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  1. Building a Culture? More like ....
  2. NHL – Wayne Gretzky. MLB – Deadball era (Ruth), modern (Mays), post modern (Trout) NFL – Brady (as much as I hate it) NBA – Jordan Golf – Nicklaus Tennis – Serena Williams Boxing – Ali. Beach Volleyball - Walsh/Treanor Curling - Kevin Martin Rollerball - Jon-a-than
  3. "Remember the 5 D's of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge." - Patches O'Houlihan
  4. I think @SwampD asked for this earlier in the string. Both are from Natural Stat Trick - The first one is Risto only and his partners. The second one is various partner combinations. Some of the metrics suggest D-men like Pilut and McCabe played better with Risto than Bogo. McCabes numbers with players other than Bogo or Risto are also better, but is it b/c of a smaller sample size and heavy offensive zone Faceoff's? Risto and Pilut seemingly dominate play from a CF/FF perspective. They also have a positive High Danger % for and against but they get outscored. Go figure. Looks like Risto played about two games worth with Hunwick. Results on CF/FF are good. HFCF% - positive, HDGA - even. Protected minutes with 56% Offensive zone FO's yet badly outscored when on the ice. For me it comes down to Dahlin. Huge sample size with Bogo and Risto, and better with Bogo. Add in Dahlin assuming the PP#1 minutes, and gradually assuming PK minutes translate to a diminishing asset with a steady and high AAV. We don't need to pay a #4 D pairing $5.4M.
  5. I wouldn’t say Scandella ever played “well”. He was/is replacement level his entire time as a Sabre I always liked Pommers and happy to have him return, but I liked Foligno more considering his age, term, his style of play and his AAV. You are absolutely correct it was an attempt to do something which should not be dismissed.
  6. Like Dudacek said, he did NOTHING his first year.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/sabres-vladimir-sobotka-wont-face-buyout/ Hammy got this from the JB presser on June 21st which is still archived in the WGR/Radio.com App. Under Sabres Hockey folder. Around 9 minutes in was asked about Vladdy and then in general and said he does not expect using any buyouts.
  8. + 1 to this point. If I recollect, the NJD were under the Salary cap floor with $30M to spend in 2015. Conversely JB had cap hits like Moulson, Okposo, Pommers, Georges, Bogo and others which takes time to correct. Of course he did not help himself with adding Scandella and Pouliet to the mix. other points: Fun fact. Las Vegas has the NJD Win total at 88 points for 2019 and Sabres at 84. How is it that a team adding an all world D-man PK Suban, the league MVP who missed all last year, and the #1 overall is only 4 points better than the Sabres? This is Shero's 5th year. Palmeiri was added in 2015. the additions were over those 5 seasons, not three. Their awesome playoff run was losing in the first round 4 games to 1. I don't watch junior hockey but most of the sites I read do not have their farm system above the Sabres. In fact, Shero should be highly criticized for the failure of the 2015 draft where he drafted Zacha over about a dozen others more highly regarded. We all know the names. His 2016 first rounder looks suspecious. Six goals last year in the AHL for Binghamton? The trade for Mirco Mueller (2nd +4th) highly questionable. The Vataneen and Hall trades were highly successful, and should be louded except their are both UFA's and will be expecting significant pay increases next season. To me Shero is comme ci, comme ca. Not reading his book on how to be an NHL GM.
  9. Isn't the marker for decline 30? Both Ovi and Patrice are same age - 34. Since turning 30, Ovi has averaged 47 goals a year, 80 points a year, and 20 minutes of Ice-time. Which is exactly 17 more goals a year, 13 more total points a year, and almost a minute of TOI than Patrice. Also more durable playing an average of 9 more games a year than Bergeron. He's a Captain, and has more cups during this period (2015-present). Ovi is in the top 5 until he isn't. Showing no signs of decline. If anyone is going to fall off, it's Patrice Oh, and if hasn't been mentioned, he's a Bruin.
  10. Rochelle Rochelle - good movie, but perhaps a better Broadway musical adaptation, starring Bette Midler. Either way, I prefer Checkmate.
  11. I guess that means GMs are “people” too. 😏
  12. I had Cap Friendly open, so I pulled his contract terms. Not sure how the signing bonus works. Could be paid each year.
  13. We have $33.4M coming off next year. Reinhart might be $8m, and Montour $5-6m? What's $1M going to help next year when there are no UFA's worthy of chasing?
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