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  1. Caps seem to like what Sheary did for them this year. Go figure. https://www.nhl.com/news/conor-sheary-signs-two-year-deal-with-washington/c-323649706
  2. Don't really care where we draft. If the players to turn this franchise around aren't already in the system we're not going to turn it around even if we win the next 4 lotteries.
  3. maybe Adams main job going forward will just be acting as the buffer/translator for the Pegulas? A layer to keep them from meddling directly with the hockey guy making the moves. They trust him so he explains, justifies etc. like a diplomat. That's kind of my hope.
  4. Rangers are on the right path, they wouldn't make that trade unless it was a bargain basement price. No way they'd offer us true value. They do not need him.
  5. Definitely. I have to assume they've told him his path to success is by using that body more. Or he's read all of us 🙂 but whatever, I think he knows what he needs to do now. I don't really want him fighting though (except when necessary) . What I do want from him is to start finishing his checks. Too many times still he's in on the forecheck and sticks out that long stick but backs away near the boards. He has to start pounding a few D men into them now and again to wear them down and perhaps get a turnover.
  6. Bored. Registered, but still waiting to get vaxxed. Going stir crazy.
  7. 1. Not talking about selling off for pennies on the dollar. Talking selling off for good value. This always comes up in these discussions. On the one hand you have the fans saying these guys are worth a lot, but on the other hand they have to be replaced. If they are THAT good, why do we keep losing with them? Hokey trades do not have to be winner or loser, they can be changes that improve both sides. 2. Agree with the changing back and forth idea. Have been saying we need a clear vision, a clear plan, and we need to do everything to stick with that. I'm just hoping the vision is a littl
  8. I'd agree with you in part except for one thing. Toronto tanked, got Matthews and the rest is history. Point being, it's never that simple, there is no clear guaranteed path and it takes a lot of correct decisions to build a franchise. No one player, no one thing. You can't just have one good draft or one good trade or one good signing. You need to do it year after year, following a plan, laid out by solid management and good scouting. Now what does "associate" actually mean? Who's in charge of what?
  9. lol Stafford. Letting Briere walk and keeping Vanek was perhaps the biggest mistake this franchise ever made.
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