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  1. Hoping to get some quick money after going bankrupt?
  2. I think there is still upside with him. He can play centre as well.
  3. Sam in Florida and Risto in Philly, can’t have Jack in the East as well. Cripes, we get upset when ERod scores vs the Sabres.
  4. Don’t know if there is any relation but Trevor Timmins is the head scout for the Habs.
  5. With these signings, Quinn and Peterka are thinking that if they have a good start in the AHL, one call up and they could stick.
  6. Lots of people praise Risto for his grit but there was never any chance he would drop the gloves. This guy won’t win many fights but will force opponents to be accountable.
  7. Could Oettinger be pried out of Dallas? Young up and comer looking for a break. .911 Sv % last season. Bishop out all year so Khudobin is the starter and they signed Holtby. This kid looks like their future #1 but are they blocking him?
  8. VO played for MODO. There is still some connection.
  9. He would be near Ullmark’s caliber with some upside.
  10. Need a better goalie in a trade or as a cap dump. Cap dump C might help as well but I wouldn’t want to be tied long term to a Duchesne or Johansen type.
  11. Hope he doesn’t lose his love of the game by November, he’s all they have.
  12. Rossi, Addison and a first would do it for me. Rossi would compete with Cozens and Mitts and the Sabres would have a solid C core in a year or two. Rossi and Quinn know each other well and could be a good pairing. Addison is a RHD which is a need now that Montour and Risto are gone. Extra pick(s) either way could balance this out. I would love to add Foligno as well but he is a big part of their club.
  13. Another advantage of drafting this many Russians is that when they come over they can do so as a group. The culture shock can be tough on one guy but a few can support each other.
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