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  1. So the Chiefs it is. Should be a great game.
  2. NFL.com has the Chiefs / Browns game up first, but the Bucs / Saints are on first......... Edit: lol, nevermind, the wife had it on the NFL network station, it was a regular season game from the Bucs/Saints re-run lol
  3. I remember OJ running the field, the Ferguson passes, Butler and Lewis as the wideouts. The 90's team. Flutie try. And then............that trade with New England, Bledsoe to Buffalo allowing Brady to take the helm in New England. Still unimaginable Buffalo's involvement in their own 20 years demise. Now, it's looking like we have the right team, at the right time. I'm impressed with the achievements of this regime to date. There is next weeks game to get ready for. I think we win it, no matter if it's the Browns or the Chiefs. Following next week, given who's left in the NFC, we ma
  4. Posted on ESPN by a Titans fan following the Ravens demise..........
  5. Don't look now ladies and gentlemen, but.................... WE ARE GOING TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!!! So, Cleveland, Kansas City....................BRING THEM ON!!!!!
  6. For all of the hype on this game I was surprised at our D. Very nice. Also concerned at our Offense, was it the wind?
  7. Well, I'll give you this tom, you were right on it not being close. But, it appears both you and I may have been off on the kicking game this evening, both Tucker and Bass have had a hard time.
  8. Ladies and Gentelmen, We are going to the AFC Championship Game! All Hale the Buffalo Bills!!!!!!
  9. Baltimore using the short game and Jacksons legs. And it's working.
  10. There starting to use the TE heavily. I think they know the run game won't cut it.
  11. Well, I don't know about you all, but it looks like a game of field goals to me 😄 All kidding put aside, Baltimore looks very beatable, why in the hell the Bills are doing HERO BALLS on 3rd downs multiple times is beyond me. Hey, how about winning the freaking game, ya know.
  12. 4 punts, 3 points. That my friends, is a losing formula.
  13. I hear ya Juju, I was actually thinking 1 FG, but 3? Man, who knew?
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