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  1. i wonder how samson feels since he kept getting 1 year bridge deals
  2. miles


    i read in an article today that is actually the only way to get it. 🙂
  3. miles


    Its hatd to trust though. You have one side saying masks dont help and are not important The other side says the exact opposite. Both opinions are politically driven and i dont believe either has the people's best interest in mind Im not Democrats or Republicans. I just miss the days of the two sides working together to try to do what is best for the people as a whole. Neither side is doing what is right at this point. Thats as political as I will get. And just adding that in my opinion, they both have proven untrustworthy
  4. miles


    Tinfoil hat time. I dont trust any study/report at this point. Some how, some way, this virus became political, and nearly every American news outlet has a political agenda (i say nearly only because i cant say every single one does) Too many outlets twist facts and numbers to match whatever agenda. Even read one at the beginners that said it was up some crazy percentage, but it was because it went from like 30 to 98 or whatever. Yes the % change was significant but the counts at that time were insignificant. But you cant report that statement I even read one that said masks that go around your head are worse than no mask at all. Logically thinking i dont see how thats even remotely possible and shortly after there was an independent study done at the univ of ga that proved it inaccurate. At this point i trust only my own judgment when it comes to the virus and that is to stay home unless necessary. Eventually a working vaccine/treatment will arrive and life will get back to normal. End tinfoil hat time Stay safe my fellow sabres fans
  5. My mistake. I read it as 6.5 to 7. Not 6.5 for 7
  6. 6.5m to 7m. How much did max domi sign for 5.5m
  7. The goat head is my favorite. i hope they do it. Many years ago i had the black one and i recently bought a goat head hat
  8. miles


    One thing to keep in mind when talking about the statistics with comparing it. Many cases go unreported because of minor symptoms or none at all. In fact at one point they said the number of actual cases could be significantly higher. also how many people had it before testing
  9. miles


    but its not just the usa, nearly every country is seeing another surge, and many of the states are getting their first real surge. I live in nj and we had something like 4k cases per day in april per day, and we are at 500 to 1000 per day. Our numbers are only going up because we re-opened, so we knew it would go up. the biggest difference is deaths. you were hearing large amounts of deaths and now its much lower. I am truly hopeful that we get a working vaccine very soon. i havent been able to see my family since march and my mother is elderly and not in the greatest of health.
  10. good luck to him. i wish i could retire. im really tired
  11. hasek. im surprised im the first to say it. he is the reason i started watching hockey
  12. miles


    My wife decided that its ok to go to a charity event this coming weekend. I told that we have been trying very hard to be safe and only be around others when necessary, and things are still not good out there. surprisingly she asked her family their opinion and they agreed with me. But i guess she has had enough of being safe Boy, will i be pissed if she brings covid home from this stupid event. Like really pissed, like dont ask me for anything because your sick, pissed. Like, im going to a hotel for the next 2 weeks pissed Maybe im overreacting but i dont care
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