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  1. They are contractually bound to keep the Sabres in Buffalo.
  2. PASabreFan


    Maybe go post this in a hockey thread? Or is today's made-up board rule that we can't discuss COVID-19?
  3. PASabreFan


    Opinion written on April 1 with no source for the statement. Interesting that there's no mention of asymptomatic spread. We've learned a lot since then, for example that people spewing out virus in indoor spaces could help spread the disease through aerosolization. And it's important to remember at that time there was an effort to maintain PPE stocks for healthcare workers.
  4. PASabreFan


    BagBoy, Merriam-Webster would like a word with you.
  5. Pro tip. You can skip ahead. She is brutal.
  6. 300 protest in Olean. That's a huge deal for a small town that is 90% white.
  7. PASabreFan


    "Significantly reduced..." It starts and ends right there. Two bonus reasons for wearing a mask: that healthcare worker who sees you thinks people care about them; masks remind people we're in a pandemic. (Not to mention the powdered psychotropic meds dusted on the masks.)
  8. PASabreFan


    What Curt said plus no one is saying masks are the end all and be all. Masks. Social distancing. Stay at home as much as possible. Hand hygiene. yada yada yada
  9. Veterans of the civil rights movement should be mentoring the young leaders of the current movement. mjd's on the right track. Something has to follow all this.
  10. This line in the News today doesn't sound quite right. I don't think losing in the play-in round after finishing 24th would end any talk of the playoff drought, but that's just me.
  11. And civil unrest. Didn't see that one coming, didja Bettsy? (said in the voice of Torts)
  12. Apparently minor fire at the Erie Otters offices in Erie related to protesting there.
  13. I think what I wrote was we can lose with Jack or lose without him. I'm just not married to any of these guys. I find it bizarre Taro would not be a Sabre fan any longer if Eichel and Dahlin ever leave. Sports is about constant change. Here's one: you give the new Seattle GM a choice, you can have the Sabres roster or build your team under the conditions that the Vegas franchise was seeded. What would he do?
  14. The question is real (and it's spectacular). It's just another way to think about getting the franchise out of its rut, which I think is hauntingly similar to the rut it was in in the fall of 1991 (15 years since glory days, almost 10 years into a playoff drought, quaintly defined in the 80s and 90s as not winning a playoff series). Either way, what a seemingly hopeless situation: keeping Jack or trading Jack (they're keeping Jack), success depends on having good management and non-meddling ownership, which we don't have.
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