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  1. I don’t know how this is good news unless it is in comparison to no away game travel at all. Very, very low bar. I’m sure its good for Terry’s bottom line. It sure isn’t good for the fan that has to suffer through remote coverage of the western swings.
  2. Based on the lineup proposed, half of those vets wouldn’t be in it to provide support.
  3. If the season goes south (goalie performance, etc) that is a recipe for disaster. Too much youth to keep positive and working in positive ways. I think even the anti-Lou may realize that you can have too many kids in the lineup at one time.
  4. 4 rookies and a 2nd year player all on the roster at the same time? I’d be surprised.
  5. Jack and Ginger. You’re forgetting Eakin.
  6. Peterka HAS to be successful starting early for this to work. We don’t want to handicap the line that is absolutely expected to score.
  7. We’ve been through so many coaches I no longer remember which coach talked about keeping forwards in pairs.
  8. I can’t read much into this game. Large number of starters gone from both sides. Extreme playing conditions. It was a hell of a game. The next time around against Miami may prove a more reliable telling of how these two teams actually compare.
  9. I’m picturing more of a devil on Pinto’s shoulder than Buddy the Elf.
  10. I noticed the same recently. Seems like traffic is back to pre pandemic levels.
  11. Logjam…. LOL Every good team has a Zemgus. We won’t have one if we move him.
  12. Yup. This is a faith based extension, not a results based one. We’ll see where it goes….
  13. I think there is a fair amount of irrational exuberance and shiny new toy syndrome at play. Had any team hit on half their picks 2 drafts in a row? I think it is far more likely that we have 2x more Daniel Catenacci’s (remember how he looked in training camps?) in our prospect pool than Daniel Briere’s. I do think we may just have enough prospects to keep the team moving forward over the next few seasons. I don’t think we’ve got 6 or 7 sure fire soon-to-be NHLers like suggested lately.
  14. Hell of a line of thunderstorms roaring through Buffalo this morning. It wouldn’t matter what airline you were on. I’m sure they are all delayed.
  15. Our prospects scored more goals than their prospects. Shayne Corson’s son acted like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree at the end of the game. Sabres fans went home happy.
  16. No analysis here. Enjoyable, entertaining game. Awfully nice to see good hockey on the TV again. And Buffalo was tilting the ice for most of what I saw. That’ll sell tickets.
  17. And the average league hight went up 1.5”.
  18. 25-30 pts seems about right. I think if most of the kids hit near their ceilings Asplund is going to look more and more limited. But for at least this season he’ll be a useful middle 6er.
  19. I wonder if a deeper team doesn’t negatively impact his scoring stats. He won’t be leaned on quite as heavily if the others around him take a step up.
  20. Ugh. I’ve found the VPN I purchased last fall completely useless for steaming ESPN+. So disappointing….
  21. I’d lean this way, but with so much uncertainty I’d never consider putting any money on it. Not even fun bet money.
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