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  1. What? I think he's proven that he will be a 70 point player with or without Jack.
  2. I liked The Queen's Gambit. A little heavy on the montage at times, but it was still good.
  3. Upod! under promise, over deliver.
  4. I think your Skinner Staal Reinhart number is low. I actually think all your numbers are a little low.
  5. Eichel and Hall will be some of the best Sabres hockey we have ever witnessed.
  6. Does anyone else find it hilarious that Beast Mode's poem in that commercial has Ton Brady in bed "polishing his helmet"?
  7. They didn't suck against the Chiefs.
  8. I’ll just say that the Bills won,... but didn’t cover.
  9. Good teams win when they suck. We’re a good team.
  10. Another "prove it" contract. 2 outcomes. Reinhart kills it. The Sabres do great and go deep into the playoffs. He gets 7 for 6. He gets exposed to Seattle and gone, and the Tank is finally deemed a failure (Officially). I like it.
  11. When have the Bills and Jets ever not play a close game?
  12. Yep. He’s going to be good.
  13. I have not. Just because I disagree with someone doesn’t mean I don’t respect them.
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