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  1. Hello Teammates, Sounds like another β€œsame as it ever was β€œ game. Just throwing a better goalie in helps a bit for sure but they must improve the defensive system - the way they play. Better 200 foot play from forwards. More defensive zone face off wins that lead to breakouts. They can add a Top 4 veteran defensive defender, push 10 and 46 to the 3rd pairing. This would improve them but they still need the forwards buying in to defensive responsibilities. Need the coach to put this into the team DNA.
  2. We have been getting a lot of minor penalties lately. That happens when you stand around in your end playing lazy defense and then get desperate.
  3. I have the Prime App on my iphone - I could stream the game and listen via bluetooth ear buds. I was told not to play with my phone though.
  4. Yes, this seems like it could have been avoided? Worse is this true story. The setting is my living room, about 6 weeks ago. Mrs Punch: We haven't been to a concert in a while. I am going to see who is in town soon. Punch: We are going on a cruise with 40 live acts playing live in 6 venues for 7 days! I will get all the concerts I need for a while on the cruise. Mrs Punch: Remember when we went to concerts all the time, just us, that was fun. Don't you miss it? Punch: <Grumble> uh huh Mrs Punch: <fiddling with laptop> I can get tickets for Daryl Hall and Tod Rundgren on Dec 1. It's a Thursday. We should go! Punch: <Grumble> huh, yeah, uh huh Now fast forward to last week. The Punch's are prepping for Thanksgiving and out if town company is about to roll in. Mrs Punch: Don't forget we have Daryl Hall on the Dec 1st. Punch: <grumble> Huh. oh yeah, ok. Mrs Punch: It is on a Thursday. Punch: Wait. Thursday? <wakes up now> The Bills play two Thursday games in a row starting on Thanksgiving! Mrs Punch: I told you Dec 1st. Punch: You did? Well the Bills are on, versus the Pats*. Big game. Wust Win. Muscle Weight! Mrs Punch: I told you? What am I supposed to do? Check your sports schedule before we do anything? Punch: I never miss a Bills game. This is huge. It's the Pats*. We need this one. Mrs Punch: You never miss a Sabres game, or a golf game either. You said you would take me, and the tickets were expensive. Punch: <groan> Mrs Punch: I can go with someone else then. Punch: Ok. <long pause> Who? Mrs Punch: That is NOT nice. We can record the game and you can tell your brothers and your friends not to text you during the games. Leave your phone in the car. Every Bills and Sabres game you ignore ME and you go into your own world ... <sounds fade away> ----------- So, normally I would watch the Bills and switch to hockey during commercials. Tonight, I will be off the grid. If my teams win, I will watch the recorded version of the games with no stress. If they lose, I will just read about it and move on.
  5. Granato will get all the rope he needs this year. It was already considered a development season with so many rookies on the roster. I do not like publicly using "learning" as an excuse so much and I wish he would raise the expectations of the group.
  6. There is no part of his game that is working right now. His defensive game is bad, his faceoff performance is bad, his offensive output is inconsistent. Give Krebs the next few games and see if he can do something.
  7. You still have to have to that to be a dominant team. Look at the stats of the top Cup contending teams. They know how to close games and they don't routinely blow leads.
  8. Then they were unlucky the game before. I win is a win. We have beaten them twice now. That is what matters.
  9. We win. I know what I saw. I think we have a bunch of better players. They have more veteran presence. Detroit’s backup started rough, then kept them in it and gave them a shot at a comeback.
  10. Ok boys. Momentum shift to Buffalo. Let’s get 2. DG better use the kids on the 2nd line in OT.
  11. We dominated for two periods. Time to get it back and win this.
  12. Granato took too long for the timeout. He needed to call it before the face off
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