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  1. I know you aren't. I was just contrasting head coaching experience. Keefe has been a head coach more recently at a professional level. I think many view Martin as a failed head coach that we shouldn't give a 4th chance to.
  2. Keefe has been a head coach for the last 4 years at the professional level. He has been a head coach more recently than Martin.
  3. We know what did not work though. Not taking the timeout did not work.
  4. There is an entire thread with some of this info. We spent a full page on Sheldon Keefe I am fairly certain. https://theathletic.com/935158/2019/04/21/top-candidates-to-fill-nhl-coaching-vacancies-from-the-big-names-to-the-lesser-known/
  5. Hasn't been a head coach since 2012. Penguins Assistant. Made it to the conference finals once as a head coach but seems lose in the first round A LOT.
  6. Dan Dylsma won coach of the year and a Stanley Cup and I wouldn't let him coach me to order a pizza. But in all seriousness, I like the idea of a new coach over some older coach who has experience. Just because you have experience doesn't mean you are better or good at your job. He hasn't been a head coach since 2012 I think. Why is that? There have been lots of coaching changes and yet he was not given another shot. Some people are good assistants but as we found out with Housley, they don't make good head coaches. I would rather go younger with more recent head coaching experience.
  7. Calm down Arya. You already had a snake draft.
  8. Yea it is easy to cheer on Columbus now. I mean, f Boston and add the draft stuff... easy to hope they win this one.
  9. LGR4GM

    2019 NHL Draft

    I have no questions on his attitude. I question does he want to come over, how comfortable will he be here, what will the adjustment look like. This might be unfair. The combine will give us some more details.
  10. Why not? Honestly asking, although I agree they are different.
  11. Yea but idc what Carolina or Washington do.
  12. The board is set, the pieces are moving.
  13. LGR4GM

    2019 NHL Draft

    No I would not. And you are thinking of Valri Nichuskin (SP?). We cannot afford to miss here. Pod has a contract to stay in the KHL for another 2 years I believe. It simply isn't worth the risk. I can have 75pt Pod or 70pt Turcotte... I'll take Turcotte.
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