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  1. I have to find the earlier game where he was pinned against the glass with a stick on his neck.
  2. It was not a bad hit at all. He was looking down and just got folded against the glass.
  3. In between the play and the replay, they show him on the bench with the trainer’s hands on his neck and he really winces in pain and gives the guy a WTF!!! look. It happens right after the faceoff at 5:50 left in the 3rd. 3/7 game.
  4. Highest quality I could do that would fit. IMG_0419.MOV
  5. I actually think he got the stick on the neck a few games earlier. In the Isles game, he just got folded into the glass right at the top of the dasher.
  6. It was the guy's stick, pinning his neck to the glass.
  7. Sure. Losing on purpose has been an extremely successful strategy for the Sabres for almost a decade. I can see why you want it to continue.
  8. His game looks pretty much like it always has. He’s just older.
  9. On an un-penalized crosscheck to the neck. Way to protect your stars NHL. ***** you.
  10. Yeah, but blunts made with cigar wrappers, which are tobacco. Maybe in the 70s it was worse, when weed had around 6% THC and you had to smoke a full joint or two to get high. But today, average weed is 20 or 30% THC and you only need a hit or two. Plus most people use vaporizers which only get hot enough to decarboxilate the THCA and not burn the plant matter, making it even less harmful.
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