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  1. Looks like a younger version of Skinner.
  2. I think Terry is a good owner. It's been a rough ride and there hasn't been success yet, but he'll get there. A few thoughts: 1) The tank: whether you agree with it or not, there was precedent for it being a successful strategy (Pittsburgh and Chicago) 2) Hiring Black and others from the Pittsburgh organization - again, it makes sense to bring in people who have been successful elsewhere 3) LaFontaine and Murray - I admit that this whole scenario was very odd and can't explain it - LaLa seemed to make sense at the time, not sure about Murray 4) Bylsma - The guy won a cup and finished at the top of the standings (with highly talented young high draft picks), so it made sense 5) Botterill - Was a big part of a very successful organization, well educated & smart guy, played in the league and in the market 6) Housley - He was widely considered the top assistant available - the hot coaching candidate on the rise - also played in the league and in the market 7) Always willing to spend the money for free agents, facilities, etc. 8) Made a huge effort to hire Babcock - the best available coach in years, but Babcock elected to go to Toronto. I think that if Babcock had signed, the Sabres would be a playoff team team and we wouldn't even be having this conversation. 9) His vast investments in the City of Buffalo and the redevelopment of downtown are icing on the cake. I think that Terry has taken similar steps with the Bills. I couldn't understand the Rex hire and his support of Brandon, but all of his moves were well-intentioned and I think that he FINALLY got it right with Beane and McDermott and the same will eventually happen with the Sabres. I think Botterill can be successful if paired with a good coach.
  3. I never much liked the "goat head" but it was probably better than the "banana slug." Ironically, they had some of their greatest success with those two awful logos. I could see some kind of 3rd jersey honoring those past teams. I would prefer something dating back to the original logo from the early 70's (which isn't terribly different from the modified version they are using today) with the same type of stripes, laces in the collar, royal blue color, etc. from the 70's. Those are the true classics.
  4. As I recall it, when the Marlins and Rockies joined MLB, the Buffalo franchise was a finalist and was very close to getting the team. The main factor in Buffalo not getting the team was the size of the market, both from a population and corporate HQ standpoint. I don't think the Rich family backed out at that time. I believe that they LATER said that it was probably best that they didn't get the team due to the financial picture. I'm a little fuzzy on the whole Expos situation, but I was no longer living in Buffalo at the time. Perhaps it was THEN that Rich declined due to the finances? I'd guess that other markets would have been in play at the time and I am sure that MLB preferred Washington, D.C. (where the franchise ended up - the Nationals). The truth is that the Buffalo market is probably not large enough to support a MLB franchise. 80+ home games is a lot of tickets to sell and without a really deep pockets owner or a huge local TV contract, it is hard to field a competitive team, which means it's that much harder to sell tickets. There are some exceptions, as occasionally Milwaukee, Minnesota or Pittsburgh will be good (Milwaukee right now), but 1) those markets are larger than Buffalo; and 2) those teams are not able to sustain that level over a long period of time.
  5. Left out of all of this is Phil.
  6. We gave up a 1st round pick for Lehner, so expectations were high. He performed poorly and a goalie's poor performance stands out more than any other player on the ice. He suffered from mental illness, but the organization, fans and media were not aware of it. Buffalo is also a small market with a passionate fan base, which follows its sports teams very closely. If you perform poorly in a highly visible position with high expectations, it's going to be unpleasant. Buffalo is also a place where people are charitable, compassionate and take care of those in need. Ask Darryl Talley. It's a bit difficult to judge exactly what Lehner is saying the article: is he saying "Buffalo is a bad place" or "Buffalo was a bad place FOR ME DURING THE TIME I WAS THERE?" If it's the former, Lehner can go F himself; if it's the latter, I'm fine with it. He needed a fresh start elsewhere and good on him for making the most of it.
  7. Perhaps I am dating myself, but I would compare Tage more to former Sabre Adam Creighton. A talented, tall-lanky first round draft pick forward. Never really developed in Buffalo, but I think he landed in Chicago and had a decent career with the Blackhawks. Max was smaller, more slender and extremely fast and quick. He used to skate circles around the offensive zone and carry the puck for long periods of time, eluding defenders who couldn't catch him. An electrifying skater and stickhandler. He was a good player and had some productive years. Unfortunately, he didn't have the ability to get to the net and finish, or he could have been a great one. While I cannot think of a close comparison, perhaps Tyler Ennis, a little bit. Perhaps someone can think of better comparison. Tim Connolly?
