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  1. I was working with a guy who is an Islanders fan. You think the angst over TNT was bad (prior to the last few games), imagine what they're saying about Barzal and his $9M/year deal.
  2. It took Petersen 6 seasons to get to the NHL and then he was sent back down the next season. He's currently given up 9 goals in 2 games. I don't view him as much of a loss.
  3. Looked like he got hurt after that big hit on Holloway.
  4. Isn't that true for most goalies? I'm betting Andy. The old man got some extra rest by playing Comrie back-to-back.
  5. Appetizer? Northeastern is playing at 7:30 PM, the Sabres are playing at 1 PM and the Amerks are playing at 4 PM.
  6. Rotating as in Anderson gets 1 minute, Comrie gets the other 59?
  7. So he's not master of his domain?
  8. Screw him. He was an alkie with the Sabres and blamed them for everything.
  9. "At least I'm still getting paid." What are management and the other players thinking?
  10. Yeah I think a guy like Comrie is what we should have expected. Hopefully a late-bloomer who at-worst is a bridge until Levi is ready. I'm not high on UPL but he should get some chances.
  11. Who were we expecting? I heard MAF's name bandied about, but that was a pipe dream.
  12. Where's the fun in that? I get the pessimism angle, because you can only be pleasantly surprised.
  13. What were ever the alternatives? Did anyone think the Sabres would get an elite goalie in the off-season?
  14. Been saying that since he decided not to sign with the Sabres. I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Yes. But when making fun of others (i.e. the "you" in the above) and never when talking about myself, much less for something that is easily affordable.
  16. It still doesn't make sense. What would have been funnier is "because we never thought we'd ever need a printer! LOLOLOL!"
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