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  1. It will probably show why we such have a long playoff drought.
  2. How can Staal mentor him if Casey is in another league? More likely Staal will work with Cozens. Cozens is going to make the team and maybe push someone to the third line. I don’t see Casey cracking this line up. Looking at the bottom 6. I don’t see him beating out Eakin. Lazar has value on PK and face offs and will out work him. Rieder is going to push for time on PK and has the defensive reliability that Ralph values. Girgs and Okposso are there. The Sabres staff is high on Tage right now. He got himself stronger and is more likely to breakout than Mitts.
  3. I was there. Here is a German pressing of his first solo album.
  4. At first I thought MTV was going to be this great medium for artists to play their music and to use video to translate the lyrics and music in a more powerful way. Maybe a few tried that but it quickly went to what sells - T and A. MTV was put under pressure to play more Rap/hip-hop. It devolved into reality TV and teen television. VH1 started as an attempt for appeal to a more mature audience, that didn’t last.
  5. Look at the game and any other defenseman’s stats in Orr’s first 3 years. Scoring defenseman were rare. He was it. Truly a generational player, like Gretzky.
  6. Looking forward to seeing this current team in action. Much improved at forward. Dahlin’s development itself could elevate the defense. Would love to see a move for a legit goalie first. Prediction coming after they settle on what division we are in.
  7. my very extensive record (and CD) collection contains no AC/DC and no Guns N’ Roses. Never cared for either of them except for a song here and there. Yet, I understand the importance of these albums within their genre. I was a huge fan of the early Genesis music - the Phil Collins solo stuff, starting with No Jacket, was just a complete sellout and pure commercial drivel. Easy choice for me. 80’s music is a largely forgettable decade for me.
  8. The bottom players ten are all horrible. I am not giving up on Mitts or Johnson yet and consider them TBD.
  9. Punch knew Bossy was a big scorer. He went for a solid two way player because he felt the team needed that kind of balance. It turned out to be a big mistake but at least Seiling was a solid player with a good career. Reinhart, at least for awhile, was the consensus top forward in the draft. Draisaitl and him were pretty even in the rankings come draft time. Who would we have picked if we had the first pick? I rate Reinhart a solid pick. Getting a player like Pastrnak at 25, that is something we never do. You have to go back to 1974, Danny Gare at 29.
  10. Not going to nit pick the order of the list, I would make only a few changes. The overall grade for 30 years is a solid F. Eichel and Dahlin aside, there are very few players that have made All Star games, and Zero on first or second league All Star Teams. The bottom one third of them are complete junk.
  11. Yes indeed. I wish I knew that sooner. I could have retired years ago and yet I keep going. So even if I understood the work/life balance thing sooner, I’m not sure I would do anything differently. This thing in my head to work, provide, and save was put deep into my brain as a very young boy. Covid quarantine was my latest reason to postpone retirement. Now I plan to make the move to retirement this coming spring. We are all wired differently and shaped by different external forces.
  12. I have a Senior Management position with approx 70 engineers in my organization. Prior to that I directed a department with over 250 engineers. For my current team, about half fall into the millennial demographic. I can honestly say that we don’t experience issues with the millennial aged employees being distracted by phones and social media while at work. It really has not been a problem. For the most part they are polite, very bright, innovative, and they definitely bring fun into the workforce. The biggest differences between them and boomers or Xers that we see are: (1) they do
  13. I sure like seeing more competition at forward. Especially with all the 1 year contracts we have. This is the most optimistic I have been about this team in quite awhile. I sure hope we have a season and finally put an end to the playoff drought.
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