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  1. Got it. I was just asking because I didn't know the bolded. Drysdale would be in my top 7 of the prospects, but not sure if I would draft him at 8.
  2. Is this your top 7 players, or top 7 players for the Sabres?
  3. ^Draft 6th October. Thanks for the post!
  4. Let's say that the team is evaluated on more than just on-ice success (which has been very poor for the Pegula's tenure). Let's say that the jobs pumped into the local economy, charity events, and other things for Buffalo. To show that the Sabres are a successful hockey team, they would have to be doing more than the average hockey team in these categories. I'll wait for you to show that.
  5. What do you guys think about Risto+Mitts+ pick (2nd?) for Monahan+Bennett?
  6. Sam actually can play away from Jack, he just can't really do it as a C.
  7. If I read your post right, your principle reason that the Sabres will be better is that it happened before after a major hockey event, so it will happen again. I think this reasoning is pretty poor. One instance does not indicate a pattern, and without a clear pattern, behavior is unpredictable.
  8. Undoubtedly. I would be appalled if the leafs or the penguins got ahold of lafreniere.
  9. Incorrect- Tampa was the number 1 team last year, they would not have had a chance, as only teams 9-24 have a chance here. There is an additional round, a normal first round loss is about equivalent to a second round out this year.
  10. I have not. The source is a friend, and I dont want to pressure new out, I just listen to what he tells me.
  11. Maybe Dudacek is just trying to hide his identity here to a degree, so he isn't mentioning his Twitter account?
  12. Larsson is a UFA, he is not an asset that we have to trade.
  13. I think he preferred wine. I think he preferred wine.
  14. About an hour out till we know. Please, hockey gods, be kind.
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