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  1. Good on the NHL to play this game. Pride game with National coverage. Clap clap emoji.
  2. @9 minutes My pads are fkd right now he gives hints t➖3️⃣⬆️ That it’s not fone
  3. After that interview I see more expected changes coming.
  4. M Dell just it the dust. 2.5 r4’s and dead. the I Pro lost its touch pad this morning. deadlns and dead machines Fml
  5. Bring your big boy disposables yo gonna get thrashed. Based on Caps last few games.
  6. He does seem pretty sharp. I just wonder if his decision was about money vs. the other options he had.
  7. FTR I don’t see him ever saying he wants out. He wants to win. Period. With this rebuilding team (find that quote, he said it). Another year of this crap maybe but IMO not happening in 01-02
  8. It’s everywhere. Go get one, or two.
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