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  1. We really need good, big, fast, healthy, forwards who can actually score. Procrastination is probably the best motivator.
  2. True. Counter challenge - your comment about me being attached to “the worst players the Sabres have to offer” is a direct result of Sobotka’s analytics. 😀
  3. According to your embryonic world of hockey analytics.😀 I’ll just say that we started losing when he entered the lineup this year. Hockey is more that just a spreadsheet.
  4. Johansson, Sobotka, Skinner > Larsson, Sherry, Skinner. Montour underwhelms (not just on the scoring play, Randal). Bogo looks old. Johansson looks <100% Vesey has a place on my team. It's amazing and sad just how little emotion I had watching this game.
  5. What penalty was Skinner looking for there? Nice.
  6. Cool. Doesn't really change my point, though. My eye tells me that often, those other defenders make the controlled exit only after Risto makes the physical play to separate the puck from the opposing player. I'm not disagreeing that he is not the greatest with the puck, but I like the fact that he often gets the puck. Oh, and I also love his yearly pasting of Ovechkin.
  7. I’m going to need numbers compared to others. Just because you keep saying this, doesn’t make it true. And if we had forwards with size and skill who were able to collect the puck on the half wall it wouldn’t even be an issue anyway. The problems with the Sabres this decade has never been the D.
  8. On another note, what the hell has happened to Jake McCabe lately. He looks like a hot mess. It seems like he needs the familiarity of the same partner to play well. He isn’t taking to the rotating partners very well.
  9. I find it kinda funny how much you just don’t give Risto any credit for what he does well. Countless times a game, he is banging someone on the boards, gets the puck and either slides it to his partner behind the net or a forward takes it, because he has his man tied up, and they get credit for the ever so precious zone exit (do zone exits and entries even correlate to winning?). It’s why his numbers look so good when paired with a puck mover like Pilut (and why Pilut looks so good with a more physical guy like Risto.) Every player can be frustrating to watch as no one plays a perfect shift, ever. If you are only paying attention once he has the puck, yes, Risto is not the greatest passer, and he can be frustrating to watch at times, but he totally has a skill set that has value.
  10. You know when you've seen a mofro. If you only think you've seen one, you haven't.
  11. I work with a guy who has one of these. It’s pretty badass. That’s actually a great idea for Jack.
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