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  1. Voted yes. The 2 caveats are: Getting Samson to sign his 1 year contract and buy in to having a great season in anticipation of his big payday, wherever it may be. Moving Risto (+/- pieces to make the trade work) for a NHL 1B goalie to pair with Linus. The biggest question is who is coaching this team.
  2. That f...ing toilet is still clogged up? Damn it, someone call the plumber 'cause this thing just won't flush and the stench is overwhelming!
  3. And there is the unenviable task KA is faced with. Does he hold out for more and not trade Jack before the season.... season goes in the crapper and Jack says he wants out.... Jack's trade value now drops far below what was being offered before. I agree with Weave that the trade has to be sum of its parts. Wookie is also right in that there is no trade happening were the best player is not Jack.
  4. I agree with the bolded, but I'm not going to go 100%. I'll just say with a high degree of certainty. Everything else that you wrote is indeed plausible. I think it would take something really special to get KA to agree on a trade before the season starts. What are the chances of other teams coming up with really special when Jack is coming back from injury? That said, it only takes 2 teams to start a bidding war. I'll go out on a short limb here and say that Jack only gets traded after training camp starts. Other teams have to see that he is healthy and capable of playing high qual
  5. Jack will be back. He is going nowhere until he proves he is healthy, fully recovered from his injury and playing like the Jack that we know he can be. He will determine his place on the team by how well he plays, how well he handles the difficulties he will face (ie- not pouting, always skating hard and not giving up on any play) and how good of a teammate and veteran leadership he provides. The first month will set the tone. I'd be excited to see the 2019-20 version of Jack back in the blue and gold.
  6. Exactly this. I was having a conversation this weekend with an old friend who is a life long North Star and Wild fan. When talking about the Sabres, he called them the anchor of the NHL. As in anyone and anything associated with them sinks to the bottom. Think about it for a minute and you will agree. Nothing for the last 15 years has worked like we hoped it would. Not one trade, not one draft pick, not one coach or GM, not nothing. It's fast approaching the point where even the diehard fans won't be able to keep the arena filled and the bills paid. Pegula's have lots of $$$, but not
  7. Tradings all done. Now who do you think wins it all? I really don't know and also really don't care! I know it won't be the Sabres. I mostly started this thread to get you guys to stop bitching and moaning about anything and everything to do with the Sabres. P. S. extra credit is what do the Bills do with pick 30? That will give us another few seconds of not bitching and moaning about the Sabres.
  8. I was intimating that Kevyn's mom started that rumor.
  9. Seem to be out of proportion to whatever rumors have been swirling around for the past week. But thank you Mrs Adams for trying to help Kevyn out by resetting the bar on this trade.
  10. Hoping for more. Expecting less. Life as a fan of the Buffalo Sabres. Just get it done and we are one step closer to getting this nightmare of a season over with.
  11. Giving up the Sabres for Lent. Damn, why didn't I think of that!
  12. Getting really tired of the Reader's Digest version. Would love to see something that had a second chapter and maybe a plot twist or two.
  13. Look into the farm implement dealers that are outside of Buffalo. They have the knowledge and expertise for the mechanical aspects. Most any auto body shop can do your paint for you.
  14. I'm sorry my friends, I had to stop reading the replies after the first dozen or less. So depressing and mind boggling at the same time. I will add this. They are my Sabres, they always will be as long as they are located in Buffalo and I will cheer for them until my death. Now let's back on with this crappy season!
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