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  1. I don’t view the Suban/Weber trade as the Canadians attempting to “escape” but rather improve. Subans contract is done next year. I guess we still fundamentally disagree about the current status of the D. Adding a low priced LHD will just give us another #4/5 D-man. And not change much on the ice, or in the room. We already have too many 4/5’s. I understand you don’t want to sign up for a long term deal and I would prefer a 4-5 years, but this team is missing leadership on the Blueline. In your scenario Dahlin is paired with some combination of Joki, Risto, Montour or Miller. I would argue this fails. Hot take - Sabre’s ice the following next year: Dahlin/Risto McCabe/Joki Low AAV Vet LHD/Miller They miss the playoffs again. Dahlin needs mentorship. None of these players offer this. Extricate yourself of middling players with contracts that are movable, and replace with proven chops. Offset the bigger AAV by promoting Borgen.
  2. At the time, based on the years remaining to Weber’s contract it was unanimously decided it was a horrible trade by the Canadians. The savings was only $1m annually AAV but you were committing more years to a player who was 4 years older. And my point is a 32 year old came in and solidified the blue line. Ligers argument against Pietrangelo is he is too old at 30. I disagree.
  3. Will Borgen cannot play #1 minutes regardless of his pairing. For the same reasons Risto should not have been put in that position. Let me add to my previous list the ‘Clean Slate’ philosophy. If an advocate, it would be better in the locker room to hear one new voice, and lose three. And let me also add, Risto might be the other RD that does stay. If Joki is the lynchpin on a 2C trade which saves #8 overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was moved and Risto kept. Depends on what their values are outside the organization.
  4. Seemed to work for the Canadians and Shea Weber. And they don’t even have a Dahlin to supplement that.
  5. Leadership Playoff experience An a perfect pairing partner for Rasmus that can play #1 ES minutes. PK skills (which don’t seem to exist with any of the current 5) The head coach doesn’t seem to think much of Miller. The probable trades of Risto and Montour this off-season. A salary cap year where you are not in a huge bidding war and the cost for a top-flight D will be less than others. If the Sabres trade Miller, Montour and Risto (not saying this is likely) it makes sense to add stability. The average AAV between a Pietrangelo and Will Borgen wold be about the same as Risto and Miller.
  6. F*%k Tom Wilson. Bravo to Anders Lee for standing his ground against a heavyweight.
  7. An inexperienced card player can obviously be intimidated in a head to head battle in the game of poker. Bluff, steal pots or put you on tilt. But in the games where I have dominated or placed in tournaments where there has been better competition, having good cards was an equalizer. And good cards in this analogy is the Sabres situation relative to the Salary Cap and many other teams in the exact opposite position. Adams should not feel compelled to make a ‘swing for the fence’ type of trade. It may find him, but I doubt it. I’m assuming he is placing calls but probably fielding more. Teams with no room must call teams like DET/BUF/OTT because there just aren’t many others (even in the middle) that can help. This can create an artificial type of confidence during these one/one discussions. How many scenarios has SabreSpace put out there for the 2C alone? So Treliving wants too much for Monahan? Thanks Brad, gotta go. I have meetings with Tampa at 1pm and St.Louis at 2pm. As long as his pro scouts has the right values, he should be fine this offseason.
  8. Vancouver trade - no thank you. NYR- I see the point of getting the third however Cirelli is not coming by way of offer sheet. Especially for under $6m. The NYR need to pay in excess of a first round to take King Henry. Think Leafs/Carolina. Not the Sabres paying with a #8/Casey. Big overpay. I’m in the minority but I think Tuch is highly overpaid. I can accept him on the first line with Jack And Jeff, but ONLY if it means Reinhart and Victor are there with a reliable 2c. I would trade Montour and a future second (21/22) for Tuch and stastny, both overpaid cap dumps by Vegas needing to reset after a Cup run. Lastly, why trade Risto for some Magic beans? They can fill in the 4th line with Lazar and Okposo and a Street UFA making $800k or Roch. Risto is as good as gone, but a right shot D with a reasonable contract who plays PP and second line minutes brings more. Always appreciate your trade ideas!
  9. Correct and Apologies. Substitute NYR for Montreal.
  10. That pick is lottery protected, so they have a damn good chance at #1 overall. I hate the fact Montreal, Pittsburgh, Edmonton and Toronto are all in on this.
  11. Same error. Please correct this ASAP as a Sweet Lou trade is like catnip.
  12. Appreciate the insight on the timing of the horn. Never thought this was an issue but makes sense. What are you suggesting as the replacement horn? And is the recommendation because it’s a new administration and clean slate? I would get rid of that song (clear my throat) and employ a rotation of songs based on the goal scorer, not one for the team.
  13. Is that where GASabresiufan has been hiding?
  14. Milbury is better as a color analyst than on set. He is not good at either, but better in the booth.
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