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  1. Johan Larson is light years above what Simmonds brings to the table. Botterill not signing Larson but signing Simmonds instead would be such a Jbott move it hurts.
  2. He also didn't even tweet at GM but at a long dead rando account. Why? Because the President is a clueless narcissistic ***** bag who isn't fit to wipe his own ass so he gets others to lick it clean for him. Wait until this spreads. NY might end up being one of the lucky states when all things are done. There's a literally act he can immediately use to force a company to do something for the good of the country. Why hasn't he used it? Who is making money off his inaction?
  3. LGR4GM


    That's the American spirit. USA USA USA!
  4. 3-4% is low as a percentage. Let's make that into actual numbers though. If we see 50% of the population infected, and we have 3% mortality that is around 10 million people dead.
  5. Mediocre to me means they are just above the level of a JAG. It is someone that does contribute but isn't all the great. Are they replaceable, probably but they are not terrible and generally are okay. Vesey is Mediocre most of the time. Samuelsson seems mediocre. As I said repeatedly, he looks like a 5/6 defender. Can he be more, idk. I will say this, I have less annoyance with this pick than I do with the Johnson pick even though Johnson has a higher ceiling.
  6. Why? What does having an NHL father have to do with anything? There are multiple examples our there of NHL fathers with mediocre hockey playing kids. Samuelsson has the potential to be a good shutdown bottom pair defender. His agility and lack of offense is a major concern. Being more than a bottom paring guy would surprise me but Olofsson was not a prospect worth much at 20. He showed flashes though versus Samuelsson who impo hasn't really flashed. We shall see.
  7. Really. Back to COVID. The video from that hospital is surreal. I would post it to the main channel but I am sure it shows Trump in a bad light so Nfreeman would probably piss all over it. Anyways, here it is... looks like those 4,000 ventilators the orange ***** face gave out aren't enough.
  8. LGR4GM


    Yea... "ways to go"... only need... checks math... 30k more within the next 2 weeks. Would be nice if those could be sent from somewhere.
  9. He's got 3rd pairing potential but man, I worry about his agility and puck transition game. Maybe he will pop, we shall see. He's 20 but he has a long way to go to make the NHL. I would have liked him to stay in college another year.
  10. And now you have learned. Nfreeman is unfit to serve as a mod with his blatant bias. You can't make any critical remark about his beloved leader without him getting his balls in a knot. I will never interact with him again on this board. Threads he starts or comments he posts or responds to, do not exits to me. He is a hypocrite and a liar. I got warned for posting that Mike Pence, a known science denier, was being put in charge of COVID... inside the COVID thread. what a ***** joke.
  11. Question, are other developed countries asking the US for help or using the US model to combat this? The answer is no because we simply are not the greatest country in the world anymore. Isolationism has a price. Of course. Because it is easier to say, we are good then to look at the reality that is this country completely ***** up preparing for this.
  12. LGR4GM


    Okay, let me help. COVID 19 in the United States has not reached its peak yet. The number of infections will continue to rise exponentially as tests and the disease spread. NYC is the beginning of what will happen in large metropolitan areas throughout the country. We are anywhere from 21-42 days away from peak.
  13. The top 5 really interest me in this draft. I might say top 4 but for now top 5. I would say that Rossi, Sutzle, and Lafrieneire are NHL ready or close to it. Byfield will probably graduate but mentally he isn't ready and that isn't because he isn't a smart player. I am saying that because of his age and what we know about cognitive development.
  14. LGR4GM


    No it wasn't. We didn't have the entire country shut down for weeks after 9/11.
  15. LGR4GM


    lol, you threw the biggest temper tantrum of all 3 years ago. This is where we part ways Nfreeman. I will leave politics out of it but will have no further interactions with you on this board.
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