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  1. I finished rewatching the Star Wars in timeline order (ITO) yesterday. Some of it is fantastic. Some of it meh-god awful. Episodes I and II are still just as bad as when they came out. There were some good parts, but on the whole, pretty terrible. I felt bad for the actors that had to try make something out of that brutal dialog. Revenge of the Sith aged better and is actually pretty good in spots. The worst of the lot is Return of the Jedi. I don’t think it’s close. I know there were a lot of Ewoks, but could you have at least tried to hide the zippers?! I liked the last three. Although the ending was a little too cute. All that was missing was that goofy Ewok music. So far, in my time off, I’ve watched: All the hockey Marvel universe (ITO) Shoresy x2 Letterkenny The Great Star Wars (ITO) and a smattering of movies That’s a whole lotta sittin on my ass. And I’m not done. Started Stranger Things last night. Pretty good so far.
  2. I wonder if Cooper is going to complain about the twohander after the goal that didn’t get called. Tampa guy tried do draw a penalty by holding the stick and then cries when he didn’t get it.
  3. Of all the days that I have done nothing, yesterday, I did the most nothing. Today, I’m going to try and break that record.
  4. 1st bolded: I never did that. 2nd bolded: Wait, what?! History has also showed us that us that pissing away today (as in, 2+ seasons of todays) in order to maybe win an extra game tomorrow (as in 3 to 5 years of tomorrow) also isn’t the way this works,… oh, wait, maybe it is the way this works because we get to do for a second time in a decade. To use your logic, why do you equate losing now with winning later? As to all of those future RFAs, there are very few on that list that I wouldn’t give up for a proven talent
  5. There’s just no place on the Sabres for a 90+ point scorer.
  6. My point is that we won’t get him for free in a year, because we won’t get him at all. He will be moved by then.
  7. But the right one. From m-w.com 3: excessively or improperly intimate or exclusive ”… mainstream fashion magazines have an incestuous relationship with advertisers, and that undermines integrity."
  8. Does the salmon filet help it heal faster?
  9. Is that the cool way of saying, “I don’t think we should try to get Kane,” because you won’t get him if that is your plan. Teams don’t let their top assets walk for nothing. Not smart teams, anyway (the Sabres have done it a few times.)
  10. Thought they were all good calls. Compher’s holding the stick was a really dumb penalty to take.
  11. It's funny you mentioned the music. I actually brought it up to my wife. In working at NBC and dealing with the Olympics theme, I know that John Williams runs a pretty tight ship with regard to royalties and the usage of his intellectual property. You can tell it's not John Williams (well, I can), so they can't use his themes, but I thought they did a pretty good job of approximating his schtick (and yes, it is a schtick.😂). Enough for it to mention to my wife, at least. I liked the series. I'm currently on Return of the Jedi in my watching everything in the timeline endeavor. Weave's comment just adds to my resolve to not watch Boba Fett.
  12. Great post. The number of roster spots was a new angle for me. UR purty smart. Yet,… the why doesn't really make me any less angry. I still long for the day when our GM isn't preemptively making moves that ensure we get to to the cap floor.
  13. I really don’t care how much they pay him. Like, at all. i just wish they would spend their money the one place I actually do care about, on the ice. There will be a day, someday, if I close my eyes, I can see it. Where they will actually care more about the upcoming season than the one following it. Close your eyes. Can you see it, too?
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