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  1. Would be freakin' awesome and Granato might be the guy to have the balls to try it. If we are that deep. I'm not there yet, need to see JJ and Quinn facing live bullets for a month or two.
  2. It's a good question. Are we over valuing our guy? I lean towards the value of the vet presence, but if the youngsters are performing it's gonna resurface. Then if playoff are in reach even more so I think I want Girgs over JJ/ Quinn.
  3. MGM updated the Sabres from -115 either way, to -125 for the over and -105 for the under. Same for Carolina at 102.5 points Chicago went the other way at 67.5 points (-105 for over, -125 for under) Kraken at 81.5 points are now -125 over, 100 for under. All the rest of the teams are still -115 either way. Interesting to see. And so Seattle is predicted to have 4 more points than Buffalo and a 21 point improvement over last year? Seems off.
  4. Then there's Warren Buffet mantra "invest in what you know". We know the Buffalo Sabres. And it's a long bet, not random single game nonsense. But yeah be prepared to lose it all, just like that risky stock / crypto.
  5. Thanks, your first sentence answers it. I saw MGM at 77.5 on Monday and started thinking about it, but figured I had until game 1 to act. The post that ceasers is at 80 motivated me to pull the trigger just in case it goes up on MGM.
  6. Just grabbed the 77.5 on MGM. So do they adjust on the fly? New to this.
  7. I vote 5/6/7. He has high compete, speed, and an edge to go along with the great skating skills which are becoming the norm for modern NHL and so awesome to watch. Fancy stats zzzzzzz. A little bit like Alex BIega but better in all aspects. Blue chip, no. Solid, yes.
  8. Went Friday and was a little surprised at new pricing. Was $46 for two in the cheap seats. Feels like it used to be $30ish. Arena 1/5 full at best. Love me some ROC hockey but yikes. Tough sell. Well he looked bad Friday. Panic whenever the puck is in tight. Didn't see Sat's game but player of the week was not expected. I guess 3 starts and shutout moves the needle there.
  9. I want Jack to snap and show he is a leader that loves his teammates and will do whatever it takes to win. Also there was 1 minute left in the game and they were down 3-0. Were you still feeing good about a comeback?
  10. 100% and Eichel drives by with a shoulder on him "hey don't do that!". How about just start pummeling him.
  11. And he just said in post game "maybe we need a fight or something idk". Actions vs words.
  12. Fwiw - old thread waiting for Skinner signing here: My quick look says board consensus was 8 x 8. I don't think the frustration here would be much less if that's what it was (8 vs 9). #drillanotherwell Also from that thread, Eichel propping up his boy:
  13. The point @Curt made about him being older (almost same age, a few months difference) than Reinhart is a good one. Lock him up, 5 for 5?
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