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  1. Very good chance this is KO's last season. Would be awesome to see him accept the cup from Bettman and then literally hand it off to the next Sabres captain.
  2. Rasmus is enjoying his rent free vacation living in your head.
  3. $61M is close to what the City of Buffalo is budgeted to pay for all of the firefighters/EMS personnel in the current budget year. 🤯 edit: my apologies for the not really sports related commentary.
  4. Thank you Liger for doing the fact checking on that. I guess it only felt like 20 games. Regardless of the actual number, VO has to come into camp and prove himself to be a much better and more complete piece of the puzzle.
  5. Most everyone can agree that if KA got a decent offer for VO at any point so far this off season, he would be gone. The Quinn injury changed that plan and gives VO an opportunity. That chance along with his enjoying the view from the press box for the final 20 games of last season should be a wakeup call. It's totally up to Victor. He wants out, he's got to play his way into a trade or onto the waiver wire. I hope he is up to the challenge and chooses the proper path.
  6. I appreciate your thoughtful approach to future considerations. I would say that you are maybe getting too far into the future considerations. KA needs to concentrate on what works best for the 2023-24 season while keeping an eye on how that effects the future. This team as now constructed seems to have the pieces that could get them into the playoffs if things go well. There are still many moving parts to fit into spots around the NHL between now and the start of the season, and therefore lots of opportunity for KA to add and/or subtract one or two more pieces to the team. I'll wait to see what happens before the season starts before I start looking for a reason to complain that KA didn't do enough.
  7. 'nill.... complaint Thursday was yesterday. Go outside, get some fresh air and sunshine. It's the weekend, enjoy it!
  8. So the rumors are not true? Can we now definitively say that Terry and Sabretooth are not one in the same?
  9. Maybe individually at some point in the season, but IMHO not all 3 to start the season. That's just too much new and unproven rookie learning curve to the start the season with. Never mind. Just saw your reply.
  10. I'm wondering if Tanev would be the best fit for Power. I have a sense that he has some "Loose Cannon" in him and that makes me concerned about his helping with the development of Power. Then there is also the question about how well he fits in the locker room. I could be totally wrong about this and will happily be corrected by those who know better.
  11. I'll make it easy for you 'nill... whatever charity you and Liger decide on, just add my winnings to the donation. One check for $200 and done. Or do it online and get some miles from your credit card to defray expenses for the next trip back to Buffalo.
  12. I did not vote because I believe the jump will be JJP/Cozens/Quinn on the 2nd line. All 3 step up this year and many teams in the league would love to have them as their first line. They may actually draw the oppositions best defenders like they are the Sabres top line, thereby getting Skinny/Tage/Tuch even better opportunities.
  13. So that explains why you never paid off our wager. Not that I ever really expected to see a dime from you. For the record Buffalonill and I had a $100 to the charitable organization of the winner choice bet during the 2022-23 season. If the Sabres were to exceed 77.5 points, then I was the winner. 77 points or less and my worthy opponent was the winner. As can be seen by the above statement, worthy opponent may not be the best use of the term.
  14. Good points. I was speaking more to the issue of "if" KO were to be spent by Thanksgiving and pushed to the press box for an extended period of time. Not just a rest night but an actual breaking down or broken down scenario.
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