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  1. Is there another fanbase in the NHL where this would be a topic? Poorly worded. Among non-winning franchises of course. Even some of the successful ones... What's crazier, having the discussion now or the very idea of 20 years of anyone?
  2. The Jetsons. What a scam. Where are the video calls? Huh?
  3. To hear it told, Don and Kev will be three years into a new 20 year contract.
  4. A little spare for me. The comparison to Rick is apt in general, but I can think of only big moment where he sounded like that. Are you ready... His second year on TV and I think he was trying to let the picture speak for itself. I remember the pause as awkward or even worrisome. It won't live on in the pantheon.
  5. I wish him nothing but the best of luck in this worthy endeavor.
  6. If true? It's Rick. It's all apocryphal.
  7. Seriously, go talk about prospects. I'll be in the GDT. If anybody needs directions, PM me.
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