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  1. Oops. I knew I was forgetting somebody, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out who. Yeah, I would put him there for sure.
  2. What about: oloffson-eichel- Johansson skinner-mitts-reino sheary-Boyle?/ruostallinen/-Vessey girgs-Larson-Okposo Im hoping oloffson can have similar production to Skinner (~30 g) if with Jack, and Skinner and Reinhart can prop up mitts while still producing.
  3. Guessing it's a joke, but if it isn't, did you see his comments on hating buffalo? No way he signs here.
  4. If they offer sheet Aho, I am confident that they will make the playoffs at least 3 of the next 4 years. How much are those picks in the 20s actually worth?
  5. I would love to offer sheet Aho for 9-9.5 mil a season. I would think you couldn't go over Jack's 10 though.
  6. They are desperate for cap space. If they had more cap space, I don't think this trade would be made, or at least the price would be much steeper.
  7. Risto for RNH+ could be a decent trade. Your Toronto trade is far to buffalo sided
  8. Alright, but before I change it, what should I change it to? I'm not so sure the thread really is about the 2020-2021 lineup anymore.
  9. I meant for it to be 2020-2021 lineup, but I messed up on that, and I'm not sure how to change the title.
  10. The "making a deal instead" of the offer sheet will never work out well. You would want something worth less than the 4 firsts (or whatever bracket it's in) and they would want more. If you don't give them a better offer, they can just walk away and get their picks. Your scenario really doesn't help us much at all in lessening the assets we would give up.
  11. Trouba RoR Kane Skinner Take your pick really.
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