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  1. To the Knights, Dadonov was a cap dump. This is kinda similar to how they traded the reigning vezina winner last year for a meh forward prospect.
  2. Imo, offensively it’s too high of a floor. Lafreniere was hyped up more than Wright as being an elite #1 W, and has really not done much yet. There’s still time for him to develop, but his floor is certainly below monahan. I think it’s definitely possible that Wright isn’t as good as monahan (preinjuries).
  3. Also of note: Cenderqvist did that season on what I’m assuming was on a bad SHL team, seeing how it got relegated this year.
  4. He had slightly better production than Oloffson did in the SHL at 21. Cenderqvist: 49 gp, 14 g 18a 32 points Oloffson: 51 gp 9 g 18a 27 points. Oloffson exploded the following year, so would need a solid step forward to stay on a similar projection.
  5. As always, a fun read @DarthEbriate Do you have any random prospects unlikely to go in the first that caught your eye as far as names go?
  6. Koskinnen had .001% worse of a save percentage, and less salary than Gibson, yet I frequently saw oilers fans on capfriendly wanting to pay to dump Koskinnen. Then two posts later I’ll see massive packages for Gibson when he’s been at that level .904, .903, .904 for the past 3 years. It makes no sense.
  7. The thought process behind that, is that Campbell has had 1 season as a starter, where he performed quite well. I doubt teams are going to give long term contracts at a high salary when he hasn’t shown sustained success. A 1-2 year deal with 5.5 mil, sure, but I’d be surprised if a team paid him that for 5 years
  8. I believe Quick has 1 year left on his contract. And I believe Manson is no longer a defensive stud, his game has fallen off a decent amount.
  9. They’d have to pay me to take Gibson. Stolarz had drastically better numbers this past year, and Gibson has been below average for the past 3 years, and has 5 years left.
  10. Depending on the term, I could see him making 5.5 from Buffalo, Edmonton or NJ potentially. If it’s longer term, the numbers will drop.
  11. In an ideal world, where $ equates evenly to on-ice production, that makes sense, but that just isn’t how the league works. Should McKinnon be making 3.6 million less than Eichel? Obviously not, but you’re never gonna have completely fair contracts across the league. Bobrovsky is making 10 million and is not quite the goalie that Helle is, and was signed as a UFA a few years ago. If you want better goaltending, you can’t really restrict what you’re willing to pay based on one contract of an elite goaltender who’s probably getting paid below market value.
  12. Of that list, who would teams look at as 1s or 1As? Kuemper, Fleury, Campbell for near certainty would be. Husso and Desmith have the stats for it, but have either not played enough in a season or only had 1 season where they did. Holtby is similar with not having played 25 games the past 2 seasons. Halak the last 3 seasons has played 31, 19 and 17 games. Greiss and Lankinen both had a .891 save percentage last year. Jones had .900 as a backup. It looks like there are 3 good options, with 3 more that SOME teams might deem acceptable. With your trade options, if they do end up moved, it creates a new hole so it likely doesn’t affect the market demand much. I think the top 5-6 goalies will be in high demand, because it drops off really fast in quality.
  13. I’d add Kruemper to that list, and maybe Husso, but yeah there’s definitely more demand for good goalies than there is supply.
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