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  1. Then, I would be inclined to agree, good hockey trade, but only time will tell
  2. In my opinion, you cant call anything a good trade unless you know what was given up. Maybe Detroit gave up way too much.
  3. That definitely matches what I was seeing... I was pleased with how Gilmour did though
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he's a RD, while Pilut is a LD
  5. Pilut? I don't think Montour and Sam will likely be that cheap, unfortunately
  6. I'm hoping we don't need him up in Buffalo much and Keep him cheap for re-signing next year
  7. One problem with this: Dahlin is already playing LD. Our RD that are playing currently Risto, Miller, and Joker
  8. To my untrained eye, Ullmark looked very good. He faced a lot of tough shots.
  9. Also of note: Lewan was part of an offensive line that allowed 5 sacks and lots of pressure
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