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  1. I don’t know. 5’11 is kind of smallish. I’d be worried he gets run. 😏
  2. Incorrect. Allowing kicking is dangerous and would encourage more kicking and skates off the ice. Agree no different than directing or angling, so both should be disallowed.
  3. Why? Because one plays 25+ minutes a night and the other plays 16. One is a jag, the other is a 1OA. You don’t see Elkblad making those mistakes do you? No he played 28 minutes and dominated at both ends of the ice.
  4. Would have, but too busy watching Robin lose at Anaheim. He’s dropped three of his last four starts. 😁 Mirthful Watching.
  5. The third goal was completely defensive positioning. Jokiharu had a horrible game. There wasn’t a Sabres player in sight for McCanns goal. I mean crazy open. Joki was literally above the circle ⭕️. But the tandem of poor goaltending and weak defense has them second last to Montreal in goals against. Serious regression. I wouldn’t be opposed to moving on from any current D men for next year. Tabula Rasa.
  6. More squeeze please.....highly underrated. For @The Ghost of Doohickie and @The Ghost of Yuri I've stood some ghostly moments With natives in the hills Recorded here on paper My chills and thrills and spills Take me I'm yours
  7. This time last season (after 18 games) the Sabres had just begun an unmentionable streak and was about to embark on the worst stretch of games most of us have ever seen. Their record was 6-9-3 and Ulmark started in 11 of these games. Jack, Sam and T Hall playing in most. Yet scoring 12 goals less than this team through the same 18. Goals against worse, but not by much. And as stated, a legit starter unlike what Donny’s had to work with the last 8. Baby steps….
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