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  1. I'm going with why the ***** not? It happens all the time, why the ***** can't the Sabres catch that magic. They're due, its been 30 years since the last time they did with The Dominator. Not comparing the two players just the situation. I don't expect Comrie to do what The Dominator did but... Why the ***** not!
  2. They're slightly better looking in the blue and yellow iterations on twitter.
  3. I wish we had insight into his give a ***** level. I think he has the talent but I don't know if he has enough give a ***** in him. If he wanted to, he could have recognized the situation and spent the offseason getting into the best shape of his life. If he wanted to he would know that theres a time in every young professionals life where they have to put away the cheetos, quit playing the video games all night and learn to sleep and eat right to improve their fitness levels and help guard against injuries. If he wanted to, he could understand that It doesn't get any easier from here for him to stake his claim to the starting job in Buffalo. I expect Comrie to play well and put some heat on him but I think UPL, if he wanted to, could still outplay him slightly by years end. My expectation is that UPL is ready to take over the starting job in Buffalo by years end. If he wants to.
  4. I was referring to the picture, better look at the helmet.
  5. Looking forward to this tournament https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/wm20/news/37928/teams_get_ready_for_edmonton "The official rosters will become known the night before the event when teams have to register players according to the player entry process."
  6. It's interesting. They have been winning but with other players and coaches. Now they start again with a new core led by a guy not exactly known for being the best guy in the room. Will he continue to build on his growing reputation as the ***** in the room or will he work to overcome it and really become what he is supposed to have been? I'll hang up and listen.
  7. It'll be an interesting thing to watch. Can Jack be a part of creating the type of chemistry it takes to foster a winning environment?
  8. How we lookin for this season? Hopefully we have another fun competitive year like usual.
  9. ***** news. When i watch him, this kid just keeps doing things in games that cause trouble for the opposition. I think he'll force himself into the conversation on a teams bottom six when he's ready. In Buffalo?
  10. What if the kid just burst onto the scene and won't be denied to start the season in Buffalo? Let him play a few then send him to the Q? I'd rather let the kid marinate in the Q and potentially dominate than play against the old vet heads in the AHL i think.
  11. I hear you on this, its like when Marchand suddenly found a scoring touch and then pasta showed up, then Chara defied age for a few years and McAvoy showed up on the scene. They keep getting lucky at the right time it seems, or is it good management 🤮 Whatever the case, they are in until they're not and I personally can't wait for the years when the Sabres just own their ass for a few years or more. I've been here for a while though, waiting for that time which just hasen't seemed to come yet.
  12. I think Anderson is here to mentor and start a few games along the way this season, barring injury. Hiney will draw in for injuries and play about a third to half of the games i'm betting but i don't think he'll start opening night. I could be wrong.
  13. I could see this lineup to start the season... Skinner TNT Tuch Quinn Cozens Olofsson Asplund Mitts JJP Girgs Krebs Okposo Hiney Bjork as extras Samuelsson Dahlin Power Lyubushkin Bryson Joki Fitz extra Comrie UPL
  14. Love the Saul Goodman calling card at the end. Jimmy is truly a grimmy character till the end.
  15. I don't want Kadri because i hate his *****in ass. I do wonder if, the longer he's out there the Sabres have kicked the tires on him. Or kicked him in the balls, either way. As some have mentioned on here, helping the Avs out by taking Compher off their hands would be a good fit here imo.
  16. Is he still worth it? Can the boys learn anything from him? It feels like they could still use one good vet who can win some faceoffs and share some experience in a potential playoff run but i'm not sure who.
  17. Which is a testament to him and complete opposite from whats been reported regarding his family and their desires to have them playing close to home.
  18. I'm leary of his family trying to control too much also
  19. I like Tkachuk. I love that he brings the chaos. I would consider trading some prospects and a pick or two for him. I don't want to trade JJP for anybody.
  20. Better Call Saul...well, i'm gonna miss this one when its over
  21. Samuelsson getting promoted changed it all
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