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  1. Sucks that a great game like that ends on a terrible tripping call. Psyched there’s a game five, though.
  2. TO. Down three with 335 left in their season, they tied it up against the CBJs.
  3. The best part of this playoffs is not having to hear about how great the fans are and scene is in a new NHL city that’s has had a team for all of 17 minutes.
  4. SwampD


    That article is not about HCQ.
  5. SwampD


  6. 2020 - The year that never happened,... and seemingly will never end.
  7. SwampD


    He’s fine. He capitalized it.
  8. SwampD


    Not supposed to have power until Sunday. Seeing the damage around here, I think that’s optimistic. On a side note, what the hell are people running while on generator. I have a 1800/2200 watt generator that powers my modem/router, fridge, deep freeze, tv, and a bunch of lights And chargers, and it barely runs above idle. One gallon of gas just lasted me over eight hours. I can’t imagine how much fuel these people are rippin through with their 3, 5, even 8k watt gennys running at full throttle.
  9. Definitely. I’m just wondering why I’ve been breaking plastic knives trying to spread cream cheese on Bagels all these years when I could have been using Greek yogurt.
  10. I’m starting to think that “Greek yogurt” is really just a clever marketing trick to get me to eat cream cheese with a spoon.
  11. SwampD


    Well, the meds just kicked in, so I might call it a push.
  12. SwampD


    Welp, looks like I’m on a generator for a couple of days. Funny thing is it wasn’t even the worst part of my day. All I could think while they were laying out the tools was, “Is it safe?l
  13. SwampD


    I heard that there is no penicillin made in the US. If true, that can't be good.
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