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  1. With Jack, plus the injured guys, pick up another goalie and top 6 and we’d be a playoff team.
  2. They were overmatched but played competitively. They never gave up like under Ralph. Tokarski was really good. We simply lack some star power.
  3. This is what a top NHL team in playoff form looks like against an AHL level roster devoid of stars. We are simply outclassed. Don’t know what Granato can do for this one.
  4. We are a young team with even more youth coming in. I can’t see anyone else doing better short term. I mean Mittlestadt and Thompson have been resurrected. Who could of seen that? Give him a 1 year deal and see how next year goes. At least he’s competent.
  5. The new Godfather is setting things straight.
  6. And what would this team look like with Eichel, MCCabe, Borgen, etc under the Don.
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