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  1. Yeah, a shot at winning the Cup or the 1st overall pick. It’s hard to please everyone but the lottery should have been for the 7 non playoff teams only.
  2. The round robin is to seed the 8 teams that received a bye into the next round. It also allows them to get some games in, instead of sitting idle while their competition gets battle hardened.
  3. French Canadian kid that was a Habs fan like most of the people in mylife. Decided to have my own team after watching the French Connection and the Fog Final. I was able to catch some games at relatives’ homes that had cable. Favourite player has always been Gilbert, the only guy that could go end to end like Orr. Had to stop at the Victoriaville Arena a few years back to see his “shrine”. Favourite memory was the run of ‘99. I had just moved to Kapuskasing Ontario and was living in an RV by myself for two months waiting to take possession of our new home. No wife, kids or dog. TV was all mine for every second of every game. Low point was the foot in the crease. Key ingredient is a 2C, get one.
  4. Isn’t the real east coast 1/2 hour ahead of you?
  5. I think their struggle with the cap is real. BriseBois basically inherited Stevie Y’s team and now has to deal with a bunch of NTCs. He apprenticed under Yzerman but he is new to the scenario facing him. He cannot keep that team together, good assets can be had. Leafs fans think Dubas is a cap genius but he gave the Canes Marleau and a first just to shed that salary. There are deals to be had this off season.
  6. I’ve been cleaning, refurbishing and sharpening some old axes. Shaping and installing handles as well. My collection is close to forty now but I am always keeping an eye out for more.
  7. The cap will be flat for a few years. Tampa is tight now and has a boatload of NTCs. Buffalo has some space and needs to find a way to make this happen. Cirelli is from Vaughn, Ontario, a couple of hours from Buffalo. Maybe he would sign an offer sheet for a team that is on the rise, especially if he can be the difference maker.
  8. Joe Sakic Jarome Iginla Ray Bourque Rogie Vachon Borje Salming
  9. That speed may serve him well as a winger if they get some C depth.
  10. You are right. There are still some pretty good teams that can get #1 though.
  11. I feel that upsets always happen and some really good teams will be in the mix for Lafreniere. Using 2019 as an example, Tampa, the President’s trophy winner would have had a shot at the #1 pick.
  12. I think if the behind the net playmaker becomes your go to PP other teams will be able to find ways to defend it. In my opinion it would be more effective as one weapon in an arsenal of two or three options. If you have possession and you change the play on the fly, you may catch the opposition off guard. Analytics may determine which matchups are better for which plays.
  13. I thought McKenzie said that the Leafs would use the visitors bench for “road” games. Besides, there won’t be any fans.
  14. If they do hire him, he can also help tweak the Sabres draft board. He can’t bring the Canes list with him but I am sure he has a lot of it memorized and has different insight on players.
  15. Wow, I haven’t thought of that place in years. Maybe global warming is a thing.
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