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  1. I was gonna say the Cup will be decided fairly early this year, then I saw that there are four extra days built into that schedule. Latest Cup date June 12, sounds about right.
  2. It's official. As senior advisor to this site, I decreed it.
  3. Alternate theory: Ralph is a very smart, clever and political man. If Botterill shits the bed again with the roster, Ralph could very well be not only the next GM but in a president role that he said as recently as April that he wanted. He did consulting work for a company that wants to mine minerals on the moon. He's Pegula People.
  4. How long can a baby be microwaved south of the Mason Dixon Line? Asking for a friend.
  5. Anybody got it? It was a magnet included in the season ticket price increase letter per TBN.
  6. That he would go to FA? On this board? Very few.
  7. I'm slightly uncomfortable with Rutherford advocating for Botterill, then advocating for Krueger to Botterill. A little odd.
  8. In the interest of not pouring everything into a megathread, I thought we could have a few separate threads about various aspects of Krueger's experiences. Really do a crowd-sourcing deep dive. The soccer angle might be the most fascinating one for a lot of people. How did he get that job at Southampton? What did he do exactly? Why did he leave (or get shown the door)? How does it all transfer to being head coach of the Sabres? For starters, here's a piece from the Guardian newspaper published upon his arrival at Southampton. A couple of graphs jumped out. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/apr/16/ralph-krueger-ruthless-southampton-chairman-mauricio-pochettino
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