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  1. Savoie not making team Canada is a complete joke sucks for him
  2. Most definitely i might be dead in 5 years . And sad part my father said the same thing and he passed away . Now im going tell my son and the tradition of the curse of Buffalo Continues to the next generation
  3. Prove when you trade 2 players you tanked for
  4. He's 21 victor headman was 23 when it all clicked
  5. T I have to disagree he is a difference maker every game he does the little Things that go unnoticed and just a beast maybe you'll change your mind when he looks like an NHL vs kids in the world jrs
  6. Lets not forget the next chris Pronger erik gudbranson he was supposed to be the next big thing. And we have gabriel vilardi hes not Even close to what he was supposed to become They have had 5 top picks bust or not Live up to potential 3 top 15 picks that busted Late rounders all busts but 1 . The great cliff pu busted also Everything they've touched has recently turned into ***** so far besides 1
  7. Thats what i was Referring to your missing some
  8. Wright has sams speed when we first drafted him it can be easily worked on he's an elite talent
  9. Kingston is just horrible a developing players if anything i believe they hold players back untill it clicks later on in the nhl
  10. Is not a good idea trading For a goalie that has conclusive problems
  11. Seeing how we have 3 wins in last 15 thats worst in the NHL I see us taking the Crown for the worst team in the league by Christmas let the tradition continue
  12. He had 19 points in his last 22 games the devils see a franchise talent at 20 its a good deal in my eyes . Going to look like a bargain when he gets comfortable from the injury
  13. Bloom is have a outstanding season but wright just going through a rough patch . Scouts will probably play some ***** and Pick out every single negative thing like they did to Sean Couturier so he doesn't go 1
  14. Great contract very jealous they have him
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