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  1. Can you imagine the yellow streaked didies if Ruff got in there and wielded his stick. Adam sits by a window all day and says, "My name is Luke."
  2. The population is not dropping fast. It even appears to be ticking up after a decade of very modest declines year by year. Same for Erie Co. It's not the 70s and 80s anymore.
  3. He was signed to a multi year in my opinion contract extension last fall after getting the Devs into the second round last spring. Narrator: The New Jersey Devils were only eight points out of a playoff spot.
  4. Good night everybody! Drive safely! Put the kids back in bed!
  5. 10. People will swear by the subs sold in the arena. ...
  6. I asked this board what word they would use to describe the state of the Sabres in early January after they beat the Pens for their third win in four games. You replied... Twenty-seventh. That's the flip flop. Also you took your urologist's warning about briefs waaaaay too far.
  7. Will ticket prices be low low low? I saw that on the boards the other night. Are Wegmans prices really low? I'd like to see that.
  8. I'm not gonna say UPL should have been better in the third. He was fantastic almost all night.
  9. I've ripped DG for not pulling the goalie when down two late. Good for him for not giving up tonight.
  10. Maybe. But the 50 19 28 shift before the last Jets goal was a master class of energy and hustle.
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