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  1. Your entire hypothesis is "teams that play better defense are harder to beat". Yea, we all know.
  2. You're taking losing an AHL playoff series where our shiny offensive prospects were all 18-20 yr olds, most in their very first NA season, and extrapolated that to mean the Sabres won't win in the playoffs because Buffalo doesn't play your preferred system. On top of that you're ignoring the fact the AHL team won 2 playoff series before this too. https://giphy.com/gifs/mmYy42RNrgA0w
  3. We beat the Flyers 5-3 last time we played them. We also finished higher than them overall. The missing component is goaltending and maturing/experience. You have to have both defense and offense to win. It's why teams like the Rangers and Kings lost and also why teams like Edmonton and Toronto lost. In the last 2 months of the season we saw Buffalo take great strides towards being a better team defensively.
  4. This draft has average depth at best. Depth refers to how many NHL players we would expect to get out of this draft and the average is about 50ish. The 2023 draft looks good to outsiders because of the talent in the top 3-4 but once you clear that it becomes exceedingly average and IMPO it is a lesser draft than 2019 which had an exceptionally strong depth. What I am saying is this draft is average. We shouldn't be concerned with using an asset like the 13th overall pick wisely in a trade. Same goes for pick 39 and 45. It isn't like because Bedard is around we can expect to get Brayden Point at 39 because DEPTH!, instead it is pretty normal talent wise once you hit that 4/5th pick.
  5. You know, the best decision I made was taking a break from here. There's a loud minority of hateful, angry, turds, who throw feces at every decision the Sabres make. You're just a bunch of miserable f####. Kevyn Adams could trade an empty beer can found in the 300s for McKenzie Weeger and you'd bitch about it.
  6. Not outside the United States it isn't.
  7. Wtf are you even talking about? I rest my case that Rosen is underrated by this board.
  8. Using mental illness like this makes you a clown. You disgust me. Ftr, I do not equate mental illness with having garbage opinions.
  9. because this is a public forum I won't say much but I have now witnessed one of the absolutely saddest, poorly planned, ill thought out, stupid, and otherwise incompetent handlings of an organizational change ever. The level of incompetence is truly shocking and the only thing that will happen is that programs will literally turn into withered husks of their former selves.
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