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  1. I certainly hope you are wrong about this. Another slow start by him calls his value into question imo. At this point he needs to be one of the driving forces of this team and we simply cannot afford to build around guys who do not show up for a full season. A slow start would certainly hurt his contract negotiations I am sure, and may in fact lead to him being dealt if he asks for too much.
  2. I'm not surprised, but I was hoping I would be surprised by him making the roster. I am still hoping this year's roster will look a lot different than last year's roster, but my optimism for that is getting hard to maintain, I will admit that.
  3. Just going to put this out there. It might be time for JBot to call up Winnipeg again. Looks like now they have lost half their D from last year with the Byfuglin situation and they have two unsigned RFAs so they just might be willing to take a chance on him.
  4. I know. That's why I said US and Canadian programs don't have the same age point for most players. But it doesn't matter. He doesn't look like a 2C based on last year or preseason game 1 for him. Fair enough. Won't argue that. I still think he can develop into a good player, but it is a question of how soon for sure.
  5. Part of the problem is obviously trading ROR AND having Bergland quit. Pretty sure the plan was for him to be 2C while developing Casey slower as 3rd or 4th but that happened. The other part of the problem is centers we draft never manage to be good enough to be centers. Sam was supposed to be a 2C wasn't he? Girgensens was supposed to play center wasn't he? You move everybody to the wing you're going to be short a few centers.
  6. Not the way I look at it. Sam was so dreadful his first year he went back to the minors after what was it like 8 or 9 games. Casey, on the other hand played a full season and had 25 points. You can argue that those aren't the same point in development but I'd say they are both their first year. US and Canadian starting points are not the same age wise imo.
  7. Nah. It's not what we're supposed to do as fans. As fans we're supposed to be overly optimistic, have that crushed by reality, then argue about whose fault it is this time and what the solution is, but we're supposed to wait until something meaningful actually happens before the pessimism. That's what "Fans" are supposed to do. Sabres futility has ruined you. Take a vacation :)
  8. Over reactions to a meaningless preseason hockey game or what? Some of you definitely are going to give yourselves heart attacks and/or ulcers. Don't get your blood pressure up until at least October 3rd. As for Mitts, I'm going to say it again. He still looks better than Sam did at this point in his development.
  9. Most of the bodies from last year are around, BUT will the opening night roster be the same or similar to last year's end of season roster? I'm really hoping it won't be. There are enough new bodies around to allow for quite a different team but at this point no idea. I'm going to remain hopeful. I will agree, that IFF the opening night roster is basically the same then it's unlikely Kreuger can take us to the playoffs (or even close) but if there are guys from that roster who don't make this team, then optimism reigns.
  10. I think dudacek makes good points. The only certainty I can see is that there is absolutely no way to know how this will shake out. Way too many unknowns. I am a little amazed at how many people in this thread and others seem locked on the past and on some sort of tweak or variation on last year's line up. Most of those people were Housley haters too. I think you have to throw the lines, pairs, systems, everything from last year out the window and forget about it. This will be a new line up with new ideas. Not one single thing is guaranteed. Kreuger is going to try all kinds of combinations/ideas to see who works well together, who gets his system, and who has chemistry. If Jack and Jeff have that chemistry it'll be the dynamic duo but if he sees chemistry with Vesey it'll be him. If Kreuger wants it spread through the line up the big line will be split up. There is simply no way to know at this point. Its' all going to be NEW. Good new or bad new who knows, but it won't be the same, that's for sure.
  11. So they say he's gained 13 pounds while losing 1% body fat..........there is hope!
  12. I keep hearing this word from and related to Kreuger - we will be "aggressive." Aggressive on the puck, aggressive at the blueline, aggressive. I like the sound of it, but I'm not sure what it'll be. My pessimistic side says this sounds a lot like Housley when he got here, maybe just switch fast for aggressive. I choose to remain optimistic that this time it'll mean good hockey. Certainly like the way he is structuring the organization opening communication lines and basically coordinating everything from top to bottom, from systems to nutrition and conditioning. It feels promising.
  13. Pekar. Pekar. Pekar! I simply cannot wait for the day he is in our lineup. I like some of the grit shown by some of them. Their attitudes. I see a shift in culture coming and lots of potential guys to balance the roster around the main talent. In 2-3 years I can see every single one of the guys listed in the first post on our roster, including Olson. The only question for me is how soon? Pretty sure it won't happen as fast as I want it to, or as fast as the team needs it to. But there is a future.
  14. My crazy prediction. Cozens and Pekar make this roster. Thompson and Pilut do not. This will be a very different team than last year.
  15. This is the million dollar question. I do not think he will be interested in anything Housley did and so there is no way to even guess what it will be but I have this feeling that there will be some huge surprises. For me, Thompson on the opening night roster would be one of those surprises for me. I am truly hoping we will be good enough that he cannot make the cut. I have zero faith in him being significantly better.
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