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  1. Should probably cut Boston because I can't think of any prospects they have.
  2. I have Kasper going to Detroit in my mock draft. Fits a need and Stevie Y likes his Euros.
  3. Interesting. I think we can safely say that Yurov, Trikozov and Miroshnichenko are all going to slide. Trikozov in particular is probably safe to bet on being available at 41 if we wanted him. Mateychuk, Bichsel, and Chesley all next to eachother in the rankings is... something special. Lambert at 16 makes me feel meh. I really hope the Islanders take him with the family connection and the Raty (fellow countryman) connection. Apparently NHL scouts really love Korchinski's favorite move of cutting back. Talking about him having the most assists in the WHL sounds nice until you actually look at those assists and understand how many 2nd assists and ppa are in there. 19 even strength 2nd assists, 14pp 2nd assists, and 27 total pp assists. Frank Nazar at 15 is the Alex Newhook of 2022.
  4. I love Trikozov, he may end up better than Yurov. When motivated his deception and passing are otherworldly. Yurov is more of a sure thing and I do hope he is around at 16 to make the Sabres think long and hard about who to draft. Speaking of Yurov.
  5. Unless Adams defined what BPA means, hard for me to learn much other than LHD might be on the table. Speaking of which... Korchinski: Mateychuk: Mintyukov: Again, once I consider Mintyukov didn't play last year, 1st year in the OHL, and that he played on a bad team (he was their points leader), I really have to favor him and think as a Russian, he might fall a little in this draft. Mateychuk is interesting because he is only 5'10.5" but he has a mid july bday so will he grow a little? Korchinski concerns me the most of the 3 because I think he has the most questionable skills but I could be wrong, just wanted to explain my thoughts.
  6. If that were the Sabres draft board I would be highly concerned about their inclusion of analytics in their drafting process. That looks like a team that just goes to the U18s and anyone who looks good goes to the top of the board, a very bad and dangerous approach to drafting. Kulich, Snuggerud, Trikozov in those slots is borderline Boucher at 10 level insanity IMO. Guess we will find out soon.
  7. I would disagree. Mintyukov outproduced (primary points a game) Korchinski on a worse team all while missing the previous year because the OHL was shutdown. His trajectory is IMO, higher even though Korchinski is younger. I will confess that I love Mintyukov, his offensive vision and aggression is amazing to watch. Korchinski does a lot of cut backs which I wonder if they transfer to the NHL as well. Mintyukov has a different arsenal at his disposal with multiple layers of deception to call upon. I think his defensive game will rapidly improve on a team that isn't the dumpster fire he was on and with more time on NA ice. Korchinski: 0.269 EV/P1, 0.463 P1/GP MIntyukov: 0.373 EV/P1, 0.597 P1/GP
  8. Who would you rather draft, Liam Bichsel or Pavel Mintyukov? Both are left handed defenders that probably will be there at 16.
  9. We spent to the cap for a decade and won nothing. Why do you equate spending money on UFA players with winning when you have 10 years worth of evidence that isn't how this works? We have 4 RFAs in 2023 and another 5 in 2024 that we need to think about but here you are WHINING about not spending more money in 2022. I hate losing too but I am sick and tired of watching fans and management piss away tomorrow so they can win an extra game today. It 2 steps back and 1 step forward. RFAs 2023: Cozens, Thompson, Asplund, Samuelsson 2024: Mitts, Krebs, Joker, Dahlin, Power (note that Dahlin and Power might be 18-20million in cap)
  10. If ppl dislike Rosen, they will hate Firkus. He is like smaller Kisakov.
  11. My problem with Lambert is that his hands are not connected to his head. He can get to point B from A but has no F'ing clue what to do once he is there and his shot is not threatening. So you have a guy with great skating and good hands who then does nothing with the puck. He's like the anti-Reinhart. Bichsel is being over drafted. He is a 5/6 defender at best that should go in the 2nd round but won't because he is big and hits things. He's a poor mans Ristolainen.
  12. I bolded all the parts of this post that are not correct. I put in italics anything that is kinda sorta right but not exactly. Reporters and rando's off the street are not covered entities. HIPAA: https://www.cdc.gov/phlp/publications/topic/hipaa.html
  13. You know how I know it is the offseason? The annual "Trade assets for Patrick Kane" thread has appeared and taken up 8 pages of replies.
  14. For the record I think that the ranking Bader's model spit out isn't great. For example Korchinski being ranked over Mintyukov doesn't make much sense when you consider that Korchinski played on a team that didn't suck and Mintyukov lead his team in points. Slafskovsky interestingly should probably be lower than where he sits in most public rankings. There is lots of statistical evidence that his performance was bolstered by a higher than normal sh% and that his international experience might be more of an outlier than the norm you can expect in the NHL. That's all I have for today. Cheers.
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