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  1. Knox pulled a Daniel Jones for a sure TD and we don’t get a point out of the drive.
  2. #57 and #30 looked good at least.
  3. Yup. It’s starting to look like the first 4 were an aberration as JA was tearing it up and covering our flaws. Looks like 8-8 on the way.
  4. I’m speechless as to what happened to this team. It’s inexplicable as to how bad we’ve gotten both sides of the ball. You have to wonder if Beane made all the wrong moves on his defensive signings this offseason.
  5. It is in this situation that make clear albatross contracts like Okposo really cripple your ability to sign guys.
  6. The flaws of this team are clear now. Allen came back to earth and we have the worst defense in the league. Very low chance we win the division. It will be hard to win 9-10 games.
  7. Coaching showed it’s ugly head. Why we never called an all out blitz on both 3rd downs is mystifying. Edmunds is not good this year. D line is trash. We know for sure we can’t run with the top dogs yet. Beane still has a lot of building g to do.
  8. Looks like we have to rebuild the defense. Was not expecting that. If Tua is decent Miami looks to be the team to be more sound.
  9. Being badly outplayed but lucky it’s still close. Rookie Josh Allen is back. Need to get his feet right.
  10. Well see. But I definitely think it is premature to call us contenders. Seahawks, Pitt, KC, Baltimore, TN are way ahead of everyone else. Bills have too many holes yet. Especially on defense.
  11. Skinner needs 25 plus goals to justify that contract. He should get back there playing with better skill players.
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