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  1. He picked up lot of useful players in the early years that helped get them competitive. Jim Lorentz was another steal, got him in trade for a draft pick that never played.
  2. There is a positive to this rumor. If true, Pegula is adding a layer that will put more insulation between him and the GM and the Coach.
  3. Luce was the throw in, and ended up the best player in the deal, up to then a good prospect that needed an opportunity. Robey only played a few years and then was sent to Vancouver (along with Tracy Pratt) for Josh Guevremont. They added a strong puck mover with a hard low shot from the point. Robey also played briefly for the Calder Cup winning Buffalo Bisons in their last season, he was brought in for the playoffs from the Central League. Good player. Liked to throw hip checks in open ice.
  4. That team was built as much with great trades as it was with drafting. Maybe Adams should read up.
  5. This is old. The Cali teams are nothing great, in fact 2 of them are worse than Buffalo, and not everyone wants to live in crime ridden and depraved south Florida. Like the Bills, avoid the rock stars, look for rock solid people instead. The Sabres have very good young talent already and they have a sufficient pipeline. They need vets in their prime to fill the holes on the roster. Trades need to be made to jump start the current core players we have or the losing will continue. Mid priced free agents are also out there.
  6. Yes. This is what we are as a franchise. Hope to make the playoffs as a mediocre wildcard team. It is a realistic next step. I am in North Carolina on vacation. All I hear is how great the Canes fan base is. Sell out every game. Buffalo is a joke here. Not a threat at all. They laughed at the Brind'Amour to Buffalo comments.
  7. Lots of passion here @Thorny I am still going to hope Adams plan is the right one for the long term, it’s already failed in the short term, as you mentioned 5 years is long enough. Since he started with a deliberate, slow, long term approach, that is what we have and were we are.
  8. Good to see this. I don’t get to see the lacrosse game very much but it’s nice to see Buffalo had a strong team that wins. It’s something positive for the sports fans and the team deserves more honors.
  9. Brind’Amour is fine. The Canes are a result of his coaching and his disciplined system. The Rangers are the better team, and their goalie was amazing in the 3rd period.
  10. If he were a Sabre he would be a legendary fan favorite. He dishes it out, he takes it.
  11. Rangers tie it in the 3rd Trochek turned out to be a fine player, a 3rd round pick.
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