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  1. Pimlach

    Forward Taylor Leier Traded to Sabres

    I still ponder while Bailey did not do better. I like him but I would hate it if he developed in the Flyers system.
  2. Pimlach

    Michael Gilbert Resigns

    Deleted comments. Decided to talk only hockey on hockey forum.
  3. Pimlach

    The Blueline Is A Mess

    Interesting take. No way do I call Pilut a solid top 4 defenseman at this time. He is making rookie mistakes so I can let that go for now but he shows little ability to keep the front of the net clear, or to even try. He can move the puck, he can pass, decent in the offensive zone but a work in progress. Heavy teams will give him trouble, he needs to get stronger. We have played 10 different defensemen this year, using countless combinations. The defensive parings are not settled or consistent and we have a lot of youth, both leading to inconsistent play. Two months ago we were gushing about our defense, now we are saying they are a problem. Overall our D is much better than last season thanks to the addition of Dahlin and Pilut and the health of Bogo. Our top 4 performers this season are Risto, Dahlin, Bogo, and McCabe - in that order. As of today I think the best 5 and 6 are Pilut and Beaulieu. I would be sitting Scandy right now. Nelson and Hunwick are next and both played no worse than Scandy this season. Guhle is not ready. Tennyson needs to never come back. Borgen needs to stay in the AHL for a year. Phil was noted as a very good defense coach referring back to his days in Nashville. They also have Steve Smith. I do not think coaching is the problem. Experience, familiarity and consistency are.
  4. Enjoy the losing and then you can watch them pick the next Nylander and feel optimistic for a year. Two more scoring forwards, one being a 2C, and this team takes a big step. Free agency and trades can get us there. You want players to come here, start winning.
  5. I don’t think we need to lose 10 in a row to save the season. That is ridiculous. The losing has to stop.
  6. I don’t agree with wanting to see loses. Sorry, we had our premium draft picks. Time to find players by good scouting and development like normal teams. I want to win right now.
  7. You can see they are good enough to win these games but in this league you cannot makes so many mistakes. Some terrible play in our zone tonight.
  8. Lost two points to Montreal and Pitts. Getting closer to 10th.
  9. Too much passing Dahlin please shoot more
  10. A powerless power play. Two shots Demko stops Dahlin and Skinner. Unbelievable.
  11. The Nucks have taken over. Getting behind us consistently.
  12. Scandy, Bowl-you, and Pilot have all been unsteady in recent weeks.
  13. Demko having a great game, as expected
  14. Bogo, Scandy, and Rino all responsible fir that goal
  15. Canuck with very few shots but 4 goals and I can hardly blame the goalie. Our defense turns the puck over a lot.