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  1. That really isn't saying much lots of fans underappreciated miller and buffalo has had ***** since. Now some fans realize what we had but now its too late
  2. Everyone knows my feelings Towards him he will be the downfall of this season . They should hane brought in a real goalie
  3. Im quite curious what do you think hes worth then
  4. Ok i hate this excuse .. If UPL does this everyone attacks him but Comrie gets a pass
  5. But robertson is elite why would dallas trade a away a super star already for a Mystery Box player When they know power is already good ?
  6. Yes a guy going into a 3rd year with 125 points in 128 games isn't going to cost buffalo its top NHL prospect. Please tell me who you would want if the shoe was on the other foot.
  7. And people have to realize it would take owen power and not some leftover Scraps
  8. Rather keep jack quinn then pay another winger 9M when we dont have a number 1 center
  9. Buffalo doesn't Leak anything put this at 0% of happening
  10. Hopefully they dont keep dan dunleavy when we're a contender so bad
  11. I just think its wrong that the refs let the bills quarterback get kicked in nuts Repeatedly also get punched and grabbed during a pile up
  12. Probably around Christmas time he will get his time injuries happen
  13. Concussion ruined his career feel bad for the kid.
  14. I can't see 4 rookies making the team. The only lock is power, quinn right now
  15. Bengals will make easy work of the dolphins
  16. And Tua isn't the dolphins are going to give that kid CTE
  17. Buffalo would send him to a cup contender if he wanted And he can come back after
  18. I wouldn't say that..your team wasn't even a "team" and they still almost won . A healthy bills team without the heatstroke weather wins that easily 10/10 times
  19. You're only allowed what the dolphins provide thats why its home Field advantage And thats why the home team got all the Shade and buffalo had to sit in the blazing sun .
  20. Looks like every news outlet was fake news where they said it was over 100 You do you.
  21. You cant be serious. Look up heat index
  22. It was 112 degrees including humidity factor honestly thats some Dangerous ***** the NFL pulled today . Oh what am i saying they let Tagovailoa back in the game who Clearly Had a concussion
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