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  1. Win baby! Eichel streak alive. Miller had a lousy game up to that point. Nice.
  2. PK working better, need the PP to do the same. Shoot, I jinxed it, sorry.
  3. Edm. feed saying Miller slammed his stick into Risto.
  4. I didn’t think Erod did anything better than Mitts would have but Mitts needs to sit. I hope he comes back with some renewed perspective.
  5. Sabres gave Sheldon Keefe his first loss, repeat with Geoff Ward. Let’s go Buffalo!
  6. Picked up a ticket to Team Canada exhibition game next week vs University all-star team. I hope Cozens dresses for this game. They have a few days of camp and then 2 evaluation games.
  7. Yeah, I didn’t think he had any offensive instincts.
  8. Gretzky did call the Devils a Mickey Mouse franchise.
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