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  1. What about the gold? Are we back to the original gold? Doesn't anyone care about the gold?
  2. Are you sure they're going back to wearing the whites at home? I thought the reporting upthread was that they would be allowed to wear them on occasion.
  3. So if the legs feed the wolf, and Cozens' quads are bulging, it seems appropriate that our new buffalo's legs are longer and more, uh, functional? The back legs appear to be propelling the beast. The old legs look stubby and useless below a sturdy frame by comparison, Newman-esque on might say. Also the "action lines" above and below are much thinner, and the back hoof is a little farther away from the sabre (whereas with the outline it was actually touching it). I can't believe I'm getting into this. It's almost like I care. What is this salty discharge?
  4. I find it outrageous and frankly disqualifying that the tip of the handle is now rounded instead of tear-shaped. WTF, Kerry?
  5. It would be a great dissertation for someone who's studying color theory. The now-departed navy blue actually looked fine in person and very nice in one or two arenas (based on lighting/cameras, not sure which played a bigger role). I believe in Edmonton the Sabres' blue looked beautiful. I think it'll be the same deal with the roayl. I mean, you can look back at Google images of the original blue, and sometimes it looks royal and sometimes it looks navy.
  6. Upon further review, the changes to the logo are pretty interesting and dramatic. We're much hornier now — the horn comes to a sharp point instead of being slightly rounded. And our red eye is now Angry™ whereas the old one looked like camera red-eye. I never got the logic for moving to home darks. So the road team didn't have to pack two uniforms, in case the home team was wearing its third? Is it so cumbersome to travel with two sets?
  7. The only thing that's interesting to me is how royal it really is. Monitors and screens can be deceiving. So far it's not as royal as I expected. That said, they've finally tapped in the one-foot putt they should have 17 years ago. Selling the future, check. Selling the past, check. One more to go.
  8. Birth of a narrative: Cozens is SWOLE! See also: The Dahlin 15
  9. PASabreFan


    They are human rights monsters!
  10. Really? Those are pretty average legs for a fit young guy. OTOH, I'd put Doohickie's against them any day. Or mine.
  11. The icethetics graphic says it'll be based on the WC logo without the NY. Just wondering what was special about that logo.
  12. PASabreFan


    @Taro T Did you see the shots of the heart of NYC at the height of the crisis? I actually saw what looked like a tumbleweed go rolling across Fifth Avenue. The extreme measures NYers took seems like the more logical explanation for bending the curve than herd immunity being reached at such a relatively low level of infection. You talk about 20% a lot. Is this your theory or is there any weight behind it?
  13. Is there really drama about whether the Sabres are moving to royal blue, probably the royalest of blue possible?
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