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  1. They have to fit the cap, meaning they lose other players. Banking on Lehner is not a great plan.
  2. Kyle deserves the C this coming season. The question is the season beyond and if his play and age dictate he has a spot on the team. I trust Adams and Granato to make the right call. There are emerging candidates for the C. Tuch, Cozens, Dahlin, maybe even Tage or Power someday. Leadership has to come from more players than just those wearing a letter, Good to see the candidate pool is growing.
  3. I am liking this kid. We are starting to get a pretty nice pipeline in place and hopefully KA can get a few more in the upcoming draft.
  4. I stand quiet and pause anytime I hear it. I prefer that everyone at the game be respectful during the anthem, I would not expect that at a bar though.
  5. What is this? What embarrassing lie? Believe whatever sources you want but knock off the aggressive bully act with me. I should not have to take your abuse and I won’t. If you have another perspective to share why do it in this way? Does it make you feel like a big man? You should be embarrassed by your comments to me.
  6. Possible. We also have to start beating Detroit in our head to head games.
  7. I’m in Boston and NE area. The fans think Sweeney is the problem, not Cassidy. They think every draft pick should be McAvoy and Pasternak. Sports Entitlement runs rampant here as the Celtics take a 2-1 lead in NBA finals.
  8. East and West makes more sense than Campbell and Prince of Wales. Bettman works for the owners and they want successful American expansion and more $$$$. In the USA, Campbells is soup from a can. Prince is a dead pop singer/guitarist.
  9. Damm. Looks like the Rags are going to go up 2-0. Tampa is being outplayed again.
  10. Naw. There was only one McDavid. They got him. If Eichel was even remotely cool that would have helped. But he is not. They even got Draisitl, the best in his class, with the 3rd pick. They have had much good fortune. I think the Avs are going all the way.
  11. Yes. Of course. They got McDavid, we got Eichel.
  12. That is why his signing and coming to camp is good. The Sabres can recommend his next place to play based on what they see.
  13. Yes, KA as a plan and he probably has Pegula's on board for his approach. I would not tout a faster pace just because they didn't suck as bad last year as most people expected. Lets see how next season goes. He has cap room, draft picks, and a stronger analytics department - but he does not have a proven NHL goalie on his roster yet. Murray had a plan - it was a total tear down to build-up assets and then rapidly use the assets to accelerate the re-build. Unfortunately, it was a colossal failure in execution, and it gutted Rochester and left an NHL roster filled with bad chemistry. JBOT might have had a plan too - it was rebuild to Rochester and then flail around I guess. Trading ROR, the Skinner Contract, Housley and Ralph - Ugh!
  14. I am no draftnik. But reading some of the comments here, and then researching the names makes me think we can land a few good players in this draft.
  15. Five? I would say 10. I will explode if we go with UPL and Anderson/Tokarski to start the season.
  16. ^ Thank you. I don’t get the attitude towards him that some here have. He comes to camp and he tries out. We should want that of a 19 year old former first rounder. It’s pretty obvious he is still young and he needs to get stronger but what is wrong with seeing what he can do? It’s a good way to support his development. If he can’t make the team, then I hope he goes to Rochester and starts working with Appert and Peca. The Amerks need to replace Quinn and Peterka, both are likely to make the jump.
  17. He is not going improve the Sabres. He is no better than Bryson or Fitz. He can play in Rochester or maybe be a trade toss in.
  18. It’s been said here numerous times that Gallant might not be the right coach for a young team. I’m not going to comb through years of posts to name names. We are talking about the Rangers rebuild compared to ours. I think the Rangers hired a proven coach and here he is again in the final 4.
  19. The Rangers are significantly ahead in the rebuild and have a very good mix of veterans and youth. Drury did not inherit a cultural mess due to the poorly executed tank like Adams did. The Rangers are smart to address goalie first. A great goalie covers up a lot of flaws. We have not had a good goalie since Miller. It is shocking to say that. Granato is doing a fine job but it remains to be seen if he can get us to a playoff winning level. Gallant is proven and is knocking on the Cup door once again. I dont' buy into the crap that Gallant cannot coach young talent. At the NHL level the coaches job is to get ALL the players playing their best. Gallant has done that before and he is doing it again. Lets see what Adams does in the off season to push this team to contend for playoff slots 7/8 in the Conference. It is time to start winning and I am dam tired of hearing about "blockers of our potential talent", we still need a fair number of better players. Improving the team can be possible without blowing the cap. Finally, I am tired of an empty arena and being irrelevant.
  20. I hope you are wrong on all the bolded, and almost everything else you say. He can still draft and develop AND acquire proven NHL players. He has to meet Cap Floor. Sounds like your GM has settled for 10th place in the conference. The big picture is to make the playoffs and give yourself a chance. The wait until next year has to stop.
  21. Let’s see. I have experience at center too. Having experience at center, and being a center are not the same. If both Mitts and Cozens take a step I will stop worrying about center, instead I’ll worry about the wingers.
  22. Disagree with the bolded. Krebs is already a Sabre. The other two are rookies. I’m not counting on rookies. Sure they will make the team and play a lot because they can beat out JAGs. We need to be stronger at center. Eakin should be gone, he was not very good. We need to get better up the middle. Thompson is fine. Mitts might make a jump. Cozen might make a jump. Girgs is more of. winger. I also think we need more muscle on wing. Look at the playoff teams. I like this team. But I know we need more.
  23. What don’t you understand? You said improve on where we started last year (added Krebs and Tuch). I’m saying he has to improve on where he ENDED last year. He needs to add a few better players. One player MUST be a goalie. Adding UPL, Quinn and Peterka is not enough.
  24. I mean add players along with Krebs, JJP, Quinn. You want to make the playoff? We will need a few better players, especially a good goalie. Quinn and JJP are rookies. Don’t expect them to light it up. I don’t want to hand anyone a job either, Quinn and JJP need to earn a spot. If we don’t don’t add a center or another vet forward then we REALLY need Cozens and Mitts to take big steps plus we need Skinner and Tage to continue to produce. An injury at the center position puts this team in a tough spot.
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