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  1. Well here we sit without a decent backup goalie so the timing of this poll couldn’t be worse for Adams. Rieder, Staal, Hall, and Sheahan make us better but not addressing the Hutton situation looms large. I think the one year deal for Hall was a smart move, even if he stays only one year and we pick up an asset to build with. Staal is helping Cozens.
  2. Everyone can see it Skinner does not execute the RK system. Players don’t want a linemate that doesn’t get it. They want to succeed, to execute the system, to improve. It looks like Skinner is trying too. But no results. Many of the forwards are new to the team since the big contract and so is the coaching. It’s different now.
  3. My sources says it goes beyond Ralph. He is not a guy that the other players want on his line.
  4. Out of the line up : Eichel, Uhlmark, Risto, McCabe and Borgen. Other GMs will be lowballing him. Our best trade bait was defense, but not now with the injuries.
  5. I felt that goal. I figured Hutton was going to get beat in 3 on 3. Great shot on a below average journeyman goalie.
  6. They are getting beat to the puck and they fail to shoot the puck and play in the dirty areas.
  7. I still think we can win this game. They need to dig deep and find a way.
  8. The double minor is the difference even though they were outplaying us before that. Who cares which goalie gets the win if we win? It’s a team game.
  9. Missed it live but caught it afterwards. One of their better performances this year. As I said, they need to do that to the Islanders to get to another level.
  10. Linus is having a good season. Dahlin stringing a few good games together. Cozens looking good. Reinhart playing well. I saw the recap on NHL.TV. Nice to get a win. Let’s beat the Islanders.
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