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  1. Who shot the puck over the opposing goalie's head from his own end, incurring a penalty for delay of game? (And did it actually happen twice last season?)
  2. It's more trusting Doc Emrick, who's been in charge of that guide for a long time. I trust Doc. I do wonder about the methodology. Does he talk to each player or have each PR staff around the league talk to each player?
  3. Honestly, it's one of the best things about hockey: the names (and underpinning the names the fact that it's such an international sport). Here's a link to the NHL pronunciation guide. https://nhl.bamcontent.com/images/assets/binary/300636256/binary-file/file.pdf There's also a new-ish site, nhlnames.com, that seeks to have an audio clip of each player's name being pronounced. But it looks like a work in progress, and there's a flaw IMHO — the clips are of play by play announcers, and we know they butcher names all the time. Speaking of which, what names have you butchered over the years? Which names, past or present, do you find toughest to pronounce? Is there an obligation to pronounce the names the way the players pronounce them, or is a Westernized, phonetically accurate pronunciation OK? Right off the top, I think very few people ever got Dom's name right.
  4. Not according to what looks like the official NHL pronunciation guide. Johansson Marcus (yoh-HAHN-suhn, MAHR-kuhs) https://nhl.bamcontent.com/images/assets/binary/300636256/binary-file/file.pdf
  5. Close. The word "collinearity" came up, and it immediately took me to Father Mulcahy exclaiming, "Jocularity! Jocularity!" I don't hate you for not sharing my misfiring synapses.
  6. Possibly. Like Seinfeld said, "If the human body was a car you'd never buy one."
  7. I talked to an 87-year-old man today who has to be circumcised. Something about his ***** being messed up and creating a problem. You don't hear that every day.
  8. @New Scotland (NS) are you thinking what I'm thinking? (If so, I will be freaked out.)
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