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  1. There are some smaller guys that are tough and play that way. Danny Gare and Michael Peca come to mind.
  2. Who cares how he would do today. He adapted his game to the game at the time. #1 draft pick and he made an impact right away. The guy beat up Cashman, Orr, and Vadnais in the same game and he was a rookie. I was there watching it. How can I not pick him. Not a Miro fan but he scored goals and that is the “modern game”. Rick Seiling played the game right. Two way solid and consistent. Great on PK.
  3. Nope Schoeny is a clear #1. Great Captain. Great Sabre. Then Satan and Seiling. no way on Stafford, I would put Sauve ahead of him.
  4. Peca was a better player than his stats. Two Selke Trophies too
  5. I have been working from home and I will be for quite awhile. My job lends itself to this and I prefer it actually. My wife and I are told to stay at home and practice all the known precautions. I am focusing on health: Monday thru Friday I work 8 hours or so. Everyday I walk a few miles and will be adding to that distance (weather permitting) we started P90 training (With the DVDs) - that is 6 days on, 1 rest. Entertainment: I am an audio nut so I listen to music several hours a day Stream TV/ movies pick up my neglected guitar and play Home Projects: Today - I cleaned and reorganized my desk and file Cabernet and burned unneeded papers. Tomorrow - I will go through clothes and donate excess to charity Tuesday I will clean out and reorganize the rest of my office. In the meantime My wife is clearing out her sewing/ junk room By Friday we will clear out and prep both rooms for paint Saturday and Sunday we paint both rooms. Monday we put it all back only with less clutter and better organized. We are swapping rooms too. I get the bigger one since I am retiring soon (hopefully) and need the space for my next gig as a consultant. Trying to be productive.
  6. O - Ryan O’Rielly. Olofsson could hopefully erase him In a few years P - Perreault, then Peca, then Pommer Q - Quincy R - M Ramsey, Rene Robert, C Ramsay, Rob Ray S - Schoeny, Satan, Seiling T - Turgeon, Talinder, Taro Tsjumoto U - Underdog V - Vanek, Van Boxmeer W - Woolley Bully, Woolley Bully, Woolley Bully, watch it now, watch it X - X- Men Y - YoYo Ma Z - Zhitnik
  7. D - Dudley needs to be in the top 2 or 3 Take Duds Over Dumont. Martin over Mogilny for sure. Martin had a HOF career going until the injury, the trade, and another injury. I - Imlach, George “Punch” - what about me? J - Calle Johansson by default - we traded a very good player away. K is for King Kong Korab - no doubt L - LaFontaine; Luce second team, Lorentz honorable mention M - Rick Martin; Ryan Miller and Mogilny second team. N - Teppo ? What about Teddy Nolan?
  8. Career yes, Hawerchuk was a stud. As a Sabres - no. A lot of unfair Housley hate here.
  9. Donny Edwards is an excellent back up E. He has a Vezina and was under close consideration for a Hart Trophy. He was a 2nd Team NHL All Star twice. Mike Foligno.
  10. Then what? If he is not looking at improving the front office then we must hope that he knows much more about why Botterill is the right guy than we do. I want Botterill to succeed, I’m just not seeing evidence that he will. We are fans. We can vote by attending games or watching it in TV. From the looks of a Buffalo Sabres home game experience I would say it’s a great atmosphere for the visitors. Until Pegula cannot come to grips with that situation we are stuck. So far under Pegula we have become the California Golden Seals of my youth - and that is a bad place to be.
  11. Pegula better use this time to find an experienced and proven GM to run the hockey side. There are GM and coaching options out there right now. I sure hope he is looking into this. He can’t keep take chances with first time GMs and then keep missing. Right now no one wants to play hockey in one of the best hockey markets in North America. That is 100% on Terry Pegula.
  12. I was at the game versus the Soviet Wings The Aud was just insane. We banged them around and we out-skated them too. Korab was a monster that night. I think Schoeny was out. ? The French Connection was free to play their style and they did not disappoint. In fact, all the lines scored I think. Up until that game both Russian Teams were dominating the NHL. Proud to be a Sabres fans back then. We set the tone and made a blueprint for the rest of the NHL to follow.
  13. You need some luck to win. Almost every championship team has some good fortune along the way. Reading these posts reinforces what I always thought, we just needed a break. i think we were better than Philly in 75, and better than Dallas in 93, and better than the Canes too. Yet there are no Cups on the shelf.
  14. The 70’s Sabres we amazing. Great players and a lot of fun characters. A mix of old style NHL veteran players plus some of the best young talent in the league. They quickly rose to prominence in the NHL but failed to win the cup, making the finals once. The 80’s Sabres were talented and also very good, although underachieving in the playoffs. The 90’s was the last of the great decades. They overachieved, fought a lot, and had a lot of pride. They made the a Cup finals once, and lost on a controversial goal in OT. After three decades the Sabres, despite no cups, had one of the best winning percentages in the league. The 2000’s were not as kind although they had one strong team from 06 thru 08. Unfortunately, their poor management team could not keep a very strong core of players together. The Sabres of 2010’s - the Terry Pegula era - are a complete dumpster fire and have been out of the playoffs and insignificant for 9 straight years. The are a total abomination and actually are a disgrace to the uniform. The teams have lacked talent, skill, pride, fight, and competitive fire. I watch them only out of habit and loyalty.
  15. I prefer to drive if 8 hours or less. Especially with a good companion. Air travel is just not fun. I have been on the road since Sunday. First on business, then pre-planned stop in Buffalo to see the families. This has been very stressful. My company started emailing the Covid 19 restrictions and policies on Tuesday/Wednesday. Air travel was creepy and almost dead on Thursday. Buffalo was pretty quiet the whole weekend. Some of our family plans fell through. I really just want to go home. I think it’s important for all to participate in the processes to reduce possibility of spreading it. I fly out tomorrow at 1:25 and get home around 6:30 after a connection in Charlotte. Can’t wait. I hope my office shuts down this week. I want to be home.
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