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  1. Biron’s tie is little hockey players. It’s ridiculous. and awesome.
  2. I posted upthread about it. Watched it twice in two days. It's fantastic. Will most likely watch it again. The acting is remarkable (Willem DeFoe is literally being buried alive with dirt going into his mouth and still delivering his lines).
  3. They weren't as dirty as Zack wants us to think they were.
  4. Nothing I saw on those links has changed my mind. I'd take Tkachuk on my team tomorrow.
  5. Dude, you sound like a lawyer right now. He hit the guy with the puck. Period. He has to skate toward him in order for that to happen, no? Are we to start making calls based on how far the guy skated to engage with the puck carrier if he happened to hit him before he stole the puck? I love hitting in sports. If I'm forced to watch bag skate games like tonight against Vegas, I will gouge my eyes out.
  6. I disagree. It's still legal (thankfully) to hit the guy with the puck. EDIT: Another FTR. FTR, a lot of Kaleta's hit's were legal, but because he was "Kaleta" they were deemed to not be so. It's BS.
  7. FTR, I don't think Zach should be facing a hearing, either. As far as I'm concerned, there were two clean hits, Zach was pissed about having been gotten the better of, so he willingly took 4 minutes for putting a beatdown on someone. Game on. it's over.
  8. I disagree. I find Vegas hockey dreadfully boring. He was right, though. That was not tripping. This is just ***** funny. But,… we won.
  9. Good Lord. Since when is hitting the guy with the puck taking yourself out of position? I really hate this line of thinking. I also hate watching most of our team play defense. This whole getting in shooting lanes and getting in passing lanes is such crap. That's what you have to do on the PK. 5v5, put a body on a body and see if the other team can score.
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