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  1. And just for the record for the "ex sabres are suddenly good" crowd, Bogosian healthy scratch.
  2. NBCSN is trash. Like, someone thought about this story line for 2nd intermission, and made it a bullet point for the graphic. Then the talker read it at end of 2nd period. No one remembers that TBL won in epic 5 OT game? How is this possible? "Columbus and Vegas both go up 2-0".
  3. Aho wow! Rangers are just about done. I enjoy that because Drury works there.
  4. I was gonna say Bogo, he looked like by far the weakest link on TB yesterday. And paired w/ Hedman I think. Also Tyler Myers getting criticized in Vancouver, maybe healthy scratch. Not all roses. Overall it's great hockey is back and loving the all-day March madness action. These athletes are incredible, love watching them play.
  5. Plenty of options here given Tim Connolly, Clarke MacAurthur, Nathan Paetsch, Francois Methot and Stephen Gionta are coaching in Rochester for the Jr. Amerks. But looks Mendola is actually it - https://www.lecomharborcenter.com/academy-of-hockey/staff
  6. That entire exchange was weird. I heard the question as specific to sports but he answered it from the Oil side. So, I heard it as only the oil side has no debt. I assume he paid cash for Bills and Sabres. @darksabre Agreed but for big stuff like capital improvements ie new stadium. Or re: oil maybe to buy a new drill? Don't know that biz well. But sports wise I can't see any good reason to carry debt except to build stadium or purchase the team. If borrowing to operate day to day es no bueno.
  7. Yes. And it will be interesting to see if Ottawa, Detroit, etc follow suit in the coming days. If all these crappy teams, or maybe all the teams (except Toronto and Rangers?), have this huge hit to revenue March - Dec it's possible the Pegula's just set the bar. Obviously Jbot is a special case of not performing, so not suggesting big cut of GMs, but the supporting staff perhaps. Creates some interesting dynamics - should big $ players pitch in to help bridge the gap (Eichel give back $1M per year?)? Owners? Or pecking order is what it is, off you go assistants. Apply same to MLB, NBA, NCAA? Really all pro sports dependent on butts in seats. Interesting times.
  8. Napkin math is 2020 they are losing about 50% of their home games (march/april/oct/nov) which I assume makes up well more than half the revenue. If 20 home games lost at 17K butts * $80(?) per (avg ticket and beer) = ~$1.4M Add in whatever you want for merch sales maybe $100k per game? So let's ballpark $30 million in lost revenue for 2020. Relative to estimate of total loss I can see it. Salary cap is $80M, add in Amerks, total payroll for ops is $90M? 41 home games * $1.4M = $57.4M. Not sure what TV brings, advertising etc but let's say $5M? Spitball here but aligns w/ "we don't make money unless playoffs". And if Pegulas are on year 7 or whatever of subsidy and total subsidy of close $400M or something, f yeah I can feel it. Not suggesting they are victims, just trying to understand the EJECT button.
  9. I was onboard with this line of thinking when they went south this past season, but then he turned it up again and carried them like an absolute beast (including a blind goalie apparently) so.... On the whole I think it's definitely fair to question his leadership abilities. I can't remember hearing any of his teammates speaking of him they way we hear him/others speak of Kruger, Drury, Brindamour etc. That said, this team without him is not something I'm interested in at this point. And even if he is a "me" guy or not good at bringing people together, it's on the GM and HC and other the players to identify that, figure out how to make it work / surround him with the complimentary parts.
  10. Are Duff, Ray, and Biron safe? Man this is a mess.
  11. Good question, why not furlough or something? Maybe not an option given contracts. TP said "staying positive" during presser but he also said "maybe the fans don't come back next year / fans in seats", he sounds panicked to me.
  12. Best people: 1. Person with one arm.
  13. Ha the bubble soccer was the highlight of the game, they really got after it. Nice work boys!
  14. Right. Group was taking a leak post game in arena and everyone in the men's room just lol'd. No Dan, it was not. Terrible place this franchise.
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