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  1. Wow, funny post Hoss. Thanks, Hoss.
  2. That’s in the ballpark of what I’d pay him if I’m being honest. Like, if I’m entering through the ticket gates near home plate and this contract is in the last seat in the left field bleachers with an obstructed view and broken arm rests.
  3. I’ve been banging this drum for a minute. Give me Stastny. Separately... I don’t think anybody offer sheets Marner. They’ll talk to teams but in the end there isn’t really a point. You’ll piss off the Leafs (and probably other wimpy GMs) and you’ll either have to pay four first round picks or you’re going to have to slightly overpay Marner to pry him away. The Leafs probably match anything short of $12 mill. Anything above it is too much.
  4. https://theathletic.com/1044549/2019/06/24/lebrun-notebook-pavelski-visiting-teams-this-week-latest-on-marner-talks-and-more/
  5. If we get Ryan Smith but with consistent point production I’d be satisfied.
  6. I don’t think that has anything to do with it or our perception. To some there’s a limit on games you can play before you lose the “prospect” label. Nobody is saying his development is anywhere near complete.
  7. Read the discussion. You’ll see why some question it instead of being unnecessarily condescending. This isn’t updated. For example: Cornel has aged out.
  8. It’s been sent to @WildCard. I’ll share with anyone who would like in PM but I’ll also let him answer your question.
  9. @Taro T you’re not helping lol
  10. Any spelling other than Dylan is a complete failure on the parents’ part.
  11. In speaking with Mr. Sabres Prospects even he is troubled by whether or not to consider Tage a prospect. So, let’s have a vote: do you consider Tage Thompson to be a prospect? Use the Stanley Cup (awesome) reaction for yes, use the Beer (thanks) reaction for no.
  12. Our fan base isn’t exactly fashion smart so I’m fine with that. As long as I’m happy I don’t care about anybody else. Jk I love you all.
  13. I have in my possession the single greatest gif ever made but it’s highly NSFW. Let’s just say I’ll never look at Spider-Man or his web the same way ever again.
  14. We will indeed be using Baker's definition of a prospect (which I believe would not include Thompson). I have to find it. I know he ages out anybody over 23.
  15. My guess: Tim Murray doesn't feel like working. If he wanted a job evaluating talent in the NHL he'd have one.
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