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  1. Do you want the Werther's candy or not?
  2. The Tank could be re-visited. @Taro T and I could also reprise whether a kick constitutes control, and the meaning of "maintain." Perhaps a look back at the Zapruder film, 12.8 second mark, and whether it rules out a second gunman.
  3. Worst schedule ever. Eff the Sweden trip, the bye week, the All Star Game and Sidney Pegula while I'm at it.
  4. I can come over. I have cramp bark. But we'll need to start with a full prostate exam.
  5. A 26-year-old can't date a 19-year-old. Got it.
  6. Not sure why it's creepy. Seems an arbitrary definition of creepy. What about a 70-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man? If we allow this definition of creepy, then why aren't others allowed to think two guys, two girls, a black guy and white girl, etc. is creepy?
  7. I remember Kyle OKOPOSO skating for one period before the error was spotted. Remember Ted Black and his mantra of "the million little things you do to win"? Well... No. It goes straight to Kim Pegula.
  8. Can someone fill me in on the niece joke, while ink thinks about filling in the niece?
  9. MSG was out on my cable system, which I found out when I went to play the recording of the game. (And it's still out.) I decided to record the replay and watch it this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night having to know what happened, and after seeing that there was no replay either, I went to YouTube, which superimposes the score over thumbnail of the video. Lovely touch. So I watched the Nashville feed highlights knowing the outcome — and then came Kathy Lee and some country music bumpkin. What a waste. That's great. We'll be taking dirt naps. The Nashville announcer nailed "OOL-mark." @MODO Hockey would be proud.
  10. Ralph catches Acrost Syndrome in the postgame — "peripheal."
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