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  1. Why don't we trade them a 3rd round draft pick for the right to talk to him?
  2. I'm not sure that's true. He can sit like those guys did in Toronto. This will probably still be a covid pre-vaccine world (especially in the U.S. the way it's going) and in that environment I wouldn't be surprised if lots of RFAs think it's not a bad time to hard ball and sit out. None of this matters anyway. Boeser won't be traded to us. Probably won't be traded anywhere. Absolutely nothing's going to happen except most, if not all, of our UFAs will sign elsewhere (even the KHL).
  3. I'm not in any way suggesting Eriksson is any good really but I do think he is better than Frolik. Maybe paired with other Swedes, different style, maybe he can still generate a few goals. Maybe not. I'd chance it to get Boeser. I suppose ultimately it comes down to knowing what Reinhart's number is. If his agent is planning to hold the desperate team hostage like Skinner did with JBot it'd be better to avoid that rather than meeting his price and being saddled with 2 long term underachievers (if that happened, you know it's possible, you know he's been up and down etc etc, maybe it wouldn't but do you really want to risk it on him? Does he strike confidence in you? Not me.) You can argue about Reinhart's hockey sense and completeness or whatever but Boeser is a sniper with an accurate shot and paired with Jack I think he could put up Pasternak type numbers. Something Reinhart won't. I mean I hear you, if we spent that 6 million wisely on a top 2C that'd be a good idea, but other than the wishful Cirelli trade scenario I don't see that happening. I don't believe many players will want to come here and I don't believe they will spend at all really in free agency. hence, trying to think outside the 2C box. Boeser is an upgrade.
  4. Because I think Boeser is better than Reinhart and a top line of Skinner-Eichel-Boeser would be an upgrade. Eriksson isn't great and what he was is probably faded away but he MIGHT be a good fit with Johanson on the second line until Cozens is ready to take over. I'm still pushing for that Swedish Connection line one way or another :)
  5. Can't say obviously but 1 line hockey teams never go far in the post season no matter how good that 1 line is. All I can say about the playoffs is please hockey gods just don't let Bogo win the cup and star for Tampa. I can't take another year of that (like ROR).
  6. Easy, you make a trade around Boeser for Reinhart by taking on Erickson while dumping off Montour to somebody else for pick(s) or prospect(s). That gets rid of two RFAs who will want raises (and while avoiding a Reinhart argument Montour has shown nothing to deserve one). meanwhile I don't think Olofsson has (yet) earned the money you're suggesting with just 1 year on Jack's line and Dahlin's bigger payday will be affordable later because we lose Okposo and Erickson later.
  7. No, but I'd give him up for Zadorov AND Kadri. The best way to get Boeser out of Vancouver would be for someone to take on Loui Erickson in the deal (2 years remaining and the Canucks desperate to unload his contract). I doubt we do any deals like that though given the whole cost cutting thing they seem to be doing.
  8. No cause Cozens will be better (in time). I'd give them Reinhart though.
  9. not sure where you got the 18m figure from. I think they are right up against the cap with DeBrusk, Bjork, Gryzlek all RFAs 2 of whom have earned raises and UFAs include Chara, Krug and Nordstrom. Even if they bridged DeBrusk as a 20 goal scorer it's a bump in pay they don't have room for if they sign Krug to anything reasonable.
  10. I don't disagree with this, but wouldn't you feel better about next year if we had Dudley as director of hockey operations, Kreuger bumped up to GM or director of player development and Lindy as coach (who, if he failed, could easily be dumped and replaced by Kreuger on an interim basis). To me, it is a no brainer but of course it would have cost the Pegulas more money and Duds and Lindy aren't as lean as they used to be.... NJ will be better than us I think, although not by a lot.
  11. So there's an organization that concludes what we need to rebuild is an experienced coach with a proven track record. There's an idea.
  12. I read an article today that said Jake DeBrusk's agent would not be entertaining a home town discount so maybe the Bruins will look to unload him. I'd consider it if I were the Sabres. Would give us one heck of a LW line up.
  13. Sigh. Simply one more reason not to give a crap next season.
  14. Of course. Just meant they could communicate in Swedish (perhaps) so that some of the opposition wouldn't understand them. Doesn't matter, my Swedish Connection idea does not seem very popular anyway. Mojo's a 3rd line player though, that needs to be addressed. I kept Skinner with Jack because I saw the character of a Reinhart 2nd line being more of a balanced 2 way line in my mind. I'm well aware we don't have enough good players to create multiple dominant lines, but the idea is to avoid the single track of getting a 2C. If we are looking for RW or 2C we might have a better chance of finding someone that fits rather than another failed attempt (Mojo) to promote 3rd line guys from other teams into 2nd line roles where they aren't as good. I certainly don't think we will be successful with a third line made up of Thompson Mittlestadt or Sobodka.........................
  15. This is a thought I was having last night so I was wondering what people say about it. Reinhart was originally drafted as a center if I remember correctly, played a few games there to start, floundered, was sent back and then became the winger he is now. So he couldn't play center back then but can he now that'd be my question? If he can, maybe we can get around this whole 2C issue. Opens up the possibility of looking at a number of different players for the wings or center and not just a hunt for that one elusive guy who is hard to get. So you put Skinner back with Jack as the previous year and maybe you can get away with adding Cozens to that unit even as a rookie since Jack draws all the attention. That's your top unit. 2nd line is centered by Sam. Not sure who with but that's where the trade/FA options come in. You get wingers to complement his style. Maybe Kahun, maybe 2 new bodies that fit. 3rd line is a line I wanted to see last year and still want to see. A Swedish Connection. Oloffson, Asplund, Johanson. Johanson a great playmaker, Oloffson a sniper, Asplund speedy 2 way player, they can communicate in Swedish if they like and be fairly dominant in a 3rd line role (which is where Johanson belongs). 4th line same as this year if we can sign them, if not, I guess it's whatever PK, grit and effort guys we can find. I don't see Mitts or Tage as good enough and if they are all we have we wont' be any better. Just a thought.
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