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  1. Although it's exactly what none of us want to to do, it is the correct thing to do. Stay vigilant and do not fall prey to traditions or Covid fatigue. It's a different world right now. There are signs of hope if we can all just hang in there a little longer.
  2. I think it's too early yet to make this decision. Yes, we are desperate for some real hockey and have seen signs that give us hope for playoff hockey. I'm gonna say that there is at least one more move coming before training camp starts. The LH/RH defensemen still need to be balanced and improved. I also don't see Hutton being the backup. Once one or both of these issues is addressed, then we will have a better idea of how this plays out and can give a more accurate determination of what our expectations may be.
  3. It took every bit of my willpower to leave that one alone, just so you could respond to it. As screwed up at 2020 is, there are some rules (written or unwritten) that simply can not be violated.
  4. The logistics problems will be with us for several months once a vaccine is released. That is a given. There are vaccines in development that do not require ultra deep hypothermic storage. Those are going to take some time to clear FDA approval. Inovio is attempting an unrefrigerated version and got pinched by the FDA over their delivery device, not the vaccine. Just another hurdle for the developers to deal with. The big question now seems to be durability. If you do receive a vaccine, how many days/weeks/months of functional antibody protection will it provide? There is no answer
  5. That's a good explanation of your thought process, or you've got it worse than we thought.
  6. Weave, you are displaying all of the signs and symptoms of PBSD (Post Botteril Stress Disorder). Your expectations are that nothing will be done when something obviously needs to be done. If something where to happen, it would be blatantly underwhelming and too late to matter. Fear not, there are treatments available. Continued doses of KA have shown promise for those afflicted with PBSD. Additionally, Woody will probably (for proper monetary compensation) write you a Rx for something to take the edge off. He has plane tickets to pay for.
  7. Sounds like AHL training camp starts when the NHL season starts. Teams will likely need to have A and B teams during NHL camp, much like baseball does early in camp. Otherwise there won't be enough ice and instruction for everyone to get the work they need.
  8. I view Hutton as being untradeable until he proves that he can play hockey again. Best case scenario is his starting in Rochester and hopefully rehabbing his career. It is just as likely that he ends up on LTIR then we see him playing NHL games again.
  9. The best thing we can do for Mittelstadt this year what exactly what they did with Thompson to start last year. Rochester immediately, you'll be back when you've earned it. In the meantime, you'll get the best minutes we have in Rochester. Don't waste them. If you don't have what it takes to make it back to Buffalo next season, at least make yourself attractive to the good people of Seattle for the expansion draft. You can get your next contract from them.
  10. Compared to your previous effort: Centers = better D pairings = better GT = same with MAF Youngsters gonna have to carry their fair share of the water for the team to be in the playoffs, but I like it.
  11. I'm a benchwarmer on Team Blissfully Ignorant. Sorry, lost my head when typing that sentence.
  12. And yet, here you are! So hope is not lost. The Sabres' have tried their best to ruin hockey for all of us over the past decade plus. Say a prayer, light a candle, sacrifice a chicken or 2, but keep the faith. There is hope. Changes have been made. Most of all, it can't get much worse. You've made it this far, no time to quit.
  13. Agreed. That's why I come here. The amount of knowledge here far exceeds mine. I even enjoy the guys that throw out the fancy stats and multicolor charts that are way above my ability to comprehend. I just deleted an additional 150 words that none of you wanted to read. It's a game. We are fans. Keep it in perspective.
  14. I made similar statements about Jack a couple years ago when he was given the C and was not coming close to acting like a captain with his body language, lack of hustle and not caring about the team. I have a sneaking suspicion that ROR didn't think much of it either, but that is a story for another thread. I'm happy to say Jack has proven me wrong and I am much appreciative of his doing so. It is time for Casey to step up. If he is in the Sabres training camp, he better be in the best shape of his career and ready to show that he is a first round talent or he can be shuttled off to Roch
  15. I agree 100%. My comment was more about being impatient than it was about dealing #8, or any other assets. This season needs to be done and gone away. Let us all hope for a brighter future.
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