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  1. I'm already working on that bet with him. Take a number and stand in line.
  2. The bar has been set for him right there in plain sight. If he does not established himself as at least the solid backup tender for the Sabres by the time this contract expires, his time with the Sabres and maybe the NHL will likely have come to an end. Hope for good results from UPL, but have no idea if he has it in him or not.
  3. When was the last time Kessel was on the ice for a defensive zone face-off?
  4. 982 contests, but he should only get credit for about 2/3 of that. Phil's 120' game on a 200' rink is amazing. Only time he is ever been below the dots in the defensive zone is when it's between periods and he has to go there in order to get to and from the locker room.
  5. No problem with venting here. You are among friends and you letting off a little steam doesn't bother us one bit. The path is not always easy to see or traverse, but you will find your way to the end if you just keep at it and making headway.
  6. Is this something that was fabricated by a less than adoring fan? What is the very fine print at the very bottom? I enlarged it and think it says "probably", so I have my doubts this is an actual quote. Although Lehner has the history to support such an outburst, I hope he isn't going to sink his NHL career with such a remark. He might be crazy and a loose cannon, but he knows where his paychecks are coming from.
  7. Incredibly distressing news. That is absolutely the antithesis of what Chautauqua is about. I grew up just up the road and have spent many hours there at concerts, Sunday morning services, movies, theatre, etc. The 5th standard deviations on the curve are having way too much effect on the vast majority of us and I'm talking about those at both of the far ends. A prayer said for Mr. Rushdie.
  8. Just really thankful you didn't type Speedo.
  9. That's a big component of the bad teams staying bad teams. New coaching, new management, new scouting all working with players drafted for a different system leads to the wash, rinse, repeat cycle. This is part of the reason I want to see progress from this upcoming season of Sabres hockey, but won't be devastated if they don't make the playoffs. Playoffs this year would be great, but compare that to a solid organization with lots of playoffs in the future and I'm willing to wait.
  10. Nevada State Motto is Battle Born. They became a state during and due to the Civil War.
  11. 2 things give me hope. As you said a hockey nerd that hopefully figured out his game and he will build upon the success of last season. Also a genuinely good guy that the boys will play hard for. The Anderson effect from last year where the team played better when they had a goalie who kept them in the game.
  12. That was last Sunday and nothing more than a rumor at this point. I was expecting something much more definitive to have occurred long ago.
  13. 100%. Get your PSA tests done fellas! And you ladies get your parts checked as well!
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