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  1. One the greatest monologues in cinematic history. Well written, and performed even better. He won the 1988 Academy Award for that role. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.
  2. #2 - your take is in line with one Carl Icahn. Amazing what Wall Street will create for investments. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/13/icahn-reveals-his-biggest-short-position-amid-market-turmoil-commercial-real-estate.html
  3. If Terry and Kim can make what appears to be a colossally poor decision as it pertains to game-day workers, why should we believe he is going pull the cord on the GM? He is literally the 6th wealthiest NHL owner and struggles to commit payments for hourly employees who are clearly suffering. Jeremy Jacobs is getting roasted in Boston (and rightfully so) for an equally insensitive and business first attitude. Probably not a coincidence they are friends. But the Pegula's beyond bad decision making as it pertains to part-time workers amid the pandemic seems par for the course. Exiting JB early would require forethought, awareness, and perception. In other words, opposite of what has recently manifested from the executive suites at the Harbor Center. I felt like a GM change was a 50/50 before the shortened season, and feel like it has fallen to 30/70 at this point.
  4. Jim was great on and off the ice. A gentleman and great teacher of the game. I hope to thank Jim when my lottery numbers come in and #8 is selected as the Powerball.
  5. Lead Vocals Gord Downie Keyboards, Vocals - Donald Fagen Lead Guitar - Eddie Van Halen/David Gilmour Rhythm Guitar. The Edge Bass Guitar, Vocals - Geddy Lee Drums - J. Bonham Producer - George Martin - Beatles
  6. Has anyone seen McMillions on HBO? As far as documentaries go this could have been done a lot better and edited down to about two hours, but the story is fascinating and the characters involved are engaging. It’s all about one guy who ran security for the Marketing company McDonalds used for Monopoly game in the 90’s, and how he was able to steal all the winning pieces ($100k to $1,000,000) and distribute to a network of friends and family.
  7. Regardless of who is on your F3 line, if your penciling in MoJo or Kahun on your second line, we are not going to the playoffs for a 10th year. Especially with the current options you offered in net. MoJo needs to be on the third line with a hopefully mature and more polished Cozens. When the Sabres win the lottery, I can see a path for the new GM packaging MoJo in a trade as we would have a surplus at LW.
  8. For those keeping score at home, we have Triumph and GA as defense attorneys for the defendant. Everyone else as prosecutors. Amirite?
  9. If anything, RFK took a layer of toxicity away from Risto and will make more than a few GMs in need of a D-man consider something they might not have last summer. That said, he gone.
  10. I can see this happening if it's a new GM, or J.B. returning for one more year. If it's a new GM, he (or she - cannot have the presumption of bias pervading my post) gets a free look for one year before committing anything long term, or trade as you suggest. And if Terry is on the fence about JB does he really allow/approve an 8 year extension?
  11. When I was boy, Goalies didn't wear masks. They ate rubber, and had no teeth......and they liked it!
  12. Cirelli with an awesome cross check of Chara. I’m on the bus to try and pry him out of TB.
  13. Agree to not rush him to the PK, especially this one. But the tandem of Dahlin and Miller should get a chance to be top pair over Risto and Montour at 5v5. If nothing else it’s a measuring stick on progress.
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