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  1. He hasn't looked great overall though. Neither has Eichel. See what happens now that its the elimination round but I suspect the Russians will roll over the U.S. and that'll be it for Jack. Sam may still have time to shine.
  2. Course it was a bad trade, but he didn't have a choice. ROR wanted out and that was the best deal he could get before that signing bonus kicked in (which was an issue that came down from the top I am sure). I am personally more concerned over how less than stellar Eichel and Reinhart have looked (overall) at the worlds. If Skinner doesn't sign those are our so called young stars and there are quite a few guys from other teams out there looking much better.
  3. First hockey game I ever watched as a young kid was Stanley Cup St. Louis/Boston, Bobby Orr flies through the air on the winning goal. Feels like I've come full circle. Two really similar teams. Might all come down to Brad Marchand 🙂
  4. Unless he's thrown into a larger trade package I think he'll be on the roster in the fall. Mostly because I don't think he has any trade value (or very little) and JBot will give the new coach a chance to find a role for him. One last chance.
  5. I'm pretty sure he knows the real stuff and these sort of things are just empty media answers. He knows Casey was an inadequate 2C. He was hoping he'd be a rookie sensation but he knows he wasn't but he's not going to say it cause it makes himself and Casey look bad. So he's going to try to find a 2C but if he can't we will hear more stuff about developing our own players. Same for all other positions. It's good diplomacy, but ultimately empty and meaningless.
  6. I agree with you, and things have changed so it is very important to have good assistants for the teaching and various direct things coaches used to do themselves. When it comes to Phil, you never know what to believe these days because they always spin a good story but the old narrative was that he was supposed to be a good communicator and players supposedly liked him and so forth but ultimately I think he is better as an assistant than he is a head man. He did a lot of experimenting but never could get something together that worked. Players need regular linemates, set D pairings. You look at Boston in the playoffs and they have unbelievable communication on the ice and that comes from being with the same guys and knowing what they do and how they think. Bergeron makes hand gestures for line changes and there is a flow and to quote the old line everybody is on the same page. We, under Phil, often seemed disorganized and running around and nobody seemed sure of where to be or what to do. We need a better structure/system and I hope Kreuger can bring that to us. I don't want to go back to Bylsma hockey but I do want to see a more balanced approach and strong defensive play and backchecking. Carolina did not have the depth to go past where they did, and neither will we, but maybe with the right coaching we can go as far as they did. Talent wise, they aren't really any better, they were just better coached and had a better chemistry. Fingers crossed.
  7. This is pretty much my feeling as well. All the talk of his motivational skills won't help one bit unless we add more talent and fill some glaring holes in the roster like 2C. No way to assess this team's chances until free agency hits.
  8. I have said this before, but it was punctuated tonight. The Bruins "culture" is something to be admired and emulated. If the Bruins win it all, the good news at least is there will be no prominent former Sabre talking about what a change his career took or how it was great to join a real team. The league, however, seems to favor the Sharks.........or is it just luck? Who can say.
  9. Interesting, but it sounds more like the resume of a GM than a coach. We will have to see how all this motivational stuff translates into NHL coaching.
  10. Reading that article about how Rutherford had recommended him to JBot I think he was on the radar for a while. JBot definitely values Rutherford's opinions on things. Kind of his mentor.
  11. I think Jack will have a healthier season when he gets more help and isn't the one who always has to do all the work. Really hope we can get Zuccarello. Would make a big difference for sure.
  12. I'm not sure why Steve Smith gets all the love. I'd prefer a whole new group but one that does include a veteran (like a Boucher or Boughner) who can be given the HC interim job quickly if this experiment falters badly. I suspect Krueger wants his own people so no idea who they might be. A new/good goaltending coach is also a really good idea.
  13. You are only finding this "obnoxious" because you do not understand my point. To clarify, young players today (not just the Sabres) are different than 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. They make far more money without even proving themselves, they have instant limelight, and they have much better mobility/free agency in their futures. As such, they are more independent and more powerful than they were in the past and are also harder to motivate. Old style coaches that demand and yell and bench etc. do not have the same level of power they used to. This isn't my idea, it's common knowledge. Even guys like Tortorella have learned this and mellowed/changed. He still yells at the refs and the media, but he is much different with his players than he used to be. So the point is, amid all this talk of old experienced coaches and disciplinarians, maybe hiring a coach that players like, one that knows how to talk to them on that level, maybe that is the actual better approach, and so if that's true, JBot is right to have gone that way.Having heard and read more, I think this might be a good hire, at least in theory. A (perhaps) risky, but bold and brave choice. Is that "obnoxious" enough for you?
  14. and captain Jack still loves them which is rather.............odd?
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