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  1. Apparently something up in Calgary today. I know there has been a great deal of trade talk swirling around the Flames. Derek Wills ✔ @Fan960Wills Bill Peters just told us #Flames have recalled Tobias Rieder and there will likely be more transactions to come today. Stay tuned... 62 1:44 PM - Nov 20, 2019 · Calgary, Alberta
  2. Yea, this about sums it up right here. Thank you for this. On a side note, how bout that Jokiharju eh? He'll of a trade off, Nylander for an actual very good young two way RHD.
  3. Thank you again for the input. Most revealing.
  4. This is a great and informative post, thank you. With what your seeing information wise in so far as you've dug up to date, can you point to a player personnel problem, such as hesitancy or lack of vision on the ice or coaching? Curious as to your take.
  5. Very sad to see it come to this. The 80's weren't a picnic some years but I never questioned the team's desire to be competitive, not like now anyways. What is the solution? As a life long fan I honestly don't have the slightest idea. Something is seriously wrong here. The team literally shouldn't keep having these competitive fire breakdowns, and yet, it appears to be an every season event. New players? Same problem. Youth movement? Same problem. Management and coaching changes? Same problem. Something is very seriously wrong with this picture. And what's really disappointing is that I saw it in Eichels post game tonight.
  6. Try looking in the wood shed out back, we need a wood splitter. Oh, and don't go burning down Sheryl's she shed like last time please. K, thanks.
  7. While JG is a talented player, is that listing of 5'9", 170lbs on capfriendly accurate? If so.....yikes and no thanks. I'd like to see some Andreychuk net front presence size and skill is all.
  8. I hope for his families sake he just stays on LTIR. I don't mind Kyle on the team but I just feel his health is overwhelmingly more important than money. The Pegulas are exactly the type of owners that would care for their "family". Not to say others aren't but Kyle's in good hands I surmise.
  9. I agree. A lot of cap freed up following this season. It should be interesting to see where it's allocated.
  10. It's a long season, there could be a couple moves in the next month or so that help.
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