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  1. Wtf did Larsson not destroy Karlsson in the neutral zone there?
  2. Big time hold on Vesey there. Still made the play. Love it.
  3. Yeah. You can’t mistake Skinner’s voice. That wasn’t him.
  4. Head Coach Ralph Krueger definitely noticed Dahlin’s play on that goal. His ice time went way down after that. R A K R U
  5. Other than a couple of gaffs, a pretty close period. Shots are probably close and wouldn’t be if we actually shot the puck.
  6. I know I’m confused. Thank god it was Jack that made the play to lose the puck and not Sobotka.
  7. If we had three shots on goal more than we have now, I would feel less angry.
  8. Let’s hope he makes up for it later with a goal.
  9. One thing I’ll be watching for tonight is Dahlin’s play on the boards. Right now, if there’s a 50/50 puck at the boards in the D zone, I want Risto getting it every time. It’s such a physical play that he is really good at. Dahlin is not there yet and has looked flustered by it. ROCK ‘EM SABRES!!!!
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