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  1. Only Thomas. This guy is the real deal. Size, speed and agility. You trade next years first plus 28 for him if you must. Those two picks gets you to ~13 overall. Immediate starter, possible threat, cap compliant in year 1. LSU Program is top notch so unless he has major character flaws, lower risk than everyone below him. You can still get a safety in the second round, and two seconds next year.
  2. Pretty sure Rod did not coach Jeff. He started after they traded him. Possible he said I don’t want a floater on my team after looking at tape, but the Hurricanes made a lot of moves in an attempt to play a different style of hockey. Laying their failure at the feet of Skinny is a bit much. The guy can be a net negative, but his skill set is top three and last year on a poor defensive team was a +15. @Crusader1969 In answer to your question, placing Skinner on the third line with defensively responsible players who can play a two way game could yield a lot better results than we have seen in years. In terms of LW, I think Quinn has the highest potential with goal scoring and plays a better defensive game. Similarly JJP is ascending so I plug him on FL2. The third line does not have to be a no skill/checking line. Better match ups and opportunities of possession for Skinner if facing an Islanders “identity line”. Plus, unless the cost to extricate Jeff is low (2nd round) I would rather use picks and prospects to acquire talent and not to hope “addition by subtraction” works. Skinner is not Diggs.
  3. If two of the “new faces” are Kulich and Savoie I may just save my time and skip 2024/25. Tage is a number 1. Maybe not top 10, but top 30 in an injury riddled year. Cozens isn’t a number two, but he is paid like one and the Mitts trade guarantees the job is his next year and Kev isn’t seeking any blockers. I’ll agree partially, that some need to be moved down but they can still do it with Tage and Cozens. Maybe Quinn and Brady T on the first line with Tage. Push JJP and Tuch to the second. Get a vet to center #3 with Skinner and Greenway.
  4. I know the record for the second half of the year speaks more than my observations of how well they played. Contribution from Diggs was less and we still won at a higher rate. I fully expect Cook to become a top tier RB this season, and expect Kincaids load to increase as well. However 100 touches and even more targets are hard to replace. Without the "threat" of a # 1 WR, Defenses around the league will adjust and restrict our 1-2 formations. I can see a trade that includes #28 this year + second 2025 from Minn (and more if necessary) to move up to #14-18 if the LSU WR (ranked 4th I believe) is available. Next years # 1 could be in play b/c you could never find a WR to give you that kind of production in FA this year (or next) and the Diggs cap hit is hamstringing the team significantly in 24. Even after the June 1st designation of White. Next year will be windfall in getting that cap hit removed, so losing a 2025 1st round player and their $3.75-$5M salary can be made up with UFA's in 2025. Beane is the antithesis of Adams when it comes to making these type of moves.
  5. True. But certainly you could prioritize the factors and the fact he refused answer the question on whether or not Diggs requested a trade could get you to ‘addition by subtraction’ was the #1 reason. Evidenced by his repeating this trade was in the best interest of the Buffalo Bills. How can removing 100 catch/1000 yards be in the teams best interest if there wasn’t concerns about the diva mentality and the net affect he could have on a team that lost a number of veterans/leaders. Beane also said twice - It’s not September. Dude loves to trade. Can see him moving up if he thinks the #3 or 4 ranked WR is available.
  6. Sabres were -130 Moneyline bet at Cesars Sports Book. Jeff Skinner night, Goathead, whatever it is Vegas says they are favored tonight. I added them to a four game parlay. Must Win!
  7. Statistically speaking, if they get 6 more PP opportunities they will score 1. #brutal.
  8. The Sabres have been bottom of the league all year. Currently around 16% success rate. In their last nine games they are 3 for 26 (11%). Impotence. Some aspects of their game are improving. Special teams is regressing. Coach-Coach-change.
  9. Escape from New York 3: Sabres 2024 “The name’s Meatballs, Donny Meatballs” ”I heard about you. I heard you were dead”.
  10. Watchnig the Canuck broadcast tonight. How about you give us a sign when the Sabres score. Maybe a Doug Allen like pointing the finger at the camera.
  11. Nice to get over the hump of finally beating the Kraken but more importantly, a road victory against an evenly matched opponent is key. Money Puck had Seattle’s expected goals 4.12 to Buffalo’s 1.86. Didn’t seem that distant but the heat map shows their chances in close were much higher. Sabres dominance at the dot tonight was noticeable. Byram continues to impress. The “concept of Will Borgan” was -2 and quite pedestrian. Congratulations to the East Coast fans who stayed with it until the end. Sleep fast, because it’s happening again tomorrow. Same “bat time, same bat channel”.
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