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  1. Broken Ankles

    Casey Mittelstadt, deep breath, he's fine

    You are big on Donskoi I see. Has it got so bad that we are targeting UFA’s that cannot make the top 12 forwards in a playoff series? I know he has grit and has scored goals before but DeBoer referenced his 33 game scoring drought and inconsistency as to why he is not playing. If he is available late in FA to fill out the roster maybe.
  2. Nice Scoop. Heard the same on Boomers show/NHL on Sirius. Edit - and of course Brawndo has this posted....amazing
  3. Couldn't take post games like this (where he berated his team for a loss against the Buffalo Sabres). Yes he holds players accountable. Yes he has more winning seasons than not. Yes, can even be entertaining sometimes. Just like his failure in Vancouver, I don't need a coach asking Jack/Sam/Rasmus to block shots. Grit is fine on your fourth line. Not in your top six. Are the Sabres coddled? Probably. Was Housley soft? Probably. Do we need to go 180 degrees on this? Question - If players like playing for him, how many of their UFA's return? Dzingel, Panarin, Bob, Duchene, McQuaid.
  4. Hard pass. His teams have either been knocked out in the first round or missed playoffs altogether in 14/18 years of his coaching. Plus his style is antiquated and an annoying personality.
  5. Both Trotz and Torts have jobs.
  6. Broken Ankles

    Grade your Buffalo Sabres overall season ...

    Gotta ask....harsh grades for Sam and Jack.
  7. Can someone verify the status of our Blues pick with Anaheim. Are we in need of a Blues loss to retain, or those teams like Carolina, the Peg, Nash to win and Pittsburgh tie in the event of a Blue Regulation Win?
  8. Broken Ankles

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I’m no agent but both yield $56m, so you would always take 7 years @ $8m with a chance to get another deal. If you offer 8 years it would have to be like $7.25m AAV. I’d do $7.5m for 8 years.
  9. Dennis Gilbert Jr. - Former SJCI student, former Chicago Steel, former ND student, and current Rockford IceHog gets a start tonight against St. Louis Blues. Typical late season call up, but great opportunity for the kid. I went to St. Joe's with his father. Happy for the family. Hopefully he can help keep the Blues at bay, as we need them to lose out to maintain their pick! LW C RW Forwards DRAKE CAGGIULA Rating: 71.8#91 LW JONATHAN TOEWS Rating: 79.3#21 C PATRICK KANE Rating: 82.4#3 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 77.85#18 FL1 ALEX DEBRINCAT Rating: 80.1#9 LW DYLAN STROME Rating: 71.8#109 C BRENDAN PERLINI Rating: 71.0#104 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 74.30#18 FL2 BRANDON SAAD Rating: 74.9#38 LW ARTEM ANISIMOV Rating: 71.6#110 C DOMINIK KAHUN Rating: 72.5#90 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 73.01#13 FL3 CHRIS KUNITZ Rating: 70.3#118 LW MARCUS KRUGER Rating: 70.3#155 C JOHN HAYDEN Rating: 69.6#127 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 70.06#27 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense DUNCAN KEITH Rating: 74.2#44 LD ERIK GUSTAFSSON Rating: 77.1#21 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 75.65#14 DL1 DENNIS GILBERT BRENT SEABROOK Rating: 71.4#82 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 71.40#28 DL2 CARL DAHLSTROM Rating: 71.1#103 LD CONNOR MURPHY Rating: 71.9#72 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 71.52#17 DL3
  10. Broken Ankles

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    it's in Hockey reference.
  11. i was curious to see if there was any correlation to winning and hitting on Rounds 4-7. So I took the Draft database for 2010-2017 (no one playing round 4+ from 2018) to find the answers. So I ranked each team based on 4 categories. Sum of Total points, Sum of Games played, Count of Total selections or picks, and Average Position of draft #. (this normalizes for teams with more 7's than 4's). Results are interesting. Ottawa is first in points scored and games played. With moderate draft picks and position in the draft. While the Sabres rank dead last in Points and second last in Games played. That goes to Cal Peterson and Ullmark playing games as Goalies with negligible points. Let me know if you want the data swizzled a different way to help draw conclusions or validate your assumptions.
  12. Broken Ankles

    Who is here next year?

    Thought the Wayne Redden rule says max 925k can be saved? That yields $2.675m next vs. $1.5m on buyout. Plus the cash saved ($1m) and not having him in system.
  13. Broken Ankles

    Who is here next year?

    Supposedly in the locker room. But Vlad’s cancer is on full display each night he skates. Maybe that is why Armstrong insisted on including him in the trade.
  14. Broken Ankles

    Who is here next year?

    This is the second time I’ve seen the recommendation of waiving Sobotka. His contract is perfect for a buyout. You pay 2/3 of a $3m base, and get relief on a $3.5m cap down to $1.5M cap hit. A waiver, b/c I assume there is no chance he gets picked up by any team, provides no cap relief. His play is cancerous and we need to end his ties to.Buffalo this June. I don’t want to hear his name this summer.
  15. Broken Ankles

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    great observation! It's frying pan to fire....so to speak. Always good insight. Agree with all but Dahlin. My observation is he is the same. Flashes of greatness from the outset but mistakes continue to pile up in his own D-zone. I took his stats and split them for the first 39 games and the last 39. Takeaway improved. +/- is worse. As you might expect. Nothing jumps out either way.