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  1. Going to an OHL game with my family. Phone will be close at hand to monitor scoring. Let’s go Buffalo!
  2. Way too rich. They have RHD depth but that would eliminate a big chunk of it in one move. One of those guys is close to Ehlers, just needs a little sweetener, or a losing streak by Winnipeg. Definite retirement by big Buff would also accelerate a move.
  3. I don’t feel the panic that seemed present every game of last year’s streak. There seems to be a belief that they can win. They don’t seem to go full Alamo in the third with a lead. I believe they will be relevant in March.
  4. Nice job on the GDT! Play more like the first two games and they will win. If Bob is in net for them it will be a good test. I think they will see fewer backup goalies if this point gathering continues. Let’s go Buffalo!
  5. Yeah, their run and gun approach works well.
  6. Hard to believe he loves hockey that much. I actually felt a little sorry for him...I’m over it now.
  7. The ice is 80 feet wide and non Craig Ludwig shin pads are about a foot to a foot and half wide. There is room for improvement. I am over simplifying it but there is a lot of traffic.
  8. I’m a Perreault guy but I chose Dom because being the league MVP is a greater accomplishment. He carried some decent teams deep into the playoffs. This list will be tough, I’m already second guessing my first choice.
  9. Yeah, I’ve watched two of their games, D is a huge problem. Morrissey and Nike will help but they could use two more decent guys.
  10. YES! This one is more like last year’s streak, let’s get the next one.
  11. Good to hear. These two guys’ pushing each other will be important.
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