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  1. Luke turned into a Beta male. It was a horrible way to end his character. Lame. It still lives on because of the success of the originals.
  2. Wide open WR and you over throw him 10 yards smh at this guy. Too much power.
  3. We still need a QB and offensive line. Until we get that we will never be good.
  4. SJ never really got sustained pressure the last half of the period until the last minute. The two goals they gave up was just puck luck. Great team effort and excellent defense in particular I thought.
  5. We have to start thinking we have real coaching... like superb coaching
  6. Absolutely an impressive team win. Didn’t see any of this last year.
  7. Going to happen eventually when you take dumb penalties
  8. Dumb penalties... but you can’t complain about being 1-1
  9. Great defense and good goaltending with timely scoring/depth and the sky is the limit. We could leapfrog Toronto on this alone.
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