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  1. Best people: 1. Person with one arm.
  2. Ha the bubble soccer was the highlight of the game, they really got after it. Nice work boys!
  3. Right. Group was taking a leak post game in arena and everyone in the men's room just lol'd. No Dan, it was not. Terrible place this franchise.
  4. I'm going too, free tickets in Chet & Muffyville. The group I'm with are casual types, "eh Big Ditch first, get there when we get there". Like roll in at end of 1st period? Ugh. I'm looking for Simmonds to at least attempt to find a fight. First game in front of home crowd. I think he needs to show here if he's got any shot at offer for next year.
  5. Youth hockey insider eh! https://www.amerks.com/article/AMERKS, PYH ANNOUNCE LAUNCH OF JUNIOR AMERKS ORGANIZATION PYH is the only local youth hockey organization recognized by The Rochester Americans and Rochester Hockey LLC to use the Jr. Americans and Rochester Americans trademarks So Blades is being retired? What about Monarchs? Will be tough to compete for Collins and company at Roco I suspect. Or maybe they are tied to Bishop Kearney prep stuff? I'm out, my son is final year U18. Thinking Webster looks even nicer now though, generally lower key if you aren't chasing the dream.
  6. Best of luck to your son this weekend!
  7. Really? Nice. Didn't know that re: Pegula. Saw Methot role announcement and figured salary was the other pot, Wegbucks.
  8. Happened to be on the PYH (Rochester) site today and took a look at coaches for next season. Pretty cool to see all the ex-Amerks players listed: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=171019&org=perintonyouthhockey.org The 2007 AAA 13U is stocked. - Tim Connolly, Clarke MacArthur and Jimmy Lorentz(?) Also Francois Methot (running the development program now), Paetsch, S Gionta.
  9. Also they play each other 2x, we only have FL 1x. I guess we hope for a split there and no OT. Either way I'm optimistic, minus the OTT game Sabres look strong. Leafs are opposite, one good game, a lot of ugly, and the pressure on them is going to increase even more if they don't start winning 3 of 4.
  10. Not sure if this was posted earlier: Simmonds call into Sportsnet post trade. Summarized- waived his no trade, wants to play a the role and help push to playoffs, Eichel is great, dogs and baby = being close to home is nice.
  11. The ceremony was over at 730. Says "delayed" now, must have went long then warm ups.
  12. JR smh. He does talk about vacation in Mykonos w/ Hanifin (and I believe their girlfriends) but wisely no details.
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