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  1. The old Dman we got with Sheary from Pittsbugh.
  2. I'd think Sobotka the obvious choice.
  3. Tampa's seems stuck with all their NTCs, just trying to make something happen. In an ideal world we could trade Risto to Winnipeg for Connor and sign him to a short deal and shift Reinhart to 2C.
  4. If we could get Tyler Johnson from Tampa I'd welcome it yet with us close to the cap it likely cost us Risto which wouldn't give us much cap room unless we could cap dump someone else. Maybe in a possible three way with Risto to Edmonton, McCabe goes to Tampa with Pulujujarvi and we get Johnson?
  5. I think Botts is looking at long term aka the Seattle expansion draft
  6. I think it's a combination of fear and/or confidence. The fear is that they'll end up giving a good team a next great one by losing high draft picks or fear of the Sharks coming back and sniping one of their better players in future years or over confidant they can draft someone better. Personally I agree with you that teams should push the envelope more.
  7. If.we could get him for a prospect and a pick or two I'd be all for it
  8. I feel we still need another proven top 6 guy as ERod at best is a 3rd liner and asking Olofsson to be on the top line is asking a lot.
  9. Artem Anisimov could be a good add, as although not a great top 6 guy he does play Center, has an affordable contract and term and likely not cost a whole lot.
  10. Way too much to give. Especially to a diversion rival.
  11. Well firing Housley was the right thing to do too yet not sure Kruegar was good or not but am Meh to it.
  12. Seriously, this off season been one of the worst in ages, I was happy with the Miller trade, was okay with the Vesey trade but everything else has been MEH!!!!!
  13. I'm not sure of their cap situation but I could see Montreal doing this.
  14. You forgot Brayden Point. He's an RFA and I'd offer sheet him asap.
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