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  1. Well, looks like this is the make or break moment for Botterill. Need a new head coach, need to revamp the roster, need to get decent returns on the two 1st rdr's either by selection or trade(s) and need to see marked progress in current prospects development. Something has to give I'd surmise. As it stands now our off season looks to be an active one imho.
  2. This had nothing to do with Buffaluck. It does however, have everything to do with Botterill's GM decisions. Unless our GM can pull off a miracle, and using his decisions to hope for that brings 0 encouragement, this team is most likely to finish bottom 10 yet again. Just a complete embarrassment at this point.
  3. I choose to ignore your posts because I don't believe any of them. Oh, and by the way, the Party's didn't "switch" as you and LTS propose. The Republicans are still lying cheats of the the public trust, and the Democrats are still oppressors of the people. Your "FAKE NEWS" narrative doesn't fly this way, and not the least bit sorry I say that. I've traveled this nation, as I said, extensively. Lived in 36 states, much of what you post is garbage compared to what I've seen out there. Intellectually honest? Really? Ok. The Mueller Report is a non factor for me as far as Trump goes, it is however, going to be a part of the investigation to come, you know the one. Where DEMOCRAT OPERATIVES at the highest positions of Government attempted a coup on a duly elected sitting President in an ALL OUT EFFORT to deprive the Citizens of their right to SELF GOVERN. Your not even conscious to what just transpired, and what is about to come. Lynch, Yates, Comey, Strozk, Page, McCabe, Clinton, Clapper and Brennan to name a few. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see Obama's name in there, since you know, Page's text about "the White House is handling this" over the FISA situation Is in black and white. Makes what that scumbag Nixon did look like a day care park. Some time, you should read the Federalist Papers, the personal writings of the founders, and the framers, the Articles of Confederation, the early Supreme Court decisions, up to 1825 or so. They will "enlighten" your "Intellectual Honesty". I said, a fire arms violation. That alone, is felonious. There are no misdemeanors with fire arms.
  4. You have to actually witness them crossing the border illegally, I.e. not an actual "portal of entry". But yes, it's called a citizens arrest. Its actually Constitutional and the left will lose the legal battle ultimately. The very reason illegals are coming across illegally, then turning themselves in to authorities is specifically due to Obama era policies on Asylum. Once the precedent was set they could not only stay while their case is being reviewed, but they must be released and report back for a hearing at a later date, where of course, over 80% fail to report back. Once their in the nation and untraceable, actual American Citizens are at very real risk. And we see it everyday, but Democrats don't give a ***** about your life as an American citizen, the proof is unfolding before our very eyes, bit they cry and whine about human rights, just not your rights, especially if your a Caucasian male American citizen. Democrats, the most racist group I know, historically accurate, the founders of the KKK, tried to destroy the nation to keep slavery, tried to further oppress with Jim Crowe Laws. They will lie to your face about it, just like the immigration disaster that is unfolding now. I see they've finally come around to admitting it is indeed an actual crises, but, did you notice, Trump says send them to sanctuary cities since Democrats refuse to legislatively act, and IMMEDIATELY you see these Lefty snob Democrats say "YOU CAN'T DO THAT"! "NOT IN MY BACK YARD"! The hypocracy would be beyond laughable, if the tragedies they foster to actual citizens weren't so profoundly and deeply sad. They've created an "every man for himself" safety policy.
  5. So where do we go for our next coach now? AHL, Europe, wait for a 1st rd exit firing?
  6. According to Tavares himself, Boston was also considered.
  7. Oh, don't play coy with me. The point has been stead fast and remained unwavering in my posts. United States Citizens are losing their lives specifically due to Democrat Party members, supporters and allies full blown support of open borders, sanctuary communities and turning their back on United States Citizens safety via securing the border. Have no idea? No coherency? My stance has not wavered, as stated. This conversation is done. Like so many other Liberals, leftists, Democrats I've spoken with, your true to the cause. And what is that cause, you may want to pay at least, paltry attention to this, the cause is to ignore and actually promote the death of American Citizens and hope to replace them with illegal immigrants to eventually permanently secure ideological superiority at the Federal Level of governance to enact an agenda that enslaves the remaining population. You call it tin foil bull *****, myself and roughly half the nation call it an attempt to install a tyrannical oligarchy that's sole goal for existence is to subjugate a nation to pure tyranny.
