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  1. Someone will catch a cold or have a hurt ‘something’ ie some cup run. I keep the depth.
  2. Is Erod still here? Watching last night he looked lost.
  3. Had a nice convo with a Montreal Canadiens fan at the opener. Talked about a bunch of stuff, including fanmanship. But mostly history stuff.
  4. spndnchz

    Night Mode

    At the very bottom, in the middle tap ‘theme’
  5. Don’t get desperate. Stick to it. A few changes, play your game boys!
  6. First coach in B-Lo to go 3-0. Ralph’s a bit overwhelmed. (Who am I kidding. He’s sipping a fine wine and taking a nap)
  7. When the first thing you hear in a video is “is he dead” it’s never good.
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