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  1. I guess it does indeed give Adams the power to make a snarky comment.
  2. My general view is the power is with the players in most of these situations. Sure, he's got a lengthy contract that he recently signed, but the way fandom and media works right now leans against the teams.
  3. First bold: accurate. But then it possibly becomes a standoff and Jack knows if he stands firm long enough the window on the trade offers to Adams will disappear. It's not a game you ideally want to play. His NMC absolutely increases the urgency to get a deal done now vs later. On the second bold: sure, any NMC has to be waived for a trade to happen. They are a tool for the player and the player only. The team gets zero benefit from them. Appears it already has gotten personal.
  4. This is soft thinking. There is no ***** way keeping a superstar player out of the lineup is more valuable than what you'd get for them in a trade. There's some level of thinking there that I can't even fathom. Separately, Servalli (who had just praised Eichel's trade value and partners a few days ago) claims one GM told him Eichel is untradable and said that his situation will hurt his trade value. How I view this: he was asked by a couple people around the league to start spinning word that his value isn't as high as it appears to currently be so they gain some negotiating power.
  5. Because the teams don’t have that control. NMC gives the power to the player. There’s a reason the player gets traded away every single time a notable trade demand happens. He likely wouldn’t even sit out but it’s incredibly toxic to have a player inside your locker room that doesn’t want to be there.
  6. This whole “make him sit out” concept is not real. It keeps getting repeated on here. It. Is. Not. Happening. Period. It’d be an absolute disaster for this franchise. Also you can’t suspend a player for refusing to accept a deal when they have a NMC.
  7. It still gives him a lot more control than he has now. He absolutely CAN and probably would block a trade to places like Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Minnesota, etc. Teams that have been mentioned. The situation could develop as this: season goes poorly, Eichel makes it clear he wants out and the rumors/discussions start. Sabres negotiate with teams and get four/five serious suitors. Three of them are, say, Calgary, Columbus and Arizona. Eichel makes it clear through other channels that he will not accept a deal to those teams. The other teams involved in the discussions look around and
  8. If all these guys leave just don't put the C on anyone. I feel like teams should be willing to go without a C more often until someone really leads the group. Make someone earn it.
  9. His career average is 12.7% prior to this season. If he were to shoot that percentage on the same number of shots he had this season he’d end up with 16/17 goals this year instead of 25, pacing out to 23-25 goals in a full 82-game season.
  10. If this were to happen I’d definitely match but hopefully the team has a plan to avoid that
  11. They do it when the team is good to. See: Tremaine Edmunds.
  12. Of all the things victims can be shamed for ...
  13. If he was just acting ... maybe it was a pitch to LA?
  14. This could easily go in the things that are AWESOME thread.
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