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  1. i was supposed to come up to buffalo this week for this coming weekends games. unfortunately its not happening because of this virus. fortunately the hotel said they would refund the money, but the game tickets are not refundable unless the games are canceled. its a lot of money i will lose on these tickets. i suppose i will try to sell them once/if the season is restored. i am mostly disappointed because this was going to be my first vacation in 6 years. i hate to say it, financially, i hope the season is ended/cancelled so i can get a refund. its a lot of money i am going to lose
  2. I fully understand why they are doing this, but I was planning on going to buffalo from nj as a vacation for a week. Everything is nonrefundable. Meh. I might still go up and look at the buildings?
  3. this morning i woke up with the worst headache and neck ache, and i knew that it was caused because my pillow is old and garbage while at target today, i had a handful of stuff, pillow, hot wings, etc. hands completely full. some random dude came up to me and offered to give me his empty hand cart because my hands were over full. i thanked him and told him i was good, on my way to the register.
  4. simmonds is really hustling out there. i hope this works out for the sabres
  5. this game feels like its taking a long time to get started. im ready to watch right this second
  6. i firmly believe that hutton will have his best game in a long time...only giving up 7 goals
  7. i dont understand e-rod. he wanted more playing time on a bad team, and gets traded to a good team, where he will not be able to see any playing time
  8. could you imagine going from the pens, a team that has a chance to go the finals, then to be traded to the sabres. man, its got to be a kick in the pills. im kidding
  9. I didnt intend to say he quit. However, technically he did. He was assigned to Rochester and he refused to go, aka, quit
  10. it seems to me that he shouldnt be allowed to sign elsewhere since he didnt fulfill his contract. not that i want him on the sabres, but i would think he shouldnt be allowed to sign elsewhere until the contract's original timing expires. what stops any player from signing a deal and then quitting on the team and just resigning elsewhere
  11. hutton, bogo are top 2 for me for sure
  12. This is not surprising. Although it's not his fault, but the team has been average at best the several years
  13. is it really trash talking when he is saying the truth?
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