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  1. Hmmm. I expect great things from the Sabres this season, top team for sure. However,i think they will drop this one 5-1.
  2. I meant the preseason games. They were local games on espn+ part
  3. I didn't see any pre /post game stuff when watching the kraken games either. I liked watching that stuff
  4. I watched a few of the kraken preseason games and i didn't see any quality issues. The only thing i didn't like was there was no 10 second fast forward. i used to start the games a bit late to forward past the icings and commercials. I Use firetv stick with the espn app installed
  5. Im not sure what is wrong with this. He is on the IR not in prison
  6. I think no. I think they believe they are putting out a top quality team
  7. maybe they went to the ny rangers forum?
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/nhl-investigating-evander-kane-for-allegedly-submitting-fake-vaccine-card-151126680.html allegedly submitted fake vaccine card
  9. You cant put a garbage team out there year after year and expect people to keep coming back. There is not even a glimmer of hope at this point To be honest, i follow 2 teams, the sabers and the wild. i have completely moved on from the team and i follow the wild now and picked the kraken as my second team I only come to this forum because I enjoy the discussions. i have no interest in following the sabres anymore.
  10. Honestly, he sounds like a scorn exgirlfriend. He has been on how many teams since buffalo. just move on already.
  11. We are in apartment so they mounted it in a pole on the deck. Im guessing the installer probably didn't do it right. Honestly, It was a miserable experience for us.
  12. We had direct tv for 3 years with a satellite dish. Basically everytime the wind would blow more than a gentle breeze, i would need to adjust the dish. When the contract was up we cancelled right away and the support was like you should have called us, we could send someone to help you. I told them i called so many times and they always told me to adjust it myself. The dish was on our deck not the roof, so it wasnt dangerous, but really annoying going out there 2x per week to move it.
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