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  1. I have always been a big Lindy fan, going back to his playing days. Good for him and I hope he is successful - although perhaps not at the Sabres' expense. How about a Sabres-Devils Eastern Conference Finals in a couple of years, with the Sabres winning in 6 or 7? A guy can dream.
  2. Given his age, has apparent love of the sport, his apparent love of Buffalo, and his apparent love of the Sabres, I don't think a fancy title or even a huge payday is necessarily what Dudley is looking for. Just call him a consultant and pay him hourly for his time & contributions. At $500-$1000 per hour, which is what big-time corporate lawyers, accountants, and consultants make, he could make a few bucks to pad his retirement savings without tying the Sabres to a huge salary commitment and he'd be available to advise, mentor, etc. as needed. He can live at home in Lewiston and not have to travel other than to Downtown Buffalo on occasion. If things don't go well, there isn't a fat contract to pay out. If things do work out well, you could add a bonus to his comp. If titles were more important than I am suggesting, you could pad the title a little and go with "Senior Consultant" or "Executive Consultant," "Executive Advisor," etc.
  3. A very well-known business book discusses the concept of "getting the right people on the bus." I have mentioned this in another Kim-related post on the Bills site. After struggling with the management and staff they inherited with the Bills, then striking out with Rex Ryan, the Pegulas finally got the right people on the bus with the Bills. They can step back and let Beane and McDermott and the staffs do their jobs. They have yet to get the right people on the bus with the Sabres. Time will tell whether Krueger, Adams and the 2 newly promoted scouting guys are. The most successful managers, once they have the right people on the bus, empower those people to do their jobs and get out of their way. Let's hope that a) the right people are on the bus now; and b) Kim can empower them to do their jobs and get out of the way. Getting the right people on the bus, empowering them, and knowing when to get out of their way are business skills that Kim may or may not have. We'll find out soon enough. I should add that this is a Rick Dudley post and my opinion is that he would be a good person to have on the bus....
  4. Wayne Gretzky was famous for operating from behind the net. He's also the NHL's all-time assists leader by a wide margin. Not sure how this necessarily translates to the Sabres or the PP (nobody in the league currently or on the Sabres - or potentially ever - is/was as talented as the Great One), but this theory still made me think of him.
  5. I don't get this. I thought Taylor and staff did a pretty good job. They weren't over the hump, but they did turn the Amerks into a playoff team. While it's true that Olofsson and Lazar were among the few Amerks to "graduate" to the Sabres, it looked like Middlestadt and Tage Thompson were making progress as were some of the defensemen. I don't think that the Amerks were provided with all that much to work with and did pretty well with what they had. I also saw Taylor as a potential successor to Ralph, if they decided to kick him upstairs. I guess I was wrong. You have to wonder if this is a hockey move, a cost-savings move, or both.
  6. I'm ok with retaining Botterill. Some people here like him and others don't. Regardless, Kim could have issued the message more diplomatically. Not a good choice of words to a disgruntled fanbase.
  7. Many great players on this list. Ovie takes the top billing because he's the most dominant player of the bunch. He leads in scoring, but also plays physical. He has now achieved a Stanley Cup Championship, so that puts him over the top. Had the Caps not won that Cup, I'd probably have gone with Federov.
  8. The Sabres don't deserve to be in the playoffs, but if this scenario happens and they "get in," it will be interesting to see what they can do and we should allow ourselves to enjoy it. When the Sabres turn it on, they can play with just about anybody. Perhaps they will do that in a playoff type scenario.
  9. Sounds like a modern-day Mike Keenan. Also similar to George Karl in the NBA.
  10. My personal favorite was Paul Harrison. He wore that long white mask....But seriously, the Sabres have had a lot of excellent goalies over the years. No doubt the Dominator was the best, but it's hard to pick a #2 among Miller, Edwards, Sauve, Barrasso, etc. Fuhr was a great NHL goalie, but his tank was pretty empty by the time he came to Buffalo and he didn't have the Edmonton Oilers multi-cup winning team in front of him. I seem to recall Gerry Desjardins being pretty good, but I was a young kid at the time and not really old enough to judge. Perhaps some of the more senior members (than me) on the board can elaborate.
  11. I started growing a beard again, but then realized that beards itch and that I touch my face a lot more when I have a beard. It's also another "surface" in which things like droplets could be caught. Out came the razor.
  12. Working from home is optional at my job right now. I tried working from home Monday and Tuesday, but the kids are home, which makes it difficult to get anything done. Then my wife had the brilliant idea of having her mother come over to help with the kids....I'm back at the office. Fortunately, very few others are coming in, so it is quiet, I can get a lot of work done and I can keep social distance from others. I have an office with a door, so I can keep it closed and not interact much with others. I've even had conference calls with people in the building who I would normally meet with face-to-face. I wish I had something more interesting to share, but I think the mother-in-law thing is kind of funny and many can probably relate!
  13. This is more of an indirect comment than a full evaluation of Ullmark, but the team slumped badly while he was out injured. He came back and started 1 game (which I did not see) and they beat a top team 3-2 in a shootout. I can't imagine they get that win with Hutton or Johansson in goal.
  14. I agree that the goaltending needs to be upgraded. I think that Ullmark is a competent starter who is good enough to do the job on an otherwise good team. He's not likely to be a Vezina finalist anytime soon, but can carry the load if the team has adequate defensive support and scoring (which the Sabres do not). Hutton is a great locker room guy and has flashes, but is clearly not the answer. I was at the game Saturday night in Arizona and sat very close to the Sabres net during the 2nd period. Johansson is simply not ready for NHL duty. While there were many defensive breakdowns that didn't help him, he was shaky at best. One of the goals occurred because he cleared the puck right onto the Arizona player's stick, when no Sabre player was even close to the area. Although he "only" gave up 4 goals (the last one was empty net), he was beaten many more times than that. The goalposts were his friend. He was beaten twice on a couple of the goals. One went in, but bounced out quickly and would have been called a goal on replay review, but AZ put the rebound in so there was no need to review it. On another one, Johansson was beaten, but the puck hit the post, came back out to the AZ player, who potted it on the 2nd attempt. These were my observations live - perhaps those who saw it on TV and had the benefit of replays saw something different. Sometimes young, inexperienced guys from the minors develop into quality NHL players and sometimes they don't. I can't say whether Johannson will develop, but I can say that he isn't ready now.
  15. I agree with those above who think that it is unnecessary to make any changes to this. It has only happened twice over a period of many years and tens of thousands of games. For the sake of argument however, here are some thoughts on how a new system could be implemented: 1. Allow teams to carry a 3rd goalie for playoff games only; OR 2. Allow teams to activate one of the guys on the roster, with the team, but inactive for the game (the healthy scratches in the pressbox) in-game if another player gets injured. It's up to the team what positions they want those players to be. If a 3rd goalie is one of the guys who is with the team and inactive for the game, they could bring him (or her) down. If they choose not to have a goalie as one of the available players, they can still use the insurance salesman who played some net in college, like what is provided for today. This wouldn't be a goalie-only rule, but would give teams some flexibility for injury coverage. The team would only be able to use the move once per game and the injured player (obviously) would not be able to return to the game. Given the rarity of the situation where both dressed goalies go down, I think teams would opt not to have the 3rd goalie be one of the "injury-substitution-available" players, except maybe for the playoffs, where the risk of it not being a goalie is much higher.
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