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  1. The ceremony was over at 730. Says "delayed" now, must have went long then warm ups.
  2. JR smh. He does talk about vacation in Mykonos w/ Hanifin (and I believe their girlfriends) but wisely no details.
  3. Yeah liked the RK bit, seems sincere as opposed to rehearsed/standard. Lots of good stuff in here and builds hope, but we may need to prepare ourselves for future Drury-ing for Boston. Tom Brady's chef, Pats #1, woof.
  4. https://www.barstoolsports.com/podcast/1866566/spittin-chiclets-episode-244-featuring-jack-eichel-jaybo-weber-news-and-more Starts at 56:34, ends 1:38. Good listen if you can tolerate the RA guy and his accent. Interview is from just prior to all-star game.
  5. Last 3 games for Detroit: W @ Buffalo 4-3 L @ Columbus 2-0 (en) Howard on fire 42 saves (977) W vs Bruins 3-1 Bernier on fire 39 saves (975)
  6. Two positives: 1. No Pierre tonight. 2. Looks like Geogiev in net. Is he their 3rd best? Watched some of the new kid vs Leafs on Weds - Shesterkin - TSN was hyping him up big. Looked athletic but smaller than average. What do Rangers need for their run? Maybe we can get a goalie back.
  7. Why? Lindy "run 'em" you don't like? It's in the fabric of the game. It's entertainment. Shoot weekly high school/midget games this is the norm. Things get lopsided, game plans change. True, we should probably know better than to expect our collections of millionaires to care that much. But then we watch a Calgary vs Edmonton game ,or any random Bruins game, and it happens. Good nasty hard hockey. But not in Buffalo, not these guys. I'm not questioning you and your insights and contributions to this board / discussion. You rock. You are questioning my level of frustration with what I saw as one of countless displays of crap by this team this season. Not having the skill to compete is one thing. Not having heart and desire is another. We could hear the smack talk in this example so sure it's likely getting more scrutiny than warranted, but ffs how/why did we not respond when the wheels came off? Give us something! Fans are begging for it. Nope, soft team, easy to play against, just laugh and skate away.
  8. Ok, thank you. Carry on with the suckage as you wish. And I'll keep an eye out for some moxy from our top players, and push back and actual anger against an antagonizing opponent as opposed to stick vs goal post.
  9. What's being fabricated please. That they suck? Or that Montour's response was half-hearted?
  10. For all the "this is normal trash talk" rebuttals - sure, but my problem is the surrounding context. - Montour has done ***** for this team / fans since putting on the jersey. Kadri gives him a great opportunity to publicly be a leader and he opts out. - We are in a tailspin over the last couple of weeks. - Duane - The game is out of hand at this point (6-1?). Who cares about penalty. - Your rookie goalie, in like his first 10 minutes of NHL action in his life, just got poked after (or at) the whistle by a known instigator when the game is effectively over already. What a dick thing to do by Kadri. And what a soft response from the Sabres. Also Reinhart was right there too. It's a ***** team Sam. He's right. Embarrassing.
  11. Yup. It was while he was skating away. Samson was in vicinity making sure everyone felt safe. I expect that level of smack talk is pretty constant but ffs you are getting pounded. DO SOMETHING!
  12. Kadri to Montour "you are a ***** defenseman and you play for a ***** effin team". Well said. Also nice that Reinhart couldn't be bothered with his rookie goalie getting poked after whistle. Burn it down.
  13. Awesome for him. FL 7 D sounds familiar. Nice to see Leafs out of playoffs now, and that arena is oh so quiet.
  14. I watched some of the Flames V Oilers Saturday - same feelings - envy and sadness that the Sabres haven't played in a game of that intensity in years. Also not sure they have it in 'em, otherwise I'd expect we'd have seen signs of it by now.
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