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  1. I don’t know what you mean by “that guy”, just pointing out a very possible scenario. I don’t see NY ponying up that kind of money.
  2. Well let’s enjoy the last few seasons of having an NFL franchise.
  3. It’s not even that. It’s the bigger picture of how we just jettisoned our entire rebuild from just 5 years ago… and not because those players were bad!
  4. It’s a clown-show now. And seems semi permanent.
  5. The extend to which politics as taken over this pandemic is astonishing.
  6. The Sabres do hold serious entertainment value in the NHL. Unfortunately not because we are an elite winning franchise with star players. It’s the sheer circus show of dysfunction that is mesmerizing.
  7. Holy cow, this is maximum ugliness. This is so dysfunctional it’s gripped the attention of the entire hockey world.
  8. They truly are. The fact That it looks like we didn’t even get a top prospect offer is insulting.
  9. If that is the line up it’s hard to see us reaching past 50-60 points
  10. I believe we are witnessing the most entrenched dysfunctional sports franchise of all time. And I’m not overreacting. Tanking for a core and jettisoning them after 5 years than tanking again is unprecedented in modern hockey.
  11. This x 100. Listen to their comments. Risto loved the team. But said basically management is a clown show. Everyone sees what ownership does not. You think an experienced GM would of been making these moves? I doubt it.
  12. I agree. It think it should be clear how dysfunctional this team is at the top. Reasonably ask yourself if you were a player you would want to be here. It be last on my list objectively.
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