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  1. I believe that you either work for or are related to someone who works for the Sabres. You post this garbage like this to make both past and future awful moves by the Sabres look like good decisions.
  2. So, is the disconnect over? I can’t link the Buffalo news article, but is Harrington saying that the team is going to let him have the surgery?
  3. Or even better - Forever Cutting Bait.
  4. SwampD


    This actually makes sense now. If vaccinated people can spread it, then a higher vaccination rate means more people not wearing masks, which mean more unvaccinated people getting it from them.
  5. They finally have a winning team after 20 years?
  6. What was his response? I’m not Twitter savvy enough to sift through all the garbage to find it.
  7. Why should we retain salary? Isn’t his contract pretty fair and will get even better by the fifth year?
  8. I caught it after I posted. Then my hotdogs where ready and didn’t bother to change it. Organic happy cow hotdogs,... who knew that you can actually taste the joy.
  9. McCabe got hurt every year he was here. He just couldn’t not hit people to end them. It ended him just as often. Sam just plays.
  10. What parent is paying to take the next generation of Sabres fans to the arena to watch this trash. They are barely even watching on TV. It’s a good idea because “out in the community” is probably the only way these kids would even learn their names.
  11. It’s amazing how much differently I feel about him leaving than I did Lehner. I wish him the best. May he never win another game.
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