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  1. The Blues/Islanders game may have been the ugliest game on record (jersey wise) ever. Good god, what an ugly game to have to watch. I really feel for those fans.
  2. Brawndo, I hate those charts. Just give me the salient points.
  3. Show me and I'll decide. It'll still be just one aspect of the game. Nothing you've been shown today has changed your mind, so I don't know why you expect more from me.
  4. I don't know what this means. I'm going to assume there are some numbers that have measured something that someone thinks is important showing me how bad Risto is.
  5. It’s just not true. Like, at all. The earth is smoother than a cue ball. A guy falling off of a 1000 foot cliff probably doesn’t care. Faceoffs matter when they matter. And in those occasions, they matter.
  6. If that is a yes to my question, then I don’t think you know what it means to be a defender in the NHL. The problem with the Sabres is not, nor has it ever been, our defense. The problem with the Sabres is they just don’t score. Period.
  7. I’m convinced that you have no idea what it means to be a defender in the NHL.
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