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  1. If it is to be, I'd prefer Eichel be the one on the move. Preferably to a WC team. There are 10 million a season reasons he should be the one.
  2. 1. Win 2. Win some more 3. Win until your the last team winning
  3. I think he had a turd turtling and was focusing on keeping his cheeks clinched.
  4. Poor Kyle, the guy can't catch a break. (No pun intemded)
  5. Donny Meatballs is making a very strong case for his consideration as the head coach. If it was on par or below competition the Sabres were beating in this stretch I would agree with those that are skeptical. But the fact is the Sabres under Granato's leadership are beating teams in all or nearly all facets of the game that are jockeying for playoff seat seeding. And to be frank, they are highly competitive in every game. Is Granato the guy? What he has done given where the team was and where it is now, he is most certainly a serious consideration. We have the remainder of this
  6. Well MODO, if we didn't know then, we sure as hell do now. You are very correct, the coach. We as fans often over look the coaching. The 2020/2021 Buffalo Sabres are a text book case of just how critical coaching philosophy and it's implementation can impact not only a player, or a couple of players, but an entire roster. Wow is all I got, just.....WOW. It's like night and day.
  7. A bad case of blue balls will do that to a man.
  8. I concur, money is not an issue for the Pegulas. They did make a huge mistake though. They could have hired me and I would have held social distance zoom practices, where no physical conditioning skating, no real practice. Instead, I would have had 1 on 1's with each player and asked them about their feelings, if they felt confident, and if not, would they like a wet Teddy to cuddle with. Ralph got paid a boat load to do exactly what I just wrote above. At least I would have kept the money local.
  9. Exactly. Lawton says Adams should have said give me a 5 team list. But that's just day dreaming, because Adams did not do that. The fact is Hall was given an NMC, and Adams honored that NMC and worked a trade to the only team Hall wanted. No one should be mad at Hall or Adams for working the trade deal itself. And signing Hall for 1 season was an attempt to better the teams fortunes. This is a subject that is much ado about nothing. Take the 2nd rounder and Bjork and move along, case closed, imho.
  10. As with any individual or group of younger sports players they are going to have their maturation process ups and downs. Cozens is merely 20, Mitts is 22, Dahlin and Joker on the blue line merely 21. Bryson, R2, Asplund, Borgen and Thompson are at what I consider the "saturation maturation" age, that 23 to 25 window where the earlier years of development will show their growth toward veteran status. Of course, when looking at Reino, Eichel, Risto and McCabe, I view them as the first wave of the "new veterans" of the team. If the franchise can keep this group somewhat intact and addre
  11. Rake the last of the leaves up, 9r watch hockey? Hmmmmm.... I'm reminded of my parents telling me when I was younger that yard work will instill a sense of purpose in me. And in pursuance of passing that down to the next generation, my lovely children are the proud recipients of that lesson every winter and spring 🙂 while dad of course, takes on the more serious household task of calling out the score today from his recliner 🙂 go sabres!
  12. Significant others business manager positive, peer at work mom positive, all in the last 3 days, I'm feeling squeamish as it tracks closer to me. Think I'll tell my employer Monday is shot day. On top of that, mom's lymphnods are swelling from neck to mid section, biopsy at Roswell on Monday for her, and I go in to my doctor Monday morning, feel an uncomfortable irritant in my left lower stomach muscle area. No bulge, but I feel it. Hell of a week for health related.
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