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  1. I guess that makes me a generational talent.
  2. Risto has never said he wanted out. Ever! Change the GD thread title! Paul Hamilton is the devil.
  3. I like ‘em. I hope we win in them. That’s all I got.
  4. Nobody is more glad at that than I.
  5. All good. We are hopefully going to play in Rochester sometime soon.
  6. Here's the view from my outhouse this morning (It's actually the only place we get cell service.) Life's good.
  7. Exactly my point. Culture is just a word. It’s bullshizz. Just win. How about instead of caring about building a culture of winning, you just cared about winning? Does anyone think the Blues gave a ***** about building a culture of winning this year? Just ***** win and shut the ***** up about culture.
  8. Meh. Culture is a crock. Winners win. They can be *****, or choirboys.
  9. More citrusy tasting. West coast IPAs taste more like a pine tree. I’m not a fan of the west coast IPAs. Not really a fan of the eastern IPAs either, but if I had to choose,...
  10. He literally doesn’t do just that. It literally might be all you see, though.😀 Honest question, isn’t there some stat that shows players with and without performance, or something like that? And if so, does it show that Risto makes other players worse when he is on the ice?
  11. Doesn’t the fact that he has the most solo exits tell you that maybe he is the only one on the soft team that can actually separate players from the puck? And why does he have to do everything? It’s a team game, isn’t it? If that’s his skill, find a way to use it.
  12. Flagg showed a play that he labeled “why we love Risto” in one of his posts a while back. In it, the Sabres were struggling to get the puck out of the zone. Finally, Risto came in and blasted the guy, he lost the puck, another Sabre grabbed the puck and got it out of the zone. I’m pretty sure the only stat that Risto collected for that play was a hit. The one stat you fancy folk might actually scorn more than +/-. I think he has more value than current defensive stats are able to measure. His physicality is a positive more than it is given credit for.
  13. This stuff drives me crazy. Never once has he actually said he wants out of Buffalo or that he wants to move on. This is all clickbait driven bs brought about by Paul “Grima Wormtongue” Hamilton’s locker clean out question/statement. He said he was disappointed with Buffalo. He ***** better be. I know I am, as well as everyone else.
  14. I once heard, if you need padding anywhere on a bike, then you haven’t been fitted properly. ftr, I really need to be fitted, cuz my seat could be rented out to a kids party as a bounce house.
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