  8. I served my country, in 2 campaigns, honorably. I have 4 children that I am leaving this nation to in my blood line. If you honestly believe the tin foil hat bull ***** is going to fly this way, think again. I am, have always, and always will, base my opinions and formulate my forward progress based on the realities of what is actually happening. It isn't my fault you, and those with similar mind sets, refuse to acknowledge what is actually happening. I am fortunate enough to have seen these events first hand, or, as my kids would tell you, unfortunate enough, as it altered their perception of the world as well as they saw first hand those realities. I speak my mind, I have no qualms of being proven incorrect, but the body count of United States Citizens is rising, it isn't subsiding. Which I noticed, you completely fail to address. There is no gray area here Weave, there is room to correct a system that was working prior to the past 16 years or so. That is why I say Republicans are equally as guilty in the accessory to murder of US Citizens. Is that to harsh for you? Unless it's a loved one, friend or some type of immediate impact, those that are dead, are just numbers to you. Well, news flash, they're not to me.
  9. Is that the PEW RESEARCH CENTER I see? http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread953064/pg1 http://www.barnesfriends.org/downlload/com_Peeeeewww-Weyrich.pdf Might I suggest, just suggest mind you, that you quote something really substantive. While I realize and am fully cognizant that the temptation to reach for anything, just anything to justify what is currently going on to justify your position, just stop for a moment. Citizens lives are being lost, being altered forever, that much is factual. So, as I asked in one of my very first posts in this thread, cut through the *****, where do your loyalties lay? The answer to that, speaks all I need know about you, as a Citizen, as a person.
  10. wow, 2 goals, within 2 minutes. wilcox in net. 2 goals to tie it by Bing. Although, Amerks look strong.
  11. LOL, I am not a Republican, or, you choose not to read what I posted early on. I have no affiliation with them either. I've stated over and over again, Bush should have been put to death for his atrocities. But that is neither here nor there. The current situation is solely on the Democrats. Between 2008 and 2016, Democrats became more and more confident that the country’s growing Latino population gave the party an electoral edge. To win the presidency, Democrats convinced themselves, they didn’t need to reassure white people skeptical of immigration so long as they turned out their Latino base. “The fastest-growing sector of the American electorate stampeded toward the Democrats this November,” Salon declared after Obama’s 2008 win. “If that pattern continues, the GOP is doomed to 40 years of wandering in a desert.” ~ Peter Beinart, Liberal author “A decade or two ago,” says Jason Furman, a former chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, “Democrats were divided on immigration. Now everyone agrees and is passionate and thinks very little about any potential downsides.” ~ Jason Furman This is just a sample of Liberals who spoke candidly. There is more, but you can look it up yourselves. In short, it is the Democrat Party machine that has set this in motion for political gain. That's right, you can hide from it, deflect it, all you'd like. The bottom line still comes back to putting my family, friends, loved ones at risk, for mere political gain. You cannot explain it away, you cannot turn a blind eye to the millions of us that see it for what it is, no matter how much you "wish it to be different". In the end, there was a system in place for LEGAL IMMIGRATION that did work. Failure to act by the Democrat Party at the legislative level in the past 2 years to work with the Executive Branch that WAS AND STILL IS SOUNDING THE ALARM is SOLELY AND COMPLETELY on the the shoulders of Democrats. This isn't a game to those CITIZENS that have already perished, nor to those that are sure to in the immediate and longer term future. This WILL PLAY OUT in the 2020 election, you can take that to the bank.
  12. I would like to put PA's name in the mix for next coach. Nothing says they are looking for something spectacular, and I believe PA would hold the players, the GM, AND...……………………..the owners, to account. PA for COACH I say!!!
  13. I 100% agree with the question as to why the other political party did nothing. But, it was the Democrats, not the Republicans, who put these loopholes in the Asylum section of the current policies. I fully support Trumps idea to ship'em all to sanctuary cities. If the Democrats, who currently control the House, refuse to act, then hey, all turns is fair game. But, it doesn't change the facts, yes facts, that it is a crises. I cannot believe citizens honestly are that uneducated as to not see this was coming. And yet...………………………...here we are.
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