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  1. Man, is he going to love WNY.
  2. I read it, and no condescension intended. Sorry if it came acrost that way. We just have rushed players to the NHL ever since Darcy said suffering.
  3. I’ll go 22 YO for forwards. 24 YO for defensemen. And D men can still mature later.
  4. In what world can a 21 year old not be a prospect, unless they are an all world talent? Sabres fans are broken. F U Darcy.
  5. I sure hope Dylan delivers what’s promised, unlike that lady. And am I the only one who when I read Dylan, I can’t not pronounce it like this?
  6. I was going to say something similar. There was also a beer in the fridge, and I demand to know who bought it for them!
  7. I don’t understand this. How did he have more picks because of the Tank?
  8. And wasn’t his down year because he was injured for most of it?
  9. I've been there,… in the winter,… to play hockey. It's kinda like Colden. It's not that special. He's just really good.
  10. He said math.,… not applied math. Teehee.
  11. And if the forward at center ice would have collected the pass it would have been a two on one against that defenseman. But I guess this is the era of low event, safe hockey. Legit question, other than the hit, did he show up on the stat sheet for that first play? I know he didn’t get the zone exit. This is a political post and should be reported,... but it funny, so ***** it.😀 He has become unlistenable again about this. Stats are valuable, but they are only a measure of certain aspects of a players game (as your video post shows us). They are not the entire picture.
  12. I think they both are going to work out.
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