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  1. Yup. That's what I've noticed the last 4 games. We play an umbrella with one guy low to chip the puck back above the circles.
  2. Boring and ineffective is the perfect definition of Krueger hockey. Nah, Skinner hasn't earned it.
  3. Who here thinks MA Fleury makes us better and if so by how many wins?
  4. How's running the pp from the point going? How about running the 5v5 offense from the point? No it didn't. He scored 1 goal and nothing changed. Stop running the pp from the point, it's stupid and outdated.
  5. Yup, change the draft to 19. It will make the nhl better by doing it.
  6. How olds PLD. If Laine can be better at 22, so can PLD.
  7. Why don't we trade for Raanta? MAF is old mediocre and expensive. Do not want.
  8. Sometimes ppl deserve to have their faith rewarded.
  9. I'm mad because Ullmark deserved better and the couldn't even get it up for him. ***** pathetic and gutless.
  10. Washington was missing 3 of its best players tonight, Buffalo still lost. Pathetic. Truth.
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