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  1. If Rossi is there, I believe Kevyn Adams will take him. A bit back my source told me he didn’t like who will be available at 8 and would entertain trading it because of that. The player where that wouldn’t be the case was Rossi, who Adams likes.
  2. My bad. My source basically said that the deal at this point is pretty unlikely, that team is unlikely to sell both those assets at this point in time, and now that we have staal, there is no need to sell the farm for them. My source did say to keep an eye on Vegas and Calgary as possible trade teams- mentioned Marchessault as an under the radar player that could be dealt this offseason.
  3. Well, I should get a better idea soon, I’m hanging out with my source today.
  4. I haven’t asked yet, but I think it would be reasonable for it to be. The trade would push Staal down to 3c, so...🤷‍♂️. The lineup post “super-trade” if it did happen would be something like: skinner-Eichel-Cozens? acquisition-acquisition-Olofsson kahun-Staal-Thompson? 4th line
  5. Thinking about it, I think Skinner-Eichel-Kahun would be a decent line. Kahun is good at primary assists, and would likely thrive on a line with 2 good scorers. That would free up a second line of Olofsson-Staal-Reinhart, which should be really solid. The third line though...
  6. My lineup from what we have now: Skinner-Eichel-Kahun? oloffson-Stall-Reinhart Ruostallainen?-Cozens-Thompson xxx?-Lazar-Okposo this team still has a lot left to do, adding a top 6 Rw would make a rather large difference though. Pushing Kahun down to line 3 would help significantly. I would like another solid 3rd liner and another solid 4th liner after that, but there’s only so much you can do in one offseason.
  7. Carried by Dahlin, Cozens, and Jokiharju no doubt.
  8. Talked very briefly with my source today, didn’t have any new news, he did say that the deal is not dead with the team I mentioned earlier, and they are still discussions.
  9. I would only even consider Pietrangelo if I knew I could move both Ristolainen and Montour at decent returns.
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    Reporting for duty.
  11. It has been a busy stretch with me moving back in to UR, and classes starting today, so unfortunately I do not, but I will try to get some soon.
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