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  1. The Blues would match anything in that range and we can’t afford to go above it (because we’re not giving a first for Thomas). The “Team X has no cap space” is such a tired reporting trope to generate attention and clicks. Teams make the money work for important players.
  2. Man, this is some of the better hockey conversation I’ve seen on this board since returning. Reading every post of this back and forth has been worthwhile.
  3. Wasn’t until 2009 that the NFL started having players on the field for the anthem regularly. A very slow burn into the forced patriotism of today.
  4. There are no children victims of abortion.
  5. One of the security guards at my job was found murdered in his car yesterday morning. Appears to have been a random act - possibly an attempted car jacking or robbery gone wrong. Ugh. Gun violence in this country is out of control.
  6. If I had to get my feelings hurt you all have to get your feelings hurt
  7. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/report-nhl-investigation-into-evander-kanes-gambling-allegations-stalled-143848839.html Report: Evander Kane investigation stalled. Outside investigators have found no evidence of betting abnormalities and Kane's wife has yet to talk with officials after making the allegations.
  8. I’m honestly not sure but it seems like Josh really wants to take shots for the betterment of those around him and some others on the team don’t want to take shots.
  9. 😂 tell you don’t know anything about vaccines or statistics without telling me you don’t know anything about vaccines or statistics
  10. You are completely cheapening the people who are losing loved ones due to COVID. Comorbidity or not, old age or not, their lives were shortened and their loved ones were lost prematurely because of COVID. Should all car deaths that involve a secondary cause such as distracted driving, drinking and driving, rolling your eyes at the last Friedman non-rumor about Eichel and not seeing the pedestrian in front of you, and so on be removed from car deaths? We have a lot of laws to prevent car deaths. They’d be much worse if we didn’t.
  11. We should ban all Liger’s from Sabrespace. They slaughter more @triumph_communesper Capita every year.
  12. Tell them go get one and call us back and they have a deal.
  13. You can’t talk about Beasley it pertains to the vaccine.
  14. There’s a line. It’s not just about a kid being unlikely to die from COVID. A kid gets COVID. They’re fine. They survive. Their teacher gets COVID. Maybe their teacher dies, maybe they’re fine. Their teacher’s mom gets COVID. Their teacher’s mom has a decent chance of dying, maybe they get lucky and survive. The web keeps growing. We keep playing chance. Some die. Some don’t. You can significantly increase the odds of this game being played with a stronger hand if everyone playing gets the shot. Here’s some numbers relevant to the general population, not specifically kids. Shut the ***** up. Get the ***** shot. Tell your loved ones to get the shot. Wear a ***** mask. Eat your ***** Wheaties.
  15. It's because there's an out of control MOD insecure about his own politics who wants to push the conversation away from the masses who, generally, don't side with him. It is backed by science. The logic is: 12 year olds PROBABLY won't die from COVID-19 but some have. The vaccine makes it far less likely that they will die. It also makes it less likely they will get it or spread it. Thus it makes scientific sense for them to be required to have the vaccine just as much as other eligible attendees.
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