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  1. Broken Ankles

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    Don’t risk the damage that would be caused taking Skinner off the top wing. The experiment with Sheary earlier this year was not sucessful. What is the rationale for giving Casey more minutes, when he’s already being marginalized by the coach? He’s playing 11-12 per game and doesn’t deserve that. I think Phil has a serious problem at 2C. It’s not Mittelstadt, and from Flags post, it shouldn’t be Vlad, or the other 3 Centers which should remain together. I agree the second line needs a shake up, but not at the expense of the first or fourths. Two more losses and I foresee a mid-December call up (maybe Nylander probably Olofson) and Casey might be well served spending some time riding the bus.
  2. I voted 3, but this is a better description than weirdos.
  3. Why mess with the fourth line? Not scoring but playing well together. Is the thought that Larsson can possibly get Tage involved offensively again? And that Mitts was not doing it? LW C RW Forwards JEFF SKINNER Rating: 79.9#10 LW JACK EICHEL Rating: 80.1#20 C SAM REINHART Rating: 76.3#26 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 78.78#14 FL1 CONOR SHEARY Rating: 72.2#78 LW CASEY MITTELSTADT Rating: 71.2#134 C JASON POMINVILLE Rating: 73.8#40 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 72.39#25 FL2 VLADIMIR SOBOTKA Rating: 68.3#180 LW EVAN RODRIGUES Rating: 70.7#88 C KYLE OKPOSO Rating: 71.6#80 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 70.20#29 FL3 TAGE THOMPSON Rating: 69.8#162 LW JOHAN LARSSON Rating: 67.5#143 C PATRIK BERGLUND Rating: 72.6#92 RW
  4. http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_team/Buffalo_Sabres/2. Matt Moulson deal, Halak to WASH, and McNabb to the Kings. Murray lost 2 of 3 that day. One of his better days 😏.
  5. Broken Ankles

    I owe you all an apology.

    You need to get yourself a Sonos my man. Listening to XM in your car is so 2006. Stream XM, WGR55 and all Apple Music in the convenience of your home.
  6. Broken Ankles

    Lineup 2019-2020

    I think there is one more chance for Sam to slide back to Center. Phil is growing weary of Casey and his bad play. He basically called him out on WGR when asked why he did not see any OT minutes. And he was being polite, as his last four games against high caliber teams has resulted in horrible play. Sheary and Tage need someone to distribute the puck, and Sam is second only to Jack in that department. Compare our second line center to that of Toronto, Boston, Tampa, Washington or NYI and we have second class citizen status. If there is a late December call up at wing, maybe Nylander gets a chance on the right of Jack and does well, I can see Sam taking on this role again.
  7. Broken Ankles

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    How about one middle finger to give Leaf fans a big FU when we beat them. And forefinger on the other when we win the cup.
  8. Broken Ankles

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Does he think, or the rest of the league including the Leafs front office believe that? Eleven has set the number at $12M and I believe that will be the starting point.
  9. Broken Ankles

    Speaking of the Aud . . .

    My first game was against the Cleveland Barons circa ‘78. Sabres drilled them 9-2. They beat them 13-3 later that year. Not a coincidence they folded soon after.
  10. Broken Ankles

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Define low. Move prospects, players or draft picks? What line do you play him on? Who do you move to free cap space? Zemgus to free up a LW slot and cap space? He has two more years after this one. So longer than Sheary and Sobotka but less than Bergland. And almost same Salary.
  11. Broken Ankles

    Shake ups in LA and Chicago??

    I would entertain Seabrook. Would be nice to have an experienced RD to play alongside Dahlin over the next few years. His contract is onerous (6.7m AAV for 5 more years). We add McCabe and they had to take Okposo’s anchor of a deal. Seabrook would not need PP minutes and Risto playing reduced minutes on a second pairing might improve his game.
  12. Broken Ankles

    GDT: Sabres at Rangers, Sun 11/4/18, 7:00 pm

    Seriously? The Rangers are not a good team. This is a great test for the Sabres. Second night of a back to back against a team they should beat. I’m interested to see if the secondary scoring shows up tonight or if yesterday was an aberration. and yes Hutton is the starting goaltender on this team. Not up for debate. Yet.
  13. Broken Ankles

    Lineup 2019-2020

    Pommers is going to be 36 very shortly. He struggled immensely last year in the spring. You don’t somehow get better with age, unless your trainer works at BALCO. Cap space allows the GM a top six forward from outside. Plus opportunities for Nylander, CJ or Olofsson. Not enough room at the Inn. Less than 10% Berglund and Sobotka are under contract for 3 and 1 more respectively. Makes Larsson and Griggs expendable. Less than 20% each. Like your thought on Scandella. I think he or McCabe are moved in offseason. Dont sleep on Bogo. I agree on the percentage, but money is a great motivating factor. If he continues his leadship role I can see them keeping him with Pilut or Guhle to mentor. Maybe a two year with a small haircut to 4.5 m AAV.
  14. Broken Ankles

    Practice Report: Friday, 10-26-2018

    No. He was a world class figure skater as a kid. Hence his superior skating skills.
  15. Broken Ankles

    Practice Report: Friday, 10-26-2018

    How is he going master his triple salchow without practice?