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  1. Who could of imagined 15 years later and we were never good again. Mind blowing.
  2. I think we can look back to 9/11 and also mark it as the beginning of a serious descent into conspiracy theories and their continuing destabilizing effect they are having on our nation.
  3. Our coaching staff lost this game. Bottom line. They are still inexperienced. Pittsburgh’s entrenched culture helped them win this. We are still a young team with young coaches. We overachieved the past few years, now we have to learn to play up to potential with a target on our back. Our offense is not a surprise to anyone anymore. Coaches need a better game plan. We are barely above .500 if JA drops back 50 times a game, Book it.
  4. Miami’s defense looking nasty. It won’t get easier. Better be prepared and focused. Can’t start 0-2.
  5. If Josh hit Sanders it was a different game. Last year he did not miss those opportunities.
  6. Beane might of taken a CB with our 2nd pick.
  7. Either this is a wake up call or it will be a long and bitter season.
  8. Too much hype. This team is going to have to scratch n claw to make the playoffs. If JA has regressed we are in bigger trouble.
  9. The Coaching has been horrendous today and JA regressed badly.
  10. Put that super bowl talk on hold..
  11. Worst play call I’ve ever seen. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  12. Our offense is rusty. JA missing easy throws.
  13. Looks like the old Allen so far. Oline with 3 holding calls already. Clean it up.
  14. If it is the Eichel surgery it is almost certain a deal is in place and will be kept under wraps. Maybe the new agent talked Eichel down from it if he wants to get out of here.
  15. Here in Florida it’s raging worse than ever (but we are “free” according to our governor). I know dozens of people here in town who are sick. Whole families even. 4 in the hospital and one just died two nights ago 50 years old. Our friends grand daughters whole class tested positive one week into school. One kid ended up hospitalized. The thing in common they all share: none were vaccinated. A nurse we know said the vast majority coming in are unvaccinated. It’s beyond disturbing how weirdly politicized and the conspiracies that are virtually non stop. Certain political streams are really having a destabilizing effect on this nation. Just the reality. Sadly my “Qanon” buddy at work, wife is in the hospital with it. Belief has consequences.
  16. What a sad way to go out. But age has taken its toll. In his prime RJ is amazing. Our press box will now be subpar like the rest of the team.
  17. At this point I doubt we can get much for him. It will be another disaster along the lines of the ROR trade. We will hand Eichel to somebody for a first round and couple of mid level prospects. That’s all he’s worth right now. He will most likely get healthy and turn into 100 point producer somewhere eventually in a couple of years. At this point it’s toxic. Just another disaster in Sabres history. Hopefully we hit on a couple of these studs in the next few drafts and eventually turn this thing around because this current roster is scary bad.
  18. No reason to play this year. It’s better for his development.
  19. Once he is gone, hopefully they do not name a "C" for a few years.
  20. Everybody reads and article or a blog and thinks they are experts nowadays. It is mind boggling how certain political persuasions have influenced this pandemic. The fear and conspiracies are off the chain. Certain strains of politics have been reduced to never ending paranoia.
  21. So much for "he is going to bolt and play for Vancouver". Clearly did not get enough of a return. A late round 1st pick and a goalie that may never play here long term for a steady productive player is a loss for us.
  22. Nobody is coughing up for injured Jack right now. He will have some sort of surgery and be out long term anyways. They will get him back to playing level and ship him out next winter. I don't think he suits up in a Sabres uni again.
  23. This has been the most incredibly, dysfunctional long term situation I can remember in any sports. The NY Jets are close. The fact we have no homegrown goalies on the roster, let alone a starter, is mind-blowing. I certainly wont be spending money on them.
  24. The hard reality is we are about to field possibly one of the worst NHL rosters of all time. And the chances of getting Wright and winning the lotto twice in a row is slim. But at least we will get one of the top 3, who any one of them would of went number one overall this year.
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