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  1. I find it hard to gauge Reinhart’s leadership with the Sabres but he has had that role before. Captain of the Kootenay Ice, Captain of Team Canada at the Hlinka U18. Captain of Team Canada at the IIHF U18 and Assistant Captain for Team Canada at the IIHF U20. I would like to see him extend with the Sabres and be a candidate for the C.
  2. Yeah, I hate the look of a broken stick after a bad play. Leadership is channeling the anger into making something happen next time. I am old and cheap so those $300 sticks snapping make me cringe.
  3. Clarke slashed Kharlamov, Yakushev was good but not their go-to.
  4. Eakin finally does something and he is back on the sidelines. I have no problem with this, I can’t believe he got a two year deal. Go Murray, use that big body to win some battles and create space.
  5. Would be interesting if non playoff teams would be able to protect one extra player.
  6. Sabres can’t spoil the Pens playoffs bid but can sow some seeds of doubt by beating them. How good can they be to be beaten by Doogie?
  7. Die hard for Bedard. No way do I want a repeat of the tank!
  8. Gaudreau starting the SF game for Canada. He’s the number 1 goalie. 2nd rounder if he has a few more good games.
  9. And they use it on Okposo because KA figures Skinner will return to 30 goal form.
  10. Would be awesome if Skinner did the same. Francis knows him enough that he may be opposed to take him at any cost.
  11. I don’t like their chances if they go all Alamo this early.
  12. See what effort can do! Please try again, that was fun to watch.
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