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  1. This is an opportunity that may not be available again for a while. There are no guarantees we will get back this far next year. Ride the wave and win it all. Go Bills!
  2. Wow the Packers looked like a juggernaut tonight.
  3. If we only win 3-4 out of the first ten, season will be over without a ridiculous win streak somewhere. We can afford that type of start.
  4. Reinhart needs to go to the top line Put Skinner with Stall let Cozens work with Eakin a while Fill in the rest it’s not rocket science
  5. Ralph making excuses it was a red hot goaltender... I don’t think he was that good... he didn’t face quality shots
  6. Coaching ... compare to McDermott, different sport but he is a master at deploying and utilizing his roster. See Torts in hockey.
  7. I’m not happy with the coaching. It’s absurd with this much talent you can’t score.
  8. Very strange. We are dominating in every statistical category except what counts Most, the scoreboard.
  9. Skinner is a man playing with fire. But it’s scary how much talent we have and can’t score on the power play. Coaching.
  10. It’s probably going to take 10-15 games to find ourselves. By then we will be buried in the standings.
  11. And here come the Caps. We might of lost this game in the first period not scoring.
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