  8. Don't forget Warde Manuel, currently Michigan's AD. Football program has done well since Manuel took over (although still needs to get over the Ohio State hurdle) and the hoops program has been fantastic. Other sports have been generally good too. Below is a snippet I found online about Manuel's days at UB: "Manuel was responsible for the hiring of Turner Gill as the head coach of Buffalo's football team. Under Gill the team achieved its first winning season and first invitation to a post season bowl game since the program joined NCAA Division I athletics in 1999. Manuel has helped change Buffalo's image and marketing strategy. Immediately after he took office, Manuel replaced the old "Bull Head" logo with a sleeker, more modern bull. Manuel also increased the athletics budget from $11 million to $25 million within three years of his hiring."
  9. I understand Oats' decision and respect it. I'm still disappointed, as he had a good thing going with the program, which he may or may not be able to replicate at Alabama. Regardless, he'll get a minimum of 2-3 years with a huge paycheck, regardless of how things turn out.
  10. This pretty much describes my situation an thought process too, although I didn't shell out for NHL.tv (and I'm glad). If the team was in contention for the playoffs, I would have purchased the Center Ice package for the final stretch of the season. Instead, I will watch any games televised in my area if it is convenient for my schedule (on NBCSN or NHL Network), but I am done planning my evening around watching this team.
  11. I live outside of the Buffalo area and do not subscribe to the NHL Center Ice Package. I used to sign up in February, after the Super Bowl, to enjoy the playoff run. I was hoping to resume doing that again this season, but there is no point in spending my time and money for this product. I do believe that the organization is trying to improve the team, trying to win and get to they playoffs, but they have not found the right formula. I would love for Housley to be successful for a couple of reasons: 1) He is new blood in the coaching ranks and not a re-tread like you see all over the league; 2) he played a large part of his HOF career in Buffalo, so it would be a great story for him to come "back home" to lead the team to success. That said, I just don't see it happening. The team has shown that when they give full effort for 3 periods, they can play with anyone, but how often do we see this? I will remain a loyal fan, but until they get this right, there will be limits to how much effort I will put into supporting the team.
  12. I think we can pass Carolina (and right now we're only 1 point behind with a game in hand), but ultimately, we will likely fall just short. The team is better than it has been, but still lacks in a few areas and the competition is too strong.
  13. I like E-Rod and always wondered why he wasn't drafted. The only 2 reasons I can come up with are 1) his size; 2) playing with Eichel may have counted AGAINST him - scouts believing that he was simply the product of playing next to Eichel, but didn't possess enough individual talent. He has certainly proven that not to be the case, as most of his production for the Sabres has been without Eichel on the ice. Let's hope he can keep up the solid play and have a productive career for the Sabres as a middle-6 forward.
  14. I want Dahlin to win and think that because he plays a more difficult position and one that inherently has lower offensive numbers, that he has a shot. The fact that he is only 18 is irrelevant. The award goes to the top performing rookie, not the best rookie for their age. My sense is that Pettersson will probably win due to his better offensive numbers anyway. It's kind of like the Heisman trophy - it usually goes to the best QB or the offensive player with the best statistics and not to the BEST PLAYER. Charles Woodson over Peyton Manning is the one exception that comes to mind, but otherwise, it is QB/offense all the time.
  15. Thanks! I have been a little more active on the Bills board the last couple of years, but now that the Sabres are competitive again, I am spending a little bit more time on this board. I have been a fan since the early 70's when my Dad had season tickets and I went to games as a young kid sitting on his lap. I don't live in Buffalo anymore, so I don't get to see as many games as others that are posting, but I keep up as I can and I might, after a hiatus of many years, purchase the last 2 months of NHL Center Ice after the Super Bowl so I can enjoy the playoff run! The wife doesn't go for me having the NFL and NHL packages simultaneously and frankly, that's probably a good thing because I would be a neglectful husband and father if I did that. Go Sabres!
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