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  1. PASabreFan


    I think about the opposite scenario. It wouldn't take much to overrun my tiny hospital if there's a surge here. If NYC was free and clear, do you think they'd take 500 Covid-19 patients from East Bumble*****, PA?
  2. Maybe people should wait until the new season is officially confirmed. That's how they roll, right?
  3. PASabreFan


    You're kidding. Thanks, Dad #2.
  4. PASabreFan


    To be clear, what we're talking about is transferring Covid 19 patients (likely to include some of their friends and family members) from a pandemic hot spot to a pandemic cold spot (but one which might be on the verge of having cases and has limited bed space to start with). I don't think it's unpatriotic to oppose such a move.
  5. My mother always dumped the whole can of kidney beans into chili. I thought it should be drained. She insisted. She was ahead of her time.
  6. The water beans have soaked in. The gelatinous (or thickened might be a better word) liquid in a can of chick peas, for example. Said to be a good egg substitute. They say you can whip it into a vegan meringue. I might try to do that (I hate you, coronavirus).
  7. PASabreFan


    Febreze is your friend, my friend.
  8. PASabreFan


    Feeling a little better about the situation after seeing the math as presented by Cuomo at his briefing. 6,481 people hospitalized in NYC as of yesterday (Covid 19 only). The rate of hospitalization increase has been slowing. It's now doubling every four days. There are 53,000 beds available there, before you get into the comfort ship and Javits Center and three other temporary hospitals (5,000 more beds). Temporary hospitals Phase II: 4,000 more. Peak could come in about 21 days. Should be an SAT math question. Q: How many days until PA is AirB&Bing folks from Jamaica Queens? (Unless the rate keeps doubling every four days, it's hard to see how anyone will have to be shipped from NYC to western NY.)
  9. PASabreFan


    And here I thought Facilities A and B were getting ready to take care of their own. What about the NYC families who will flow into Town A (and maybe Town B) to be near their loved ones? Some of them will be carrying the virus. Cuomo is on TV now talking about dorms and hotels too.
  10. PASabreFan


    That's incredible. I'm hoping there isn't some loophole where patients can then be moved to a hospital in the same health system in another state. That would be my hometown hospital. I wouldn't be surprised, given that officials at this health system, based in Town A, have said there's plenty of capacity for Town A because Town B also has available beds.
  11. Pfft. Whatever. I got a bag of coffee closed this morning. Two metal tabs pressed in and an adhesive seal secured.
  12. PASabreFan


    Hospital systems, health care organizations, healthcare worker groups and the like have been pretty adept at using social media and new technology to get their message out. I've seen so many ER doctors Skyping in to CNN I've started to get ticked off — "go back to work." They're all after scarce resources. Now we're seeing the mayors of cities we're not even thinking about getting their story out. The mayor of Detroit, which has seen modest activity, is on CNN right now. LA's mayor has been jumping up and down yelling, "Yoohoo! We're over here on your left!" How scarce resources get allocated is one definition of politics, by the way. But we can't talk about that here.
  13. PASabreFan


    I haven't heard that anywhere. There's a suspicion that lots of people were infected and showed no symptoms (and infected others anyway). But 80% of all infections being asymptomatic? I suspect what you heard was that 80% of known cases so far have involved people with mild (or mild to moderate) symptoms. The other 20% need to go to the hospital. That said, Dr. Birx said yesterday it's very important to dig into the issue of asymptomatic cases. Whether that means finding them before they infect others, which seems like a fantasy right now, or testing them after they've "recovered" to know the true extent of where the virus has been, I don't know.
  14. Fauci da man. Bill Gates is also da man. He said on CNN last night the U.S. could get through this with about 1% of the population infected and about 1% of the 1% dying. Great news! Then he kept speaking. "If... we do what China did" (paraphrase). We're not capable of that. Gates talked about exponential growth if we can't. 4%, 16%, 64% etc. infected.
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