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  1. Sad to think this would be the last truly great magical moment at the arena for now 13 years and counting .
  2. Compare him to Beane. Whether BB takes us to the promised land remains to be seen. But he has done about everything he could to set up the Bills for success with the hand played to him. 3 years and 2 playoff appearances with a legit shot at the division next year. Quite different at First Niagara.
  3. Could it be possible if this thing blows up for 2-3 months that there will be no 2020 Cup?
  4. Except it was called "The Roaring 20's" because there was so much prosperity. 1929 the economy begin to collapse and it was the 30's when all that happened.
  5. Tom Hanks and much of the the cast of the Elvis movie tested positive... travel to Europe suspended, it’s getting serious
  6. Since we are pretty much mathematically eliminated, the real question now is whether or not 11 points are available to beat last years total with 14 games remaining and the 4th hardest schedule down the stretch. Or are we going to continue to fall in the lower basement of the league standings and perhaps be in the mix for pick 4-8? But nothing can go wrong tonight...Ovi vs our PK right?
  7. Yeah as I said yesterday, that interview on WGR was quite telling. It's like he is talking about a completely different team then what we are all watching. It was obvious to me we were screwed when I saw the return on the ROR trade. Over my dead body would I of made that deal.
  8. The Sabres need 11 points just to match last years point total. A tall order in itself with the remaining schedule. We literally could be passed by 2-4 bottom teams. The accidental tank is on again. We easily can be in the top 5 draft order.
  9. Droughts are normal anomalies. But between his injury, and now teams completely blanket him defensively if you noticed, maybe not.
  10. We will see for sure. But if we go something like 2-12 like we did last March (and pretty much the two previous months of March), which looks likely at this point, he can’t put it on the coach anymore. It’s just how the business runs.
  11. It’s not really a game of grit anymore. It’s pure skill. Great skating, speed, passing, shot, analytics...all take precedence over “grit”. Even For the goalies it’s an exact science. We’ve developed such super athletes that old hockey is gone never to return.
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