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  1. I think Winnipeg could take them out as well with Hellebuyck making a playoff run.
  2. The extra move at the blue line that causes your line mates to go offside when they are at top speed.
  3. Love watching the “mighty” Leafs being shut out by Rittich and the Flames for the last 5 periods. I hope they get knocked out in the first round again to watch their fans lose their minds.
  4. Bergevin is made of Teflon. This may be his last coach.
  5. Ducharme has also coached at the world junior level, I figured he would get that job someday, not this soon though.
  6. Calgary started him out at C this season and he asked to be put back on wing after a handful of games. This is according to their HC Geoff Ward in dealing with the media after Sam was scratched.
  7. Great save Linus. Bryson having a good game. Need someone to step in.
  8. Yeah, and I think tomorrow’s game has been pushed back to the evening.
  9. He is playing as well as he can in my opinion and will be sorely missed. RHD is where their depth is, there is a possibility of only playing Dahlin and 5 righties, Montour, Risto, Miller, Joker and Borgen.
  10. Glad they are using Borgen again, larger sample size of his potential. Maybe he sticks and they can move someone to shake things up.
  11. I need that Dumb and Dumber eternal optimism! This team has stomped on my love for hockey. Throw me a freakin’ bone here boys!
  12. My expectations are low but my hope is high. There was rust before the pause that needed some removal but... Jack is 100% healthy and will come out with his hair on fire. Dahlin was showing glimpses and will continue on the right path. Skinner gets two and goes on a tear. Let’s go Buffalo!
  13. Shawshank Redemption No Country For Old Men Die Hard Schindler’s List Hotel Rwanda Dumb and Dumber Forrest Gump Full Metal Jacket Black Panther Deadpool
  14. Let’s go! First the playoffs now this setback. I love hockey but my interest is doubled when the Sabres are playing.
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