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  1. Born the same year as the team. Mother was a huge fan, dated an NHL player for a short period of time prior to her marriage in the mid 60's. As far back as I have memories, I remember going to the Aud as young toe head toddler. Gilbert was my heart stopping hero. I left WNY for a bit, but would always find a way to watch games. I've never felt love for another sports team the way I do for the Sabres. It's not just in my blood, it feels like, well, it feels like it is my blood. Till death do us part.
  2. Because you can never have enough Swedes 😉
  3. So who has the possibilities at 8? Who could we be looking to jeer, I mean cheer?
  4. Video coaching coming in to play on all levels in Sabres organization? Maybe a fortnite? Coaching program 🙂
  5. I tend to agree here with weave. Hoping the depth pool gets better.
  6. This was really cool.
  7. I don't know, I'll ask her the next time I get a chance.
  8. Trish says she can get the virus again. I did ask her if she could get pictures of her lung x-rays. She's a little pissed and upset about the lung damage, to say the least. Might not have been a good time to ask her.
  9. My sister-in-law and her 2 children are covid negative. 3 tests in the past 2 weeks. So, all 3 tested positive awhile back, Trish is a nurse, she is back working the covid wing. All three had x-rays on their lungs throughout their ordeal, Trish and her son show extensive permanent lung damage, they are now on some type of inhaler. The daughter surprisingly does not. All 3 are now taking Hydroxiquarquine, Trish tells me every Doctor she knows up at St. Joseph's is quietly telling the staff to do so before they start working with covid patients.
  10. I don't honestly know. I only know he was allowed to stay after the court date to be honest.
  11. Same thing happened to my companies electrical engineer, he's been here 5 years from England. Last month he was denied, went the same route as the Pegulas and got renewed. Not sure if it's the same circumstances, but the owner told us it was 10 minu5es in court and done.
  12. So, I've been extremely busy with a home make over. The front yard had 5 pine trees, 2 by driveway, 3 on opposite side of front yard, all 35'-40' tall. They are gone, stumps and all. Took the trees down myself, paid S&S tree service $700 to grind the stumps and get rid of the brush that was left over. Figure I needed a small yard horse, since I have a large lot on a pretty big retention pond in Wheatfield. So I went out and bought an old Bobcat M-371 mini skidsteer. Here she is:
  13. From time to time I read what I can on the bolded. Me personally, have shown interest in single payer system, removing the employer / employee choice scenario altogether. I've read a multitude of pros and cons on it, but, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, who looked at it as a National Security as well as a comfort of life and longevity issue, to maintain the health of the population (go figure, SHAEF, a man of the military who had seen more than his share of death would understand it's overall importance on several levels), Johnson and yes, even Nixon wanted to see something done on health care. To bad the legislative side couldn't get their own greed or narrowmindedness out of the way. But, as I was saying, I read on this from time to time and I do have some questions, not for the patients/clients of such a system, but more in point, to individuals such as you Brawndo, those that are employees of such a system. Specifically, to maintain cost controls there would most assuredly have to be wage caps within the industry, no? And if that is the case, how is the supply chain of equipment for the medical field to be handled? Are we to nationalize all medical equipment, from PPE to sophisticated medical machinery production? If so there would certainly be wage caps on those production facilities as well, no? And most certainly pharmaceuticals would have to fall under a government controlled system as a production supply side scenario, very terrifying I am sure, especially for those on blood pressure medication and other key life extending medications. Then there is the very real concern of allowing government to run health care. Historically speaking, the United States government hasn't really run any financial foundational national program with any success for a various degree of reasons, the most prominent being using such national programs as financial leveraging or as a tool to push a larger agenda, and that goes on almost all of the ideologies that do so. So, while I would like to see resolution to this situation nationally, I have very real concerns about a few of the issues that may or will arise from such. Just my 2 penny's is all.
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