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  1. PerreaultForever

    Leafs fans respond to fourth loss in five games

    If they lose to Boston in the first round again, they will be screaming for more toughness there for sure. The Tavares pick up had them all thinking instant cup. If they fail (fingers crossed) their top heavy cap issues will make building any kind of D difficult to say the least.
  2. PerreaultForever

    Forwards Next Year - Fixing the Middle Six

    I cannot shake the feeling that there will be trade with Tampa involving Risto that might shake up our entire forward/2C situation. JBot just strikes me as a guy who will move out most everyone who wasn't his choice or doesn't fit his ideas exactly.
  3. PerreaultForever

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    I thought it was, but I guess they figured he was already down and out and wouldn't have gotten back even if nobody touched him, and they might be right. I'm still trying to figure out what E-Rod's penalty was for but whatever, we won and it was fun to watch.
  4. Compher-Armia-Lemieux could have been a good 3rd line.......
  5. PerreaultForever


    Win today, sorry. and thus ends another troll thread....................
  6. PerreaultForever

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    ROR missing in Buffalo on St. Pat's Day feels like karma or something. Win or lose if we play with effort like that in all our remaining home games it rekindles my hope for the future. Sheary played well. E-Rod. Nylander's best game as a Sabre, so MAYBE he's not a total scrub, fingers crossed. Nice to have a game where bitching about referees is actually a valid conversation :) Nelson has to go though. So soft. Down on his butt on that first goal. We have to get Risto paired with a solid defender so he can relearn how to take care of just his side of the ice. Right now he tries to take care of both sides on plays like that and thus the minuses keep adding up. Terrible team D on plays like that. Overall an entertaining effort and that's all I want for now. I was also glad ROR was just meh, and I'd add still looks slow and would not fit in what they are trying to build. Fun afternoon. lol. Only in Buffalo.
  7. PerreaultForever

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    I don't expect a win, but I do expect effort in this one. I can understand that lacking now in road games, but there should be an element of pride even when you are out of it when you play for the home crowd. If there isn't, then the culture has not changed one iota. Speaking of that culture, if ROR was a problem shouldn't we see some of our current leaders take a few shots at him? A few liberties? I'm probably too old school.
  8. PerreaultForever

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    That is kind of weird as it's obvious that he lacks in fundamentals (and perhaps at times focus). Perhaps we need a better goalie coach.
  9. PerreaultForever

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    Oh ya, forgot to mention, has anyone counted how many soft goals Ullmark has let in near the post? It's got to be a LOT.
  10. PerreaultForever

    Play the Draft Lottery Simulator!

    Well I am an unlucky fan I guess. 10-8-8-9-8 and I gave up (like the Sabres :))
  11. PerreaultForever

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Hmmm. Skinner and Dahlin in, ROR and Kane out.................trying to think of "more talent" worth talking about but coming up with nothing.
  12. 2-3 wins hardly matters so it's a non argument.
  13. PerreaultForever

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    This stuff is getting really hard to watch. Might have to stop for the rest of this season. Watching Nelson in his fight (?) with Ferland it makes sense now why he didn't do anything to Zadorov. Guy is softer than a twinkie. Also thinking I'd rather have the first than Montour. Guy has some offensive skill, but his D game is turrible. is it possible we are actually WORSE than last year? I'm starting to wonder.
  14. PerreaultForever

    Is the Nashville system worth waiting for?

    The question is, is it worth waiting for? Well, I don't think we have a choice. It's obvious their idea is to get players to play that way and to try to find players that fit that system and to build a team that way. They started it, so if you abandon it now you are starting over yet again. You bring in a defensive minded coach (for example) and he goes we need a D that can prevent goals. This Montour guy takes too many chances etc etc. and you are shuffling the deck chairs yet again. This is it, we're in it. I do like the idea that they do seem to have a plan and are sticking to it. It's not how I personally would build a team but it's what they decided to do and we are stuck with it, so I hope it works.
  15. PerreaultForever

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    I just read that article about even scoring a goal would be a moral victory......... Man, the bar is LOW. not sure any other team sets it that low but whatever. We will lose.