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  1. Has there been any news on the future for Botterill?
  2. Nothing wrong with AHL depth, even on an NHL contract, in case we get that depleted. But, I also share concerns with those that are stating it's not nearly enough for the big club.
  3. I 100% agree with you. That's really all I have.
  4. And to think, I started that first covid thread and people didn't take it seriously. I even tried a little humor with those that didn't, in this thread, and still, the condemnation came. This'll be my last post on the subject, the fact is, people were and are dying. Whether it has seasonality or not, whether it can be eradicated, remains to be seen as of yet. But the alarm I was sounding early, as a non medical individual, was based on conversations I was and still am having to date. Some will mock, some with disdain, all of that falls to the way side. People are dying, that is a fact. See y'all in the hockey threads, look forward to some Bills talk as well. In the meantime, I still have to go to work 😞 .
  5. I just found it interesting nfreeman, rest assured, I'm not drinking the kool-aid.
  6. And my reproduction line wasn't a joke? That was obvious to me, but if not you, then I apologize. I openly stated I ignored the "plot" or "story" line of the article and found interesting facts in the read. And there are other writings out there that have some facts in them as well. Meaning, I ignored the Gates/Obama are destroying the world scenario. I thought when I said I ignored the "story plot line" that was obvious, apparently it wasn't. Since Ebola was not a global pandemic, I never looked at it. Swine Flu I knew to be out of the US. Mers I knew as well. SARS yes. I should have included beyond 2003. https://www.history.com/news/china-epicenter-of-1918-flu-pandemic-historian-says
  7. I don't read in to the plot line, I merely check the individual fact references to see if there is any truth to them. But, I appreciate your concern for my reproductive history. I have 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls, ranging in age from 28 to 15. If that truly scares you, I fear for you. Anyone who attempts to minimize the ability of others to ask questions or share some information is truly a scary individual. Please tell me you've never reproduced.
  8. Many of them are in fact, interesting reads Huck. Something I find myself asking over and over again is why do these global pandemics seem to consistently appear from out of the Wuhan to Hong Kong central China Corridor since 2003, yet, before that year, there is nothing I can find on these type of virus's on any serious note. To myself in any event, that is sending red flags up all over the place in my mind. I'm not saying these aren't random events, but in all of these cases, there is some circumstantial evidence to warrant further investigation of the situation. Something's not adding up here IMHO.
  9. I'm with ya, I'm not sweating it myself, i'll be 50 in November, but I'm a smoker (ya, ya, I know lol) but I also work outdoors a great deal, climb steel, stay fairly active, outside of a light dose of recently prescribed blood pressure pills, I'll be just fine. But, my mom, 72, COPD, emphysema and had a quadruple bi-pass 4 years ago, yea, I'm definitely more than concerned. And it's because of that unique situation that I think many may feel the same way. I know she's definitely freaked out by the virus itself and what it could do. So some of the reactions, at least in those cases that face a higher risk, are more than understandable. And in this nation, there are a lot of elderly, and a lot of pre=existing conditions.
  10. I agree with what your saying, except, if we have the ability to curtail the spread by implementing these, I think they're calling them Social Separation? Not sure on that, but if implementing them saves lives, I don't see an issue with it. Whether or not it works, well, that's a different story altogether I guess. It looks like several of you are in the medical field, so all I can go by is public reports and some conversations from some overseas and so on. What I don't get is the mass hysteria purchasing of products like TP, then it bleeds over to many other products. I got to tell ya Wyldnwoody, my sister in law is a nurse, she's not happy about what happened to her, but she's cool headed about it. My step daughter works as a cashier at Aldi's on NFBLVD right by the Niagara/Erie county line, the stories she's coming home with these past several days are hilarious, but also just sad. Human behavior I guess.
  11. That's one way of viewing it. I would imagine those that are dead, wouldn't agree with you.
  12. A slew of countries would disagree with you. I know Italy would. Multiple nations across the planet are taking modern era historical actions, for a reason.
  13. Looks like the early alarms back in Jan. On this one were correct.
  14. Outside of the mid 80's, 2000 time frame and the Pegula ownership the Sabres were always an exciting team who were in every game they played. While I realize they've yet to win a cup, they were on the cusp at least 3 times in their history. My personal favorite era was the Gilbert Perreault era. He was beyond something special, he was on par with the best in the league back in his day. Just simply awesome. I also really enjoyed Hasek. But Buffalo always had well above average net minders. It's all fallen apart under the Pegula's scorched earth strategy. Not that I mind the owners, but the amount of failures in a rebuild with this ownership group has me asking serious questions.
  15. Just got word, meeting tomorrow morning at my employer, subject, taking a couple weeks off. Also, my sister in law did treat a patient at Millard Suburban this past week that tested positive, her family is now on quarantine. No contact for my family.
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