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  1. yes talent and culture go together... we have neither
  2. Culture is massively important. However JBot misidentified ROR as the cancer in the room. Ralph though is THE CULTUREguy for sure. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  3. Plus everyone heads over to Bills training camp discussions.
  4. He made some good moves, and also one of the dumbest trades of all time that has left a catastrophically gaping hole down the middle. The team has been unwatchable for his first two years. He also has been in salary cap hell...so this year we need to see improvement.
  5. Darcy Reiger looks like a genius compared to these guys in hindsight
  6. I would like to see what Krueger can do with Risto before we ship him off.
  7. Kessel went full survival mode. 😂
  8. Build an elite defense, get better goaltending, and improve 5 on 5 scoring and you can get back in the thick of it.
  9. He’s a real NHL player... we haven’t had those in abundance in a decade.... I’ll take it
  10. That, I believe has always been a possibility to consider
  11. This is where Kruger comes in.... he has a knack for seeing out of the box
  12. He had 58 points with the Caps 3 years back until the injury bug hit.
  13. Yeah that was never going to work. He’s not a 2 C... Yeah I know... my question was rhetorical in nature. That was as bad of move as I’ve ever seen.
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