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  1. They have 12 one-goal losses. By the by, in eight of those games they lost a lead. In five of those eight games, they lost a lead twice. Five times in those 12 games they allowed a goal within two minutes of scoring. So in addition to the PP, playing with a lead and not letting down after scoring are areas where major improvements need to be made.
  2. PASabreFan

    Housley Should Have Until End of December

    To the bolded, that's not say this is last year's team. Wasn't there about a 50% turnover for the second straight year?
  3. Is this one of Elizabeth Kugler-Ross' five stages of grief or one of Dante's Nine Circles of Hell? I get them mixed up.
  4. PASabreFan


    About a foot here, which is actually a lot for northern PA, no matter how much the locals think this is the snow country. A very powdery snow. Nice to shovel. Snowshoeing time.
  5. PASabreFan

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    I had to turn it off. Bill said he if they were ever going to have an NFL player on the show, he instructed his staff to go find the brightest one. Oops.
  6. Phil mentioned an "unfortunate incident." Missing the flight? I hope it wasn't more than that, but I'm afraid it was. We'll probably never know. Hope he's OK.
  7. I bet they're smart enough to not laugh at one of the guys in there.
  8. Darth, I'm sure you took note of that one drop pass on the power play. Eichel (I think) received it on his own goal line. What's next? One off the back boards. Could be a neat effect? The player could step into it as it caroms and really have a head of steam toward his own faceoff dot.
  9. PASabreFan

    The Blueline Is A Mess

    A matter of being too good for the AHL? Disappointment in being there after tasting the bigs?
  10. PASabreFan

    The Blueline Is A Mess

    Good post. No, you're right. What happened to Brendan Guhle? I would have sworn after how he finished last season that he'd be a major contributor this season under Housley's system.
  11. The goalie mask "shakeoff" is worth revisiting. I think they're taking advantage of a loose interpretation of the rules. I would argue that Demko did not LOSE his mask, he REMOVED it.
  12. This might be a classic example where analytics would lose to the eye test. This never felt like a game that the Vancouver goalie was "stealing." He made some really good saves, notably on Skinner's in-close slam. But it was more about the same old, feckless Sabres. No feck! Their defensive play, in spite of keeping SOG down, negates any chance of saying they deserved a better fate.
  13. How many Sabres head coaches in their history check the box of either 1. Former Sabre or 2. Former Cup winner? It doesn't work. (In a nod to our friend who has Lindy's kidney inside him, it almost worked.) I had a moment after midnight where I honestly asked myself why I do this to myself. Psychic surrender to young, degenerate jocks who don't care half as much as I do. There was a bump with a Canuck where Jack got the worst of it, and that almost never happens. And after he scored in OT in Calgary, you could see his teammates being very careful about how they celebrated with him. The Ginger is still ginger.
  14. Reality setting in. And 10 days to think about it. Can anyone remember a crueler season?
  15. Shaking your helmet off should be a penalty on the goalie.