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  1. Just in case anyone else is looking for scoring.
  2. Thanks for organising this. If my memory isn't wonky, you can rank players on yahoo before the draft if you won't be able to attend live. The it populates automatically from your list.
  3. Had my first pumpkin spice coffee a few weeks ago. It was fecking disgusting.
  4. The good - some promising youngsters from the last couple of drafts The bad - goaltending The ugly - the jack eichel thread
  5. Fwiw: Gionta on Eichel “Lot of stuff came down yesterday, some unfair criticism his way,’’ Gionta said of Eichel. “He’s a great guy in the room, great teammate, he wants to do everything to win and he’s a young kid maturing. I think he feels a lot of the pressure for what he is, the face of the franchise at 19, 20 years old who is supposed to come in and revive the entire organization. “He said it at his end-of-year news conference, 'There’s a difference between saying you want to win and doing the things to put yourself and your team in position to win.' That’s where we need to go as an organization and as players, look to what we can contribute to help a winning culture.’’ Linkypoo
  6. I'm cautiously optimistic about what he'll bring. Strong D presence and leadership. Btw
  7. I'd like to see Wiessbach get a few games, but he'll need a run in amerks for a bit. His shooting on the breakaway looks like it needs a bit of work, but he looks fast and works hard.
  8. Having only 10 forwards showed towards the end. Lots of bright spots though and the Amerks should be fun to watch this season though if Quinn, Murray, Peterka, Laaksonen are on the roster to start.
  9. Wasn't showing until I turned on my VPN. So golden now. Cheers.
  10. When would the draft be? If its a Friday or Sat count me in.
  11. Unless I'm misinterpreting this, it seems as though the Devils are streaming the game on YouTube.
  12. Got tickets for Godspeed! You Black emperor next year. Quite excited.
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