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  1. That was pretty dumb by you guys lol
  2. How hard is it to have your seat belt on. its common sense It saves your live
  3. Not shocked he was absolutely horrible last game i think thats it for him in Rochester he looks not ready at all
  4. I was not impressed by Savoie he looked not even close to ahl player a player like him is supposed to make people look silly like hes toying with them.
  5. If Rochester keeps up with the speed they will take over
  6. And Rochester is playing ryan Johnsons brother lol
  7. You have marshmallow Brett Murray playing awesome right now
  8. Savoie looks horrible falls every time and scared The whole team needs to get the skates sharpen
  9. Jack quinn was ranked around 20 and 15
  10. Did you all forget about jack quinn
  11. You know its true its all about winning now but you want a guy just for his speeches Guy was cooked last year
  12. Its all about those motivational speeches. Cant wait to watch him not producing in the playoffs
  13. If " Okposo knows that he might get some healthy scratches " He should give up the C then
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