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Devon Levi's new goalie mask


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4 minutes ago, Taro T said:

Almost expected Qui Gon to end up on the mask somewhere.  Maybe he's the one (off screen, so to speak) weilding one or both of the light sabres?

<pushes up nerd glasses pint glass> The design matches the Anakin/Luke lightsaber; Qui-Gon's is green. 😇

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2 hours ago, pi2000 said:

TBH not a fan of the design with "BUFFALO" in the light of the light sabre but whatever.

Hope he goes 82-0 with 82 straight shutties.   

82-0 I can see, but let’s be realistic about the 82 shutouts. 

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28 minutes ago, SHAAAUGHT!!! said:

If I was on the other team I’d be chirping him about the white goo on the front of his mask.  What is that supposed to be???

The 2, 7 and border being sliced in half and pulled apart.

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