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  1. I 100% disagree with everything in the first paragraph. The player has 3 years of elc where we very much could afford them and then if needed can trade them for assets. This team lacks talent and the idea we can't afford talent is insane to me. Further, idk where this narrative about Cozens is coming from. There's this sudden perception that he's some safe pick who will probably be a what? 2nd line winger? He's got first line potential. Is he safe because his floor is high? Safe is starting to sound like he's just ok and that's what we need. It's a bad narrative that should end. Cozens is a good pick and we should be happy he fell to us. He isn't some complimentary player.
  2. Many, but not all. As always, Reinhart will be fine.
  3. Cozens has a ceiling as high or higher than everyone picked after him and some picked b4 him. His only real flaw is opening his game up creatively. That's something that can and I think will come with age.
  4. Yea! Who needs a 30g 35a center that has loads of playoff experience and is a leader. Not the Sabres that's for sure.
  5. Yea good on him for not escalating a conflict he has been escalating for years.... this is like giving credit to your dog for crapping on the kitchen tiles instead of the rug, it's better but they still pooped in the house.
  6. Cozens is probably the perfect center for Sam Reinhart.
  7. Clever pick. Age matters and it's smart to draft overagers in later rounds. It's clever to take 1 with a late August or early September birthday. You're getting a player who just had their 18 yr old season but you've gotten actually another year of evaluation on them. No guarantee it will work out but clever. 1 month older than Lavoie. 4 rounds later. Not comparing them directly, just noting the age difference.
  8. I wouldn't say that. I have Lavioe too high and some inconsistencies. Fun fact, 2 years running the Sabres have taken the defender I have ranked at their pick. I think I had Samuelsson at 32 and I had Johnson at 31 so that's fun.
  9. I like the player. I honestly do, he's got a lot potential. I think he can be a 2nd pairing defender with good instincts and speed. Yes age does matter and should be considered. I like it, I just liked a couple other options more. I think that's where my issue is. He's a fine pick.
  10. You didn't challenge the "lazy" comment. "If it was worth value you'd be paid professionally " is one of the most obnoxious posts impo. At no point in this thread do I personally attack anyone yet I quoted what happened for ease of reading. I'm called obnoxious for not responding to a post in a complete enough manner. Then I am called it again for walking away from a conversation. I think the pick was lazy and dumb. It was lazy because it was their default to run back to the USHL and pick a defender. They've done it a few times. That's why I think it's lazy because I think it was a low risk safe option. They overvalue non chl defenders. There were bigger rewards for teams. Maybe lazy is a poor word choice but I never got that far last night because who wants to stick around after all that? I think it was dumb because the draft is all about maximizing value of the pick you have. I don't think they maximized value. Again as I've said a ton, Johnson is a good prospect. As demonstrated by the quoted comments, my opinion of such is not wanted or welcomed. I find it interesting that I'm getting called out for "unproven statements" which is 75-90% of what goes on here. And I'm apparently "obnoxious" for calling the pick lazy and not appreciating being told my opinion is worthless. I didn't "flaunt" my rankings, I have my opinion based on them which I shared. So thank you for the personal attacks. Some will read this post as me yelling but I'm actually quite calm and was last night. I wasn't angry, I was disappointed. I said it multiple times that I like the player taken but would have rather taken someone else. Johnson is a fine prospect though and i've maintained that. Sadly, that got lost in the pile on. Enjoy the rest of the draft. I hope Buffalo takes Maxim Cajkovik or Ethan Keppen in the 3rd.
  11. He has the potential to be a 2nd pairing guy but I think Hoglander, Robertson, Kaliyev and Brink we're better options off the top of my head. I wish Johnson all the best and hope he out shines those other players but he has a lot of development needed to get there. Goodnight, and good luck.
  12. As i've said multiple times. I like the player but think there were better options. Since no one wants my fake rankings or opinions. Goodnight. Enjoy day 2. And that's it.
  13. Sorry I dislike a pick when I felt there was more talent on the board. Next year I'll just not post anything about prospects and my fake ratings. They default to defense. More specifically I think they default and over rank ushl and foreign defenders.
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