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  1. Agreed it's not zero but it's not much at all. This was debated in September. "Most states measure duty days to determine when these visiting athletes should be taxed. This includes practice days, along with game days, that are spent in that state (and city depending on whether that city levies a jock tax as well). To determine the duty days spent in each visiting state, the work days spent in the visiting state are divided by the number of workdays in a season, from preseason through the postseason" The NHL has determined their season to be 270 days, so the players is only charged for the practice days and game days played in cities/states where a state tax exists. For Tampa Bay about 10 of their road games are in tax free states so only 30 games or about 40-50 "days" are spend inside these states. So using Jacks $10M AAV, his N.Y.S. tax would be around $880K. But if in Tampa bay, using a 270 day season those road games would add about 17% of his salary to those various states tax rates (average rate of $6.5%) for a tax of about $115K. I'd say the $760K in state tax savings is enough to affect ones decision. That and the weather. Being able to golf, hike, bike etc in the winter definitely factors in. I grew up in the 716 and live in a place where I can do all that and a whole lot more. It definitely doesn't suck.
  2. If they plan on being in the playoffs next year, then two of the top Six Forward positions will be older, expensive and from another organization (whether it be by trade or UFA). I expect this to be the plan this summer.
  3. I think it's questionable if Bogosian can fetch anything, right? So assuming he cannot, why wouldn't the only option be to waive and bury the contract? As the resident Capologist, is this scenario (waive/clear waivers/bury) not similar to what the Bruins just did with David Backes? According to what I read on that move, they were able to save ~$1m on their Cap to free up deadline spending. Unless he has any trade value whatsoever where you obtain an asset in return, and have the possibility to save more (example - they withhold half of his AAV in a trade, and recognize $2m instead of $1M), why is he not waived immediately?
  4. Not sure this is the best case scenario. Based on Mitts play in Rocha-cha, and what we saw from Thompson last year I'm not sure this is even the most probable case. There is a lot of cap space and pieces to be moved to acquire a true 2C or 2RW. We need to "BE BETTER".
  5. Can you turn this into a poll? Where we can vote on keep, waive or gets traded. I thought he might garner a 4th or 5th, but if we continue to see games like last night, I can’t see any trade value.
  6. This. @TrueBlueGED - look at the compensation we gave Vegas. It was a St. Louis 2nd in 2021 (presumably low) and our 5th in 2022 (hopefully low). And his stock has dropped somewhat since the trade. If the original trade is the starting point, is this not far less compensation you might obtain for a 20 goal/45 point player who is 23? Washington received more for Burakovsky, and he was less accomplished, although playing better in COL.
  7. But then the trade is more likely next year. Not this year.
  8. Why are they hamstrung? They have $5.8M in Deadline cap space. Morgan Reilly is out for months (at least two) and even if Muzzin comes back in February, they seemingly have plenty of space to make a move. I align with @nfreeman - considerable sweetener. Why would they trade a young asset with excellent possession metrics and has a much higher ceiling for a guy who has been healthy scratched 15 times this year? And do it within division. No chance.
  9. If you wanted 100 then you should have drafted Leon when you had a chance. Realistically, what UFA is out there that can score like Sam and wants to play in Buffalo? Or what combination of players would have to put together to trade for a player with term that has this potential? I see both sides of the argument but at the end of day there is a player in his prime, you have cap space next year to afford it, and he is one of very few 60-80 point players probably willing to sign a long term deal with Buffalo. You probably just do it. I also acknowledge @nfreeman’s point about how this core hasn’t proven they can win; but I see JB too risk averse to make a blockbuster trade that involves Sam plus parts.
  10. He had to manage 10 D-men for 6 spots for most of the year. Injuries to Dahlin, Bogo, Scandella and Jake. He's also been told (my assumption, no insight) to showcase certain players for trades. And also has to keep ego's in check. So he's kind of got some excuses.
  11. Why Not Zemgus? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus Lazar fills the need on the GLO line.
  12. You are only coming through in wavesYour lips move but I can't hear what you're saying
  13. Montour has been average hasn’t he. Appropriate downgrade. I think we need to debate that RFA contract over Reinharts. I’m not sure he is a must keep with Joki playing so well. And Miller is confusing. When is the last time a GM trades for a player over the summer and he gets healthy scratched so frequently? I get he was Downgraded on the depth chart by Joki, but.....Questionable trade at this point.
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