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  1. No. I don’t know what to make if it. I just read an article recommended to me on Google. I don’t do Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I’m kind of a crusty GM from the 60’s and 70’s. I do enjoy getting Sabres info from this forum and watching all the games by streaming NHL.TV. https://www.bardown.com/sam-reinhart-pulled-a-cryptic-move-on-instagram-that-sabres-fans-should-be-concerned-about-1.1639026
  2. Mitts and Cozen are not playing in Rochester.
  3. Reinhart is no longer following Sabres on Instagram. I hear that is significant to millennial/Gen Z culture.
  4. Agree that the FO is the core of the problem. And if anger and stick smashing led to wins and leadership we would have a better team.
  5. The trades that accomplished both? I can go back to acquiring guys like Drury, Briere, Greer, Teppo .... Nothing under Murray or Bots. Maybe acquiring ROR, but the Avs were fine with shipping him out. I hear a lot about hate to lose, but I don’t see it much with this group.
  6. Your a fan that is checking out until preseason and does not care about the draft. Are your “feewings” hurt? None of them said they want out. This is all reaction by the media and the fans. All this stuff on sabrespace is speculation with the limited information provided by the team to the media. FTR, I would be willing to trade any or all three of these players if the trade improves the team. I felt this way before the media day fiasco. Adams is saying it - we need to improve the talent and the culture.
  7. Yes, I would take that deal or something similar.
  8. Did you see the interviews? How is this on the fans when none of the three (Risto, Sam, Jack) made a positive statement that they wanted to stay?
  9. It was DEFINITELY calculated by Jack and his agent. Anybody else here make $10,000,000 a year and get paid to not work or talk to your boss for months? Anybody else here make more money than your boss? Anybody else here go to work with a designation pinned on your chest defining you as the leader? How was he goaded? What questions came up that surprised him? The press conference was planned in advance. He knew the schedule of events and what questions were coming. He knows what his contract says. Press conferences are part of the job. Dealing with the media is
  10. I see a 24 year old “veteran” that is burdened by his role on a team that has been incompetently managed for a very long time. I see a 24 year old “star” that is not happy with his own performance or with the constant losing. I see a 24 year old athlete that wants a fresh start.
  11. Adams sounded like he wants to change the culture like McDermott and Beane did. Major Differences are: 1. Adams is one guy doing the job of many (the new AGM will help but the FO is still lean and lacking experience) 2. Adams does not have a McDermott (maybe it’s Granato, maybe someone else) 3. Hockey player development timeline is much longer than NFL Adams understands that the players themselves drive the culture, so he asked every player if they want to be here. A critical question. Which brings us to Risto, Sam, and Jack. We have won nothing with them. It do
  12. Correct ...because Sam is very steady and has proven he can play C as well as RW. I would try to get a real nhl goalie, a good emerging forward prospect and a pick for Sam. My Jack trade would demand a top 6 C and a top 6 winger (one was to be an emerging star), plus more in prospects/ picks. This would essentially replace both players, add a good goalie, add several young prospects and add picks. We need a competent Front Office to do this. The shame of it all is the rebuild was not a rebuild. It was a tank and then floundering by several inexperienced GMs. We have yet to see
  13. I tried to catch up and I read most of the thread. Sounds like Eichel is making the “differences in opinion” on the surgery a bigger issue than it needs to be to force a trade. This is likely due to an already unhappy situation. I don’t quite understand, would be have had the surgery already if the Sabres agreed to it as the course of action? Who in the Sabres organization makes that call - Adams? Terry/Kim? This whole this is ridiculous. Players get hurt and have major surgery all the time on every team. The inexperience of this front office (Adams, Terry/K
  14. Great to see. It would have been even better if in Buffalo with a full house.
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