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  1. Very true. Makes me think back to simpler times. I started with Bauer Bobby Orr skates, which were a decent starter skate at the time and offered good support for a beginner. Besides nobody could skate like Orr, so if Bobby Orr used them they must be good. Right? I stared at them in the Brand Names catalog for about 6 months and then Santa Claus brought them to me for Christmas 1969. With these skates I went from walking on top of my ankles to really skating, doing cross over turns, hockey stops, and transitions to backwards skating in one winter. All by being fearless (crazy) and just copying others.
  2. I remember that game. Paul Henderson was a speedy and crafty player. Gil Perreault was the youngest guy on the team at 21 yr. He had a 1 goal and 1 assist in 2 games. I cant help noticing the skating back then compared to now.
  3. Bummer. Hyde is one of the team leaders.
  4. So playoffs and Super Bowl is possible?
  5. He will be #6, and sometimes #7. So that is option 1.
  6. I probably should have added no cigarettes in the locker room and no beer past 8:00 PM. After all, we’re not animals.
  7. A great example of how using data all by itself is dangerous. Did anyone ever feel this organization was being built properly under TM or JBot? It’s way too early to make conclusions as the results are going to come slowly, but Adams is resembling a hockey version of Brandon Beane in a lot of ways.
  8. I think he plays quite a bit in the NHL this year and he gets better along the way and finishes strong. I’ll go with #2 and will add that if he gets 15 goals that will be a big plus.
  9. Yeah, well my team won the Cup that year.
  10. You describe it pretty much the way Adams wants to see it.
  11. How about if we let JJP actually beat out Girgensens before we give him the job? Isn't that the culture we want? This team is very young, we need a few vets. Girgs is a hard working good soldier. If by the end of the year we see that a trade is beneficial then we address it.
  12. Well earned. Adams had to tear things down first, but he now appears to be moving things in a much better direction then his predecessors. Team play improved Coach selection improved Lots of new prospects added Better development plan for the prospects he inherited Culture improving We need this. Continuity and consistency.
  13. I see him as a fourth liner. About 6 or 7 goals and maybe 25 points total. His value should be on PK, and his solid defense should help us to close out close games. I selected #2.
  14. I don't like seeing Quinn buried on that line. Asplund can center in emergencies but not by design.
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