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  1. I donno why but I think KO has his best season of the last 4 and continues trying to lead the new generation.
  2. I used to celebrate his fists, now I do not.
  3. So. We're not happy Dahlin signed and will be there for the start of camp? Or we are?
  4. Huge fan of the foliage. Crispness in the air and apple cider are high on my list also.
  5. New espresso machine and pastries every morning
  6. So...not the instigators then? These guys will have interesting content I bet but they are not instigating anything.
  7. This guy is emerging. Early reports were that he stayed in Buffalo to work this offseason. I'm thinking it was a smart decision.
  8. Beautiful family the Pysyks. I think he'll provide some veteran presence and mostly steady play while his wife and daughter win at social media.
  9. Eichel will forever be the story of what could have been. He might go on to superstar status but he's no McDavid.
  10. He'll play and score his usual 60-80 points while disappearing from time to time in games and still won't be quite able to play at a high level in the defensive end....for somebody?
  11. He should do it. Get the prospect they should have gotten the first time
  12. I think an improved UPL plays in Rochester and begins to restore faith that he can become a #1 in the NHL. IF he does play in the NHL I think he'll benefit from having an extra coach in Anderson, who I don't believe got enough credit for helping the Washington goaltenders last year.
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