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  1. yes, last pick in the first round has first pick in the second round and so on.
  2. one at a time. the order was determined using this website: https://www.random.org/lists/ @jsb @SDS @WildCard Hoss @dudacek @TrueBlueGED @nfreeman @GASabresIUFAN @Mustache of God JSB you can make your first selection once we finalize the rules. thumbs this post up if you think it should be "whoever's three characters die first" or thanks it (the beer) if you think it should be "whoever has the quickest average death." this would take some legwork but i can keep track of that if that's what we want to do.
  3. i was thinking whoever has the earliest combination of deaths? but we could definitely do whoever’s characters are ALL dead first. i’m okay with either. it’s three deaths per person so it’ll be 24 characters (actually 27 because i’ll let GA in since he was engaged in the discussion from the start)
  4. you’re in! when i get up tomorrow i’ll randomize draft order then we can start picking. only rule is the character has to be readily identifiable by name so EVERYONE who diligently watches would know who they are.
  5. Hoss

    2019 NHL Draft

    absolute zero chance. but that may also be because it was clear both would play immediately so they wouldn’t need to worry about the chl development path.
  6. so for the draft we've got: me, freeman, trueblue, mustache of god, jsb, wildcard, dudacek. one more spot available on this train.
  7. Hoss

    2019 NHL Draft

    this is around where i'm at on it. i have no interest in trading risto for pure futures unless, in a corresponding move, we're trading some futures for a right now piece or two. ideally, i'd like to see risto moved in exchange for a top-six forward but nothing is perfect.
  8. i still have a lot of interest in him. he’s been raved about every single step and has had success, as well. seems to be an incredible man, too.
  9. Hoss

    2019 NHL Draft

    if turcotte gets to 5 and you can get him ... by giving Risto and a mid-round pick (2nd or 3rd) would you do it?
  10. i day we take the first... eight entrants? that’d give us 24 total names picked. we’re at five right now so we’ve got three more slots (liger, freeman and ga get first dibs on the open slots since they already chimed in).
  11. guys i didn’t mean pick your own lol we’d have to set a draft order and then we each pick on in a snake draft setting until everyone has three. who all wants in? me and trueblue. do the others that made “picks” above want in?
  12. if i’m the one hiring based on the incredibly limited info i have my top five (also considering what’s “available”): 1. sheldon keefe 2. luke richardson 3. scott gordon 4. rikard grönborg 5. dj smith
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