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  1. The trade talk in this thread has been seriously upgraded recently. Good read the last few pages.
  2. Watched the Stars get smoked by Montreal and chase Oettinger. Sabres turn tonight!!
  3. Time for a revisit on this link I'd say https://thechargingbuffalo.net/prospect-stats/?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  4. Not a bad freshmen year so far for the hometown kid.
  5. It was glorious. Since the final score only ended up 7-1 I'm sure the bs probably played much better after the first but fortunately I'd already moved on.
  6. Satisfying first period spanking of the bs last night courtesy of the Canes. Caught it on replay on nhl network with bs announcers as a bonus. What a morning treat with my coffee.
  7. This is a weekly segment but I only recently came across it. This girl is funny.
  8. That goalie should never play for the Amerks again imo Wrong thread but I stand by it. That goaltender Williams no Bueno. Wrong thread but I stand by it. That goaltender Williams no Bueno.
  9. Quinns hat trick the other night was against an NHL caliber goaltender which makes it even better to me. That shot on his second goal 😍 The pass from Muel on the hattie goal was gorgeous too. Not to mention the bank shot off Mersch haha. I welcome his continued development.
  10. Meatballs is gonna roll out the Eakin line for this faceoff isn't he? Should be Thompson Tuch Skinner
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