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  1. Would you say Jack Eichel, will be... fine?
  2. Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.
  3. https://theathletic.com/1457313/2019/12/13/news-of-zach-bogosians-trade-request-shocks-a-surging-sabres-team/
  4. Scary thing is Buffalo could have had Boeser and could have signed Miller. Obviously that is a huge what if. Thanks for the info, didn't know they were doing so well.
  5. What if Vesey replaced Zemgus?
  6. When Thompson and Cozens make the team, I will worry about it. I would not trade Zemgus if the goal of the season is to make the playoffs. I would argue that the GLO is not the 4th line. To the bolded, that is 10 names there. Or are you counting the need for another top 6 forward as the 11th? I am assuming that's it. I agree. I want the young kids to force their way onto the team. We need 13 forwards anyways so there is room at least next year and probably the 1 after for GLO.
  7. Larsson's career high is 17 points in 80 games. He currently is at 12 points in 30 games (0.4ppg). Career ppg 0.25 Zemgus has 9pts in 33 games (0.27ppg). Career ppg 0.28 Okposo has 7pts in 23 games (0.30ppg). Career ppg 0.52 (Buffalo years only) So other than Larsson they are not over producing relative to who they are. I think Okposo could give a little more but still a small sample size. That's good though because they are not playing offense way over their heads. On defense they are extremely effective which makes any offense they provide extremely positive.
  8. So Larsson at 4 years x3mil Zemgus at 3 years x2.75?
  9. Anyone else see Olofsson and Ullmark bump heads and hug as the team left the ice. It has to be crazy for those two considering the journey they started almost together in Sweden and then to end up being contributors on the same NHL team.
  10. Cozens made the team and here is a little blurb on him. https://theathletic.com/1455534/2019/12/12/wheeler-final-thoughts-from-team-canadas-world-junior-selection-camp/?source=dailyemail Sidenote, Alex Newhook was cut and to be honest from everything I have read, the cut makes 0 sense and was one of those done for the weird politics that is WJC in Canada.
  11. I think that's hitting the nail on the head. Also Mitch McConnell just said that he will coordinate with White House Council for the trial. Did the Dem leadership do that for Clinton?
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