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  1. I've seen a few posts praising Montour and I just don't get it. What am I seeing differently because to me he is horrible and the Dahlin/Montour pairing is our worst. Risto is clearly our best D man this year and McCabe is a close second. The other two are average. Montour is a horrible role model for Dahlin and that pairing makes absolutely no sense to me. As for the team looking better, well it has to, we added an allstar FA to the top line but a lot of the same problems are there and we are soft as butter.
  2. No, I think the model we used built us backwards. You give me a team filled with hard working 20 goal scorers and I will beat your team of 2 or 3 (potential) 40-50 goal scorers almost every time. This is why Toronto falters in the playoffs, Edmonton sucks, we suck. Tampa got lucky with Point and thy have a good goalie, or they'd be in that group too. imo you build from the goalie and defense out not from the top down in a cap league. otherwise you end up with too much money spent on the top scorers and not enough left for the rest of the team. Only way you win with that method is if the refs g
  3. See my other reply. Not talking about going backwards that way, talking about team unity and hard work. Think Columbus. Teams that do more with less because they play hard and have good leadership.
  4. Just to clarify I'm not talking about going 1990's physical, I'm talking about team play and hard work. That comes with some physicality but I'm thinking more like what Torts does with Columbus. Did you see them go against Tampa with Dubois taken out of the line up? Emotion, effort, and true leadership from Foligno. That's what I want to see. and I am of course assuming you get a big haul for all of the top guns you trade. An Eichel trade has to be a Lindros type deal.
  5. PP and the big guns came through so we squeak a win thanks to Ullmark. Good to see Staal finally show up. Hope that's a sign of things to come and not just a one off. Net presence still a huge problem (both ends) as always. Why was Cozens out and Mitts in? Seems weird that a guy scores his first NHL goal and you reward him with being taken out of the line up. I don't get that unless he had an issue I missed.
  6. What I am saying is the Sabres, as a team, tend not to work too hard. We haven't been a nose to the grindstone hard working team since Nolan's red and black and blue teams. As for the tear down rebuild why not? If you did it wrong isn't it better to redo it properly rather than tweaking and failing to various degrees for another decade?
  7. Fixing the Sabres. Basically follow the |Ottawa model. 1. Get a tough hard work team play oriented coach like Tortorella. 2. Trade Eichel for a boatload of young assets. Yes, he's a talented player but he's a crap captain and there's too much losing culture baggage to build around him at this point. 3. Trade Hall at the deadline for young assets along with any other pending FAs and/or big contracts like Reinhart, Risto, Montour, Ullmark (maybe), Staal (if you can get anything). Basically everybody but Cozens and Olofsson . 4. Find a way to get rid of Skinner. This is es
  8. or he's just finally learning how to be a Sabre. You know, have a good time off the ice, don't work too hard, play inconsistently and don't correct your mistakes cause you know there's no way they can afford to bench you anyway. Sabres hockey. Lots of mentors here to help him lose that work ethic he came in with before they get to Cozens.
  9. I didn't realize Roslovic was a hometown guy for Columbus. With that as icing on the cake I think they won the deal.
  10. It is funny to me to see people tossing Mitts name around as if he has value. Come on guys, don't dream. and no way are we getting Dubois. We have no viable trade to offer.
  11. None of the big line could. We got some secondary scoring but the big line (and PP) has to score if we want to win. They don't we don't.
  12. Well if we can't take advantage of them missing top players we can pack it in for the year. Time for Staal to start playing or get benched.
  13. Regarding Hall, didn't Hall's agent approach the Sabres after no top contender had the money to sign him? The thinking being for Hall to have a Skinner year playing beside Eichel and then command top dollar for next year? Regarding the 2C, Dubois should have been targeted. He still should be, although now the price tag is iffy and he might not want to come here. Yes, we should have gone after a goalie. Or I guess, we shouldn't have given up on Lehner. Did we try to get a goalie and fail? No idea.
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