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  1. Not only that but the logic doesn’t really make sense there. He’s not going to sign an offer sheet for $1.5M less than he wants. You sign an offer sheet because you get what you want (or close to it).
  2. Maybe he shouldn’t have made a racist comment. We can only judge people based on the actions they present to us. It was a racist comment. It’s not that difficult. This problem would go away much faster if people stepped up and called people on their *****. Now we’re playing dumb, too?
  3. Your definition of racism above fits what he said. He is saying because of their blackness they are just wannabe gangsters. He stated this is why their sport sucks.
  4. Imagine defending a racist comment because semantics are more important to you.
  5. “Wannabe gangsters” is unarguably racist.
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand you’re racist.
  7. The guys just below tier one are often more in line for long-term deals because they want that security, though. That makes them next to impossible to offer sheet because if you go to seven years it’s hard to keep the compensation below the multiple firsts. A 7-year deal for $3M is a first and a third. A 7-year deal for $4.5M is a first, second and third. A 7-year deal for $6M per it’s two firsts, a second and a third. A 7-year deal for $7.6M per is four firsts.
  8. Not an exaggeration: I initially typed this exact thing. Then I realized it's the most entertaining in-season, too. It's an unfair comparison, though. It's a sport that allows for way more personality. You're shoving ten guys onto the smallest playing field of any and (yes, I think this is a factor) they wear the smallest uniform in men's major pro sports. You get to know these guys better than any league. That and the product is so damn good. Easy to create villains and heroes.
  9. I've been trying to concoct a lineup based on the pieces they have right now and, frankly, it's almost impossible to find a reasonable combination. I don't think GMJB is done. Vesey always seemed like it was a handshake deal that he wanted to wait on while he worked on other things first. Maybe he's already got that with another move or two? I also think, despite the fact that he's played wing almost exclusively for the last several seasons, Johnasson has to play center for the group they have right now. Other moves can change that, though. Based on what they have: Skinner - Eic
  10. What a wild time in the NBA, easily the most entertaining league in America. There’s so many teams that can contend in the West now. Sad to see Kawhi go but have zero hard feelings and hope he wins one with the Clippers now, too. He brought so much joy to Toronto, Canada and the NBA. An all-LA Western Conference Finals sounds fun.
  11. I keep a box of peanuts in my desk at work this stereotype checks out
  12. This is fair but then teams would match even more often.
  13. Humor me for a second: what if the league added incentive for teams around the league to offer sheet? What if a team matches the offer sheet they must give the team signing the contract something? This is way too complicated but... what if: team matching the offer sheet gives the offering team the right to swap firsts in the next draft. BUT if you fail on an offer sheet you can’t do another for two seasons?
  14. Humor at other’s expense isn’t humor. It’s ignorance.
  15. Marner’s agent looked David up in the phone book.
  16. And they’re not even children. People are insufferably spiteful. Also, the brown Sabres hat that one of the daughters designed is actually fantastic.
  17. Idk why Brawndo stopped posting links but here ya go friends ?
  18. They’ve got to get their cap situation right to get a deal done. That and it’s called negotiating. They’ve got plenty of time because the threat of an offer sheet has pretty much passed.
  19. I meant if that’s what it’ll take to get Pool Party but accidentally said Lucic instead. Edited it now.
  20. No interest if that’s what it’ll take to get Puljujarvi.
  21. Supermax contracts are only for players who are with the team that drafted them or who were traded while on their rookie contract. He doesn’t fulfill either of those. There are other requirements but that’s the only one he doesn’t fit. Same reason KD couldn’t get it in Golden State.
  22. I’d take a flyer on Sam Bennett as long as it costs next to nothing. Otherwise I’ve got no interest. TJ Brodie might be another one for them to move. Michael Frolik for like a 6th round pick would be fine by me. Boy oh boy is that James Neal contract terrible. He scored seven goals in 63 games last year... and still have four years left at $5.75M.
  23. Our friend Arttu Ruotsalainen hanging out with Jesse Puljujarvi. ?
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