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  1. Oh he’s well in the bust category. Another bad pick that set us back.
  2. I’m not mad we lost. It’s simply disheartening how inept we looked doing it. I honestly have to wonder if RK knows what he is doing. Great motivator but the tactics are astoundingly ineffective.
  3. This team is just pathetic. There is no way they make the playoffs.
  4. Meh... too many holes in this roster to take this team seriously. Too bad because we are wasting prime years of Eichel.
  5. Calgary is scared now our mighty pp unit is out there!
  6. How many times has this been the same story? It never ends. A few good games and back to bad habits.
  7. Why does this team revert back to the same bad habits so quick? We needed to put together a run to make up for a disastrous November.
  8. Our special teams must be worst in the league. Serious sign of coaching that both the PP and PK are losing the season.
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