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  1. Really liking that Olofsson. Keep Skins with Eichel.
  2. The knob slobbing about the Leafs by these announcers is AVN award worthy...……..
  3. Well, to be honest, I expected the depth to move the puck some lol
  4. oof, 3 to 0. Well, there is some work to be done, or Krugs has his work cut out for him? How bout freaking Botts? Get off your ass and swing us a Risto for Rakell deal, or a 2c. Anything please, cause Mitts isn't remotely ready for 2c. As for the D, meh, not impressed. But there is time.
  5. And Down Goes Brown. What a fall from something trying to mimic grace?
  6. Cool beans that it's only a short time loss and then he'll be back. Heal up young man.
  7. Auto renewed my AHLTV coverage. Thanks again to Ink and others who pointed me to that. Last season it was fantastic to have, only wish I could have caught more than 25/30 games, work got in the way, dang it all that pesky work...………….
  8. I will. I want the Sabres logo in the center of the room, encircled by a round low bar. I am debating rug or stone for the logo.
  9. I know, I am going to get as many as I can. I am building my man cave, I haven't even built the house yet lol, still 5 years out, but, the house will be an E shape, with the north and south wings of the E for "living space, bedrooms/garage, etc, etc. It's the middle wing of the E that will be special, it will be 28' by 50', vaulted ceiling, it ties in to the front of the house which is also a vaulted ceiling. It will have a stone entrance stepping down 3 steps (a reason for this). the entrance will be a massive stone archway, above the stone archway, the name of my Sabres man cave...……."The Hall of Swords". I have waited 50 years to build this (I was born the same year the team was lol).
  10. Ordered my 1st one today, Eichel 50th. I wanted to order Eichel and the #50 with my name on it, but for some reason the Sabres store wouldn't allow the custom options on the 50th gold jersey. Anyone have an idea what gives? Thanks.
  11. They need to build an AARP bordello. The wife is fast approaching Bingo age, an evening side hobby that brings in some hunting sea....err....extra early Xmas cash is a good hobby for her 😉
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