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  1. i really want a 50th but dont want eichel. i am hoping they make others
  2. meh, im blacked out tonight. i hope i get to see some preseason games
  3. I want to see this interview. I really like what he has said so far. I was unsure about him when I first heard they hired him, but so far I like what he has to say. If it translates to wins then great, if not I suspect he will get 2 years to be a winning team. I hope that the players respond to him and really make an effort to become great. The Sabres have some really talented players that just haven't been able to put it all together yet. I don't know if they have enough to be a play off team yet, but honestly I think they are close. Honestly, think this year will be a great year for the Sabres
  4. nice game. i didnt get to watch much of the OT but i liked what i did see
  5. its like a completely different game in the 3rd. I still think the sabres will be great this year
  6. thank you. im glad its not the laptop. i havent been happy with it, but i cant return it without losing a 10% restocking fee
  7. i got a new laptop. the game looks a bit fuzzy. i am trying to figure out if its my new laptop or if it really is a bit fuzzy. any input would be appreciated
  8. im not far from penn state, maybe 1.5 hours or so. had i paid attention sooner that this game was going to be played there, i might have gone. i could have left from work and made it on time. EDIT: meh, penn state is not where i thought it was, its actually 4 hours
  9. last year you would have the audio and video options, and if you clicked it, it would say game starting soon.
  10. i hope your right, the nashville game, which already started also says no video available
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