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  1. I was at Teddy’s tribute show at the Tralf back in 2015. Lots of Buffalo musicians played there that day, old and young. It would be fun to have another show like that someday.
  2. I can get all the beer, scotch and wine I need. Covid is killing my travel plans right now. I’ll consult for awhile until things open up, then call it a career. And I know why Dudley won’t settle for some senior scout ***** job. Because he worked his way up the ranks and adapted. I can’t fathom working at 71 but he is known for his dedication and intensity.
  3. No, I’m still Punch. All this talk of organization charts ... I posted my favorite chart. I’m retiring soon so I keep figuring out how to get to Blue!
  4. This should apply to the GM position and too - yet they hired an inexperienced GM Who they know personally without looking at anyone. There were no GM interviews just as there will be no other Hockey Executive interviews. Dudley, in the same role he had in Carolina, would help this team. The guy was a Sabre and he lives 45 minutes away from the rink. Dudley probably wants role clarity, real responsibility, and money. The Pegula’s are not interested. They know and they like Adams and Ralph. They think that is the senior management team on the hockey side.
  5. Terry and Kim see things that fans don’t see. I think Lindy has run his course in Buffalo, but wish him well in the swamps.
  6. I mentioned how he might not fit in this goofy organization several times. He is a Senior Executive, a President or VP. You can’t just squeeze him under a Rookie GM. He is not going to come here just because he is old, needs a job, loves Buffalo or played for the team. Dudley is not like that. Never has been.
  7. I remember seeing Eddie Shack in a classic moment in the Aud. He scored a hat trick.. The Buffalo fans littered the ice with hats of course. Then he got the games First Star. He took the hat off of a security guard and skated out onto the ice to the delight of the crowd. He did a full lap, while bobbing his head up and down, wearing the cops hat. Eddie The Entertainer.
  8. One of my old guys! I brought Eddie Shack to Buffalo because I thought he could still score some goals and that he would excite the fans. I was right on both accounts as he scored 25 goals in 56 games on an expansion team. Then i traded him for Rene Robert, a guy I always liked. i needed a player that could skate with Martin and Perreault and I found him.
  9. Why? Well anything can happen. Let’s see if she has room on the payroll for another VP.
  10. The Hockey Businesses is under massive cost control and downsizing. Dudley has been an Executive for a very long time. Not a great environment for hiring consultants to help do jobs that are filled. Let’s see how it plays out.
  11. So then what does Adams do? Adams is not a VP GM, he is a GM and he is responsible for hockey operations. The Hockey Operations job is filled. If Dudley joins I think it is for Scouting and player acquisition, like with Carolina . We already have a Director of scouting. So if Dudley is hired, and his title is VP as you suggest, then he reports to the President not the GM?
  12. I was confused by their first organization Terry Pegula, LaFontaine, Murray, Sawyer, Black, Batista, Patrick, and the rest. Seemed bloated and destined for failure, which is what happened. Now it’s flat and minimal but we don’t know how things are connected. More important than big or small is RAA. Responsibility, Accountability and Authority - if the organization does not provide this level of clarity it won’t work for very long.
  13. If Dudley gets a call, and does not end up being hired it will be because of where he slots in the new and flat organization. Dudley’s NHL pedigree suggests a VP position. You don’t have VPs working for GMs, especially first year GMs who report directly to the President. If this conversation happens Dudley might want more status and control than the Pegula’s are willing to give him. We still don’t really know who Ralph reports to, let alone how Dudley would fit in. Does Kim have time to support direct reports from Ralph, Adams, and Dudley, plus the Business side? Why would she want that? I guess I don’t understand the organization.
  14. Still no Dudley signing. Maybe they don’t know where to slot him in the “flat” organization? Does he retain a VP title? If yes, then does he report to Kim? Maybe they never even talked to him and this is all coincidental? Kim does not know him, which seems to be important new criteria in their selection of leaders. Maybe they are “saving money” by waiting?
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