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  1. Kulich was very good. Really strong work along the wall to get the puck back for the first goal and he showed a great burst of speed on the empty netter. Unlike Rosen, he seems like a guy who maybe elevates his game when it matters. Chechia's goalie swap paid dividends too.
  2. Sweden survives a less than inspired effort 2-1. Most of team Sweden doesn't inspire me. Rosen is a very passive player who lets others do the harder work and he quits on plays imo. He has skills, but I honestly do not think he has what it takes. Lysell looks like a potential NHLer. Andrea was good, Olausson has potential. Not many others.
  3. Hence the paradox. You can't sign big names because they don't believe you have a wining team and you need big names to have that winning team (until the kids develop fully) . If you sign one, perhaps you convince others and you do turn that corner. The term might be the point of contention. otherwise I see no reason not to overpay a few people shorter term to resolve that issue and turn the corner.
  4. Good play by Lysell on the PP gives Rosen the yawning cage and he puts it in like a goal scorer should. Latvia with a 5 minute major here in the third. See what happens.
  5. I guess I'm in the minority. I didn't hate the ending, but I thought the "regrets" theme was a weak attempt at a cliche redemption arc. Okay, Jimmy pays the price to win back Kim's favour/love. Not very original imo. Disappointing for a show that had better twists and turns along the way. I guess it's the sort of "happy" ending. I personally would have preferred something darker or even a full on return to the comedic aspect as Saul, originally, was pretty much a comic relief character in Breaking Bad. The B&W also lost it's point in the end as, if Jimmy is back and redeemed, the final scene with Kim should have gone back to colour. but whatever. It was decent tv.
  6. https://screenrant.com/bob-odenkirk-new-show-straight-man-explained/ Sounds like it'll be a midlife crisis dramedy.
  7. he isn't underrated at all. He gets tons of love here from many people.
  8. Kind of a moot point because if I name a player, they signed elsewhere, so you can say they wouldn't have signed here etc etc but the reality is you just don't know what negotiations could bring (or even trades). There were options, especially in goal. If Campbell couldn't have been persuaded I would have gone after Husso and/or Vanacek (maybe both) . So there isn't much left, but you could still sign Kadri and Subban and this team would be a better team for the next couple years than it is now. Not ideal choices, but not a concern as I doubt there's any additions at all.
  9. But therein lies the paradox. If you bring in those higher end FAs you can compete now. Punch had it right, "could have upgraded the C, D and G positions and still given their kids opportunities to develop and beat out a viable player". Filling glaring holes strategically while primarily developing and playing your youth is also a viable plan, and one that imo earns dividends sooner.
  10. I know I'm in the minority, but I'm going to stick with what I said before. Naming him captain would be a mistake. Kyle and Zemgus should both be deadline dealt.
  11. Ya, but it's 3 on 3 OT not real hockey, they ALL skated 180 feet.
  12. I actually would sign him for the right price (and relatively shorter term) because a veteran D man added to this group wouldn't be a bad thing in the short term. Even if he ends up eventually on the bottom pairing the leadership would be valuable. He wouldn't have been my first choice, but if he's interested I'd consider it at this point.
  13. the trailing player on an empty net. That's a gift, not a highlight.
  14. To both points, I wouldn't disagree, but I'd also say you are both basing a lot on a small sample size from last year. I don't think ANYTHING in the roster is set and Granato will still experiment with pairings and chemistry. The "poor usage" as Curt put it is only if they decide their game plan functions better with righties on the right and lefties on the left. So, as this is hypothetical anyway, I don't think you are signing Subban if your plan is to play Dahlin on the right side. It would mean one of the righties goes to the left. Makes no sense. Subban isn't going to sign here as a depth player, he's going to want to play. So if they sign him, I have to assume Dahlin is on the left with somebody. As for the pairing, it depends on what Granato wants and how good players look in camp and early in the year. Maybe he will want more of a shut down pairing and he will play Samuelsson with Lyubushkin. I wouldn't, but who knows? Maybe he wants big minutes for Dahlin and he will get multiple partners? Maybe Power will be so good he will get paired with Dahlin? Really, I wouldn't base much on what happened last year. So why would you sign Subban?
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