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  1. Did it once today, got second, decided not to play again to mess with that kind of luck.
  2. I'm actually feeling fairly confident that we get a win tonight for some reason.
  3. Is the condition whether they place in the bottom ten or if they pick in the bottom ten? I was thinking it was the latter
  4. Well you see, when a man and a woman really love each other...
  5. Also, there are other free agents.
  6. Also factor in the part where he is significantly above a ppg pace so far.
  7. At the game, missed Jack's penalty and they never showed the replay, so I didn't know how legitimate it was
  8. At the game, Hutton has kept this team alive. If we had Lehner we would likely be down 3-2
  9. I just recently remembered my favorite Hutton moment. This play caused the stadium to be the most pumped I (in person) have seen it be during the tank years.
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