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  1. Blowing it up would be difficult and take time, granted, but after all these years of consistent failure (and despite plans that on paper seemed reasonable) are you still convinced that it just takes one or two players to turn this all around? The failure imo seems much larger. Call it the culture, blame it on the organization, call it what you like, but it's larger than just a few better players.
  2. true, their big forwards score more and our defense is arguably better (but are they?) but the idea of the team in organizational construction seems similar to me. Soft teams that stress puck movement and all those modern metrics. Marner is better than Reinhart but we have Eichel, they have Matthews and neither is captain material despite being the centerpiece. They overpaid Tavares we overpaid Skinner. Our Nylander crapped out but arguably theirs isn't all that either. Neither team has heart and/or gives consistent effort. imo these are very similar pathways and neither is the Bruins (or St. Louis, or Washington etc etc.)
  3. So now we see. The analitics guys have it. See what they do with it. I expect it to crash and burn.
  4. because you don't build a team that wins with a handful of star forwards (and their wonderful metrics). You do it with team defense and a roster filled with players who work hard. One or two superstars added to that mix and you are in business. The Buffalo and Toronto way is backwards and doomed to failure.
  5. I'd look to a Sutter or a Burke type. Bring in no nonsense old time goon hockey. We might not win right away but in time nobody will want to mess with us and the new talent can be brought in via the draft and can flourish in a protected effort first culture. and in the short run, at least it'll be entertaining and Eichel won't have to fight for us.
  6. This constant echo however is why it may be impossible to fix this team outside of trading away the entire roster and starting from scratch. Anyone who is here for any length of time or comes from somewhere better becomes psychologically damaged.
  7. If we pay Reinhart, I wonder what the ratio of money to time the puck is on his stick would be? Bet it'd be the highest on the team by far.
  8. I think Sam Reinhart is afraid of having the puck on his stick. Any time he gets it he never keeps it or possesses it just tries to instantly pass it back to Eichel or the closest player. End result gives it away, end of sequence. Don't understand the love Montour sometimes gets either. I know he scored the goal, and he can skate and move the puck, but he's absolutely useless in his own end. Now I see why Anaheim dumped him. Outside of Eichel, who tried to spark the team (but there wasn't much to ignite) this team just gets worse and worse. This team is an absolute joke.
  9. Strangely enough, I find he is overappreciated by more than a few around here. I'm not saying we just get rid of him, but if he wants top dollars I'd rather we spent that money elsewhere.
  10. What makes you think anybody is offering anything decent (or that would help)?
  11. It's simple. Nobody's screening the goalie very well. As always. The two shooter thing worked for a few weeks and then the film was in and teams attacked those sides more and we haven't adjusted (incapable?). We also lose far too many offensive zone face offs and thus lose a lot of PP time.
  12. Outside of Johanson does anybody on that list really matter?? Every team in the league is fighting injuries right now. Imagine how bad we gonna be if/when we lose some of our better players like other teams are doing (Crosby, Marner, Druin, Krug, etc etc. all over the league)
  13. Yup. Maybe a few more points in the right situation but I don't think he's a leader and he can't drive a line. I know he has a lot of fans here but at some point you have to look at who has been here since the tank and realize they are not getting it done.
  14. what do advanced stats say about players not trying or caring?
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