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  1. No doubt SJ had the better of the 2nd and 3rd periods. As for “deserving to win”, the series being even at this point seems right to me. I like the way the Blues handled the bad call in game three. No blaming them refs and no getting down. Then come out hard in the next game Bad calls and goaltenders stealing games- that’s not unique to this series. Binington was the difference last night. Impressive rookie. The two teams are at war. The hitting is intense but so far controlled. Kane went knee to knee with Peitroangelo. I doubt that will go unanswered. Looking forward to the remaining best of 3. Boston will play a team that is war torn.
  2. Whew!! Mitts as a 2C and Sobie as a 3C was a major reason we struggled. Bots needs to acquire a real 2C, Mitts is the 3C, and Sobie is out. That is what I want to see.
  3. For you seniors, I’m playing a reissue of Dr John - In The Right Place. I modified an AR turntable from 1975 to improve the tonearm, the spring suspension, and the spindle bearing. I painted the top and put on a new wood base made from African Paduk. I believe you would have to spend several thousand dollars to get close to this turntable in sound quality Those little glass things in the storage container are vacuum tubes. I was testing new ones for my custom preamp.
  4. Blues off to a good start. I will add that not one player complained or blamed the officials after game 3. At least not from I’ve seen. I’m pulling fir the Blues. This fan base is one of the best in the US. They deserve it.
  5. Yup. Me too. I saw a competitor at a trade show shortly after we worked on competing proposals for over a year. My company won. He came up to me and congratulated me in the most sincere way. A few months later I called him to subcontract a part of the work.
  6. Rutherford has been his mentor for quite awhile. He likes the work Bots did for him and wants to see him succeed. I think this is common in sports, a brotherhood. The ex-players that coach or run the front office are intertwined in many ways.
  7. I watched part of the Blues - Sharks game in a bar in Nashua, NH ... 45 minutes from Logan airport in the heart of Bahston Sports Country. The arrogance was prevalent and free flowing. They think the B's will sweep the lowly Canes. They think Bahstom will destroy the Shahks or Blues, doesn't mattah which one. The were talking about another Championship parade. In other news the Sox are heating up and will be there, the Pats* will win another one, and the Celts are bums.
  8. Only at Sabres Space can a thread honoring a good man can turn into something else. It’s easy to see he was a loving person. He made people happy, he could attract people in a positive way. RIP Pancho Billa.
  9. Not so sure about that. The series is even going back to 1999 “no goal”. Prior to that Oilers, Rockies, and Wings all had good runs. The last three years has been dominated East but there are a lot of good teams in the West.
  10. What if ... the Blues requested a replay for goalie interference, knowing that they can’t challenge a hand pass. The officials review, or Toronto reviews, and they see no goalie interference but a clear hand pass infraction. That would have have really been a shi! show for the NHL to deal with
  11. I just can’t accept that at least 2 of the four could not see the hand pass. It happened right in front of the net. How could all four officials not be looking at the puck in front of the net all at the same time. One at the right point, another in the opposite corner. It is not even comprehensible that four officials all miss this. Worse, that the league will review offsides and call back goals that occur many minutes after the infraction. They will review goalie interference, mostly a judgement call. They won’t review a hand pass. Hmmm.
  12. Why are we worrying about 3rd and 4th line. We don’t have a 1st line if Skinner is not signed. We don’t have a 2nd line in any way, shape, or form.
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