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  1. Well since he didn't impact the game on the ice a whole lot at the pro level maybe he suffers from low self esteem. Myself, I would build tougher first as anyone who has read me before knows but I'm not sure JBot is totally wrong, just that his way will be frustrating and take more time. I am thinking he feels you build the skill first and when you are good but your downfall is playoff toughness that last part is easier to add at the end. My fear is that the culture of winning and players supporting each other etc. is harder to build with his method.
  2. But like with most swiss army knives you can't get that little blade out easily and it's not very sharp and most of those little attachments or thingies are kind of useless. I mean have you ever tried to actually open a can with a swiss army knife can opener? good luck. I think ERod is ok but he's not worth the concern and definitely not worth his number.
  3. Did you watch the playoffs this year at all????? Anyway, I sure hope we surprise and there is a chance this new assembly comes together (especially after a good trade for Risto with.......Winnipeg? .....for another solid forward) but right now JBot's evaluation rests solely on his draft picks. If they are good he gets a thumbs up, if not, him and Murray can race to the bottom and we can wallow there with them for another 2 or 3 years as the next GM starts yet again. Right now I am mostly worried about two things. One, goaltending. Just don't have faith in Ullmark getting it together. Hope I'm wrong. Two, we are really really soft. Marcus Johanson can play some good hockey (for example) but he went into tough areas on a team where he knew people had his back. How will he do after he takes a few tough hits here and will he just end up concussed for the year. If we somehow surprise and make it to the playoffs, we will be a quick exit as we get run out of the rink. One step at a time I guess, but a more balanced approach to this rebuild would be more to my liking.
  4. Sabres: Perreault, Schoenfeld, LaFontaine (Honorable mention Rick Dudley and his headband) Non Sabres: Orr, Robinson, Clarke Hated: Tucker, Torres, Samuelson
  5. Gardiner has a bad back and is a defensive liability. Totally over valued and as we have seen, many GMs agree. Two years ago the Bruins shredded him in the post season and he's never fully gotten over that. I would not touch him under any circumstances.
  6. I don't think you can make this assumption. new coach, new ideas, new combos. Anyone could be anywhere.
  7. D men take longer to develop (usually) so even if you view this as a swap of disappointments (which I don't think you can) JBot wins this trade imo.
  8. Well we need a RW or C so for Winnipeg it'd likely be Ehlers (doubt they ditch Laine) could be Roslevic. Likely a few parts/prospects/picks mixed into this one way or the other. For Tampa I'd obviously like it to be Point but I think a deal with Cirelli + might be very interesting. Really liked him at the worlds.
  9. I think Bogo eventually, but not necessarily now. Nelson, on the other hand, perhaps JBot also noticed him not defending Jack in the Colorado game. Culture and all that. Seems almost TOO obvious that Risto will exit before the season starts.
  10. Unless he gets traded it will be interesting to see if Scandella can get his game back with new coaching. I personally think he will,
  11. If McCabe gets that from arbitration, I will bet you JBot trades him shortly thereafter.
  12. I agree with the top part of this and it is the reason I don't see why all the negativity over the MJ signing. I've been accused of too much negativity, and here I am seeing the obvious, we are better after these additions than we were before, no more no less. As for "too many NHLers for this lineup" I don't see that at all. Tage has to earn his way back in. Pomminstein is gone. Sobodka is irrelevant. Sheary is irrelevant unless he's better than last year too. Kreuger will make his own lines but looking at last year if you have a top 3 of Skinner-Eichel-Reinhart, and a bottom 3 of Zemgus-Larson-Okposo, all you have for the middle 6 is Mitts and E-Rod. Olofsson, Johanson and Vesey leaves us only one player away from a decent middle six with players pushing for jobs from the minors and the bleachers. Big time upgrade. I think we need to add toughness, but that's what I think about us most of the time :) Maybe a Rsito for a 2C trade is in the works? If not, right side D looks really good and I'd go so far as to suggest our biggest issue next year MIGHT be goaltending. We might not be good enough, but we will be much much better.
  13. I really don't get the complaints over this. We've added a good player and we didn't subtract anything to add him. It's a good thing.
  14. Maybe, but 11 points in the playoffs for the Bruins, 8th on their team scoring so he can play in tough games. Will he for us? Dunno, but its a 2 year deal and we need players now while kids grow so I see absolutely no problem with the signing. Could be huge dividends, and if not, we shouldn't be any worse.
  15. We need one more player imo (RW or C) so I'd sign Dzingle for sure but with Johansson we are definitely a better team.
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