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  1. I sent one in. It's $160 and 5% off all the "hogies" at Papa Scoop's here in town for life.
  2. I agree a lot of the reason Hall is in Buffalo is Krueger. I wouldn't go so far as to say the speech made the difference, if that's your point. I think the business side of professional sports is too cold and rational for that to be true, although it's fun to think about it. The history with RaKru, playing with Eichel, the chance to set himself up for a big pay day, I think those ruled the day. I wonder what Terry's resting pulse is.
  3. Side discussions have been a hallmark of this board. It's part of normal conversation if you consider this place to be akin to a coffeeshop or bar.
  4. Any thoughts on Section 230 changes and how they might affect every corner of the Internet, even here?
  5. Video scouting, everyone on a one-year contract, maple syrup packets from Cracker Barrel.
  6. PASabreFan


    I got a qPCR result back in 24 hours, so I can't complain. But I work in a LTCF with a new case of Covid among its staff. And ditto on the best health wishes. I'd never wish the flu or pneumonia on anyone. ED, sure.
  7. Ohhhhhh you know where this one's going!
  8. PASabreFan


    Here we are almost to Halloween and a friend's four-year-old's test results took five days to come back and my friend and his wife could not get an OK from their doctors to get tested. But, like he said, they're not football coaches.
  9. PASabreFan


    Conviviality! Conviviality! @New Scotland (NS) (Close enough.)
  10. There are few things certain in life. Death, taxes, when the traffic clears one way, it picks up the other way, and Rick being dramatic about his future. This literally goes back to the late 1970s when he started complaining about how tough the travel was. Anyway, no matter what he hints at regarding 21-22, he's not retiring. He'll retire from the press box to a pine box. He'll go from hotter than a firecracker to colder than North Atlantic salmon. http://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/rick-jeanneret-lauds-retiring-doc-emrick-but-says-he-plans-on-returning-amid-nhl-uncertainty/article_75a364b2-1221-11eb-ae19-db7d475b6ebb
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