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  1. Every time I tune in to watch these games, which has been sporadic since game one, the Amerks seem to be getting dominated by a superior opponent. For all the speed the Amerks possess, Hershey seems faster to loos pucks and faster to make decisions; just imposing their will from one end to the other.
  2. How many times do I have to repeat myself as I’ve stated at least twice now how OF COURSE the five guys in front of him bear responsibility as well. It’s a phucking team game! Your position on goalies is intractable. You simply can’t fault them for anything that occurs in a game. When UPL couldn’t stop a shootout attempt to safe his life, did you blame that on the guys sitting on the bench, too? No understanding. Head in the ostrich hole. Only pay attention to the end result. Laughable. 😂
  3. Right. I have absolutely no understanding about what I saw. Goalies can only be challenged when the conditions in front of them are perfect in every way. I think we are done here.
  4. If it really was about playing for a contender, then why would Ullmark have agreed to come back if KA gave him more than the Bruins? I’m really not interested in re-hashing all the reasons players had for wanting to leave a crap situation. We all know the history.
  5. Again, as I said previously, I am not dismissing the poor D play in front of him. But do you not see that a goalie needs to make a simple save when the play breaks down in front of him? As good as you say he was, he wasn’t good when it mattered most. Imo, a good goalie stops two of those three third period goals. Let’s not revisit the same argument we’ve already had about UPL. I say it’s a combination of poor D play and poor goalie play while you seem to think its all about poor D play alone.
  6. I don’t blame him in the least. But when a player says the ONLY way he will play for you is for more money when you’ve already offered the SAME amount he’s agreed to play for elsewhere, then he can go pound sand. It HAS to he about more than just the money AFAIC. And I don’t blame other whores for simply trying to make a living, either.
  7. As if his native Sweden is a tropical winter vacation destination. I wouldn’t take Ullmark back in a million years after he showed himself for the money grubbing goalie ***** that he is.
  8. I prefaced my initial comment by saying it wasn’t all Suban’s fault so yeah, uncovered players were an issue, no doubt. What goalie doesn’t benefit from sound D play in their own end? And perhaps I should have said “puck control” instead of “rebound” because he lost sight/control of the puck on one of their 3rd period goals and simply couldn’t move laterally to his left quick enough to stop another. Terrible technique. Opposing players are going to be left open during games. It’s simply part of the game. Good goalies need to make stops when that happens, especially at crunch time, especially when his teammates screwed the pooch. Malcom came up short. But as has been pointed out by others, that’s why he is an AHL goalie.
  9. Can’t blame it all on Suban, but his technique leaves a lot to be desired, especially rebound control and moving laterally. A good goalie stops two of those three 3rd period goals.
  10. Speculation in an internet forum? You don’t say.
  11. Appert being told to insert a player shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
  12. Malcom is always an adventure between the pipes. He’s just not very good.
  13. Amerks getting royally screwed by the refs.
  14. Amerks need more controlled zone exits and entries. Hershey always has three guys back because they got burned with speed in game one. Amerks need to stop forcing passes, dump it in, and use their speed for puck retrievals. Too many rushed and forced passes.
  15. Meh. Was more excited about him when his season first ended. He pissed away a great opportunity by not signing sooner. I bet Metsa could explain that to him.
  16. Perhaps his contentment is borne out of the fact that the loss was more due to the Amerks inability to execute more than anything Hershey did to shut them down. That and hot goaltending by the Bears’ netminder.
  17. Too bad Levi won’t be facing Peterka.
  18. Whoever is deserving of wearing the C is entirely up to the players in the room. What anyone around here projects onto that process is meaningless.
  19. He won’t be blocking Rousek, either.
  20. They’ll have to catch him first.
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