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  1. My comment was for the person I quoted. He does that to me all the time so I just returned the favour. A little playful turnaround is fair play sort of thing. But to your point, I agree the middle is weak and we have no depth. Depending on who they sign I'm not even sure we have a 4th line any more and we might need a RW on the 2nd line. That's all definitely true. But, I also think that both Skinner and Reinhart are over valued by the fan base. On a Stanley Cup capable team they would be 2nd line talent and not 1st line. First line would have to be better than that or we wouldn't be there in that cup. But would they be there if they hadn't lucked into Point?
  2. Why do you want to target a veteran D man? Is it based on an assumption that Montour and/or Risto are not on the roster? We need a third line first.
  3. Nah, I don't care. I just acknowledge that he is (more was, but still a little bit) a good hockey player with an edge to his game that helps win games. Every winning line up needs some guys like that on it.
  4. Perfect example of how you can use a stat for a meaningless result. You simply can't transfer point totals on one team and assume it would all be the same somewhere else. How would he fit there? Who would he replace? How much ice time would he get? Too many differences to make this in any way meaningful.
  5. Actually we don't. You really think Tampa would be in the final if their top wingers were Reinhart and Skinner? They wouldn't be top line players in Dallas, Boston, Colorado, and a fair ways further down the list. We are thin all over and have already overpaid and over valued what we do have. The stuff about the middle I totally agree with though. We could be better there with the right moves.
  6. Lol. Perry hate again. Does he owe you money or something? Looks like Bogo's gonna get a cup, even if he isn't in the line up when they win it.
  7. Good luck with that interest. Talk out of Boston is they're going to let Krug walk and Grzelyck is likely to be paired with McAvoy next year. Boston is also rumoured to be interested in Peitrangelo and if they signed him then trading Carlo for a forward.
  8. haven't you heard? It's all analytics and computer people now. no more pencils.
  9. Bobby Ryan's apparently going to be bought out. I wonder if he'd be worth taking a chance on with a (relatively) cheap contract? A gamble, but he might have something to prove and add to a 3rd line.
  10. Well no non playoff team is comparable to the Stanley Cup winner (or loser for that matter). We weren't comparable to the Blues or Bruins last year either. We're not going to go from bottom(ish) to the top in one off season ever. The question is do we have the foundation or the ingredients to slowly and consistently take a step forward each year until we get there. To that question, the answer is likely, not at this point. Now on a more optimistic side, when Dahlin was drafted a lot of people said he'll be better than Hedman, the dominant D man in the cup, and so that is still a possibility to be hopeful for. We have 2 promising young goalies in the prospect pool. Either or both of whom could become game changing NHLers in a few years so if we can get good enough to sneak into the playoffs without them, maybe they take us up another notch or two after that. Reading that Buffalo News article it paints a poor picture of the overall prospect pool though and there's some definite disappointments, concussions and other possible busts so Cozens HAS to hit big and become #2 center sooner than later. He has to lead our version of the Point line, whatever that becomes. If he doesn't become exceptional, again, we are probably really far off. Pekar has to be a nasty pest and Samuelsson has to become a rock. One or two of the others have to surprise. If not, yup, we will still suck. If we don't start getting lucky or drafting really well soon (now) not a lot will change.
  11. CBJs aren't going anywhere near Mitts if Torts has any say. As for the Calgary idea I think it overvalues Sam Bennett. As much as I'd love to ditch Montour and am more than fine with trading Reinhart, I think we lose on that deal.
  12. I don't see anything to support the assumption that they are trying to build a better team. The Staal trade is there, but it's actually a cost saving move. It might make the team better (maybe) but so far the only signings have saved money. I'm going to wait for the additions, not the subtractions, before I think they are trying to win now. No evidence at this point. We don't actually know (yet) if JBot's drafting was bad yet the scouts are all gone. Do they think our younger prospect pool sucks? Some people think JBot's picks show promise. All I know for sure is you don't build a winning franchise without good drafting. I've said several times I'm one of those fans that has reached my limit on patience. I'm no longer capable of hope and faith. I'm at the show me and prove it stage. They do that, I'm in, but I have to see it. Maybe get back to this after free agency starts.
  13. Pens trade Hornqvist now. Rutherford's smoking something new. Can't make heads or tails of their plan.
  14. Of course they do. I'm merely saying marketing should be secondary to putting good product on the ice rather than the other way around. A good team needs less marketing. Obviously a strong organization is strong in all areas but I think you build the foundation before you build the house, and the foundation is a team associated with winning not losing. It's totally backwards when you have a bloodletting of hockey staff, treat alumni like crap, and take fans for granted, and then turn your attention to better marketing. It's a corporate business approach rather than a sports franchise approach. (After covid) win and the fans will come, the revenues will grow, you'll have success, and then you build on that with more and more and that's where the creative marketing should come in, not as an excuse or alternative to just winning. Don't forget that simply making the playoffs is worth millions to a franchise in added revenue and merchandise sales. All that revenue can then be used in a feedback loop way to grow and grow and grow. Just win baby, just win!
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