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  1. And keep adding low skilled grinders with physicality to the team who don't improve shot metrics and "you will keep the streak of missing the playoffs intact."
  2. If Simmonds is still on this team whenever play resumes, we know botterill failed.
  3. This is a such a poor answer. The franchise sucks so spend more money on them or they might move! Okay, move the team. Contractually you can't. Or how about the people making the decisions are held accountable.
  4. Got the conclusion of the TV story. He was charged with Theft. There we go. Still doesn't justify his lynching. YOU DON"T GET TO KILL SOMEONE BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY MIGHT HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME?\ What about George Floyd? Guess that was all fine and dandy.
  5. lol you love leaving out details. Here I will use a source you are avidly reading. Notice we don't get the conclusion of the tv story. AND STILL THAT DOES NOT JUSTIFY 2 RANDOM GUYS DRIVING HIM DOWN AND SHOOTING HIM. https://www.foxnews.com/us/ahmaud-arbery-shoplifting-video
  6. That does not justify 2 random white guys murdering someone 3 years later. Holy crap how do you not understand that.
  7. You told me to empathize with the 2 white guys who killed Arbery. Are you kidding? You are so deep down your rabbit hole you can't even see the light. There's no empathy there. They followed him, got out of a truck with a gun, and then a confrontation ensued. They are responsible. You don't get to follow people and assume they are armed. What if was legally armed. It is Georgia, last I knew I can open carry. Hell I got my haircut there once and some dipshit white guy was carrying a colt 45 in plain sight. Guess I should have shot him! He might have trespassed in a house.
  8. He reacted to a cop trying to search his car for no reason because he was anti-social. Right, love how often you try to deny systematic racism but this just keeps getting better. I got a parking ticket in 2012, I told the cop that I didn't think it was fair. Guess if someone runs me down in a car while jogging and kills me that is justified because I talked back to a cop once.
  9. Just want this all quoted because it deserves to live on for the shameless out of control BS it is. You seem happy to attack a dead black man who was killed for no reason what so ever so... You wanted this fight so here it is.
  10. You are right. The people who murdered him had motive to kill him because they didn't like him. Partly because... he was black. You ever stop to wonder why Arbery reacted to police in 2017 the way he did? Probably not. So can Cops be racist?
  11. Ahh there it is. This is not about justice or anything. It is about you feeling attacked. That would mean you identify with the murderers. Interesting.
  12. Careful your racism is showing. But they did kill him. They confronted him and that confrontation led to his death.
  13. You are a POS. You Individually. You keep adding labels.
  14. But they did. He was. That is the issue. There was no crime in progress. Even if he had just gone into that house, he was not currently committing a crime and the people who ATTACKED him did not know that he had entered that house in the last 24 hours. They saw him run by and went after him. I never said that. Also your reverse racism thing is straight out of the white supremacist handbook. Good job. Next you are going to tell me it is okay to shoot people for any misdemeanor because "law and order".
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