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  1. Well he was laying on the ice for Olofsson's goal, hehe. Perhaps I'm compensating for my envy, as I think we need this type of player desperately. Will be watching again tonight, the little things, ie: Sabres getting rid of the puck early, avoiding a battle, etc.
  2. My (and Ray's I guess) view was that Reinhart should have been between Wilson and the net. Instead he was on the outside and poked around half-heartedly. And yeah Wilson is scary and would destroy him, but do something ffs, goad Wilson into the penalty!
  3. Tom Wilson had Sabres scared last night. Ray was bad "hutts had a good game", but at least he called Reinhart out for avoiding him / the front of the net. On the whole I think this is the #1 missing piece from our top 6. Tavares, Ovechkin, Marchand, Giroux, Crosby all play with more moxy than any our our "stars". They truly lead their teams. Here's to Hall being that guy, but tbh not what I expected.
  4. 100%. Hopefully Uncle Terry was watching and was equally annoyed. Pass the hat for $5 from each fan and get that crap out there. Like the helmet ads, they probably doing a solid for the key sponsors given no in-person, but nope, doesn't work, please stop.
  5. And also loss of possession in neutral and o-zone. Staal to Reinhart in first period, Reinhart wanted nothing to do with Wilson even before the face wash.
  6. Booo Leafs win. OT looked like men's league. These guys are not in shape yet.
  7. Bogo caught again. Leafs lineup is so dusty after the flash on top. I want to see a Thornton, Spezza, Simmonds line.
  8. Simmonds fight and now on pp1. Good for us they have those 3 guys in line up but so weird we don't get to play them.
  9. He had a nice slight shimmy to create the lane on one of them, but otherwise agree.
  10. Wow. Jan - 10 games in 17 days Feb - 12 games in 28 days Mar - 14 games in 31 days Apr - 15 games in 30 days May - 5 games in 8 days Cool yeah figured STH would get preference, as they should if we get there.
  11. Exciting we are getting close! Also weird we can't buy tickets.
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