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  1. This OT is all Carolina. Bye Bye Caps. Although, hockey is brutally unfair.
  2. I just love brutal weeks of work that are made even more brutal by overtime playoff hockey that keeps me up. ***** work. I love hockey.
  3. Washington looks done. I'll be surprised if Carolina doesn't win.
  4. I agree. sure was fun, though. And it wasn't the Sabres who got screwed. And Vegas can suck it. They didn't deserve to be this good this fast anyway, oh, wait, the expansion fee.
  5. Gallant pulled a Housley. He should have called a time out.
  6. Refs don't have replay for that and they just saw a guy get driven head first into the ice. We all would probably make that call. We'd all be wrong, but we'd all call it. Maybe. I also know that I don't care cuz I'm still watching hockey.
  7. Not sure if he agreed with it. He said he was "okay with it." It's a subtle difference. When you let four in on a PK, it's not all on the refs.
  8. You can really see why Stone got that money.
  9. Was it bad? I couldn't really tell. It just seemed like a weird play. I do want overtime, though.
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