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  1. I certainly don't want to make light of someone getting fired because I know it is devastating. With that said here is how I picture it happening in my mind Gm calls coach Coach: hello GM: the sabres? Coach takes a deep breath and starts to say: i... GM: The sabres? You have brought shame to our organization. Deep shame. Coach: yes sir, I know. GM: you have 10 seconds to get your ugly, rotten, yellow keister out of here... 1, 2, 10.
  2. last season was weird because they looked like they were going to try to rebuild to get younger. this season dubnyk is so horrible, like hutton horrible, its pretty sad that when he was out for his sick wife, they were top notch. he comes back, and they are back in the toilet
  3. it starts with a top of the line goaltender. as much as i love ullmark, he is not on the same level. hutton on the other hand... :)
  4. I wasnt trying to say either was better, but i was saying they play so differently, that watching a team that is really defensively minded, makes me see that the sabres dont play great defense i suspect if the wild had someone in goal equivalent to ullmark, they would be worlds better. Also, the wild have played more than half of their road games by december and were like 2 and 9 or something to start the season. on the opposite side, if the sabres had 1 more consistent scorer and 1 better backup goalie, i think they would be worlds better. Both teams are just like 2 or 3 players away from being really competitive.
  5. i watch the minnesota wild play a lot. they are probably my favorite team along with the sabres. it is a completely different style of play when watching the wild vs watching the sabres. the wild are so defensive minded, they are constantly clearing people out in front of the goaltender, they fore check like crazy making it difficult for the opposing team to get into the zone cleanly. However, devan dubnyk is having a horrendous year with a save percentage at probably less than 90%. (in fact when he was out for his sick wife, the wild did much better) when i watch the sabres, they rarely seem to clear the people in front, and i dont see a ton of forechecking, at least compared to the wild. again, watching these two teams play, i dont really see the sabres as having good defense. the wild dont score like the sabres, but the sabres dont defend like the wild. i mentioned it once before, the sabres play like a high scoring team, i just dont think they score enough to account for the terrible hutton and other mistakes made
  6. he didnt sucker punch him, the dude rail roaded him several times in the game, tkachuk wasnt looking to make a play on the puck, he was looking to hit him. i wish the sabres had someone like kassian. i love the bully analogy perraultforever gave. its almost the same thing that happened here.
  7. i dont understand why he got 2 games for fighting. it was certainly provoked
  8. i love hutton. you can always count on him giving up half a dozen goals
  9. sabres will lose 5 to 4 then, hutton will make 2 saves
  10. the problem as i see it is quite simple. they traded away every single player that was any good. it takes way more than 1 player to win consistently. its not like basketball where 2 or 3 years of horrible play could get you 2 or 3 players to become a top notch team; you need a lot more in hockey
  11. this makes about as much sense as the blackhawks firing joel quenneville because the team got too old and slow
  12. its true. they were a solid line when it was the 3 of them. 2 scorers and one defensive minded winger seemed to be rk's plan. the fact that everyone is injured all the time, makes it very difficult
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