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  1. That's unknown. Granato said Eichel was playing through it. The Islanders game was apparently the coup de grace. I've looked high and low for video of the play with no luck.
  2. You know what's sick? Granato said the information about the injury was something they really didn't want "out there" for "player safety" reasons. I shouldn't have to ask this after 46 years of watching hockey, but — what kind of sick people play this sport?
  3. If that happened, or if Jack was cross-checked in the neck, I'll send Terry another card.
  4. Also, Jack's been doing the rapid eye movement thing for a while now.
  5. That was the immediate aftermath of the play behind the Islanders' net on 3/7, Jack's last game. I hope "treatment" didn't make things worse. I don't recall a crosscheck to the neck. I'll try to find the video. It wasn't a big deal of a play. Certainly not a penalty TTBOMR.
  6. Are you talking about the hit on Eichel by Cizikas in NY on March 7?
  7. Does an assistant GM warrant this much excitement? I think it's going to take Rutherford to make me schwing.
  8. Really? People in and around Sabres hockey are talking about it. They leak more than the last White House did.
  9. If the rumors are false, the Sabres aren't doing themselves any favors by keeping Jack hidden away. If they're true, his disappearance makes perfect sense.
  10. That's quite a stereotype. What percentage of young people do you think do drugs? Are we counting pot? I don't think a majority of young people even smoke pot, at least according to reputable surveys I've seen, let alone hard stuff.
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