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  1. When will Adams be accountable for the on ice product? You still have not told us. So far you have said he inherited a mess. True. You talk about a stealth tank. I don’t see anything stealth about it. When will YOU consider Adams responsible and accountable? Next year, year after that…. ?
  2. Understanding reality is even better. You don’t even understand how waivers works, so how can you begin to criticize the GM? I am not anti-Adams btw, but I will call out his shortcomings. His handling of Ullmark and our goaltending has been terrible and it is holding back the other good work he has done. Watch the games. Look at the mistakes all over the ice. They weren’t there the first month. Adams is in danger of his players quitting, which puts the coach in a very bad position.
  3. A plan to have crap goaltending and tank again is not a plan at all. Even YOU could do that. You say this isn’t Adams fault, that he inherited this mess. Everyone knows he inherited a mess. Tell me when we can officially hold Adams accountable as the GM of this team? What is the magic date that you have where Adams becomes responsible and accountable for the on ice product. I want to know, and so do the tens of thousands of fans that won’t go to the games or watch them.
  4. Yes. But not. every team needed a goalie. Buffalo did and they missed the opportunity to grab a goalie. There is no defense for this abomination of a franchise. None at all. Everyone in the Sabres organization is accountable for this season, especially Adams. There should be no blaming the past. Adams took the job and he will be evaluated on results going forward. If Adams isn’t checking waivers every day and on the phone constantly looking to improve this team then he is not doing his job. Waiting until next year will not work, you never get there. He brought in ANOTHER AHL goalie. But he got him for free - Economic, just like Terry wants
  5. I watched the game highlights. Some bad puck luck for sure but this team is dying. Team defense is terrible right now. Every defensive pair is making mistakes. They give up second and third chances. What is going on here? It sure looks like they are quitting. DG - is he losing them? 58 games to go. Never has a bar been set so low. This team will not have any fans if this continues.
  6. Why not move back to WNY? If you can work remotely from your home, then put your home in a place you know and love.
  7. Hello Teamates, Punch checking in. I missed the game tonight. Took Mrs Punch out on a shopping spree, then some fine dining. It’s Christmas so we are buying whatever we want, otherwise we leave too much to the kids. Lol, lol, lol. It appears the goalie change didn’t help tonight. Always another game coming though.
  8. Agree, that we are better with Ullmark than Dell/Toker, but not a playoff team. Ullmark is not playing good enough for that.
  9. Taking into account a road game, a ten game losing streak versus the Canes, and the Canes need to get a win, I would think the Canes win this with ease. BUT. Maybe Subban stands on his head for his new team and we score enough to pull out a 3-2 win. Go Sabres. Stop losing.
  10. I am not a fan of the pace of the rebuild. It is obvious that there are some decent young players on the team, a competent rookie HC, and surprisingly they can compete most nights. I like the pipeline of prospects that KA is accumulating. The goaltending is KA’s biggest shortfall and it is hurting the team and it’s fan base worse than it has to. He can and should do better.
  11. Zager and Evans. One hit wonders from 1969, predating the Sabres.
  12. I am not saying to blow the salary structure either but Adams is killing us with his handling of the goaltending. This team could be battling for a playoff spot - sure, they will likely come up short but aren’t we supposed to be changing the culture? Do we want fans in seats? The culture change has to start now, there is no switch to flip once Portillo or Levi shows up.
  13. Why 72? Why not start at the beginning - 1970? Step one - get a goalie. The first Sabre was actually not Gil Perreault, it was Joe Daley, a goalie. But they didn’t settle with a good back up. The first trade was Tom Webster, their first pick in the expansion draft, for Roger Crozier. A goalie. A real, decorated, official, NHL goalie. How about that. If you building from bottom up then get some goalies first. Give your team a chance. Simple.
  14. Yes. A lot of people see him make a “big save” and think he is doing ok. His positioning is terrible. He doesn’t track the play. He is never in position to make a second save. He should never play another game in the NHL.
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