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  1. I'm not sure how to word it clearer. The point is really that in no way is Buffalo currently a desired landing spot. It was a long time ago and it might be again but it isn't now. I think if you argue against that you're just being a homer and not being objective at all. I wonder if the real reason Adams has the philosophy he does is because he tried to get free agents here and ran into nothing but brick walls so there was only one pathway to walk down. We as fans talk about sign this guy or that guy, but what if none of them actually want to come? As a GM what would you do then?
  2. I think people over value the 4th line. I really don't think it measures up to top teams 4th lines and lacks the role/character some of those lines have. They're really just a bunch of guys who can't crack the top 3 lines and not solid role players. The fact we have two of our letters on the 4th line is downright weird. The 2nd line is good at times but still raw and error prone at others.
  3. The "energy" line is pretty mediocre and doesn't measure up to other team's actual energy lines. There is nothing in the bottom six that the team needs to hang on to for the future. It's a comparatively weak group. Can you list out who you mean or are thinking of.
  4. Face it, we have one good line, one kid line and 2 lines of garbage. That's it.
  5. Is there a correlation between PK rankings and face offs? Seems to me dropping 20 seconds off that penalty by winning a draw in your own end matters a LOT.
  6. Just to add to the absurdity, why not trade to get Johansson back while you're at it? He's no Tokarski but he's got an AHL .932 save percentage so come on, we let another one slip away...................
  7. You cut that off, but to your knowledge is there another player on the roster who has Buffalo or local connections that wanted to be here or chose to be here?
  8. If one looks at this objectively, no matter how you shuffle it you have one top NHL line, one line of raw talent that still makes errors but shows signs of being consistently good one day and 2 lines of mix and match garbage.
  9. This is without a doubt the silliest topic/idea I've ever read on here.
  10. I don't think I said it was for no one, just that most of the players on the roster wouldn't be too heartbroken if they went elsewhere. I would bet anything that if you looked at all the modified no trade clauses in the league, the 10 teams and all that, you'd find Buffalo listed on almost all of them. I doubt there are many teams that fare worse. maybe Arizona.
  11. Honestly I didn't see enough of Shehands to know if he's better. I just know that Krebs hasn't been very good and he should be sent down and somebody should replace him. I guess that's Jost right now. Balcers would have been better. idk why they signed SheRa. I really don't.
  12. I'm often misunderstood. It really doesn't matter. Call them what you want, they're not veterans. They're kids.
  13. Lessons in losing. As I predicted they ran the goalie. I honestly can't remember a Tampa Buffalo game where they didn't run the goalie at least once. At least this time there was a little bit of a response, even if it wasn't adequate (imo). They didn't play badly, and Tampa almost fell into the trap (game) but the PK was no match for their PP and as they always do against us they often owned the front. Yes we need better goaltending, but this game was not the goalie's fault. It was funny listening to the announcers talk about Elliot like he was some sort of all star problem for the Sabres and not as the washed up has been veteran back up he is. Jost love should stop too. He made some good plays, but also gave the puck away a lot and I can see why he got waived. Not a smart player. The rookie line was pretty good though. Or the ELC line for those who prefer a more rigid definition of rookie 🙂
  14. I think it could be, but I think the close to home thing is less important these days for most players than it used to be. These guys are so rich they just fly home any time or fly their parents to them. They get around and travel so they are fine to play all over. Most would prefer big cities or states with good tax laws if they had a choice. Calling players ELC players just doesn't sound right. I'm sticking with rookies.
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