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  1. Given the winger and 2nd line situation with regards to the Sabres (actually the overall forward scenario, but I figure I'd be specific), would goalie be considered a core target of the Sabres? Just spifballin' some thoughts is all.
  2. If McKenzie was hearing it in calls this morning, there's most likely something there. McKenzie isn't prone to putting crap out there. Regardless of both the team and Eichel's agents response, I'm looking at dudacek's response on page 1 of this thread and thinking the same thing.
  3. Interesting game. Fun to watch. Defense is a bit scary. Offense looks good. More games like this please. That is all.
  4. Meh, doesn't move the needle for me. Decent depth 3/4 line signing I guess.
  5. With the draft pushed to early October, does anyone see trades picking up in mid to late September?
  6. Born the same year as the team. Mother was a huge fan, dated an NHL player for a short period of time prior to her marriage in the mid 60's. As far back as I have memories, I remember going to the Aud as young toe head toddler. Gilbert was my heart stopping hero. I left WNY for a bit, but would always find a way to watch games. I've never felt love for another sports team the way I do for the Sabres. It's not just in my blood, it feels like, well, it feels like it is my blood. Till death do us part.
  7. Because you can never have enough Swedes ?
  8. So who has the possibilities at 8? Who could we be looking to jeer, I mean cheer?
  9. Video coaching coming in to play on all levels in Sabres organization? Maybe a fortnite? Coaching program ?
  10. I tend to agree here with weave. Hoping the depth pool gets better.
  11. This was really cool.
  12. I don't know, I'll ask her the next time I get a chance.
  13. Trish says she can get the virus again. I did ask her if she could get pictures of her lung x-rays. She's a little pissed and upset about the lung damage, to say the least. Might not have been a good time to ask her.
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