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  1. no specifics but you win for a Clubber Lang Gif.
  2. Very active. Biggest to leave is Risto. Biggest Return is Ehlers. Too much talk about Tampa so I also say Miller and Callahan are also traded to Buffalo. I think he unloads Scandella and rights for Larsson. Relentless in my belief (probably wrong) that Vlad is a buyout. Nylander is traded although I want to see him get a legit chance on this team. He keeps both 7 & 31. We are surprised that Cozens falls to #7 (not unlike the Bills good fortune in April). McCabe is also traded and we pick up a McQuaid or Girardi in free agency. Girgensen returns on a one year deal, along with another UFA. Donskoi is the popular pick but I'll go Vanek.
  3. Stastny - A slightly higher AAV than Miller, but fewer years. But you don't have to take on Callahan's salary in return. Is the cost that much more than a Miller/Callahan in TB?
  4. NHL and other athletes collectively bargain. In doing so they give up certain rights for the ability to sign long term, and in many circumstances guaranteed contracts. If an actor/singer/dancer loses their ability to perform, they would experience an immediate loss of income. Unlike Vlad Sobotka, who by all observation cannot play competitive hockey anymore, but still collects $3.5M in a salary. For that, he is sentenced to live in Buffalo. Kind of a fair trade off, wouldn't you say?
  5. All this is true. What I am suggesting is factors such as his age (1+ younger), no NMC, and being a RD shut down top pair that plays PP & PK makes his value much higher than Skinner. The circumstances and their similarities provide an explanation of why he is being shopped, but other factors suggest the market value is not equal. Some sources suggest Risto, P31 and a prospect (M. Davidson) would be required. That is not even close to Skinners market value last summer, otherwise Carolina wouldn’t have accepted the offer they did from JB. You can also throw in the fact the Organizations are in different places too. Winnipeg is in win now mode, where Carolina probably was looking to the future when they pulled the trigger on Jeff. Keeping Trouba might make more sense for them than moving him before the season.
  6. Trouba is a 25 year old RFA. Very different from Skinner last year. Although I think the only teams in on that trade will be one where his agent agrees to a long term extension.
  7. History is on your side. Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat. I hope a guy with an MBA has enough sense not to do that. We will find out in the next 3 weeks. Anticipation....
  8. You had me until Scandella. Good thoughts all around. I think McCabe is a good bargaining chip as well. His expected AAV and experience will attract s few team up against the cap like Tampa or The Peg.
  9. I agree with this too. Just as you convinced me on how wrong I was on O'Reilly, I hope I can convince you that a Risto trade will actually benefit this team in the long run.
  10. Did we demand a "kings ransom" for Brayden McNabb? I believe it was Hudson Fashing (who was a wash out - and TM gave up 2 #2's to LA to boot). McNabb went on to play top pairing minutes with Drew Doughty. What I'm suggesting is that Ristolainen's upside (scoring, power play minutes) is already replaced by a younger, better skating defender. His strength and D-zone will continue to grow. What we need is a compliment to Dahlin's game. Not necessarily another teams #1 D-man. I don't buy into the idea that your two best defensemen always have to be on the same pairing. My argument is not that Risto is bad. I think some elements of his game are desperately needed by other teams. I just happen to think that we have two players on the roster that can fill those voids, and IF the return from another team can bolster another area of need, then it's something you must consider. What am I willing to give up? See McNabb trade above, or Nick Leddy, or Boychuck as other comps. Nothing significant. I would even suggest Dan Giaradi as a UFA as an option. If you go down the path of Trouba it will be a good prospect, a first and a player. I'm advocating the former.
  11. As soon as I wrote this, I knew I opened up to criticism. Agreed. The fact we have a 3 line D in Bogo and 4th line forward in KO earning $6M AAV is one of many reasons why we are not in great cap shape. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel (at least with Hunwick, Bogo, Vlad and Scandella). I have no reason to expect a Ryan O'Reillyesque return, but I think Risto brings back something something useful to the top six. And like Liger said, Montour slots in as Second line Right pair, so I expect another move to find a dance partner for Dahlin.
  12. Disagree. Not a good complimentary fit with the other Rasmus, and to be clear our Defense begins and ends with Dahlin. As stated, Montour is a RD, and therefore not a need there. We cannot pay $5.4m AAV to a third line D, especially when guys like Nelson or Bogo can fill that hole. These facts coupled with the expected return lead me to believe he is expendable. His cap figure will be replaced by a top six forward we desperately need. Yes the compliment to Dahlin is missing but I expect that in a trade or Free agency.
  13. Well stated. He’s expendable b/c of those reasons.
  14. I agree with your position that the Leafs will not have to pay that much to move Marleau but that is separate from a reason why we should do it. The cap space would be better served taking on Callahan and getting something valuable in return. Marleau is the iron horse of hockey but Father Time is catching up. Thirty six might be a ceiling. I like the Vanek idea if $2.5 and one year.
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