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  1. Id prefer flipping Thompson and Cozens (not sure what order the lines would be, but for the combos at least)
  2. I wore 2 layers of pants tucked into 2 pairs of socks, snow pants over those. 2 thick hoodies over a long sleeve t over a short sleeve T with a a jacket over that. Stuck a handwarmer in each boot next to my toes, and had one in each of my mittens. Wore a beanie and a gator for my neck/face. Between the layers and the energy from the field/crowd, didn’t even feel cold.
  3. At the game, the atmosphere is incredible
  4. I believe you meant Thompson, but are either way mistaken for Krebs who was declared too late to play.
  5. So the Sabres score 6 but somehow only end up with 5 goals? Typical Sabres.
  6. Jokiharju is younger than Fitzgerald and playing on our first pairing while Fitzgerald is still in the A. You really think they are in the same tier?
  7. First non-regulation loss of the season for the Amerks if I’m not mistaken.
  8. Attached is the rankings by points for left handed dmen (couldn’t find a better way to sort which side they played on) Dahlin comes in at 14 on the list. He also has been playing a much more responsible game and has been playing like a first pairing guy. I can see the argument that he is a number 2, but I don’t really see the argument that he’s a 2nd pairing player. With better teammates, he’d likely be much higher on the stats sheet. I don’t think there’s a team out there with 3 better dmen than Dahlin, and there might not be a team out there with 2 better Dmen out there than Dahlin. Joki I view as a solid 2nd pairing guy, but his partner needs to also be a capable 2nd line guy for it to be an effective pairing. I agree that he does not belong on the first pairing. Miller is a fine 3rd pairing guy.
  9. Thoughts on a draft scenario that looks like this? We take Cooley with our first pick, and then move both firsts and Ryan Johnson (assuming he doesn’t sign after the college season) to move back into the top 8ish and pick one of Nemec/Jiriceck. Not sure if that value is right, but will this team be better with a Cozens level talent and 2 Asplund level talents or 2 Cozens level talents? Just a thought.
  10. Sign him and tell him he has to prove himself to stay past 9 games.
  11. Perhaps we finish 3rd worst behind Arizona and Montreal.
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