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  1. Terry said he is the only guy to win championships in this league, and that league, and then some other league. So there is that:
  2. More NHL caliber players. Fix this and the coaches get a lot smarter.
  3. Bowl-You was really bad that first year. I liked him the second year but Phil didn’t. He seemed to like Buffalo (the City) and the players/fans. I don’t get why he wad compelled to spout off. ?
  4. I’m still the last guy that won anything in Toronto King Clancy is still paying for firing me.
  5. I guess he didn’t have enough future HoF players. ?
  6. He is going to get his Loons
  7. The job in Buffalo should be a desired position. We are talking 50 years of dedicated fan base that understands the game, improving facilities, on Canada’s door step, easy commutes, low cost of living, etc. So far the only ones that take the jobs are the unproven ones that are willing to work for Terry and Kim. Seymour got me and Bowman to come to Buffalo. The city is not the problem.
  8. It’s Wednesday morning and I’m still pissed at this concoction of a hockey club. I don’t get what the front office is putting on the ice.
  9. Seymour hired me because he knew damm well I would put a competitive team out there. First move was to trade for Crozier. Gotta get a goalie. It starts there I got lucky with the spin of the wheel to get Perreault but I worked like a dog to find two wingers that could play with him.
  10. Been here since 1970. The Pegula era is simply cancerous. He has yet to hire an experienced and competent person to run the hockey side of the business.
  11. The Wild beat us at home. 4-1 with their back up goalie shutting us out for 56 minutes Our best player had a double minor for fighting/roughing, meaning the guy he fought apparently did not even bother to fight back. The NHL Sabres in 2019.
  12. Botterill is paralyzed. But he won championships in a bunch of different leagues according to Terry Pegula.
  13. I know that was true in the past. Not so sure anymore. Players are more mobile than ever now.
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