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  1. Cozens’ post scrimmage press conference clips. Two point game for him in a 4-2 win. He talks about improving his shooting. https://www.tsn.ca/hockey-canada/video/working-on-his-release-cozens-aims-to-emulate-eichel~2079347
  2. Very positive article. I find it interesting that his personal trainer thinks he can make the jump this year. The guy works with Claude Giroux, so he’s no chump. I hope he makes Team Canada so we can get some great views of Cozens and Quinn.
  3. Dahlin will be able to put up some big numbers that will come close to Hughes. Hughes may outscore him but he will still be small and weaker. I see Hughes as a modern Brian Leetch, big numbers but a defensive liability. I think Dahlin can be a cross between Hedman and Lidstrom.
  4. Cozens sat out practice after being late. He was getting treatment from the training staff but forgot to let the coach know. Tourigny is using this as an example for the rest of the team. If Cozens was a bubble player for Team Canada, this could be a deal breaker. There is plenty of time to get past this and I think he will still get a letter on his sweater. https://www.tsn.ca/world-juniors
  5. Our last foray with a citizen Kane did not lead to the promised land. Maybe as a rental in three years.
  6. If there is a training camp, he would be more ready to compete than many others.
  7. The traditional way, via cable. Eastlink is our provider and I get the NHL package. I watch Sabres games in their entirety and will watch parts of many other games.
  8. Welcome, it’s always good to have different perspectives of the Sabres.
  9. The goalie is always pointed to by analysts as your best penalty killer. The goalie improvement may have to come in a trade with someone like Columbus. It seems like Reider is a PK specialist but he would have to play everyday and not be the 13th forward to get that benefit. They will have to give up asset(s) but may get a few back. RK did not seem to like Miller so I can see him moving along with Mitts.
  10. It is not so much buying goals as it is increasing the talent level. The talents added are more offensive minded so the obvious jump will be goals for. Do not overlook a bump in production from Dahlin, who will create more offense and benefit from being surrounded by more talent. I see Skinner returning to 30 goal range which will boost overall totals and make other teams have to counter multiple threats.
  11. Youth movement in Leaf Nation. Spezza, Jumbo, Simmonds and Bogo.
  12. Keep in mind the Sabres will need to expose a goalie in the Kraken draft. If they have a 1A 1B scenario (Korpisalo/Ullmark), may the best man win. I like this setup with internal competition and a potential high number of back to back games.
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