to Tuch’s.
  3. Carter Hutton is probably over at Staal’s place in Thunder Bay having a beer and giving him the goods on RK and other stuff.
  4. Tage should be ready for a spot on this team, Mitts, not yet. Maybe Tage turns into Tuch.
  5. He’s obviously looked after himself well to have played 18 years of professional hockey. I like the move, he can be a great mentor for Cozens and provide Jack with some solid leadership tips. I liked Mojo but he didn’t really improve the team. I think Staal will have an impact. Heck, he may even like the team and sign on for a few more years to be a 3C.
  6. Could be the owners’ way of letting the UFAs and RFAs know that they should lower there expectations. Lock up Reinhart at $6M per year!
  7. Tampa playing well, still no news on Stamkos. It would be tough for him to get up to the speed and intensity of playoff hockey.
  8. I have a lefty bias and did not like the optics of the PP unit of Eichel, Reinhart, Ristolainen, Okposo and O’Reilly. They were effective though.
  9. I am lucky that my son’s practices are in a rink that can hold 4000 people so there is plenty of space for parents to practice social distancing.
  10. Thanks for this, I subscribe to his channel. He has a French accent like many of my family members (lol) but explains things well. I’m interested to see where he ranks Jarvis. Another C I am curious about is Hendrix Lapierre. He had some concussion issues this season and missed a lot of games. I recall there were some comparisons to Patrice Bergeron at the start of the season. 8 is too early but he could go in the teens if the Sabres traded down.
  11. Zip lock also keeps hardware from rusting in my sweaty gear bag.
  12. The parts are very cheap but you would need to drill out the old hardware with a small bit and have a setting tool for the new snap. A hammer and a punch could set the hardware in a pinch too. Sporting goods store may have the parts. I didn’t think of a tailor but someone who does leatherwork could do the same.
  13. Your sales pitch for Jarvis had me looking at his stats. 1.69 pts per game is a pretty big jump from his first year (.64). That is impressive. A comparable player in my opinion is Brayden Point. They are both the same height, weight class, WHL guys and right handed forwards. Point’s first WHL season was better, .85 ppg but his second season (1.26) was not as good as Jarvis’. Point improved every year but did not beat Jarvis’ 2nd year numbers until his 4th season (1.83). If Rossi is not there I would not be upset with Jarvis. Most mocks have him in the teens but there are a lot of guys that slide in either direction all of the time. Point was drafted 79th, he proved a lot of people wrong.
  14. Yeah it’s a tricky time. Do you wait for the playoffs to end so you have 30 dance partners or do you pull the trigger now because it’s a good deal. I hate the Leafs but I think they got a lot for Kapanen plus some cap space. Dubas pulled the trigger.
  15. Met him a few years ago, great guy. Loved his game.
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