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  1. I saw that last night. Looks like next Tuesday?
  2. News says someone screwed up. Was supposed to be a training run, not sent to everyone.
  3. Most annoying notification ever. I turned it off.
  4. No not Covid. More of an issue with not enough red, white blood cells and platelets
  5. I know it’s technically Friday but mods have these privileges.... Last week sucked. It started Sunday with a huge cramp in my whole left leg. Luckily my roommate was home and massaged it out. I noticed both my feet were ice cold, while my legs were normal temp (weird right?) I don’t remember but was told that about an hour later my whole body froze up and was like one big body cramp. My roommate called 911 and fire, ambulance, whole nine yards were at the house. I was put on a back board and taken outside to the ‘cart’. I guess I was worked on for about 15 minutes before being taken to the hospital. Turns out I was having seizures and had another when I got to the hospital. i don’t remember anything until early Wednesday. 3 iv’s, meds and around the clock nurse aid watching over me until Friday. Really thought I was going home on Saturday but they kept me until Sunday afternoon. I follow up with a few Dr’s next week. They initially think it’s Pancytopenia.
  6. O zero I'm on here At least 12 times a day.
  7. Happened to me too.. simply reaching up in the cupboard for a wine glass. My whole foot went numb. boot for 6 weeks I went to see my volleyball team play the playoffs. They were one guy short I took the boot off. We won the championship. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. They sent peanuts. wait, that’s the Roadhouse carry on...
  9. spndnchz

    So #8

    Why don’t you mod it then? #snarkyremark
  10. Turning right? Push the right side... amazing physics *****. Going fast enough pull up on the left and push the right. You’ll find a limit though. After you wipe out lol
  11. spndnchz

    So #8

    Doesn’t seem so bad to me
  12. I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain...
  13. I tore my Achilles years ago. It sucks. Took a good 2 months in a boot For it to heal. Lucky me it was my left foot so I could still drive
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