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  1. Wow, They can’t win not just a series, but a playoff game! Shocking. Our organization is absolutely bottom of the barrel.
  2. It would be shocking for all the Canadian teams to get waxed the first round.
  3. When we trade Risto he will become a legendary top tier defenseman like everyone else does when they leave hockey hell lol
  4. JT Compher... another “throw away” prospect we gave up on too quick. We do give up on our prospects too quick.
  5. $9.1 at 8 years is an albatross waiting to happen. I don’t think he puts up 40 goals again. As we saw the second half of the year, he returned to the more 25-30 goal scorer which I believe is more likely the real him. Looks like we might be sucking and drafting another 2-3 years before this turns around.
  6. As we have seen in the NHL, the playoffs are a completely different animal with a different mindset. You have to have a warrior mentality.
  7. Too bad I can’t read it without subscription
  8. Not me. Just because of PH doesn’t mean we throw the baby out with the bath water. I’d rather take a chance.
  9. I’m all for JBot taking his time... for me it’s down to 2-3 guys. The Swede, Sandelin, or Keefe. I’d be much happier taking a chance on the next great coach than failed retreads.
  10. Nashville just has an elite D-Corps. Their forwards are not elite scorers.
  11. I don’t feel so bad. Imagine if the Sabres had the season Tampa did then got swept? We’d be jumping off the expressway...
  12. I’m in Florida so it’s on Fox Sun Sports
  13. Cooper has been taken to the woodshed by Trotz and now Torts, with the superior roster. Not good.
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