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  1. Brilliant Star Trek reference. Those kids freaked my ***** out.
  2. Staal has a modified NM. A limited number of teams he can reject. I’m all for moving Montour, like yesterday. Same for Irwin and Hutton, only I cannot see anyone giving up an asset for any of these players. If you can’t get an offer for Larsson, how does Hutton bring a return? Montour maybe if you retain half his salary. Question - Does Linus sign an extension or does he test UFA? If he hasn’t resigned before the deadline would he not be a valuable trade asset?
  3. What we all long for today. They were co-Vezina 1980.
  4. Nick is a UFA next season. You just need to pay him. And if Jack is gone, this is exactly the type of leadership to fill the void.
  5. They looked as bad as their stats reflected. Risto hasn’t been great since his return from COVID-19, but he also hasn’t been God aweful, until this pairing with the other Rasmus. I’m getting really tired of waiting for Dahlin to show me why he was selected first overall. I can’t explain why but the simple fact that this season is a ***** tire fire and he’s played like shite night in and night out, but yet he finds the importance of wearing his sweater like McDavid is really starting to irritate me. A few things on this. First, it’s supposed to be a violation of Rule 9.5 which governs all pr
  6. Happy for Jim and his family. Hopefully he will be able to enjoy those moments in person very soon.
  7. If true, he is dead to me. Completely subversive, opportunistic and looking to seize upon the recent miscommunications from RK about the most recent injury. I truly hope this is not the case.
  8. Not yet. Maybe next week. Wanted my youngest to catch the original so we could watch as a family. I too have low expectations but I’ve heard a few good reviews. I cannot recall a sequel made 20+ years later that was really good. Saw Eddie do an interview and he was really happy with the script, and casting. New additions like Lesley Jones and Wesley Snipes are supposed to be good.
  9. A man goes into a restaurant, and he sits down. He’s having a bowl of soup and he says to the waiter, “Waiter, come taste the soup.” Waiter says, “Is something wrong with the soup?” “Taste the soup.” Waiter says, “Is there something wrong with the soup? Is the soup too hot?” “Will you taste the soup?” Waiter says, “What’s wrong, is the soup too cold?” “Will you just taste the soup?!” Waiter says, “Alright, I’ll taste the soup – where’s the spoon?” Aha. Aha! …
  10. The fact Rick didn’t get an interview seems strange. Local guy, Sabre alumni, and more experience than most of the GM candidates at the time. He would be a perfect second voice in the room to help validate trades, provide insight on drafting as well as assist in upcoming UFA/RFA decisions.
  11. Hello.....Ted Lasso? He just won a Golden Globe for Christ sake.
  12. If a serious return is Turcotte, Kaliyev, Vilardi and Iafallo, I can support this. Sure thrown in a draft pick if needed. If there is even a question about his leadership and long term viability with the franchise then pull the damn trigger.
  13. I respect your take on puck-luck/ shot % and the concept of it improving as the season moves along, but if this afternoons game is a microcosm of the season, it will not improve without a change in behavior and effort. The Montour play alone speaks volumes to why the Sabres are at historic lows. I mean wide open net and he shoots directly into the goaltender. KO on the 2 on 1. Get the puck elevated a few inches and it’s a goal. Hall and Eakin with similar efforts. No rebounds, and quite honestly lack of strength (by most) to gain position in front of the net for an opportunity. Way too
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