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  1. It’s absurd a “playoff team” gets a crack at number one and Detroit falls to 4. What a joke. It definitely takes a toll on ones love for the sport.
  2. Never expected them to bring him in. No chance. TP has doubled down and only has certain trusted people inside. Adams and Kruger will be running the show for many years.
  3. The only thing Jbot did well was made sure St Louis won its first Cup.
  4. Cozens should start on the third line and should not see center duties for 2 years. Let's not ruin another kid.
  5. 8th is useless to turn this thing around. I would of needed top 5 to stay. It’s mind-boggling to believe 7 of the last 8 years we’ve lost position. But our management can’t draft worth a hill of beans anyways. We need players now to change this culture ASAP. This year is about culture change and saving Eichel.
  6. A team in the “playoffs” gets number 1? What a joke.
  7. So we dropped one. Go figure. No shot at a top player to fill the void sooner rather than later. It would of been nice to get in the top 5.
  8. Well Eichel is beyond frustrated. We probably got a year left before worse disaster.
  9. Because Buffalo is a great hockey market and they want us to do well. It is also undeniable how dysfunctional the franchise is from top down. You have to be really inept to post an entire decade of non playoff teams in a sport that sends half each year. The statistical odds show we are the extreme outlier in not able to make it in once in an entire decade. These are facts. Only homers can deny this at this point.
  10. Tough question. Bills seem to be on the right road. He's a good guy and very generous but at the same time the Sabres are extremely, very extremely, dysfunctional.
  11. More competent than anyone we've had behind the bench since Lindy left.
  12. I would be a lot more optimistic if RK was moved upstairs and they brought in a proven NHL coach like Gallant or Laviolette.
  13. Perspective. Keep in mind Florida and Edmonton hold the longest playoff drought at ten years. We are at 9 and starting over as we just cleaned house. Without 4 to 6 really good moves and relatively quick, we could officially hold the new record and set the standard of ineptitude. Astonishing.
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