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  1. Went Friday and was a little surprised at new pricing. Was $46 for two in the cheap seats. Feels like it used to be $30ish. Arena 1/5 full at best. Love me some ROC hockey but yikes. Tough sell. Well he looked bad Friday. Panic whenever the puck is in tight. Didn't see Sat's game but player of the week was not expected. I guess 3 starts and shutout moves the needle there.
  2. I want Jack to snap and show he is a leader that loves his teammates and will do whatever it takes to win. Also there was 1 minute left in the game and they were down 3-0. Were you still feeing good about a comeback?
  3. 100% and Eichel drives by with a shoulder on him "hey don't do that!". How about just start pummeling him.
  4. And he just said in post game "maybe we need a fight or something idk". Actions vs words.
  5. Fwiw - old thread waiting for Skinner signing here: My quick look says board consensus was 8 x 8. I don't think the frustration here would be much less if that's what it was (8 vs 9). #drillanotherwell Also from that thread, Eichel propping up his boy:
  6. The point @Curt made about him being older (almost same age, a few months difference) than Reinhart is a good one. Lock him up, 5 for 5?
  7. Olofsson is typically low key celly and I like that about him. At the same time it could be related to Jack's no fun leadership. Ottawa vs Toronto earlier this week was fun. Sens were having a blast with that come back.
  8. Girgs? He seems like good people giving you what he can. And yes it is. Because at least during the tank we expected them to suck. Although Gionta or Weber or that bad d-man from Montreal or whoever it was that gave us the lecture about booing was pretty unlikeable.
  9. Appreciate the summary. I would add that without possession he's not smashing in the corners when the opportunity is there to do so. Not that that is or needs to be a huge part of his game (as much as I wish it was) but seems like a reluctance to using shoulder/body action and using the stick instead.
  10. Yeah good point. And some of those fans bring good energy. Hopefully they sell out, the team is entertaining, and no one gets sick.
  11. Colin Miller's presser yesterday was solid. He mentioned sitting idle watching the league again and how that's weird (credit to Paul Hamilton for the question). My optimistic self is gonna hope they get motivated and really bring it once they resume. With all the games stacked maybe they get on a roll with some Ws.
  12. I feel like so much of that weekend crowd is comp'd folks on group outings etc. If we cut them out like Taro says maybe it's 1000 fans max in town who can name more than 2 players on the roster? I think availability will be good for those of us interested enough to want to go given the environment.
  13. I can't wait to go to a game. High school hockey started up here in ROC last night...it's been such a void. Hopefully the Amerks are entertaining and cold Fridays in winter will have that regular feeling in ROC again.
  14. Hopefully Amerks are close behind. I think both will sell out at 10%, especially the Chet & Muffy crowd, allows them to flex that they are already vaccinated.
  15. In the North tonight we have Leafs vs Canucks at 7pm w/ Vancouver desperate for a win after dropping 4 in a row, and 2 consecutive against Toronto. And we have Oilers vs Sens starting a back to back. We get McDavid at 7pm tonight, tomorrow and Thursday this week before they go back to pacific time.
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