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  1. PerreaultForever

    Housley Should Have Until End of December

    Big body in front of the net. Reinhart moves around the right areas but doesn't get the dirty job done. More of those Jack and Dahlin shots need to be better screened. Aside from that, more motion and movement. What we do is kind of predictable. A better face off man wouldn't hurt either. When O'Reilly was on our PP we won a lot of attack zone draws and that sets you up right away.
  2. for me and my friends. like you say tom-eh-toe I say tom-ah-toe but for those arguments/discussions when you feel it's the same in different words but if you go on about it you'll end up arguing for weeks over nothing. if that makes sense. and if it doesn't, well never mind :)
  3. which is kind of a pipe dream condition. They're already stuck with Lucic and cap issues. Okposo's not going anywhere.
  4. potato tomato, he's still our best D right now and he irritates opponents. we need that. He will be a fine #2 D man along with Dahlin as the future #1. You simply don't trade your best young players if you want to build a champion and overrated or not, he is still one of our best players.
  5. PerreaultForever

    The Blueline Is A Mess

    Yup, that's what I'm seeing too. The D is also being asked to attack and drive the rush all the time because the forwards suck and outside of the Eichel line generate zero offense on their own. Vast majority of our goals are the result of D driven plays. So with that in mind they are asking the D to do everything and all too often the forwards are not back checking well. Add to that both goalies need work on their rebound control. All too often pucks put right back out in front. I'm fine with the improvements in the D and where it's going. The problem for me is still a pile of crap wingers.
  6. Trading Risto now would be insane. He's a stud this year.
  7. PerreaultForever

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I want him signed, but I have to wonder why Carolina moved him for what they did. Makes me think they knew he wouldn't sign there and with the season he's had, the price must be even higher now. So I don't think there's any dilemna for JBot. You make him your BEST offer before the deadline and if he doesn't take it you have to move him for a solid return. I dunno but I hope he isn't pulling a Tavares type move and secretly wants to play for his hometown or some team he loved growing up with what he sees as a cup future. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hometown-hockey/dr-oetker-giuseppe-pizzeria-hometown-jeff-skinner/
  8. PerreaultForever

    Forward Taylor Leier Traded to Sabres

    Aside from out big shot firsts, I think it's kind of obvious Boston has drafted better. Carlo alone in that list wins the argument. Philly will learn soon enough that the big fast body doesn't use it. Maybe they have him penciled in for Simmonds spot at the deadline hoping nobody will notice.
  9. PerreaultForever

    GDT - Sabres @ Vancouver - January 18, 2019 - 10:00 PM - SNP; MSG-B

    There are moments when he just amazes me. he is going to be something really really special (and soon). Some of his passes tonight were so quick and crisp and he moved the puck up so well. Never forget he is just a kid. Be excited. Pilut on the other hand was absolute rubbish tonight and basically cost us the game. Really liked the Larsson, Girgensens, Okposo combination. L & G have worked hard all year and that is pretty much our #2 line, not our #4. Good effort and a game we win if Pilut is just average and maybe Ullmark plays a little better. We get a lot of shots now but too many of them are easy cherry picking ones. We still need more traffic in front and more finish. Maybe we don't make the playoffs. probably not, but it's still way more fun than last year and prior to the win streak did anyone actually think it was a one year fix? JUST SIGN SKINNER and all is well. Guy had a little Marchand in him tonight. Dirty but sneakier. I liked it.
  10. A lot of games we have lost this year have still been fun to watch. This was not one of them. The idea that we are somehow not better than last year is ridiculous though.
  11. PerreaultForever

    Wow..lightning running away with the Presidents Trophy..

    Is that JBot's fault or the fact that Reinhart and Girgensens (both drafted as future centres) can't play centre well? His first draft he surprised us with a potential future centre (albeit struggling a bit now but I have hope) and he fixed the weakest part of the team (D). Could anyone predict Berglund doing what he did? I think not. Have faith, I am sure after signing Skinner, adding or drafting a centre will be top of his to do list.
  12. PerreaultForever

    Josh Gorges Officially Retires

    the game changed and left him behind.
  13. PerreaultForever

    Jbot Do Something Already - 4 Saving the Playoffs Edition

    will it leave you with a feeling of satisfaction or emptiness? that is the question.
  14. Sorry but Hutton in net is not a strange or bad move unless Ullmark does not play against Calgary, the tougher team. If we want to even hope for the playoffs we need to come out of this western trip with a winning record. Will be interesting to see if we can handle these teams with big bodies. I'm not sure we can.
  15. PerreaultForever

    2019 moves

    The Coutourier deal is a joke (price would be way higher and I doubt they move him at all) but the Ferland idea is a good one.