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  1. I can tolerate watching this version of Miller. He was pretty awful the last few years.
  2. Donnie told him only he had the power to turn the Sabrespace negativity around.
  3. Good start, nice little play by Bryson to start the breakout.
  4. I have seen her on Sportsnet before, hockey insider on Tim and Friends.
  5. Good opportunity to get the season going with a W. Habs didn’t look sharp last night and they are starting their #2. I can’t watch this one but will check scores often. My son just got called up to junior and is playing his first game tonight. Hockey is still on the menu. Go Sabres!
  6. Ducks 1st rounder in ‘21 Mason McTavish has 1G 1A in his debut. Maybe Zegras is expendable?
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