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  1. @inkman You might want to patent the phrase and where instead of adding "in bed" to the end of Chines Fortune cookie, you add.....'With your fly down'. Some examples below: Don’t pursue happiness – create it.....with your fly down. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.....with your fly down. Big journeys begin with a single step......with your fly down. Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.......with your fly down. Your road to glory will be rocky, but fulfilling......with your fly down. The best way to get rid of an enemy is to make a friend.....with your fly down.
  2. Had no idea you were the inspiration for 'Scent of a Woman'. "Hoo-ah"
  3. I stuck around to see the commentary about the Sabres. Last segment. The relative tightness of each teams T-shirt made the intolerable more tolerable.
  4. ...also on Cap friendly. If an 18/19 year plays more than 11 games in the year he signs the ELA, then waivers exempt years moves to 3. It suggests his waiver exempt status expires three years from the 2017 season which is 20/21, or next season (considering we are still in 2019/2020). edit - he played 41 games in 2017.
  5. Cap friendly says it begins 2020/21. His three year or 160 begins 2017/18 season.
  6. 100%! They regressed from 16th overall last year and added an incredible weapon in Olafsson. The second from worst PK is reason enough to change. Unacceptable decision Not making some change.
  7. Shouldn’t this say, “Since The Pegula’s took over”? I mean Kim deserves some share in the unacceptable performance of this franchise.
  8. I'm probably dumb for challenging you on this, but I disagree with a few of these notions. First of all is the idea of a R/R (Montour and Joki) on your second pair. The NHL has slowly migrated away from L/L and R/R pairings over the last 10 years. A L/R pairing was less than 50% of the time in 2008, and now it's greater than 75%. I trust what other GM's and Coaches are trending towards, not our own. Couple this trend with the fact the L/R is proven to have higher Corsi and Fenwick numbers over R/R, LL, and the Sabres like to move the puck from low to high and the point shots at a higher than average rate, I need to have a L/R combo at all times. Using this logic as a presupposition, I need to decide between Joki or Montour on the second pair. I supposed we could push Montour up to the first but I'm not in favor of that. Similarly I don't like pushing Joki to the third. So I pass on Montour's RFA contract and use him as trade capital this fall. Sticking with Joki as my 2RD for now. Knowing that RD are slightly more valued, (2019-20 stats suggest that 59% of the top 250 D-men by average TOI are Left handed, and that more than half of the teams in the NHL deployed Left handed players more than 59% of games played) I think Risto and Montour hold more trade value than some think. (Insert JB joke about knowing the inherent value of a scarce resource). I use them to obtain 2C. My other rationale for dispensing both is we need young Rasmus to have a true complimentary pair. Stay at home, eats minutes, and can play all special teams. This will be expensive so I need to remove two medium priced D to make up for the huge cap hit in Dahlin's new partner. Lastly, while I'm not adverse to seeing Risto's minutes reduced even more so, and playing a true 2RD position, I've already reconciled why Joki needs 2 pairing minutes, and again do not want R/R pairings. So for a multitude of reasons (Cap space, positional play, reduced PP role, PK was ineffective and could be upgraded with true RD) I'm ready to move on from Risto. And maybe there is a LD veteran that can play 3rd line minutes for minimum salary. Lets use Nathan 'Ball-yu' as minimum lever replacement player for say $1.25M. For me, I think Pilut has way more upside than a JAG like Nate. For about the same price. Maybe we move on from Pilut in 2022, but for the next two years, I prefer Lawrence. Especially if paired with Miller or Bogan (whom I have slotted as a starter in 2021). We agree on Borgan as #7 for certain in the fall/winter of this year. My pairings on the left, yours on the right.
  9. I don’t think he is worthy of a top 4 either, but I also don’t think McCabe is that much better. If Pilut leaves, we go from having a surplus on D to an extremely weak left side. An the UFA market for LD is not strong this year. Perhaps Buffalo could use cap space to extricate a Defenseman by trade and push Jake to the third pairing, but I’d much rather take my chances with those two at a reasonable AAV as 4/6. Just not a fan of having two right handed D. If this is not a ploy and he’s unhappy, how do see 1-6 on D next season?
  10. The phase II concept behind this is completely bogus. It just confirms the NHL bias for teams like Chicago, NYR, and Montreal. Where they get a chance to play and a chance to get a top three draft pick. Unacceptable. Weak ownership by Buffalo et al to approve the NHLs proposal to end their season and not get a single quid pro quo. Basically the same odds as if Covid and the pause never happened. The only silver lining is the previous proposal where only #1 was available is off the table. Could change the boards tone and narrative in July/August when we do finish in the top 3.
  11. Kahun. Possibly Pekar. Your on his bandwagon no? And don’t forget the increasing possibility of Lafreniere.
  12. She has! After the unforeseen death of Terry, and Kim’s unusually fast courtship and marriage to Timothee Chalamet shocked “One Buffalo” fans. Things seemed darkest after the TMZ exposé “Kougar Kim” revealed the predatory nature of the the recently widowed Billionairess. Fortunately the Former Tennis Pro showed her moxy by firing Jason Botterill (long over due) in 2029 as her first order of business. The Sabres and their NHL roster record 17 top 10 picks went on to win the Stanley Cup the first year with Jessie at the helm of the organization.
  13. Agree that Cozens makes the team, and that gets more than 9 minutes a night. Mitts averaged 12.5 minutes and he was on the true 4th line. I don’t see a return of the GLO 3rd line, so he absolutely has a chance to play 13+ a night with a combination of Kahun, Tage, or MoJo. Where Lazar will fall back to heavy PK and reduced 4th line even strength minutes. I also see it more probable than not that Mitts is the odd man out between him, Tage and Cozens.
  14. Georges, McBain and Colaiacovo probably didn’t help much either.
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