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  1. Oh goody, the old "bring in a vet leader" troop that failed all throughout the 2010s
  2. Yes because you can rotate guys in. Also will push them to be better and if you want to send them down you can.
  3. What I'm saying is no to the cheap 7th guy. That's how we got Irwin, Bryson and Samuelsson should earn a spot.
  4. 4 games. 2 against Anaheim. Books still out on Johansson especially once teams adjust to him in that conference. I wish him well though.
  5. If this game log is correct, he's played 4 games. 2 were against the dumpster fire that is Anaheim.
  6. I wouldn't sign a cheap vet d, I'd sign McCabe and let Bryson and Sammy fight it out.
  7. You don't think we'd miss the teams leading goal scorer? And best rw when Jack's around?
  8. On wgr between periods 1 and 2 they talked about how Granato practices far different than Krueger. Correcting mistakes, pushing pace, and making them work hard. Apparently Krueger ran a lax practice.
  9. The Cozens line dominated against Washington. Mitts is more consistent I think but Cozens has a gear. Both playing well though is good news for us.
  10. Hope not. McCabe needs to be retained
  11. Sam Reinhart... but I was told he's ***** and can't skate.
  12. LGR4GM


    You live in NY? Are you reading this? Do you need a vaccination? if you answered yes to the 3 questions above: Go get vaccinated.
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