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  1. Enough logical thought. This is a gosh darn fan forum. Over reactions are what we do best!
  2. The Wild pass the Pred's in the Central Division. Makes our 4-1 loss seem a little more palatable.
  3. I am honestly shocked that only PI added advanced stats to build his case. I'll add on to his petition for Scandella. 1.) The aforementioned +/- , impressive mark for a Buffalo D man. Better than Montour and Joki. 2.) Relative Corsi and Fenwick leading the D core with 50/50 O and D zone starts. Montour for example has worse numbers with a 60% Offensive zone start. 3.) Wins and Losses. Sabres are 12-6-4 with Marco in the line up. (He was injured in the Ranger game and missed a bunch of losses including Washington, NYI and two in SWE); And he literally saved the Toronto game by himself. 4.) With and without - check out 2018 vs 2019.
  4. According to Hockey reference he has 1 takeaway with 16 Giveaways. That leads our Defensive core. Even more than Rasmus and I would have bet even money Dahlin had more. In fact his ratio of Take/Give is by far the worse. Love the potential but there are gaffes. And agree he won the trade so far.
  5. His hair doubles for that which I use to clean my pots and pans.
  6. Must be the new iPhone 11. Picture quality is superior.
  7. Punch - I take umbrage that you traded a "bag of pucks" for me. You traded the #21 overall for me. Don't you remember? Just b/c the Rangers used it on Larry Sacharuk does not mean it wasn't high value.
  8. I'm firmly in the camp that he has done something, only that its mostly to the Defense. Look at all trades in the last 12+ Months. Joki, Miller, Montour, Beaulieu, and Fedun. The only trade on the Forward side is Vesey, and so far that is a fail. This is based on the fact it was only a 3rd. And in terms of Free agency, the Skinner signing fell in the category of Vanek - you had to do it. I don't give credit or blame. Marcus Johansson is a plus. Lazar is replacement level and came with no risk, only potential. Understanding it takes two to tango, I ask what is the real value of our Defense? Scandella, Bogo, McCabe, Risto, or Miller. I've heard rumors on all of these players as tradable assets, but maybe there are offers but JB fears getting swindled again, and this is giving him pause. Meanwhile, Winnipeg whom we all thought would be desperate for a defender and coming to the table with a top six forward in return is 15-9-1 and third in their division with only 2 of last years starting 6 on Defense. So I ask, seriously, after watching Risto play the last week or two, what is his value? It's like my stock in Uber. Over the summer I thought it was a great buy falling to $34. Not feeling that great in late November. I fear we are going to get 2nd and 3rd round picks (or equivalents in prospects) from a top tier team needing a 5-6 depth D for some of these players and how does that help this year or next? I think the only teams serious about trading are teams that have players they are trying to dump. The Preds healthy scratch Turris the last 5 games - and he is an anchor on their cap @ $6M for the next 4+years. Want to take a flier on that? Nope. Can Jason Zucker be had straight up for Risto? I don't think so. Chris Kreider? Another UFA? Pass on another LW Blue Shirt. So unless he is willing to trade a real asset I cannot see how we are going to be realize help in the top 6 this year.
  9. If you factor in your Buffalo diet, drinking and the stress of dealing with this franchise an Actuary might say you have less than that. 😳
  10. Hutton's last 4. Over the next two weeks, how many games does Carter start? How many should he start? I see back to back this weekend and next, so I'm going with 2. Give Linus a load to see if he can carry it.
  11. What are you implying here? "Buffalo, a drinking town, with a sports problem".
  12. Some of Casey #'s according to Hockey Reference. Compared to last year - Giveaways down, Face-off win % up, & Defensive zone starts up. However P.P.G. down (including zero in November), TOI down, Corsi down, and Fenwick down. This was supposed to be his breakout year. He seems to be 'middling'....neither very good nor very bad. And certainly a disappointment at #8 overall.
  13. Agreed. I was thinking what would Tampa do without Stamkos. He was obviously replaced, but the puck movement reflected that. It's not like they had his replacement on the wing waiting for a one-timer the whole time. The Risto PP goal gave me hope. Last nights PP while generating opportunities reflected a regression.
  14. It also coincides with Marcus Johansson's departure from the line up too. I'd be hard pressed to think the Sabres are not better off without him in the line up, and equally not a fan of Vlad, but you know - causation - correlation. Hard when there are multiple variables.
  15. Where is the happy face emoji? I actually like Bogo not playing on a back to back after injury. And I approve your healthy-scratch of McCabe.
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