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  1. Agree. He needs to play sparingly just for a trade deadline dump. Some contending team will need a 6/7 defenseman. What hurts him is zero playoff experience. None. I am surprised by the intense criticism. He is the same old Bogo, a few shifts of good hockey and physical play, followed by maddening errors.
  2. I hope you are wrong. I’m looking forward to they day he starts collecting Norris Trophy’s. Yes, there are a lot of very fine young defensemen. I’m happy we have one of them.
  3. Indeed. Quite a talent. I remember seeing Talas at Ken East High School dances many times in a year. What a treat. Half of the time we just watched Sheehan, he has that good. They did a cover of the original Fleetwood Mac, led by Peter Green, called Oh Well. It was a show stopper for them. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O8RhZDGLEXM&feature=emb_title&ebc=ANyPxKoRUppySNVTop7LORkbf0tPsf1QzR5_OtQBNWQGocd2hGjONwtwED7BrcvFUq9ADIjaLcAHL1vB92nGWQboBZd2pEG-XA&time_continue=142
  4. I know the band and the song. The bass player in Talas went to become a renowned professional musician.
  5. Pilut is just so tiny out. He can do things, I’ll bet someone has stats to suggest I’m wrong, but just doesn’t look like big enough for the NHL.
  6. Ha ha. I have a goatee. Pretty much all gray salt and pepper. Women like it better than bad dye jobs. Always be you.
  7. Did Rob Ray just inadvertently say he was hitting on someone? Wonder if Mrs Ray is watching?
  8. Thinking of Josi and Dahlin. Josi 29. Dahlin 19 Josi drafted in 2008 with 38th pick. First played in NHL in 2011. Right now he is one of the best. I can’t wait to see Dahlin mature and dominate. When he does it will be special.
  9. I’m back. Took the lovely wife to dinner. Got back in 2nd with 7:11 on the lock. Those are good numbers. Let’s win the next 20 minutes and go home with 2 points.
  10. This game is big. We have a nice little streak going. Players are buying into the coach for the first time in forever. The strong responsible play of Girgensons, Larsson, Okposso, Lazar, and Frolik can help us protect a lead. So let’s start strong and get a lead. A win keeps the playoff dream alive.
  11. Eichel was working but they really had him shadowed. The Mojo line played well and probably had more chances. The remaining 5 - Girgensons, Larsson, Okposso, Lazar and Asplund, were all playing strong and disciplined.
  12. I notice the last 2 games that Frolik directs traffic during whistles while out there. He talks to the others quite a bit. Maybe asking for help on assignments but it looks more like he is leading than following.
  13. Absolutely!! The first one was 6 on 4 and we broke out of our zone smartly. We outworked them and had two forwards deep in their zone controlling the puck. Frolik put it in from a very tough angle. I’ll take a shorty on a 6 v 4 any day. The second EN goal was 6 on 5. We outworked them again. We played a great 3rd period.
  14. You can already see our PK is better with him in the rotation.
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