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  1. He did it more than just on his way out. Delta Bravo in the first degree.
  2. On Granato, help me understand HOW after going up 5-3, you Ice your worst line? Clearly struggling defensively is Mitts and Olofsson yet they are out there for the faceoff. It’s a failing decision right? We saw so many growing pains with Dahlin his rookie/sophomore year, we must expect some bad nights with Power. UPL… PK - we have the Matt Ellis of NHL Penalty Kills.
  3. When was the last time a GM gave up / traded a piece they just acquired in a trade over a player drafted by another GM. It’s why I always think Mitts is somehow in the mix. Unless Krebs was specifically a target, and I can’t see that.
  4. Zay Jones and Cinci do the Bills a solid today. Doug “balls” Peterson goes for 2 to win the game for the Jags against Baltimore. And the Bengals beat Tennessee to place the Bills ahead of both for home field and a first round bye. Just take care of your conference games against the East.
  5. Girgensons - Jost- Okposo - your option # 3 looks like what Donnie is using tonight With KO drawing in tonight, and Krebs to the box is this line #3 with more minutes? And does the Mitts line becomes the defacto #4? And if Asplund is back soon (day to day), can I live with 74- 37-71? sure.
  6. Agree with most of your post except except …. This threesome had 5 shifts in the second period. Twice they played with 23/26. In their first shift Mitts won a FO early and the Cozens line scored immediately after in transition. The fifth shift of the period was their best with a Def zone face-off win and a HD chance with Mitts feeding Vinnie. Two other shifts had zero pressure or zone entry with ‘one and done’. Another had no shots or attempts. Zero sustained pressure. In the third, their first shift was following the PK. A classic “dump and lose” strategy followed by a rush with a bad pass in the slot picked off. The second shift was an offensive zone face-off which they lost followed by the blues scoring but call back on an offsides challenge. Their third shift was a highlight where Mitts had a good stick check on Leddy which led to a high danger chance and a pass to Vinnie in front. The fourth shift was a FO win followed by a loss of possession with a Kyrou HD chance against. The fifth shift started with a FO loss. And Barbashiv hit the crossbar and the Blues missed another opportunity on the rebounds. That possession was followed by a Quinn goal. Their 6th of the period Vinnie stalled at the blue line. Their seventh shift highlight was a weak Mitts backhand stolen. Zero pressure. This line has played together for 23 minutes and has a 42% corsi, with 2 GA and zero for. Enough already. Poorly conceived and needs to be changed ASAP. They lose every puck battle and have no physicality in either zone. Mitts needs to be moved to 4C, Vinnie to the presbox (when 74 and 21 are healthy) and Krebs to Rochester. Maybe the new 3rd line is 28-17-71. Or KO replacing Z when he’s back. Something. Anything.
  7. Horrible line. Does anyone on that forward line ever win a puck battle? Ever? Their expected goals against is 5 times worse than Cozens line, and on the ice for both goals against. Ice time slashed that period. Play Zemgus line more this period.
  8. Mitts/Vinnie/Olofsson line continues to underwhelm. How are they getting more ice time than Quinn/Cozens/ Peterka? Dahlin abused Gallagher on the PK. Love it. Boosh gets a big hit in the second. The legal kind.
  9. I can see it now….. Fade In: Kev’s Office at Habor Center. (Kevyn Adams on the phone with Toronto - we hear them confirm their waiver claim was successful) “We got ‘em”.
  10. No ‘hate’ from me, just not the player I expected at age 23 and drafted 8OA. I also look at the pipeline and can see younger players like Savoie easily filling his role as a 3C next year. And guys like Quinn/JJP are preferred over Mitts in a middle six role on the wing. Younger, cost controlled, and higher ceilings. Just because he plays the PK doesn't mean he is good at it. I mean the Sabres are dead last in PK for November, and bottom 4 for the year. His 5v5 stat line is bad. Two points? Kinda sad if 4th in ice time wouldn’t you say? Projected for 50 points? Are you assuming he can play 82? Because that’s doubtful based on history. Durability is another question mark. And as noted in this thread and others, the Sabres lack grit. Hence the debate on picking up a guy like Horvat. The Sabres need more guys like him than Mitts. If we can sell his stock before it falls and get any help on the right side of the defense, I’m all in. Krebs can fill in as 4C short term, and Asplund can move into a 3C.
  11. Definitely watching the HNIC broadcast. For all the obvious reasons. Getting off the Schneid against the Leafs on National TV wouldn’t suck. Mapleleaf Whiteout
  12. Corey Pronman of the Athletic just ranked the Sabres with the absolute best prospect pool in all the NHL. Under 22 years. So while our team may be struggling, there is unanimous sentiment that the prospects are well above average.
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