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  1. Double OT, that 5:00 alarm is looming. These guys are more tired than I will be. I'll try and watch.
  2. No, too many seasons with many games missed. One 80+ game seasons would be a small sample size.
  3. No to Martin. I think the league has passed him by. His resume won't wow the players or the fan base.
  4. Nice! Anybody wearing Tavares' pyjamas? Leafs soothers would be a nice gift.
  5. Is the CHL tag so bad that JBot would have drafted Jack ahead of McDavid? I know he likes the fact of team control and longer development of NCAA players but he hopefully values talent above all.
  6. Teemu Pulkinnen has Caufield like stats at the U18 back in his day. He still has not made an impact in the NHL. 83 games played and now in the KHL. I am leary of these little scoring wingers. I would rather have a centre. https://www.quanthockey.com/wjc-u18/en/records/wjc-u18-players-all-time-points-leaders.html
  7. Got his 10th vs Latvia. Beats Phil Kessel's USA record for goals at this tournament.
  8. Mike Yeo was brought into STL as Hitchcock's assistant a few years ago with the understanding that Hitch was in his last year.
  9. I'm really liking Turcotte. Total package.
  10. I loved the backstory of Tormund Giantsbane, being weaned by a giant for three weeks.
  11. Coaches teach a defensive system. Offense comes from players' creativity. You can teach a scorer to check but getting a checker to score is a different matter. JBot needs to find some more talent and a coach who can get guys to buy in to whatever he (coach) is selling. There are many coaching skills that are required. Motivator, line matches, running practices, balancing eye test with analytics, knowing your goalies, studying opponents, personal relationships with players, selecting and delegating to assistants, tactics, etc... He needs to find the guy with the right balance for the team he is building. I still like Dave Tippett but I doubt he pulls out of the Seattle gig.
  12. All I can add is that people from Toronto are not your average Canadian. Many of us Canadians are polite as heck, but I find that is being eroded as people's values come more and more from the Internet instead of the "old" family oriented ways. Just showing my age now.
  13. I think the GMs need to grow a pair and start offer sheeting RFAs. They are rivals and it is a way to keep some teams in check. I know it would drive up salaries but it would eventually become part of the equation in long term cap planning. If a team wants to part with draft picks, have at it.
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