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  1. BINGO. Not only surgery, but risky surgery. Teams are waiting for the Sabres to accept way less.
  2. The word is out on Jack. It’s known. Any team that wants him feels his immense talent is worth the locker room risk. A team like Vegas could come up with a better offer. A few others can too.
  3. You don’t see it but maybe we are forcing teams to make a better offer?
  4. The Sabres never agreed to the surgery. Not after the rehab period, not ever. The agents are playing a game. They are trying to force a trade for their boy Jack. Do you think the Sabres are doing this to create a problem? This is risky surgery. Eichel is under contract and he is not going anywhere until the Sabres get what they want. Most NHL teams see the risk and they are offering far less than what the Sabres will accept. Jack can sit out, or play, or rehab, or whatever. Don’t believe Jack’s agents.
  5. We may be doomed, but not because of this signing. This guy will play in Rochester.
  6. Tired if rebuilds? I too have many posts along these lines. People complain about culture like it’s something you can buy in a bottle. The team makes the culture. The whole team, front off down to last guy on the depth chart. Until they stop rebuilding and have the mindset to win nothing will change. I get the current situation. Risto, Same, Jake, and Linus should want to leave. Jack is on contract but clearly wants out, even if no one can produce a quote from him saying it, actions speak louder than words. My biggest issue with what they are doing is going into the season with Dell and Anderson at G. My focus on fixing the Goaltending position is well known. It looks like we have a good developmental group everywhere except center. Another tough season is ahead and we still repeating this cycle again if we don’t start winning soon.
  7. Looks to me like he beat Marcus Foligno cleanly in one of their bouts. He holds up. Not a natural or comfortable fighter but not a guy who backs down. Looking at the roster it’s clear we are going to lose a lot of games, some by big numbers. When this happens frustrations run high and teams with big leads often take liberties (Boston, Philly, even Tampa). We actually need two guys like this, not one. Good signing given our situation.
  8. We were in the dark times when he got here.
  9. Well not really. @nfreeman heard we only offered Linus 1 or 2 years. I’m not sure anyone has the facts. If we did offer say 2 years, it is clearly because we have a pipeline that we could be evaluating higher.
  10. Interesting. The first reports I heard was that the Bruins matched, not beat, the Sabres offer for Ullmark. I do not tweet so I don’t know what Vogl said.
  11. He offered 4 years at $5M, the Bruins matched. What I got out of it was he didn’t counter it. He was at his limit. He see’s Linus as a possible Blocker to his pipeline (UPL, Portillo, Levi) if he moved off his offer.
  12. This is about free assets and mostly helping to keep players that need development in Rochester, then making them beat someone out to get to Buffalo. Let’s not hand jobs to the kids.
  13. I thought Adams came off well. He has a very hard job. On Eichel he is making it a point that Eichel’s on contract and he is in the drivers seat. Good. Now he has to follow it up. It would be nice to see him get positive closure soon. On Linus, the interesting points are they had a “pivot plan”, so they anticipated he could leave, and he talked about not wanting players “blocking” other players. In the corporate world a “Blocker” is an employee who outranks those behind him on the org chart (depth chart) but is rated to have less upside. He basically said when UPL is ready there will be no reason to hold him back.
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