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  1. Who you looking at? RNH? Or maybe a candidate not on the radar yet?
  2. Unfortanetely, I am old enough to remember this. But man Taro, looking at some of these picks and prospects Murray moved, combined with the utter failure of what he assembled in the wake of those moves, and yikes!......... What brought me to start digging in to the info was the Compher signing. From there I just started reviewing a lot of the Murray era info, and holy *****, what a freaking disaster.
  3. I don't disagree freester, but he hasn't burned through picks and prospect capital like Murray did. Not yet anyways.
  4. I was just going over all that draft pick and prospect capital Ink. My Lord what a waste. Yes, I know, hind sight is 20/20, but eegads that was a ton of capital he spent on players, that for the most part, failed.
  5. Looking back on the moves Tim Murray made, the piss poor drafting in some cases, and the unabated disaster of spending draft picks and prospects capital on failed chemistry players in a rush to complete a rebuild that should have been given time to work itself out, I believe it's fairly safe to say that former GM Tim Murray was not only a complete disaster for the Buffalo Sabres, but he is the leading candidate for worse Sabres GM of all time.
  6. McCabe can play a very physical game. And in the past 2 seasons that has cost him some injury time. Not making it to 60 games in each of the past 2 seasons has cost him some. But there is game in this kid. His physical play Is one aspect, but he needs to use it more in the defensive zone, not so much in the corners, but in front of our own net and in the face off dots. It's nice to stop a rush dead in it's tracks in the neutral zone, a la the Laine hit, but clearing that net and getting body to body in those board to dot area's is really critical. I see him as a physical hybrid 3/4 d man. If he can learn, as I said, to stick the body and move quickly to recover around our net, he's a keeper, other wise, there are options out there available. Just my take is all.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, you can exceed the cap by 10% in the off season as long as you fall into compliance by the official start date of the season, which is normally in the first week or 2 of October. That being the case, the cap currently sits at $81,500,000 and the Sabres, as of today, currently sit at $76,384,524. Adding the 10% off season escalator puts the off season cap at $89,650,000. When deducting where the Sabres currently are the off season cap space before the season start sits at $13,265,476. If my math is correct, and I'm no expert but looks accurate, we have plenty of room to bring in pieces and sign McCabe and Ullmark. I don't think the cap space is such a big issue for off season moves so far. I think it has much more to do with Botterill working a monster deal along with a minor one, shipping out some players and returning a couple all while also pursuing Gardiner, if rumors are to be believed. Once again, if the math is off, I'm not seeing it.
  8. Mitts isn't ready for 2C duty, that's already been proven. I actually question why he's not in Rochester developing, to be honest.
  9. Been really quiet league wide for the most part. There are teams with cap situations, teams who would like to move some contracts, teams who would like to collect some draft picks. I really do wonder what is bottle-necking the league wide action.
  10. I have a feeling Ristolainen is going to move in a larger package deal in the next 2 weeks for a 2C. And I think the deal will be larger than just Risto and a pick/prospect. I don't know, but with McCabe and Ullmark primarily out there to be signed yet, I just see a larger deal taking shape before their arbitration days. Just a gut hunch.
  11. This kid has a legit shot at a roster spot? Man, that is nice.
  12. Off to Luke Bryan tonight. One of the wife's favorite. Canandaigua. Got a cabin for 5he weekend.
  13. I happen to agree with this given the amount of contracts on D and forward we should be looking to move.
  14. Winger isn't our highest priority need though. 2C is. Failure to address that and the wingers look well below mere average imo. I'd say thanks but no thanks.
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