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  1. Do you just not say your safe word loud enough?
  2. Is it really that hard to flip a video?
  3. OT is all about talent. Which we don’t have. We may survive until a shootout, then win there, but I don’t think we will win a single game in OT this year.
  4. It was a great pass. IMO. If the receiver goes up for it, at the very least it’s incomplete. I think the Bills are better on both sides of the ball than they were last year. I don’t think KC is. We’ll see if their pass coverage is as “sticky” as it was last year.
  5. More TDS than incompletions. Holy crap.
  6. I thought “fog” was kinda funny.
  7. I’ve had Haflers in the past. My guitar player still uses one. I should revisit them. I have to admit that once I found my Bryston 3B, I stopped looking. Now I have to go give it a workout with Permanent Waves. It turned 42 today.
  8. If you ever come across a Bryston amp, jump on it. They don't have the cool lookin' meters on them, but damn they sound good. I feel like you have to pay a little extra to get that McIntosh name on the front.
  9. I wouldn't move him, in any case.
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