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  1. Shutter Island and Fight club would be on my list.
  2. Yeah, I really don’t think that we could put together a package that would make sense for both sides.
  3. I also heard their was mutual interest for a PLD trade.
  4. Did the CBA change how contracts work? I though you couldn’t have a salary for one year be less than half of the highest year. I could be just misremembering though.
  5. Can’t put picks that are conditional on resigning anymore, that was covered in the new CBA.
  6. Something I would like to see tried: Hall-Eichel-Thompson Skinner-Staal-Reinhart Ruotsalainen-Cozens-Olofsson Reider-Eakin-Okposo
  7. No, it just means they’re gonna take one of our RD.
  8. Doesn’t he always at the beginning of the season though?
  9. I also thought he looked pretty good, but that is more to the strength of his game, his off-puck play I need to see a lot of before I can have any hope for him this season.
  10. Casey IIRC had 11 points in the WJC the one year, Cozens had already had more with time left in the championships.
  11. We have the rams twice for this list, instead of the chargers once.
  12. Last year, John Brown had 1130 yards receiving, good for 16th among receivers. That would put him as an average #1 receiver. I am not saying he is a #1 receiver, but how many #2 receivers are better?
  13. Reinhart did not play with a top 5 center the last 5 years. The only year that could be considered true is last year. Also, if you take away those first 9 games and the 1 assist that comes with them, that average goes up to 30.4 assists per season which would mean he averages >30 assists per full season.
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