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    A little nervous, but yesterday I volunteered for the vaccine trials for Covid-19. The vaccine is one that was created in Russia. I received my first shot yesterday at 1:00 pm, and I wanted to let you all know that it’s completely safe, with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши.
  2. Replace Sobotka with a Selke Trophy type of player. Sure, but who and for how much.
  3. Been around long enough to see players thrive in one environment and not in another. Minnesota is not the standard to measure him to. Staal was a leader on his Cup winning team. Adams knows him. We have upgraded the center position and saved money at the same time. Now let’s move a defenseman and add another center.
  4. This is a the kind of hockey trade Bots and Murray could not make. Staal is a much better player than Johansson, and cheaper, and has a Cup, and is a leader. The Sabres are a better team by this move. Impressive first trade for Adams. Do it again. I made lots of trades like this.
  5. I don’t notice the moderators doing anything biased or wrong. No one is perfect or needs to be. Then again I do not put much emphasis on internet sports forums and how they operate. This place provides lots of hockey information and that’s what I like about it.
  6. I’m 750 miles away. Maybe I can get one of my brothers on this. I would like one. Gilbert replaced Bobby Orr as my favorite hockey player the first time I saw him play for us.
  7. ... bad lighting, dead arena, cold hot dogs, stale pop corn and warm beer.
  8. Yes. Yes. No. No. It Depends. Yes. Yes. Still need to do more and Cozens has nothing to do with that fact. It Depends. No.
  9. ^. Why do Sabres fans feel they need to give up the farm on every trade we make? They aren’t trading Marner. Sending Risto to a division rival is not smart. Tossing in a Unprotected first would be very dumb.
  10. Picked this up at Revolver Records on Hertel during my July visit to BFLO Neil Young -Zuma
  11. ^. Good list but Rodney is “not getting no respect“.
  12. Best wings to me are Bar Bills. Then Gabriel’s Gate. There are still many good local neighborhood bars for wing, and of course the Pizza Shops. I was In Buffalo for 17 days at the end of July. I was really impressed with Hertel and Elmwood too. One hot humid morning I walked the Parkways. Started at Elmwood and Bidwell. Then Chapin, to Lincoln, then back and around Richmond Circle. Lovely city.
  13. Airline stocks are not great growth investments. Sure there may be value for some of them when the inevitable recovery comes To those willing to wait. There will more consolidation too. Im riding the Tech boom now. Bought a bunch of QQQ after Covid hit.
  14. ^ We have little room for this kind of logic here.
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