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  1. I hope that whatever direction they go in, they are not tight up against the cap on opening night. Leave some wiggle room to make a move if necessary. Too many teams are at the magic number and it hampers any movement.
  2. Finish off the Dad’s trip with a bang, Trash Nashville! They are not the Preds of years past, stay with the plan and play hard. Let’s go Buffalo!
  3. Way to go boys! Only had the Dallas feed here, they said that club had not given up 3 goals in their last 9 games. That was a great effort, love it. Lazar with another strong showing. Size and skill.
  4. Again, all I ask for is a strong effort. A win is great and keeps us interested in the playoff hunt. Let’s go Buffalo!
  5. The entire Tkachuk family has a history of playing on the edge and sometimes crossing the line. They don’t play for the Sabres so I don’t like them. Their type of toughness is face washing after whistles in a scrum that they initiated with questionable hits and trash talking. That is toughness in this version of the league, where there are no more hired guns. I do not want to go back to the gunslinger era due to player safety concerns and 3:00 players using cap space. I hope the DOPS is watching those kinds of hits closely. I love big hits but they need to be ‘clean’. The game is fast and the point of contact can change in a split second. Matthew T. needs to keep his head up because someone may return the favour in a similar fashion. I think the first hit was vicious because Kassian’s head was targeted. Raffi Torres’ hits were often like this. Kassian’s response was way over the top and rag dolling him without the multiple punches would have been enough to show the world that a big tough guy like MT won’t stand up for his actions. Calgary scored the game winner on the ensuing PP and that rubs salt into the wounds, which the Tkachuks love. They won, end of story in their minds.
  6. Winning this one would be a building block to getting their confidence back. It has got to be Linus in net or we have no chance. Dahlin with 1G 1A on the PP. Let’s go Buffalo!
  7. This is where he belongs, the ECHL is clearly not enough of a challenge for him. Let’s hope JBOT makes the right goalie moves to give him plenty of games.
  8. Too bad he didn’t play in the WJHC, Austria is not exactly a world power. I thought he was Swiss, but that is where he played before the OHL.
  9. Dahlin with continued growth, 1G & 2A. Let’s go Buffalo!
  10. Good, maybe Johansson will get a call to the big club and Hutton will...
  11. Mojo elbow to the head by Pearson. Canucks broadcast says you need to watch who you’re out there with, Pearson plays a heavy game.
  12. No problem, they are a much better team after the trade deadline, so their record should improve. Another solid addition is Brad Chenier, a Sudbury kid who is in his last year and was captain in North Bay. I’m not an OHL expert, just have season’s tickets for the North Bay Battalion, so we see a bunch of OHL hockey. My brother in law has ST for the Sudbury Wolves so I may check out more of their games.
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