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  1. He'd be a good FA for us imo. Sign him and Kuraley from the Bruins. Adds some grit and veteran leadership and maybe they can bring some of that Bruin locker room comradery to our young guys.
  2. I agree fully. I was saying I have a feeling THEY are going to have UPL and Power on the roster in the fall, not that I want that or agree with it.
  3. No necessarily wrong. Depends how you define "good".
  4. I want to look at it this way too, and so far they haven't traded away draft picks for a quick fix and adding "stars" but I think the question does remain, is this the bottom (I want to believe it is) or do they also plan to try to add Shane Wright to go along with Power? What they do or don't do from now until the start of the season should answer that.
  5. One also has to keep in mind that at this time Buffalo is not an attractive destination for free agent hockey players. As a new GM attempting to instill a new culture KA cannot afford to come off as hard ass or vindictive. They have to try to create an image of a supportive team that values their players. It's a true rock and a hard place situation. Jack, on the other hand will b forgiven instantly as soon as he starts scoring for whoever. Memories are short term for fans and easily changed with wins. I suspect Jack's agent will be putting more pressure on this week and if it's not done before free agency things will get ugly.
  6. You can't tank when you've already tanked. That's just drowning.
  7. Exactly. Not even close. Hasek gave us wins we didn't really deserve and almost got us a cup. There was absolutely zero TEAM success with Eichel. It will be interesting when he leaves to see what he says. Risto took the high road and some responsibility saying he played a role in the failure. Will Eichel do the same? Apparently Sweeney called Sabres again after the draft to see if the Price was down, it wasn't, he hung up. No Bruins dream for Jack.
  8. He's already writing huge cheques for Skinner and getting nothing for it so I can't blame him for wanting to shed big payouts to people who aren't really into being here.
  9. I'm going to predict they have no plans to sign a single one. Maybe a small smattering of Riley Sheahan types to fill out the roster but basically nobody. Also going to predict (and it's a mistake) that UPL will be our goalie and Power will be in our opening day line up.
  10. because Terry finds the magical orb while out frakking and we are all transported back to the proper world of the multiverse where Sabres are good and the Leafs suck.
  11. We're going to have to agree to disagree on this I guess. imo trading Sam seals the fate of things. It punctuates the idea this is a rebuild (and Jack has said he does not want to go through a rebuild) and it provides him with an opportunity to save his image by focusing on that point ahead of the disconnect (which I still think was fabricated for that reason). So far he has not lost his love or stated definitively he wants out, but if we don't move him soon I'm pretty sure that's coming and the NMC will be a diminishing return deadline much like ROR's bonus payment was. We wait until the season starts and I'm sure we will get less for him than we will now, They need to find the teams with assets/prospects that are in a hurry to win now and make the deal.
  12. Possibly. We should also probably be looking (as always) at southern Ontario boys who might enjoy the proximity.
  13. I get this, I really do. And if I'm in a hard nosed negotiation I'd take this view too, but I wouldn't be willing to risk it as a fan who wants this to end and get on with a new beginning. The chance of it derailing a rebuild is too huge. It's not like he'd do nothing, he'd still show his stuff here and there when he wanted to but look at what DuBois did in Columbus as an example. Just quit on a play here or there. Costs a game, irritate the coach. It's toxic and it spreads. As to who would sign him after, well he'd take a pay cut, but it didn't take much of an audition for Taylor Hall to get 6 million did it?
  14. Oh I agree entirely. I think he will flourish in Philly and fans will love him. Wouldn't be surprised if he signs long term there and ends up playing solid second pairing minutes. Not sure who he will partner with. Sanheim I guess. Provorov and Ellis as the top pairing. Their D is no longer the joke it was this season.
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