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  1. Should have said he wanted to move up to ensure getting Cozens.
  2. Stastny as a cap dump for Vegas. He is still a good 2C. Sabres may have to give up a prospect.
  3. I think he gets a few games, not 9, goes back to Lethbridge to have a great season. He makes the Canadian Junior team and we get to watch how he has progressed. He might stick next season, hopefully gets to 190 lbs.
  4. With the cap at 81.5 instead of 83 I think there will be some dumping of good players. I read somewhere that Vegas is over the cap now and they haven't signed anyone. The Leafs having to send a first round pick with Marleau shows how desperate teams are to get relief. Preds moved PK to the Devils because they were the only team willing to take the entire salary.
  5. He played for Roseau high school and I remembered the Broten family was from there. I did a quick search and this town of 2600 people has sent 9 players to the NHL.
  6. Family support system is important. I like that.
  7. I watched the Scouching report. Not a "sexy" pick, but definitely a prospect that can really develop at Minnesota. Good edge work, excellent at breaking up plays. Hockey IQ is a question mark. Another guy with NHL pedigree. mynhldraft.com had him at #31. That is go to mock draft. I probably would have taken a forward but I'll the team some slack and follow this kid for a couple of years before forming a decision.
  8. I like this kid. May end up on the wing if the centres end up being Eichel, Mitts and Asplund.
  9. I would like to see Stastny as a 2C for two years. He did a good job in Winnipeg and Vegas in that role. He would be off the books for Dahlin's new contract, and Mitts could move up to 2C.
  10. Only a handful of teams would get star players in a no draft, full free agency league.
  11. Almost $3M a year more than Couturier. They really wanted Hayes. Couturier contract is not up for a while but he would be worth $9M AAV in that comparison.
  12. It would be a gutsy pick at 7, but you never know. Like JBot, he is Canadian going the NCAA route. I think Cozens or Zegras is the safer pick, but I think Newhook's upside could be higher than those guys and Boldy, Dach and Podkolzin. I hope someone takes Caufield before 7 so I don't have to be p****ed off if the Sabres take him and he busts or if they pass and he becomes Debrincat/Gionta.
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