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  1. Failure at this point. You are right, things may change if he develops later, but at this point it looks like a bad pick. He isn't tearing the AHL up at this point after all is he? I will be more than happy to praise him should things change, but not at this point.
  2. If you're measuring/comparing them though you really have to account for when they drafted as well. I mean nobody wouldn't have drafted Eichel. Dahlin was the top rated pick in his draft. These are no brainers and a GM can't be called good for winning a lottery or for tanking for that matter. Cozens seems to be a good pick, but he too was one of a few obvious picks all rated similarly. Mitts has to be viewed as a failure because there are lower drafted players who are better (unless Mitts has a miraculous late blooming turnaround) including Jokiharju. If the lower picks you list make the NHL, those are successful drafts. If not, JBot fails. For me, your first rounder has to make the team at some point. Rounds 2-4, if you hit on 30% so 1 of the 3 you did a good job, 2 you did a great job. Rounds 5-7 you were just lucky. If somehow you consistently hit on late round picks you're either the luckiest man alive or a true GM genius.
  3. Bogo came back pretty good last year after the first surgery but I think this one didn't go as well. His physicality is off and his timing is off too. So his mind wants to do things but his body seems a step behind. More so then in the past. I think he is a broken player and nobody will trade for him and his contract. He will be lucky to get a try out from someone next year.
  4. Funny how every year that team is supposed to fall and every year they are supposed to be done and yet every year there they are, and so so much better than us. Our prospect pool does look better than it has for a while, but it's still nowhere near where it needs to be. You watch good teams like Boston, and despite their supposed lack of prospects, when they get the injury bug they have younger guys come up and fill in, even if just for a few games. We have a few (Pilut, Asplund) but mostly we just end up filling the roster with retreads and cast offs like Wilson. Too many CJ Smith types that simply aren't NHLers. Unfortunately, prospects usually take time, and JBot's success or failure wont' be fully known until after he might even be fired. Good drafting GMs often don't get the credit they should have, just ask Ron Hextall. JBot? Who knows. It's 50-50 at this point imo.
  5. Disappointing. Jack lost the game for us? LOL. Dude is exhausted doing all of his work and Sam's. How long do think one guy can carry an entire team? Jack is NOT the problem, it's everyone around him. Except Ullmark, he was excellent. He too, however, will have bad games coming up because Krueger has no back up to go to and he will burn him out as well. Such a frustrating team to be a fan of.
  6. He was (sort of) out last season. I think he played in Slovakia and then the Flyers gave him a try out.
  7. Don't be too hard on him, goalies take a long time to develop. With good coaching, he will be the guy we hope he will be.
  8. This is the kind of game we have to win if we want to have any chance at all. They are a bit of a mess and if we take it to them no reason we can't win. I'm most interested to see if we come out with effort again (like in Dallas) or will we rest on our laurels and lag like too many times in the past. If we come out and take it to them, then maybe Krueger's finally getting this house in order. I am hoping for a good game.
  9. That's a reasonable scenario but the question I'd have is who would that be? Which team is looking to unload a 2C with term on his contract they want to get rid of? I can't think of anyone who I'd want but I can't say I know every team's roster either.
  10. Pens won't be trading Jarry, he's their #1 right now, outplaying Murray. Toffoli and Kreider will end up on top contenders. My bet is Toffoli goes to Boston. They just waived Backes so they are working on something and are always looking for a RW. I really can't see JBot trading futures for rentals. We're better than last year, but we're not a contender by any stretch. Better he trades the Veseys and other pending FAs if he can for prospects and/or picks. If we trade Risto the PP is dead again. Montour I would trade for a quality forward but he's a JBot guy so that won't happen either. More likely he overpays him this summer. I expect us to do very little and we wont' even get anything now for most of the FAs we do have and will likely lose in the off season. Prove me wrong JBot, prove me wrong.
  11. I get where you're going but unlike us when they are on they can really rack up the goals. Much more forward talent on that team. Their D is often suspect and some of the forwards seem to take games off. That last part might be the same.
  12. It's constant, and it's referenced in every post so no point in rehashing it over and over again cause you'll just say I'm wrong and I'll say you're wrong and it'll never end. Almost every game I notice moments where he slacks or floats. Several times in last night's game Jack and Zemgus were working their butts off and Sam was just back waiting by the wall. So a defender says "great positional play" but the end result too often was they were outnumbered and Dallas gained possession despite good efforts from Jack and Zemgus. All too often 3 guys go back to the bench and only 2 of them are out of breath. It's his great conditioning right? I think not. Bottom line for me on Sam. If he worked as hard as Lazar (a much less talented player but with a great attitude) he'd be a perennial allstar. I'm tired of waiting. It'll never happen.
  13. Let's see if it continues without Morgan Reilly.
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