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  1. I agree with the sentiment, but feel as though Cozens getting sheltered minutes at 3C would be acceptable. IMHO, retaining Larry for the 4C is crucial for this to work. Lazar maybe can handle the 4C, but we know Larry can do it. The Kahun/Tierney/Cozens line would be very interesting. 3 interchangeable centers, all with the potential to play minutes on lines 1 or 2 if needed. I like it!
  2. 40 years ago, the most reliable spot for me was the south end of Camp Merz for SMB. Or look for all the other walleye boats piled one on top of the other and work a worm harness as deep as you possibly can.
  3. No need to be searching for new fishing holes. Good to hear that things have worked out for you.
  4. Please, I beg that this does not happen. I'll see whatever else shakes out and generally accept it for what it is. Cozens starting the season as anything more than a sheltered 3C is totally unacceptable to me at this point in time. Even if he is head and shoulders the best 2C in training camp, he should still start the season at 3C and see < 15-16 minutes of TOI including the power play and maybe penalty kill if he has the chops for that.
  5. JBots on line 2 for you Mr. C. He has some questions for you.
  6. Just doesn't have a good ring to it. Brighter minds then mine will find the appropriate handle for this leadership. I will await the answer.
  7. I voted yes, but have concerns. Many of the above mentioned subjects, on both sides of the aisle, are valid. I believe it is about finding the right fit at GM and coach. The Pegula's seem to have found that with the McBean combination for the Bills and it is showing rewards. They have struggled to find that connection with the Sabres. My suspicion is that Ralph caught their attention as someone they trust and believe in, much like Sean did with the Bills. We will see if the Ralph/Kevyn fit is as good as what we are getting with McBean. I also believe they are in deep water with their many entities. Concentrating on one energy company and building it into a multi-billion dollar behemoth took knowledge and focus. They have taken those hard won riches and entered into a unique landscape where only the super rich can tread. Their focus is now scattered and the personalities are totally different in this new land. The learning curve has been long and steep with the Sabres. Let's all hope they have finally figured it out.
  8. What?!!?!??? And he played while dealing with this problem? I'm going to jump to the assumption that Terry and Kim were aware of this issue. If not, everyone from JBots on down is gone. If so, I'm taking a giant step toward the please sell the team side of the argument.
  9. He's got 2nd degree burns right now. 365 days from now, the fire will be out because he's proven himself to be totally inadequate as a GM (70% chance IMHO) or because he made HUGE strides during the 2020-21 season and the ship is not sinking(20% chance IMHO). Leaving 10% unknown due to the Pegula's not wanting or being able to make a tough decision.
  10. Won't matter one bit once a players name is etched onto Lord Stanley's Cup. Their name will look exactly like all of the others.
  11. Very likely that the surgeons, anesthesiologist and perfusionist didn't survive either.
  12. Excellent idea. Set the tone right at the beginning. Easy fight for Eichel.... how could he possibly miss a snot locker that Is that big? A near miss is actually a direct hit!
  13. Not so much a promotion as it is a hope and a prayer that something good might happen. I'll be as shocked as the rest of you should that miracle take place.
  14. There is a 3 part answer to this question. The school is definitely one of them and the most easily recognizable. The other two are a specific program that has a reputation much greater than the school's name and/or specific professor(s) that have the power to drive the value of your degree beyond the school or program reputation. Both of these are much harder to identify, but could provide a better experience in the long run.
  15. Never a bad idea to invest in yourself. Being in a niche' position, the MBA will broaden your horizons and potentially make you even better at your current job. That could pay off the investment right there. Or, the MBA will provide the entry point to other career opportunities and a new line of friends/peers/other MBA students to have as resources in a job search. Sounds like you are in a good spot that has some changes taking place. The MBA could be your insurance policy for whatever happens.
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