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  1. Very cool. Last summer during our stay in Buffalo my wife and I saw the large wooden ships that were down at the waterfront. we love rthe way the development is going. We talked about the Skyway. i am for taking it down, or at least upgrading the architectural look of it if it stays. She wants it to stay because she loves the view of the water. This proposal provides both worlds. Will it really happen?
  2. Risto sure did not help his cause to be traded by making those comments at the end of the season and again in Finland during the off season. He said his conversation with Bots is private, he should have considered that before he opened his mouth. I have little doubt that Bots is leery of getting burned again (see ROR trade) and other GMs are offering less than he wants. His value will increase when the season starts and injuries hit. Risto will get protected minutes until then, and he will look better than he ever has for that. No need to rush a trade.
  3. Good list but Luce is missing. I would argue he did more as a Sabres than Hawerchuck. Same with Vanek Hajt over Zhitnik, and Campbell.
  4. Love Pommer but its time to move on. We have to play our young guys for the sake of their development. It would be nice to see him get a job within the organ-eye-zation though.
  5. I am a table 10 guy. I am friends with someone at table 2 so I would have to spend time there.
  6. Yes. I was a different game then, he was not a 200 foot player but boy could he score. He lead the league in goals 6 years in a row, led in total scoring 5 of 6 years. Having Orr on the ice helps a lot too.
  7. Probably but recall that Espo was a garbage goal scorer and feasted on rebounds.
  8. The best hockey players born on my birthday are HoF goalie Ken Dryden and HOF defensemen Bill Gadsby (played from 1947 to 1966). The best forward is Greg Polis, with a respectable 174 goals and 343 point in 615 games. He had 4 seasons with 20+ goals and 1 season with 30. The Goalie of the Cup winning team was Ken Dryden. So, could I have Dryden vs Dryden which is a stalemate and I live another day?
  9. The Sabres are not very tough with or without Risto. Tough is playing hard and finishing checks, or taking checks to maintain puck possession or a break out. It’s going into the dirty areas and creating traffic in front of the other teams net, or clearing traffic in front in our net. It’s blocking shots and forechecking so as to force turnovers. It’s answering immediately when one of our players takes a big hit so as to keep the opponent honest Tough in today’s NHL is the play you saw in the playoffs. Especially by the Blues and the Broons. Yes Risto can hit people and he does so once in a while, but he quite often fails to keep the front of the net clear, despite his size and strength. Cross checking people after the whistle and then barking away at them with the linesman in between is not playing tough. Although he can play tough at times (see hits on Ovevhkin), I do not think he is feared by the opposition. They would just as soon wear him down and then benefit from his many errors.
  10. Opps! Not Calder Trophy, Conn Smythe. My mistake.
  11. Unproven and Slanderous statements on the Internet will not change my opinion. All we hear in St Louis is how good ROR is for the locker room. No issues reported. What is reported is: model citizen, total professional, first to work, mentor to young players, mentally tough, last to leave. Who are all these great leaders on the Blues? A team that always makes the playoffs and is out by round 2? All we hear in St Louis is ROR provided the leadership and example that others in the past could not. He was not “just a guy”, we was a key ingredient in taking the step they could never take before. Sure, they found a goalie and a coach - winning the Cup takes a team effort no doubt. We see his numbers, we saw him go head to head with Bergeron and Co. We see the NHL handing him hardware. Yet he is “just a guy” on a good team so didn’t have to lead - that narrative is wrong. He led this team in almost every important statistical category in both the regular season and in the playoffs. A change of scenery can be quite telling. Leaving Buffalo has helped the careers of ROR and Kane and Lehner but these players were all in totally different situations. ROR never gave us a bad season. His was consistently productive in all the situations he has been in. His crime was wanting to win and feeling anguish that they were not progressing, and then telling that to the media.
  12. Never said he was a “ game changer “. Just an excellent core player on a Cup winner. He did a lot for his team. The fact that the Blues were in last place was not his fault, nor was it when he was in Buffalo. Even with the coaching change and the hot goalie I do not see the Blues winning this without ROR. Neither does any one else in this town. He never disappeared in any of the playoff series and I don’t recall any announcers talking about such rubbish. The media called out Bergeron and maybe his game was off because ROR our played him? Both were hurt. ROR had rib and shoulder issues all series. Berube did call out Tarasenko and lit a fire under him. Berube did that all year with this team. Lots of Buffalo fans can hate on O’Rielly that is their prerogative but for a poster to say he was not a big reason for their success is short cited. Take ROR off this team and add Berglund, Sobotka, and Tage beckon it and their would be no Cup here for another year.
  13. Living in St Louis and watching them play I can confidently tell you they are wrong. In the regular season ROR was the team leader in games played, second in goals, first in assists, first in points, first in plus minus, first in face offs, first in Short handed points. So he was the Teams offensive leader AND he won the Selke Trophy for top defensive forward in the NHL But he “didn’t carry anything”? On top of that his playoff performance was superb as lead the team in points and came up huge in the SCF scoring goals in the last four games. Oh, yeah he won the Calder Trophy so maybe some other folks besides me thought he played well too.
  14. Sobotka consistently played poorly. I really want to see him gone.
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