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  1. "After surrendering his top selection in this year’s draft to the Ottawa Senators as part of the deal to get defenceman Erik Karlsson in September 2018, the word is Wilson is embarrassed that could be a lottery selection because of the backwards turn the Sharks have taken this season and, as a result, he’ll try desperately to get a first-rounder back at this year’s deadline." Caught this on another venue. If true, Botterill should be all over this. My view, Hertl for Okposo and the 2020 1st unprotected, if the deal is done like right now. If not, the closer to the deadline, I would have to see where the Sabres sit in the standings, but yea, Hertl would be an immediate 2C.
  2. Their possession game tonight is being negated by pressure and lost puck battles, the same thing we saw in November and December.
  3. The wifey told me to shave the gruff off before I come up for the night just before the end of the 2nd. Well, feeling it after a couple of delicious margarita's, I sauntered in to the bathroom down here and slapped on the ole gel and commenced to scraping the lazy day off. Now, here is the epiphany part, I keep my goatee, so, I wiped away the excess gel, and, wait for it...……………...the gray hairs are so prominent now I thought I didn't wipe my goatee off, after I had just done it, so did it again. When I realized what I had done, I thought to my self, "man, I'm getting old", and for a split second, felt a bit depressed. But...………..then I remembered the split waiting upstairs for me, and after all these decades, it's still just like my first 🙂 Now, excuse me, I have to open the new container of chocolate syrup up, and wash the strawberry's off 🙂
  4. They didn't regain control, at all. I could see your point of view, if they had, but they never sniffed the puck until it was in the their net after he coughed it up in the O zone.
  5. Yep, I watched him, he was useless, just standing in the slot all alone while his team mates were fighting every which way for the puck. He needs to go.
  6. That goal is all on Bogosain and not because it went off his skate either. The reason it was in our zone is because he pinched down low in the O zone then coughed the puck up leading to that chain of events.
  7. That was a nice pass by Dahlin and great patience by Reinhart. Hoping to see much more of that.
  8. I believe Botterill is dealing from a position of strength when it comes to the RHD asset pool. With Borgen sure to push for a spot next season he has some leeway to make a couple of deals. Teams in need of RHD's to address both depth for a playoff run as well as those looking for longer term solutions to that position are sure to come knocking. In my opinion it will all depend on the Sabres position in the standings when the time comes. Bogo is surely gone, maybe with salary retained and most likely for picks or a B/B- prospect. He is still a big bodied defenseman who can play, if picks I can see a team giving a 2nd rdr for his services in a playoff run, if retained salary I can see an additional pick added for that, or maybe a prospect that fills a need for Rochester. Either way, he won't be here past the deadline. Risto won't be going anywhere I more than suspect. He's coming in to his own under RK imo. Jokiharu is a core D man on this team at a very reasonable cost yet. He's here for the duration. This brings us to Miller and Montour. Miller is 27 yrs old with 3 yrs at 3.88 mil left. Very affordable and serviceable D man for those teams looking for a bit of term left. Maybe a lower tier playoff bound team or perhaps even a non playoff team looking to address next season a bit early before the off season trade bidding wars begin. Hard to say. Montour is going to get a raise, and I'm guessing the 5 to 6 mil territory is at the very least going to be pushed for. Even if he's not perceived by fans to be worth that, I can see his agent going for that. Still an RFA, he will be valued by many other teams, if your looking for a 2C, here is your chip in the game, imho.
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