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  1. Burned out? I can't believe it. I think they just got over confident after being up 3-0 and they were too busy planning their celebrations and forgot they still have to earn it. They should bring their A game in game 6. They better, because game 7s anything can happen.
  2. You just don't get it. Carolina got a LOT better once they ditched him. We will too. We are at a change moment. EVERYTHING is going to change. I'm starting to feel it and it's making me happy.
  3. Also true. From what I have read though Kane is a veteran leader and his work habits are role model stuff. I have never heard that about Skinner.
  4. You can't win that one. Evander Kane wins one if Florida loses. ROR, Bogo, Eichel, Kane, that starts to make Murray look like he was a genius 🙂
  5. Or you package them together. In order to shed a Foligno contract you give up the asset others might want along with him.
  6. I could be wrong, but if you're going to buy a player out don't they always waive them first? It might even be a necessary part of the process.
  7. While I wouldn't say the refs were the reason Edmonton won this game, they weren't, I would say they did their best assisting in the league getting a game 6. The too many men that they ignored was blatant, Tkachuk's embellishment was iffy at best, and they basically let Edmonton get away with much more than they did with Florida. But whatever, somebody gets to choke that's pretty much assured. Could still be either. People cheering for Edmonton here have to realize that would mean Cory Perry gets another cup. Do you really want that? 🙂
  8. You're being fiscally responsible rather than just trying to win next season. You can decide for yourself if you think that's "good" or "bad".
  9. Oh no I got that as well, but I think he enjoyed it as well and just wanted to add the humor. I could be wrong.
  10. I think this about Barkov as well. Part of the reason McDavid has taken over.
  11. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE! make this reality and not just a rumour. Guys, it's not about the money or the perfect economic scenario, it's about a culture change and getting him out of the room that Ruff and a new captain is coming in to. It has to happen now! Doesn't matter if that costs us a few coins down the road. We have enough entry level deals for that not to matter. If they don't have a better plan in mind I'd say yes. Overpaid, but he'd still be a solid addition and he plays the right way and we could use him. Depends if they have a better plan or not though. Definitely a better option than Krebs as 3C.
  12. I knew Sabres fans would enjoy that and why not? I get it. Needs an update with the sneaky shot Bennett gave him this year. That was classic and totally targeted. You have to admire what Marchand said about it though. "It's playoff hockey. I've been on the other end of that and have no issue with it." I can't imagine a current Sabre or Sabres fans saying that about a sucker punch leading to a concussion. I'm hoping that with Ruff in charge, this might all change. Hopefully, but still skeptical.
  13. The ocean is cold, no question. It's not shark territory. I've been surfing off the Tofino coast (on the island) and yes, it's f'n freezing, but it was still great. (a younger man's game). So people do go in and you can walk the shore and let the waves hit you and all that. It's pretty nice still. Not THAT cold. Just not great for swimming. When I lived in Nanaimo we were a 5 minute walk from the shore and I used to love going down there and watching the eagles. Absolutely beautiful. Interior depends on where you are. If you like golf Kelowna is great but it gets hot and dry in the summer. I personally don't care for that. Wildfire smoke in recent years is a seasonal issue as well. That has changed things more than anything else.
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