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  1. I have two that I hate. I dont know if WNY has them like I have in nj I think it's for Walmart and there is a lady singing, but she does sound effects like a "chew chew train" and a ringing sound. Its horrible. The second one is for some fruit pie or something where the kids make a princess toast or something and the lady goes ohhhhhhh in an exaggerated voice.
  2. What about Hutton. Ullmark is not the only tender playing badly. I'm not saying they are to blame, defenseman are as well. The whole team actually seemed to fall apart at once.
  3. I agree that anybody could be traded, to a point. eichel and dahlin and skinner could not be traded. I'm not ready to give up on this team. They have shown just a month ago how good they can be. They are going through some funk, everyone on the team is. Remember a month ago our goalies were giving up no goals or just 1/2. Now they are giving up 3, 4, 5 etc. I dont want to blame the goaltenders, but they have been bad. You have ullmark who gives up so many rebounds, and any shot that he has to go from one side to the other. Hutton seemed to randomly start being horrible. he was 2 shutouts in a row to giving up 5 spots. When a team gets 4 goals and loses, either defensive failures or goaltender failures or both is happening. in the sabres cases, any tiny mistake is going in. Yiu have to have better tending
  4. I dont think eichel and Samson should be on the same line, they are both pass first. The problem if they put skinner on with jack, you only have one line that can score. Although it is better than not scoring at all, like we have been doing
  5. I guess when they have a good playoff run
  6. I might be in the minority here, but I still think the Sabres defense is not good enough. they may have too many defenseman, but not enough really good ones. I think the sabres need 1 more solid defenseman (in place of a poor one) and at least (stress at least) 2 good forwards. With all this said, I still think the sabres are better than they have been playing. they are not moving on the power play so the defenders dont need to move once in position. They need to have better pk (back to needing 1 more good defender) I also think Johansson and sheary are more important to the team then some give them credit
  7. I cant say I have ever seen a headline like this https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/jack-eichel-gets-double-minor-feeding-eriksson-ek-fists/
  8. not to justify anything, but i suspect stalock will be the starter by the allstar break. he is way better than dubnick this year. i like the wild as my second team, and i really like stalock.
  9. he was one of the worst sabres players on the team. in fact, im surprised he got another nhl deal.
  10. my wife finally got home from her mothers when the eichel fight started and of course she wanted to talk to me, and then ask me questions she knew the answers to already. im like damn it, hockey is on, go back to your mothers for another hour (in reality i paused it and and listened to her and answered her questions)
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