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  1. Great stats. I watched Cozens last night b/c another poster’s observations on him leaving the high danger areas uncovered and on his first shift of the game I’ll be damned if he didn’t miss an assignment which could easily have cost them a goal. Then again a few shifts later. Coaching has to be function of this consistent failure. What shall we use To fill the empty spaces Where we used to skate? How shall I fill The final places? How should I complete the wall?
  2. Memo to stillman - Don’t leave the ice like that with Bryson and Olofsson on the ice.
  3. Goalie question - Does UPL go to his knees too often? Seems like his lateral movement is hindered by him being on his pads and unable to push side to side enough. Technical analysis?
  4. Ilya is quietly having a March. Since the 7th of the month he has had led the defense in Points, goals, blocked shots, xGF, hits, and plus/minus. He is also third in Corsi all while averaging 4th most Ice time, taking no penalties and having by far the lowest percentage of Offensive Face-offs. Wish we had this guy all season.
  5. Bill is definitely a top draw, and a master of his craft. I was afforded the the opportunity to see him at the Comedy Store in Hollywood a few months ago, with some other top notch comedians working on new material. Just a random Thursday in January. Get this, Sebastian Manascalco, Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings, Marc Maron, Jeff Ross, and John Mulaney all did sets between 20-30 minutes. Manascalco and Mulaney were just superior in style, writing and performance. Sebastian was actually playing Wynn Hotel in Vegas that weekend (different and well established material) where tickets were selling for $200. I paid $25/ea plus I greased the doorman an additional $50 to get my wife and I in the second row of tables near the stage. The other club to visit is the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. Twenty years ago (before kids) we would see Seinfeld, Rock, Jay Leno and Bill Maher working on new bits. They still get the unannounced star looking to work on new stuff.
  6. Sorokin with an unbelievable save. And timely too. Isles put a hurtin on the Leafs. That doesn’t suck.
  7. Jordan Greenway, a player barely alive in Minnesota. Donny Meatballs can rebuild him. Make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. Dude just needs time to acclimate to change. Never got the feeling he welcomed the trade initially. A complete off-season to reflect, and understand how he can contribute will be welcomed by all parties.
  8. My 83 year old father and I are at the game representing the Black and Red Gotheads.
  9. And I had you pegged for the Pony Express. How silly of me.
  10. Same situation here in So Cal. Have had Direct TV for 17 years for the Sunday Ticket. Center Ice was always an easy add on. My bill is about $140 but can’t remember the last time I paid for the Ticket. I like the fact they stream HNIC on Saturdays. ESPN + streaming as well. Kids have Disney so the bundle was a relatively cheap option. Curious how it plays out with the NFL on Youtube and if people like you and I vacate the traditional cable services.
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