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  1. The Sabres should be impatient here, too. Right now, they’ve got nothing to show for Eichel or the suffering done to acquire him. They need this over sooner rather than later unless the hope is to kick the return as far down the road as possible which I can’t imagine is the case.
  2. “Vegas needs help soon” … then reports they’re trading for a good who may not play this season.
  3. Yes. This has been discussed dozens of times in this thread.
  4. This is incredibly stupid if it’s a definitive rule. Obviously you have to consider it if the return is there. This team isn’t spending to the cap anytime soon. I would maybe get some conditional picks DEEP down the line where like four or five years down the line you get a third that becomes a first if Jack plays 70+ games. Murray was known for making the deals he wanted regardless of the Pegulas. He just got dudes who probably spread a toxic gas throughout the locker room that the janitors have yet to clear out (including Jack Eichel).
  5. I was at a festival all day and missed it. I used to tell myself I’d never root for losses again. I was lying. I hope this team is miserable and getting the first pick isn’t even the number one motivation behind it.
  6. This is a really good breakdown and has the numbers @inkmanasked for. Edmunds average tackle depth on plays with 6 defenders in the box being 1.3 yards is wild. That means this team can consistently spread the defense out and rely on him to make plays. He leads the league in tipped passes which, again, is wild considering the position he plays. That’s also huge for him because he didn’t touch the ball a lot in college show it shows he’s not only already very good but he’s getting better. The Bills have given up the third fewest yards over the middle of the field. Some of the plays highlighted with the All-22 are absolutely dominant.
  7. This is precisely correct. We’ve seen some names leak of players teams DON’T want to include and that’s likely just names the Sabres have asked for … but this isn’t fantasy sports. Guys aren’t just texting each other offers back and forth. Actual named offers are very rare in these negotiations.
  8. Yup. There are better pure talents but the way he just put it all together with such ease is astonishing still.
  9. The silver lining with the Dodgers is Max Scherzer and Trea Turner getting themselves another ring, so I can live with that. No silver lining for Houston. Boston? Well, at least I went to Fenway this year for a game.
  10. This is 100% the case. It's a regular practice. I don't think there's much wrong with running stories by a source to ensure what you're saying is accurate but the tone of what Schefter did/said is a much different situation. That felt so skeevy.
  11. Just brutal. This is the least-likable final four I've seen in any sport in a while. Go Braves, I guess?
  12. As someone who stretches to draw conclusions that are on the other side of the universe I can appreciate a good one when I see it.
  13. Tim Curry is brilliant. Also, the Rocky Horror influence in the movie with the “strangers gather at a mysterious home” theme starring Tim Curry as the host. It even has a Susan Surandon lookalike.
  14. October is spooky content only. Kicked it off with Midnight Mass on Netflix which is another example of what Mike Flanagan makes the best horror tv writer ever (not movies, just tv). Went with a classic with Clue tonight which I haven’t seen since I was a kid and it was MUCH better as an adult considering I could actually understand the ridiculousness of it all.
  15. I believe she has been first on a few big Blackhawks stories. She’s got familiarity there but had grown from there.
  16. It’s just a joke - they’re mimicking how Isaiah McKenzie smiles.
  17. I actually love this but I’m also cackling at Kyle going with a bit of self-deprecating humor on his.
  18. Emily Kaplan said on ESPN’s new show The Point that an Eichel deal was nearly complete last Thursday but it fell through. She says there are five teams heavily involved.
  19. I believe it was mentioned ESPN+ hockey is only broadcasting at 720p.
  20. My answers … Hart Trophy: Nathan MacKinnon (McDavid, P. Kane other finalists) Vezina Trophy: Hellebuyck (Vasilevskiy, Varlamov other finalists) Norris Trophy: Cale Makar (Fox, Ekblad other finalists) Calder Trophy: Vasili Podkolzin (Seider, Caufield other finalists) Art Ross Trophy (most points): Connor McDavid Richard Trophy (most goals): Connor McDavid President’s Trophy: Colorado Avalanche Prince of Wales Trophy (Eastern Conf. Winner): New York (Islanders over Panthers in ECF) Campbell Trophy (Western Conf. Winner): Colorado (Avalanche over Blackhawks in WCF) Stanley Cup: Islanders over Avalanche Conn Smythe: Mat Barzal
  21. Welp, I don’t think we got this one going before the season so let’s just give it a roll now and revisit it later. Give your predictions for the upcoming season. Individual Accomplishments Hart Trophy: Vezina Trophy: Norris Trophy: Calder Trophy: Art Ross Trophy (most points): Richard Trophy (most goals): Conn Smythe: Team Accomplishments President’s Trophy: Prince of Wales Trophy (Eastern Conf. Winner): Campbell Trophy (Western Conf. Winner): Stanley Cup:
  22. It felt like Josh was just going “here, take this ***** ball.”
  23. They just did it with Mahomes.
  24. They’ve reviewed over 650,000 emails from executives within the Washington organization, including Snyder, according to reports.
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