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  1. Ummmm, might want to look closely at that.
  2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Coup d'etat : a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics The evidence is mounting day after day. And all roads point to the Democrat Party as a very real danger to the Constitution and the citizens it provides for. Indeed, Democrat supported policies are in fact, costing citizens there very lives in some cases, in others, it's attempting to limit or altogether eliminate citizens ability to remain free from mob rule. Progressives need look no further than one of their own historical figures to see where their brand of leadership gets the citizens at large, Thomas Woodrow Wilson. I'm calling it what it is as the evidence presents itself.
  3. I gave you 2 testimonials already. One from a 45 yr tenured public school teacher and another from 4 kids ranging in age from 27 down to 14 yrs old.
  4. I can choose to believe or not believe anything I'd like, it being a free country and all. As for Devos, I don't disagree, but the overwhelming majority of population centers public school systems push the liberal agenda, my own 4 kids and I speak on it everyday, they see it as clear as a bell.
  5. What has Trump done as an individual that remotely comes close to what the Democrats have done? I am looking at the statements made by Democrat operatives within the Federal government, the actual documented texts and emails, in their own words and the actions of individuals within both the prior administration as well as parties either directly connected to Clintons campaign, or supporters there of, including an overwhelming majority of the MSM which is no longer trusted by a vast number of citizens, regular everyday Joe's, for their part in what has transpired. This is looking more and more like a direct attack on the Citizens of this nation, via a failed Coup d'etat of a duly elected sitting President. That alone is the most dangerous aspect of anything I've seen from a political party in this nation in my lifetime. As I said, a direct assault on the Constitution, the very document which affords citizens the rights we have. Very dangerous indeed.
  6. I didn't write it, I copied and pasted it. But don't sit there and say it doesn't have similarities to what Liberal Democrats have done. Hell, my dads a retired teacher, 45 years he did, and he'll tell you straight out liberals are currently and have been for quite some time now pushing their ideology in public schools as well as well doxumented in collegiate America. As for guns, your ridiculous if you cannot acknowledge Democrats have been after them for at least 25 years now. The governor of this state has already put a dent in ownership and there are calls from the party you support for complete ban of ownership. The Democrat party is a very real danger to the Constitution. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge that, well that's up to you. I came to terms with it a long time ago, and the Republicans aren't much better, but at least with them the Bill of Rights remains intact.
  7. Scottysabres

    OT UB Bulls NCAA tournament

    How they doing? Has the 1st half ended yet?
  8. As I said a while back, I don't normally publicize the political nature of myself. I'm a Libertarian, so the Constitution above all else in my beliefs, if for no other reason then this, without abiding by it we end up no different than a tin pot despot. But I don't concern myself with the emotions of others in political speak per say, this is the land of the free after all, everyone should speak their minds freely, even if emotional.
  9. Scottysabres

    Pilut Called Up

    Do you think the decisions to keep Thompson up over Smith and send Pilut back down were Phil's? If so, given the results, do you think this was planned given the tail spin the team went in to?
  10. An investigation started on a fake dossier? While I'm no fan outside of economics of the guy, I see no reason why he should have acknowledged anything about this investigation. But yes, I agree on the non-foreign influence on him. Although, It is apparent more than a couple nations around the globe insert themselves via ads, back door deals and so on to get involved, most likely primarily funneling money to a campaign or campaigns. Most likely considered good business to do so. But I did notice you did not address the 8,000,000 pound gorilla in the room, that of the Democrat Party, it's operatives, and a prior Democrat Executive Administration actively subverting the Constitution in an effort to remove a duly elected sitting President. The Page and Strozek texts, along with McCabe's open admission are factual on the situation. And 2 of those 3 have already said the orders to stand down on Hillary Clinton came from AG Loretta Lynch, President Obama's left hand individual in the administration, even after recommendations to file charges were voiced. Page is even on record now saying the White House knew about the origins of the dossier as well as Lynch's order to the FBI not to pursue Clinton any further. There can be little doubt now that a full blown investigation is more than warranted. At the very least it looks like there was an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States via the Executive Branch in an attempt to install a Democrat Oligarchy. That much is at least more than in the realm of possibilities now.
  11. Scottysabres

    Pilut Called Up

    Who is this dare-devil of the sky for whom you speak? Is it a bird? Is it a drone? Why no, it is "PILUT" 😄 Good for the kid to get back up with the big club. Now that the playoffs are officially gone, I wonder if Olofsson gets a peak and a couple others.
  12. The "Big NothingBurger" has landed. No new indictments from Mueller. No indictments on collusion, 0. A lot of process indictments though. The one who really got screwed in all of this is Flynn, for lying, he actually did nothing wrong outside of one lie. But, a lie is a lie. Nope, the larger issue here is still at play, and, as a Libertarian, I find myself intrigued by what is sure to happen next, the investigation in to the FISA warrant, the Obama administration and the Democrat National Committee's involvement in setting up what is looking more and more like an attempted Coup d'état of a duly elected sitting President. Hate it if you wish, but there is definitely enough factual information out there now from text messages and documents along with a boat load of suspicious behavior to more than warrant a full blown investigation in to a slew of Democrats, both past and present, including former President Obama and Clinton. Should make for some further interesting times ahead. In the mean time, I found this little tid bit floating about that is looking more and more realistic everyday...…………….enjoy...…. The Reality of the Situation: Modern Democrat Party..... 1. Abolish citizens rights to bare arms 2. Abolish free speech unless it tows the party line 3. Make an ethnic or racial group the enemy of the people (Caucasian males) 4. Have the governing bodies control every service to the citizens 5. Remove the ability of the citizens to impact who represents them (abolishing the electoral college effectively negates 40 states ability to have a say at the Executive Branch) 6. Crush the majority religion, making it obsolete 7. Take over public schools and universities, pushing one ideology on the young (Hitler Youth) 8. Infaltrate governing agencies to attempt to crush political opponents from the inside 9. Attempt to take over the judiciary to secure your ideology as the only one acceptable Now, take a look at the Nazi Party, Germany, circa 1928 - 1945 If your a citizen patriot, you should be deeply concerned. If your a Caucasian male citizen, you should already be arming yourself and your family.
  13. Scottysabres

    GDT: Sabres at Canadiens 3-23-19 7PM

    I still am. And I am old school, if your going to do something, do it right Grandpa, Dad, hell everyone in the family taught me that. 😉
  14. Scottysabres

    GDT: Sabres at Canadiens 3-23-19 7PM

    Montour is is 1 month in as a Sabres, he still gets the benefit of doubt from myself in any event.