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  1. Bowman liked who he liked, and did not like certain Sabres. Rene Robert had words with him during Team Canada series versus Soviets. Robert was gone quickly once Bowman arrived. Gare, Tony McKegney, and Terry Martin were all single, good friends, and big time partiers. Bowman got rid of all of them.
  2. I am happy for the win. I needed a win from the Sabres. I wish they would get better.
  3. I am happy to score a goal but the state of the game is really in transition. Player’s know they should retaliate for Kyle getting hit. But they don’t really do it. So the refs let it go, and we score a klunker. Not a valiant goal but it counts.
  4. Dahlin with a very nice rush, gets into the Ottawa zone and NO ONE to pass to. There is an example of not having enough good players for him to play with.
  5. I would agree. But to get to 8-10 we will need better goaltending. Adams inherited UPL and Portillo, he added Levi. UPL gets the reigns next year I guess? Adams veteran pick ups have not been nearly enough to help this team win. Not even close.
  6. It is Adams job to get more competent goaltending for this team, not yours or mine. He better fix it because he is deferring the improvement to next year. Right? Isn’t it next year when we emerge out of the bottom tier and compete? Then all of our fans will come back.
  7. Another stellar moment in the world of nhl rule interpretation. That is a penalty. ??? Except if playoffs and/or regular season when two good teams are playing - then they let that go.
  8. Matter of time. Ottawa has controlled the play and hand more chances.
  9. Then they better manage every unclean hit in the game correctly … which they don’t.
  10. I guess the extra 10 minutes is for being hurtful? Dumb rule
  11. Great power play … Not. They get the better chance and we get a minor. Not impressed with our play at all.
  12. Hayden getting an extra 2 is really punitive. What did he do to get 10? Someone help me with this. KA-Chuck is no angel. WTF
  13. Lol. So many times autocorrect kills me … that was another.
  14. No fans takes a lot out of the game. Besides that Ottawa looks faster and more aggressive so far.
  15. Good evening Teammates, Punch checking in. Go sabres Muscle Weight
  16. I don’t think we suffer from small stature. It’s the heart to play hard night after night that is missing. Those Detroit games have me very upset with this team.
  17. Ok. Tuch is fine. I forget he is back this season has had so many roster moves with Covid, etc.
  18. Leave him down there and let him dominate and maybe win some games and have fun. We have seen a little peek. There are no mentors and no benefit to him playing up there. Playing in Buffalo will not help his development right now. They are a complete mess. When they decide they want to get serious about hockey in Buffalo then they should call up their best AHL prospect.
  19. Sounds good. But put me in the patience is good category first, that is what is needed to develop players, which is second. TRYING to win is the disconnect I have with this team. The never seem to get that.
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