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  1. How about a cap for the guys you have drafted and developed and a cap for other team's UFAs and RFAs. For example, if you had 14 guys on your roster that were yours, your cap is X. If you have 10 guys your cap is lower. There could be significant penalties in a luxury tax tacked on. This would cause most franchises to emphasize draft and develop + free agents from Europe and NCAA. If a team wants to load up for a Cup run they will pay into a pool shared by the rest. I think there would still need to be a limit for an overall cap so the rich teams don't go crazy. The NHLPA would be against this due to fewer big UFA deals, but there could be bigger deals for teams keeping their franchise players. Just trying to think outside of the box.
  2. I don't like the idea of a so-so second unit but I would love to see the creativity of a first unit with Jack, Sam and Dahlin on it. Skinner patrolling the dirty areas and VO sifting through traffic to get open would be my choices to join them. I can't wait to see Dahlin try some "unique" moves that baffles his man or frees up a teamate. He just seems eel like to me. The second unit would probably be more effective if Dahlin was running it and not sharing the puck with Jack. I would keep KO on the second unit but with a short leash. He has a good shot but I find his shot selection goes into Evander Kane mode once in a while.
  3. I’m not a Roslovic fan, that’s why I added a pick or prospect. Roslovic could be a 3C, I don’t think his ceiling is a 2C.
  4. I don't want them to give up VO yet and see him thrive on McDavid's wing. Sheary I am fine with.
  5. He may be a great fit in Winnipeg with them losing Trouba and Myers. He would be behind Byflugien, in the second pairing. The return has been debated here before, I suspect Ehlers or Roslovic and a prospect/pick. I would be interested in LHD Sami Niku.
  6. He listens too much to Don Cherry, glass and out!
  7. Yeah, I like him too, I took too many D-men to make room for him. A lot of stuff I have read about him makes him out to be a hockey geek.
  8. I chose UPL because I want him to become the next Ryan Miller. He has been dominant against his peers so far. A franchise goalie would go a long way for the Sabres, the other pieces are coming together. He has the potential to reach that level, just needs to get better every year, how development is supposed to work.
  9. Sounds like a workout nut. I like the fact that he mixes up his training, tennis, MMA and power (figure) skating along with hockey.
  10. Tough decisions. I’m going for a few D-men because I like watching how they can control both ends and log nearly half a game. Connor McDavid Sidney Crosby Nathan MacKinnon Nikita Kucherov Patrice Bergeron Seth Jones Victor Hedman Roman Josi Alex Ovechkin Erik Karlsson
  11. 4 because I am curious about RK. Schony and Andreychuk would have some awesome stories spanning decades.
  12. Just finished Bohemian Rhapsody, loved it. I've always liked their music, I will probably focus on it for the next while.
  13. I liked it as well, I've always enjoyed Tarantino's movies. I've never been a Brad Pitt fan but I really liked his role and performance.
  14. I've watched a lot of minor hockey in Canada over the last 20+ years and I would say that the majority of players shoot left, maybe as much as 2/3. Many golfers take up the game left handed as well, bringing their hockey mechanics to the motion before refining it into a swing.
  15. I think Cirelli would be a good acquisition as a 2C moving to a 3C if Mitts takes a big step. They would have to add a little something to the deal for Risto. However, Cirelli doesn't help Tampa's cap situation. Trading Point would help them but he is worth more than just Risto and they can't take on more $$.
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