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  1. Sure but also they should be able to know which guys to go see in person.
  2. I can't judge a gm who hasn't made any player moves yet. He has 1 signing (Murray) and that's it. I think he got the job for the incorrect reasons but deserves a shot to show if he can do it.
  3. 15lbs heavier with muscle Dahlin? ...
  4. I'm fine with Nashville, they haven't gotten it recently.
  5. I'm looking at Winnipeg and Tampa as two teams that will make changes this offseason. I might toss Florida in that mix too since they are clearly spinning tires.
  6. The tank worked, the rebuild didn't. This is an automated response.
  7. I don't think that trade gets you Monahan.
  8. LGR4GM


    Wear a mask and social distance as much as possible.
  9. Fully agree. There's a cold meanness to him that I love in a defender.
  10. This is better but in the way Burger King is better than McDonalds
  11. It's the playoffs. Or the NHL is just calling it the playoffs and the postseason for poops and laughs.
  12. I hope Edmonton wins because screw this league and their stupid lottery.
  13. Nothing like a jersey with a bib on it so you can look fancy while getting served.
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