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  1. And the Lord looked down upon what He had created and, putting one withered hand on His furrowed brow, brought His other hand down with fury and fire, smoting humanity into an ashen heap. Smote it, LGR. Smote it!
  2. I'll shock Zamboni by defending him. I don't like the tone of your responses. Maybe there's a joke I'm missing or some kind of history. It's late.
  3. But you didn't. PSE, though, started a negotiation by being *****. Don't you think public financing to the tune of billions of dollars for a private, very wealthy corporation makes any kind of social statement?
  4. At least you acknowledge that the value of the Bills is entertainment and not economic. Interesting. That sounds extensive. As does the $400 million price tag. How do you spend that much money in one offseason? Where will the Sabres play during renovations? What if — stay with me here — when the renovations start in three years, the Sabres are playing hockey in June? Fear and loathing! Fear and loathing! Turns out, they should be feared and loathed. You'd think burgeoning economic inequality and the pandemic would be turning the tide against this nonsense.
  5. Probably NSFW, but I'm not listening to it to find out. ,
  6. My brother in Florida, who's been anti-mask and anti-vax, has Covid. He's feeling tired and lightheaded, and he says his blood pressure is "going crazy." Runny nose. No fever though, apparently. His son says the symptoms are just like a cold, and although he wouldn't want to get Covid, there are worse diseases out there, "like influenza." He won't get vaccinated or wear a mask, either. He hasn't gotten it so far, and he thinks his immune system is powerful. He knows someone who got Covid after being vaccinated, so what's the point, and his wife knows someone who had heart surgery recently and developed blood clots after being vaccinated. "All the side effects" is the official reason he gives for not getting jabbed. He's an occupational therapist in a hospital, and his wife works there, too.
  7. Terry likes that big shot of his! And can that kid skate.
  8. I don't see it as an issue of traditional marketing. People see through photo opps. What if it was more of a guerilla marketing strategy? Would our young stars agree to pop in unannounced at youth hockey practices, for example? Beer league games? In this era of social media, the photos will make it out there, obviously.
  9. That's only half the story. As he staggered out of the store, he slapped a Salvation Army bell-ringer right across her face, sending the bell and the kettle flying. "Jackpot!" he was heard to exclaim as he scooped up "quartah" after "quartah" off the floor. But you won't believe what happened next...
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