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  1. Favorite Sabres: 1. Gilbert Perreault 2. Pat LaFontaine 3. Michael Peca/ Dominik Hasek Fav non-Sabres 1. Bobby Orr 2. Larry Robinson 3. Mario Just don’t like at all: 1. Bobby Clarke 2. Mike Millbury 3. Billy Smith.
  2. Funny how once the story is out Scott looks to be the better person. Remember, Scott won the All Star game MVP. He was a minor league player then too. Classic. Only in the NHL.
  3. I just think of the fake righteousness of Mike Millbury in his attacks on Scott. There is a fight I’d pay to see.
  4. Played 20 seasons in the NHL Hall of Fame 11 Stanley Cups (most ever) Still alive today at 84 and could possibly play 2C on the Sabres.
  5. Damm. I want to go and comfort Marcia.
  6. From all I am reading here this looks to be a nice trade by JBots. Starting to fill the team with NHL ready talent. Hoping he can now make a move to bring in a legit 2C. I’m getting excited again.
  7. The depth is getting better with Vesey/Johansson/Routsalainen added and Olofsson/Nylander/Tage fighting for spots. Last year we had a first line and 3 fourth lines. Looks like we now have a first, 2 thirds, and a fourth line. Still looking for more in the top 6.
  8. I just feel we need to bring in a 2C and. another top 6 forward to make a stride forward. Some of the home grown youth could step up but counting solely on other development of Mitts, Routs, Nylander, and Tage is a bad plan.
  9. I’ll be happy if we stop playing like the Golden Seals for the Golden Season.
  10. Interesting topic. My answer is generally yes to this. There are cases were I would say no. I mentioned Grigorenko. Tage and Mitts could have benefited from time in the AHL last year. Either we are going to develop players or we are going to throw them out there into a weak line up and hope for the best. Botrill needs to bring in a real 2C and a top 6 winger if we are going to make strides this season. Hoping that Olofsson, Nylander, and Tage get better is not enough. Our division is tough and getting tougher. Detroit and Florida are improving.
  11. My fear for Cozens is the same as for Grigerinko. Playing him too soon is bad for his development so don’t force him to soon. I just don’t see Mitts as a 2C, his game is not there, we need to replace ROR somehow - trades are possible No problem if Tage/Nylander/ Olofsson are ready to emerge, in fact we need it.
  12. This is close to a last place line up, at least in our division only Ottawa will be worse. A fist line with Nylander and Olofsson is not a first line. This cannot happen Skinner needs to be with Eichel and they need a RW with grit and skill. Mitts as a 2C - we saw enough of that last year - Bots needs to bring in a real 2C that can play a 200 ft game Cozens should not make this team yet, leave him in Juniors.
  13. I took notice because I love animals too. Too me the horses looked beautiful and they looked healthy, as you expect in a lovely tourist town like Niagara On The Lake. I noticed the pick up area were they stand is in the shade when not on a ride. I definitely trust Canadians to do this properly. As for the protesters, to me there are better causes.
  14. There are not many players in the Sabres locker room, if any at all, that will care what he did or why. Today’s players are different and the game is a business more than ever before. Unless Rene Robert, Danny Gare, Mike Peca, or Chris Drury are coming back I doubt he will have a problem. He is Eichels’ buddy so there will be no issues. I predict he will have a quiet and mediocre season playing for an inconsistent mediocre team. Come February he could be traded away.
  15. Well, a female Bison is a Cow but I doubt they will like that, and the Buffalo Beautiful Cows are definitely out. What a world. In other news I saw protesting at Niagara on The Lake yesterday. People carrying signs protesting the horse and buggy rides around town. This is cruelty to horses as they were not put on this earth to be rode by men.
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