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  1. Another reason or example of why I tend to ignore Pronman's views on defenders. Dahlin was an impact player in year 1. Also Pronman has a size fetish that you will notice if you read him enough. Hence his Jokiharju comment as well. Also, I would bet pronman his job that Dahlin barring injury will be an impact player this season. Not sure if he means next year as in this upcoming season or next year as in 2021. Either way, Dahlin already is an impact player. Pronman ranked a bunch of young players higher than Dahlin recently so I am not surprised this is his take.
  2. It keeps me up and night... tile or marble backsplash... TILE OR MARBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! And what about the cabinets!
  3. I want to come back to this. First the must ugly Buffalo ever was the slug and the Turdburger was the most ugly jersey. Second how is it that the "gold colored Buffalo" is a deal breaker? Don't want too, just want an acknowledgement that people like it isn't contingent on the Royal Blue announcement.
  4. My problem with this statement is that you are assuming that people who like this jersey are dumb suckers and you are some wiser person who sees through the charade. My second problem is they are separate things. Without a Royal Blue announcement the gold jersey is objectively nice. I think the Buffalo crest is great. Clever use of stitching to bring out the main of the Buffalo. The colors are clean and clear. For an anniversary jersey it is nice. In reality you some up why dislike it separate from the royal blue without needing to talk down to people who do like it. You don't like the gold, that's fair.
  5. That is probably the literal best part of this jersey.
  6. Here are the images from the site if you don't wanna watch the video.
  7. Cap space and assets
  8. Canadian team and my guess is Winnipeg.
  9. I think Ristolainen will be traded to a Canadian team b4 the season starts. I don't think he is a Sabre much longer.
  10. Who do you think is better and why, Dach or Cozens?
  11. He can staple him to the 2nd pairing. 25pt, defensively meh Risto incoming. At what point is it the players fault not the coach? If Krueger leaves will you say this again? Risto is responsible for his play.
  12. Yes. That is what I am going with. Again, even if he has been handled poorly, he himself isn't smart enough to figure out more effective ways to deal with that? I just think there has been a constant effort to take blame away from Risto and place it on others for his failures. I think he is mostly responsible regardless of the other team related problems.
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