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  1. 34g 23 g 11g Decline Maturity issues . - Organizing ( the puck steal ) with his teammates to steal a puck And shoots it down the ice when Caught - 9 million dollar qualifying offer Calgary Flames Players Frustrated with Matthew Tkachuk’s Antics https://xn--z6ut02b7b412h.xyz/calgary-flames-players-frustrated-with-matthew-tkachuks-antics/
  2. You guys have to stop Tkachuk stuff hes not even worth close to jack eichel and has been on a decline and a problem child in calgary
  3. Has to be quinton byfield freak of Nature I've never seen someone so big just skate like the wind kid is going to be incredible
  4. Still Depressing . Was pretty excited for next year and we just lost everything in a day
  5. Hes our number 1 center now Seeing how we have no one left. Yes Welcome to hell .
  6. Does it really matter at this point they will both will be gone
  7. No You could trade him to the coyotes and he can't do anything
  8. We found out Sam reinhart is a centre I call that a win. Hell if this nonsense of Jack eichel didn't come out he will be our 2nd line centre next year and we could be on our way to the playoffs
  9. So let get this straight you want a winger for our franchise center and and ufa ? With a draft pick You're in a different reality if you dont think a 24 year old franchise center will not get more
  10. If you guys dont think you can get Byfield +++ thats madness hes a top ten center in the nhl at age 24
  11. Seeing how they're best friends i wouldn't put to much into that
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