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  1. For as high as they have drafted, they shouldn't be hovering around average and I never want me to team to be average drafting.
  2. Surprised with how buried he is on the Sabres chart he would come back. He has to know he'll be in Rochester.
  3. Ryan Johnson was overdrafted. PP specialist... on a team with Rasmus Dahlin... okay. Top four potential I think is a stretch, I think he could be your #4 but I really see him as a decent 3rd pairing guy that can fill in on that second pair if injuries occur. So the question is, do you want a #4 defender or a top 6 winger? Also I would note the top 6 winger we are currently talking about is a safer bet at this stage. Again, I can find Ryan Johnson's in the 3rd round. Cam Dineen, David Farrance for example. It is harder to get top 6 talent that late. Again, I think the Sabres might be on the path to fixing this. Quinn is a little worrisome but JJP made sense. Should be interesting to see what they do next draft when they have more picks.
  4. I would still be. You have to hit on those picks to stay good. Robertson is good, he'll probably make the Toronto team this year. It does not depend on the year, Carolina continually has drafted well for the last 3-4 years. Taking a look now, they draft really well and remind me a little of LA but I think Carolina is playing money puck with draft picks and I think we see it payoff. Sure some draft are just bad (2016 isn't great and 2012 was barf) but overall most drafts are decent if you can find the value. https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/CAR/draft.html
  5. I also want to see him in Rochester all year, but again the question was what if he makes the roster?
  6. Actually you can talk about the official gov response here. This is a subforum that fully allows it. Trump didn't do anything because he doesn't care. He only cares about himself and making his ego bigger. Trump is a textbook narcissist, it is why he feels compelled to lie about every little thing. He is an insecure idiot who isn't smart intellectually or emotionally.
  7. Wasn't about it being likely. Was about what happens if he does?
  8. Perfect example, Dylan Cozens. That was the right value for where they took him. Casey Mitts, right value for where they took him. Ryan Johnson... holy ***** that was one of the dumbest things I have ever watched. JJ Peterka, I don't know if I would move up to get him because there would have been a player of value there at their pick but it cost basically nothing so that is okay. Nylander, terrible value when Sergachev was there Quinn, I like Quinn but Rossi was a better value. This is the one that I worry about right now because Quinn will need to continue that trajectory he is on to eclipse Now that can change and all these could but right here today at this snapshot and if we look back the Sabres have not maximized the value of their draft picks. They have been actually fairly bad at it. It isn't just about the players under 23. We are talking about 28 picks from 2016-2019 and we are talking about what? maybe 4 or 5 players from all of that, sure that might be a league average but shouldn't we be striving to be better than league average? In 2020 we had only 5 picks and only 2 in the top 100. Both those players hit, that's a great draft. In 2019 we had 3 with a 4th pick at 102. Out of those, there is 1 guy that I think shakes out to an NHL player. Looking right now.... that draft should have 3 players Cozens, Robertson, Beaucage as potential NHL guys. It stuff like that that bothers me.
  9. It comes down to value. Your value is they got a guy, that is on this list. My value is did they get the right guy and time and time and time again the answer is no.
  10. They didn't draft 2 guys. They traded 1 for 1, Jokiharju for Nylander. That trade should have never happened because Nylander should have been Sergachev. It goes back to the central theme. You want to just count players, straight up. We got x amount of players on this list and see we are good. GA does the same. The problem is and continues to be, the Buffalo Sabres do not draft for value. They make major mistakes and traded later does not take away from the fact, they do not draft well. My entire argument is the loss of value the Sabres exhibited for years in the draft by drafting poorly.
  11. Because WE did not draft them. That has been the entire point of what I am trying to tell ppl. We do not DRAFT well. It doesn't matter if we traded Nylander for Jokiharju (Nylander is on the list) because we should have drafted Sergachev. It doesn't matter we traded for Tage because we didn't draft him. It is things like this that have been constant over the last 4 years that are a major reason we are where we are. I hope the new Sabres have changed that a little, I think they did some interesting things at the draft but we need more than 1 draft to tell.
  12. Moving the goal posts, again. Now it is not about prospects or young NHL players but about guys under 25. 25-28 is the prime of most players careers so, idk what we are doing here. Every time I point out the issue, you or GA moves the goalpost to some different standard as a counter point. Yea, the Sabres have a couple guys who are 24 and 25 that are really good, because they drafted 2nd overall to get them. Olofsson being the loan exception. That doesn't mean the Sabres draft well or have a good PROSPECT pool. Dahlin BTW is on that list at #2. And no, I would expect a team that has drafted 8th and 38th or better every year for the last 5 years to have more than 5 decent NHL players under 23. That means at the very best, Buffalo is average at drafting. Meanwhile I think Carolina had 8 guys in the list and Aho misses the cutoff by 3 months otherwise they would have 9. That is what Buffalo needs to aim for because 1.25 guys a draft isn't good enough.
  13. What if Mitts makes the team? It's possible he worked hard in the offseason to upgrade his skating and strength, maybe he learned enough in the AHL in 36 games to be more useful in the NHL, this is a big leap IMPO but what if he makes the team?
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