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  1. I’d like the pace but they need to capitalize on that stuff
  2. I really don’t like to look back, but Rodrigues could have a nice spot on this Sabres team.
  3. You’re right. That’s what preseason is for. Hopeful he gets it right.
  4. The Buffalo Sabres announced Saturday that the team has released the following 12 players from their tryout: Forwards Dominic Franco Mason Jobst Michael Mersch Ryan Scarfo Brendan Warren Defensemen Nick Boka Matthew Cairns Mitch Eliot Josh Teves Peter Tischke Goaltenders Michael Houser Mat Robson
  5. Website stream through your iPhone throw it to the tv and wallah
  6. Let’s just wait. Start a specific to topic thread if something real happens before any teams first real season game
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