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  1. Make it a Beyond Burger and you're good.
  2. Anything KFC gets that reaction from me.
  3. What in the hell are you doing? LOL
  4. Ironically, he didn't get along with Mike Foligno either. Foligno was a freelancer and wouldn't buy into Bowman's system.
  5. Was his corsi bad? Not that I care much. I'm not swooning over his GF/CorsiX x 60
  6. There is no reason to. He is more than ready. And provides something the roster is lacking. I haven’t felt this good about a defenseman prospect since Mike Ramsey.
  7. Dudecek has been infected by whatever word soup bug infects GA.
  8. Mitts will get one of Krebs or Quinn's spot if he ever heals.
  9. I don't understand how GA can continue to believe that KA wasted opportunity cost with Butcher, et al when it has been plainly stated for over a year now that "wants to be in BUffalo" is the overarching requirement for anyone getting signed here. The amount of players that want to sign in Buffalo is miniscule at best. We just aren't going to have access to the good-to-middling pool of talent.
  10. Ugh. Expansion team colors. Let them die. I'd much prefer that ficitional retro jersey mock up from Icethetics.
  11. Brian Burke, maybe? I know it has happened before. Not sure if Burke is the right name though.
  12. If the word on the street is it’s his dad that is pulling the strings that results in this kid switching teams like that, I may want to interview dad as well. Separately. He’s got enough talent to warrant the scrutiny, but if I get red flags in the interviews I move on.
  13. I’m guessing He is referring to retiring Willie O’Rees number.
  14. Put down the pipe. You've had enough for one day.
  15. No more point in discussing Millers trade value until (if?) he comes off IR. He is unmovable until he gets back on the ice.
  16. He would have to ace a very focused interview for me to consider drafting him.
  17. It was at that moment that I started to feel that it was Buffalo’s day. That interception and Belichick’s decision to punt on 4th and 1 told me it was our time.
  18. Donny gonna force feed Tage and Tuch until it works apparently. I thought Cozens and Tuch worked well in the very small sample size they were together. They have a similar game.
  19. Its the wrong thread for this topic, but interest by a PEI is not revenues when they are such a small portion of the value of the team. And those decisions were still not revenue decisions, they were on the other side of the ledger.
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