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  1. Sick of the unfair moderation of the board so I'm out. Last words, Botterill is an idiot GM and the team is doomed the way Pegula runs it. Good luck with all that. I'm sure it'll give the little clique that runs this place years of bitching and whining to compensate for the constant losing. Bye.
  2. BS. I got a warning for posting my frustration with the early Trump response where I quoted your chief medical person. But some people get to say what they want and critique what they want cause they're part of the inner circle. It's total BS and a double standard and I'm simply pointing that out. Don't fret, I'm done. I was getting fed up with it ages ago but have tried to play nice. You want a closed little group where you have two tiers of posters have at it. It's a BS culture, just like that of the team. Figures. Just glad they closed the border, cause the U.S. response is about as dumb and useless as the moderation of this board. Bye.
  3. Calling nfreeman, time for you to send out a warning and threaten banning. He's being "political." or does that only apply to people you personally don't like?
  4. Ya, in theory and on paper it appeared he made the right moves. Not only did he get a #1 and #2 center, he traded for a goal scorer/sniper with snarl/toughness in his game to play alongside that center and added a promising ready to become a #1 big goalie. But he drafted poorly, misjudged character, and it all went to s*it didn't it? Which goes to show you that things in theory, things on paper, all of that doesn't mean you can build a good team. You can in fact screw it up royally and ruin a team entirely. Thus, learn the lesson. Enough with the young never been a GM before guys who think they have it all figured out - in theory - and bring in a hockey guy who understands all aspects of the game and what it takes to build a winning hockey culture.
  5. Don't interpret this as "politics" it is rather intended as a little levity during a difficult time. The Corona & Lime joke at the very end had me literally laughing out loud.
  6. This is blatantly false..........but I can't say anything "political." so that's all I will say.
  7. You're probably right, but I would have preferred to think the break/delay (possible end) would have provided Pegula with a greater opportunity to talk to potential replacements and plan/make changes for the long term.
  8. based on what? 6-8 weeks seems accurate unless they make a mess of it like Italy did.
  9. Some actual science to counter all the conspiracy BS. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/03/200317175442.htm
  10. So someone explain to me why I get a suspension warning for commenting on something one of your chief medical officers said in public, but this rubbish gets to be propagated and continue? Anyone? I mean this is harmful nonsensical rubbish with a clear political agenda. But I get a warning and my short post deleted for saying I'm concerned over the government's failures in quick response. So wtf? Come on moderators be fair.
  11. Exactly. Why does this stuff get to stay here while I got warned by nfreeman that I'd be suspended just for critiquing the government response in a couple sentences - which was completely factual. The biases of some of the moderators and the arbitrary enforcing of "rules" is total bs here. No doubt I get booted for this now. Well, hardly matters, no hockey anyway. Whatever. Wash your hands.
  12. If he is interested he likely has friend(s) on the team or his agent likes his chances of playing and thus making a name for himself in the league. Also, it might simply be for money.
  13. A Suomi KP/-31 is a Finnish submachine gun that was used in WW2 and copied by the Soviets because of it's accuracy. Machinegun Eemeli, why not.
  14. Yup, it's all relative and with the softness we've been seeing over the last however long this seems even grittier.
  15. I was torn and was going to say Entwistle but since I already picked Moon, well, I didn't want to just rebuild the Who. Another part of me also wanted to be a smartass and just say Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for the whole thing and call it at that.
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