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  1. I have a Muckler story that I have probably mentioned on this board in the past. In the mid-to-late 90's, I was at the bar of the Drake Hotel in Chicago. I saw a guy at the bar who looked familiar, but it took me a minute to place him. Then I saw his gold watch with the Sabres logo on the face. It was John Muckler. I went up and introduced myself. I told him I was a lifelong Sabres fan. I remember sharing the story with him about the 4 OT game against the Devils in the 1994 playoffs when he was behind the bench. I was at a sports bar in Chicago watching the game with a bunch of Sabres
  2. It's great money for a guy in his early 20's, but not that great by NHL standards, so the deal works for everyone. If he improves/realizes his potential, he'll get paid a lot more next time and everybody will be a winner.
  3. While I get the concept, this seems far-fetched. I don't know the actual numbers, but I believe it is very expensive to pull off one of these outdoor games. Plus, the weather is a major wild card. Temps can fall well below freezing, but can also escalate and cause issues with maintaining the ice. I recall one X-Mas in Buffalo when it was 62 degrees. I don't live in Buffalo anymore, but perhaps the Sabres can host games at that relatively new outdoor venue near the river (Riverworks?). (Yes, I'm joking).
  4. This was always a favorite of mine too. I think it would make a great front of the jersey logo for an alternate jersey. I was never a fan of the goat head, but it does have a place in franchise history and putting it on the shoulder makes sense. Not sure what to say about the slug - I despise it, but it also is associated with one of the best runs in team history.
  5. I remember, as a kid, going to a game with my dad and Val James playing it it. I recall discussing that he was not a very good skater, etc., but I think it was kind of obvious that he was called up to bring some toughness to the lineup and was not being counted on to shoulder the scoring load. Kind of cool to see a mention of him decades later.
  6. And I forgot to mention Couzens...And one more parting thought: does this thread mention anywhere that VO was signed? if so, I missed it. This thread was supposed to be about VO (and his trade value), but I didn't see any mention of him signing, which was reported on WGR web site this AM. 2 years, $6.1 M. Seems reasonable and fair for a 20-goal scorer, who may have had quite a few more if he hadn't been sidelined by injury.
  7. I'm not sure who will end up on what lines, but it's sure nice to have these kinds of problems. Dare I say that if (and a BIG if) Thompson and Middlestadt show a lot of progress in their development, the Sabres could have a surplus of forward talent? Even if one of them plays well, the talent looks pretty good. If neither of them do, there is still enough talent on the roster to field a competent NHL slate of forward lines.
  8. Good call on Campbell. I remember seeing him at one of the Bills bars in Chicago after he signed with the Blackhawks. I thought it was really cool that he wanted to hang out with Buffalo fans and support the Bills, even though he wasn't with the Sabres anymore. He also developed in to a pretty good player....He had great skating ability and was a good offensive defenseman, but also got much better defensively later in his career. And, of course, the hit on Umberger is one of the all-time greatest hits in Sabres history.
  9. Rick Martin. That guy could really score goals and had a wicked slapshot. Scored 52 very early in his career. My next favorite is Lindy Ruff. Never highly talented, but loved the passion with which he played (and later coached). He was also a versatile player - he played both defense and wing. He was always a tough guy, a grinder who was willing to drop the gloves, but at his peak, got up into the 20 goal range. It was a shame watching Lindy at the end of his Sabres playing career, as he clearly had nothing left in the tank. I'm surprised the Rangers took him on and that he stayed in t
  10. Your recollection is correct. I saw him play in one game live and he clearly was not ready for the NHL. It's not to say he won't/can't develop, but he played like a rookie who was overwhelmed.
  11. This was about Jonas Johansson and in response to a question whether he could be relied on as a backup when called up....
  12. I was at the game that he started in Arizona. He was terrible. He looked nervous and uncomfortable - he looked like a minor leaguer who was in over his head. Perhaps he will overcome the rookie jitters and became a decent NHL player, but based on what I saw, I wouldn't count on it.
  13. I don't really follow NHL prospects. Most of what I know comes from this board. When I saw that they drafted Quinn, I was pissed, because no list that I'd seen had him ranked in the top 8, and multiple players who were ranked in the top 8 (and that were mentioned on this board) were still available. I subsequently watched the NHL Network coverage of the pick (which I had recorded on the DVR) and all of the "experts" called him the best goal scorer in the draft and had other high praise for him. I think they had him ranked at 10 and we took him at 8, so not that big of a discrepancy.
  14. To put it in perspective, Evan Rodriguez is making $2M per year. He is a little bit more proven at the NHL level, but Thompson clearly has much more upside, given his physical attributes (and you could argue his status as a 1st round draft pick by a quality organization). It's a pretty low-risk proposition. If he develops, you have tremendous bargain. If he flops, you're not paying THAT much over league minimum for a guy to sit in the press box and/or go down to the minors (not sure what the rules are for sending him down based on the contract and/or at this point in his career). I'm gues
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