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  1. I know right? People keep saying this and yet we have Miller on the team with 30 playoff games under his belt with barely a mention. Montour has 21 playoff games. Marco Scandella has 34 playoff games.
  2. Yes they could. They do this on cooking shows as challenges. Again, if Housley wasn't complete trash how come his team was even worse with ROR at #2 center? Housley wasn't a good coach and had no idea how to overcome his own roster limitations.
  3. Again, how did Housley do when he had a good #2 center? Worse if I remember correctly because he was a bad head coach. I think Botterill is very cold blooded. How much though I am unsure.
  4. Let's put it this way... Housley was given 4 ingredients to make a dinner that required 10. He used those 4 ingredients in the worse ***** way possible. So yes the person giving him the ingredients is at some fault but Housley was also a lousy chef. The guy didn't do much better when he had ROR as one of his ingredients either.
  5. Erod. Taro laid it out in his post.
  6. Literally any other center on the team was a better fit than Sobotka or Mitts on line 2. That includes Erod who was not used consistently in that role for several months after Berglunds departure. Jbott didn't give Housley much depth but Housley used the players he had in some of the most inexplicably terrible ways. Sobotka and Mitts as 2c was awful and it was compounded by Housley's inability or unwillingness to put Skinner or Reinhart on that second line to help out for more than a short stretch. Sure Botterill is partly responsible but Housley was a bad coach.
  7. Let's assume Risto is not traded and Miller, Montour, Joki are all healthy. Where are you playing Bogo?
  8. Why stay and risk injury at 42? You have won 6 superbowls, are married to a super model, are considered in the top tier of your profession. There's nothing left to prove. Leave on your own terms and enjoy your retirement.
  9. Montour was acquired to play in this system as well. Botterill was talking about moving towards this type of defense for over year before he got Krueger as coach.
  10. Ralph has spoken a lot about understanding his side of it (coaching and underlying numbers/fundamentals) and then finding a good way to explain that to the players. Thus far it seems to be working.
  11. So where should we start first? The fact that Trump doesn't understand how impeachment works in the House or the fact he used the term "lynching" like the uneducated privileged pile of sh!t he is?
  12. Bogo has never played a NHL playoff game and the team would need to fit his Salary under the cap unless Buffalo retains up to 50%.
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