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  1. You made my point better than I could. I'm not arguing, I just think it looked different and free tonight as an example vs hockey with Jack. Definitely not his fault, I don't think good hockey was taught the entire time he was here. He's just so damn good, he made it work. I'm just saying it's possible, he'd have to adjust to a "system" if you will. He's been brutally coached in Buffalo but he's also got issues IMO, beyond hating to lose. My only question is did his talent/ personna aid in the bad hockey.
  2. I don't think it's all Jack's fault but I don't think he's learned good hockey. I don't know if it's because his influence or past coaches that created it but always felt like, when Jack's on the ice, get him the puck. What we saw tonight was a team game. I personally think that fits Sam much more than Jack. Not saying he can't, because he's so talented he absolutely could. It's a matter of will he be challenged by a coach to do it.
  3. Of course, no need to think anything more about it. It's just damn good hockey tonight and we're supposed to be woefully under manned, incapable of playing like this. Tonight we are. Enjoy it!
  4. We all are fully aware that this is only one game but this is shocking. Granato had them playing better last year but with what we seemingly lost with players, this is impressive.
  5. I hope you fans that are in town will buy some tickets to the next game. This effort deserves it.
  6. Exactly right and it's also why there's no clock working against KA.
  7. KA forced him to change agents because he isn't budging. Possibly?
  8. Hurt? That's just obnoxious of you to say.
  9. There's no possible way you could know that's the state Lehner is in. How could you know he did this interview in some black out state having no concept of harm? You don't think it's possible he's just acting like a retaliatory jerk?
  10. I'm certainly no expert and that's ok. I do know that while it's a reason for compassion it's not a license to say and do what you want without negative reactions.
  11. There's a 12 year old that lives across the street from us with serious mental issues. Our hearts go out to him but if he starts throwing rocks at my house, he'll see another type of reaction.
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