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  1. Broken Ankles

    How much better would we be with ROR and Kane?

    looks to be about $500K over. Line Forwards Pos 2018-19 1 Jeff Skinner LW $ 5,725,000.00 Jack Eichel C $ 10,000,000.00 Sam Reinhart RW $ 3,650,000.00 2 Kane LW $ 7,000,000.00 RO C $ 7,500,000.00 Pominville, Jason RW $ 5,600,000.00 3 Girgensons, Zemgus LW $ 1,600,000.00 Casey Middlestadt C $ 925,000.00 Scott Wilson RW $ 1,050,000.00 4 J. Larsson LW $ 1,475,000.00 Evan Rodriguez C $ 650,000.00 Kyle Okposo RW $ 6,000,000.00 5 M. Moulson 3,975,000 Cody Hodson ($458,333) Defense Pos 2018-19 1 Dahlin D $ 925,000.00 Rasmus Ristolainen D $ 5,600,000.00 2 Scandella D $ 4,000,000.00 Pilut D $ 925,000.00 3 McCabe D $ 1,600,000.00 Zack Bogosian D $5,142,857 4 Beaulieu, Nathan D $2,400,000 Goalies Pos 2018-19 Carter Hutton G $ 2,750,000.00 Linus Uhlmark G 775,000 2017-18 cap $ 80,059,524.00 cap # $ 79,500,000.00 $ (559,524.00)
  2. Do you know something we don’t? I see the logic in a back to back, but he has been less than questionable as of late. The Peg have struggled their last few and I’m worried about them getting a fast start. If Hut plays well, could be a great thing for the locker room but.....
  3. Broken Ankles

    All Hail Erod

    Yes, until Victor, son of Olof takes the ice next year.
  4. Broken Ankles

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    What if he is a chip for a full time RD partner for Dahlin? The fact he is the most tradable asset and we have enough young talent at LD is true. We need to strengthen other areas of weakness. Ristolainen with Pilut and Bogosian with Guhle would be solid.
  5. Broken Ankles

    Sabres @ Stars, 1/30/2019, 8:30 PM ET

    The tank line, funny and well played. The trying not to laugh comeback condescending and Douchey. You see why people don’t like you right?
  6. What are you assuming the AAV would have been for a long term agreement?
  7. Let me add to the plethora of positive transactions JB has made in a short time in Buffalo. These are outside the aforementioned Skinner and and good fortune of Dahlin (which also is understated, Murray was a jinx that lost all his Draft lotteries in Buffalo. Luck matters.) * Signing Lawrence Pilut. * Drafting and more importantly convincing UPL to play in the OHL and eventually Rochester. * D. O'Reagan (for Roch) and a 1st for Kane. * 6th Round Pick to Vegas to take Carrier and not select Linus in Expansion Draft. * Zack Redmond (Roch contributor) for Deslauriers * Brandon Hickey for H. Fasching. * Signing Will Borgen (and developing properly) * Signing Asplund and getting him to develop in Roch. * UFA Carter Hutton to team friendly 3 year deal. (And I think this is undervalued thus far. Lehner is having a nice (Lucky?) year, but Hutton is a true Pro and will serve as a proper role model for Linus and a good back up over the next 2 years. * Equitable Bridge deal for Sam that allows flexibility for trade after 2020 or signing a lucrative long term deal if he continues to ascend. But it was the cogent decision to bridge. * Promising growth on later round selections in 2018 - Samuelsson, Pekar and Kukkonen. Too early to quantify anything. I think deals like Wilson, Sheary, Beaulie, Bailey, Baptiste, Fedun are all a wash. They were either non-factors or involved insignificant and /or lower draft picks. so for each swing and miss: a.) Pominville/Scandella deal b.) Mismanagement of Mittlestadt (I agree with your assessment) there are more positive moves, in my opinion. How do I get there? Both the compete level of the team and the the record of both Rochester and Buffalo is better than it was two years ago or last year. And this includes losing its best Center from last season. While you have already decided the O'Reilly trade is a colossal failure (incorrectly I might add), I need at least two years to decide who wins this trade. And in this two years, Tampa Bay and Toronto will continue to dominate the East. O'Reilly on the Sabres this year or next would not affect this result. By his third season, Dahlin will have the experience and talent (think Drew Doughty year 3/4 in LA) to take this team to the next level. And IF (leap of faith) - Tage can develop, increase his strength, and contribute in top 6 capacity, and JB spends the $7.5M AAV that would have been designated to an aging 30+ Center on other Free Agent(s), and the first and second round picks we receive from St. Louis have moderate success, then he can win that one too. I know Terry Pegs has lots of cash, but money was also a factor in when the trade was made, so there is that. So I'll provide JB enough slack to spend that money this off season and next, and use those 3 first round picks (and properly develop) before I condemn him and suggest he's damaged the team. This jury member needs time to deliberate.
  8. Broken Ankles

    Picks, Prospects, or Players???

    Didn’t you comment on lack of success on 2nd round picks last week? And went through all the examples? Maybe Die by the Blade is scrolling though these posts looking for ideas.
  9. Broken Ankles

    Things that are AWESOME...

    Do you like Gladiator movies?
  10. Broken Ankles

    Jbot Do Something Already - 4 Saving the Playoffs Edition

    Those that cannot remember the past .........
  11. Broken Ankles

    Jbot Do Something Already - 4 Saving the Playoffs Edition

    And the Sabres could have netted: Jack Boeser Beauviller Aho And Carlo.... but we got “Murried”
  12. Broken Ankles

    Jbot Do Something Already - 4 Saving the Playoffs Edition

    Debrusk will contribute. But I agree with the larger point about 3 picks in a loaded draft and coming away with only one. 2016 first rounder was Charlie McAvoy, who looks like a home run. And Pastrnak in 2014. Three years of hitting allowed them to take a chance and trade 2018's 1st round - although not to any success. Also - Drouin was not a Bruin. Seguin?
  13. Broken Ankles

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    When he was last on WGR he stated that while he always wants to add scoring and skill he did not want to trade draft picks (not specific rounds but picks in general) OR Young players. He said that while this might add immediate scoring it would only push the problem down a few years. I have a feeling this is partially true. He is against a rental, but might walk back his comment about trading a pick or a player come June. If we were playing ‘Card Sharks’, I’d say the likelihood JB trades for any rental is low. 18%. I also look to see if Nylander is given a real look after the break. If he doesn’t get a sniff I think his chances for being part of a package increase.
  14. Broken Ankles

    Oilers vs Sabres - who has the brighter future?

    I’m a fan of Sam but he is not better than Leon. Like 100 points less with only 20 less games played. Leon can play FL#1 and put up gaudy numbers. He can also Center FL#2 and provide secondary scoring with average forwards. Neither are elite at much else.
  15. Are you still high from last night? Because I am now and still know Leon > Ristolainen straight up. Don’t want RNH but..... both for Risto is kind of, you know Ludicrous.