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  1. Forcing Staal on a line with unproven talent is a waste of his talent. Eaken's career high is 21 assists, sorry that isn't going to help Skinner get to 25 plus goals.
  2. Get rid of Miller first as don't think Mountour be expansion eligible with him on a one year deal.
  3. I can't see Staal accepting a role on the 3rd line and Eakin on the 2nd line? No on so many levels.
  4. If Peca didn't have that nasty holdout to go finish his career here he'd easily be my top guy. Yet looking back Mike Foligno was a favorite of mine during my childhood but ultimately the one guy I always respected before he became a Sabre and after he left was Chris Drury.
  5. It's fear if a team does it opens up the can of worms that another team will do it to them. I agree it should be done more as to me draft picks, especially in the NHL, are over valued.
  6. Fair enough just as long as he doesn't suit up for the Sabres.
  7. Package Miller, Mitty, Hutton and maybe a prospect for a better goalie to split time with Ullmark.
  8. I can't see Victor getting a major contract I mean he's played 60 NHL games, Reinhart to me deserves between $7.0-$7.5m a season.
  9. If we get Toffoli and Hall then dear lord then we really improved our top 6. Yet I'd still like a guy who can split time with Ullmark.
  10. I don't like Ullmark starting 60 games. Or maybe should say worry if Hutton plays more than 20.
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