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  1. Really impressive production value. Good team to boot. #jelly. I’ll be there next week (no ticket to the game, just vacation). Staying adjacent to the arena. Should be fun.
  2. Another factor to consider is Cap Space. In the pre-Jack there was some high priced AAV's and by the end of 2015, TM rang up an impressive Cap hit of $69.5M against a ceiling of $73M. Leaving only 4% cap space for 2016. Conversely, if we assume Risto, Jack and Sam are not included in the Vet's moving forward, our projected Cap plummets to $33.3M. So while on paper there appears to be more strength in pre vs post, Anders Bjork, Zemgus Girgensons, Casey Mittelstadt, Victor Olofsson, and Tage Thompson along with the prospect of what Jack, Sam and Risto could return coupled with $49.7M i
  3. Robinson, Coffey, Lidstrom, and Josh Morrissey. #cornerstone.
  4. Did you buy that at O’Connel Lucas and Chelf circa 1986? I have one in green 😉.
  5. The second option. I was smoking when i provided a possible trade scenario earlier but in my defense it was a mild sativa so I stand by what I wrote. Lots of people on this board are setting themselves up for disappointment. I’m preparing for the worst, and hopefully surprised. Jack is damaged goods defined.
  6. Could you foresee a scenario that would yield Risto & Victor alone for Kaliyev? I can’t. So you are getting two top 8 picks/players and a mid round first prospect/player for a high risk (yes high reward). In the lead up to protect Three D, what is the expected return for Risto before the Seattle draft? Maybe a mid/late second? And Victor is just another 5/5 player with great PP skill. Allows you to protect, all three of Tage/Asplund/Bjork.
  7. LA does not want to lose QB in this trade. Agree with others you need two other prospects to equal QB. I like the structure of @thewookie1 trade. I would tweak it as I think there is sweetener required based on the uncertainty of the injury. Sabres trade: Jack Risto Olofsson Kings trade Turcotte Vilardi Kaliyev #8 overall Quick
  8. I respectfully disagree with this sentiment. Given the option of an exposed Risto there is no chance Seattle wouldn’t take him over say Bjork. Risto would slot in to a top line D position and assuming not a fit, would yield a nice return at the deadline (or before) for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on project “tabla rasa” so I prefer a plan to move Risto before a choice has to be made.
  9. Maestros Ocean Club in Newport Beach. Live music. Usually a piano and female lounge singer. Steaks are top notch. Service always impeccable. And as Vince Vaughn would say, lots of beautiful babies.
  10. Easy to remember. One known for this.... the other known for that...
  11. I hope your game goes to OT Punch!
  12. We trade him to the Rangers for Strome, Miller and a first. Not sure if you heard, but we are collecting Left hand D-men.
  13. Is there not hope that the addition of Karmanos will add value in the draft room? I must assume that all Pittsburg's scouts had been submitting updates throughout 2020/2021, and he brings a cadre of differing views. Maybe even some that don't meet the narrative of however remaining scouts the Sabres do have on the books (is it really 5?). In addition to the reports he had access to, is it not plausible they hire other scouts/exec staff post July 1st? The entry draft on July 23rd, and most of these contracts expire in late June/early July. Might be interesting to have different voices in
  14. Weak slashing call. Need more for playoff OT. Hockey God say no soup for you
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